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Mitchell’s NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14 Night 2 Special! (1/5/2020)

Who makes double gold history?!




NJPW knocks on the door of destiny!

Tetsuya Naito as IWGP Intercontinental Champion. Kazuchika Okada as IWGP Heavyweight Champion. Only ONE can have them both!

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.



  • Revolution Pro-Wrestling British Heavyweight Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. VS SANADA; ZSJ wins and retains the RPW British Heavyweight Championship.
  • IWGP United States Championship: Jon Moxley VS Juice Robinson; Moxley wins and retains the IWGP United States Championship.
  • NEVER Openweight Championship: KENTA VS Hirooki Goto; Goto wins and becomes the new NEVER Openweight Champion.
  • Chris Jericho VS Hiroshi Tanahashi; Jericho wins and denies Tanahashi his AEW World Championship opportunity.
  • IWGP Double Gold Dash: Kazuchika Okada VS Tetsuya Naito; Naito wins and becomes the first-ever dual IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Champion.


Revolution Pro-Wrestling British Heavyweight Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. VS SANADA!

The Submission Master and the Cold Skull have battled many times before, from New Japan Cup 2018 to G1 Climaxes 28 and 29 to many tag team matches as part of Suzuki-Gun VS Los Ingobernables de Japon. But now they battle for ZSJ’s precious RPW gold on NJPW’s biggest stage! Who wins the newest chapter in this growing rivalry?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and Sabreism VS Strong Style begins again!

ZSJ and Sanada circle and ZSJ rushes in. Sanada stays clear and the two test the tie up. ZSJ wristlocks and wrenches then wrenches again. ZSJ has Sanada down but Sanada kips up. Sanada handsprings all around and wrenches to a headlock, shifts to a hammerlock and headlock takeovers. ZSJ slips out and arm-drags Sanada down, but Sanada gets up to arm-drag ZSJ down! ZSJ headscissors, Sanada pops out and the two stand off. Fans cheer this technical exchange as the two reset. ZSJ and Sanada approach and ZSJ headbutts Sanada in the stomach. ZSJ whips but Sanada reverses. ZSJ goes up, under, baits Sanada in and slips around to drop down, but Sanada sits on his sunset flip, only for ZSJ to still get the sunset!

Sanada pops out to high stack but ZSJ shifts to sit, but Sanada sunsets back! ZSJ pops out to stack but Sanada sits only for ZSJ to sunset again, but Sanada slips away again. ZSJ crawls under but Sanada trips him, and has the legs! But ZSJ denies Paradise to standing toe hold. Sanada tries to escape, ZSJ ties up his legs for a Bow ‘n’ Arrow but Sanada pops out to a cover, ONE! The two stand off again and fans cheer! ZSJ is frustrated as he backs off and the two reset again. Sanada and ZSJ circle and Sanada calls for a test of strength. Both men flex at each other and then tie up with the knuckle locks. ZSJ brings Sanada down and wrenches one arm into a half straitjacket. ZSJ gets the full straitjacket but Sanada’s been here with ZSJ before.

Sanada turns things around and has ZSJ in the straitjacket. ZSJ turns it around but Sanada turns it back. ZSJ drops, bridges and spins to put the hold back on Sanada, and he sits Sanada down! ZSJ digs a knee into Sanada’s back, but Sanada uses that to pivot and roll to put the straitjacket back on! ZSJ grows frustrated as he again gets up and goes around. ZSJ uses power to wiggle the jacket down and slip it back on Sanada! But Sanada does the same, wiggling out to put ZSJ right back in the jacket! Fans cheer all this back and forth as ZSJ wiggles out again, but Sanada uses this to pump handle and flip ZSJ over! ZSJ boots back and trips Sanada, but no Figure Four for him as Sanada boots ZSJ out of the ring. Sanada builds speed but fakes ZSJ out to handspring back in. ZSJ throws a tantrum as fans fire up behind Sanada.

ZSJ cools off while Sanada waits in the ring. ZSJ takes his time returning and rushes at Sanada but Sanada redirects ZSJ. ZSJ rebounds to get Sanada in the standing cobra twist! They go around and around and Sanada puts ZSJ in the cobra twist! ZSJ reaches for ropes, Sanada makes it a rolling cobra cradle! Around and around and around the go, Sanada stops on a cover, TWO! ZSJ gets up but Sanada elbows him down! Sanada standing moonsaults, but into ZSJ’s armbar! ZSJ shifts to hammerlock that arm and pull back on the other! Sanada endures the “Clarky Cat” but ZSJ twists the right arm. Sanada reaches out with his foot to get a ROPEBREAK! ZSJ lets go reluctantly, but then clamps an arm between his legs and TWISTS! Sanada writhes while clutching his shoulder but ZSJ hammerlocks and STOMPS it!

The ref checks on Sanada but he’s okay to continue. ZSJ clamps on again and wrenches the arm. ZSJ tortures the arm more but Sanada forearms with his good arm! Sanada whips, ZSJ reverses but Sanada dodges the boot to dropkick a leg out! Both men are down but Sanada is up first. ZSJ headbutts low and snapmares but Sanada handsprings through. ZSJ dodges the dropkick but Sanada catches the Penalty Kick to DRAGON SCREW! ZSJ clutches the knee as he scrambles away but Sanada is ice cold as ever. ZSJ bails out but Sanada PESCADO! Direct hit and fans fire up for Sanada! Sanada encourages the cheers as he goes around the way. Sanada comes back to ZSJ and brings him up to put back in. Fans cheer the sportsmanship as Sanada looms over ZSJ.

Sanada grabs a leg but ZSJ grabs an ear! ZSJ shoves Sanada, Sanada runs back in but ZSJ scoops him! Sanada slips out to dragon sleeper, but ZSJ wrenches free to PELE the arm! ZSJ walks into a fireman’s carry but slips around to a HOVERBOARD! But Sanada pops out of that hold, cranks ZSJ aruond tot he dragon sleeper, and swings ZSJ around! He drops ZSJ to go up top and MOONSAULT, but he FLOPS! ZSJ PENALTY KICK! But that was double-edged from how much damage was done to the leg earlier! Both men are down but the fans rally. A standing count begins and both men rise to stand at 10 of 20. ZSJ European Uppercuts but Sanada gives them back! Sanada EuroUppers harder and harder, but ZSJ comes back, only for Sanada to uppercut ZSJ down!

Sanada runs corner to corner, ZSJ dodges but Sanada tumbles out and climbs up. Springboard but ZSJ gets clear! ZSJ comes back, crucifix to sunset flip, TWO and Sanada Prawn Holds! TWO as ZSJ sunset flips again, TWO! Prawn, ONE, Sunset, TWO! ZSJ pops Sanada for the sunset but Sanada pops out to Prawn! TWO!! That was almost it! ZSJ EuroUppers Sanada hard, but Sanada elbows back. Sanada moonsaults to get the dragon sleeper! Lift, but ZSJ slips out to trip and body scissor, EUROCLUTCH! Cover, TWO!! Sanada has the dragon sleeper! Skull End is almost complete but ZSJ scrambles and flails. ZSJ snapmares but Sanada powers back to bring the sleeper back around. ZSJ slips out and hops on for the cobra twist! But Sanada powers out again, pops ZSJ up, fling and dragon sleeper! Body scissors but ZSJ slips out to pull on the arms! Sanada denies EuroClutch to clutch back! But ZSJ slips and bridges back to a cover!! ZSJ WINS!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr, by pinfall; still RPW British Heavyweight Champion

The #VeganHyrda snatches victory from the jaws of defeat! Cold Skull is still in shock that ZSJ got that one, but the British Heavyweight Championship stays with the British wrestler! Will Sabreism continue to rise up and overtake the wrestling world?


IWGP United States Championship: Jon Moxley VS Juice Robinson!

The Death Rider went through a wild Texas Deathmatch with Lance Archer, but he’s an all in, all out kind of guy. He wants to settle this with the Flamboyant One once and for all, but will he only give rise to #JuicyTwoBelts?

The introductions are made, and Juice FLIES out onto Moxley as the champion makes his entrance! Juice rains down furious fists as the bell rings and this match officially begins!

Juice whips Moxley into railing! Moxley hits the floor but Juice drags Moxley up to scoop and snake eyes on the railing! Moxley gasps as his throat hits the steel, but then Juice scoop slams Moxley down! Juice drags Moxley into the ring but Moxley bails out. Juice pursues but Moxley shoves him into the post! Moxley throws off his jacket and goes looking under the ring. Moxley brings out chairs and sits one up. Moxley goes back to Juice and brings him up in a fireman’s carry. Juice escapes, dodges Moxley, and drop toeholds Moxley onto the chair! Juice has the other chair but the referee reprimands them both. Juice puts that chair down to sit Moxley up in the other. Juice then grabs the other chair and sets it aside, to CANNONBALL Moxley off the chair! Fans fire up as Juice throws caution to the wind!

Juice puts Moxley in the ring and runs into the corner, big corner clothesline! Juice whips Moxley corner to corner but Moxley reverses hard, sending Juice tumbling over and out of the ring! Moxley paces before going out to grab those chairs. Moxley goes after Juice and SMACKS him on the back! “He started it!” Juice writhes but Moxley drags him up into the ring. Moxley rains down angry right hands and headbutts, but the ref reprimands him. Moxley mockingly bows to the ref for the explanation, then he drags Juice up for a swinging backbreaker! Juice writhes away but Moxley covers, TWO! Moxley pushes Juice around and pulls on his hair to pull him back. Moxley brings Juice up into a camel clutch and adds clubbing crossface forearms!

Juice endures the hold and powers up as fans rally. Moxley clubs Juice and he goes staggering. Moxley corner clotheslines then snapmares to basement lariat! Cover, TWO! Moxley keeps his focus as he circles Juice like a shark. Moxley drags Juice up and CHOPS! Juice wobbles but Moxley puts him in a corner to CHOP again! Juice gets in Mox’s face and CHOPS back! So now it’s a CHOP fight! They go back and forth, until Moxley BITES Juices face! Just like their first match for this title! The ref reprimands Moxley, Moxley stops and runs, into a SPINE BUSTER! Juice checks his eyebrow, he isn’t bleeding this time, but he does fire up. LEG LARIAT! Juice drags Moxley up to a fireman’s carry, for a gutbuster drop! Juice keeps on Moxley with a lift, but he has to double clutch for the POWERBOMB! High stack cover, TWO!

Juice grows frustrated but he keeps his focus. Juice pumps up and fans chant along, “JUICE! JUICE!” with every jab! Juice powers up but Moxley trips him, into a Figure Four! Moxley cranks on the legs but Juice endures the leg lock. Juice drags himself and Moxley towards ropes with a back stroke, and gets the ropebreak! Moxley lets go reluctantly, but then is right back on Juice to pull him into a post! And throw a leg into it! And again! Moxley ties the legs up for a HANGING Figure Four! The referee reprimands Moxley and counts, but Moxley lets up at 4. Moxley walks around and goes back to the chairs. Moxley puts the chair around Juice’s head and then fetches the other chair! Moxley wants to be just like Evil, but Juice’s LEFT HAND OF GOD punches the chair into Moxley’s face!

Moxley is down and Juice takes off the chair necklace to go after Moxley. Juice puts Moxley in and hurries after him. Juice puts Moxley up top and CHOPS! Juice headbutts Moxley before climbing up to join him. SUPERPLEX! But he’s not done, Juice goes to another suplex, JACKHAMMER! Cover, TWO!! Moxley survives and Juice grows frustrated. Moxley slowly rises and calls for his move. Juice clamps onto Moxley with chicken wings and turns him, but Moxley pops out to GERMAN SUPLEX! Juice flounders up, ducks Moxley’s clothesline to GERMAN SUPLEX in return! Moxley flounders but so does Juice. Juice runs at Moxley and the two collide with clotheslines! Moxley comes back to LARIAT! Fans fire up with Moxley as he drags Juice back up. Moxley underhooks and lifts but Juice avoids Death Rider to roll Moxley up, with a bridge! TWO!! LARIAT!!

Both men are down but Tokyo rallies up. A standing count begins and both men slowly stir. Moxley and Juice sit up at 7 and that is enough for the ref. Moxley dares Juice to do something, and they stand. “Hit me! Hit me!” Juice throws a forearm so Moxley gives one back. Juice gives another but Moxley gives two! Juice headbutts, Moxley headbuts and forearms! Moxley fires off forearm after forearm from both sides, and slaps Juice! Juice SLAPS back! Moxley ROCKS Juice then runs, REGAL KNEE! “He’s done now!” Moxley drags Juice up but Juice slips out. Juice ROCKS Moxley with a right, then bobs ‘n’ weaves to LEFT HAND OF GOD! Juice fires up, pumps up, ANOTHER LEFT HAND! Juice drags Moxley up and chicken wings, turn around, but Moxley slips out to kick and DIRTY DEEDS! Float through, lift, DEATH RIDER!! Cover, Moxley wins!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall; still IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion

The Maniac wins big again! And while he splits time with AEW, will Moxley be able to make it back to Japan in time for his next defense?

But speaking of his next defense, a new challenger approaches! MINORU SUZUKI makes his entrance!! Moxley keeps his eyes on the King of Pancrase at the stage as he kicks off his sweatpants! And as he takes off his jacket! Does Suzuki want this match NOW?! Moxley doesn’t shy away from the idea, either! And a brawl is on!! They throw forearms over and over, but then Moxley runs. Suzuki gets around him for a SLEEPER! Moxley flails but Suzuki turns him around, GOTCH…! PILEDRIVER! The Man with the WORST Personality in the World just took out one of the most insane men in the world! And then grabs a mic to say, “Oi! You piece of crap. Who do you think you are?!” Suzuki wants Moxley to know that Suzuki is KING of Pro-Wrestling! If Moxley wants a fight, Suzuki’s gonna give him a fight! Forget returning, will Moxley even survive his next defense?


NEVER Openweight Championship: KENTA VS Hirooki Goto!

Bullet Club has been refreshed ever since it “reloaded” and added #FangRevived to its ranks! The real Kenta looks to keep this title #TooSweet, but the Fierce Warrior wants revenge for what Kenta did to friend and rival, Katsuyori Shibata! Will revenge be a dish best served with gold? Or will Goto simply #Go2Sleep?

The introductions are made, Kenta puts the belt in Goto’s face, but Goto DECKS Kenta! Goto is in no mood for Kenta’s ego so the bell rings and this grudge match begins!

Goto stomps away on Kenta then drags him up to club him on the back. Goto whips but Kenta reverses, only for Goto to reverse the hip toss! Goto keeps moving and runs Kenta over! Kenta bails out but Goto pursues! Goto puts Kenta in quick and runs at him in the corner! BIG corner clothesline and a bigger bulldog! Kenta bails out again but Goto pursues! Goto puts Kenta back in and hurries, stomping away without mercy! Goto drags Kenta up to snapmare and KICK Kenta in the back! Cover, ONE, but Goto is on Kenta with a chinlock. Kenta endures as Goto drives an elbow into his face! Goto stomps Kenta and slaps him around. Goto eggs Kenta on as he clubs him on the back. Goto whips, Kenta BOOTS back! Kenta brings Goto up to throw him out, but Goto is in fast! Kenta knees low and throws Goto out again. Goto is back up again but gets another BOOT!

Kenta goes out to fetch Goto now, and whips him into railing! Kenta finally takes off the shirt and KICKS Goto in the chest! Kenta drags Goto up to whip into railing again! Kenta leaves Goto behind and a ring count begins. The count reaches 10 of 20 but Goto gets in. Kenta is on Goto fast with stomps, and then throws Goto back out. Kenta goes out the side to pursue Goto, kicking him while he’s down. They go up the ramp as Kenta clubs Goto, and then spikes Goto with a DDT! The ref reprimands and Kenta leaves Goto behind again. Goto is okay to continue so a new ring count begins. The count again reaches 10 of 20 but Goto crawls over. Goto is ringside by 15 and stands at 18, to get in at 19.5! But Kenta is on him again, just to throw him back out. Fans boo but Kenta soaks it all up. Kenta is both toying with Goto and avoiding him, but Goto is back again.

Kenta whips Goto and hits the kitchen sink knee! Then a Penalty Kick hard to the back! Cover, TWO! Goto toughs it out but Kenta drops knees. Then he jumps, to scuff Goto’s face. Kenta thinks that’s Too Sweet but fans boo. Kenta KICKS Goto hard again, then drags him into a chinlock. Goto endures and fights his way out with elbows. Goto runs but into another kitchen sink! Fans rally behind Godo but Kenta mocks them. Kenta toys with Goto as he scuffs his face. Kenta swiftly KICKS Goto again, but Goto gets back up. Kenta slaps and KICKS, then just shrugs. Goto sits up and blocks the next kick! Kenta counter punches but Goto elbows and LARIATS! Both men slowly rise and Goto throws big forearms! Kenta staggers but Goto keeps on him.

