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Mitchell’s Fox New Year’s Eve Special Report! (12/31/19)

WWE and Fox crossover to close 2019!



Fox's New Year's Eve Special with Steve Harvey

Welcome to the big blow-out event of the decade!

Fox and WWE blend together to close out 2019! The Big Dog and the Show-Off battle once more to continue things from SmackDown! Who gets one more big win before 2020 arrives?



  • Roman Reigns VS Dolph Ziggler; Reigns wins.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Time Square Square-Off: R-Truth VS Mojo Rawley, Special Guest Referee Maria Menounos; Rawley wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship 2019 Smash Hit: Mojo Rawley VS Elias VS R-Truth; Truth wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.


Maria Menounos presents: Elias!

The Drifter joins Steve Harvey’s co-host in Times Square and New York is ready to #WalkWithElias. “2019, I was top of the charts, traveling the world and breaking hearts. It is safe to say, this was surely my year. My eyes are on 2020 and my vision is clear. Before the ball drops, we’ve got one more fight, as Dolph Ziggler takes on Roman Reigns tonight. It’s a party here in Times Square so make some noise, and stay tuned for the X Ambassadors and the Backstreet Boys~!”


Roman Reigns VS Dolph Ziggler!

To make the final match of 2019 extra special, Maria Menounos returns to be the special guest ring announcer! Maria is excited to be part of WWE action once again, and fans are happy to see her, too! Maria gives a proper introduction for The Show-Off and The Big Dog, and the big year-end match begins!

Ziggler and Roman circle and Brooklyn is fired up for this New Year’s Eve treat. Roman and Ziggler tie up, Roman headlocks but Ziggler pulls hair. The ref reprimands but Ziggler powers out, only for Roman to run him over. Roman stalks Ziggler to the ropes and drags him up to pull back. Ziggler elbows out hard and Roman wobbles, Ziggler leaps to satellite DDT Roman down! Cover, TWO! Ziggler drops elbows on Roman to keep him down! Cover, TWO! Ziggler stalks up behind Roman and wraps on a chinlock. Maria and the fans cheer for Roman as Roman fights his way up. Roman throws big body shots but Ziggler kicks at a knee. Ziggler runs in for a big corner splash! Then Ziggler turns Roman, but Roman pushes Ziggler away to BOOT him down!

Fans fire up as Roman locks ‘n’ loads! Ziggler stands, dodges the Superman Punch to roll Roman up deep! TWO, and Ziggler dodges to send Roman into a post! ZIGZAG! Cover, TWO!! Ziggler can’t believe how close he was! Fans rally up but Ziggler tunes up the band. Roman rises, Ziggler runs but his Superkick is blocked! SUPERMAN PUNCH! Roman fires up and lets out the battle cry! Ziggler stands and kicks the Spear away! Ziggler wants another Zigzag but is bucked off, SPEAR! Cover, Roman wins!

Winner: Roman Reigns, by pinfall

And the final victory in 2019 goes to Roman! Maria officially announces it and gives Roman a big hug to celebrate. Roman takes the mic and says, “What a year it has been.” Since he has this opportunity, Roman knows for a fact he wouldn’t be standing in the ring he loves, in front of the fans that he loves, if not for the love and support that were sent his way. We’re not leaving 2019 until Roman thanks them one more time. “From the bottom of my heart, from my family, thank you.” Without them, Roman wouldn’t have the honor and privilege to say on behalf of all the WWE, “Happy New Years, y’all.”

With a new year, a new decade and a new Road to WrestleMania starting here, will the Big Dog make his way back to the top?


Maria Menounos returns to Times Square for an interview!

She has a very special guest, the WWE 24/7 Champion, R-Truth! Maria reminds everyone that this title can be defended anywhere at any time, and then Mojo Rawley shows up. Truth is surprised to see Mojo here and in a creamsicle zubaz suit. But he’s even more surprised when he turns around to see Maria is a certified referee! And Rawley rolls Truth up for Maria to count! MOJO WINS!

Winner: Mojo Rawley, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

Roman VS Ziggler wasn’t the last match of WWE 2019 after all! And we get one more title change while we’re at it! Mojo celebrates with Maria, but it’s time to flee! Mojo asks for directions and Elias suggests going over that way. Thanks, Elias. By the way, Elias’ performance earlier tonight, just awful. Elias needs to learn to do more with that guitar. Mojo shouldn’t have said that. Elias uses that guitar to SMASH Mojo! And Truth covers him! Maria counts, Truth wins!!

Winner: R-Truth, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

“I’ve got my baby back!” Truth runs away into the New Year and Elias can’t believe how great Maria looks in stripes. Aww, thanks. Maria might have a new career path, but what path will this WWE 24/7 Championship chase carve in the new decade?



My Thoughts:

Thank goodness I could skip around, I would not have wanted to do this live. The Roman VS Ziggler match was over an hour into the special, and it should’ve been obvious it’d just be five minute filler match. At least R-Truth is becoming the standalone record holder for most reigns with one title or any title. If only WWE decided to do that themselves, I would’ve loved if we got a recurring segment where many other superstars got title reigns before Truth got his 29th. In fact, I would’ve loved if Truth got his 30th or 31st to go with the date. But at least this was a sign that USA Network is loosening up and letting this title cross onto Fox, the network they’re sharing the WWE product with. Maybe Truth shows up for more SmackDowns in 2020 to get those superstars in on the action.

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