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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (12/25/19)

Merry NXTmas and Happy Holidays!



NEW NXT Coverage

It’s a holly jolly open challenge!

It’ll be an Undisputed Christmas if Roderick Strong can keep the North American Championship! But who is going to be his opponent?



  • NXT North American Championship Open Challenge: Roderick Strong VS ???; Strong wins and retains the NXT North American Championship.
  • Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Jack Gallagher; Swerve wins.
  • Taynara Conti VS Candice LeRae; LeRae wins.
  • Dominik Dijakovic VS Bronson Reed; Dijakovic wins.
  • Bianca Belair VS Shotzi Blackheart; Belair wins.
  • Lio Rush & Keith Lee VS Tony Nese & Damien Priest; Lio & Lee win.


Happy Holidays from NXT!

Cathy Kelley, Sam Roberts and Pat McAfee are in the Full Sail Control Center for a festive night. Everyone’s feeling great, even Sam despite having Pat nearby. But NXT airs from two locations! Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness are in Full Sail while Beth Phoenix and Tom Philips are in Brooklyn, for perhaps the greatest Christmas episode ever!


Roderick Strong is caroling in the halls.

“It’s the most wonderful time~ of the year~!” Christmas is here, and Strong is feeling in the giving mood. So tonight, the North American Championship is defended against “a worthy challenger.” Someone gets a season’s beating right… Now.

NXT North American Championship Open Challenge: Roderick Strong VS ???

The Undisputed Era’s Savior of the Backbreaker says the reason for the season is a title match! Who will hurry out to celebrate with a golden opportunity? And who is getting put on the naughty list instead? Strong’s opponent is… Austin Theory! The former Evolve Wrestling Champion is making his NXT in-ring debut in a big way! But will victory only be in Theory?

Theory gets in the ring, the belt is raised, and this huge debut begins! Theory has fans cheering but also fans jeering. He and Strong circle and tie up. They go around the ring and Strong gets a wristlock. Strong wrenches and brings Theory to a knee, then he wrenches the other way. Strong keeps Theory down with a knee but Theory rolls up. Strong stays clamped onto the arm, then brings Theory down for a Rings of Saturn! Theory endures, rolls back but Strong makes it a crucifix pin, TWO! Strong grins as he mocks the #AllDay catchphrase.

Theory and Strong tie up, Strong wrenches and hammerlocks and headlocks to a takeover. Fans cheer as Strong has control of Theory again. Theory gets up as fans rally, and Theory pries out of the hold. Theory waistlocks, spins and snapmares Strong, then mocks Strong back. They tie up, Strong shoots for a leg and gets Theory down. Strong ties up the legs in a figure four knot, rolls Theory to his stomach, and slaps him around while putting on the armlock. Theory endures, works his way up but Strong wrenches again. Theory rolls, handsprings and wrenches Strong down! Theory says that was Undisputed, but Strong shoves him. Theory shoves Strong off his feet! Strong gets up to throw forearms, and ROCKS Theory! Strong stomps away at the ropes but the ref counts. Fans are mixed as Strong backs off at 4.

Strong puts Theory in a corner to CHOP! He whips Theory corner to corner, Theory goes up and somersaults to DROPKICK! Theory got air! Cover, ONE, but Theory keeps on Strong with a facelock. Theory puts Strong in a corner to stomp and wrench then whip corner to corner. Strong hits buckles hard and falls to his knees! Theory stalks Strong to a corner and stomps him more. Theory throws forearms but Strong knees and forearms back. Theory kicks and haymakers, but Strong headlocks. Theory pushes out, Strong goes up and over then hurdles Theory. Strong holds ropes to fake Theory out. Theory blocks the boot, throws Strong down and standing moonsaults! Cover, TWO! Theory keeps his cool as he gets to his feet.

Theory throws big forearms as fans rally and duel. Theory gives Strong a backbreaker! He’s showing Strong that he can do it, too. Theory stomps strong and rains down rights. Theory drags Strong up, suplexes but Strong slips out. Strong hits Theory in the back but Theory clotheslines him out! Theory keeps on Strong on the outside with forearms but Strnog CHOPS! The two brawl, Strong puts Theory into barriers then OLYMPIC SLAMS Theory into a post! Theory writhes while Strong crawls away and into the ring. The ring count begins and Theory crawls. The count reaches 5 before Theory gets even close to the apron. We’re up to 8 but Theory only stands at 9! He’s in at 9.9!! But Strong stomps him down! Strong stops at 4 and Full Sail fires up!