Kenta turns it around to fire off furious forearms! Goto gives them all back! Kenta gives more! Goto gives them all back again! The ref warns both men as Kenta throws another forearm, Goto DECKS Kenta! Is Kenta knocked out!? No, he comes to, but he’s dazed to say the least. Goto drags Kenta up and whips him corner to corner. Goto runs in for the wheel kick! Then the SAIDO! Cover, TWO!! Kenta survives and Goto is frustrated, but Tokyo is loving this! Goto drags Kenta back up, fireman’s carry, but Kenta claws at Goto’s face! Kenta shoves and spinning powerslams! Kenta drags Goto up and throws big haymakers. Kenta puts Goto in the corner and whips, but Goto reverses. Goto runs in but gets a boot! Kenta hops up, tornado hotshots Goto down, then climbs up! Kenta leaps to flying clothesline! Cover, TWO!

Kenta gives more toying kicks to Goto but Goto gets to his feet. Kenta eggs Goto on, and then catches him into a DDT! Kenta shoves Goto into a corner and brings him up against ropes. Kenta runs and knees Goto into those ropes! Kenta looms over Goto as he flounders around. Kenta runs but Goto follows! Kenta dodges but runs into USHIGOROSHI! Both men are down but Tokyo is still fired up! Goto fires himself up and drags Kenta up, but gets caught into a LeBelle Lock! Kenta wants to make it GameOver! Goto endures the hold and reaches with a leg, ROPEBREAK! Kenta lets go but he argues with the ref. Kenta KICKS Goto hard while he’s down, then stomps him at the apron. Kenta drags Goto up and through the ropes, DRAPING DDT! Kenta grins and Jado would be proud.

Goto flounders to a corner but Kenta runs corner to corner, HESITATION DROPKICK! Kenta climbs up top and aims at Goto, DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! Goto survives Kenta’s coup de grace, but Kenta isn’t done with him yet. Kenta aims from a corner again and Goto slowly rises. Goto denies the Psycho Knee with a sleeper hold! Kenta slips out to get his own sleeper, but Goto reaches for ropes again. Kenta pulls Goto away and Goto is fading! Kenta lets go just to PENALTY KICK! And PSYCHO KNEE! Cover, TWO!? Kenta slashes the throat, he vows to end this! Kenta drags Goto up to a fireman’s carry, GO- NO! Goto doesn’t go to sleep as he grabs the leg! Kenta fires forearms but Goto HEADBUTTS! Kenta falls but Goto staggers and stays up.

Kenta slowly rises and Goto fires himself up. Goto runs at Kenta, LARIAT! But Kenta stays standing?! BACK HAND! BACK HAND! LARIAT! But now Goto stays standing!? Kenta spins but Goto LARIATS! Cover, TWO!! Goto drags himself up with ropes and focuses his power! But Kenta blocks the kick! Kenta SLAPS with big palm strike after strike! But Goto only powers up more?! Goto ROCKS Kenta again! And again! Kenta counter punches! And fires off so many! Goto catches Kenta but Kenta fights out of the GTR. Goto fireman’s carry for G T W! Cover, TWO!?! Kenta lives?! But Goto won’t stop now, G T R!! Cover, GOTO WINS!!

Winner: Hirooki Goto, by pinfall; NEW NEVER Openweight Champion

The Fierce Warrior is back atop the NEVER Division! Goto has his vengeance on Kenta, but will we see these two fight again?


Chris Jericho VS Hiroshi Tanahashi!

The Once in a Century Champion dared Le Champeon of All Elite Wrestling to put his title on the line. Jericho would not do that, but he did get Tony Khan’s permission to stipulate that if Tanahashi wins, Tanahashi will have a title opportunity in the future. Will the Ace force Y2J’s hand? Or will he suffer defeat at the hands of the Painmaker?

Jericho shows off his AEW World Championship before handing it over, and fans again marvel at The Ace’s physique. The bell rings and this special singles showdown begins!

The fans cheer for Tanahashi so Jericho flips them off. Jericho and Tanahashi circle and tie up. They break and Jericho taunts “Bakahashi” while flexing. Fans boo but Jericho soaks it all up. Fans return to cheering for Tanahashi as he circles with Jericho. They tie up, Tanahashi headlocks and grinds Jericho down. Jericho fights up and powers out but the two collide. Neither falls so both men flex at each other. Tanahashi and Jericho circle and tie up again. Jericho headlocks to a takeover but Tanahashi headscissors. Jericho pops out but roles reverse as Tanahashi headlocks but Jericho headscissors. Tanahashi pops out and the two stand off, Tanahashi air guitars! Jericho and Tanahashi circle and tie up again. Jericho wrenches to a wristlock and yanks on the arm.

Jericho elbows away on Tanahashi’s shoulder and eggs Tanahashi on. Tanahashi powers up to arm-drag Jericho down to an armlock of his own. Jericho endures and fights his way up, but Tanahashi wrenches and yanks back. Tanahashi whips but Jericho kicks him back. Jericho CHOPS then whips but Tanahashi kicks him abck! Tanahashi grins but they tie up. Tanahashi hammerlocks but Jericho slips around to hammerlock back. Tanahashi reverses back onto Jericho but Jericho elbows and hammerlocks again. They end up in a corner and Jericho pulls Tanahashi’s hair. Red Shoes counts, Tanahashi elbows and dropkicks Jericho! Tanahashi runs in but Jericho dodges and sends Tanahashi into buckles. Jericho runs in but Tanahashi elbows and springboards for a crossbody!

Tanahashi air guitars and hip tosses Jericho down! Tanahashi stands on Jericho and mocks his cocky flexing pose! “C’mon, BABY!” ONE, and Jericho slaps Tanahashi! So Tanahashi slaps back! It’s a slap fight! Tanahashi slaps more, then whips. Jericho holds ropes and baits Tanahashi in to send him out. Jericho sees Tanahashi get up, triangle dropkick sends Tanahashi down! Jericho grins while Tanahashi is down. Fans boo but Jericho soaks it all up. Jericho goes outside to fetch Tanahashi and brings him up to whip him into railing! Jericho puts Tanahashi in the gateway and SLAMS the door closed on Tanahashi’s face! Tanahashi falls and Jericho confiscates a camera! Jericho takes pictures of Tanahashi, and then of himself flipping off the fans.

Jericho slaps a Young Lion down before dragging Tanahashi up. Jericho whips Tanahashi hard into railing by commentary! And clears off the English announce desk to put Tanahashi on it! Jericho refreshes the ring count before climbing over the railing. Jericho clears more space for himself and Tanahashi before climbing up. Deja vu to his matches with Tetsuya Naito and Kenny Omega as Jericho gives “Bakahashi” a DDT to the desk!! Jericho confiscates a bottle of water to refresh himself and splash Tanahashi. Jericho throws Tanahashi back over the railing and returns to ringside. Red Shoes reprimands Jericho but Jericho gets in his face. Jericho puts Tanahashi in the ring and mocks the booing fans. Fans also rally up for Tanahashi, who has fire in his eyes.

Jericho knees Tanahashi hard and then springboard stomps him down. Jericho climbs up and leaps to drop a knee on Tanahashi’s head! Cover, TWO! Jericho slaps Tanahashi around and mocks the booing fans more. Tanahashi gets up but Jericho is on him with forearms. Tanahashi gives them back and we have a brawl! Tanahashi gets the edge and a strike fest. but Jericho counters to an underhook, Tiger Backbreaker! Tanahashi writhes but Jericho dropkicks him down! Jericho mocks the air guitar playing and he stomps some more. “You don’t like that?!” Jericho gets up top to do more air guitar, then leaps! Frog Splash FLOPS! Cameras catch Tanahashi’s grin. Tanahashi gets up as fans rally, and he throws big forearms on Jericho! Jericho knees low and whips Tanahashi out, but Tanahashi skins the cat! Tanahashi dodges Jericho to throw more forearms! Tanahashi whips, Jericho reverses, Tanahashi hits flying forearms!

Fans fire up with The Ace as he runs corner to corner. Jericho uses Red Shoes as a shield! Down goes Red Shoes and Jericho LOW BLOW KICKS! Fans boo hard as ever as Tanahashi writhes. Jericho takes off his weight belt to LASH Tanahashi! And again! And again! Jericho laughs as he puts his belt back on and mocks Tanahashi more. Tanahashi LOW BLOWS BACK! Turnabout is fair play! Fans rally as Tanahashi and Jericho rise. Tanahashi grits his teeth as he stalks up behind Jericho. Tanahashi throws forearms and body shots and European uppercuts! Jericho boots back and grabs Tanahashi’s hair. They head for a corner but Tanahashi sends Jericho’s bulldog into buckles! Tanahashi keeps moving to crossbody into Jericho’s back! Jericho falls and Tanahashi stomps him down before hopping up. Second rope senton! Cover, TWO!

Tanahashi keeps his focus and drags Jericho up to throw body shots. Tanahashi runs but Jericho back elbows! Jericho springboards but he’s shoved out! No Lionsault for Le Champeon! Tanahashi hurries up top and HIGH FLY CROSSBODIES! Direct hit and both men are down! Tokyo Dome cheers as Tanahashi slowly stands. Tanahashi returns to the ring and the count begins. Jericho stirs at about 7, and sits up at 10 of 20. Jericho stands at 12 but flops over! Jericho hurries to get up at 15, staggers over, and gets in at 19! Tanahashi is on Jericho at the ropes and has the leg, DRAGON SCREW! And a dropkick! And another Dragon Screw! Jericho flops into the ring and Tanahashi has the fans rallying again. Tanahashi dares Jericho to stand and then he runs, but Jericho dodges. Jericho leaps but NO Code Breaker, DRAGON SCREW! And then a GROUNDED Dragon Screw! Then another, going the other way!

Jericho writhes while clutching the knee but Tanahashi heads up top. Tanahashi HIGH FLY FLOW, onto knees! Jericho springboards, LIONSAULT! But his bad leg won’t let him cover right away, TWO!! Tanahashi survives and Jericho grows frustrated. Jericho rises and takes aim at Tanahashi. Tanahashi stands, but he blocks the Judas Effect! Waistlock, straitjacket, SUPLEX! Bridge cover, TWO!! Tanahashi waits for Jericho to rise before building speed, but Jericho trips him! WALLS OF JERICHO! Tanahashi endures but will this lion be tamed?! Tanahashi powers up but Jericho sits deeper! Tanahashi powers up again as Tokyo Dome is thunderous! Jericho drags Tanahashi away from the ropes! Tanahashi continues to endure, tries again, and finds a way to slip through!

Tanahashi throws hands on Jericho then body scissor throws him! SLINGBLADE! Tanahashi drags Jericho up in the dragon sleeper, elbow drop DDT! Jericho is in the drop zone and Tanahashi heads up top again! Tanahashi aims but Jericho rises. Tanahashi still leaps, INTO A CODE BREAKER!! Jericho drags Tanahashi to a cover, TWO!! Tanahashi survives and Jericho can’t believe it! Jericho aims from a corner again and shouts, “I’M LE CHAMPEON!” Tanahashi rises, ducks the Judas to CODE BREAKER BACK! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives his own move but Tanahashi still has his! Tanahashi runs, but no Slingblade! Back to the Walls!! But Tanahashi blocks and cradle counters, TWO!!

Tanahashi keeps hold of Jericho with a facelock, TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Fans are thunderous as Jericho rises and Tanahashi runs. SLINGBLADE AGAIN! Cover, TWO!! Jericho is still in this but Tanahashi still has something. Tanahashi goes back up top and Jericho stands gain, HIGH FLY CROSSBODY, but Jericho rolls through! Jericho has the legs again! Tanahashi flails but Jericho keeps turning him over, WALLS OF JERICHO!! Tanahashi endures as Jericho sits as deep as he can! Fans rally hard as ever for Tanahashi, and Tanahashi powers up once more! Tanahashi drags himself towards ropes, but Jericho drags him away! And gets a FULL Lion Tamer angle! TANAHASHI TAPS!!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by submission

An incredible match of living legends! But in the end, the lion was tamed, and Jericho has his win! The “forbidden portal” stays closed, but is the last we’ve seen of Y2J in NJPW? Or are their other ways to crossover?


IWGP Double Gold Dash: Kazuchika Okada VS Tetsuya Naito!

The Rainmaker thwarted the Golden Star to retain the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. The Uncontrollable Charisma regained his IWGP Intercontinental Championship when he defeated The Switchblade. Now, destiny brings these two back to each other two years removed. Who will history smile upon in this #WinnerTakesAll title match?

Naito wears a white fur jacket emblazoned with “DESTINO,” the infinity symbol, and the words, “TODO O NADA,” Spanish for “All or Nothing.” Okada dollars fly as he returns in the glowing white and gold of last night. The introductions are made, the belts are raised and the illustrious entrance gear is taken off. Naito of course takes his time with it but Okada is patient. Once Naito is ready, the bell rings and history begins!

Tokyo Dome erupts with cheers for both men! Red Shoes tries to judge the way the scales are going, but it seems to be even. Or is it going Naito’s way? Yes, it seems Naito has more fans present. Okada shrugs that off and slowly circles with Naito. The two approach but Naito backs off, as is his usual strategy. They circle again, approach, but Naito fakes Okada out again. The dueling between fans keeps going as Okada waits on Naito. The two circle and finally tie up! They’re deadlocked, but Okada starts getting the edge thanks to height and leverage. Okada puts Naito in a corner but Naito turns it around onto the ropes. Red Shoes calls for the ropebreak but Okada slips in and turns it around again. Okada lets up and fakes his chop to pat Naito on the shoulder, as is his usual strategy.

But then Okada whips Naito to ropes, things speed up and Okada hurdles but Naito leaps! Things keep moving, Okada dodges and dodges to elbow Naito down! Okada fires up the Tokyo Dome before bringing Naito back up. Okada whips Naito corner to corner and hits the back elbow. He kicks and hits the DDT! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer as Okada stands and paces. Naito sits up but Okada brings him up to scoop and dump down. Okada goes to the apron to slingshot senton! Naito writhes while Okada calmly paces again. Okada brings Naito back up and around to snapmare and chinlock Naito against his knee. Naito fights his way up so Okada elbows and snapmares him back down. Okada runs to basement dropkick Naito hard!

Naito rolls around from the pain but Okada calmly stalks behind him. Okada brings Naito up but Naito throws body shots and forearms! Okada knees low then whips again but Naito reverses to arm-drag! And elbow! And basement dropkick of his own! Fans fire up for Naito as he drags Okada up. Naito whips corner to corner and rocket kicks! Leg sweep and swing, Combinacion Cabron! Naito strikes the pose and fans cheer! Naito walks around now and drags Okada up. Naito turns Okada but Okada fights out. Naito blocks the kick to sweep the legs! Naito drags Okada to the apron, flexes, and draping neckbreaker! Okada clutches that neck and Naito takes his time bringing Okada back up. Naito stomps Okada back down then brings him up again, to elbow him back down.

Okada leans on railing but Naito puts Okada in the ring. Fans cheer as Naito brings Okada up for another neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! The fans rally and duel as Okada slowly stirs. Naito gives toying kicks to Okada but Okada swings on him. Naito catches Okada for the backbreaker! And then the leg full nelson, just like he used on Jay White! Naito cranks on Okada’s neck but Okada endures. Okada crawls and reaches with his legs and gets the ROPEBREAK! Naito lets go at Red Shoes’ count of 4, with some help. Naito stomps Okada while he’s down but Okada gets to a corner. Naito throws big back elbows into Okada over and over, then clubs him down. Naito cravats Okada as he brings him back up and cranks on the neck more. Okada endures but Naito clubs him again!

The cravat returns but Okada throws body shots. Naito clubs him even harder, and SPITS on him! Naito whips Okada but Okada reverses. Okada runs in but into an elbow! Naito runs but into a BOOT! That one flips Naito through the air! Fans rally up for both men as they slowly stir on the mat. Okada kips right up! Okada throws forearms on Naito then whips, FLAPJACK! That was a high one, too. Okada takes aim from the corner as Naito slowly sits up and comes around. Okada waits until Naito stands, but Naito blocks this new boot! Okada still forearms Naito away and then EuroUppers! Okada Alabama lifts Naito but Naito sunset flips. Okada rolls through to jackknife and Alabama, AIR RAID NECKBREAKER!

