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Mitchell’s NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14 Night 2 Special! (1/5/2020)

Who makes double gold history?!




NJPW knocks on the door of destiny!

Tetsuya Naito as IWGP Intercontinental Champion. Kazuchika Okada as IWGP Heavyweight Champion. Only ONE can have them both!

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.



  • Revolution Pro-Wrestling British Heavyweight Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. VS SANADA; ZSJ wins and retains the RPW British Heavyweight Championship.
  • IWGP United States Championship: Jon Moxley VS Juice Robinson; Moxley wins and retains the IWGP United States Championship.
  • NEVER Openweight Championship: KENTA VS Hirooki Goto; Goto wins and becomes the new NEVER Openweight Champion.
  • Chris Jericho VS Hiroshi Tanahashi; Jericho wins and denies Tanahashi his AEW World Championship opportunity.
  • IWGP Double Gold Dash: Kazuchika Okada VS Tetsuya Naito; Naito wins and becomes the first-ever dual IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Champion.


Revolution Pro-Wrestling British Heavyweight Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. VS SANADA!

The Submission Master and the Cold Skull have battled many times before, from New Japan Cup 2018 to G1 Climaxes 28 and 29 to many tag team matches as part of Suzuki-Gun VS Los Ingobernables de Japon. But now they battle for ZSJ’s precious RPW gold on NJPW’s biggest stage! Who wins the newest chapter in this growing rivalry?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and Sabreism VS Strong Style begins again!

ZSJ and Sanada circle and ZSJ rushes in. Sanada stays clear and the two test the tie up. ZSJ wristlocks and wrenches then wrenches again. ZSJ has Sanada down but Sanada kips up. Sanada handsprings all around and wrenches to a headlock, shifts to a hammerlock and headlock takeovers. ZSJ slips out and arm-drags Sanada down, but Sanada gets up to arm-drag ZSJ down! ZSJ headscissors, Sanada pops out and the two stand off. Fans cheer this technical exchange as the two reset. ZSJ and Sanada approach and ZSJ headbutts Sanada in the stomach. ZSJ whips but Sanada reverses. ZSJ goes up, under, baits Sanada in and slips around to drop down, but Sanada sits on his sunset flip, only for ZSJ to still get the sunset!

Sanada pops out to high stack but ZSJ shifts to sit, but Sanada sunsets back! ZSJ pops out to stack but Sanada sits only for ZSJ to sunset again, but Sanada slips away again. ZSJ crawls under but Sanada trips him, and has the legs! But ZSJ denies Paradise to standing toe hold. Sanada tries to escape, ZSJ ties up his legs for a Bow ‘n’ Arrow but Sanada pops out to a cover, ONE! The two stand off again and fans cheer! ZSJ is frustrated as he backs off and the two reset again. Sanada and ZSJ circle and Sanada calls for a test of strength. Both men flex at each other and then tie up with the knuckle locks. ZSJ brings Sanada down and wrenches one arm into a half straitjacket. ZSJ gets the full straitjacket but Sanada’s been here with ZSJ before.

Sanada turns things around and has ZSJ in the straitjacket. ZSJ turns it around but Sanada turns it back. ZSJ drops, bridges and spins to put the hold back on Sanada, and he sits Sanada down! ZSJ digs a knee into Sanada’s back, but Sanada uses that to pivot and roll to put the straitjacket back on! ZSJ grows frustrated as he again gets up and goes around. ZSJ uses power to wiggle the jacket down and slip it back on Sanada! But Sanada does the same, wiggling out to put ZSJ right back in the jacket! Fans cheer all this back and forth as ZSJ wiggles out again, but Sanada uses this to pump handle and flip ZSJ over! ZSJ boots back and trips Sanada, but no Figure Four for him as Sanada boots ZSJ out of the ring. Sanada builds speed but fakes ZSJ out to handspring back in. ZSJ throws a tantrum as fans fire up behind Sanada.

ZSJ cools off while Sanada waits in the ring. ZSJ takes his time returning and rushes at Sanada but Sanada redirects ZSJ. ZSJ rebounds to get Sanada in the standing cobra twist! They go around and around and Sanada puts ZSJ in the cobra twist! ZSJ reaches for ropes, Sanada makes it a rolling cobra cradle! Around and around and around the go, Sanada stops on a cover, TWO! ZSJ gets up but Sanada elbows him down! Sanada standing moonsaults, but into ZSJ’s armbar! ZSJ shifts to hammerlock that arm and pull back on the other! Sanada endures the “Clarky Cat” but ZSJ twists the right arm. Sanada reaches out with his foot to get a ROPEBREAK! ZSJ lets go reluctantly, but then clamps an arm between his legs and TWISTS! Sanada writhes while clutching his shoulder but ZSJ hammerlocks and STOMPS it!

The ref checks on Sanada but he’s okay to continue. ZSJ clamps on again and wrenches the arm. ZSJ tortures the arm more but Sanada forearms with his good arm! Sanada whips, ZSJ reverses but Sanada dodges the boot to dropkick a leg out! Both men are down but Sanada is up first. ZSJ headbutts low and snapmares but Sanada handsprings through. ZSJ dodges the dropkick but Sanada catches the Penalty Kick to DRAGON SCREW! ZSJ clutches the knee as he scrambles away but Sanada is ice cold as ever. ZSJ bails out but Sanada PESCADO! Direct hit and fans fire up for Sanada! Sanada encourages the cheers as he goes around the way. Sanada comes back to ZSJ and brings him up to put back in. Fans cheer the sportsmanship as Sanada looms over ZSJ.

Sanada grabs a leg but ZSJ grabs an ear! ZSJ shoves Sanada, Sanada runs back in but ZSJ scoops him! Sanada slips out to dragon sleeper, but ZSJ wrenches free to PELE the arm! ZSJ walks into a fireman’s carry but slips around to a HOVERBOARD! But Sanada pops out of that hold, cranks ZSJ aruond tot he dragon sleeper, and swings ZSJ around! He drops ZSJ to go up top and MOONSAULT, but he FLOPS! ZSJ PENALTY KICK! But that was double-edged from how much damage was done to the leg earlier! Both men are down but the fans rally. A standing count begins and both men rise to stand at 10 of 20. ZSJ European Uppercuts but Sanada gives them back! Sanada EuroUppers harder and harder, but ZSJ comes back, only for Sanada to uppercut ZSJ down!

Sanada runs corner to corner, ZSJ dodges but Sanada tumbles out and climbs up. Springboard but ZSJ gets clear! ZSJ comes back, crucifix to sunset flip, TWO and Sanada Prawn Holds! TWO as ZSJ sunset flips again, TWO! Prawn, ONE, Sunset, TWO! ZSJ pops Sanada for the sunset but Sanada pops out to Prawn! TWO!! That was almost it! ZSJ EuroUppers Sanada hard, but Sanada elbows back. Sanada moonsaults to get the dragon sleeper! Lift, but ZSJ slips out to trip and body scissor, EUROCLUTCH! Cover, TWO!! Sanada has the dragon sleeper! Skull End is almost complete but ZSJ scrambles and flails. ZSJ snapmares but Sanada powers back to bring the sleeper back around. ZSJ slips out and hops on for the cobra twist! But Sanada powers out again, pops ZSJ up, fling and dragon sleeper! Body scissors but ZSJ slips out to pull on the arms! Sanada denies EuroClutch to clutch back! But ZSJ slips and bridges back to a cover!! ZSJ WINS!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr, by pinfall; still RPW British Heavyweight Champion

The #VeganHyrda snatches victory from the jaws of defeat! Cold Skull is still in shock that ZSJ got that one, but the British Heavyweight Championship stays with the British wrestler! Will Sabreism continue to rise up and overtake the wrestling world?


IWGP United States Championship: Jon Moxley VS Juice Robinson!

The Death Rider went through a wild Texas Deathmatch with Lance Archer, but he’s an all in, all out kind of guy. He wants to settle this with the Flamboyant One once and for all, but will he only give rise to #JuicyTwoBelts?

The introductions are made, and Juice FLIES out onto Moxley as the champion makes his entrance! Juice rains down furious fists as the bell rings and this match officially begins!

Juice whips Moxley into railing! Moxley hits the floor but Juice drags Moxley up to scoop and snake eyes on the railing! Moxley gasps as his throat hits the steel, but then Juice scoop slams Moxley down! Juice drags Moxley into the ring but Moxley bails out. Juice pursues but Moxley shoves him into the post! Moxley throws off his jacket and goes looking under the ring. Moxley brings out chairs and sits one up. Moxley goes back to Juice and brings him up in a fireman’s carry. Juice escapes, dodges Moxley, and drop toeholds Moxley onto the chair! Juice has the other chair but the referee reprimands them both. Juice puts that chair down to sit Moxley up in the other. Juice then grabs the other chair and sets it aside, to CANNONBALL Moxley off the chair! Fans fire up as Juice throws caution to the wind!

Juice puts Moxley in the ring and runs into the corner, big corner clothesline! Juice whips Moxley corner to corner but Moxley reverses hard, sending Juice tumbling over and out of the ring! Moxley paces before going out to grab those chairs. Moxley goes after Juice and SMACKS him on the back! “He started it!” Juice writhes but Moxley drags him up into the ring. Moxley rains down angry right hands and headbutts, but the ref reprimands him. Moxley mockingly bows to the ref for the explanation, then he drags Juice up for a swinging backbreaker! Juice writhes away but Moxley covers, TWO! Moxley pushes Juice around and pulls on his hair to pull him back. Moxley brings Juice up into a camel clutch and adds clubbing crossface forearms!

Juice endures the hold and powers up as fans rally. Moxley clubs Juice and he goes staggering. Moxley corner clotheslines then snapmares to basement lariat! Cover, TWO! Moxley keeps his focus as he circles Juice like a shark. Moxley drags Juice up and CHOPS! Juice wobbles but Moxley puts him in a corner to CHOP again! Juice gets in Mox’s face and CHOPS back! So now it’s a CHOP fight! They go back and forth, until Moxley BITES Juices face! Just like their first match for this title! The ref reprimands Moxley, Moxley stops and runs, into a SPINE BUSTER! Juice checks his eyebrow, he isn’t bleeding this time, but he does fire up. LEG LARIAT! Juice drags Moxley up to a fireman’s carry, for a gutbuster drop! Juice keeps on Moxley with a lift, but he has to double clutch for the POWERBOMB! High stack cover, TWO!

Juice grows frustrated but he keeps his focus. Juice pumps up and fans chant along, “JUICE! JUICE!” with every jab! Juice powers up but Moxley trips him, into a Figure Four! Moxley cranks on the legs but Juice endures the leg lock. Juice drags himself and Moxley towards ropes with a back stroke, and gets the ropebreak! Moxley lets go reluctantly, but then is right back on Juice to pull him into a post! And throw a leg into it! And again! Moxley ties the legs up for a HANGING Figure Four! The referee reprimands Moxley and counts, but Moxley lets up at 4. Moxley walks around and goes back to the chairs. Moxley puts the chair around Juice’s head and then fetches the other chair! Moxley wants to be just like Evil, but Juice’s LEFT HAND OF GOD punches the chair into Moxley’s face!

Moxley is down and Juice takes off the chair necklace to go after Moxley. Juice puts Moxley in and hurries after him. Juice puts Moxley up top and CHOPS! Juice headbutts Moxley before climbing up to join him. SUPERPLEX! But he’s not done, Juice goes to another suplex, JACKHAMMER! Cover, TWO!! Moxley survives and Juice grows frustrated. Moxley slowly rises and calls for his move. Juice clamps onto Moxley with chicken wings and turns him, but Moxley pops out to GERMAN SUPLEX! Juice flounders up, ducks Moxley’s clothesline to GERMAN SUPLEX in return! Moxley flounders but so does Juice. Juice runs at Moxley and the two collide with clotheslines! Moxley comes back to LARIAT! Fans fire up with Moxley as he drags Juice back up. Moxley underhooks and lifts but Juice avoids Death Rider to roll Moxley up, with a bridge! TWO!! LARIAT!!

Both men are down but Tokyo rallies up. A standing count begins and both men slowly stir. Moxley and Juice sit up at 7 and that is enough for the ref. Moxley dares Juice to do something, and they stand. “Hit me! Hit me!” Juice throws a forearm so Moxley gives one back. Juice gives another but Moxley gives two! Juice headbutts, Moxley headbuts and forearms! Moxley fires off forearm after forearm from both sides, and slaps Juice! Juice SLAPS back! Moxley ROCKS Juice then runs, REGAL KNEE! “He’s done now!” Moxley drags Juice up but Juice slips out. Juice ROCKS Moxley with a right, then bobs ‘n’ weaves to LEFT HAND OF GOD! Juice fires up, pumps up, ANOTHER LEFT HAND! Juice drags Moxley up and chicken wings, turn around, but Moxley slips out to kick and DIRTY DEEDS! Float through, lift, DEATH RIDER!! Cover, Moxley wins!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall; still IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion

The Maniac wins big again! And while he splits time with AEW, will Moxley be able to make it back to Japan in time for his next defense?

But speaking of his next defense, a new challenger approaches! MINORU SUZUKI makes his entrance!! Moxley keeps his eyes on the King of Pancrase at the stage as he kicks off his sweatpants! And as he takes off his jacket! Does Suzuki want this match NOW?! Moxley doesn’t shy away from the idea, either! And a brawl is on!! They throw forearms over and over, but then Moxley runs. Suzuki gets around him for a SLEEPER! Moxley flails but Suzuki turns him around, GOTCH…! PILEDRIVER! The Man with the WORST Personality in the World just took out one of the most insane men in the world! And then grabs a mic to say, “Oi! You piece of crap. Who do you think you are?!” Suzuki wants Moxley to know that Suzuki is KING of Pro-Wrestling! If Moxley wants a fight, Suzuki’s gonna give him a fight! Forget returning, will Moxley even survive his next defense?


NEVER Openweight Championship: KENTA VS Hirooki Goto!

Bullet Club has been refreshed ever since it “reloaded” and added #FangRevived to its ranks! The real Kenta looks to keep this title #TooSweet, but the Fierce Warrior wants revenge for what Kenta did to friend and rival, Katsuyori Shibata! Will revenge be a dish best served with gold? Or will Goto simply #Go2Sleep?

The introductions are made, Kenta puts the belt in Goto’s face, but Goto DECKS Kenta! Goto is in no mood for Kenta’s ego so the bell rings and this grudge match begins!

Goto stomps away on Kenta then drags him up to club him on the back. Goto whips but Kenta reverses, only for Goto to reverse the hip toss! Goto keeps moving and runs Kenta over! Kenta bails out but Goto pursues! Goto puts Kenta in quick and runs at him in the corner! BIG corner clothesline and a bigger bulldog! Kenta bails out again but Goto pursues! Goto puts Kenta back in and hurries, stomping away without mercy! Goto drags Kenta up to snapmare and KICK Kenta in the back! Cover, ONE, but Goto is on Kenta with a chinlock. Kenta endures as Goto drives an elbow into his face! Goto stomps Kenta and slaps him around. Goto eggs Kenta on as he clubs him on the back. Goto whips, Kenta BOOTS back! Kenta brings Goto up to throw him out, but Goto is in fast! Kenta knees low and throws Goto out again. Goto is back up again but gets another BOOT!

Kenta goes out to fetch Goto now, and whips him into railing! Kenta finally takes off the shirt and KICKS Goto in the chest! Kenta drags Goto up to whip into railing again! Kenta leaves Goto behind and a ring count begins. The count reaches 10 of 20 but Goto gets in. Kenta is on Goto fast with stomps, and then throws Goto back out. Kenta goes out the side to pursue Goto, kicking him while he’s down. They go up the ramp as Kenta clubs Goto, and then spikes Goto with a DDT! The ref reprimands and Kenta leaves Goto behind again. Goto is okay to continue so a new ring count begins. The count again reaches 10 of 20 but Goto crawls over. Goto is ringside by 15 and stands at 18, to get in at 19.5! But Kenta is on him again, just to throw him back out. Fans boo but Kenta soaks it all up. Kenta is both toying with Goto and avoiding him, but Goto is back again.

Kenta whips Goto and hits the kitchen sink knee! Then a Penalty Kick hard to the back! Cover, TWO! Goto toughs it out but Kenta drops knees. Then he jumps, to scuff Goto’s face. Kenta thinks that’s Too Sweet but fans boo. Kenta KICKS Goto hard again, then drags him into a chinlock. Goto endures and fights his way out with elbows. Goto runs but into another kitchen sink! Fans rally behind Godo but Kenta mocks them. Kenta toys with Goto as he scuffs his face. Kenta swiftly KICKS Goto again, but Goto gets back up. Kenta slaps and KICKS, then just shrugs. Goto sits up and blocks the next kick! Kenta counter punches but Goto elbows and LARIATS! Both men slowly rise and Goto throws big forearms! Kenta staggers but Goto keeps on him.