Strong kicks Theory while he’s down, drops elbows, covers, TWO! Strong clubs Theory down hard, then gives him Danielson stomps! Fans rally and duel again, Strong fish hooks and clubs Theory in the face. Fans chant “Season’s Beatings!” but Theory throws big forearms back! Theory rocks Strong then whips, but Strong reverses and DROPKICKS Theory down! High stack cover, TWO!! Strong is frustrated but he hooks Theory’s legs. Fans rally up as Strong grabs arms. Heave ho, halfway to the Romero Special. Strong tucks the arms in to chinlock Theory in this modified Romero Surfboard! Fans rally and duel, Theory pops an arm free to pry at the chinlock. Theory gets both arms out but Strong bends him back deeper! And fish hooks the mouth! Strong lets go at 4, and he lets Theory loose. “I thought you could do this all day!”

Strong loom over Theory and CHOPS, but Theory throws big hands. Strong stomps Theory down but Theory CHOPS! Strong still stomps, but Theory still CHOPS! And CHOPS! Strong knees low and throws Theory out, but Theory stays on the apron. Theory shoulders in, somersaults, but into a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Strong drags Theory up into a grounded cobra twist. He can’t keep the arms so Theory is just in a chinlock. Theory gets up as fans rally, and throws big body shots. Strong knees low, but it’s Theory who snap suplexes! Strong staggers up into Theory’s elbow. Strong yanks Theory in but Theory fights out before getting another back breaker. Theory throws hands, Strong knees low and whips again. Theory somersaults in to SHOTGUN! Both men are down and fans fire up!

Both men rise as fans rally and a new brawl begins. Theory throws hands and ELBOWS Strong down! Then lariats! He blocks a hip toss to lariat again! Theory runs into the corner, clothesline and a throw-down, slingshot stomp! Theory dead lift Fisherman Busters! Fans fire up as Theory aims from the corner, somersault BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Theory is getting closer and the fans duel again. Theory brings Strong up, his back is bothering him, Strong trips him up! Theory kicks Strong off, then spins him around, lift for the BUCKLE BOMB! And then follow up, AOI SHOUDOU!! Cover, TWO!! Strong survives and shocks Theory!

Theory refocuses and drags Strong up. He torture racks but Strong slips out to waistlock and ram Theory into buckles. Strong hits a corner shining wizard! Then he puts Theory up top, and climbs to join him. SUPERPLEX! Roll through, but Theory slips through! Torture rack, TOWER HACKER BOMB!! Cover, TWO!?! Strong survives again and Theory is too exhausted to be angry. Fans know “This is Awesome!” for Christmas! Theory gets up first and refuses to give up. He underhooks and fisherman’s, but Strong tosses him out! Theory stays on the apron again, but Strong shoulders out. Strong clubs Theory to a corner, but Theory gives forearms back. Strong climbs as he brawls with Theory, and Theory follows. They fight for control, Strong CHOPS and lifts Theory, for a TOP ROPE BACKBREAKER! Theory takes crossbar to the spine! Cover, TWO!!

Theory goes to the apron but Strong pursues. Strong goes to lift but Theory holds on. Theory elbows Strong off, then turns around to again fisherman. Strong holds on but can’t stop Theory from giving him an APRON AOI SHOIDOU!! Fans are losing their minds as Theory puts Strong back in and covers! TWO!?! Strong survives and Theory is beside himself! Theory and Strong slowly rise and brawl, haymakers and chops. Theory punches, Strong CHOPS, and then Strong fires off forearms and elbows. Theory ROCKS Strong with an elbow, but Strong BOOTS and enziguris! SUPERKICK from Theory! Strong gets up, but gets another SUPERKICK! Theory underhooks, Strong slips out and KNEES! END OF HEARTACHE!! Then, STRONG HOLD! Theory taps, Strong wins!!

Winner: Roderick Strong, by submission; still NXT North American Champion

Theory was strong in his debut, but Strong was stronger! And the Undisputed Prophecy will stay alive in 2019! Will NXT continue to belong to the Undisputed Era in the New Year?


The Control Center panel comments on the match.

A great showing from both men, especially Austin Theory in this NXT in-ring debut. Pat knows Theory does great things in Evolve and he had an amazing battle with Strong. Sam agrees, and Theory was waiting for this move up in the world. But Strong retaining was almost a forgone conclusion. Pat says on any given night, anyone can win, and Theory sure went hard in order to prove it. Pat throws up the Undisputed Era sign as best he can in that tight suit. Sam says to stop that. Pat’s not undisputed because h’s not on their level. The Undisputed Era has done what they promised to do, and they close out the year #DrapedInGold. Pat was doubting for the first half, but does admit this ended up being the Undisputed Era’s year. Arrogant and insufferable, but talented as can be. And yes, Pat lost the Super Bowl, so stop rubbing it in.


Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Jack Gallagher!

Brooklyn is whose house? Swerve’s house! And we’re about to have a Christmas party in Swerve’s House, if he can win in the Barclays Center. But will he be able to get past a grumpy Gentleman Jack turned Scrooge?