Naito writhes while clutching his head but Okada drags him up. Fans are thunderous as Okada scoops Naito for a slam. Standard Okada formula, he heads up top for the MACHO ELBOW! Direct hit and that leads to the… Rainmaker Pose! Okada drags Naito up into the wristlock ripcord, but Naito elbows hard! And again! And again! Naito keeps Okada’s wrist as he drags him up for even more elbows! Naito throws another but Okada dodges, only to run into the SPINE BUSTER! Naito has Okada in the corner and then hoists him onto the top rope. Naito climbs up to SUPER STEINER! Fans fire up as Naito has Okada on the defensive. Okada slowly stirs but Naito drags him up. Naito hammerlocks but Okada clubs free of Gloria.

Okada throws forearms and EuroUppers, but Naito reels a fist back! It’s a feint so that he can kick Okada low! Okada ends up in the corner but he comes back to SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Naito rolls to the apron but Okada is down, too. Fans rally and duel as Okada gets up. Okada watches Naito and runs in, but Naito boots back. Okada runs into more boots, then Naito hops up, only for Okada to dropkick him down! Naito crashes ‘n’ burns to the outside! Okada rests while Red Shoes checks on Naito. Naito is okay to continue so Okada goes out to fetch him. Okada drags Naito around to smash the knee on the floor! Everyone saw how much damage Jay White dealt to Naito’s knee so Okada is taking advantage of that! Red Shoes says to get this in the ring but Okada clears off the Japanese commentary desk! Okada is being more like Chris Jericho now, but Naito clubs back. Okada chop blocks the bad leg!

Okada drags Naito back up and has the leg, SHIN BREAKER TO THE TABLE!! Naito falls to the floor in a heap and Red Shoes checks on him. Somehow, Naito is okay to continue, or he’s just too stubborn. Okada rests in the ring again, leaving it to the ring count. The passion of the fans grows as the count climbs. The count is past 10 of 20, then 15! Naito is only at the railing again! He hobbles up at 17, runs at 18, 19.9!! Okada is up top fast, for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Naito survives and Okada grows frustrated. Tokyo reaches a fever pitch now for Naito but Okada just shrugs that off as he drags Naito up. Okada wristlocks but Naito fights free, so Okada just waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX! That was a strong one, but Okada holds on.

Wristlock and ripcord, but Naito counters with a tornado DDT! Fans are loving this, even as both men are down on the mat. Naito sits up first but Okada follows. Okada flops back down but Naito heads his way. Naito manages to stand and hobble before bringing Okada up. Hammerlock and lift, GLORIA! Naito managed it and Okada is in a daze as he sits back up. Naito smirks a bit as he gets back to his feet. Okada is in the corner and Naito shakes out the bad leg before bringing Okada up. Naito puts Okada on the top and clubs his back before climbing up behind him. Naito stands Okada up, SUPER POISON-RANA!! Cover, TWO?!? Okada survives?! No one can believe it, least of all Naito!

Naito drags Okada up, wrenches but Okada fights as best he can. Naito just enziguris back! Naito whips, Okada reverses and dodges the flying forearms! Okada wristlocks and ripcords but Naito dodges to kick low. Naito puts a facelock on fast but Okada resists whatever Naito is up to. Okada breaks free to throw forearms again, but Naito eggs him on. Okada swings again, Naito dodges and hits his flying forearms! Naito wrenches, tilt-o-whirls, but Okada slips Naito off, so Naito rolling kicks! Naito whips, Okada reverses, Naito leaps but Okada dropkicks him down! But Naito is right back up, tilt-o-whirl, DESTINO! Cover, TWO?!? Is The Rainmaker secretly not human?! All that damage to his head and neck and he isn’t done?!

But Naito doesn’t care about any of that, he’ll just keep going! Naito drags Okada up, a grin on his face. Naito wrenches, tilt-o-whirls, but Okada slips him off again! Okada ripcords but Naito dodges, only to run into another dropkick! Both men are back down on the mat, but fans are back to that fever pitch! These two champion fan favorites are somehow still in this so Red Shoes skips a standing count. Okada sits up first, but Naito grabs at him. Naito and Okada each grab the other’s hair as they sit up. Okada throws a forearm but Naito gives one back. Okada comes back with another, and he grins! But so does Naito as he hits Okada again! These two may not like each other, but they’re enjoying this fight! Okada throws a forearm, Naito throws a forearm, repeat! The fans echo each shot, and Naito seems to rock Okada with that last one. But Okada comes back all the same!

Naito hits Okada again, and leans against him. Okada grits his teeth as he stands back up to throw yet another forearm! Naito SPITS again! And throws another forearm! Okada gives yet another, but so does Naito. The pace even picks up! Okada wristlocks and ripcords, but Naito SLAPS Okada first! Naito scoops, but Okada slips out to DISCUS RAINMAKER! Okada fires up and so does Tokyo! Okada drags Naito up, ripcords but Naito tilt-o-whirls, into Okada’s JUMPING TOMBSTONE! Okada drags Naito up again, wristlocks and ripcords, RAINMAKER!! Cover, TWO!?!? Whatever Okada is, so is Naito!! Okada and Naito are down and Tokyo is electric. Okada gets up and calls for something even bigger now.

Okada drags Naito up, gut wrenches but Naito flails and fights free! Naito falls over but Okada looms over him at the ropes. Okada drags Naito up, but Naito SPITS again! Defiant to the end, it seems. Okada drags Naito around to SMASH the knee on the mat! Naito writhes and clutches the leg again but Okada shows no mercy, another knee smash! Okada doesn’t care that fans are booing him now, because he sit-out smashes the knee now! Okada then grabs the wrist to drag Naito up to his feet. Point-Blank RAINMAKER! But that’s not enough, Okada gives another Point-Blank RAINMAKER! Okada wants to end this, he drags Naito up, wristlock ripcord, but Naito DESTINO!! Cover, TWO!?!? Naito’s knee was a liability on that pin, but he won’t stop now.

Naito drags Okada up, scoops and slams him. Naito’s stepping into the past as he climbs up top, STARDUST PRESS! Cover, TWO!!! The corkscrew moonsault wasn’t enough, even after everything in this match! The fans reach that eletric level again as Naito has one more thing left. Naito wrenches, tilt-o-whirls, but Okada blocks! Okada has Naito on his shoulder but Naito slips out to scoop, VALENTIA!! And then… DESTINO!! Cover, NAITO WINS!!

Winner: Tetsuya Naito, by pinfall; DOUBLE GOLD CHAMPION

History and destiny are one in the same for Naito! Naito now holds both the IWGP Heavyweight AND Intercontinental Champion! The first-ever and had to fight so hard to do it! This wasn’t just because of the efforts of tonight, or of this weekend, but all the hard work in Naito’s career! Okada is helped out of the ring, but surely The Rainmaker will fight his way back up as before.

Before being presented with both titles, Naito asks for the mic. “Okada. Okada! Winning the main event in the Tokyo Dome… actually feels pretty great.” And perhaps they can do this again some time. Okada raises a fist a la LIJ, confirming he feels very much the same even in losing. Naito then allows the belt presentation to begin. Red Shoes holds both belts as Naito gets back his LIJ hat and puts it on. Naito takes his Intercontinental Championship first and holds it as usual, and then takes the Heavyweight Championship in the other hand. Naito is pretty casual with both as he sets them down side by side, and strikes a pose!

Naito takes the mic back to say, “Buenos noches, TOKYO DOOOOOME~!” Naito wants them to know that everyone that is here watching in the audience or online around the world, you all get to finally see Naito change things! Naito eyes his two belts, and wonders what he’ll do with them. What does everyone think? They surely know the answer: TRANQUILO! Assenayo. But there is one other thing he wants to say. Naito will never, ever forget this Wrestle Kingdom weekend. And with both these belts, Naito vows to step forward into the future. So now, everyone, that brings us to Naito’s favorite closing. And for the first time in the Tokyo Dome, you can join in on the role call! To finish this amazing two-night event… “Evil! Bushi! Sanada! Hiromu! Takagi! Y Naito! Nosotoros, Los Ingoberrrrnables! De!” KENTA!?

Kenta attacks Naito, and has a huge grin on his face! Tokyo erupts with boos and jeers as Kenta Penalty Kicks Naito down! Their hate is music to his ears! The former NEVER Openweight Champion isn’t going to let things end happily, he makes Naito GO 2 SLEEP!! And then he rains down rights on Naito’s head! Kenta sees both belts and picks them both up. Kenta sits down on Naito with crossed legs like Shibata would, and holds up both belts! Kenta laughs as fans shout “Go Home! Go Home!” Kenta drops the belts and walks away from Naito, and Bushi rushes out to support his leader. But the damage has been done and the declaration of war has been sent. Kenta mocks fans as he leaves, and Naito can barely walk, even with Bushi’s help. Bullet Club’s #FangRevived wants to sink his teeth into the historic double champion. How will NJPW management handle this new era?



My Thoughts:

Just as with Night 1, I focused on the matches that were more important and higher rated matches, such as by Andrew Balaz here on The Chairshot. The Rev-Pro British Heavyweight and IWGP United States Championship matches were both great for being on the shorter ends. I personally wanted to do the RPW match because ZSJ VS Sanada is always a great match-up with how technical ZSJ is and how surprisingly technical Sanada can be. In the end, it was just fine that ZSJ won, and in close fashion. These two will continue to battle back and forth like this, I can’t wait to see if they meet again during New Japan Cup 2020. Moxley VS Juice was a good choice on story, and I feel it was also natural for Moxley to retain since he literally wasn’t meant to lose the title, the weather cost him. Given that, I would think Moxley holds that belt for a long time now.

The NEVER Openweight Championship ended up a great choice, just on that one STIFF shot Goto gives Kenta. Plus, after everything played out, it turns out it helps continuity if Kenta’s motivation is explained. He lost the title and Goto has it back, again, but that freed Kenta up to do something big. Jericho VS Tanahashi was a great choice on paper because of the two men involved, but was of course a great choice in action because of the two men involved. I also laughed so hard at seeing Tanahashi mock the Painmaker persona, it was so good! After putting the stipulation of a possible AEW World Championship opportunity, you had to figure Jericho would win. But just because “the forbidden portal” wasn’t opened here doesn’t mean it won’t ever be. You never say “never” in wrestling, usually.

Apologies to Loser VS Loser, White VS Ibushi, for skipping it, but everyone knows for a fact that match was going to be great. But naturally, obviously, gotta cover the Double Gold Dash. Okada VS Naito was amazing, maybe a bit false finish heavy, but at the same time, going with false finishes and superhuman levels of resilience is to show just how epic this moment is, because it is an epic moment. Especially with it being NAITO WINNING. Tokyo Dome was so ready for this so it was just great that he got to have this moment. And in the end, it made Kenta’s attack that much more heinous and hated! Kenta becomes new Top Heel in one fell swoop, and immediately pushes the issue of how NJPW will choose to handle a dual champion. Though, with a few more events this year being multiple night events, maybe NJPW has already planned on Naito having to pull double headers? This is going to be an incredibly interesting time for NJPW now.

My Score: 9.4/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW WTL X Super Jr. Tag Results & Report! (12/5/22)



NJPW WTL X Super Jr.

The Mighty Don’t Kneel, but do they squat?

Toru Yano & Hiroshi Tanahashi are the bad boys of NJPW, but are they mightier than The Mighty? We find out as World Tag League rolls on!


  • Bad Luck Fale VS Oskar Leube; Fale wins.
  • Tetsuya Naito & SANADA VS Ryohei Oiwa & Tomoaki Honma; Naito & Sanada win.
  • Six Man Tag: Ryusuke Taguchi, Master Wato & Kosei Fujita VS Suzuki-Gun; Suzuki-Gun wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Bullet Club; LIJ wins.
  • World Tag League 2022: Alex Coughlin & Gabriel Kidd VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi; Coughlin & Kidd win.
  • World Tag League 2022: Great-O-Khan & Aaron Henare VS Aussie Open; Aussie Open wins.
  • World Tag League 2022: Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI VS Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer; Goto & Hashi win.
  • World Tag League 2022: Toru Yano & Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls; win.


Here are the current World Tag League standings!

Aussie Open: 6-1, 12 points
The Mighty: 5-1, 10 points
Naito & Sanada: 5-2, 10 points
Goto & Hashi: 4-2, 8 points
Khan & Henare: 4-3, 8 points
Suzuki & Archer: 3-3, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Yano & Tanahashi: 3-3, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Evil & Yujiro: 1-5, 2 points [ELIMINATED]
Coughlin & Kidd: 0-6, 0 points [ELIMINATED]

Chase & Fale: [FORFEIT]


World Tag League 2022: Alex Coughlin & Gabriel Kidd VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi!

The Mechanical Bulls have yet to get on the board, and there’s not much time left! Can they bulldoze the House of Torture and finally score? Or will the King of Darkness & Tokyo Pimp have more tricks up their sleeves for this one?

Dick Togo comes out with the House of Torture, so Sho must be lurking somewhere else right now. The teams sort out, but Kidd tells Dick to leave. Dick does leave and fans applaud. Kidd and Yujiro start and fans rally up with the bell. Kidd and Yujiro circle, tie up, and Yujiro headlocks. Kidd powers up to pry at the hold, and he spins it around onto Yujiro. Fans applaud but Yujiro powers out of the headlock. Kidd runs Yujiro over! Evil runs in but Coughlin intercepts him with a kick! Coughlin ROCKS Evil with a forearm, knees him in a corner, and Kidd has Yujiro in the other. They double whip Evil and Yujiro at each other, then they both scoop and SLAM!

Fans fire up as the Mechanical Bulls roar and flex! Coughlin & Kidd double whip Yujiro, kick and knee lift and run him over with a shoulder! Kidd SENTONS, then covers, TWO! Fans rally while Kidd drags Yujiro up and tags in Coughlin. Kidd holds Yujiro for Coughlin’s CHOP! Fans fire up as Coughlin deadlifts Yujiro into a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Fans rally as Coughlin looms over Yujiro. Coughlin stands Yujiro up but Yujiro kicks low. Yujiro CHOPS, whips, but Coughlin reverses. Yujiro holds ropes, Coughlin runs in but into a FLAPJACK HOTSHOT! Evil runs in to BLAST Kidd off the apron, then he goes out after him!

Kidd kicks Evil but Evil claws the eyes! Evil brings Kidd around and takes aim at the timekeeper, but the ref reprimands! Evil lets off, and he CLUBS Kidd down. Abe-san is spared for now, and Yujiro stands Coughlin up in a corner. Yujiro throws elbows, but lets off as the ref counts. Yujiro brings Coughlin over and tags in Evil. Evil CLUBS Coughlin, then fakes the eye rake to CHOP! Coughlin eggs Evil on, so Evil CHOPS again! Coughlin eggs Evil on more and fans fire up. Evil CHOPS again and Coughlin feels that one! Coughlin CHOPS back and Evil feels that! Evil trips Coughlin for a toehold! But Coughlin reaches out, ROPEBREAK!

Evil lets off, drags Coughlin over and he tags in Yujiro. The ref counts, Evil exits and Yujiro stomps Coughlin down. Yujiro drags Coughlin up to knee low, knee low again, then snapmare. Yujiro runs to basement BOOT! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up while Evil protests the count. Yujiro brings Coughlin up and ROCKS him with a forearm. And then ROCKS him in the corner! Yujiro stomps Coughlin, tags Evil, and Evil scoop SLAMS! Cover, TWO! Evil covers again, TWO! And again, TWO!! Evil is furious with the ref but the fans fire up again. Evil drags Coughlin up but Coughlin knees low! And UPPERCUTS! And CHOPS!

Evil kicks low, runs, but into a SCRAPBUSTER! Fans fire up while both men are down! Coughlin crawls over, hot tag to Kidd! Kidd rallies on Evil with shoulders and CHOPS! Kidd whips, Evil reverses but Kidd ducks ‘n’ dodges to DROPKICK! Fans fire up with Kidd but Yujiro runs in. Kidd kicks him, fires off forearms, then has him in a corner. Kidd clotheslines Yujiro, then runs corner to corner and clotheslines Evil! Yujiro runs in but Kidd sends him into Evil! Then Kidd uses Tenzan Power Mongolian Chop! Down goes Yujiro! Kidd blocks Evil’s kick to Tenzan Power Mongolian Chop! And then EXPLODER! Cover, TWO!

