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WWE 24/7 Championship


WWE 24/7 Championship Results & Report! (12/26/19)

WWE returns to Madison Square Garden!

Happy Holidays from Madison Square Garden!

WWE returns to the most famous arena in the world for a year-end event, but there’s no end to the 24/7 rule! Will R-Truth make it through the night with his “baby” in hand?



  • WWE 24/7 Championship Handicap Match: R-Truth VS The Singh Brothers; The Singh Brothers win, Samir is the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Blood Brother Betrayal: Samir Singh VS Sunil Singh; Sunil wins and is the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Return of the Truth: Samir Singh VS Sunil Singh VS R-Truth; Truth wins and is the new WWE 24/7 Champion.


WWE 24/7 Championship Handicap Match: R-Truth VS The Singh Brothers!

R-Truth gets MSG to make some noise and shout, “What’s up!?” Truth being a fighting champion, he dedicates this big match to his “childhood hero,” John Cena! MSG is a bit mixed on Cena, but they all agree that they don’t like Samir and Sunil. The Bollywood Boys make their entrance and sort out so that Sunil starts with Truth.

Truth and Sunil tie up, Truth headlocks, but Sunil powers out. Truth runs Sunil over and breaks it down with a kick step! Things speed up, Truth catches Sunil in his arms, and gives him an atomic drop! Truth reels Sunil in for a lariat, then does the splits!

[Technical Difficulties]

Sunil scoops R-Truth as Samir climbs up, time for some demolition with the BOLLYWOOD BLITZ! Samir covers, the Singh Brothers win!

Winners: The Singh Brothers, Samir pinning; Samir is the NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

The Bollywood Boys celebrate this big win in MSG! But sometimes those close to you betray you, Sunil rolls up Samir! Sunil wins!!

Winner: Sunil Singh, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

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Samir is of course up set, and the brothers bicker, and even shove each other! But they both forget about Truth! Truth knocks Sunil into Samir then rolls Sunil up! Truth wins!!

Winner: R-Truth, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

That’s reign number 26! R-Truth is going above and beyond all expectations! Where else will Truth take this title, and where will this title take Truth?



My Thoughts:

Good stuff again from this title. All those months ago when Mick Foley helped introduce this title, I don’t think anyone expected it to be as genuinely fun and entertaining as all the superstars involved have made it. A lot of fans didn’t like the design, but that ended up being far from a concern after R-Truth got it and ran with it, many times literally. 2019 isn’t over, either, and it’d be really something if this title had a lot to do on Raw this Monday to truly close out the year. Or even show up on the first NXT and/or SmackDown of 2020 next week. Who knows how much more Truth himself will end up doing with this title since he’s already got so many reigns. As much as they’ve already done, there’s still so much potential for all of the WWE with this belt, and I hope it never ends.


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