The bell rings and Gallagher circles with Swerve. Fans are on Swerve’s side as he and Gallagher tie up. Swerve wrenches and armlocks but Gallagher switches to a headlock. Swerve pries against the hold and pops out the back to get the hammerlock. Swerve grabs the other arm and pulls way, way, way back! Gallagher endures, trips Swerve and goes after a leg. Gallagher stands on a knee, grabs at Swerve’s arm and brings that over to torture the fingers. Gallagher folds the arm and headlocks, but Swerve powers Gallagher to a corner. Swerve whips Gallagher corner to corner, Gallagher goes up and over but into a snapmare. Gallagher gets up but Swerve runs him right over! Things speed up, Gallagher jumps but gets caught, only to twist and throw Swerve! Gallagher snapmares and wraps on a chinlock.

Gallagher shifts to trap an arm and chinbar Swerve. Swerve endures so Gallagher goes back to a chinlock. Swerve fights his way up and around while Gallagher cravats. Swerve powers out and scoops Gallagher for a SLAM! Swerve gets a short arm scissor but Gallagher endures. Gallagher works around to get up and roll Swerve, TWO. Swerve keeps the arm scissor but Gallagher tries again. Another cover, TWO, and Swerve throws Gallagher down harder. Swerve keeps on the arm, Gallagher works around for a third try, TWO, but Gallagher dead lifts Swerve! Swerve pops out and throws Gallagher out. Gallagher gets in fast, Swerve rolls and headscissors! Swerve throws strikes, dropkick drops Gallagher! Fans cheer for the agility and ability of Swerve.

Swerve whips Gallagher to ropes but Gallagher bails out. Gallagher is frustrated but Swerve goes out to fetch him. Gallagher gets back in the ring, Swerve follows, but Swerve dumps Gallagher out hard! Swerve is on the apron, and BOOTS Gallagher down! Swerve drags Gallagher up and into the ring, covers, ONE! Swerve stretches Gallagher’s arms and twists the wrist in return for earlier. Gallagher endures, Swerve chinbars, but Gallagher refuses to quit. Gallagher fights his way up, pries free, and pulls hair to bend Swerve back! Gallagher throws Swerve into buckles! Swerve clutches that arm as NXT goes picture in picture.

Swerve rests on the apron but Gallagher taunts him. Gallagher drags Swerve up to wrench the arm and jam it! Gallagher mocks the Brooklyn crowd while Swerve gets to a corner. Gallagher CHOPS then buckle bumps Swerve, and headbutts him in the sternum! Gallagher throws a BIG European Uppercut, then stomps a gentlemanly mudhold into him. Swerve shoves back but Gallagher throws big forearms. Swerve CHOPS and CHOPS but Gallagher wrings him out! Gallagher paces like a shark before throwing the arm around. Gallagher clamps on with an armlock but Swerve endures. Swerve fights up but Gallagher whips him into a corner. Swerve boots back then hops up, and leaps, into an armbar!

Gallagher cranks back on his Fujiwara but Swerve endures again. Swerve moves around, reaches out and gets a ropebreak! Gallagher lets go reluctantly, and assures the ref he knows the rules. Gallagher gets up to kick Swerve and then wrenches the arm to shoulder breakers! Gallagher wrings Swerve out again, and goes for another armlock. Swerve resists but Gallagher still bends and tortures the wrist. Gallagher STOMPS the arm for good measure! Swerve gets up to CHOP and CHOP with his good arm, but Gallagher CHOPS back! It’s a CHOP fight! They keep trading CHOPS, then Gallagher throws Swerve out hard! Gallagher pursues and CHOPS again! And again! Gallagher puts Swerve in as NXT returns to single picture.

Gallagher glares as he stalks behind Swerve. Swerve ROCKS him with haymakers! Fans fire up as Swerve goes to run, but Gallagher has a hand. Swerve breaks free and throws hands, but Gallagher dodges to ROCK Swerve back! Gallagher even hurt his own hand. Swerve DISCUS LARIATS!! Swerve grits his teeth as Gallagher flounders to his feet. Swerve runs in for a corner uppercut, then snapmares for the elbow drop! Gallagher gets up, Swerve gives sharp roundhouse kicks against the rope! And again and again! The fans fire up as Gallagher falls to his knees. Swerve gets the bad arm working, but Gallagher puts him on the apron. Swerve elbows Gallagher away, then throws a haymaker. Gallagher wobbles, Swerve somersaults, COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!!