Fans fire up with Kidd as he drags Evil back up. Kidd calls his shot, suplexes, but Evil fights free and wrenches. Kidd CHOPS Evil first! Fans fire up again as Kidd runs in but Evil dodges the clothesline! Evil corner clotheslines then FISHERMAN BUSTERS! Cover, TWO! Kidd is still in this, Evil tags Yujiro. Yujiro stomps Kidd, drags him up, then knees him low. Yujiro CLUBS Kidd, reels him in, but Kidd suplexes first! TENZAN BRAINBUSTER! Fans fire up as Kidd and Yujiro crawl. Hot tag to Coughlin! The Android picks Yujiro up and RAMS him into a corner! And RAMS again and again, and then UPPERCUTS and CHOPS!

Fans fire up as Coughlin fireman’s carries Yujiro, for a RUNNING DEATH VALLEY! Cover, but Evil breaks it! Kidd kicks Evil and throws him out. Kidd goes out after Evil with more Tenzan Power! Coughlin powers up, runs, but Yujiro gets around the lariat to backslide! Coughlin rolls through but Yujiro reels him in. Coughlin powers out of Pimp Juice, but Yujiro bumps into the ref! Coughlin shouts, “YOU!” but he runs into a REVERSE DDT! And with no ref, here come Dick & Sho! Fans boo because they can now, but Evil CLUBS Kidd down. Dick & Sho get in the ring, fans tell them to go away, and then Evil & Yujiro say they can go?

Evil & Yujiro say they have this, they don’t need to cheat. Dick & Sho understand, and they exit. Fans applaud while Yujiro and Evil stand Coughlin & Kidd up. But then they DOUBLE LOW BLOW!! Well, they’re still cheating, just on their own. The House of Torture laughs and Evil stands Kidd up to kick him back down. Dick & Sho then return, and fans boo even more. The House was just tricking everyone, and now they all stomp away on Coughlin & Kidd! Evil drags Kidd up, throws him out, and Sho goes out after Kidd. Yujiro sits Coughlin up, PIMP JUICE! Dick puts the ref back in, he counts the cover, TWO?!?! Coughlin still lives and shocks everyone!!

Fans are thunderous but Evil gets a chair! Sho distracts the ref, Yujiro sits Coughlin up and Evil rushes in, but Kidd BOOTS the chair into Evil! Fans fire up more and Coughlin shoves Yujiro into Sho! Then Coughlin scoops Yujiro to the FALL AWAY SUPLEX! Bridging cover, The Mechanical Bulls win!!

Winners: Alex Coughlin & Gabriel Kidd, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Evil & Yujiro earn 0)

FINALLY! Kidd & Coughlin have their first win as a duo! They won’t win the league, but does this mean there’s hope for the Mechanical Bulls as a team? As for the House of Torture, are they ever going to give up their cheating ways?


World Tag League 2022: Great-O-Khan & Aaron Henare VS Aussie Open!

With the way things are going, the All United Empire Finals might not be happening! Will the Dominator & Ultimate Weapon get a little help from Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher? Or will Dunk-Zilla & the Aussie Arrow make their senpai earn the dream?

Fans cheer as Gideon Grey makes his way out, along with the Karatsu City mascot, Karawan-kun the beetle-helmet wearing dog. The Orchestrator says good evening, and introduces himself. “And today is a very big day, but first, the Great-O-Khan has forged a new alliance.” The United Empire’s newest mascot is Karawan-kun! “And now, as a humble servant to the people of the United Empire, there is no greater joy that I can take than introducing you to your combatants.” That is to say, he gets to do introductions for BOTH teams of the United Empire! They wait to all go to the ring together, showing that the Empire is united, even when they are competing against each other.

The teams sort out and fans rally up. Khan starts against Davis, and they RAM each other at the bell! Fans fire up as they go again, and again, and then get forehead to forehead. Khan forearms, Davis gives it back, repeat, and fans rally as the shots go faster and faster! Davis and Khan get forehead to forehead again, run, but then Henare and Kyle trip them up! Henare and Kyle send Davis and Khan into railing, then rush in at each other to fire off forearms of their own! Fans fire up again as the shots go back and forth! Khan and Davis return, and they return to firing forearms back and forth with each other!

Fans are loving the brawling but the ref wants this to sort out to 1v1! Khan & Henare get the edge, then they both run, but Aussie Open dodges to pick them both up! They SANDWICH their senpai! Fans fire up and Davis tags in Kyle. Aussie Open drag Khan up, double whip him to ropes, but Khan ducks the double lariat! PONYTAIL CHOKE on Kyle! Henare dropkicks Davis’ legs out! Khan drags Kyle down to a HEAD ‘N’ ARM TRIANGLE! Henare runs over and has a HEEL HOOK! Kyle endures double submissions, but the ref counts! Kyle gets the ROPEBREAK with his free leg! The ref counts again, Khan & Henare let Kyle go.

Khan drags Kyle up, and has the PONYTAIL CHOKE! The ref reprimands Henare tags in, and the senpai mug Kyle. Henare stalks Kyle, ROCKS him with forearms, then throws knees. Henare snapmares and PENALTY KICKS Kyle in the back! Fans applaud while Kyle writhes. Henare drags Kyle back up, but Kyle throws body shots and a flurry of forearms! Henare DECKS Kyle in return! Henare drags Kyle back up, whips, but Kyle reverses. Kyle runs in but into an elbow! Henare goes up, FLYING CHUCK! Cover, TWO! Khan BLASTS Davis off the apron, then he and Henare drag Kyle back up. Fans rally as the senpai double whip Kyle to the corner.

Khan whips Henare in but Kyle goes up and over! Kyle ducks under Khan, hot tag to Davis! Fans fire up as Davis runs through Khan’s lariat to corner clothesline Henare! Davis CHOPS Khan, clotheslines Henare again, then CHOPS Khan again! Davis clotheslines Henare again but Khan ducks the chop. Khan & Henare mug Davis, they double whip but Davis handsprings and DOUBLE LARIATS back! Fans fire up and Davis drags Henare up. Davis shoves Henare to a corner, and CHOP LARIATS! And CHOP LARIATS! And CHOP LARIATS again! Fans fire up, Davis wrenches Henare and torture racks, but Henare fights free!

Henare BOOTS Davis down, then runs at the corner. Davis dodges and Kyle runs in to LARIAT! Kyle sits Henare down for Davis’ SLIDING FOREARM! Kyle then DIVES onto Khan! Fans fire up and Davis torture racks Henare, for the SPINNING RACK BOMB! Cover, TWO! Tag to Kyle and fans rally as Aussie Open coordinates. Fireman’s carry, POP-UP KICK! Kyle hops up and Davis scoops Henare for a LAWN DART CUTTER! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up as Henare stays in this. Kyle fires up now and Davis helps him stand Henare up. They double pump handle but Khan saves Henare! But then Aussie Open double wrench and DOUBLE FOREARM!

Aussie Open dumps Khan out, they get Henare back up, double underhooks and lift, BUTTERFLY SPINEBUSTER! Cover, but Khan breaks it in time! Fans fire up while Davis stomps Khan. Aussie Open whips Khan to ropes, but Khan BOOTS Kyle and arm-drags Davis! Fans fire up as Khan goes to his corner and calls to Henare. Henare crawls over as fans rally, hot tag to Khan! Khan storms up on Kyle, for Mongolian Chops! And then more Mongolian Chops in the corner! Khan turns Kyle around, to sit up on his throne! Fans cheer but the ref reprimands. Khan hops off at 4, then dribbles Kyle off the buckles! Khan goes to TEN, then he SLAM DUNKS Kyle!

Kyle staggers into a PANCAKE PLEX! Bridging cover, but Davis breaks it! Henare CLUBS Davis then throws him out. Khan & Henare double whip Kyle corner to corner, then Khan runs in to clothesline! Henare runs in to SHINING WIZARD! Feed to Khan for HITSUJIGOROSHI! Henare hooks up the legs, FUBUKI! Kyle endures, but he gets MARINE! Cover, Davis breaks it! Henare CLUBS and HEADBUTTS Davis, then throws him out again. Henare tags in, he storms up on Kyle. Fans rally, Henare stomps Kyle then drags him up. Kyle CHOPS back! And CHOPS again! And then ROCKS Henare with a forearm!

Henare and Kyle stagger, but Kyle runs corner to corner. Henare dodges the kick, Khan rushes in to feed Kyle to Henare’s scoop, BERSERKER BOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Kyle survives and fans rally up. Henare drags Kyle up, fireman’s carries, and Khan runs, but Davis clotheslines him out! Kyle slips free, Davis dodges Henare, SUPERKICK BOOT COMBO! Fans are thunderous as Aussie Open regroup. Davis goes to the corner, Kyle tags him in, and Aussie Open fires up as they go to opposite corners. They aim as Henare stands up, but he moves as they rush in! Aussie Open stop from colliding, Kyle rushes at Henare but he dodges.

Davis kicks but Henare blocks, to step-over WHEEL KICK! Fans fire up as Kyle SUPERKICKS Henare down, but then Khan LARIATS Kyle! Davis CLOBBERS Khan but Henare HEEL KICKS Davis! ELBOW JAB for Kyle, but DROPKICK for Henare! Khan dodges Kyle to NECKBREAKER DROP! But then Davis ENZIGURIS Khan down! Fans are thunderous again as the entire United Empire is down! The teams regroup and slowly rise. Aussie Open throw forearms first, but Khan & Henare give them back. Aussie Open hits again, #Khanare hits back! Aussie Open, Khanare, repeat! Fans fire up as they go faster and faster!

Aussie Open gets the edge, they fire up, but Khan Mongolian Chops and Henare body shots! The senpai have control as Khan puts some stank on his Mongolian- NO, Davis blocks! But Henare gets around to ROUNDHOUSE Davis in the back! Davis wobbles, the Monster Rage boils over! Khan scoops Davis, Henare SCREW HIGH KICKS and then Khan TENZAN TOMBSTONE DRIVERS!! Henare covers, but Kyle barrels in to break it!! Fans are thunderous again as Khan drags Kyle up. Kyle forearms Khan, CHOPS Henare, repeat! Kyle roars and runs, but into a BOOT SUPERKICK COMBO! Khan & Henare get Davis up now!

Fireman’s carry, Khan runs, but Davis slips off to shove the senpai into each other! Davis reels Henare in, Kyle gut wrenches Khan, DOUBLE DRIVERS!! Cover, TWO!?!? Khan & Henare both roar as they rise up! But Aussie Open aim from the corners! DOUBLE LARIAT SANDWICH! Khan falls, Aussie Open pump handle Henare, COREALIS!! Cover, Aussie Open wins!!

Winners: Aussie Open, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Henare & Khan earn 0)

The All United Empire Finals is no longer going to happen, but based on this, we know what would’ve happened! Davis & Fletcher best their senpai, will they soon prove they are the best?

But in the end, the United Empire all stands together, along with Gideon and Karawan-kun. Gideon wants everyone to understand this was about more than just two points! “This was about the pride beating in the heart of each and every one of these men in this ring!” Fans applaud that. “You wanna achieve greatness? You wanna make a change? Then follow this example! NEVER give less than 100%! NEVER stop moving forward! And NEVER give up! And when your body gives out, which it will, have your allies pick you back up and do it all over again! Get off your ass and do something you can be proud of! This is why United Empire runs the world!”

Fans applaud that passion, and the four stand together at the center. Gideon says this was the best match from the best unit! “This is the power of the United Empire!!” Fans cheer as the faction hugs it out. Will the United Empire soon become the strongest faction in all of professional wrestling?


World Tag League 2022: Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI VS Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer!

Bishamon is on the bubble, but they could find a way! Unless the Meanest Tag Team in World Tag League has something to say about it! If #EverybodyDies, does another run come to an end? Or will the Fierce Warrior & Head Hunter #TurnItAllAround before the end?

Naturally, the Murderhawk Monster clobbers a Young Lion, and he goes after Oskar Leube. Then he goes to intimidate Milano Collection AT! Milano runs off, Archer sits in his seat and puts on the headset. Archer says hello to Jushin Thunder Liger, asks if he’s doing well, then says F U and gets back to the ring. Suzuki makes his entrance, he BOOTS Young Lion Ryohei Oiwa down, and fans take full advantage of being able to sing “KAZE NI NARE~!” Goto & Hashi make their entrance, but Archer & Suzuki attack after the introductions! Archer stomps Goto in a corner, Suzuki fires off on Hashi! The bell rings as Suzuki throws Hashi out!

Archer stands on Goto in the corner while Suzuki stomps Hashi against railing! Fans rally up while the ref reprimands. Archer tells the ref to shut up, then he stomps Goto more. Archer stands Goto up to ROCK him, then CHOKE him against the ropes! The ref counts, Archer stops at 4. Archer runs, but Hashi gets in and Bishamon RAMS Archer with double shoulders! Suzuki runs in but Hashi kicks him first. Bishamon drums Suzuki down! Fans fire up as Bishamon gets Archer now for drumming! But Archer explodes out! Archer runs to CLOBBER Goto, and Suzuki has Hashi in a HANGING ARMBAR!

The ref reprimands, Suzuki lets off at 4, and he drags Hashi out. Archer goes after Goto on the outside while Suzuki whips Hashi into railing! Archer digs his knee into Goto’s neck but the ref reprimands. Archer tells the ref to shut up again, but Suzuki brings Hashi around the railing. Abe-san moves aside so Suzuki can throw Hashi onto the timekeeper’s table! Suzuki then grabs one of the chairs and digs it into Hashi’s head! Archer meanwhile whips Goto hard into railing! Fans rally up while Archer take apart the railing! Archer uses that to choke Goto! The ref reprimands, he starts the ring count, but Suzuki brings Hashi up the ramp!

Suzuki reels Hashi in, Gotch holds, but Hashi resists the lift! The count is 10 of 20, Suzuki KNEES Hashi down, then goes back to ringside. Archer puts Goto in, reels him in and short arm LARIATS! Tag to Suzuki and he covers, TWO! Fans rally while Suzuki looms over Goto. Suzuki kicks Goto around, toys with him as he digs his heel into Goto’s face, then gives him some stomps. Goto sits up, Suzuki KICKS and KICKS, but Goto glares defiantly. So Suzuki KNEES Goto down! Suzuki drags Goto around by a leg for a HEEL HOOK, then turns the leg. Suzuki also gets an arm, but Goto still endures. Goto reaches out, but Suzuki lets off to keep him from the ropes.

Archer goes after Hashi on the outside, Suzuki drags Goto up but Goto CHOPS! And CHOPS! Suzuki CHOPS back! Suzuki has Goto in the corner, Archer holds Goto up, and Suzuki CHOPS! Suzuki throws body shots, then CHOPS again! Tag to Archer and Archer brings Goto around. Goto fires CHOPS in return! Goto KICKS but Archer kicks and ROCKS and whips! Goto hits buckles hard and bounces off! Archer waits on Goto to stand back up, fans rally up, and Archer runs in to back elbow! Archer keeps moving, he CLOBBERS Goto! Fans fire up while Archer has a cocky cover. TWO, but then Archer DECKS Hashi off the apron.

Archer stomps Goto, tags Suzuki, and Suzuki drags Goto up to wrench and double wristlock! Goto moves around but Suzuki wrangles him down! ARMBAR!! Goto endures, flails and moves around, and gets the ROPEBREAK! Suzuki lets off and fans applaud. Tag to Archer, he tells fans rallying for Goto to shut up. Fans rally harder for Goto and Archer eggs Goto on. Archer slaps Goto around but Goto fires off CHOPS! Archer knees low, runs, but Goto follows to LARIAT! Archer stays up, so Goto runs again, to LARIAT! Archer choke grips, but Goto breaks free, dodges, and hot tags Hashi! Hashi RAMS Archer, and RAMS again!

Archer pie faces Hashi to a corner, runs in but Hashi dodges. Hashi clotheslines, whips, but Archer reverses! Hashi comes back to dropkick the legs out! Hashi keeps moving to HEADHUNTER! Fans fire up with Hashi and he brings Archer up. Hashi goes to suplex but Archer blocks! Hashi keeps trying, but Archer still resists. Hashi kicks and kicks and fires up! Hashi suplexes, but Archer fights that! Archer wrenches but Hashi ROCKS and CHOPS and ROCKS Archer again. Archer still whips but Hashi holds ropes. Archer runs in, Hashi drop toeholds him into ropes! Hashi runs and SHOTGUNS Archer down!