Kenta turns it around to fire off furious forearms! Goto gives them all back! Kenta gives more! Goto gives them all back again! The ref warns both men as Kenta throws another forearm, Goto DECKS Kenta! Is Kenta knocked out!? No, he comes to, but he’s dazed to say the least. Goto drags Kenta up and whips him corner to corner. Goto runs in for the wheel kick! Then the SAIDO! Cover, TWO!! Kenta survives and Goto is frustrated, but Tokyo is loving this! Goto drags Kenta back up, fireman’s carry, but Kenta claws at Goto’s face! Kenta shoves and spinning powerslams! Kenta drags Goto up and throws big haymakers. Kenta puts Goto in the corner and whips, but Goto reverses. Goto runs in but gets a boot! Kenta hops up, tornado hotshots Goto down, then climbs up! Kenta leaps to flying clothesline! Cover, TWO!

Kenta gives more toying kicks to Goto but Goto gets to his feet. Kenta eggs Goto on, and then catches him into a DDT! Kenta shoves Goto into a corner and brings him up against ropes. Kenta runs and knees Goto into those ropes! Kenta looms over Goto as he flounders around. Kenta runs but Goto follows! Kenta dodges but runs into USHIGOROSHI! Both men are down but Tokyo is still fired up! Goto fires himself up and drags Kenta up, but gets caught into a LeBelle Lock! Kenta wants to make it GameOver! Goto endures the hold and reaches with a leg, ROPEBREAK! Kenta lets go but he argues with the ref. Kenta KICKS Goto hard while he’s down, then stomps him at the apron. Kenta drags Goto up and through the ropes, DRAPING DDT! Kenta grins and Jado would be proud.

Goto flounders to a corner but Kenta runs corner to corner, HESITATION DROPKICK! Kenta climbs up top and aims at Goto, DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! Goto survives Kenta’s coup de grace, but Kenta isn’t done with him yet. Kenta aims from a corner again and Goto slowly rises. Goto denies the Psycho Knee with a sleeper hold! Kenta slips out to get his own sleeper, but Goto reaches for ropes again. Kenta pulls Goto away and Goto is fading! Kenta lets go just to PENALTY KICK! And PSYCHO KNEE! Cover, TWO!? Kenta slashes the throat, he vows to end this! Kenta drags Goto up to a fireman’s carry, GO- NO! Goto doesn’t go to sleep as he grabs the leg! Kenta fires forearms but Goto HEADBUTTS! Kenta falls but Goto staggers and stays up.

Kenta slowly rises and Goto fires himself up. Goto runs at Kenta, LARIAT! But Kenta stays standing?! BACK HAND! BACK HAND! LARIAT! But now Goto stays standing!? Kenta spins but Goto LARIATS! Cover, TWO!! Goto drags himself up with ropes and focuses his power! But Kenta blocks the kick! Kenta SLAPS with big palm strike after strike! But Goto only powers up more?! Goto ROCKS Kenta again! And again! Kenta counter punches! And fires off so many! Goto catches Kenta but Kenta fights out of the GTR. Goto fireman’s carry for G T W! Cover, TWO!?! Kenta lives?! But Goto won’t stop now, G T R!! Cover, GOTO WINS!!

Winner: Hirooki Goto, by pinfall; NEW NEVER Openweight Champion

The Fierce Warrior is back atop the NEVER Division! Goto has his vengeance on Kenta, but will we see these two fight again?


Chris Jericho VS Hiroshi Tanahashi!

The Once in a Century Champion dared Le Champeon of All Elite Wrestling to put his title on the line. Jericho would not do that, but he did get Tony Khan’s permission to stipulate that if Tanahashi wins, Tanahashi will have a title opportunity in the future. Will the Ace force Y2J’s hand? Or will he suffer defeat at the hands of the Painmaker?

Jericho shows off his AEW World Championship before handing it over, and fans again marvel at The Ace’s physique. The bell rings and this special singles showdown begins!

The fans cheer for Tanahashi so Jericho flips them off. Jericho and Tanahashi circle and tie up. They break and Jericho taunts “Bakahashi” while flexing. Fans boo but Jericho soaks it all up. Fans return to cheering for Tanahashi as he circles with Jericho. They tie up, Tanahashi headlocks and grinds Jericho down. Jericho fights up and powers out but the two collide. Neither falls so both men flex at each other. Tanahashi and Jericho circle and tie up again. Jericho headlocks to a takeover but Tanahashi headscissors. Jericho pops out but roles reverse as Tanahashi headlocks but Jericho headscissors. Tanahashi pops out and the two stand off, Tanahashi air guitars! Jericho and Tanahashi circle and tie up again. Jericho wrenches to a wristlock and yanks on the arm.

Jericho elbows away on Tanahashi’s shoulder and eggs Tanahashi on. Tanahashi powers up to arm-drag Jericho down to an armlock of his own. Jericho endures and fights his way up, but Tanahashi wrenches and yanks back. Tanahashi whips but Jericho kicks him back. Jericho CHOPS then whips but Tanahashi kicks him abck! Tanahashi grins but they tie up. Tanahashi hammerlocks but Jericho slips around to hammerlock back. Tanahashi reverses back onto Jericho but Jericho elbows and hammerlocks again. They end up in a corner and Jericho pulls Tanahashi’s hair. Red Shoes counts, Tanahashi elbows and dropkicks Jericho! Tanahashi runs in but Jericho dodges and sends Tanahashi into buckles. Jericho runs in but Tanahashi elbows and springboards for a crossbody!

Tanahashi air guitars and hip tosses Jericho down! Tanahashi stands on Jericho and mocks his cocky flexing pose! “C’mon, BABY!” ONE, and Jericho slaps Tanahashi! So Tanahashi slaps back! It’s a slap fight! Tanahashi slaps more, then whips. Jericho holds ropes and baits Tanahashi in to send him out. Jericho sees Tanahashi get up, triangle dropkick sends Tanahashi down! Jericho grins while Tanahashi is down. Fans boo but Jericho soaks it all up. Jericho goes outside to fetch Tanahashi and brings him up to whip him into railing! Jericho puts Tanahashi in the gateway and SLAMS the door closed on Tanahashi’s face! Tanahashi falls and Jericho confiscates a camera! Jericho takes pictures of Tanahashi, and then of himself flipping off the fans.

Jericho slaps a Young Lion down before dragging Tanahashi up. Jericho whips Tanahashi hard into railing by commentary! And clears off the English announce desk to put Tanahashi on it! Jericho refreshes the ring count before climbing over the railing. Jericho clears more space for himself and Tanahashi before climbing up. Deja vu to his matches with Tetsuya Naito and Kenny Omega as Jericho gives “Bakahashi” a DDT to the desk!! Jericho confiscates a bottle of water to refresh himself and splash Tanahashi. Jericho throws Tanahashi back over the railing and returns to ringside. Red Shoes reprimands Jericho but Jericho gets in his face. Jericho puts Tanahashi in the ring and mocks the booing fans. Fans also rally up for Tanahashi, who has fire in his eyes.

Jericho knees Tanahashi hard and then springboard stomps him down. Jericho climbs up and leaps to drop a knee on Tanahashi’s head! Cover, TWO! Jericho slaps Tanahashi around and mocks the booing fans more. Tanahashi gets up but Jericho is on him with forearms. Tanahashi gives them back and we have a brawl! Tanahashi gets the edge and a strike fest. but Jericho counters to an underhook, Tiger Backbreaker! Tanahashi writhes but Jericho dropkicks him down! Jericho mocks the air guitar playing and he stomps some more. “You don’t like that?!” Jericho gets up top to do more air guitar, then leaps! Frog Splash FLOPS! Cameras catch Tanahashi’s grin. Tanahashi gets up as fans rally, and he throws big forearms on Jericho! Jericho knees low and whips Tanahashi out, but Tanahashi skins the cat! Tanahashi dodges Jericho to throw more forearms! Tanahashi whips, Jericho reverses, Tanahashi hits flying forearms!

Fans fire up with The Ace as he runs corner to corner. Jericho uses Red Shoes as a shield! Down goes Red Shoes and Jericho LOW BLOW KICKS! Fans boo hard as ever as Tanahashi writhes. Jericho takes off his weight belt to LASH Tanahashi! And again! And again! Jericho laughs as he puts his belt back on and mocks Tanahashi more. Tanahashi LOW BLOWS BACK! Turnabout is fair play! Fans rally as Tanahashi and Jericho rise. Tanahashi grits his teeth as he stalks up behind Jericho. Tanahashi throws forearms and body shots and European uppercuts! Jericho boots back and grabs Tanahashi’s hair. They head for a corner but Tanahashi sends Jericho’s bulldog into buckles! Tanahashi keeps moving to crossbody into Jericho’s back! Jericho falls and Tanahashi stomps him down before hopping up. Second rope senton! Cover, TWO!

Tanahashi keeps his focus and drags Jericho up to throw body shots. Tanahashi runs but Jericho back elbows! Jericho springboards but he’s shoved out! No Lionsault for Le Champeon! Tanahashi hurries up top and HIGH FLY CROSSBODIES! Direct hit and both men are down! Tokyo Dome cheers as Tanahashi slowly stands. Tanahashi returns to the ring and the count begins. Jericho stirs at about 7, and sits up at 10 of 20. Jericho stands at 12 but flops over! Jericho hurries to get up at 15, staggers over, and gets in at 19! Tanahashi is on Jericho at the ropes and has the leg, DRAGON SCREW! And a dropkick! And another Dragon Screw! Jericho flops into the ring and Tanahashi has the fans rallying again. Tanahashi dares Jericho to stand and then he runs, but Jericho dodges. Jericho leaps but NO Code Breaker, DRAGON SCREW! And then a GROUNDED Dragon Screw! Then another, going the other way!

Jericho writhes while clutching the knee but Tanahashi heads up top. Tanahashi HIGH FLY FLOW, onto knees! Jericho springboards, LIONSAULT! But his bad leg won’t let him cover right away, TWO!! Tanahashi survives and Jericho grows frustrated. Jericho rises and takes aim at Tanahashi. Tanahashi stands, but he blocks the Judas Effect! Waistlock, straitjacket, SUPLEX! Bridge cover, TWO!! Tanahashi waits for Jericho to rise before building speed, but Jericho trips him! WALLS OF JERICHO! Tanahashi endures but will this lion be tamed?! Tanahashi powers up but Jericho sits deeper! Tanahashi powers up again as Tokyo Dome is thunderous! Jericho drags Tanahashi away from the ropes! Tanahashi continues to endure, tries again, and finds a way to slip through!

Tanahashi throws hands on Jericho then body scissor throws him! SLINGBLADE! Tanahashi drags Jericho up in the dragon sleeper, elbow drop DDT! Jericho is in the drop zone and Tanahashi heads up top again! Tanahashi aims but Jericho rises. Tanahashi still leaps, INTO A CODE BREAKER!! Jericho drags Tanahashi to a cover, TWO!! Tanahashi survives and Jericho can’t believe it! Jericho aims from a corner again and shouts, “I’M LE CHAMPEON!” Tanahashi rises, ducks the Judas to CODE BREAKER BACK! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives his own move but Tanahashi still has his! Tanahashi runs, but no Slingblade! Back to the Walls!! But Tanahashi blocks and cradle counters, TWO!!

Tanahashi keeps hold of Jericho with a facelock, TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Fans are thunderous as Jericho rises and Tanahashi runs. SLINGBLADE AGAIN! Cover, TWO!! Jericho is still in this but Tanahashi still has something. Tanahashi goes back up top and Jericho stands gain, HIGH FLY CROSSBODY, but Jericho rolls through! Jericho has the legs again! Tanahashi flails but Jericho keeps turning him over, WALLS OF JERICHO!! Tanahashi endures as Jericho sits as deep as he can! Fans rally hard as ever for Tanahashi, and Tanahashi powers up once more! Tanahashi drags himself towards ropes, but Jericho drags him away! And gets a FULL Lion Tamer angle! TANAHASHI TAPS!!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by submission

An incredible match of living legends! But in the end, the lion was tamed, and Jericho has his win! The “forbidden portal” stays closed, but is the last we’ve seen of Y2J in NJPW? Or are their other ways to crossover?


IWGP Double Gold Dash: Kazuchika Okada VS Tetsuya Naito!

The Rainmaker thwarted the Golden Star to retain the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. The Uncontrollable Charisma regained his IWGP Intercontinental Championship when he defeated The Switchblade. Now, destiny brings these two back to each other two years removed. Who will history smile upon in this #WinnerTakesAll title match?

Naito wears a white fur jacket emblazoned with “DESTINO,” the infinity symbol, and the words, “TODO O NADA,” Spanish for “All or Nothing.” Okada dollars fly as he returns in the glowing white and gold of last night. The introductions are made, the belts are raised and the illustrious entrance gear is taken off. Naito of course takes his time with it but Okada is patient. Once Naito is ready, the bell rings and history begins!

Tokyo Dome erupts with cheers for both men! Red Shoes tries to judge the way the scales are going, but it seems to be even. Or is it going Naito’s way? Yes, it seems Naito has more fans present. Okada shrugs that off and slowly circles with Naito. The two approach but Naito backs off, as is his usual strategy. They circle again, approach, but Naito fakes Okada out again. The dueling between fans keeps going as Okada waits on Naito. The two circle and finally tie up! They’re deadlocked, but Okada starts getting the edge thanks to height and leverage. Okada puts Naito in a corner but Naito turns it around onto the ropes. Red Shoes calls for the ropebreak but Okada slips in and turns it around again. Okada lets up and fakes his chop to pat Naito on the shoulder, as is his usual strategy.

But then Okada whips Naito to ropes, things speed up and Okada hurdles but Naito leaps! Things keep moving, Okada dodges and dodges to elbow Naito down! Okada fires up the Tokyo Dome before bringing Naito back up. Okada whips Naito corner to corner and hits the back elbow. He kicks and hits the DDT! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer as Okada stands and paces. Naito sits up but Okada brings him up to scoop and dump down. Okada goes to the apron to slingshot senton! Naito writhes while Okada calmly paces again. Okada brings Naito back up and around to snapmare and chinlock Naito against his knee. Naito fights his way up so Okada elbows and snapmares him back down. Okada runs to basement dropkick Naito hard!

Naito rolls around from the pain but Okada calmly stalks behind him. Okada brings Naito up but Naito throws body shots and forearms! Okada knees low then whips again but Naito reverses to arm-drag! And elbow! And basement dropkick of his own! Fans fire up for Naito as he drags Okada up. Naito whips corner to corner and rocket kicks! Leg sweep and swing, Combinacion Cabron! Naito strikes the pose and fans cheer! Naito walks around now and drags Okada up. Naito turns Okada but Okada fights out. Naito blocks the kick to sweep the legs! Naito drags Okada to the apron, flexes, and draping neckbreaker! Okada clutches that neck and Naito takes his time bringing Okada back up. Naito stomps Okada back down then brings him up again, to elbow him back down.

Okada leans on railing but Naito puts Okada in the ring. Fans cheer as Naito brings Okada up for another neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! The fans rally and duel as Okada slowly stirs. Naito gives toying kicks to Okada but Okada swings on him. Naito catches Okada for the backbreaker! And then the leg full nelson, just like he used on Jay White! Naito cranks on Okada’s neck but Okada endures. Okada crawls and reaches with his legs and gets the ROPEBREAK! Naito lets go at Red Shoes’ count of 4, with some help. Naito stomps Okada while he’s down but Okada gets to a corner. Naito throws big back elbows into Okada over and over, then clubs him down. Naito cravats Okada as he brings him back up and cranks on the neck more. Okada endures but Naito clubs him again!

The cravat returns but Okada throws body shots. Naito clubs him even harder, and SPITS on him! Naito whips Okada but Okada reverses. Okada runs in but into an elbow! Naito runs but into a BOOT! That one flips Naito through the air! Fans rally up for both men as they slowly stir on the mat. Okada kips right up! Okada throws forearms on Naito then whips, FLAPJACK! That was a high one, too. Okada takes aim from the corner as Naito slowly sits up and comes around. Okada waits until Naito stands, but Naito blocks this new boot! Okada still forearms Naito away and then EuroUppers! Okada Alabama lifts Naito but Naito sunset flips. Okada rolls through to jackknife and Alabama, AIR RAID NECKBREAKER!