Swerve refocuses as he gets back to his feet. Gallagher flounders, Swerve drags him up for a full nelson. Gallagher resists, standing switches and wants the Fujiwara again! Swerve resists, scoops and BACKBREAKERS! Gallagher gets up, Swerve CHOPS him again! Gallagher CHOPS back! Swerve BOOTS, Gallagher yo-yos for a HEADBUTT! Cover, TWO!! Both men are down and Brooklyn builds to a rally. Gallagher rises first, Swerve follows, but Gallagher wants the arm! Swerve scoops but Gallagher arm-drags for the armbar! Swerve endures, flails, tries to clasp hands but has to roll over. Swerve gets Gallagher in an armbar! Gallagher flails and resists now, rolls around and gets up to get the armbar back! Swerve hurries to turn and get on top of Gallagher.

Gallagher resists, knowing the armbar is Swerve’s arm. So Swerve stands and STOMPS the arm!! Gallagher shouts and writhes but Swerve just grits his teeth and aims, HOUSE CALL KICK! COver, Swerve wins!!

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, by pinfall

That was gritty to say the least! The Gentleman still can’t get a victory, but Swerve is on a roll. Is all of NXT going to become Swerve’s House in 2020?


The Control Center panel comments on Swerve VS Gallagher.

Another great match in NXT’s home away from home. The original NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn made history with the NXT Women’s Championship match of Bayley and Sasha Banks, as well as the NXT Championship Ladder Match of Kevin Owens and Finn Balor, and things have only gotten better from there. Pat remembers just this past year, Johnny Wrestling beat Adam Cole for the NXT Championship and blew the roof off the place! Gargano VS Cole is a Match of the Year candidate, and next week is the Year End Awards for 2019 show! Pat is going to love next week!


Taynara Conti VS Candice LeRae!

The Brazilian blackbelt and Mrs. Wrestling want to have their chance at the Women’s Championship in 2020, and that starts with one last match in 2019! Who takes the first step towards challenging the NEW champion, Rhea Ripley?

The bell rings and Candice blocks the fast boot from Taynara! Candice throws that down to LARIAT Taynara back! Taynara throws Candice out but Candice kicks back and turns her, neckbreaker hotshot! Fans fire up as Candice climbs up top. Taynara gets clear so Candice bails out of her missile dropkick. But then Candice baseball slides Taynara down instead! Candice springboards for a BIG crossbody! Fans fire up as Cnadice takes Taynara down! Candice puts Taynara in quick, covers, TWO! Candice keeps on Taynara with a chinlock and fans rally. Taynara fights up and pulls hair to put Candice in a corner. The ref counts and Taynara lets off, but Candice elbows back. Candice hops up, Taynara trips her up! Candice hits buckles on the way down!

Taynara runs and KNEES Candice into ropes! Taynara stomps Candice but the ref counts. Taynara stops at 4 as NXT goes picture in picture. Taynara comes back to STOMP Candice down! She drags Candice and kicks the arms! Cover, TWO! Taynara is annoyed with Candice as she wraps on a chinlock. Candice endures and fights her way up. Candice slips out of the headlock, and slips out of the scoop to rope Taynara. Oklahoma roll, TWO! Candice waistlocks but Taynara elbows out hard! Judo throw and another, Taynara ragdolls Candice all around! And adds a BOOT! Cover, TWO!! Taynara moves from annoyed to frustrated as she wraps on a chinlock. Candice fights her way up but Taynara throws her down by her hair!

Taynara stalks Candice to ropes and chokes her. The ref counts and Taynara stops at 4 again, but her rage is boiling. She runs in at the corner and METEORAS! Then monkey flips and rolls to a cover, TWO! Taynara wraps on another chinlock and pulls Candice back. Candice endures, even as Taynara thrashes her about and dribbles her off the mat! Candice backpacks Taynara but can’t stay up under Taynara going dead weight. Taynara cranks Candice back in a rather Captain’s Hook like hold. Candice fights her way up and backs Taynara into buckles! Taynara holds on so Candice keeps ramming her back. Candice snapmares free, dodges a boot and then sweeps the legs! NXT returns to single picture as Candice enziguris Taynara down!

Fans fire up for Candice as she and Taynara slowly get to their feet. Candice runs, crucifix but Taynara blocks! Taynara swings Candice around, for a POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! Candice survives and Taynara is shocked! She covers again, TWO! Taynara is beside herself as she pushes Candice around. Fans boo as Taynara pie faces Candice. Candice herself gets mad and puts her hair up! Candice throws forearms and CHOPS! She backs Taynara into a corner then runs corner to corner, big back elbow! Candice goes up top for the missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Taynara survives but Candice keeps her focus.

Candice has fans rallying behind her as she runs, but Taynara anchors a foot. Taynara ducks the enziguri this time, then drags Candice up for a boot, but Candice gets under! Roll up, TWO! Candice hits the step-up back senton! Then the LIONSAULT! Cover, Candice wins!

Winner: Candice LeRae, by pinfall

A Merry Christmas for Candice with a victory! Will Mrs. LeRae’s wild ride finally take her to the championship?


The Control Center panel comments on Candice’s win.