Fans fire up and Hashi tags Goto back in. Hashi BLASTS Suzuki, Goto stomps Archer. Bishamon double whips Archer to a corner, Goto whips Hashi in but Archer elbows Hashi away. Goto runs in but Archer BOOTS him! Archer hops up and DOUBLE CROSSBODIES! Fans fire up and Archer tags Suzuki. Suzuki stomps Goto around, brings him up and whips him to a corner. Suzuki runs in to BOOT Goto, then he snapmares and runs to PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up while Suzuki argues the count. Suzuki kicks at Goto, drags him back up, and he HEADBUTTS! Goto drops to a knee but Suzuki brings him back up.

Suzuki HEADBUTTS again and again, but Goto throws a forearm! Suzuki snarls and storms up to forearm Goto back! Goto forearms, Suzuki forearms, repeat! Fans fire up as the forearms go faster and faster! Goto gets the edge, but Suzuki just grins through it all! Suzuki comes back to DECK Goto! Fans fire up as Suzuki looms over Goto. Suzuki eggs Goto on and then runs, but Goto blocks the boot! Goto hooks Suzuki up and Hashi runs in, GOTO GOTO HUNTER! Hashi BLASTS Archer off the apron! Fans fire up with Bishamon as Hashi calls for lights out! Goto drags Suzuki up, Hashi has th elegs, but Archer attacks them first!

Archer throws knees into Hashi, then he and Suzuki whip Goto and Hashi into each other! Archer then hauls Goto up and Suzuki runs, HART ATTACK!! Cover, Hashi breaks it! Archer drags Hashi up to throw him out! Suzuki drags Goto up and around but Goto’s dead weight. Archer sends Hashi into railing while Suzuki taunts Goto. Fans rally up while Suzuki drags Goto back up. Goto swings, misses, and Suzuki ROCKS him! SLEEPER HOLD!! Goto flails, reaches out, but Suzuki keeps him from the ropes! Suzuki squeezes tighter, Goto is turning purple! Goto sits down, he sputters, and the ref checks! Goto is fading, Suzuki covers, TWO!!!

Suzuki SLEEPERS Goto again and drags him up! Then he spins Goto around, reels him in, and Gotch holds! But Goto resists the lift! Fans fire up as the struggle continues, but Suzuki lifts Goto up! Goto kicks and flails but Suzuki still lifts! Goto fights to back drop free!! Goto roars, runs, but Suzuki follows to shoot around, SLEEPER! But Goto powers Suzuki to a corner! Hashi runs in to clothesline! Feed to the fireman’s carry, FIERCE- NO, Archer grabs Hashi by the hair! Suzuki slips off to SLEEPER! Hashi gets around Archer to waistlock, Archer elbows free, but then Hashi dumps him out! Fans fire up as Goto fireman’s carries!

FIERCE FLASH! Into SHOUTO!!! Cover, Bishamon wins!!

Winners: Hirooki Goto & Yoshi-Hashi, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Suzuki & Archer earn 0)

Goto & Hashi live to fight another round! Can Bishamon #GetBackUp to the World Tag League finals for a back-to-back victory?


World Tag League 2022: Toru Yano & Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls!

The Joker & The Ace were knocked out of the running just last round, but they aren’t going to let that stop them! Will they bring down one of the frontrunners in the block? Or will Shane & Mikey prove that The Mighty Don’t Kneel?

The teams sort out and the Mighty want Red Shoes to thoroughly check Yano. Yano says it’s all fine! Tanahashi takes off his jacket, and Yano says, “SUGOI~!” Yano gets the fans cheering for “HIROSHI! HIROSHI!” and Tanahashi starts against Shane. Shane does an air drum while Tanahashi air guitars. Fans rally for Hiroshi as he circles with Shane. They tie up, Shane powers Tanahashi to ropes, but Red Shoes calls the break. Shane lets off to flex his own muscles. Fans applaud as they are impressive, but Tanahashi shrugs that off. Tanahashi and Shane circle and tie up again, and Tanahashi puts Shane on ropes now.

Tanahashi lets off quickly, and he flexes his muscles. Fans cheer even more, and that annoys Shane. But Tanahashi blocks Shane’s kick to CLUB the leg then headlock. Shane powers up but can’t power out as Tanahashi holds tight. Tanahashi hits a headlock takeover but Shane headscissors. Tanahashi kips free but Shane headlocks for a takeover. Now Tanahashi headscissors and Shane kips free. Tanahashi flexes and Shane backs away. Shane wants Tanahashi to back up, and Tanahashi steps away. Shane resets and circles with Tanahashi again. But then Shane tags Mikey and Yano calls to Tanahashi! Tanahashi tags Yano and fans fire up!

Yano and Mikey step up, and Yano squats! Fans want Mikey to squat but Mikey mocks it as sumo. Yano stands up and says it’s not sumo, but Mikey kicks him low! Mikey whips, Yano holds ropes to taunt Mikey, then he dodges to go for a buckle pad! Mikey storms over as Yano throws the pad away. Mikey kicks Yano and runs, but Tanahashi catches him! Yano runs in but Mikey moves! Yano stops from running into Tanahashi, but he turns around into a kick! Mikey runs, but Tanahashi gets in, both Yano & Tanahashi run Mikey over! Fans fire up as they both squat by him. Shane gets in to BOOT Tanahashi out of the ring!

Yano says, “Oh sh*t” and Shane BOOTS him down! Mikey gets up, he kicks Yano out, and then goes out after Yano to kick him more. Mikey smacks Yano off the apron, puts him in the ring, and covers, TWO! Fans applaud but Mikey drags Yano around into a CAMEL CLUTCH! Yano endures, Mikey fishhooks Yano’s face! Red Shoes reprimands, Mikey lets go, and he tags Shane. Fans rally for Yano but the Mighty mug Yano in the corner. Shane pushes Yano out while Mikey BLASTS Tanahashi! Shane sends Yano into railing! Shane puts Yano in the ring, drags him up by his hair, and he snapmares Yano back down for a basement dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Shane squats! Fans applaud and Shane SLAMS Yano’s arm down! Then he SLAMS Yano’s other arm! Then he makes Yano clap really hard! Fans clap along, then Shane SLAMS both arms! Fans cheer and Shane flexes. Shane drags Yano over, tags Mikey in, and the Mighty drag Yano up. Yano fights back with forearms, but Shane UPPERCUTS and Mikey reels Yano in, BACK SUPLEX NECKBREAKER COMBO! Cover, Tanahashi breaks it! Mikey CLUBS Tanahashi and shoves him out. Mikey stomps Yano more, then drops knees at the ropes. Fans rally while Shane taunts Yano. Mikey eggs Yano on and Yano stands up.

Yano fires off forearms but Mikey hits back! Yano pulls hair but Mikey ROCKS Yano! Mikey whips, Yano reverses and throws Mikey down by his hair! Fans fire up and Yano crawls over, hot tag to Tanahashi! Tanahashi fires off on Mikey, then whips to ropes. Mikey reverses but Tanahashi FLYING FOREARMS! Tanahashi BLASTS Shane for good measure, then he runs at Mikey. Tanahashi blocks a boot to DRAGON SCREW! Shane runs in but his kick is blocked, DRAGON SCREW! Fans fire up with Tanahashi and he brings Mikey up. Tanahashi scoops and SLAMS Mikey into a drop zone, then goes up the corner. SUNSET SENTON! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up as Tanahashi waits on Mikey. Mikey stands, Tanahashi runs, but into an ELBOW! Mikey runs, ducks Tanahashi’s haymaker, and fireman’s carries for a DEATH VALLEY BOMB! Fans fire up while both men are down. Tanahashi and Mikey crawl, hot tags to Yano and Shane! Fans cheer as Yano dodges to SLAP Shane! Yano whips, Shane reverses, but Yano stops from hitting bare buckles! Shane runs in but Yano sends him into the buckles! Roll-up, TWO! Yano is upset with Red Shoes but Red SHoes says his count was fair. Shane UPPERCUTS, but Yano atomic- NO, Shane slips off to BOOT!

Shane suplexes for a FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Yano is still in this but Shane snarls. Shane calls his shot, goes up the corner, but Yano knocks Red Shoes into the ropes to trip Shane up! Yano apologizes to them all, but Shane YANKS Yano into the bare buckles! Shane adjusts, Yano staggers, and Shane leaps, into an atomic drop! Fans fire up as Yano crawls and tags in Tanahashi! Tanahashi runs to SLING- NO, Shane atomic drops Tanahashi! Tanahashi goes to a corner, Shane runs in but Tanahashi dodges! Shane’s boot misses and he gets hung up on the top rope again! Tanahashi runs, but Shane DROPKICKS him down!

Fans fire up as Shane and Tanahashi crawl. Hot tag to Mikey! Mikey drags Tanahashi up, suplexes, but Tanahashi slips free! Tanahashi waistlocks, but he ducks Mikey’s elbow, only for Mikey to DDT! Fans fire up as Mikey roars, and Mikey drags Tanahashi up. But Tanahashi throws a forearm! Mikey forearms back, they go back and forth and fans fire up! Tanahashi UPPERCUTS, runs, but into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Mikey argues the count, and Shane sends Yano into railing! Mikey scoops Tanahashi, Shane runs in, TANKBUSTER! Cover, but Yano breaks it! Shane throws Yano out and then goes out after him.

Mikey drags Tanahashi up, reels him in, but Tanahashi fights the bomb! Tanahashi throws elbows, to TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Fans fire up, Tanahashi runs, but into a scoop! MIKEY BOMB!! Cover, TWO!?!? Mikey can’t believe that Tanahashi survives! Fans fire up as Shane gets back in. The Mighty roar, they drag Tanahashi up, THUNDER- NO, Tanahashi fights free! Tanahashi fires off forearms and elbows, but Mikey SLAPS! Shane SLAPS! The Mighty DOUBLE SLAP! But then Tanahashi duck and the Mighty SLAPS each other! Tanahashi DRAGON PALMS Mikey while Yano shoves Red Shoes out of the way!

Tanahashi shoves Mikey into Shane, and Yano DOUBLE LOW BLOWS The Mighty! Tanahashi runs to SLINGBLADE Mikey down! Fans are thunderous as Tanahashi PLANCHAS Shane! Yano has Mikey up, ONIGOROSHI!! Tanahashi climbs up top, HIGH FLY FLOW!! Cover, the Joker & the Ace win!

Winners: Toru Yano & Hiroshi Tanahashi, by pinfall (gain 2 points; The Mighty earn 0)

The Mighty Don’t Kneel, but they FELL here tonight! And with Aussie Open as their last opponents, are they doomed to miss the finals?

As for Yano & Tanahashi, Red Shoes squats with them to confirm the victory, and then Yano calls in the Mayor! “Shichou” Toshiyuki Sakai says why not, and he gets into the ring! He takes off the suit jacket and puts his mask aside for the moment, so he can squat! Maybe he was a Yankee in his younger days? Fans cheer the photo op, and then Tanahashi gets the mic. “After 25 years, NJPW is back in Karatsu!” Fans cheer for that! Tanahashi thanks the fans for coming out and supporting NJPW, which fans also applaud. Tanahashi says “You all have really let me see so much of Karatsu. Thank you. Liger-san introduced me to this beautiful town. The food, the sights. Thank you for having us.

“But the thing that really struck me about this place was the warm reception all of you gave us. Thank you so much!” Fans cheer that, too. Tanahashi then says, “So next time, we’ll see you in another 25 years?” Fans laugh, then boo, because they hope not! “No? Okay, we’ll see you… next year!” Fans cheer but is Tanahashi putting NJPW in a spot promising that? Tanahashi thanks the fans again for supporting the show until the end. “Finally, to every single one of you in Karatsu… AISHITEMAAASU~!” Fans get to cheer along with that one, and getting to join Yano in “Y T R!” The Joker & The Ace take a victory lap around the ring, but then Tanahashi gets back in the ring.

“Sorry. I forgot the air guitar!” Fans cheer, at least he remembered before he left. Fans chant, “GI-TA-RU! GI-TA-RU!” and a fan sends theirs up to Tanahashi! “KARATSU~!” “OSU!” “KARATSU~!” “OSU!” “LET’S ROCK~!” The air guitar concert begins! Yano is even sitting in his red chair doing air drums! Big finish! Fans want an “EN-CO-RU! EN-CO-RU!” Tanahashi decides to return that previous air guitar, so he can borrow one from the other side of the arena! Another air guitar is sent up, and then Yano switches to air bass! They jam out and fans clap along! Fans cheer Yano for going hard on the bass. But they still want more!

The mayor has an air guitar! Tanahashi takes it, and Yano’s back on drums! Fans cheer the third round of the concert, and Yano is surprised when there’s actually a cymbal crash for his big finish! Tanahashi returns the mayor’s guitar, then gets the mic again. “I can’t just leave it at that, so I have to close on a second Aishitemasu for the first time ever!” Fans fire up as they get to be part of history! “Finally, and really this time, Karatsu… AISHITEMAAAAAAASU!” So much love, energy, comedy and music, will this help carry Yano, Tanahashi and all of  NJPW into a bright future?


Here are the NEW World Tag League standings!

Aussie Open: 7-1, 14 points
The Mighty: 5-2, 10 points
Naito & Sanada: 5-2, 10 points
Goto & Hashi: 5-2, 10 points
Yano & Tanahashi: 4-3, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Khan & Henare: 4-4, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Suzuki & Archer: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Coughlin & Kidd: 1-6, 2 points [ELIMINATED]
Evil & Yujiro: 1-6, 2 points [ELIMINATED]

Chase & Fale: [FORFEIT]

My Thoughts:

Another great round for World Tag League, and awesome stuff to see Coughlin & Kidd get a win off House of Torture. I like Coughlin & Kidd as a team, and I know Coughlin’s overall story is going to be hunting down JR Kratos, but maybe Kidd can be his back-up through that story. Aussie Open VS Henare & Khan probably had the actual best match of the night and that probably could’ve been the main event. But at the same time, I get they put this earlier on the card because it was still very clear Aussie Open was going to win. They have such a big lead, Aussie Open is already a lock for the finals, so it all comes down to their opponents.

Goto & Hashi had a great match against Suzuki & Archer to get a much needed win. But I have a feeling they’re going to be out next with Naito & Sanada still in the running, and Aussie Open VS The Mighty being a big match-up on Friday the 9th. Yano & Tanahashi beating the Mighty though being out of the running was big for them, and I really do hope those two keep things going past World Tag League. At the same time, they probably choose not to so that their high school bad boy act doesn’t get tired.

My Score: 8.8/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (12/5/22)

Who will be The Ones?



WWE Raw 2022

There’s a lot on the line for The Bloodline!

United though they may be, The Bloodline still needs to be on guard! Jimmy & Jey Uso return to Raw to defend their Undisputed Tag Team Championships against Matt Riddle & Elias!


  • Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships: The Usos VS Matt Riddle & Elias; The Usos win and retain the titles.
  • Triple Threat: Bayley VS Rhea Ripley VS Asuka; Bayley wins and advances to next week’s Raw Women’s Championship #1 contenders match.
  • WWE United States Championship: Austin Theory VS Mustafa Ali; Theory wins by disqualification and retains the title.
  • JBL’s High Stakes Poker Invitational: Lumis wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The OC VS Baron Corbin & The Alpha Academy; The OC wins.
  • Dominik Mysterio VS Akira Tozawa; Dominik wins.
  • Triple Threat: Becky Lynch VS Alexa Bliss VS Nikki Cross; Alexa wins and advances to next week’s Raw Women’s Championship #1 contenders match.


Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships: The Usos VS Matt Riddle & Elias!

The Bloodline is here as Sami Zayn and Solo Sikoa accompany Jimmy & Jey to the ring. The reign is over 500 days and counting, but could that time be up here in Washington, DC? Or will

As footage shows, it was earlier tonight when the Bloodline arrived. They were fired up, but Byron Saxton walked over to interview them. But then The Bro scooters in super fast! The Bloodline gets clear, and they’re upset. Jey says it doesn’t matter, they gonna get Riddle AND Elias tonight like they have every other team! If Riddle and Elias want at the titles, just look who showed up tonight? But then Elias comes out of his tour bus to ask what all the commotion’s about. Solo CLOBBERS Elias from behind! The Bloodline mugs The Drifter, and Solo whips Elias into spare railing! Sami says that’s what they get! Then he realizes Elias might be hurt.