Naito writhes while clutching his head but Okada drags him up. Fans are thunderous as Okada scoops Naito for a slam. Standard Okada formula, he heads up top for the MACHO ELBOW! Direct hit and that leads to the… Rainmaker Pose! Okada drags Naito up into the wristlock ripcord, but Naito elbows hard! And again! And again! Naito keeps Okada’s wrist as he drags him up for even more elbows! Naito throws another but Okada dodges, only to run into the SPINE BUSTER! Naito has Okada in the corner and then hoists him onto the top rope. Naito climbs up to SUPER STEINER! Fans fire up as Naito has Okada on the defensive. Okada slowly stirs but Naito drags him up. Naito hammerlocks but Okada clubs free of Gloria.

Okada throws forearms and EuroUppers, but Naito reels a fist back! It’s a feint so that he can kick Okada low! Okada ends up in the corner but he comes back to SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Naito rolls to the apron but Okada is down, too. Fans rally and duel as Okada gets up. Okada watches Naito and runs in, but Naito boots back. Okada runs into more boots, then Naito hops up, only for Okada to dropkick him down! Naito crashes ‘n’ burns to the outside! Okada rests while Red Shoes checks on Naito. Naito is okay to continue so Okada goes out to fetch him. Okada drags Naito around to smash the knee on the floor! Everyone saw how much damage Jay White dealt to Naito’s knee so Okada is taking advantage of that! Red Shoes says to get this in the ring but Okada clears off the Japanese commentary desk! Okada is being more like Chris Jericho now, but Naito clubs back. Okada chop blocks the bad leg!

Okada drags Naito back up and has the leg, SHIN BREAKER TO THE TABLE!! Naito falls to the floor in a heap and Red Shoes checks on him. Somehow, Naito is okay to continue, or he’s just too stubborn. Okada rests in the ring again, leaving it to the ring count. The passion of the fans grows as the count climbs. The count is past 10 of 20, then 15! Naito is only at the railing again! He hobbles up at 17, runs at 18, 19.9!! Okada is up top fast, for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Naito survives and Okada grows frustrated. Tokyo reaches a fever pitch now for Naito but Okada just shrugs that off as he drags Naito up. Okada wristlocks but Naito fights free, so Okada just waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX! That was a strong one, but Okada holds on.

Wristlock and ripcord, but Naito counters with a tornado DDT! Fans are loving this, even as both men are down on the mat. Naito sits up first but Okada follows. Okada flops back down but Naito heads his way. Naito manages to stand and hobble before bringing Okada up. Hammerlock and lift, GLORIA! Naito managed it and Okada is in a daze as he sits back up. Naito smirks a bit as he gets back to his feet. Okada is in the corner and Naito shakes out the bad leg before bringing Okada up. Naito puts Okada on the top and clubs his back before climbing up behind him. Naito stands Okada up, SUPER POISON-RANA!! Cover, TWO?!? Okada survives?! No one can believe it, least of all Naito!

Naito drags Okada up, wrenches but Okada fights as best he can. Naito just enziguris back! Naito whips, Okada reverses and dodges the flying forearms! Okada wristlocks and ripcords but Naito dodges to kick low. Naito puts a facelock on fast but Okada resists whatever Naito is up to. Okada breaks free to throw forearms again, but Naito eggs him on. Okada swings again, Naito dodges and hits his flying forearms! Naito wrenches, tilt-o-whirls, but Okada slips Naito off, so Naito rolling kicks! Naito whips, Okada reverses, Naito leaps but Okada dropkicks him down! But Naito is right back up, tilt-o-whirl, DESTINO! Cover, TWO?!? Is The Rainmaker secretly not human?! All that damage to his head and neck and he isn’t done?!

But Naito doesn’t care about any of that, he’ll just keep going! Naito drags Okada up, a grin on his face. Naito wrenches, tilt-o-whirls, but Okada slips him off again! Okada ripcords but Naito dodges, only to run into another dropkick! Both men are back down on the mat, but fans are back to that fever pitch! These two champion fan favorites are somehow still in this so Red Shoes skips a standing count. Okada sits up first, but Naito grabs at him. Naito and Okada each grab the other’s hair as they sit up. Okada throws a forearm but Naito gives one back. Okada comes back with another, and he grins! But so does Naito as he hits Okada again! These two may not like each other, but they’re enjoying this fight! Okada throws a forearm, Naito throws a forearm, repeat! The fans echo each shot, and Naito seems to rock Okada with that last one. But Okada comes back all the same!

Naito hits Okada again, and leans against him. Okada grits his teeth as he stands back up to throw yet another forearm! Naito SPITS again! And throws another forearm! Okada gives yet another, but so does Naito. The pace even picks up! Okada wristlocks and ripcords, but Naito SLAPS Okada first! Naito scoops, but Okada slips out to DISCUS RAINMAKER! Okada fires up and so does Tokyo! Okada drags Naito up, ripcords but Naito tilt-o-whirls, into Okada’s JUMPING TOMBSTONE! Okada drags Naito up again, wristlocks and ripcords, RAINMAKER!! Cover, TWO!?!? Whatever Okada is, so is Naito!! Okada and Naito are down and Tokyo is electric. Okada gets up and calls for something even bigger now.

Okada drags Naito up, gut wrenches but Naito flails and fights free! Naito falls over but Okada looms over him at the ropes. Okada drags Naito up, but Naito SPITS again! Defiant to the end, it seems. Okada drags Naito around to SMASH the knee on the mat! Naito writhes and clutches the leg again but Okada shows no mercy, another knee smash! Okada doesn’t care that fans are booing him now, because he sit-out smashes the knee now! Okada then grabs the wrist to drag Naito up to his feet. Point-Blank RAINMAKER! But that’s not enough, Okada gives another Point-Blank RAINMAKER! Okada wants to end this, he drags Naito up, wristlock ripcord, but Naito DESTINO!! Cover, TWO!?!? Naito’s knee was a liability on that pin, but he won’t stop now.

Naito drags Okada up, scoops and slams him. Naito’s stepping into the past as he climbs up top, STARDUST PRESS! Cover, TWO!!! The corkscrew moonsault wasn’t enough, even after everything in this match! The fans reach that eletric level again as Naito has one more thing left. Naito wrenches, tilt-o-whirls, but Okada blocks! Okada has Naito on his shoulder but Naito slips out to scoop, VALENTIA!! And then… DESTINO!! Cover, NAITO WINS!!

Winner: Tetsuya Naito, by pinfall; DOUBLE GOLD CHAMPION

History and destiny are one in the same for Naito! Naito now holds both the IWGP Heavyweight AND Intercontinental Champion! The first-ever and had to fight so hard to do it! This wasn’t just because of the efforts of tonight, or of this weekend, but all the hard work in Naito’s career! Okada is helped out of the ring, but surely The Rainmaker will fight his way back up as before.

Before being presented with both titles, Naito asks for the mic. “Okada. Okada! Winning the main event in the Tokyo Dome… actually feels pretty great.” And perhaps they can do this again some time. Okada raises a fist a la LIJ, confirming he feels very much the same even in losing. Naito then allows the belt presentation to begin. Red Shoes holds both belts as Naito gets back his LIJ hat and puts it on. Naito takes his Intercontinental Championship first and holds it as usual, and then takes the Heavyweight Championship in the other hand. Naito is pretty casual with both as he sets them down side by side, and strikes a pose!

Naito takes the mic back to say, “Buenos noches, TOKYO DOOOOOME~!” Naito wants them to know that everyone that is here watching in the audience or online around the world, you all get to finally see Naito change things! Naito eyes his two belts, and wonders what he’ll do with them. What does everyone think? They surely know the answer: TRANQUILO! Assenayo. But there is one other thing he wants to say. Naito will never, ever forget this Wrestle Kingdom weekend. And with both these belts, Naito vows to step forward into the future. So now, everyone, that brings us to Naito’s favorite closing. And for the first time in the Tokyo Dome, you can join in on the role call! To finish this amazing two-night event… “Evil! Bushi! Sanada! Hiromu! Takagi! Y Naito! Nosotoros, Los Ingoberrrrnables! De!” KENTA!?

Kenta attacks Naito, and has a huge grin on his face! Tokyo erupts with boos and jeers as Kenta Penalty Kicks Naito down! Their hate is music to his ears! The former NEVER Openweight Champion isn’t going to let things end happily, he makes Naito GO 2 SLEEP!! And then he rains down rights on Naito’s head! Kenta sees both belts and picks them both up. Kenta sits down on Naito with crossed legs like Shibata would, and holds up both belts! Kenta laughs as fans shout “Go Home! Go Home!” Kenta drops the belts and walks away from Naito, and Bushi rushes out to support his leader. But the damage has been done and the declaration of war has been sent. Kenta mocks fans as he leaves, and Naito can barely walk, even with Bushi’s help. Bullet Club’s #FangRevived wants to sink his teeth into the historic double champion. How will NJPW management handle this new era?



My Thoughts:

Just as with Night 1, I focused on the matches that were more important and higher rated matches, such as by Andrew Balaz here on The Chairshot. The Rev-Pro British Heavyweight and IWGP United States Championship matches were both great for being on the shorter ends. I personally wanted to do the RPW match because ZSJ VS Sanada is always a great match-up with how technical ZSJ is and how surprisingly technical Sanada can be. In the end, it was just fine that ZSJ won, and in close fashion. These two will continue to battle back and forth like this, I can’t wait to see if they meet again during New Japan Cup 2020. Moxley VS Juice was a good choice on story, and I feel it was also natural for Moxley to retain since he literally wasn’t meant to lose the title, the weather cost him. Given that, I would think Moxley holds that belt for a long time now.

The NEVER Openweight Championship ended up a great choice, just on that one STIFF shot Goto gives Kenta. Plus, after everything played out, it turns out it helps continuity if Kenta’s motivation is explained. He lost the title and Goto has it back, again, but that freed Kenta up to do something big. Jericho VS Tanahashi was a great choice on paper because of the two men involved, but was of course a great choice in action because of the two men involved. I also laughed so hard at seeing Tanahashi mock the Painmaker persona, it was so good! After putting the stipulation of a possible AEW World Championship opportunity, you had to figure Jericho would win. But just because “the forbidden portal” wasn’t opened here doesn’t mean it won’t ever be. You never say “never” in wrestling, usually.

Apologies to Loser VS Loser, White VS Ibushi, for skipping it, but everyone knows for a fact that match was going to be great. But naturally, obviously, gotta cover the Double Gold Dash. Okada VS Naito was amazing, maybe a bit false finish heavy, but at the same time, going with false finishes and superhuman levels of resilience is to show just how epic this moment is, because it is an epic moment. Especially with it being NAITO WINNING. Tokyo Dome was so ready for this so it was just great that he got to have this moment. And in the end, it made Kenta’s attack that much more heinous and hated! Kenta becomes new Top Heel in one fell swoop, and immediately pushes the issue of how NJPW will choose to handle a dual champion. Though, with a few more events this year being multiple night events, maybe NJPW has already planned on Naito having to pull double headers? This is going to be an incredibly interesting time for NJPW now.

My Score: 9.4/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (5/30/23)

It’s about to get TOXIC!



NXT White 'n' Gold Era

Tonight: Jacy Jayne, Gigi Dolin, and a WEAPONIZED STEEL CAGE!

NXT returns from the Battleground, but another battle is about to begin! The Toxic War between Gigi and Jacy ends, inside a cage, the walls lined with weaponry! Who will be left standing as the Toxic Victor?


  • Weaponized Steel Cage: Gigi Dolin VS Jacy Jayne; Gigi wins.
  • Wes Lee & Tyler Bate VS The Dyad w/ Ava Raine; Wes & Bate win.
  • Joe Coffey VS “Stacks” Channing Lorenzo; Joe wins.
  • Cora Jade VS Ivy Nile; Cora wins.
  • NXT Championship: Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Noam Dar w/ Oro Mensah, Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson; Melo wins and retains the title.


Weaponized Steel Cage: Gigi Dolin VS Jacy Jayne!

What was once one of the most dominant duos in the NXT Women’s Division was torn apart by ambition and pride. Where one thought they were closer than sisters, the other only saw herself as the star and everyone else as a side character. This is going to end one way or another, but will it be the Toxic Avenger or the Toxic Traitor that comes out on top?

But wait! Jacy attacks Gigi during her entrance! And then RAMS her into the steel! And then into steel steps! Fans boo but Jacy takes Gigi’s jacket from her, throws it at her, then throws Gigi into the steel again! Jacy says it’s all about her, and she SMACKS Gigi off more steps, and Gigi’s head also hits the underside of the door! Jacy makes Gigi take a seat, to SLAM the door shut on her! And again! And again! Jacy howls but fans boo, and Jacy drags Gigi into the cage. Jacy then closes the door, the bell rings, and Jacy stalks Gigi. Jacy has a duffel bag, and she brings out a LEATHER STRAP! She LASHES Gigi!

Jacy LASHES Gigi more and more, then howls again. Gigi writhes, Jacy gets a chair, but Gigi gets a trash can lid! Gigi kicks Jacy low, SMACKS her on the back, and now Jacy writhes. Gigi runs, but Jacy drop toeholds her onto the chair! Jacy drags Gigi through the chair, runs, but Gigi avoids the ax kick! Gigi comes back with a ROUNDHOUSE! Jacy takes a seat, Gigi CROSSBODIES her down! Gigi drags Jacy up, RAMS her into the steel, then RAMS her into the other side! Gigi gets that strap for herself now, and she LASHES Jacy! And again! And again! And again! Then she just throws the strap at Jacy before getting a trash can lid.

Gigi brings the can around, puts it on Jacy, and then Kawada Kicks away on it! Jacy falls over, Gigi takes the can off her, and fans fire up. Gigi has Jacy against ropes, digs the can into her, and says this is what Jacy wanted! Gigi SLAPS Jacy, runs, and dropkicks the can into Jacy! Cover, TWO! Jacy is still in this, and Gigi snarls. Gigi looks for something else to use as fans rally behind her. Gigi gets the strap and CHOKES Jacy with it! Gigi says Jacy ruined everything! They were like sisters! Gigi lets Jacy go, gets more trash cans, and she sets one down. Fans chant “We Want Tables!” but Gigi gets the bat! It has a rose on it!

Gigi JAMS Jacy with the baseball bat, then DIGS the thorn covered side into her! Gigi climbs up to CHOKE Jacy with the bat and again shouts that Jacy ruined everything! Gigi then takes aim, waits on Jacy to get up, but Jacy avoids the homer to SPINEBUSTER Gigi on the can! Fans are shocked while NXT goes picture in picture.

Jacy talks trash on Gigi, stalks her, and brings her up. Jacy RAMS Gigi into steel, then RAMS her into more steel! Jacy then grinds Gigi into the chain link like it’s a cheese grater! Jacy lets off to revel in the moment, then she steps back in through the ropes. Jacy talks trash on the fans and on Gigi, and then stalks her to ropes. Jacy KICKS Gigi in the face! Jacy gets a chair, wedges it in a corner, and then goes back for Gigi. Jacy brings Gigi up to whip, but Gigi stops herself! Gigi ELBOWS Jacy, runs and BOOTS her down! Gigi then gets another trash can, and she wedges that in another corner.

Gigi goes to Jacy, kicks her low, and whips, but Jacy reverses! Gigi blocks, Jacy kicks low, then blocks a kick to LARIAT Gigi down! And SENTON! Cover, TWO! Gigi is still in this but Jacy rains down fists on her! Jacy eggs Gigi on, taunts fans, then gets a steel chain! Jacy wraps that around her first, gives it a kiss, and FULL METLA BODY SHOTS! And then another! And another! Gigi falls over while Jacy swings the chain. Jacy grinds as she sits Gigi up, and wraps the chain around Gigi’s face! Gigi can only endure as the chain digs into her nose and mouth! NXT returns to single picture as fans rally back up.

Gigi fights, powers up, and swings Jacy into the steel chair! Jacy goes down and fans fire up! Jacy staggers up, Gigi roars, and Gigi ROCKS Jacy, KICKS her and KNEES her! Ripcord and STO! Cover, TWO!! Gigi is frustrated but she pounds the mat. Fans rally up, Gigi gets another chair, and she puts that down at center. She gets that chair from the corner, and another chair, and another chair, and she piles them together. Gigi brings Jacy over, half nelsons, but Jacy fights! Jacy whips, spins Gigi, and then NECKBREAKER on the chair pile!! Both women writhe but Jacy covers, TWO!! Gigi survives and Jacy is beside herself!