Sam says that is the Candice we need to see from her. She’s on a hot streak, and that will take her to the title. Mr. & Mrs. Wrestling are great, but Pat liked Candice and Taynara just beating the hell out of each other. Will Candice’s rivalry with Io Shirai win Rivalry of the Year? So much backstabbing and drama, some real hatred, that makes a good rivalry.


NXT takes a closer look at Arturo Ruas.

Born during the Lebanon civil war, all he can remember from his childhood was fear. People said he was just a kid, how could he remember that? But that’s the thing. Being a child of that era, he became a fighter, a warrior, a survivor, and a champion. “Fear made me understand how to survive.” Black belt in Brazilian Jujitsu, Akido, Muay Thai, and freestyle fighting, as well as a master of capoeria, Ruas is ready to bring “Destruicao Total.” Who will be the first to learn of fear from this fierce warrior?


Dominik Dijakovic VS Bronson Reed!

The Croatian Colossus and Auss-zilla are ready to battle like kaiju on Christmas! Both behemoths want to be next in line for a shot at gold, but who will be the biggest winner in Brooklyn to end 2019?

The bell rings and Reed circles with Dijakovic. The two tie up, go around, and are in a deadlock of strength. Dijakovic gets a headlock, grinds but Reed powers out. Dijakovic manages to go up and over to get the headlock back. Reed pries out of the hold but Dijakovic clamps back on. Reed keeps working, throws body shots, and back suplexes! Dijakovic lands on his feet to get the headlock back! Reed starts to fade constantly being ground down, but he powers up to pry the hold off again. Reed gets the headlock on Dijakovic now! Dijakovic pulls on Reed’s beard to bring him back around to the headlock, but Reed powers out. The two collide but neither budge! They run again, and collide! Still neither falls, so Dijakovic CHOPS! Reed CHOPS back! Dijakovic chops and reels Reed in, but Reed is too big to toss. Reed powers out, dodges and follows to run Dijakovic over!

Reed runs, Dijakovic stays low, so Reed sits on him! Reed’s weight is a weapon in itself as NXT goes picture in picture. Dijakovic reaches, endures the crushing weight, but Reed stands up. To sit down on him again! Reed continues to crush Dijakovic with a back senton! Cover, TWO! Reed clamps onto Dijakovic with a hammerlock that shifts to a seated cobra twist. Dijakovic endures so Reed shifts to a rear bearhug. Dijakovic fights his way up as Reed squeezes, and Dijakovic fights out with elbows. Reed clubs Dijakovic in the back, then scoops him for a fireman’s carry. Dijakovic slips out to club away on Reed, then kicks low. Dijakovic hops up and leaps to ax handle Reed down to a knee! Dijakovic keeps on Reed with kicks and clubbing forearms.

Dijakovic stomps Reed in the corner, right in the THiCC on his singlet. Reed gets to another corner and kicks back. Dijakovic forearms and elbows Reed, then whips Reed corner to corner. Reed resists by holding ropes but Dijakovic kicks low. Dijakovic clubs Reed right in the chest, but Reed CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Dijakovic knees low then brings Reed out for a headbutt. Dijakovic steadies himself as NXT returns to single picture. The brawling speeds up, Reed atomic drops and elbows Dijakovic back. Reed blocks a forearm to give a forearm! Then GERMAN SUPLEX! Dijakovic ends up in a corner, Reed runs in, THICC ATTACK! Cover, TWO! Reed won’t let up, he suplexes Dijakovic for a BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Dijakovic survives but Reed keeps his cool.

Reed watches Dijakovic in the opposite corner. Reed runs in, but Dijakovic dodges and elbows back! And more elbows! Dijakovic tries again, but he still can’t suplex Reed. Dijakovic clubs away on Reed’s back, but still can’t get Reed up. Dijakovic keeps clubbing, keeps trying, but still no fly time. Reed wrenches but Dijakovic wrenches back to throw forearms and elbows! Dijakovic says “TIME TO FLY” and manages to suplex Reed!! Cover, TWO!! Reed survives but Dijakovic refuses to stop. Dijakovic drags Reed up, goes to torture rack, but Reed elbows out. Reed throws hands but Dijakovic gives them back. Dijakovic knee jams but Reed HEADBUTTS! Reed runs, into the CYCLONE BOOT! Cover, TWO! Reed survives but now Dijakovic wants to fly! Dijakovic climbs up top, to MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!!

