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King’s Top 5 Quick Hits For This Week

Chris King is back again with another top-five quick hits for WWE programming this week. Some of them are matches and some are storyline developments that are going to give a fresh start to 2020! 



Chris King is back again with another top-five quick hits for WWE programming this week. Some of them are matches and some are storyline developments that are going to give a fresh start to 2020!

See what jumped out at me this week!

5. Pete Dunne vs. Travis Banks (NXT)

If you haven’t gotten the opportunity to check out this week’s edition of NXT you’re missing out. On top of the two HUGE NXT  Championship matches that were both stellar, there was another that stood out in particular.

“The Bruiserweight” and “The Kiwi Buzzsaw” had an incredible match which gave us a small appetizer of what the Worlds Collide tournament will be like in January. It was a hard-hitting match with dozens of near-falls and great fun!

4. The Miz & Daniel Bryan Kick-off

Before we go any further, let me clear this up I’m not talking about football I’m literally talking about a kick-fest between the two long-time rivals turned allies. Miz and Bryan joined forces on this week’s edition of Friday Night SmackDown to take on King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler.

Towards the middle of the match, both competitors took turns blasting their opponents with Yes kicks and it was glorious! It’s little things like this that make for great storytelling.

3. Alexander Wolfe vs. Ilja Dragunov

For nearly a month now, Imperium’s Alexander Wolfe and Ilja Dragunov have been ready to tear each other apart. Dragunov was supposed to be the next man in the quartet until he pulled a HUGE swerve and sided with Gallus. Ever since then, the NXT UK Universe has been clamoring to see this match.

During a backstage interview, the United Kingdom Champion WALTER proclaimed that in two weeks both rivals will face-off! I am so ready to see this highly-intense contest.

2.  KUSHIDA vs. Cameron Grimes

This was another tremendous match on this week’s edition of NXT. The Japanese sensation had scored a victory over Grimes a few weeks ago and “The Caveman” was seeking retribution. Both competitors threw everything at each other and KUSHIDA was utilizing his insanely quick pinfall attempts to gain another win but Grimes didn’t let it happen.

Grimes has one of the deadliest German suplexes I think I’ve ever seen. He then picked up a major victory over KUSHIDA with the Cave-In. It was a spectacular match I can’t stress that enough.

1. The Visionary Is Amazing

I wouldn’t have dreamed that Seth Rollins’ heel turn would be this incredible as it is right now. The WWE Universe myself included was certain we were going to receive the cowardly, conniving, and cackling Rollins from 2015. His new aggressive character has breathed some much-needed new life into Monday nights. After an hour-long gauntlet match took place with all the competitors vying for a shot at the United States Championship, Rollins and AOP just came in for the kill.

The manner in which Rollins teased Rey Mysterio as if he was going to allow him to use the steel pipe Mysterio graciously offered to Kevin Owens one week prior was terrific storytelling. This has nothing to do with the US Title, it’s all about exacting his revenge and wreaking havoc. The WWE Universe has been clamoring for well-written stories that don’t have an answer to what happens next, and it’s making Raw very intriguing and exciting again.

Rollins was “The Man” before and was on top and now he’s doesn’t give a shit about titles or anything all he’s concerned about is tearing superstars apart with Akam and Rezar as his bodyguards!

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