Fans rally up, Jacy clears the chairs out of the way and she throws a forearm on Gigi. Gigi comes back with a haymaker! Jacy throws a forearm back! Gigi throws a forearm of her own! Fans rally, Jacy throws another forearm but Gigi fires a flurry! Gigi wrenches, hooks Jacy up, but Jacy dosidos her into the TRASH CAN! And then SUPERKICKS! Just like the night she betrayed Gigi! Jacy runs in, CANNONBALL into the trash can! Cover, TWO!!! Gigi survives again and Jacy is at a loss for words. But then Jacy just grins and rains down fists on Gigi! Fans chant “We Want Tables!” and Jacy drags the table out!

Fans actually chant, “Thank You, Jacy!” and she says shut up, she’s not doing it for them! Jacy sets the table up near a corner, and she goes back to Gigi. Jacy suplexes but Gigi blocks! Gigi throws body shots, turns things around, but Jacy blocks the suplex! Gigi CLUBS Jacy, KNEES her low, and then drags her up to whip. Jacy reverses and sends Gigi into the steel! Jacy then brings Gigi up, bumps her off buckles, and brings her up the corner! Fans fire up as Jacy dribbles Gigi off buckles and the steel! Jacy says this is all about HER, and she reaches the very top rope. But Gigi HEADBUTTS in return!

Jacy wobbles, Gigi SMACKS her off the steel again and again! Jacy stays on the top rope but Gigi clinches, CHOKE SLAM THROUGH THE TABLE!! High stack, Gigi wins!!

Winner: Gigi Dolin, by pinfall

The Toxic Avenger finally ends the Toxic War! Fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” What is next for Gigi now that she’s gotten past her past?


Backstage interview with Wes Lee.

McKenzie Mitchell is with the North American Champion and notes we’re just 48 hours removed from his win in a Triple Threat. He is now the longest reigning North American Champion, with TEN successful defenses. Has it sunk in yet? Now that she says it, yes! He is PUMPED! But he’s also sore. Comes with the territory. Back when he won the title at Halloween Havoc, he had no idea how this ride was gonna go. But through the multiple multi-mans, the open challenges and the unforeseen odds- “Sunday’s victory proved nothing!” The Dyad storms in to say Joe Gacy wants to send a reminder.

Wes says okay, he’ll bust them all! But then Tyler Bate steps up to say that if they want to fight Wes, they fight him, too! The Dyad backs off, and Bate tells Wes that as he said on Sunday, that was all business. He still has Wes’s back, if he’ll have him. Wes says he appreciates that. They fist bump, but will Rip Fowler & Jagger Reed still try to send that “message” from The Schism?


Tony D’Angelo gets his mug shot.

He isn’t happy about it, either. But what will happen should The Don have to go to court?


Gallus talks backstage.

They’re of course happy to be NXT Tag Team Champions, but Wolfgang admits, The Creed Brothers are tough. But no one can stop Gallus! They never stop. The Creeds are done, so who steps up to their kingdom next? Well, Tony D and Stacks had next, but uh, Tony can’t do too much with his hands cuffed. “It wasn’t me, officer! I swear! I’m a nice guy!” Fogedaboutit! But Stacks storms in! He knew it was them! They ratted on Tony! Don’t get the wrong idea, Stacks, it wasn’t them. But what is he gonna do without his daddy? Better question: Ever heard that snitches get stitches?

Stacks fires off on Gallus, but he gets mugged 3v1! The refs rush in, but Gallus still throws Stacks into shelfs! The refs tell Gallus they are EJECTED from the building! Gallus is fine with that, they did the damage. But who is going to be next if The Family is busy with their own problems?


Carmelo Hayes is here!

Fans cheer as Trick Melo Gang heads to the ring, because the NXT Champion is still HIM! Trick gets the mic to get to business. They went to Melo’s hometown, Melo went to Battleground, and he left still champion. Fans cheer that, and Melo says he did that. Now listen, Battleground was exactly that: a battle. So he will paint a picture: Melochussetts was going crazy! Bron VS THOUSANDS! Big Spear, Melo still alive. Nothing But Net, #AndStill! And one thing everyone needs to realize, sometimes you gotta take shots to make shots. When it comes to this NXT Championship, Melo don’t ever miss!

Trick says Melo don’t lie, either! Battleground is another brick in the foundation of the HIM Dynasty. But wait, NOAM DAR is here? Dar and his squad walk out, and Dar tells Melo, “Well done! Congratulations! You  managed to escape your hometown still champion. And Melo, you weren’t the only one to retain their championship.” Fans boo as Dar says HE defended HIS NXT Heritage Cup, “the most coveted prize in NXT.” But Melo only just managed to beat Bron. Dar beat Dragon Lee not once, but twice. Thank you.

Trick tells “Mr. Supernova” that we don’t have time to talk about how it took four of them to cheat Dragon Lee. Fans cheer that! But there is time to talk about Dar coming out to interrupt Trick Melo Gang. Interrupting Trick Melo Gang is a super no-no. Melo says he saw that match, Dar really is like that. But there’s levels to this. That trophy puts Dar on a high level, but this NXT Championship puts Melo on the HIGHEST level. Dar may’ve “beat” Dragon twice, but Melo bets he couldn’t even beat Melo once. And that’s all it is, and that’s all it- NO NO NO NONONO! SHH! The adults are talking, Trick.

Fans boo as Dar tells Melo that that almost sounded like a challenge. Is Melo challenging Dar, even though that’d be the biggest mistake of his life? If Melo is building a dynasty, then step up! Put the NXT Championship on the line TONIGHT! Trick says whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Dar is trying to take advantage of Melo while he’s tired. DUH! Well done, Captain Obvious. But hey, straight up, what does Melo say? Oh, wait, Lash was right! Melo is just counting the minutes, making it easy, because he doesn’t have what it takes to compete at the highest level night in and night out, like Dar.

But actually, it must be hard to miss when he has… What’s Lash calling it? Low management! No, no, if Dar wants it, then he’s got it! TONIGHT! Fans fire up, but did the Supernova Squad just get the better of HIM?


Cora Jade talks with the other women in the locker room.

They all saw her match with Lyra in the tournament, right? Lyra headbutted her right in the eye! Cora was basically blind half the match! And if she could’ve seen, SHE would have gone to Battleground, and SHE would be NXT Women’s Champion. Literally everyone else goes, “Um…” Cora says fine, but the only one to be celebrated is HER! Her accomplishments, her star power. But nooo~, we all let Cora get screwed over. She deserves to be champion! But in walks Ivy Nile. We’ve all had it with the whining. Injuries are part of the game, so suck it up and get over it. Everyone would’ve loved to have been in that tournament, too.

Cora tells Ivy not to give her attitude just cuz her guys couldn’t get the job done and Ava whipped her ass. Ivy says at least they were all in that fight. Where was Cora on Sunday? Just sitting here bitching about it. Cora says she’s not scared of Ivy, but does anyone believe that?


Axiom watches footage on his phone.

Reggie walks over and says, “What’s up, Ax? Tell me you’re watching Battleground.” Axiom says yes, but then sees who he’s talking to. Axiom stands right up but Reggie tells him to chill, he means you no harm. Then what does he want? See, “Reggie!” Everyone always calls him that, and that is his given name, but growing up, a lot of people called him “Scrypts.” Who? His family? And why “Scrypts?” Definitely not his family. And he won’t get into it right now, that’s a story for another day. Then what does Scrypts want? He appreciates what Axiom did for him. Wait, what? When he took the mask off! It opened Scrypts’ eyes!

It was like Scrypts was living in a cave, watching shadows on the wall. But now, he is living in the sunlight, seeing what is meant to be seen. And Dabba-Kato trying to take Axiom out after their match last week, Scrypts couldn’t stand by. He jumped into action to help Axiom since Axiom helped him. And Scrypts just wants to thank him. Scrypts/Reggie leaves, and Axiom says, “Any time.” Is Scrypts going to go from a would-be archenemy to a new ally?


Wes Lee & Tyler Bate VS The Dyad w/ Ava Raine!

The Cardiac Kid & Big Strong Boi are standing together again against Rip Fowler & Jagger Reed. The Schism isn’t done with Wes, but will their tree get chopped down?

NXT returns as Bate makes his entrance, followed by Wes. The teams sort out and Reed starts with Bate. They circle, tie up, and Reed wrenches an arm to a wristlock. Bate rolls, rolls back, then uses a leg to get free and knuckle lock. Bate whips and WRINGS Reed out, then wrenches the arm again. Reed pulls hair to put Bate in the corner and Rip tags in to ROCK Bate! Rip ROCKS Bate again, puts him in a corner, but Bate boots then KNEES back! Bate goes up to FLYING UPPERCUT! Fans fire up and Bate wrenches Rip to tag in Wes. Wes slingshots to sunset flip! TWO! Rip gets Wes in the face with that kickout, then he ROCKS Wes!

Rip scoops, Wes slips off but Rip bucks the O’Conner. Things speed up, Wes slides and headscissors! Wes runs in, tilt-o-whirl CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Wes facelocks Rip, tags Bate, and Bate goes up to AX HANDLE the arm! Bate wrenches the arm, tags Wes back in, but Rip shoves Bate into Wes! Rip CLUBS Bate, tags Reed, and the Dyad brings Bate up to whip to the corner. Reed runs in but into a BOOT! Bate goes up and over Rip, under Reed, and baits them in for Wes’s FLYING ARM-DRAG HEADSCISSOR COMBO! Fans fire up as Wes & Bate DOUBLE DROPKICK The Dyad out!

Fans fire up as The Dyad get back in and the four stare down. But then Wes & Bate see MUSTAFA ALI in the perch!? The Beacon is here, but why!? Ali heads down to ringside while NXT goes to break.

NXT returns as Jagger grinds Bate down with a chinlock. Fans rally up, Bate fights up, and we see Ali is on commentary now. Bate powers the hold open but Reed KNEES him in the back and tags Rip. They double suplex and hold Bate up but Bate throws knees! Bate knees and knees and DOUBLE KNEES, to then get free! Bate DOUBLE RANAS The Dyad! Fans fire up, Bate dodges Reed but Rip ROCKS him! The Dyad set Bate up but Bate BOOTS Reed away! He ends up in the corner with Rip, Wes tags in to rally on The Dyad! SUPERKICK for Reed, ELBOW for Rip, BOOT for Reed, and a flurry of fists for Rip!

Wes snapmares and DROPKICKS Rip and fans fire up! Reed storms up but Wes elbows him away. Victory roll and jump, DDT for Rip! Reed runs in but Wes ducks the enziguri to wrench and fire off fast strikes! DOUBLE STOMP on Reed’s back! Rip runs in but is sent into the corner! ENZIGURI, then snapmare! Wes flips but Rip dodges! THROAT CHOP! Fans boo but Ava cheers, and Reed tags in. Reed and Rip aim, but Bate gets up, Rip DECKS Bate, but Wes fires off haymakers and CHOPS on The Dyad. The Dyad kicks back, double whips, but Wes ducks ‘n handsprings to DOUBLE PELE!! Tag to Bate!

Bate and Wes each have a corner, they each aim at a Dyad, for DOUBLE TORNILLO!! Wes then FLIES to take out Rip! Bate gets Reed for the TYLER DRIVER 97!! Cover, Bate & Wes win!

Winners: Wes Lee & Tyler Bate, by pinfall

That was definitely a big strong victory, and then Ivy gets at Ava!! The Creed Brothers rush out, but The Dyad goes after them! It is a chaotic brawl, more refs rush out to stop this, but fans want to “Let Them Fight!” And then Gacy gets in to CLOBBER Wes and Bate! Gacy stomps away on Wes, but Ali jumps in! Ali DECKS Gacy! Fans fire up as Ali DECKS Gacy again! Ali TOSSES Gacy out hard, and he throws off his jacket! The Beacon stands with Bate and Wes, will they join forces to chop down The Schism’s tree?


Drew Gulak & Charlie Dempsey lead another Chase U class.

The Philly Stretcher says, “The name of the game is leverage.” Collar ‘n’ elbow, let’s go. Then you get the headlock. Thea Hail watches closely but Duke Hudson tells her that while he’s all for pushing yourself, but Gulak was the one who made her cry. She doesn’t have to take this class, he can give her a pass. No, she has to do this for herself. She never wants to feel that way again! They think she’s weak, but she’s not! She wants to prove it! She wants to get in there! Let her go! LET HER GO!! Thea, let HIM go! Yeesh. But okay, give ’em hell. Okay okay okay! She jumps in, Gulak tells the one guy, “Submission wrestling is the backbone of success. Good job.”

Dempsey taps Gulak’s shoulder and says, “Speaking of success. Look who decided to join.” Well, so nice of Thea to join in. But no crying this time or running away, okay? Loud and clear, sir. She can do this. Alright. Everyone done. She circles with Dempsey, what will her grade be in this test?


Tiffany Stratton heads to the ring.

The Center of the Universe is the NEW NXT Women’s Champion, and given all the pictures of herself in the ring, this “Tiffybration” is only about herself. Tiffany gets the mic to say, “Raise your hands if you’re not surprised that Tiffany Stratton is the NEW NXT Women’s Champion~!” She knows she isn’t. This Sunday, she claimed her rightful spot at the “Tiffy top” of NXT. Fans do cheer, and Tiffany says this title has been held by future hall of famers: Charlotte Flair, Asuka, Bayley, Rhea Ripley, the list goes on and on. And tonight, she shows everyone what it means to be a true champion.

Fans cheer that, and Tiffany says “Honestly, when I think of what a champion is, it is me! Nobody in that locker room can do what I can do. And when I look in the mirror, I think to myself, I am the epitome of what a true WWE Superstar is! So to continue on in my Tiffybration, I would like to invite up the entire NXT Women’s locker room so they can all recognize me as their Women’s Champion. Ladies?” No one comes out. Fine, no one wants to know who her first opponent is gonna be. Do the fans do? “YES!” “Aww, you guys actually think I care what you think.” Tiffany asks the locker room to come out, and finally they all walk out.

Tiffany says she knows they’re all starstruck, and that they all have the same question: “What is next for Tiffany Stratton? Who will I give my first title defense to? And to be honest, as everyone is out here, I can’t help but think to myself that I’m gonna be champion for a long, long time. I mean, I might as well retire as champion. Nobody can sit with me. Not you, not you, and I don’t even know why you’re out here,” Thea. Oh, and it is DEFINITELY not Lyra. Sorry not sorry. This is getting so awkward, she invited them all out here. Hah, JK! Luckily for them, on her way home, she had a Tiffany Epiphany!

She thought to herself, she should give them all an opportunity at the #TiffyTitle! So next week, there will be a #1 Contender’s Battle Royal to determine her challenger. Good for you all. “But TBH, it doesn’t matter who’s gonna win, because I’m gonna beat all of you to it. I am gonna beat all of you to it, because as far as I know, and for as long as I want, it is Tiffy Time.” Tiffany raises the belt, and confetti and balloons fall. But then Thea gets in to SLAP Tiffany! Fans fire up, and then both Roxie and Fallon get in! They pinball Tiffany with forearm shots! And SOBATS! Lyra gets in, too, but Tiffany scurries away!

But Lyra WRECKS her with a dropkick! Tiffany is furious but she’s the one who just turned the entire roster against her. Who will have their moment and get their shot at the Center of the Universe?


Trick Williams is on the phone backstage.

He says it is going down, but Melo will be alright. They’ll pull up afterward. Just keep the bottles on ice and the jacuzzi hot. Lash, Jakara & Oro walk over. Lash says they call him Trick Willy. Well, you heard that right. Then your boy is about to get whooped by Dar. A shame, though, cuz they kinda cute. Kinda? Hey, now! They may disagree on the match, but in the looks department, Trick Melo don’t miss. And y’all can leave, button your lips, move your hips, he’ll holler. Oro wants Trick to understand what the ladies are saying: Melo should’ve taken the night off.

Trick recognizes Oro. He saw that match, Oro was in Dar’s corner, this must’ve all be his plan. Oro’s a real shyster, y’know that? And Miss Jackson the Distraction, and Lash is a distraction herself. Bet they’d like to hit Trick with a bucket. Trick would like that, huh? Trick says he’s watching all y’all! Don’t try him! Will Trick Melo Gang be ready for everything the Supernova Squad is bringing?


Dani Palmer is in the ring.

“I cannot leave, I cannot leave this ring, until I find out who this attacker is! Whoever’s been wreaking havoc in this division said that they’d reveal themselves TONIGHT! You attacked me, and you attacked my best friend, Sol, and now she’s out for a year! I’m done waiting. I’m not going anywhere until you show your face!!” The attacker is on the tron, watching the footage of her handiwork. Nikkita Lyons, Wendy Choo, Sol Ruca, Dani Palmer, Roxanne Perez. Dani gets anxious, but the person is RIGHT BEHIND HER!! She attacks Danni, drags her up, and suplexes for a FALCON ARROW!!