In the present, Jey gets a mic to say, “The Bloodline is now in your city!” But Jimmy says there’s some bad news. The championship match that was supposed to go down is officially canceled! Cuz the Enforcer, Solo Sikoa, done bodied Elias in the parking lot. Now, everyone surely came here to see them compete, but here’s the bright side: Riddle won’t be humiliated, and Elias can go home to work on any song he wants to. Sami adds, “Bet! Sorry, it just felt like a good time for a ‘bet.'” Jimmy understands. But what you can look forward to now is the Usos focusing on being the best tag team ever!

The Usos will defend against any team that wants to run up, but those that run up will get done up! Because everyone else is the twos, and #WeTheOnes! But “Bro…” Riddle comes out to say, “First of all, it wasn’t so cool of you guys to take out my partner Elias tonight, dude. Like tonight was his first night to finally get WWE gold. And honestly, if I’m being real, it’s not really like The Bloodline to run from a fight. I would say it’s not very… How you say? Ucey?” Sami tells Riddle, “Yo yo yo yo yo yo! Hold up, my dawg.” Sami wants to explain something to Riddle. Riddle is not the one who decides what is or isn’t Ucey. Sami’s a bit of an expert in this field.

In fact, Sami is a certified Uceologist. What? Sami is the one to say what is and isn’t Ucey. For example, Solo Sikoa showing once again why he IS the Enforcer by destroying Elias, that is UCEY! The Usos continuing to be the longest reigning tag team champions in history, that is UCEY! Riddle coming out here, running his mouth, thinking he ever had a chance at beating them is NOT Ucey. So unless Riddle wants to suffer the same fate as Elias, just go home. Riddle says he did find someone else. And there WILL be a tag title match tonight! Now, Riddle and this guy aren’t really bros, but they both hate the Bloodline. It’s KEVIN OWENS!!

The Prizefighter and the Bro go to the ring but the Usos say that’s fine. Will the #KOBros be the ones to dethrone Jimmy & Jey?

The teams sort out, Kevin and Jey start and the bell rings. Kevin blocks Jey’s superkick and fires off haymakers! Kevin has Jey in a corner, the ref counts and Kevin lets off at 4. Kevin drags Jey up to whip to ropes and he CLOBBERS Jey with an elbow, to then SENTON! Cover, TWO! Sami coaches Jey but Kevin drags Jey up. Kevin bumps Jey off buckles, JABS, then backs up to run corner to corner! CANNO- NO, Jimmy gets Jey out of the way. Fans boo but Kevin goes out after them all to CLOBBER Jimmy! Kevin whips Jey into barriers! Fans fire up with Kevin, Kevin asks Solo what he’s staring at, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns as Kevin covers, TWO! Jimmy survives the cannonball but Kevin knocks him back down. Kevin goes up and up and MOONSUALTS! Cover, ONE!! Jimmy scrambles to ropes, Sami is upset about things, but Riddle tags in. Riddle stands Jimmy up to ROCK him with haymakers. Riddle whips, Jimmy reverses but Riddle holds ropes to BOOT Jimmy. But Jimmy distracts the ref and Jey ENZIGURIS Riddle down! Sami is fired up but fans boo the cheap shot. Jimmy tags Jey, the Usos split the wishbone. Jey looms over Riddle, he drags Riddle around then stomps him down. Jey throws his shirt at Kevin but Kevin just throws it on the floor.

Jey CHOKES Riddle on the ropes, he lets off at 4, and Jimmy BOOTS Riddle down! The cheap shots continue and fans boo again. Jey drags Riddle up, scoops him and tags Jimmy. Jimmy climbs up, BACKBREAKER AX HANDLE COMBO! Cover, TWO! Riddle hangs tough and the Usos are annoyed. Fans rally but Jimmy drags Riddle up to ROCK him! Riddle ROCKS Jimmy back, fires off more shots, then he BLASTS Jey! Jimmy UPPERCUTS Riddle down! Jimmy BLASTS Kevin for good measure! But Riddle fires off forearms on Jimmy! Jey tags in as Riddle whips, and Jimmy reverses, the Usos DOUBLE SPINEBUSTER! Jey covers, TWO!

Sami is anxious and even Solo shows a bit of stress as Riddle is still in this. But Sami says Jey has Riddle where they want him. Jey stands Riddle up but Riddle CHOPS and CHOPS and fires off fast hands! Jey ducks the roundhouse, to POP-UP NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Riddle survives but still in a bad way as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Riddle wipes out both Usos! Riddle BROTONS Jimmy then tags in Kevin! Kevin goes up top fast, to SWANTON BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Sami is stressing out as Kevin keeps focus on Jimmy. Jimmy rises slowly and Sami tries to warn him, but Jimmy turns around into a kick! But Jimmy stops the Stunner! Kevin stops the superkick, to SUPERKICK back! Kevin whips, but Jimmy slips off the pop-up to SUPERKICK! Both men are down and fans fire up! Both men crawl, hot tags to Jey and Riddle! Riddle spins Jey around to PELE! Then Riddle kips up, but Jey mule kicks and UPPERCUTS!

Riddle goes to ropes, Jey run sin but Riddle headscissors him out of the ring! Riddle hurries back in, Sami helps Jey stand up. Kevin storms over but Solo stands in the way! The ref warns Solo, but then Riddle PLANCHAS to take Solo out! Jey SUPERKICKS Kevin! Riddle FLASH KNEES Jey! Riddle puts Jey in, tells Sami to back off, but Jimmy tags in! Riddle rushes Jey but Jimmy storms in. Riddle ROCKS Jimmy, Jey USPERKICKS Riddle! ONE D on the rebound!! Cover, USOS WIN!

Winners: The Usos, by pinfall (still Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions)

The Bloodline’s numbers game is the real unstoppable force in the WWE! And now Sami and the Usos mug Riddle! But Kevin has a chair! He SMACKS Jimmy, and he SMACKS Jey! Sami gets away but Kevin chases him to the back! Solo gets in the ring to SUPERKICK Riddle! Solo fires off on Riddle with heavy fists! Fans boo but the Enforcer isn’t done with Riddle yet. Solo has a taped up thumb, shoutout to Umaga with the SAMOAN SPIKE!! Riddle sputters and crawls to a corner, Solo runs in to HIP ATTACK!! Solo’s rage is unleashed as he gets a chair for himself.

Solo puts the chair around Riddle’s head, punches Riddle down, then goes to the far corner. Fans boo as hard as they can but Solo roars and runs in, FULL METAL HIP ATTACK!!! Riddle writhes and clutches his neck! Medics rush out and put Riddle in a neck brace and onto a backboard. Did Solo just sideline The Bro all on his own?


BREAKING NEWS for SmackDown!

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre wanted to challenge the winners to an Undisputed Tag Team Championship match this Friday, but the Scottish Warrior is unfortunately not cleared medically. That means the Celtic Warrior will have “Butch” as his new tag partner! Will Pete Dunne be able to help Sheamus against the Usos? Or will it be more of the same from The Bloodline?


The Judgment Day speaks.

Rhea says, “Bayley and Asuka, they’re both credible. They’ve both been Women’s Champion, they’ve both been Women’s Tag Team Champion. They’re both very, very good at what they do. But you know what they’re not? They’re not Rhea bloody Ripley! So when I’m done with them tonight and they’re laying in that ring crying their eyes out and I move on to Bianca Belair for the Raw Women’s Championship, and when I’m done with Bianca, the whole Raw Women’s locker room will be calling me Mami.” The Judgment Day like that, and then Rhea high-fives as she heads out. Will the Eradicator eliminate everyone in her path to the title?


JBL’s Poker Invitational begins!

Tamina, Dana Brooke, Shelton Benjamin, Dominik Mysterio and Akira Tozawa are one table, while Chad Gable, Luke Gallows and Baron Corbin are another. Otis has a huge plate of sausage but he isn’t sharing. JBL walks over to say, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the JBL Poker Invitational, an event that’ll become as big a tradition as The Masters, the Olympics, and as grand a spectacle as WrestleMania. Now, I know a lot of you don’t see eye to eye, and Tozawa… Nobody likes you. But poker is a gentlemen’s, and gentlewoman’s, sport. Especially in the high stakes room. The rules are simple: It is a dime ante. 10, 20K-”

BOOM! Dexter Lumis enters with Johnny Gargano, and he drops the Louis Vuitton bag full of cash he won from The Miz! JBL assumes Crystal Lake doesn’t get mail, but Jason Vorhees here needs an invitation. And JBL is pretty sure he didn’t invite the… one-and-a-half of them. Besides, Lumis can’t possibly have the 50K buy-in. So go stare at someone else. Gargano says “Show ’em.” And Lumis dumps the money out! Well okay! Welcome to the tournament! Lumis has a seat at the table, will anyone be able to crack that poker face?


Triple Threat: Bayley VS Rhea Ripley VS Asuka!

A Role Model, an Eradicator and an Empress walk into the ring, but this ain’t no joke! Only one can move on to the next round, who will be one step closer to facing The RawEST Women’s Champion?

But then surprisingly, Becky Lynch calls to Bayley from up in the bleachers! “Hey, ol’ pal! Well, I dunno if I can call ya pal anymore, seeing as how you and your cronies keep trying to jump me.” Fans cheer Becky on and she says, “I was just up at the merch stand, reminiscing about how fun it was last week, me beating up Bayley and her two cronies at one time. That was awesome.” Bayley says it’d be more awesome if Becky could hurry this up. Bayley has stuff to do. Well Becky wants Bayley to know that first, this is a great fan sign, #BigTimeBecky. But did Bayley also know that it’s been over three years since they faced each other 1v1?

Becky says they didn’t even scratch the surface back then. She was gone, Bayley showed up, but kudos to Bayley for carrying the WWE during the ThunderDome era! She really did! She was champion, Double Champion, sometimes doing double and triple duty. Bayley says the fans can cheer for that. The fans do cheer! Becky says Bayley was awesome, but then Becky came back right as Bayley was gone. And then Bayley came back right as Becky was gone. Bayley says she’s kinda repeating herself, and we all know the history. But Becky has a match so she should go, and also Bayley has a match right now that she’s about to win.

So the point is, Becky doesn’t need to tell Bayley’s history. That doesn’t matter now. Stop living in the past! Becky came down the stairs, she’s interrupting matches and Bayley’s “Magic!” Becky thinks she can just do whatever she wants, huh? Yeah, actually, she does. Becky was just trying to catch up. But Bayley says the difference between them, now more than ever, when Becky is here, it’s all about her, isn’t it? Fans cheer Becky because they definitely like her. Bayley says the fans just make it worse. Becky doesn’t care about the fans or anyone else! BAYLEY cares about the fans and the wrestlers!

And that’s what Bayley has been doing while Becky’s been gone. That’s why Bayley has Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky. She looks out of the future for the idiot fans! And the locker room! Bayley sees the bigger picture, but Becky just looks in the mirror! No one cheers, huh? That’s because no one has respect for what Bayley’s doing! Fans still cheer Becky. Becky says Bayley is looking out for people, and DMG CTRL has been successful. Well, two thirds have been, because there’s two champs and one loser. But hey, good luck tonight. Maybe they can finally go 1v1 again and make some history. If Bayley’s woman enough to face The Man, that is.

Becky leaves just as Rhea makes her entrance. Will Big Time Becks have to change her plans on who she’s facing next round?

Raw returns and Asuka makes her entrance. The bell rings and Asuka DROPKICKS Bayley! But Rhea rolls Asuka, ONE!! Asuka dodges Rhea’s haymaker but Bayley ROCKS her! Bayley grab at Asuka but Rhea rolls Bayley up, ONE!! Rhea kicks and stomps and KNEE SMASHES Bayley to then throw her out. Asuka runs in but Rhea catches her hip attack! Rhea CLUBS Asuka, suplexes high and hard, then covers, TWO! Rhea CLUBS Asuka, CLUBS her more, then bumps her off buckles. Fans rally for Asuka but Rhea RAMS into her again and again. Bayley runs up, but Rhea blocks the roll-up! Bayley avoids the stomp, and the two stare down.

Bayley taunts “Mami,” then dodges her haymaker to waistlock. Rhea pries the hold, bucks Bayley at the ropes, then runs in again to scoop. Bayley slips off, but Rhea blocks the punch! Rhea throws body shots, RAMS Bayley into the corner and RAMS into her more! Rhea then brings Bayley out to snap suplex! Rhea looms over Bayley, goes back to Asuka, and whips her corner to corner hard! Rhea then goes to Bayley to CLUB her down. Rhea grins as she whips corner to corner and Bayley hits buckles hard! Rhea grins more as she storms over to Asuka. Rhea stands Asuka up but Asuka throws body shots!

Rhea kicks low, TOSSES Asuka aside, then TOSSES Bayley around! Fans rally as Rhea soaks up the heat. Rhea storms over to Asuka and drags her up. Asuka throws more body shots, then kicks and a SOBAT! Bayley runs in to BLINDSIDE LARIAT Rhea, Asuka SLIDING KICKS! Asuka and Bayley come to an understanding to mug Rhea, and  they POST her! Then Bayley kicks Asuka and headlocks. Asuka fires body shots, powers out and runs Bayley over! Bayley goes to the apron, she avoids the hip attack and she drags Asuka out to throw her into barriers! Bayley CLUBS Asuka, but Rhea CANNONBALLS them both! Fans fire up as Rhea laughs, and Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Bayley paces around as Rhea smothers Asuka into the mat with a forearm. Seems Bayley and Rhea now have that understanding, and Rhea sits Asuka up for Bayley to stomp down. Bayley talks trash, Rhea slaps Asuka around, and they drag Asuka up. Rhea bumps Asuka off buckles, then Rhea whips Bayley in, but Asuka puts her on the apron! Asuka dodges Rhea, URAKEN, URAKEN, SOBAT, KICK and URAKEN to an AX HANDLE! But Rhea blocks the whip! Rhea whips Asuka to a corner, but Asuka dodges! ROUNDHOUSE! Bayley runs in but is sent into Bayley! Rhea SLAMS Bayley, but Asuka uses Bayley as a step to BOOT Rhea!

Fans fire up as Asuka SOBATS Rhea again. Asuka headlocks Rhea, runs at Bayley, but only the LRIAT Hits as Rhea fights the bulldog. Rhea runs in, Asuka dodges, CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO! Asuka fires up and fans are with her as she watches Rhea and Bayley sit up. Asuka KICKS Rhea, she KICKS Bayley, then back to Rhea! Another for Bayley! Rhea! Bayley, but she ducks! Roll-up, TWO! Bayley kicks but into an ANKLE LOCK! Bayley flails, reaches out, pulls at Asuka’s hair but that won’t stop this. Rhea gets up and storms over, but Bayley grabs Rhea’s hair! Rhea HEADBUTTS Bayley, and Asuka GERMAN SUPLEXES her!

Asuka avoids a kick from Rhea to ROUNDHOUSE Rhea down! Fans fire up but Bayley drags Asuka out! Bayley hurries back in, she calls to Rhea, and Rhea shakes out the cobwebs. Rhea stands up and Bayley still wants to work together. Rhea says she won’t let Bayley boss her around. Bayley says okay, and then she lunges! Into a choke grip! Rhea know that was coming, but Bayley ROCKS her with a forearm! Rhea ROCKS Bayley, Bayley ROCKS Rhea, repeat! Bayley pulls hair but Rhea throws body shots! Bayley hits back, Rhea throws more! Asuka leaps for a DOUBLE CODE BREAKER!! Cover on Rhea, TWO!! Cover on Bayley, TWO!!

Fans fire up and Asuka hurries to a corner. Asuka climbs but Bayley is after her! They brawl, Asuka sends Bayley down then leaps, MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! ASUKA LOCK!!! Bayley flails, reaches out, crawls around with her one free arm, but Rhea returns! Rhea basement dropkicks them both! Cover on Asuka, TWO! Rhea is frustrated but fans rally up. Rhea drags Asuka up to short arm LARIAT! Rhea drags Asuka up again, for another short arm LARIAT! Fans fire up, Rhea drags Asuka up again, but Asuka turns lariat to ARMBAR TAKEDOWN!! Rhea flails, kicks, but Bayley MACHO ELBOWS Asuka! Cover on Asuka, TWO!!

Bayley frowns as she drags herself back up. Bayley runs to CLOBBER Asuka, then she rains down fists! Bayley drags Asuka back up, BAYLEY2BELLY! Cover, Rhea breaks it!! Rhea reels Bayley in for a HEADBUTT! And another! And another! And then a NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Rhea grows frustrated but she turns her attention to Asuka. Asuka kicks, but into an Electric Chair Lift! And SLAM!! Cover, TWO!!! Asuka survives and Rhea cannot believe it! Fans fire up, Rhea hurries to DROPKICK Bayley out of the ring! Rhea hurries outside, runs in around the way, but Bayley KICKS her legs out! Bayley hurries in, ducks a kick and clinches! BAYLEY2- ROLL UP! TWO!!!

