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Andrew’s Ratings & Analysis: Impact Wrestling 1.28.2020

We get a few more AAA luchadors on this episode and number 1 contender for the Knockouts Championship!



We get a few more AAA luchadors on this episode and number 1 contender for the Knockouts Championship!

It looks like we’re getting a nice mixed bag of wrestlers, without any mention of Tessa and Sami. That intrigues me since Sami and the World Championship has driven most of the Impact programming for the last 7 months. Should be interesting to see if Tessa and Sami take a week off.

Aside from that, Vikingo is always fun and we get a match involving Dr Wagner Jr who’s making the rounds of his farewell tour.

So let’s have a nice friendly discussion and enjoy Impact! You know, just like Rosemary will be nice and friendly to Suzie next week…


  • Josh Alexander w/Ethan Page vs El Hijo del Vikingo:  Vikingo wins via Hurricanrana – *** 1/2
  • Murder Clown & Pagano vs Dez & Wentz: Dez & Wentz win via Swanton/Spiral Tap Combo – ***
  • Moose vs Taurus: Moose wins via No Jackhammer Needed – ** 1/4
  • #1 Contender Triple Threat: Madison Rayne vs Kiera Hogan vs Jordynne Grace: Jordynne wins via Grace Driver – ** 1/2
  • Reno Scum vs Daga & Dr Wagner Jr w/ Galeno de Mal:  Daga wins via Lifting Underhook Gutbuster – **
  • Best of 5 Series: Match 1: Eddie Edwards vs Michael Elgin: Elgin wins via Crossface – *** 1/2



Josh Alexander w/Ethan Page vs El Hijo del Vikingo – This was a great contrast of styles. Josh Alexander has a technical and powerful style, where Vikingo had to use his speed and high risk moves to get some momentum. Vikingo did have a cool spot where he jumped from the barricade, to the second level barricade, and pulled off the Moonsault onto Alexander. Eventually, Page tries to do enough to distract Vikingo, but eats a Corkscrew Moonsault for his troubles. Alexander catches Vikingo coming off the ropes, and it looks like he’s going for a Powerbomb, but Vikingo reverses the move into a legitimate Hurricanrana for the surprise pinfall victory. I guess Vikingo is going to need to get a tag partner soon.

Short interview with Taya backstage which consists of her complaining about Jordynne Grace getting involved in the number 1 contender match. 

Murder Clown & Pagano vs Dez & Wentz – This was a fun match. Pagano who is usually a Lucha Extrema wrestler, actually wrestled decently. Clean spots, big dive on the outside after Murder Clown picked both Rascalz ankles and pulled them out. Murder Clown was dominating the match and even hit a 619, but the speed of the Rascalz did just enough to take Pagano out of the picture and then went for two big top rope moves to barely keep the big clown down. Solid match.

Moose vs Taurus – This match was nothing really exciting, though it seemed like they tried a bit. Definitely one of those matches that felt like it never got out of first gear, but Moose needed to get his win back. Moose wins with his Spear, but Rhino is there right after the match to Gore Moose and send a message. So the Animal Farm continues.

ImpactPlus Flashback Moment: James Storm vs Kurt Angle, Genesis, January 8, 2012

Taya Valkyrie and John E. Bravo come down to commentary for the number 1 contender match. 

#1 Contender Triple Threat: Madison Rayne vs Kiera Hogan vs Jordynne Grace – To no one’s surprise, this was basically a handicap match, but Taya was pretty funny on commentary. Madison and Kiera worked together decently well, and even had a dual cover, which apparently the referee wouldn’t count, so Jordynne got up, stacked them like firewood and used Madison’s arm for a Crossface on Kiera, but Madison blocked Kiera tapping with the other arm, since… who the hell would win at that point? They knock out Jordynne, play Rock, Paper, Scissors, for who goes to get her, and this is where it all falls apart. Madison loses the game and goes out, but gets dumped into the apron and Kiera is immediately Grace Drivered for the victory. The work was mediocre, but the character spots and Taya commentary was amusing, so that bumps it up a little.

Reno Scum vs Daga & Dr Wagner Jr w/ Galeno de Mal – When all is said and done, this is just nice to see Daga actually pick up a win here. Reno Scum hasn’t been a real challenge and mostly just henchmen since coming back to Impact. Wagner got in so signature stuff, Daga carried most of the match, and picked up the pin. oVe jumped the winners after the match, which is great that it gives Daga and maybe even Dr. Wagner a story for the next month or so. Plus it’s pretty fresh all things considered.

Best of 5 Series: Match 1: Eddie Edwards vs Michael Elgin – An early commercial did ruin the flow of the match a little from a TV perspective. By the time we come back, Elgin is in his usual power position, with Eddie using a few momentum moments to pull off a Blue Thunder Bomb or start to put some moves together. This definitely felt a little awkward because Elgin and Edwards never turned up the intensity. It could be because we potentially have 4 more matches, and that’s coming after 3 matches in the last few months. We’ve seen great quality from them, but this felt like a building block. Curious if this is going to go to the expected 5 matches, or if there will be a surprise early finish.


Overall Score: 7/10

We had a lot of pretty good wrestling and interesting Mexican stars that we don’t get to see too often. Vikingo has this fantastic ability to steal the show be it during AAA shows or the few times we’ve seen him in Impact. His match against TJP next week should be must see TV, assuming it gets decent time.

Jordynne gets another shot at Taya, Elgin takes an early lead against Eddie and oVe makes their mark even without a match. Plus it should be interesting what exactly Rosemary does to Suzie next week.

There was just a lot of fun moving pieces, good wrestling and stuff to sink your teeth into. Good television show.

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