IT’S BLAIR DAVENPORT! The Top Gaijin is back, and she gives Dani a KAMI-GOYE!! Targets of the Heir, beware! Who will be next on the list for Blair?


NXT shares footage from after the show last week.

Eddy Thorpe returned backstage and encountered Malik Blade & Edris Enofe. They congratulated him on the great effort against Tyler Bate. It’s tough, but so are you. And if Bate were to win the title, he could be looking at Eddy as next. Eddy says that’s nice of them to say, but he wishes he had that one back. Nah, they all feel down after a loss. You learn more after a loss than you do a win. But Damon Kemp gives a sarcastic clap. Kemp was watching, and he has to admit, he was impressed. But Eddy can’t win without cheating, huh? Eddy rushes Kemp but Kemp gets away, will the Alpha Wolf get back at the Golden Gopher in their rematch?


Joe Coffey VS “Stacks” Channing Lorenzo!

Gallus was poking fun at The Don, and the Underboss wasn’t going to stand for it! Mark Coffey & Wolfgang were sent home, but will the Iron King still be on top? Or will Stacks make Joe fogedaboutit?

The bell rings and Stacks SHOTGUNS Joe! Stacks stomps Joe in the corner, the ref counts and Stacks lets off. Joe gets up to CLUB Stacks in the back, and throw body shot after body shot! Stacks still tackles Joe and rains down forearms! Stacks headlocks, but Joe fights up, only for Stacks to KNEE Joe again, and again, and again! FIST DROP! Cover, TWO! Stacks clamps on a chinlock and he grinds Joe, but Joe fights up. Stacks hits a headlock takeover, Joe keeps his shoulder up but Stacks pushes the arm down, TWO! Stacks throws hands, Joe is down again, TWO! Joe rolls Stacks to a cover, TWO!

Stacks still has the headlock, but Joe fights up. Joe powers out and hip tosses Stacks hard! Stacks staggers up to ropes, but Joe runs in to fire haymakers. Fans rally and Joe whips Stacks corner to corner hard! Stacks bounces off buckles, Joe drops knees on his back! And then an elbow on the ribs! Cover, TWO! Stacks is hanging tough but Joe drags him up. Stacks throws body shots but Joe knees low. Joe ROCKS Stacks, RAMS him, then HIP TOSSES! Stacks flounders to ropes but Joe digs his laces into Stacks’ face. Stacks throws body shots, ROCKS him, and wrenches an arm to HIP DROP it! Cover, TWO!

Stacks keeps cool, he brings Joe up but Joe scoops to SLAM! Stacks writhes, Joe shakes out the arms and checks his ears. Joe runs in but Stacks put shim on the apron! Stacks DROPKICKS Joe off the apron! Fans fire up and Stacks eggs Joe on. Joe tells Stacks that HE’s the rat, but Stacks goes out to ROCK him! Stacks has Joe on the defense as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Joe has Stacks in body scissors. Stacks powers back to a cover, TWO and Joe keeps on the squeeze. Fans rally as Stacks endures, and Stacks pries at the hold. Stacks pushes back again, ONE, and now Stacks is free! Stacks gets the legs but Joe kicks him away! Joe and Stacks stagger up, Stacks rushes in but into a FLAPJACK HOTSHOT! Joe drags Stacks up to hit a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Joe drags Stacks up but Stacks throws hands! Stacks ROCKS Joe, brings him in, DDT! Fans fire up while both men are down! Stacks rises, Joe crawls, and Stacks runs in to rally with haymakers!

Fans fire up as Stacks dodges Joe to UPPERCUT him down! Joe staggers around, Stacks runs in at the corner to UPPERCUT again! Joe staggers out of the corner, Stacks gets him for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! The Iron King is hanging tough but Stacks tells him vaffanapoli! Stacks goes up the corner, but Joe UPPERCUTS him first! Joe climbs up, clinches, SUPER OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY!! Cover, TWO!?! Stacks survives and fans fire up! Joe is furious and he drags Stacks up. Joe whips, Stacks reverses, but Joe goes up and around, but into a back drop! Fans fire up, Stacks runs in and clotheslines Joe and himself out of the ring!

Fans fire up while both men are down on the outside. A ring count starts, both men stand at 3 of 10. Stacks runs in to UPPERCUT Joe against the apron! We’re at 7, Stacks runs in, but is sent into the steps!! Joe drags Stacks up and in, aims from the corner, GLASGOW SENDOFF!! Joe keeps moving, ALL THE BEST FOR THE BELLS!! Cover, Joe wins!

Winner: Joe Coffey, by pinfall

Stacks fought hard to protect Tony D’s honor, but The Iron King still crushes him. Will NXT still be Gallus’ kingdom?


NXT shares more footage from after last week’s show.

Robert Stone asked Von Wagner, “What the hell was that, man?!” What the hell was what? Luca deserved everything he got out there! That’s not what Stone meant. Von got disqualified! He wants to get suspended? Fined? Have his free agency status revoked? That could happen if you keep acting like this! Von says Luca was running his mouth the last two weeks, on Von and on Stone. Von finally just shut it! Then don’t take what Stone’s about to say the wrong way. But whatever went on in Von’s past, he has anger issues. If Von isn’t gonna listen to Stone, then it is time to talk to a therapist.

A therapist? What the hell is that gonna do? So that they can take Von’s hard earned money? No, look, Stone can pay for it. He’s just asking Von do this for him. Von thinks about it, pats Stone on the shoulder, and says he’ll still think about it. Is Vicious Von going to finally get past his past?


NXT shares footage of Ilja Dragunov.

It was before Battleground on Sunday that he called home and assured his son, Constantine, that he’ll make it home in one piece. He made sure Constantine know he loves him. “Is it the pain that keeps searching for me? Or am I the one who searches for pain? Or maybe, I am the pain. In the end, it doesn’t matter. Because tonight, the world shall know pain.” Dragunov put on his gear, brought back the red contact lenses, and prepared for the war that was ahead of him. Last Man Standing with Dijak was truly the definition of pain. And in the end, Dragunov stood tall. The Czar will return next week, what will he be searching for when he does?


Cora Jade VS Ivy Nile!

Selfish, arrogant, entitled. Sound familiar? The Generation of Jade may have a black eye, but as she sees it, she’s still the most important part of NXT. Will she prove herself right? Or will the Diamond Pitbull make her see she’s just a punk?

NXT returns as Ivy makes her entrance. She already got into a scrap with Ava Raine, maybe that was just a good warmup. The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, and Cora claims Ivy touched her bad eye! But then she ELBOWS Ivy! Cora laughs at Ivy but Ivy grabs that finger! Cora kicks low, headlocks, but Ivy powers out. Things speed up and Ivy goes to hip toss but Cora turns it around. Ivy blocks that to CLOBBER Cora! Ivy grabs an arm, steps through, drags Cora down, cover, ONE! Ivy wrenches Cora to an ELBOW BREAKER, and then she YANKS the arm. And YANKS it again!

Ivy WRINGS Cora out again, then brings her up to a fireman’s carry. Cora fights free with elbows and throws Ivy down by her hair! The ref reprimands, Cora laughs at Ivy, then runs to ELBOW her against ropes! Cover, TWO! Cora kicks Ivy around, taunts her, then throws her down by her hair again. Cora gives more toying kicks, CLUBS Ivy, then brings her around to TOSS her out to the apron. Fans duel as Cora brings Ivy in to CLUB her! Ivy is in the ropes, Cora puts some stank on the CHOP! It gets Ivy in the face!! Cora runs to SHOTGUN Ivy down! Ivy flops down, Cora covers, they’re in the ropes so Cora has to pull Ivy away. Cover again, TWO!

Cora is upset but she throws Ivy down by her hair again. Cora clamps on a chinlock and she squeezes tight. Ivy endures, fans rally up, and Ivy arm-drags free! Cora comes back but into a roll-up, TWO! Cora swings, Ivy blocks to KICK! KICK! And ROUNDHOUSE! Cora staggers, Ivy whips her to a corner. Ivy runs in around the way, CALF KICK! Snapmare and cover, TWO! Ivy drags Cora back up to fisherman, but Cora cradle counters! TWO!! Ivy escapes but Cora kicks low. Cora wrenches the hair to throw Ivy back down! Fans rally, Cora runs, IMPLODER- NO, Ivy dodges the stomps and Cora jams a knee!

Ivy gut wrench SLAMS Cora! But here comes AVA! Ava grabs Ivy while the ref checks Cora! But Ivy gets the DIAMOND DRAGON on her! But Cora SHINING WIZARDS from behind! Cora gets Ivy up, FUTURE SHOCK!! Cover, Cora wins!

Winner: Cora Jade, by pinfall

Ivy is feeling rather #Jaded after that, but that’s more because Ava came back for more. Will the Generation of Jade look to go after the gold during #TiffyTime?


Hank ‘n’ Tank talk backstage.

Hank is sorry but how is the shoulder? Better every day. How’s Hank’s wrist? Better every day. But in all seriousness, they crushed it. Tank says Hank deserved that win, though. And at the end of the day, it worked! They’re tighter than ever! There’s this energy going back and forth! That connection! That’s what Hank was gonna say. Whoa, there’s the connection! Okay, let’s test it. First word that comes to mind, no thinking. Favorite food? On three- Wait, wait, “One two, go,” or “one two three, then go?” After three. Okay, okay. Favorite food. One, two, three, CHICKEN PARM! GASP!

Favorite animal? One, two, three, HONEY BADGER! Whoa… Favorite sauce on your wings. One, two, three, BUFFALO!! YES!! Edris & Malik walk over and say if they’re talking sauces, ya boi could eat. Bro, they just did eat! All they’re talking about is, ever since Tank ‘n’ Hank beat the tar outta each other, they’re like this! Fingers crossed. Tight. Oh, okay, after one match. It takes a bit longer than that, y’know that right? Oh, really? Watch this. Best movie of all time. One, two, three, JAWS! Okay, okay, they can do that. Edris & Malik go with “favorite day to work out.” One, two, three, MONURDAY. Monday VS Saturday.

No, try this. Pizza topping. One, two, three, PINEAMI! WHAT? Pepperoni VS Pineapple! Hank ‘n’ Tank let them argue this out, but Edris says they’re not gonna fight. But Malik says that could help them! Will each of these tag teams figure out their synchronicity over the Summer?


Backstage interview with Diamond Mine.

McKenzie finds Ivy & The Creeds, and she says there was just another altercation between Ivy and Ava. Ivy says yeah, and she’s sick of this crap! Ava, if you wanna be part of the game, step up! And for that matter, the Creeds tell The Dyad they can get it, too! Four roots, one stupid tree! But speaking of, Ava & The Dyad storm over! Refs rush in already as everyone is shouting, will the Diamond Mine look to crush The Schism once and for all?


NXT Championship: Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Noam Dar w/ Oro Mensah, Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson!

Two champions triumphant at Battleground now collide to see who is truly at the very top. Will the Melobration continue into the Summer? Or will Supernova 11 have double swagger when he has double the championships?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Dar can beat HIM!

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Dar wrenches and wristlocks but Melo rolls, wrenches and wrangles Dar down. Fans rally, Dar rolls and stands to clinch and put Melo on the ropes. The ref counts, Dar swings but Melo dodges to CHOP! Melo headlocks, he grinds Dar down, but Dar fights up. Dar brings Melo down to a knee, pops out the back, and he wrenches to a wristlock. Dar shouts he’s the champ, then SLAPS the hand! Melo kips up, wrenches back, and arm-drags to an armlock! Fans chant “LOCK IT IN~!” as Trick makes the motion. Dar powers up and out to headlock, but Melo powers out of that.

The two RAM shoulders, neither falls, so Dar kicks a leg then KICKS Melo down! Dar talks more trash but fans boo. Melo swings, Dar gets around but Melo ELBOWS him away! Melo runs and springboards, FLYING LARIAT! Fans fire up but Dar bails out to regroup with his group and NXT goes picture in picture.

Melo dares Dar to get back in but Oro, Lash & Jakara all coach Dar. Dar gets up, catches his breath, tells Melo to be patient, and takes his time returning. Dar slithers in, circles with Melo again and they tie up. Melo arm-drags Dar to a corner and then storms up. Melo CHOPS Dar, Dar staggers but Melo bumps him off buckles. Melo follows Dar to another corner, and CHOPS him down! Dar goes to the apron, Melo drags him up and SLINGSHOT SUPLEXES Dar in! Melo does crunches in the ropes while Dar writhes. Melo then goes to Dar to snap suplex low and hard! Cover, TWO! Dar’s team cheers him but Melo drags him up.

Dar wrenches to sweep the leg! Melo clutches a knee and Dar rains down fists! Dar grabs the arm to stomp it! Dar taunts Trick, follows Melo to a corner and fires off hands. Dar RAMS into Melo, the ref counts, and Dar wrenches to an ELBOW BREAKER! Dar snapmares Melo, gets the legs and ties them up, but Melo boots him away! Melo arm-drags to another armlock. Melo digs his knee into Dar’s face and Dar endures. NXT returns to single picture as fans chant “LOCK IT IN~!” Dar fights up, tries to arm-drag but Melo smothers it. Dar ROCKS Melo, whips him, but Melo reverses. Melo runs in to ROCK Dar!

Melo whips corner to corner, runs in, blocks boots and puts Dar in the ropes to ENZIGURI! FADE AWAY! Cover, TWO! Dar is still in this but Melo brings him up. The corner teams argue, Dar elbows Melo! Melo whips, Dar reverses, they dosido and Melo goes out to the apron. Dar swings but Melo blocks. Dar ducks to sweep the legs again! Dar runs to SHOTGUN Melo off the apron! Fans fire up, Dar goes out and taunts Trick while he puts Melo in. Cover, TWO! Dar aims from a corner, Melo sits up, SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Melo is still in this but Dar’s team coaches him again.

Dar drags Melo up, BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Dar grows frustrated but he drags Melo back up. Melo throws body shots, ROCKS him, ROCKS him again, but Dar ducks to step and SUPER FOREARM! Cover, TWO! Melo survives but Dar argues with Trick. Dar brings Melo up, throws knees, but Melo rolls Dar up! TWO, and Dar UPPERCUTS! Melo rebounds to tilt-o-whirl, FACEBUSTER! Both men are down and fans fire up again. Dar and Melo slowly rise, and Dar swings. Melo counter punches! Dar KICKS a leg, Melo CHOPS! Melo CLOBBERS Dar, and CLOBBERS him again!

Melo spins Dar, KNEE SMASH and a LARIAT! And a SUPERKICK! Dar staggers around, Melo runs to BOOT him down! Melo brings Dar up, whips, but Dar reverses to wrench. Melo ducks the kick, pump handle and SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Dar survives but Melo fires up. But Lash AND Jakara bark at him in the corner! Trick tells the ladies to stop that, but they get in Trick’s face now. But then Oro runs up, so Trick DECKS him!! Fans fire up but the ref tells Trick he’s EJECTED! Fans boo, he didn’t even start nothing! Trick still accepts the decision, though Team Dar rubs it in his face.

Dar sneaks up but Melo rolls Dar up! TWO, and Dar boot fents to BACK ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Into CHAMPAGNE SUPER KNEEBAR!! Melo powers up to stand and he rains down fists! Melo is free, and he grabs the arm! CROSSFACE!! Dar crawls, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Melo lets off fast to drag Dar back. Dar kicks the leg out, then stands. Melo ROCKS Dar, but Dar ROCKS Melo! Melo ROCKS Dar again, Dar ROCKS Melo again! Melo gets the edge but Dar kicks the leg! Melo blocks a kick but Dar ELBOW JABS! Dar spins, Melo ducks the heel kick but the BACKHAND connects!

Dar reels Melo into the facelock, but Melo SUPLEX CUTTERS! Dar flops over, Melo goes to the corner! Fans fire up as Melo climbs, but Lash distracts! Oro trips Melo! Fans boo as Team Dar keeps at it, but here come NATHAN FRAZER & DRAGON LEE! They got screwed by Team Dar so they go after Oro! Fans fire up but Dar tells them to back off! But Melo goes up, SUPER CROSSBODY on Dar and Oro! Fans are thunderous as Melo puts Dar in! Melo goes up, aims, NOTHING BUT NET!!! Cover, Melo wins!

Winner: Carmelo Hayes, by pinfall (still NXT Champion)

An assist off the bench from Frazer & Dragon, Melo dunks on Dar! Put that on a poster, but who will- WAIT! BARON CORBIN?!? Corbin is back in NXT and he CLOBBERS Melo on the ramp! Corbin puts Melo in the ring, rains down fists, and fans boo as hard as they’ve ever booed before! But Corbin hits Melo with END OF DAYS!! Will the Lone Wolf look to bring an end to the HIM Dynasty?