Asuka URAKENS! URKAENS! SOBATS! Bayley ducks the next hand, RAMS Asuka to a corner, then runs in, into  a ROUNDHOUSE!! Asuka goes up, MISSILE- NO, Bayley deflects it! ROSE PLANT!!! Cover, BAYLEY WINS!

Winner: Bayley, by pinfall (advances to next week)

Rhea is furious, but she takes it out on Asuka! Rhea kicks Asuka around, then pump handles for the RIPTIDE!! Bayley grins as she moves on, but who will she meet in the #1 contender’s match?


Seth Rollins is here!

DC sings for The Visionary as he swaggers his way to the ring. Rollins is here in DC to welcome them to Monday Night Rollins! “you know me, you love me. I am the Visionary, I am the revolutionary, I am Seth… “FREAKIN’ ROLLINS!” And Rollins has big news for DC! “One week from tonight, yours truly is going to go one-on-one with The All Mighty Bobby Lashley! And the winner of that there little match will be your new #1 contender to the United States Championship.” And he’d love to say a lot of things to ol’ “Bob,” but it’s not fun if he’s not out here. And DC wants to have fun, right? The fans cheer and Rollins says they had fun singing his song.

Fans sing again, “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” But then here comes Lashley! Fans cheer as he walks out on stage in a crimson and black suit to counter Rollins’ sky blue and white one. Lashley goes to the ring with a mic of his own to say, “So, Seth, I’m here. So what would you like to tell me. Now be careful with that.” Rollins wants Lashley to hold on. Lashley just hasn’t been the same since Crown Jewel and that loss to Brock Lesnar. And there’s no shame in losing to Lesnar! Been there, done that. But what is with Lashley’s Lesnar obsession? Is Lashley… scared of Lesnar? Rollins knows Lesnar is bigger and stronger-

Lashley stops Rollins there because he knows Rollins is just trying to get under his skin and rattle his cage. No, no, no! Rollins accepts Lashley isn’t afraid. So then… He must be jealous of Lesnar. That’s it! Because Lesnar’s a bigger star, won more championships. That’s gotta be it. Lesnar had the career Lashley wishes he had. Lashley grabs Rollins by his hair to tell him this is NOT about Lesnar! This is about Rollins, Lashley, and the US Championship that should be around Lashley’s waist. Rollins says okay, but just relax. Bob knows as well as Rollins does that the US title won’t fill the void in Lashley’s heart left by the fact that he can’t beat Lesnar.

If Lashley doesn’t get his head right, he can’t get his temper right, and beating him will be a lot easier for Rollins than the first. time. Lashley DECKS Rollins for that! Rollins gets up and they brawls! Fans fire up as Lashley has the edge on Rollins! Lashley throws knees, then he throws Rollins out! Lashley goes out but Rollins jumps on him! Lashley RAMS Rollins into barriers, whips him into more barriers, and DC fires up as Rollins comes back for more! They go around, brawling right on the barriers! Referees and security rush out to stop this! Rollins claws Lashley’s face! The fans want to “Let Them Fight!” and Rollins gets free to CLOBBER Lashley!

The brawling keeps going, Adam Pearce tries to stop this, and Lashley stands down while Rollins slides into the ring. Fans sing “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~” and Lashley storms back in! They brawl in the ring again! Lashley RAMS Rollins into a corner! The hands keep flying but management and referees separate them again. Lashley gets loose, Rollins moves, the SPEAR hits one of the producers! Pearce shouts at Lashley and Rollins says Lashley has done it now! Producer Pete Williams is hurting, will Lashley have to face the consequences?


Backstage interview with Austin Theory.

Byron Saxton asks the WWE United States Champion what we just saw in the “absolute chaos” between Rollins and Lashley. Theory says he saw the past. Two former champs are fighting over scraps, oblivious to the fact that the business has evolved and forgotten about both of them. This business lives in the now, where it’s Theory’s time, and he has all the cards! And let’s face it, what’s a couple of challenges to Theory’s reign when the forever is just beginning? But then he turns around into Mustafa Ali! “Forever, huh? Theory, you just love writing checks that you know you can’t cash in. Oh, ‘cash-in,’ you probably don’t like hearing those words.”

Theory says Ali is annoying! He constantly whines and complains about opportunities, then gets beat down. Why doesn’t Ali just quit? Because Ali isn’t like Theory. Ali has to fight for what he has. He has to fight for opportunities! So know this: Theory can put Ali down but he’ll get back up, back in Theory’s face, and become US Champion. Fine! If Ali wants his shot, and his chance to shock the world, then they’ll do this tonight. But after Theory finishes with Ali, Theory never EVER wants to hear the word “opportunity” comes out of Ali’s sorry mouth again. Theory storms off, but will The Beacon bring the end to “The Now” that is Theory’s reign?


Raw checks back in with the JBL Poker Invitational.

Lumis still has fat stacks while the others mull over their hands. JBL has his Ugandan whiskey brought in by the waiter, and gives him a great tip. JBL watches as Corbin’s table moves along. Gable folds, a thank yew. But gentlemen, ladies, the game of poker is about intelligence. The intelligence to know when to push forward, and when to walk away. Gallows says, “NERD!” Gable shouts, “SHOOSH!” “NERD!” “SHOOSH!” This goes back and forth and Corbin has them stop. Take some chill pills. Corbin can’t get a ready on the freak show over here with those two shouting nonsense.

Corbin says Lumis has to be bluffing. He sees through those eyes. Lumis has nothing in his hand, or his head, and Corbin will take all his money and send him back to the loony bin where he belongs. Corbin calls! Corbin has a Straight, 5 through 9! Lumis has… a FULL HOUSE! Three Aces, two Jacks! JBL can’t believe it, either! Corbin says it’s been this way all night! Lumis is some kind of savant. Otis likes croissants. No, savants. Well, those are good, too. Lumis has to be a cheater! No way could he beat Corbin! There have to be cards up his sleeves, in those gloves. Gargano, don’t defend him! Corbin is gonna hand Lumis a-

Lumis has an AX! Whoa, okay, easy now. Corbin and JBL accept Lumis is just that good. Meanwhile, Tozawa is cleaning up on his table! But then Tozawa catches Dom trying to palm a few chips! THIEF!! Thief? This is DOM’S show! Whatever he wants, he gets. And if Tozawa has as problem with that, then the Judgment Day has a problem with Tozawa! Oh, yeah? Well, Tozawa doesn’t care! Dom is the problem. The two stand up, and Dom says Tozawa’s almost as short as his deadbeat dad. JBL has these two settle down. No fighting in the poker room. Go outside if you wanna fight. Tozawa will see Dom in the ring! Yeah he will!

Dom and Tozawa back out of the game for now, but who will be the big winner in the ring?


WWE United States Championship: Austin Theory VS Mustafa Ali!

The self-proclaimed Now of WWE has always had a big ego, and many times that ego has cost him. Will it cost him everything he’s worked for here tonight? Or will Theory leave The Beacon in the dark after this high stakes showdown?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who truly represents the future of the WWE!

Fans boo Theory as he and Ali tie up. Theory shoves Ali down and tells him Ali’s wasting his time. Ali comes back to headlock, but Theory powers up. Ali thrashes, Theory powers out and runs Ali over. “What’d I say? You’re wasting your time! You’re in the now.” Theory stands Ali up but Ali puts him in the corner. Ali CHOPS, but Theory just scowls through it. Theory CLOBBERS Ali, brushes himself off, and storms after Ali again. Theory digs his knee into Ali, dares him to do something, but lets off as the ref counts. Theory storms around, whips Ali corner to corner, then he runs in. Ali goes up and over, keeps moving, ducks ‘n’ dodges and tilt-o-whirl RANAS!

Theory bails out but Ali dropkicks him off the apron! Ali builds speed, and he DIVES! Direct hit at the ramp and fans fire up! Ali stalks Theory, brings him up, but Theory breaks free. Theory baits Ali and Ali runs in, Theory POSTS him with an alley-oop! “You’re in the now! You hear me? You’re in the NOW!” Theory RAMS Ali into barriers! Theory asks Ali how that feels while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Ali throws haymakers on Theory! Ali backs Theory down to a corner but Theory turns it around. Theory swings but Ali dodges to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Ali whips corner to corner, Theory reverses but Ali slips out and ROUNDHOUSES Theory away! Ali slingshots, somersaults, and NECKBREAKERS! Fans fire up but Theory fireman’s carries! Ali slips off to BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO! Fans rally as Theory crawls to a corner and Ali stands up. Ali storms over, but into an elbow! Theory goes up but Ali ROCKS him first! Ali climbs up after Theory, to SUPER- NO, Theory blocks! Wait, they tip over and Theory still hits the mat!

Theory flounders up, Ali runs in, tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cover, TWO!! Theory survives the rough landing then the rougher impact, but Ali is not losing focus yet. Ali hurries to a corner but Theory anchors a foot. Ali stomps him down then climbs back up. Fans rally but Theory trips Ali up! Theory throws haymakers, puts Ali in a Tree of Woe to the outside, and then Theory stomps away on the apron! The ref counts, Theory backs off, only to go back in for more! The ref counts as Theory stomps away. Theory finally gets in the ring, then he drags Ali up to rain down fists! Fans boo, the ref has Theory back off.

Theory snarls but then DOLPH ZIGGLER SUPERKICKS him!!!

Winner: Austin Theory, by disqualification (still WWE United States Champion)

Ali can’t believe it! Theory wins and it isn’t even because of him! Ali gets mad at Ziggler but Ziggler says his beef is with Theory. Ali and Ziggler argue now, but then Theory CLOBBERS them both! Theory rains down fists on Ziggler, then he drags Ali up to POST him! Fans chant “YOU STILL SUCK!” as Theory drags Ziggler up for A-TOWN DOWN! The Show Off cost Ali and didn’t even get the better of Theory. Will Theory stay the now and become the forever of the WWE?


JBL is on the phone with someone.

He’s loving this! No one could’ve put on a better poker tournament. The money is everywhere! The Miz then walks in and JBL hangs up. JBL is happy to see Miz, and Miz says there was probably a slight oversight not inviting Miz. Oh, sorry, he didn’t know Miz played cards. Miz can jump in, if he has the 50K. Right… About that… After Miz’s “financial improprieties,” he isn’t very liquid. JBL knows how crypto can be, right? But c’mon, JBL knows Miz is good for it! JBL says he’d love to, but Miz hasn’t been good at paying off debts. Everyone had cash on them. Miz can give him his Rolex! Oh, that is a nice watch… Wait. Miz does know this isn’t real, right?

What?! The second hand ticks… Miz is offended and he hurries off. Well, so much for that. Will Miz find a way to get in on the game where a certain you-know-who is playing?


Raw returns and we continue with the poker game.

Corbin says read ’em and weep! Four of a Kind, KINGS! The table can’t believe it, but Corbin says Lady Luck is just on his side. But as Corbin leans over to grab the pot, MORE cards fall out of his sleeve! Corbin accused Lumis and he’s the one cheating?! Corbin says he’s not a cheater, someone put those in there! Styles and Corbin start shoving! JBL stops this, he JUST said no fighting! What is wrong with all of you!? They’re ruining his tournament! Okay then. Corbin, get your gear on and bring the Alphas with you. The OC heads out, will they make Corbin pay for playing dirty? JBL shouts, “What is wrong with these idiots?!”

So… Does Lumis win his table by default? Big tip for the dealer. That was easy! Great job, man! Let’s get this stuff in the bag. Tamina sneaks a few bills for herself. Will Lumis be the big winner by the end of tonight?


Backstage interview with Bianca Belair.

Cathy Kelley asks the RawEST Women’s Champion that Bayley is moving on to next week’s #1 contenders match, against whoever wins the second Triple Threat. How does Bianca feel knowing Bayley will get another opportunity? What Bayley did was impressive, but Bianca knows how to handle Bayley. But Bianca would be proud to face any of the women in the Triple Threat matches, even Rhea Ripley, who could’ve handled the loss more gracefully instead of taking her frustrations out on Bianca’s girl, Asuka. Then who does Bianca see winning the second Triple Threat?

Bianca knows Alexa, Becky and Nikki are all dangerous competitors in their own right. Bianca and Alexa grew closer taking on DMG CTRL, but she knows why Alexa was once champion and running the whole division. Nikki, on the other hand, is just unpredictable that could surprise anyone at anytime. And Becky has challenged Bianca more than any rival ever, but at the end, they have to be ready for Bianca. Bianca stays ready so she doesn’t have to get ready. Will Bianca be ready for whoever it is that comes out the NEW #1 contender?


Six Man Tag: The OC VS Baron Corbin & The Alpha Academy!

AJ Styles and the Good Brothers may not have come out the winners against Judgment Day, but they aren’t about to let JBL’s golden boy get the better of them at poker! Will the Original, Official and ONLY Club that matters be Too Sweet in DC? Or will Chad Gable & Otis help the Modern Day Wrestling God continue his winning ways?

Raw returns as JBL leads the way for his protégé. Corbin makes his entrance, followed by “SHOOOOSH~!” The trios sort out and JBL joins commentary. Corbin and Styles start, they tie up and Corbin knees low! Corbin ROCKS Styles, CLUBS him down, then runs to run Styles over! Fans boo but Corbin soaks up the heat. Corbin drags Styles up but Styles JAWBREAKERS! Styles CHOPS and ROCKS and whips, but Corbin reverses. Styles KICKS Corbin, and hits a DDT! Styles tags Karl but Corbin gets away. Gable tags in, and Gable circles with the Machine Gun. They tie up, Gable waistlocks and spins Karl to a snapmare.

Gable pushes Karl down, facelocks, gator rolls, and he waistlocks to then get a leg. Gable ties the legs up and says, “A THANK YEW~!” Gable floats to a facelock, headlocks, but Karl fights up to power out. Gable runs Karl over, “A THANK YEW~!” Gable runs, Karl drops to then hip toss! Fans fire up as Karl tags Gallows and the Good Brothers double whip. They run Gable over, then Gallows drags Gable up. Gallows wristlocks, Gable endures and rolls to bridge and handspring. Gable spins, breaks free, then says, “SHOOOOSH~!” Gallows says, “NERD~!” They start this up again, “SHOOOSH!” “NERD!” then Gallows UPPERCUTS Gable!

Tag to Karl, Karl brings Gable out but Gable throat chops! Gable bumps Karl off buckles, tags Corbin, and Corbin mugs Karl. Corbin puts Karl in a corner, fires off hands, then tags Otis. Otis RAMS into Karl, and again, and again! Otis picks Karl up to DUMP him down, then he snarls at Gallows. Otis drags Karl around to CLUB him down! Tag to Corbin, they mug Karl, then Corbin CLUBS Karl down. Fans rally but Corbin stands Karl up. Karl ORCKS and CHOPS and ROCKS Corbin again, but Corbin shoves him away. Corbin runs in, Karl moves, but Corbin slides out to slide in and LARIAT! Cover, TWO!

Corbin argues the count but the ref defnds it was just two. Corbin shouts out JBL and JBL cheers Corbin on. Corbin stands Karl up, CLUBS him down, then throws down elbow after elbow! Gable soaks up the heat for Corbin while Otis says that’s hammer time. Fans chant at “BUM ASS CORBIN!” Corbin back suplexes Karl but Karl lands on his feet! Hot tag to Styles! Corbin rushes in but Styles ROCKS him! Styles springboards, but Corbin gets under! Styles rolls through to ELBOW Gable, BLAST Otis, and runs back at Corbin to fire off a Phenomenal Blitz! Corbin flounders, Styles runs, but Gable dumps him out!

Otis CLOBBERS Styles! Fans boo but Gable says, ‘SHOOOOSH~! A THANK YEW~!” Fans boo more but Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and the Academy stomps a mudhole into Styles! The ref counts, they let off, and Otis drags Styles up. Otis CLUBS Styles, CLUBS him again, then drags Styles up to snapmare. Otis runs to SPLASH! Styles writhes and Otis snarls. Otis drags Styles up again, tags in Corbin, and they mug Styles. Corbin ROCKS Styles with a haymaker, then throws him up and out. Styles shoulders into Corbin, slingshots up and in but Corbin DECKS Styles out of the air! Cover, TWO! Corbin rains down fists while JBL talks down on the “flippy floppy” styles. Corbin puts Styles in the corner, tag to Gable, and the mugging continues.