Fans chant “He’s Too Thicc! He’s Too Thicc!” but Dijakovic doesn’t care about thickness. Dijakovic goes to choke grip but Reed headbutts the hand?! Dijakovic BOOTS Reed to a corner, but Reed BOOTS back! Reed hops up but Dijakovic SUPERKICKS! Then runs, for a SUPER THESZ PRESS from Reed! Cover, TWO!! Dijakovic survives but the straps come down! Reed is going for maximum overthicc! Reed climbs, but Dijakovic ROCKS him with a right! Dijakovic climbs up to join Reed but Reed resists. Reed throws body shots, headbutts Dijakovic down, and takes aim! Fans fire up but Dijakovic clamps on the choke grip! Reed fights it off again, but Dijakovic uses the other hand, SUPER CHOKE BOMB!! Cover, Dijakovic wins!

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic, by pinfall

A literally huge win for the Colossus on Christmas! Will Dijakovic rise higher and take on even bigger competition in the New Year?


In Houston, Worlds Collide.

NXT takes on NXT UK in an ultimate battle of sibling brands! Who will step up to represent and dominate?

The Control Center announces the massive main event for Worlds Collide in Houston! The premier faction in NXT, the Undisputed Era, will take on Imperium! With TakeOver: Blackpool II on the way, will this end up being a fight between factions #DrapedInGold?


Bianca Belair speaks.

“Bianca Belair is the strongest, the toughest, the roughest, the quickest, the fastest, the greatest.” She is THE EST of NXT! She looks every woman in the eye and says, “I’m better than you.” She’s ready to take over, but will she get herself the sweetest present for Christmas in a victory?


Bianca Belair VS Shotzi Blackheart!

The EST is the strongest and fastest, but tonight she goes up against the newest woman in NXT! Evolve’s wild child makes her in-ring debut in Full Sail! Will we all be running wild with #CaliforniaCrazy?

The bell rings and Shotzi circles with Bianca. They tie up, Bianca puts Shotzi in a corner but Shotzi turns it around. Shotzi backs off to howl to the moon. Shotzi then offers Bianca a handshake. Bianca slaps her handshake away and shoves her down! Bianca blows bubble gum and does her dance, but Shotzi wrenches her down! Shotzi comes back, spins Bianca to wring her out and get her down, hammerlock bridge! Bianca rolls out to Banzai Drop Shotzi! Bianca whips but Shotzi reverses, only for Bianca to run her over. Bianca dusts off her hands, things speed up and Bianca shows off her agility. But Shotzi sunset flips, only for Bianca to dead lift and pie face her. Bianca wags her finger, Shotzi pops her bubble! Then crucifix to sunset flip, TWO!

Bianca catches the code breaker and pushes Shotzi off. Shotzi boots Bianca away then springboards for a huricanrana! Bianca ends up on the ropes, Shotzi runs, CANNONBALL! Bianca bails out after that impact, but fans are rallying for Shotzi. Shotzi runs and dropkicks,b ut is caught! Bianca reverse bombs Shotzi on the apron! Shotzi sputters as NXT goes picture in picture.

Bianca catches her breath and glares at Shotzi as she pushes her into the ring. Cover, ONE, but Bianca keeps on SHotzi with a neck wrench. Shotzi endures, even as Bianca talks trash right in her ear. Shotzi throws elbows and fights her way up, she rolls Bianca, TWO! Bianca runs Shotzi over again! Bianca stalks Shotzi to the corner while talking more trash. Bianca grinds her boot into Shotzi’s chin but lets up at the ref’s count. Shotzi gets up to kick back and throw forearms! Bianca RAMS Shotzi into the corner, and over and over! The ref backs Bianca off but Bianca returns to TOSS Shotzi across the way! Then stomp her down out of frustration.

Bianca brings Shotzi up, elbows her down, then brings her back up to stretch the arm and STOMP her again! Bianca handsprings and moonsaults! Then shows off with a kip up and a “kiss this!” Shotzi gets to ropes but Bianca drags her up and into the corner. Bianca grinds Shotzi into ropes but the ref backs her off again. Bianca ignores the reprimand as she kicks and chokes Shotzi. The ref counts and Bianca stops, but she’s toying with Shotzi now. Bianca clubs Shotzi down with one hard shot, but Shotzi gets back to ropes. Bianca brings her up for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Shotzi refuses to stay down so Bianca wraps on a chinlock. Shotzi endures as Bianca thrashes her around and NXT returns to single picture.

Shotzi gets up and rolls Bianca up again, TWO! Bianca LARIATS Shotzi down! Bianca stands on Shotzi’s throat but stops at the ref’s count. Bianca drags Shotzi up, whips her to a corner, but Shotzi boots back! Shotzi hops up as fans duel, SUPER SUNSET FLIP! Cover, TWO, and Bianca dropkicks Shotzi hard! Bianca drags Shotzi to the cover, TWO! Bianca is growing frustrated with Shotzi and she clamps on a cravat. Shotzi endures, fans rally again, and Shotzi reaches for ropes. Bianca drags Shotzi away but Shotzi throws body shots. Shotzi backs Bianca into buckles and again, and she is free! But Bianca just gets the cravat again! Shotzi throws Bianca off and fires off forearms! Bianca shoves Shotzi to a corner, Shotzi hops up and rolls, to come back with a body splash! Shotzi throws Bianca down, SLING-DOG!