My Thoughts:

A great episode of NXT, especially for an aftermath episode. They didn’t have quite the “Aftermath Syndrome” Raw was falling into, they were able to take things from Battleground and build upon them, not just recap them. I really liked that Dragunov vignette for the Last Man Standing match, and I look forward to what he’ll have to say next week. And while I was wondering what was next for everyone else, we got that for pretty much all the titles.

Wes Lee & Tyler Bate have a very good match with The Dyad, and of course there’s story overlapping with Schism and Diamond Mine, but I love that Mustafa Ali is part of the next “callback” (a main roster star coming back to NXT for a minute). Wes VS Ali would be amazing, but feels like something they’re gonna put on free TV. And Gacy clearly wants another shot, maybe he and Wes have a 1v1 feud going towards Great American Bash in late July. Wes has hit the record for defenses and apparently days as champion, so maybe he’s soon to drop the title so he can eventually move up. And I would hope we’re getting another Mixed Tag blowoff involving Dyad & Ava, but this time against Diamond Mine.

Also in connection to the Diamond Mine story, Ava attacking Ivy gives Cora a good rebound win after losing in the tournament. Cora is definitely nailing her Heel persona, but she’s gonna have to wait until a Face is champion again. Tiffany’s celebration being ruined was of course going to happen, and the contender battle royal will be really good. But after Gigi won that awesome cage match, I’m thinking she’s a frontrunner for challenging Tiffany. And while Dani Palmer called out the attacker and then got attacked, I feel like it should be Roxanne Perez or maybe a returning Nikkita Lyons should have the real feud with Blair Davenport. Nikkita would count as Blair’s first victim, it’d make make the most sense for her to want revenge.

Good promo from Gallus, Mark Coffey does an excellent Italian American/New Yorker impersonation. Stacks of course points the finger at Gallus, it’s kinda who I thought it was. But that would be too easy, so it’s not them. Stacks VS Joe Coffey was great stuff, Stacks is really coming into his own, but I figured Joe was winning that. Joe Coffey himself should really get in on like the North American Championship story, he hasn’t held anything in his WWE career, so he’s gotta get something. And since he has Gallus, Wes’s loss could be protected cuz Gallus helps Joe cheat and win the belt. Though that feels like how they might play Gacy getting the belt, if he gets the belt.

Good promo from Axiom and Reggie/Scrypts, and obviously last week established Reggie wants to be Axiom’s friend now. Him insisting he’s still Scrypts is an interesting choice, though. Good backstage promos that were “last week.” We’re of course getting Eddy VS Kemp round 2, and I liked Hank ‘n’ Tank having mind sync. Good stuff from Von and Stone, and I do like that Von’s story is starting to turn into a sort of PSA for normalizing therapy and taking care of mental health and emotional stability. But as I see it, either the therapy has no effect and Von stays a rage monster, or therapy makes Von too much of a pacifist and Stone tells him to unleash the righteous fury so he can win against bullies.

Great combining of stories with Dar stepping up to Melo here tonight. Great match, but I figured Melo was going to retain the title. I also figured Dar’s new little group was going to do everything they could to help him, and in turn we would see Dragon and Frazer turn things around on them. I would think Frazer gets next on Dar with Dragon as the cornerman now. And after Ali already made a splash, I did NOT think we were getting a second callback in the form of Corbin. Corbin and Ali do have a thing in common that they never held titles while in NXT, so maybe Corbin thinks he can tear down Melo to finally have the NXT Championship. But it’s not happening, Melo is definitely beating Bum Ass Corbin to make it through to Great American Bash.

My Score: 8.6/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (5/29/23)

Monday Night of Champions!



Who runs the Women’s Tag Division?

Night of Champions has come and gone, but Monday Night Raw has one more title match! Who will be the NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions?


  • Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier: Ricochet VS The Miz; Ricochet wins and advances to MITB.
  • Indus Sher w/ Jinder Mahal VS Kevin Ventura Cortes; Indus Sher wins.
  • Imperium VS The Alpha Academy w/ Maxxine Dupri; Imperium wins.
  • Vacated WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi Blackheart VS Sonya Deville & Chelsea Green VS Bayley & Iyo Sky VS Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler; Ronda & Shayna win and are the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.
  • Dolph Ziggler VS JD McDonagh; Double Count-Out Draw.
  • Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier: Shinsuke Nakamura VS Bronson Reed; Nakamura wins and advances to MITB.
  • Seth Rollins & AJ Styles VS The Judgment Day; Rollins & Styles win.


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Fans fire up as Seth Freakin’ Rollins walks down from the top of the stands! They sing his song as he struts with the new World Heavyweight Championship belt around his waist and makes it to ringside. Then Rollins takes a victory lap before getting in the ring, for streamers and pyro! He revels in the moment as fans still sing, “WHOA~ OHH~ OHHH~!” Rollins then gets the mic, fans sing some more, and he says, “ALBANY, NEW YORK! Welcome to Monday! Night! ROLLINS! I am a Visionary. I am a Revolutionary! I am… SETH! FREAKIN! ROLLINS!” Fans chant “You Deserve It!” and Rollins takes a moment to enjoy that.

Rollins says he is the World Heavyweight Champion, and the fans cheer. Rollins says it has been a long, long road to get here. Lots of lows, lots of highs. But standing here tonight, it just feels right, doesn’t it? He doesn’t wanna talk too much about the past, he wants to focus on the future. “Because finally, Monday Night Raw has a champion that wants to be here, a champion that is going to be here, and most importantly, a champion that is ready for a fight!” Fans love the sound of that! They chant “Thank You, Seth!” and sing his song, but Rollins says yeah, he’s ready! He wants to fight! He wants ALL the fights!

Because it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, if you step to Rollins, the result will always be the same: Rollins, every Monday night, standing in this ring with the World Heavyweight title around his waist and the world singing his song! “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” But wait! AJ Styles is here? The Phenomenal One is a SmackDown superstar, but he’s here on Raw to step into the ring with the man he lost to at Night of Champions. Rollins looks at him over the brim of his sunglasses, but Styles gets a mic. Styles knows he’s supposed to be on SmackDown, but he couldn’t resist coming here to Raw… to say, “Congratulations.”

Fans cheer and Styles tells Rollins he gave it everything he had, left it all in the ring. It was like Rollins knew what he was gonna do before he did it. And the fans, they say Rollins “deserves it.” Styles says he doesn’t think Rollins deserves anything. Fans boo, but Styles says Rollins earned being World Heavyweight Champion. Rollins smiles and fans sing again, “WHOA~ OH~ OHH~!” Rollins tells Styles that he’s not too good at these things, but after the beating he gave Styles at NOC, Styles earned this: a handshake. Fans cheer as Styles accepts! There’s respect here, but then the Judgment Day comes out!

Finn Balor pretends to be sick as he has a mic of his own. He asks if this is making the others just as sick. Whatever this is makes Finn wanna PUKE! Damian Priest agrees, he’s queasy. Let’s get to something more positive. What’s that thing Rhea Ripley says? “The Judgment Day, we run Monday Night Raw!” The four get in the ring, and Priest says Rhea’s right. But after watching The Bloodline implode on Saturday, without a shadow of a doubt, the Judgment Day runs the entire WWE! And let’s not forget, Finn & Priest beat the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, something not even Roman Reigns could do!

And to Seth, from the champion to just another champion, Rollins shouldn’t get too comfortable with his new title. Because chances are, someone from Judgment Day will take it from him. Yeah, could be big Damian! Aw, thanks, Finn! He feels the same about you! Aw shucks, thanks, mate. Rhea says it could even be her Dom-Dom. Fans boo that and Rollins looks to Styles. They laugh at that! Dom asks why, what’s so funny? He beat Styles! Fans chant “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” at Dom, but Finn has everyone calm down. Finn says we saw Styles and Rollins beat each other half to death at Night of Champions. And-

Dom cuts in to say that the Judgment Day will finish the job! Fans boo but Styles asks if Rollins heard that. That almost sounds like a challenge. Rhea says it IS a challenge! Then they ACCEPT! Rollins says that’s right! Any two from Judgment Day VS Rollins & Styles in the main event of his show, Monday Night Rollins! Who will step to this phenomenal dream team? And will they only get stomped into the mat?


Adam Pearce is on the phone.

He discusses with someone. We’re all on the same page, because Rollins, Styles and the Judgment Day want this match. And yes, he understands it flies in the face of the new brand split of Raw and SmackDown, but… Yes, sir. No, Pearce thinks this match is incredible and happens tonight. Oh, hold on, they’re right here. Pearce sees Styles and Rollins talking and steps in. He knows they all want the match, so he’s working on it. Rollins says c’mon, it’s his first night as champion. Don’t embarrass him! Make the match! Styles says Rollins doesn’t speak for him. Oh, is Styles afraid of Dom? Does Rollins really think that? No, but maybe Styles is afraid of Rhea.

Pearce has them calm down and says he’s trying to get this approved. Does everyone have their gear? Styles is a pro, of course he does! Make it official! Then get Rollins to change his pants. Oh, good point. The superstars head out, Pearce is sure you know who heard all that. Then it IS official! The main event is going to be phenomenal, but who will Judgment Day send at Styles and the champ?


Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier: Ricochet VS The Miz!

The King of Flight is ready to take his career to new heights, and we all know the Money in the Bank briefcase can do that. Just as The Hollywood A-Lister. Will Miz look to launch into a new sequel from his previous MITB runs? Or will the One and Only be the one going to London?

Raw returns as Miz makes his entrance. The bell rings, Miz rushes in but Ricochet gets around to a headlock. Miz powers out, Ricochet rolls over the drop down and ducks the lariat to handspring, but into a full nelson! Ricochet arm-drags free, things speed up again and a kitchen sink knee hits Ricochet down! Miz then runs, but Ricochet ducks the boot to kip up, spin and PELE! Miz bails out, Ricochet builds speed! Miz moves but Ricochet tumbles up and out to the apron. Ricochet avoids the sweep, PENALTY KICKS Miz, then goes up the corner to MOONSAULT! Fans fire up for the direct hit at ringside!

Ricochet drags Miz up and puts him in the ring. Ricochet goes up the corner, but Miz gets under the leap! Miz runs in to RANA! Miz surprises us with that, and then he BOOTS Ricochet down! Miz talks trash, and he looks up to the briefcase. Fans taunt Miz’s “TINY BALLS!” but he goes out after Ricochet. Miz SMACKS Ricochet off the desk, and again, then pushes him over the desk. Fans boo as Miz shouts, “MASSIVE!” Miz drags Ricochet up, brings him back to ringside and puts him in the ring. Miz then climbs up, leaps and AX HANDLES Ricochet down! Cover, TWO! Miz hurries to clamp onto Ricochet with a chinlock as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns as Miz is stuck in the ropes! Ricochet ROCKS him, then jumps in, but Miz avoids the stomps! Miz ROCKS Ricochet, springboards and CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO! Ricochet survives and Miz can’t believe it! “I springboarded and everything!” Miz is mad at the fans laughing at him, but Miz KICKS Ricochet in the chest! And again! And again! And again! Miz soaks up the heat, takes aim from a corner, but Ricochet blocks the buzzsaw! Ricochet KICKS and KNEES and runs, to CLOBBER Miz! Fans fire up, Ricochet feels it, and he runs in at the corner to RAM into Miz and go to the apron!

Ricochet bumps Miz off buckles then ROUNDHOUSES him away! Ricochet springboards, but into a full nelson! Ricochet RAMS Miz into a corner, but then Miz RAMS Ricochet into the other corner! Miz runs in, into an elbow! Ricochet goes up, Miz trips him up! DRAPING CODE BREAKER, to a BASEMENT DDT! Cover, TWO!! Ricochet survives and Miz is shocked! Miz scowls and looks to the briefcase, but fans rally up for Ricochet. Miz shouts MASSIVE! Full nelson, but Ricochet victory rolls! TWO, Miz has it, TWO! Ricochet HEEL KICKS! And then cravat, for an ASAI DDT!

Fans fire up again as Ricochet goes to a corner! Ricochet climbs up, aims, and SHOOTING STAR PRESS!! Cover, Ricochet wins!

Winner: Ricochet, by pinfall (advances to MITB)

Add it to the highlight reel, Ricochet beats the two-time Mr. MITB to go to London! Will Ricochet win the golden ticket across the pond?


Trish Stratus is here!

Albany is torn seeing the WWE Hall of Famer after she cheated Becky Lynch at Night of Champions! But what does she have to say about that victory? We’ll hear, after the break.

Raw returns and Trish has a mic. She makes sure we all see “Thank You Trish” on her back, and she thanks some fans for saying it. You know what it means to her to hear it? NOTHING! She doesn’t care what the fans say. And she hates to say, “I told you so,” but she TOLD US SO! She said she was gonna go to Night of Champions and beat Becky. And what’d she do? She beat Becky! Just like that. But you shouldn’t be surprised, this is GOAT Things! This is what you do when you’re the greatest of all time! This is what you do when you’re number one! This is what you do when you’re “It.”

And now, Becky can crawl back to that dark hole and go do “stuff.” The stuff that everyone goes through. Well, not everyone. Not when you’re thriving like Trish. But it’ll give a chance for the real superstars to reach the Big Time. Like the one who had Trish’s back. Not that Trish needed the help, but because this superstar wanted to help. “A superstar with more attituded, aggression and ruthlessness than I’ve seen in a long, long time. Someone that reminds me of me. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand on your feet, get your hands ready to applaud, let me introduce you to… Zoey Stark!”

Fans boo instead as The Hunter makes her way out, wearing a “Thank You, Trish” T-shirt. Trish applauds as Zoey joins her in the ring. They hug it out while fans boo more. Zoey gets a mic now and says, “See, I came into this business, to the WWE, to be the best and to make a statement. And who better to learn by than the OG herself? And yeah, look, I could’ve taken the long, hard, difficult road, just like what Becky Lynch did. Or I could be smart! And be led by Trish Stratus! Trish is so giving, so humble, so kind. So now that I have the floor, I would just like to say one thing. Thank you, Trish.”

Fans boo more but Trish smiles. Trish says “You’re welcome.” Oh, what’s that on Trish’s face? Where? Up here? Other side. A little lower. Oh on her chin. That would be something courtesy of Becky Lynch. If Becky ever shows herself again, for messing with this perfect face, guess what Trish will do? Trish will have her new friend Zoey show you what’s up. But then here comes Becky! The Man is still wearing her Kill Bill jumpsuit and she says Zoey is gonna show her what’s up? No, Becky’s gonna ruin Zoey’s life. And Trish, you’re still in your gear, Becky’s still in hers… “Why don’t we restart that match and finish it one on one right here, right now?”

Fans love the sound of that, but Zoey rushes out! Becky DECKS her! And THROWS her into the barriers! Trish says okay, bring it! Becky gets closer to the ring and fans are fired up. Becky steps up to the apron, steps into the ring, and runs in! Becky dodges Trish, CLOBBERS her, BOOTS Zoey from the apron, then trips Trish to rain down fists! But Zoey attacks Becky from behind! And SLIDING KNEES her down! Fans boo but Zoey throws off the jacket so she and Trish can stomp away on Becky! Trish CHOKES Becky, then lets off so Zoey can bring her up. But Becky hits back! Zoey kicks Becky low, and reels her in for Z360!!

Fans boo as Zoey and Trish aren’t done, they get Becky back up! Trish kisses the ring, to DECK Becky with it!! Fans boo as the Hall of Famer needed her new protégé and a HOF ring to take down The Man! Then they put Becky in a corner and force her to wear a Thank You Trish shirt! Zoey says it looks great on her. Will Becky be able to recover and get some big time revenge?


Indus Sher w/ Jinder Mahal VS Javier Bernal & Kevin Ventura Cortes!

Veer & Sanga have already been dominating and demolishing opponents since being drafted to Raw, and they want more. Will their thirst for combat be quenched here tonight?

The teams sort out, and Veer just CLOBBERS Javi and KVC! Sanga then BLASTS KVC off the apron! Veer drags Javi up to RAM him into the corner, and the bell finally rings. Veer runs to SPLASH Javi, and Javi staggers around. Veer shoves Javi down, stalks him, and stomps him down! Javi flounders to the apron, Veer tags Sanga, and Veer drags Javi up onto the ropes for Sanga to BOOT down! Sanga drags Javi up, THROWS him to the corner, and he dares KVC to tag in. KVC does, but then Sanga blocks his haymaker to a FALCON ARROW! Sanga SPLASHES Javi for good measure!

Sanga then choke grips Javi to CHOKE SLAM him onto KVC! Tag back to Veer, and they drag KVC up. SIDEWALK SLAM LEG DROP COMBO! Cover, Indus Sher wins!