Gable snapmares Styles and has a mounted armlock. Gable steps over to wrench the arm, fans rally up and Styles fight sup. Styles throws haymakers and reaches out, but Gable keeps him from the Good Brothers. Styles throws more hands but Gable throws him down! Gable BLASTS Karl, then tells Gallows to “SHOOSH~!” Gable drags Styles up, reels him in but Styles back drops! Hot tag to Gallows! But the ref was busy with an angry Karl! He says Gallows isn’t legal! Gable drags Styles up, and feeds him to a DEEP SIX!! Gable covers, TWO!! Styles survives and Gable is stunned! Tag to Otis, the Alphas drag Styles up to put him in a corner.

Otis SPLASHES, then whips Styles corner to corner. Otis runs in but Styles dodges to PELE! Down goes Otis! Fans fire up as Styles crawls, hot tags to Gable and Karl! Karl rallies on Gable, scoops him and SLAMS him! Karl runs to drop a SENTON! Then he BLASTS Corbin off the apron! Gable runs in, into a BOOT! Karl goes up, FLYING NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up as Karl drags Gable up to fireman’s carry. Gable fights off, shoves, dodges, but Gable rolls to pick the leg to an ANKLE LOCK! Karl rolls to throw him away! Gable goes up, leaps, but into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, Corbin breaks it!

Styles runs in, but into a CHOKE SLAM BACKBRAEKER! Corbin ELBOWS Gallows, puts Karl in a corner, and then he runs. Karl moves, Corbin slides out, but slides into a SLIDING FOREARM! Gallows BOOTS Corbin for good measures! Otis ROCKS Gallows, scoops him and EXPLODERS! Fans fire up as Styles PHENOMENAL FOREARMS Otis!! Gable gets in to GERMAN SUPLEX Styles! Karl waistlocks, Gable victory rolls, TWO!! Gable ROCKS Karl, Karl ROCKS Gable! ROLLING ELBOW from Gable! UPPERCUT from Karl! Both men are down and DC fires up again! Even JBL admits “This is Awesome!”

Karl crawls to tag in Gallows! Gable avoids Karl, O’Conner Rolls, but Gallows tips it over! Gallows kicks Gable, he and Anderson hit MAGIC KILLER!! Cover, The OC wins!!

Winners: The OC, by pinfall

JBL claims cheating, but he clearly missed a move or two. The OC wins fair and square, unlike Corbin. Will Styles & The Good Brothers turn their fortunes around and take over Raw?


Backstage interview with Candice LeRae.

Byron congratulates her on a victorious return to the ring last week, beating Dakota Kai. And because of that win, Candice has to face the other half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Iyo Sky. Does Candice feel that now she’s a marked woman by DMG CTRL? Absolutely. She may be new to Raw but she’s known all those women a long time. Last week, Candice returned from an injury they were responsible for, so she had to send a message. Yes, Candice is here with burnt pixie wings, but she’s also a new mom. She has so much to fight for now. She won’t let anyone push her around. But little does she know, Nikki Cross is spying on Candice…

But then Johnny Gargano walks over to say hi to the wifey. She says hi to hubby, and how did poker go? Lumis won! He killed it! Look at all the money! WHAT THE- Uh… Sorry. Candice hates to be that person, but this is a lot of money. They’re gonna go now. What will The Garganos and Lumis do with that huge amount of money? And what is Nikki plotting for the Poison Pixie?


Dominik Mysterio w/ The Judgment Day VS Akira Tozawa!

The rebellious son of Rey Mysterio thinks Raw belongs to him now, but pretty much everyone outside the Judgment Day disagrees. Will the Stamina Monster prove Dom can’t do whatever he wants? Or will he end up just another victim?

The bell rings and Dom circles with Tozawa. Tozawa dodges Dom to SOBAT, but Dom ducks the spin kick! Tozawa slides under to ROLLING ELBOW! Dom staggers, Tozawa whips, but Dom stops. They kick each other, Tozawa fires off more hands, then he whips Dom to a corner. Dom reverses, runs in, but Tozawa boots him away. Tozawa goes up, leaps and RANAS Dom to the other side! Fans fire up with Tozawa but Dom stays back. Dom wants mercy, but then he YANKS Tozawa into buckles! Dom stomps a mudhole into Tozawa and the Judgment Day cheers while fans boo. Dom drags Tozawa up to snap suplex! Uno Amigo!

Fans boo as Dom snap suplexes again, Dos Amigos! Dom gives some Latino Heat before THREE AMIGOS! Cover, ONE!! Fans rally but Dom clamps on with a chinlock. Tozawa fights up but Dom CLUBS him. Dom whips, Tozawa pops up to RANA again! And then SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO!! Dom survives and Judgment Day gets worried. Tozawa CLUBS Dom, whips, but Dom reverses. Tozawa BOOTS Dom down, then waits on Dom to get up. Roll-up, BUZZSAW! Dom is dazed, Tozawa drags him to a drop zone. Fans fire up as Tozawa climbs! Rhea shouts at Dom to get moving, Tozawa leaps! SUPER SENTON FLOPS as Dom moves!

Rhea and the Judgment Day laugh, Dom drags Tozawa into a drop zone. Dom climbs up now, gives Latino Heat before the FROG SPLASH! Cover, Dom wins!

Winner: Dominik Mysterio, by pinfall

The Judgment Day is proud of their boy, but Dom drags Tozawa up. Fans boo but here come the Street Profits! Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins rush out to run the Judgment Day off. Finn, Dom, Priest & Rhea don’t sweat the Profits, but will they cross paths down the road all the same?


Adam Pearce finds Bobby Lashley backstage.

Pearce tells Lashley they need to talk about what happened earlier tonight. Lashley can’t hit one of Pearce’s officials. That Spear damn near cut Pete Williams in half. Lashley chuckles but then sees Pearce is serious. Yes, he’s serious! It’s a problem that they can’t have happen. Now, Pearce knows it was an accident, he was there to see it. He’s not going to punish Lashley or take away the #1 contender’s match. But if it happens again… Or what, Pearce? Well, put yourself in his position. If it happens again, Pearce’s hands are tied, and he doesn’t want it to happen. Lashley says if one of the cronies gets in the lion’s den and gets mauled by a lion, the lion gets punished?

No, that’s not what he means. Pearce knows this was an accident, but he just wants Lashley to be careful not to have another one. Then make sure no one stands in Lashley’s way. Lashley leaves, will he be able to focus on just Rollins next week?


Triple Threat: Becky Lynch VS Alexa Bliss VS Nikki Cross!

The Man made a big time promise, but she has to make it through both the Five Foot Fury and the No Longer a Superhero. Bayley awaits the winner, who is heading to Milwaukee for that #1 contenders match?

Raw returns and Becky makes her entrance. The bell rings and fans fire up, and Nikki swings her jacket around all wild. She shoves Becky, shoves Alexa, but then Becky throat jabs her! Alexa SHOTGUNS Nikki and Nikki flounders out of the ring! Becky waves bye, and then circles with Alexa. Fans rally for Becky but Alexa gets around her to waistlock. Becky bucks that, runs in but Alexa side steps to jump, into a FLAPJACK! Becky steps over but Alexa rolls her up, TWO! Becky sweeps and covers, TWO! Alexa trips to jackknife, but Becky bridges up! Becky spins Alexa around, backslides, TWO!

Becky avoids a sweep but not the CHPO! Snapmare, cover, TWO as Becky goes Matrix! Becky mule kicks Alexa, dropkicks Nikki off the apron, and then turns around, into a clinch! You don’t think…?! But Becky fights out of that to clinch back, only for Alexa to wheelbarrow and victory roll! TWO, Alexa hurries to wrench and STO! Fans fire up while Becky clutches her head. Alexa storms up to drop knees! But Nikki stops Insult2Injury to throw Alexa onto Becky! Nikki then grins as she watches both women crawl. Nikki runs at one corner to SPLASH Alexa! Then she SPLASHES Becky! Then SPLASHES Alexa! Then back to Becky!

Nikki keeps going but Alexa dodges! Becky uses Alexa as a step, BIG TIME IN MOTION! Becky fires forearms and stomps a mudhole into Nikki, then JUMP KICKS! And then she JUMP KICKS Alexa! Becky reels Nikki in for a BECKSPLODER! Nikki flounders away but Alexa storms up. Alexa SLAPS Becky, ROCKS her, then KNEES her, then SHOTGUNS her down! Fans fire up as Alexa runs in at the corner, but Becky dodges the double knees! Alexa blocks the jump kick this time, puts Becky on the apron, but Becky ROCKS Alexa! Becky brings Alexa over to bump her off buckles! Becky throws Alexa down, but Nikki trips Becky!

Nikki dribbles Becky’s face off the apron! Nikki growls, then RAMS Becky into steel steps! Alexa leaps off those steps, but Nikki blocks the DDT to RAM Alexa into the apron! Then THE PURGE to the floor! Nikki fires up and she pulls the desk apart! DC fires up as she clears it off, chugs water and splashes it all around! Nikki laughs and flails around while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Nikki thrashes Alexa around before clamping on a chinbar half nelson combo. Alexa endures, claws at the hold, fights up and fans rally. Alexa throws body shots but Nikki throws her down! Nikki laughs at Alexa and wraps her up in a straitjacket stretch. Alexa endures again, even as Nikki grinds her into the mat. Alexa kicks around, Nikki keeps her down, and fans rally up. Alexa fights to her feet and throws body shots. Alexa ROCKS Nikki with forearm after forearm but Nikki shoves her away. Nikki kicks, ties her up, STRAITJACKET NECKBREAKER! But Becky CLOBBERS Nikki with flying forearms!

Fans fire up as Becky rocks and uppercuts and SOBATS Nikki, then repeats the process! Fans fire up more and Becky blocks a kick to sweep the legs! She rolls Nikki to then hit a BULLDOG! Becky puts Nikki in a corner, KICKS her in the back and hits an STO! Nikki flounders in the drop zone and Becky goes up. Fans fire up for the MAN’s LEG DROP! Cover, TWO!! Becky is amused that Nikki survives, and fans rally up. Becky eggs Nikki on. “You wanna be crazy? Get the hell up!” Becky slaps and CLUBS Nikki, then reels her in. Nikki fights the clinch, Becky shoves her away to try again, BECKSPLODER!

But Alexa returns to SOBAT! Alexa reels Becky in but Becky wrenches out! Becky has the arm but Alexa denies the takedown and puts Becky on the apron. Becky ROCKS Alexa, Nikki grabs at her but Becky kicks her away. Alexa POSTS Becky! Becky falls, Alexa to the apron to CANNONBALL Nikki and Becky together! Fans fire up as Alexa drags Nikki up and puts her in. Alexa hurries to cover, TWO! Alexa grows frustrated but she drags Nikki around to a drop zone. Alexa stomps Nikki on her way to the corner. Alexa climbs up, but Becky grabs at her. Alexa kicks Becky away but Nikki trips Alexa! Nikki climbs, she and Alexa brawl!

Nikki brings Alexa up but Becky joins in! TOWER OF DOOM!! Cover on Nikki, TWO!! All three women are down from that powerbomb superplex combo, and Alexa crawls her way out of the ring. Fans rally and Becky drags herself up. Becky stalks Nikki, she ROCKS Nikki but Nikki ROCKS Becky! They go forearm for forearm and fans fire up as Becky gets the edge! But Nikki headbutts low, then throat chops! Nikki runs in but is put on the apron! Nikki ROCKS Becky, climbs up top, and CROSSBODIES! Cover, Alexa breaks it in time!! Nikki is fuming, but Alexa drags Nikki up. Nikki RAMS Alexa into the corner! And again, and again!

Nikki keeps on Alexa with a mudhole stomp and a SPLASH, to a BULLDOG! Nikki storms back up on Alexa but Alexa ROCKS Nikki with a right! Alexa tosses Nikki out of the ring, catches her breath and runs, but Nikki stops the dropkick! Alexa and Nikki brawl more, Nikki shoves Alexa and CROSSBODIES her against the apron! Nikki drags Alexa up and puts her in the ring. Nikki drags Alexa up through the ropes, but Alexa fights with body shots! They brawl, Alexa SLAPS Nikki but Nikki HEADBUTTS Alexa! Nikki drags Alexa out onto the ropes, but Becky is up top! THE MAN’S LEG DROP DDT COMBO!!! Becky hurries to cover Alexa, TWO!!!

Becky can’t believe it but Alexa survives! Alexa flops out of the ring now, leaving Becky and Nikki alone. Nikki crawls to the apron but Becky goes out after her! Becky clinches, but Nikki fights it! Nikki holds the ropes as Becky waistlocks! Becky keeps trying but Nikki elbows her away. Nikki knees low, then reels Becky in! Fans fire up as Becky fights the lift! Becky fights free, clinches Nikki, APRON MANHANDLE SLAM!!! Becky shoves Nikki in, but DMG CTRL rushes out there!! Kai & Sky drag Becky away from the cover!! Fans boo as they mug Becky! Dakota RAMS her into the apron!

But Becky fights back with forearms and elbows! Dakota blocks a boot and Iyo helps haul her up! They bring Becky around, DOUBLE POWERBOMB through the announce desk!!! Fans lose their minds, but Alexa hits TWISTED BLISS!! Cover, Alexa wins!!!

Winner: Alexa Bliss, by pinfall (advances to next week)

DMG CTRL screwed Becky over big time! Is Bayley that afraid to face The Man 1v1? Will Alexa make Bayley regret it by taking that golden ticket from her instead?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good Raw here, but I guess with no RawDown event between now and The Royal Rumble, they’re really having to stretch builds out. That said, we got some great Triple Threats to get a lot of the women’s roster going tonight. Pretty good promo from Becky and Bayley, though maybe a little awkwardly paced. I don’t know if they were trying to pad for time or they only had a loose idea of what they were to say, but this is all just to set up the feud we knew was coming. Both Triple Threats were awesome, but I should’ve known DMG CTRL would screw Becky. Alexa VS Bayley will be a great match but I would think Bayley loses. We can’t have Bianca VS Bayley again so soon, and there’s a lot of great story for Alexa and Bianca to use.

Rhea going after Asuka after the loss was also an interesting detail. I suppose Rhea and Asuka can feud to bide their time. Bianca and Rhea are surely going to have a feud of their own soon, and it makes all the sense for Street Profits to join in on that. They come to Tozawa’s rescue, we’re getting a Six Man Tag of that first, but then we can bring Bianca and Rhea around into another big Mixed 8 like we saw for Judgment Day VS OC. Speaking of that, why didn’t Dom VS Tozawa happen before OC VS Corbin & Alpha Academy? They left the JBL Poker Invitational first, they should’ve been dressed and ready to go first.

And speaking of the Poker Invitational, those were a pretty fun handful of segments, but I feel like it all fell apart way too soon. Corbin should’ve won one table, Lumis wins the other, and then the final showdown is the set-up to the Six Man Tag. Miz trying to get in and failing was kinda funny, especially with JBL exposing Miz having a fake Rolex. It was a very subtle way to say Miz isn’t done with Lumis, and I’m still thinking we’re getting Miz & Maryse VS Indi & Dexter at some point. Hell, we could even get Miz & Maryse VS Gargano & Candice after that fun little interaction where Candice couldn’t believe that Lumis won such a huge haul. Also Nikki stalking Candice, that’s an interesting story in the works.

Great stuff out of the US Championship scene, but I guess they couldn’t have Ali lose legit. Ziggler looks like a jerk, but maybe we’re building to something huge for the US title. Ali and Ziggler probably fight each other for sure, maybe we see some kind of ladder match for the title by the time Rumble comes around. We also got great stuff out of Rollins and Lashley, from the promo to the brawl to Pearce more or less warning Lashley. Rollins plays the line of Face and Heel with how he was poking at Lashley with the Lesnar loss. Lashley’s temper could be what costs him against Rollins, and then Rollins faces Theory for the title before the year is over, and who knows how that goes.

And what a wild start to the night. I didn’t think the tag title match was going to be first, but that gave it a lot of time to breathe. Great little way to sub Elias out to keep Kevin Owens in the story, and Solo just going nuts on Riddle with all those Umaga references was wild. Riddle being sidelined is a clever way to delay Elias going after him. But then a bit of a shame that McIntyre isn’t cleared for right now. Dunne is going to have a great part of the match now, but I think he also takes the loss for his team so Sheamus isn’t hurt too much. They’re taking a long game approach to things, I like that, and we’ll see some good stuff in building towards Sheamus VS Roman for the Rumble.

My Score: 8.6/10

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