Fans fire up with Shotzi as she KICKS Bianca, then ROLLING ELBOWS! Question mark kick! “Who’s your daddy!?” Shotzi runs, wheelbarrow FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Shotzi is shocked but not deterred! She drags Bianca up, Bianca powers her to a corner again. Bianca rams in over and over but the ref counts. Bianca carries Shotzi with one arm, but Shotzi fights free. Shotzi ducks and dumps Bianca to the apron, then BOOTS! Bianca holds on as Shotzi runs, step-up APRON DDT!! Shotzi wrecks Bianca and fans fire up! Shotzi gets back up top, takes aim, and leaps, but has to bail out as Bianca dodges! Bianca dodge the boot, shoves Shotzi into buckles, torture rack! KISS OF DEATH! Cover, Bianca wins!

Winner: Bianca Belair, by pinfall

The evolution of Shotzi has been halted by the hardest challenge in NXT! Will Bianca return to title contention in the New Year?


The Control Center panel comments on Belair’s victory.

Does Sam Roberts regret ever doubting the EST? That observation was true a year ago. It’s still true now. It was an amazing match, but Bianca is not Female Superstar of 2019 to Sam. Pat commends Shotzi for having such a great showing against such a powerful woman as Bianca. And Pat agrees with Bianca that Sam is a “stupid little man.” Sam admits Bianca is the best kicker in NXT. The tension mounts between Pat and Sam, but Cathy redirects things to the voting for the Year End Awards. Get your votes in for your favorites of every category!


Lio Rush & Keith Lee VS Tony Nese & Damien Priest!

Brooklyn hosts tonight’s main event mix-and-match tag! Will the Man of the Hour and Limitless One make their opponents #BaskInTheirGlory? Or will the Premier Athlete and Archer of Infamy #LiveForever with a Christmas victory?

The teams sort out as Santa Keith and Lio the elf have some Christmas cookies. But when it comes to the match, we begin with fans singing for Lee while the Cruiserweight partners begin. Nese and Lio circle, but then Nese tags out to Damien. The heavyweight smirks at Lio and tells him to tag out to his partner. Lio refuses, he’s got a big heart. So Damien grabs Lio by the throat! Lio SLAPS Priest first! Lio dodges Priest, boots him from the floor, then smirks back. Lio goes Matrix, handsprings but his kick is caught! Damien flips Lio but Lee tags in! The heavyweights meet and fans are fired up again. Damien takes the Santa hat and throws it away! Is the Archer a Scrooge, too?

Damien kicks Lee in the leg, but Lee just shrugs it off. Lee puts up his dukes and throws hands! Damien bobs ‘n’ weaves but so does Lee, Lee goes for a BIG heel kick! Damien ducks it, shoves Lee then ducks under as Lee rolls. Lee hurdles, speeds up and CROSSBODIES! Damien rolls to the corner but Nese runs in. Lee sees Nese coming, and Lio grabs the cookies. Lio throws the sugar cookies at Nese while shouting, “Get out of the ring!” Nese runs at Lio and they run around the ring. Lio jumps over the desk and Lee comes around to POUNCE Nese over it and onto Tom Philips! Fans are loving “NXT! NXT!” as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns once more as Lio Dumdum Stomps Damien’s arm! Lio kicks away on Damien’s legs then wrenches the arm, but Damien denies the tag to Lee. Damien whips Lio into the corner, Lio boots back! Lio hops up, leaps but gets DECKED! Damien puts Lio in the open corner, leaps to back elbow, then suplexes Lio for a HUGE Falcon Arrow! Cover, TWO! Damien drags Lio around to tag in Nese. Nese has recovered from that Pounce to stomp Lio down. Nese warns Lee as he drags Lio up. Lio hits back with body shots and forearms, but Nese throws Lio to ropes. Lio sunset flips, Nese slips out to mule KICK! Cover, TWO! Nese puts on body scissors to squeeze Lio! Fans rally for Lio as he endures, but Nese just squeezes tighter. “You’re going nowhere! Nowhere!”

Fans rally and sing and Lio pries at the hold. Nese clubs Lio down and facelocks, but Lio fights with body shots. Nese puts Lio in a corner, stomps away, but lets up at the count. Lio CHOPS but Nese rams him into the ropes. Nese yanks Lio up, wheelbarrows, but Lio sunset flips! Nese slips out again but Lio ducks the mule kick this time, to roll Nese and head for Lee! Nese tackles Lio down then back suplexes, but Lio slips out and dodges! Nese keeps Lio away again, but gets the COME UP! Both men are down and fans rally again! Lio and Nese head for their corners, hot tags to the heavyweights!