Winners: Indus Sher, by pinfall

Like true tigers, Veer & Sanga tore into their prey and feasted on the meat! Will they soon be tasting a tag title opportunity?


Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn are backstage.

Speaking of the tag team champions, these two are still Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions and are in a great mood. They’re headed to gorilla, what will they have to say about finally being done with The Bloodline?


Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn head to the ring!

Albany fires up as the Prizefighter & Great Liberator make their way out. Fans sing along with Sami’s song while he and Kevin get mics. Sami is fired up now! Fans chant for “SAMI! SAMI! SAMI!” and he says that obviously, he an d Kevin are feeling pretty good tonight. “Because at Night of Champions, we won!” And not just successfully defending the titles, no. Sami means they won! They did exactly what they set out to do, they watched the Bloodline crumble, and it was the worst night of Roman’s life! Roman deserves everything he got!

This is all Sami has to say about Roman: Roman may be the greatest of all time; Roman may hold the title(s) for another 1000 days; Roman may main event another FIVE WrestleManias; Roman could even be put in the Hall of Fame tomorrow! But it doesn’t matter because for the rest of his life, when he looks at Kevin & Sami, he will know in his heart that THEY won! Wait! IMPERIUM is here! Ludwig Kaiser has the mic to say, “Ladies and gentlemen… Impressive victory, impressive victory indeed. But was it the most impressive victory of the night? It most certainly was not more impressive than the man who extended his record-setting Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship reign…!”

Imperium walks to the ring as Ludwig introduces Der Ring General, GUNTHER! Kevin asks why they’re here. Why? Because last week, Kevin & Sami said their name, the group walked out, it made sense. But this isn’t how things work! Do they think this is the Wild West? They can just hit their music and come on out? NO! That does not make sense! You gotta wait to be called out! What the hell is this!? They broke the rules! The unwritten rules! Sami tires to calm Kevin down but he keeps shouting at Imperium. Fans cheer for “K O! K O!” but Sami has him chill. Sami says Kevin is right, though, there is an unwritten rule and they had no business coming out here.

For that matter, Imperium ahs a match with American Alpha Academy or whatever? Imperium shouldn’t want a match with them, because last time, Kevin, Sami & Riddle embarrassed them. Yep! So… Y’know… Ludwig says if they wanna talk about embarrassments, RIDDLE is the embarrassment! Take a look at Kevin & Sami themselves! Them holding those titles is an embarrassment! Fans boo but Ludwig says they are not worthy of standing on this mat, of holding those championships, or of representing Monday Night Raw. Kevin says what he wonders is… We always hear from Slenderman over here.

And sometimes, “the one with the ears” (Gunther) talks. But we never hear from the bald one ! He’s always really quiet. What’s his opinion on all this? Yeah, we never hear from baldie! We should hear from baldie! Fans chant “BALDIE! BALDIE!” and Ludwig says how DARE they besmirch them!! No one disrespects- “SHOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!” Fans cheer as Chad Gable perhaps sets a world record with that one. “Shoosh, please!” Gable says it is time Imperium gets taught a free lesson, courtesy of the new and improved Academy! Gable, Otis, and the newest member of the Academy in Maxxine Dupri!

And if it is alright with Kevin & Sami, those lessons are gonna be handed out right now! Yeah, sure, but uh, can you do that thing again? Do the thing! What? What thing? The thing you say that makes Kevin laugh cuz you say it funny! That one! Oh, okay. He’s gonna say it, he’s gonna say it! “A THANK YEW~!” You’re welcome! Will Gable & Otis show Imperium what respect is really all about?

Imperium VS The Alpha Academy w/ Maxxine Dupri!

Raw returns and Kevin & Sami join commentary to watch this one. The teams sort out and Ludwig starts with Gable. They circle, tie up, and are in a deadlock. Ludwig headlocks, Gable powers out but Ludwig runs him over. Ludwig “kicks rocks’ at Gable, runs, but Gable gest around to waistlock, headlock and takeover. Ludwig headscissors, Gable kips fere, but now Ludwig headlocks for the takeover. Gable headscissors, Ludwig kips free, Gable trips him to a cover. ONE, Ludwig goes for the trip but Gable avoids it to waistlock and gator roll to a cover, TWO! Ludwig gets free but fans applaud the exchange.

Gable and Ludwig go again, Gable wrenches but Ludwig claws Gable’s face! Ludwig lets off in the corner to throw hands. Ludwig then UPPERCUTS, UPPERCUTS, but Gable blocks hip toss to give a hip toss! Giovanni Vinci runs in but Gable goes up to “A THANK YEW~” headscissor! Gable headlocks Ludwig, gets Vinci, too, and DOUBLE THROWS them both! Gable runs in at the corner to MONKEY FLIP Ludwig! “A THANK YEW~!” Kevin says you’re welcome! Maxxine cheers her team, but wait! Sarah Logan has appeared!? Why is she here? Well, it’s probably because The Viking Raiders lost to Alpha Academy…

Logan rushes Maxxine, Maxxine dodges, and then Maxxine KICKS Logan! She can kick?! But wait, Logan didn’t fall over… Logan turns around and glares at Maxxine. Maxxine runs away all the way tot he back! Ludwig CLOBBERS Gable! Ludwig stomps Gable around, drags him up and POSTS him! Tag to Vinci, they put Gable in the ropes, and they meet at the corner, DOUBLE DROPKICKS! Imperium stands tall while fans boo, but Gable crawls. Vinci hurries after him to keep him from Otis. Vinci bumps Gable off buckles but fans chant ‘BALDIE! BALDIE!” Vinci CHOPS Gable and stalks him along ropes.

Vinci scoops and SLAMS Gable into ropes! Tag to Ludwig, Imperium drags him up and Ludwig UPPERCUTS Gable! Then runs in, but into a BOOT! Gable elbows Vinci, but Ludwig keeps him from Otis! Gable reels Ludwig in, SAYANAGI! Gable crawls, Ludwig drags him away, but Gable BOOTS Ludwig out! Vinci gets back in but Gable TOSSES him! Gable crawls again, Sami & Kevin cheer him on, HOT TAG TO OTIS!! The tree trunk rallies on Imperium! Vinci dodges, runs, but into Otis’ arms! POWERSLAM! Fans fire up, Otis runs in to SPLASH Ludwig at the corner! Ludwig falls, and fans fire up!

Otis sees that, and he tears the shirt off! Otis hits the CATERPILLAR ELBOW! Cover, but Vinci breaks it! Vinci brings Otis up but Otis TOSSES him out! Tag to Gable and the Academy gets Ludwig up. Gable waistlocks, Otis builds speed, but Vinci holds ropes to dump him out! Gable still gets the O’Conner Roll, TWO as Ludwig gets it! TWO, but tag to Vinci! Vinci SPINEBUSTERS Gable! PENALTY KICK from Ludwig! And then they set up quick, IMPERIAAL BOMB!! Cover, Imperium wins!

Winners: Imperium, by pinfall

Kevin says they’re never gonna hear the end of it. Vinci & Ludwig win out for the glory of Imperium, but will they be in line for a shot at the tag titles?


Backstage interview with Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi Blackheart.

Cathy Kelley is at gorilla with the newly reunited Ballsy & Badass, and says since this is so recent, do they feel like they have built up the chemistry to get the tag titles in tonight’s Fatal 4? Yes- But then Damage CTRL interrupts. Bayley asks, “Are you kidding me? You guys aren’t even a real team.” No offense to Shotzi, but Raquel would’ve gone with the first person to raise their hand begging to be a partner. They ain’t DMG CTRL. And speaking of, this win is dedicated to Dakota Kai. So just stay out of their way, or they’ll end up like Raquel’s old partner, Liv Morgan. Bayley mocks the shoulder injury and then laughs.

Raquel says that is interesting. Because Shotzi & Raquel were real enough to win on SmackDown last week. And since Bayley first started DMG CTRL, isn’t she the only one who hasn’t held gold? And if she’s wondering why, just look in the mirror. Ballsy & Badass go out to the ring first, but who will return to the back with the titles on their waists?


Candice LeRae speaks.

“You might be thinking, ‘What’s with the fairy wings?’ Well, I believe fairytales are real. And how could I not? I’m living one. So my wings, they represent the magic that this fairytale has brought to my life. Candice LeRae is proof that when you believe, anything is possible.”


Vacated WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi Blackheart VS Sonya Deville & Chelsea Green VS Bayley & Iyo Sky VS Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler!

Raw returns and the Complaint Department make their entrance. Then DMG CTRL make theirs, leaving the Baddest Women on the Planet for last. The introductions are made, the belts are displayed, and we see who isn’t afraid to fight the odds!

The teams sort out, and in this Fatal 4 Way, only two teams are legal at one time. Raquel steps up, and she starts against The Hot Mess. But Chelsea turns around to see it’s Raquel and quickly tags out to Bayley. Bayley says fine, watch how it’s done. Bayley gets run over by Raquel! So she gets up to tag out to Iyo. Then she sucker punches Raquel! Sky runs in, but Raquel blocks the rana! Raquel whips, Sky handsprings through, and then comes back to wheelbarrow, but Raquel throws her up and over! Sky lands on her feet, DROPKICKS Raquel to the DMG CTRL corner, then fires off forearms!

Tag to Bayley, she stomps Raquel, and Sky pulls hair! Bayley says they’re the champs, but Raquel blocks the whip! Raquel sends Bayley into the corner, Bayley goes up but gets caught! Bayley slips off, waistlocks, but Raquel fights to switch and SLAM her! Bayley crawls, Raquel keeps her from the corner, but Bayley elbows free! And she tags out to Chelsea! Chelsea doesn’t want to but she has no choice! Bayley runs at Raquel but into a scoop and SLAM! Raquel then brings Chelsea in with a TOSS! Chelsea runs away but Ronda & Shayna leave her hanging. Raquel then brings Chelsea around to RAM into Shayna!

Fans fire up as Raquel BOOTS Sonya, DECKS Sky, and then tags Shotzi. Fans fire up as Shotzi runs and Raquel holds the ropes open, Shotzi DIVES onto Bayley, Sonya & Chelsea! The Ballsy & Badass are standing tall, and even daring Ronda to try something, while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Shayna is in. She bumps Shotzi off buckles, tags Ronda, and Ronda runs in to KNEE Shotzi! Shayna tags back in, Ronda digs her knees in and then has a HANGING ARMBAR! The ref reprimands but can’t do much else in this Fatal 4 format. Shayna scoops Shotzi to an arm-drag, then she isolates the arm. Shayna lets down her hair to STOMP Shotzi’s arm! Flashback to months ago, and Shayna whips Shotzi in. But Shotzi elbows Ronda! And BOOTS Shayna! Ronda grabs at Shotzi but Shotzi fires hands! Shayna CLUBS Shotzi, reels her in, but Shotzi gets around to NECKBREAKER!

Both Shotzi and Shayna are down and fans rally up. The two crawl, but Sky rushes Raquel! Raquel BOOTS Sky down, Bayley goes after her now but Raquel kicks her away, too! Shotzi hot tags Big Mami Cool! She rallies on everyone! LARIAT for Shayna, but then Shayna ducks one, only for the SOUTHPAW to hit! Raquel scoops Shayna for a FALL AWAY SLAM! Raquel storms up on Shayna, for another FALL AWAY SLAM! Ronda tags in, and fans fire up for this one. Rowdy Ronda and Ricky Desperado stare down, Raquel swings first! Ronda dodges, but then Raquel SWATS her arm away! Ronda kicks low!

Ronda fires off in the corner, Raquel shoves her away. Ronda dodges a lariat, but the SOUTHPAW hits again! Fans fire up with Raquel and she drags Ronda up. TEXANA- NO, Shayna saves Ronda! But Raquel reels Shayna in! TEXANA BOMB!! But then Ronda runs in, goes up, and drags Raquel down to an ARMBAR! Raquel flails, clasps hands, but Ronda keeps after the arm! But Bayley MACHO ELBOWS Ronda!! Bayley bails out, having saved the match. Fans rally up, Chelsea tags in off Ronda! And POSTS her! And then Sonya KNEES Ronda down! Sonya tags in, she and Chelsea coordinate! I AM PRETTIER to the SLIDING KNEE! Cover, TWO!!!

Raquel shocks Sonya & Chelsea but Sonya tells Chelsea to get to the corner. They tag, Sonya brings Raquel up as Chelsea climbs, but Sky tags in cuz that’s the DMG CTRL corner! Sky SHOVES Chelsea off, and she collides with Sonya! Sky then springboards to DOUBLE MISSILE DROPKICK them out! Fans fire up but Raquel has Sky! Sky SHOTEIS back! Fans fire up with Sky, she runs in to SHINKANSEN in the corner! Cover, Shotzi breaks it with a SENTON! Bayley gets Shotzi but Shotzi throws her out! Shotzi hurries to build speed and DIVE onto Bayley at the ramp! Then she hurries to her corner!

Shotzi reaches out, Raquel tags her in. Fans fire up as Shotzi dodges sky, shoves her, but Sky goes up and over. Sky comes back, Shotzi goes up and over. Sky runs in again, but Shotzi spins her and fireman’s carries, FACEBUSTER! And then a TIGER PLEX! Sky flounders to ropes, Shotzi runs in, but into a FLAPJACK! Sky hurries to a corner, goes up top, but Ronda tags in! Sky fights Ronda, drags her up, and fans fire up as Shotzi joins in! TOWER OF DOOM!! Shotzi hurries to drag Ronda to a drop zone, and she climbs up. But Shayna goes after Shotzi up top! Shotzi DECKS Shayna, then adjusts. BALL PIT into the ARMBAR!!! Shotzi taps, Ronda & Shayna wins!!

Winners: Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler, by submission (NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions)

The Baddest Women on the Planet are now the Baddest CHAMPIONS on the Planet! Rowdy Ronda & The Queen of Spades get the gold and the pyro, will their reign be as brutal as they are?


Dolph Ziggler VS JD McDonagh!

The Showoff and the Irish Ace both lost in the Intercontinental Championship Contenders Battle Royal, but only one was a sore enough of a loser to go after the other. Will JD McDonagh show us why you don’t bet against the Ace?

Raw returns as JD makes his entrance. The bell rings and Ziggler rushes in! Ziggler fires off on JD in the corner, the ref backs him off, but then Ziggler SPLASHES JD in the corner! And BITES JD!? That’s normally something JD would do! Ziggler runs back in, JD dodges! Ziggler hits buckles, and then JD rubber bands the ropes at him! JD stalks Ziggler, gets an arm, ripcord to DEVLINSIDE!! But JD then CLUBS Ziggler, drags him up and around and throws him out of the ring! JD goes out after Ziggler, drags him up again, and SMACKS him off the desk! JD pushes Ziggler over the desk, then drags him back up.

Fans rally for Ziggler but JD RAMS him into steel steps! The ring count is 7 of 10 but JD doesn’t even care! JD drags Ziggler up, and back to the steps, they’re both counted out!

Double Count-Out Draw

But JD just SMACKS Ziggler off the steel steps! And then pulls the steps apart, drags Ziggler onto the base, and digs his knee in! Ziggler’s face is ground into the diamond plating, and then JD STOMPS him! “You remember this day! You remember this day!” JD digs his boot in, the ref reprimands and fans boo. JD lets off, dusts his hands, and walks away. The Necessary Evil is here on Raw, what will he do to be the Ace of Monday nights?


WWE joins the National Medal of Honor Museum’s mission.

WWE honors our true American heroes, both those who did and did not make it home, all to protect us.


Cody Rhodes is here!

Albany cheers the American Nightmare, even though he did not defeat The Beast, Brock Lesnar, at Night of Champions. They also sing his song, “WHOA~ OH!” and Cody gets his pyro. Cody gets the mic and hears the fans chant his name before saying, “So, Albany, New York… Whaddya wanna talk about? I know what’s hanging in the air. At Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia, due to referee stoppage, I lost my match to Brock Lesnar. My contemporaries tell me I was foolish to fight Brock Lesnar with one hand. That I was crazy to not tap out. But there’s a reason why I didn’t tap out.

“It’s not because it didn’t hurt. It was excruciating, career-flash-before-your-eyes type pain. But I did not tap out because that’s not the man that I want to be.” Fans cheer, and Cody says that years ago, sure, he would have. He would’ve thought about his career, lived to fight another day. He’s experienced enough highs and lows at this to know that sometimes, second chances just don’t come. “There was a wildly popular WWE superstar who used to stand in this ring, and he said, ‘Never give up.'” Fans cheer and Cody says “never give up” hurts like hell when locked in a Kimura for three-plus minutes.

But nevertheless, Cody has a question for Brock Lesnar. And he has to look into the camera to ask that question, because Lesnar’s not here tonight. Fans boo that, but Cody says he is sure Lesnar is taking his annual vacation. “Brock Lesnar… Are you satisfied with this being done? You have a victory over me, I have a victory over you, the game is 1-1. Are you satisfied? I hope you’re not, because consider this an open challenge to you, Brock Lesnar.” Fans cheer as Cody says hopefully, Lesnar has social media, cable television, a landline or something in Saskatchewan or Yellowstone or wherever the hell it is that he roams.

Cody will post his whole schedule, every detail of it sometime this week, everywhere he’s going this month! Wilkes-Barre, Wichita, Cleveland, Savanna, Newcastle, if Cody is in the ring, he is ready to fight you, Brock Lesnar! Fans cheer that, and Cody says, “Tonight, I also wanna make it the very last time that I rattle off all of Brock Lesnar’s accomplishments. Brock Lesnar is an elite amateur wrestler who won the NCAAs twice. He is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion, likely a hall of famer there in the UFC. He has held the WWE Championship, he’s the man that broke the Undertaker’s streak!

“Brock Lesnar is the Beast! Beast enough to break my arm, but not man enough to make me tap out. And if you don’t accept my challenge, Brock Lesnar, we can go ahead and add one more thing to that list: Brock Lesnar is afraid of what cannot be broken! Brock Lesnar is AFRAID… of Cody Rhodes!” The American Nightmare drops the mic after having thrown down the gauntlet! When and where will Cody VS Lesnar Round 3 be?


Backstage interview with Matt Riddle.

Cathy is with The Bro, and she says in a couple weeks, he has a chance to qualify for the Men’s MITB ladder match. Riddle says it has already been going crazy this “Hot Bro Summer,” and it’s only gonna get crazier. Riddle says with MITB around the corner, imagine him winning that briefcase! He could cash in on Roman Reigns, on Seth Rollins- Oh, wassup, Gunther? Der Ring General steps into view and he says he knows what Riddle is thinking. “Congratulations, and good luck on your upcoming opportunity. I really want you to win the Money in the Bank Ladder match, and cash it in on me.

“Fun, huh? Beating you, humiliating you, that’s fun to me. All the best.” Gunther leaves, will Riddle take him up on that idea?


Backstage interview with Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler.

Cathy tentatively walks up to the new tag team champions and congratulates them on the win. How does it feel to be champions again? Well, for Ronda, it’s her first, but yeah, Shayna has her third reign. But for ten years, they’ve been discounted, told not what the people want, but they don’t cater to the “fickle masses” that mean nothing to them. Loyalty is everything, and limb by limb, they went through everyone. And they can finally say they are the tag team champions. Not because “they” wanted it, but because this is the Baddest Team on the Planet. They’re done being denied, they’re making demands! They DEMAND to be recognized as the best! These belts prove it.


Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier: Shinsuke Nakamura VS Bronson Reed!

We saw the King of Flight qualify, now we see if the King of Strong Style can do the same! Will Shinsuke be heading to London? Or will he be crushed by the Colossal Aussie in Albany?

Raw returns and Reed makes his entrance. The bell rings and Reed RAMS Nakamura right into a corner! And then throws him down, HEADBUTTS away, then brings him up. Reed scoops and SLAMS Nakamura,  then runs. Nakamura bails out before anything more, but Reed pursues. Nakamura gets back in, and he says, “C’MON~!” Reed runs in, but into a kick! Nakamura fires body shots, but Reed doesn’t budge! Reed eggs him on, Nakamura fires off more shots and runs, but Reed CLOBBERS him! then ELBOW DROPS! Then STEAMROLLS him! Reed grins and he looms over Nakamura.

Reed stands Nakamura up, to HEADBUTT him back down! Reed stands Nakamura up again, to CHOP! And CLUB him on the back! Fans rally for Nakamura but Reed whips him corner to corner hard! Nakamura falls over, but Reed brings him up to whip and fireman’s carry. Nakamura fights free, kicks, but Reed blocks to get a waistlock. Nakamura elbows free to ENZIGURI! Reed goes to a corner, Nakamura runs in, but Nakamura blocks boots! Nakamura puts Reed in the ropes, CLUBS him, then runs and SLIDING GER- NO, Reed holds on! Reed’s strength denies Nakamura and he BOOTS Nakamura!

Reed aims from the apron, but Nakamura sweeps the legs! Reed lands hard on the apron, Nakamura KNEE LIFTS him! Then GUILLOTINE KNEE DROPS him! Reed hits the floor and fans fire up with Nakamura while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Reed trades forearms with Nakamura! Fans rally for Nakamura but boo Reed. Reed throws body shots and a ROLLING ELBOW! Then LARIAT but into a tilt-o-whirl and ARMBAR! Reed powers his way to a high stack, TWO! Nakamura lets go in time, but Reed HEADBUTTS him! Reed runs, to LARIAT Nakamura inside-out! Cover, TWO!! Nakamura survives and Reed grows frustrated. Reed drags Nakamura up, reels him in, but Nakamura slips out of the bomb! Nakamura kicks then WHEEL KICKS! Reed goes to a corner, Nakamura blocks the boots again, and puts him back in ropes! ENZIGUR to SLIDING GERMAN!

Reed flounders and fans fire up as Nakamura aims! “YAO~!” But Reed scoops to SAMOAN DROP! And SENTON! Fans boo but Reed puts Nakamura in the drop zone. Reed climbs, but Nakamura rises! Nakamura kicks the legs out! And then TOP SHELF KNEE! Reed staggers, Nakamura goes up, FLYING- SUPERKICK! Reed intercepts, ripcords, and POWERSLAMS! Reed drags Nakamura into the drop zone, climbs up the corner, TSU- NO!! Nakamura avoids the natural disaster to KINSHASA!! But he’s too tired to make the cover! Nakamura drags himself to ropes, aims again, KINSHASA!!!

Reed flounders to the apron and flops to the floor! Fans boo and Nakamura is frustrated. The ref starts the ring count but Nakamura goes out the side. Nakamura runs off the steps, FLYING KNEE! Reed falls back over, and Nakamura gets back in the ring. The ring count starts again, Reed stirs at 4 of 10, and sits up at 5. Nakamura waits, Reed staggers around at 8, but Reed slides in at 9! KINSHASA AGAIN!!! Cover, Nakamura wins!!

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura, by pinfall (advances to MITB)

It took a hattrick of those killer knees, but the mighty Reed did fall! Will Nakamura soon be the King in the Bank?


Backstage interview with The Judgment Day.

Byron Saxton walks over, apologizes about interrupting given the main event tonight, but he wanted to congratulate Rhea on her championship defense over Natalya at Night of Champions. Rhea says, “Victory? That wasn’t just a victory. I absolutely destroyed Natalya. That’s why she’s not here this week. Because she’s at home, fixing herself up.” Dom says maybe next time, Natty will think twice about stepping to Mami. Rhea says Natty should know better, since she’s been in this business a very long time. And to be able to hold gold, you can’t get distracted like she did, so that’s on her. But like Byron said, they’re very busy, so buh-bye.

Byron would like to ask one more question before he goes. Everyone is wondering, which two are facing Rollins & Styles in the main event? Finn says, “Wouldn’t you like to know? But if I told you, I’d have to-” Priest has Finn calm down. Don’t scare the guy. But Byron, they have things to do so go do your job somewhere else. The main event is a mystery, what combination of Prince, Punisher and Prodigal Son will step up to the Phenomenal and the Visionary?


WWE honors the fallen.

They didn’t volunteer to die. They volunteered to defend values which make up what we call civilization. – Ronald Reagan

“What does it mean to be selfless? To have the courage to put all else first for a greater cause? In every generation, there are those who put everything before themselves. And on this day, we honor them. The brave men and women who fought for our freedom. From the first World War to Desert Storm. From Normandy to Afghanistan. Today, we look back at the moments, the events, that define our history. The struggles, their battles. And remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. President Ronald Reagan once said…”

“As we honor their memory today, let us pledge that their lives, their sacrifices, their valor shall be justified and remembered for as along as God gives life to this nation.”

“Today, we show our gratitude. To those who shaped us. Who guided us. Who ensured our values would live forever. Today, we show reverence and respect. Today, we say, ‘Thank you.'”


Seth Rollins & AJ Styles VS The Judgment Day!

The World Heavyweight Champion and the runner-up were perhaps goaded into this match, but that doesn’t mean they’re foolish. They know Finn, Priest, Dom & Rhea are slippery snakes, but will they still be able to #BurnItDown?

Raw returns and the Judgment Day make their entrance. They’re still keeping us guessing, but the moment of truth is here. In the end, it looks to be Priest & Dom in this match. Fans boo Dom because he’s starting against Rollins. But then Finn gets back in to CLOBBER Rollins! It was a fake out! The Prince stomps away on Rollins, then he drags Rollins up to RAM him into the corner! Tag to Priest, Rhea grins that the plan worked out. Priest & Finn double whip, but Rollins ducks the double lariat to slide out and cozy up to Mami! Rhea doesn’t realize it’s Rollins until she looks to her right, and then she freaks out!

Rollins says sorry, then the gets back in. He dodges Priest, eggs him on, and then dodges him again to CHOP! And ROCK! And repeat! Rollins whips, Priest reverses, but runs into a BOOT! Rollins goes up, leaps, but into a HAYMAKER! Priest drags Rollins up and Finn mocks the song, “WEW~ WEW~ WEWWW~!” Priest TOSSES Rollins to the corner, DECKS him, then stomps away! Rhea wants him to go harder for that joke a moment ago. She also tells fans to shut up with the stupid singing. Rollins gets up, he fires back, but Priest knees low! Priest drags Rollins up, whips him to ropes, and BACK ELBOWS him down! Cover, TWO!

Priest clamps onto an arm, grinds the shoulder, but Rollins fights up. Rollins reaches out for Styles but Priest CLUBS him down! Priest back suplexes, Rollins lands on his feet and slides under, but Priest grabs his feet! Rollins BOOTS Priest away, hot tags to Finn and Styles! Styles dodges Finn, CLOBBERS Priest, then fires the Phenomenal Blitz off on Finn! SLIDING LARIAT! Styles fires up, fireman’s carries, but Finn slips free. But Finn runs into a BACKBREAKER! Styles reels Finn in, but Priest gets back in! Styles blocks his kick to CLUB the leg, but Finn CHOPS Styles down! Rollins returns, to KNEE Priest!

Finn SLINGBLADES Rollins! Priest tags in, Styles runs in but is put on the apron. Styles ROCKS Finn, but Dom anchors Styles! Styles grabs Dom, but Priest POUNCES Styles over the announce desk! The Judgment Day stands tall and soaks up the heat while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns once again and Styles JAWBREAKERS Priest away! But Priest keeps Styles from Rollins! Styles throws hands, Priest whips him away to the corner. Priest runs in but Styles BOOTS him! Styles ROCKS Finn, BOOTS Priest, then DECKS Finn, but Priest ROCKS Styles! Priest then throws Styles out, distracts the ref, and Rhea drags Styles up! But Rollins gets Dom first! Fans fire up as Rollins tosses Dom in! Rhea gest in Rollins’ face and he dares Mami to do something. But then the ref EJECTS Rhea and Dom!! Fans fire up but Mami is pissed! Rollins taunts Rhea & Dom as they leave, now this is a fair match!

Styles rolls Priest up! TWO!! Priest swings, misses, and Styles PELES! Priest is dazed, Finn calls to him, and fans rally up. Priest and Styles crawl, hot tags to Finn and Rollins! The Visionary rallies on The Prince! SUPERKICK, front kick, ROLLING ELBOW! Rollins DECKS Priest for good measure! Finn runs in, BUCKLE SHOT! Rollins goes out, to FLYING KNEE Priest down! Rollins springboards back in, FLYING KNEE for Finn! SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!! Fans rally and sing the song, but Finn wants mercy. Rollins smirks, he wags his finger, and he catches Finn to RAM him into a corner!

Rollins brings Finn out but Finn cradle counters! TWO, Rollins swings, into the FINAL CUT! Cover, TWO! Finn grows frustrated, but he rolls to tag in Priest. Priest storms up to DECK Styles! Priest then waits on Rollins to rise up, and he choke grips for SOUTH OF- NO, Rollins flips through! Rollins ducks the haymaker to ROLLING ELBOW! Priest comes back, KING KONG LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Rollins survives but Priest refocuses. Priest goes out and climbs up the corner while fans rally. Rollins springs right up to get Priest! Finn sneaks a tag before the SUPERPLEX! Rollins rolls through, but Priest BROKEN ARROWS!

Finn is up top with Rollins in the drop zone! COUP DE- NO, Rollins moves! SUPERKICK!! Both men are down again and fans fire up! “This is Awesome!” “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” as both men stir. Finn and Rollins crawl, hot tags to Styles and Priest! Style dodges a boot to kick and ENZIGURI! Styles fireman’s carries, to USHIGOROSHI! Priest staggers about, Styles runs in but is put on the apron. Styles ROCKS Priest, then SLIDING KNEES Finn! Rollins DIVES to take Finn out at the desk! Styles springboards, but Priest gets away from the forearm! Priest gets Styles up, Crucifix for RAZOR’S EDGE!! Cover, but Rollins CURB STOMPS Priest!!!

Fans fire up as Rollins goes back to his corner. Styles crawls over, staggers up, hot tag to Rollins! Fans sing as hard as they can and Rollins runs in, “NIGHT NIGHT!” CURB STOMP!!! Cover, Rollins & Styles win!

Winners: Seth Rollins & AJ Styles, by pinfall

Styles and Rollins win a phenomenal victory, and they shake hands to show respect. Will action like this be the norm for Monday Night Rollins?

My Thoughts:

A really good Raw to follow up Night of Champions, but it started to fall into a sort of “Aftermath Syndrome.” I mean, this was of course the “aftermath” episode but it felt like there were more recap packages than usual. I guess promos from everyone that referenced Night of Champions wasn’t enough. Cody had a good promo, and of course he’s calling out Lesnar for round three. But as I said for NOC, MITB is just over a month away, I’m not sure Lesnar will want to go for that. Maybe SummerSlam, as that is the big summer PPV. But maybe traveling to London gets Lesnar a bigger paycheck after all.

Great MITB qualifiers tonight, though I knew Miz wasn’t winning. That said, he was busting out stuff that he has basically never done and that was pretty awesome. Nakamura VS Reed was a great showing for Reed even in losing, because it took three Kinshasas to put him down. Granted, I would love to see a Tsunami Splash off the ladder. Maybe there will be some kind of “second chance” match later on. And the women’s MITB qualifiers will be next week, since the majority of the Raw women’s roster was in the Fatal 4 Way. That was a great Fatal 4 Way, and of course Ronda & Shayna win. Ronda still runs through her words too quickly, but it was a good promo afterward.

Really good stuff in the Undisputed WWE Tag Team title story, from Imperium interrupting Kevin & Sami to Kevin’s hilarious reaction to it, to getting The Alpha Academy involved. Great match from Imperium VS Alpha Academy but I should’ve figured Sarah Logan would show up. Imperium wins because one way or another, they feel in line for a tag title shot. Gunther also has a good promo with Matt Riddle, leaving the door open for the MITB briefcase to be used on a midcard title again like Austin Theory did to Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley. I don’t want them to do that, Riddle VS Gunther should be a straight up match, but at least they’re acknowledging it could happen.

Indus Sher crushes jobbers, but at least Big Body Javi is on NXT, and I think Kevin Cortes is on Level Up. I’m more impressed they got a graphic package that fits them, cybernetic was a random and therefore stupid choice. JD VS Ziggler was alright, but I think the fans were booing the double count-out, not JD beating up Ziggler. Great promo segment from Trish, Zoey and Becky that of course turned into a brawl. As I said on Saturday, Becky doesn’t need to be in the MITB ladder match, maybe she and/or Zoey cost each other spots in that match, and that sets up their own match. Still hoping for Lita to get involved with this, too.

And of course, great stuff from Rollins, Styles and Judgment Day. Great opening segment, apparently Rollins’ leather pants were so tight that they ripped, and great promos backstage from everyone. Great tag match, from the Dom-Finn bait ‘n’ switch to Rollins trolling Rhea and getting both her and Dom ejected. Rollins & Styles winning made sense, it’s to keep Rollins’ momentum going as new world champion. At the same time, I still feel like someone from Judgment Day is going to challenge Rollins at MITB. I think it’s gonna be Seth VS Priest, but I would love to see Seth VS Dom. Imagine the chaotic uproar of fans singing “OH~ OH~ OHH~” while also booing Dom to death.

My Score: 8.6/10

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