Lee rallies on Damien with big shoulders and clotheslines! Corner splash and then a roll for a BIG forearm! Lee runs side to side to LARIAT Damien down again! Cover, TWO! Lee keeps his cool and even smiles as he gets up. Damien stands, Lee reels him in, and Lee lifts, but Damien slips out. Tag to Nese, Damien swings but gets ROCKED! Lee pursues Damien but Nese hotshot bulldogs! Damien adds a ROUNDHOUSE! Lee falls, Nese triangle MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! Nese goes after Lee fast with a facelock but is powered into the corner! Lio tags in, he whips but Nese reverses, only for Lio to springboard huricanrana! Lio lariats but Nese goes Matrix! Mule kick to knee lift and sweep, but Lio jumps over for fast hands and a forearm! BACK HEEL KICK! Tag to Lee but Damien trips him up! The cookies spill but Lio DIVES! Damien catches Lio for an APRON CHOKE SLAM!

Damien goes in but the ref tells him he’s not legal. Damien doesn’t care, he aims his bow, but Santa Keith rises!! Damien stares at him, and gets SHOVED out of the ring! Lee goes out to keep on Damien, putting him back int he ring. But Nese DIVES! Only to be caught in both arms! Lee grins as he TOSSES Nese! Damien FLIES in outta nowhere but is also caught! Lee lifts Damien to throw him into Nese! And then APRON POWERBOMB!! Lee puts Nese in and fans are fired up! Lee brings Nese up to a fireman’s carry, JACKHAMMER! Tag to Lio, who is fueled by cookie power! He stands on Lee’s shoulders, for a LIMITLESS FINAL HOUR!! Cover, Lio and Lee win!

Winners: Lio Rush & Keith Lee, Lio pinning

The #LimitlessLeegion has a huge victory alongside the Living Piece of Gold! But will both men be fighting for gold in the New Year?



My Thoughts:

A really fun episode of NXT for Christmas! Though, I feel like Brooklyn has grown spoiled from all the great TakeOvers over the years. On behalf of NXT, I feel I should apologize that they got mostly filler matches. Swerve VS Gallagher and Dijakovic VS Reed were probably not what they were expecting, but that doesn’t mean they were bad matches. Granted, I also was hoping we’d get more speed out of Swerve and Gallagher, but it was Swerve slowing it down and staying on the ground for Gallagher’s sake. It was still great stuff, on par with anything you’d get out of 205 Live or NXT on a normal week, and clearly Swerve wins for his own momentum while also piling onto Gallagher’s story of frustration. I hope we get some resolution for that story in 2020, whether through 205 Live or NXT.

Reed VS Dijakovic was a really good match, too, and I did like that Brooklyn embraced the thickness. However, they obviously weren’t any less bored than they were with Swerve and Gallagher, as a child dressed as Baby Yoda had their attention more than the early part of this match. In the end, it works that Dijakovic wins because he’s building up in the upper midcard. I hope this win helps Dijakovic start to stand out and get a North American Championship shot soon. And speaking of, that North American Championship open challenge was great! Opening with it was perfect, Austin Theory did amazing for his first NXT match, and I’m sure he’ll be a great addition to the roster. But naturally, Strong wins and keeps the Undisputed Era #DrapedInGold, because I am hoping we’ll get a HUGE 8 Man Champions VS Champions for Worlds Collide. Imperium winning at Blackpool will determine that, but something about it would make sense in NXT UK story, too.

Shotzi Blackheart also had a really good showing tonight against Bianca. In similar fashion to Strong and Theory, the NXT veteran wins to keep momentum but it does make the Evolve graduate look great in the eyes of fans only familiar with NXT and WWE. Shotzi will also be a great addition to the roster, just like Theory. Candice and Taynara had a really good match, too, and again, Taynara looks good while losing, and Candice looks great going into this new era with Rhea as champion. Candice and Rhea can have a good story given they became friends through WarGames and can try for a respectful rivalry, that likely fails or is disrupted by a Heel. Either way, I don’t expect Rhea to lose after that amazing moment last week.

The main event was amazing and Brooklyn woke up to see it! Lee and Lio make a great combination, and we are surely getting no less than two gifs out of this match. Lee pouncing Nese and Santa Keith rising are the two I’m thinking of. Lio and Lee win as the Faces with a lot to still do in NXT, but I’d probably expect Lee getting a title match before Lio given who holds gold right now. I don’t see Garza staying Heel after his proposal to his girlfriend became a heartwarming moment for NXT, so Lio may have to wait or turn. Lee could easily go after any of the Undisputed Era members, but especially Strong or Cole. Portland will be about Cole VS Balor but Strong is still available. Though, we did just get Lee VS Strong, so maybe Lee and Lio go for Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic success while they wait things out.

My Score: 8.5/10

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