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Andrew’s Ratings & Analysis: Impact Wrestling 2.4.2020

Rosemary is trying to pull something out of Susie on this week’s IMPACT!. Will she like what she gets?



Rosemary is trying to pull something out of Susie on this week’s IMPACT!. Will she like what she gets?

The rundown for the show today looks interesting. Susie and Rosemary will obviously turn into some cheesy Joss Whedon inspired situation, but these have still been entertaining. Daga and Dr Wagner have issues with oVe and TJP versus Hijo del Vikingo should be pretty great.

I appreciate that Impact Wrestling seems to be okay with trying a few things outside of the usual televised wrestling formula.

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  • Tessa Blanchard vs Adam Thornstowe: Tessa wins via Buzzsaw DDT – ** 1/4
  • Rhino vs Taurus: Rhino wins via DQ – **
  • Susie vs Rosemary: No Contest – N/A
  • TJP w/Fallah Bahh vs El Hijo del Vikingo: TJP wins via Regal Stretch – **** 1/4
  • oVe (Jake & Dave Crist) w/Madman Fulton vs Daga & Dr Wagner Jr w/Galeno del Mal: Daga wins via Lifting Underhook Gutbuster – ***
  • Street Fight: Tommy Dreamer vs Ace Austin: Ace Austin wins via The Fold – **


Tessa comes out to the ring and calls out Ace Austin, even throws in a little Spanish, yet the Mexico City crowd does not care. Ace and Reno Scum comes out, and Ace decides to feed her a substitute instead. 

Tessa Blanchard vs Adam Thornstowe – We get a marginally competitive match. Luster and Ace on the outside did more than their fair share to help out Thornstowe. Tessa got slammed into the apron by Luster, Thronstowe took her to Pity City, but who really expected a crony to beat Tessa? It was a decent match with Tessa working from underneath because of the numbers game, but nothing surprising. The match did make sure to highlight the size discrepancy between Tessa and even an undercard wrestler by needing multiple Buzzsaw DDTs to get the job done.

Madison, Taya and Kiera are great comedic heels. 

Tommy Dreamer comes out to make the save, as per his role in Impact the last few years, especially with Tessa. He challenges Ace to a hardcore match later in the night.

Rhino vs Taurus – We saw a pretty solid Hoss fight in this match. Rhino had the power advantage for a while, but Taurus displayed some of his agility with some slingshot maneuvers and Shining Wizard, which just looks cool from a man in a bull mask. After Taurus misses on a big Corkscrew Senton, Rhino looks to take advantage of the situation, but Moose interjects himself. Since he went after Rhino first, I’m assuming it was a DQ in favor of Rhino. Either way, Rhino Gores Moose to get him out of the ring, as Taurus and Rhino have a respectful moment in the ring. The DQ protects Taurus from having back to back clean losses, and it builds some heat for the match between Rhino and Moose. Decent match and decent story telling, I would’ve preferred a clean finish though.

ImpactPlus Flashback Moment: Beer Money vs Team 3D vs Motor City Machine Guns, #1 Contender 3 Way Dance, TNA Sacrifice, May 16,2010

Ahh more Taya being a little delusional, and Rosemary getting her master plan in action!

Susie vs Rosemary – With Rosemary dispatching of James Mitchell and Havok, we all knew the plan. Susie comes out being as sweet as pie,so Rosemary pushes, and keeps pushing, until she throws the bloody glove at her. Having the glove seemed to unlock the Su Yung mannerisms in Susie and Rosemary was ecstatic to be getting smacked around. Rosemary leads Susie to the backstage area, specifically the steps where Havok hung her and killed off Su Yung the last time they were in Mexico.

All of the same notes being played, Rosemary even had a noose to try and hang Susie. The memories came back, Su Yung’s power returned, and we see the transformation back into Su Yung. Havok managed to escape, just in time to see Su Yung return, and then Su goes after her.

TJP w/Fallah Bahh vs El Hijo del Vikingo – This match definitely lived up to what we expect from both men. This was a great mixture of Lucha Libre, Cruiserweight and even a little Japanese Junior style. There was a nice rolling lucha spot which ended in the double kip up, pause for applause moment. Vikingo pulled off tons of fun moves, a Twisting Corkscrew Frankensteiner, Standing Bow and Arrow, Tope con Hilo over the Turnbuckle and post, Triangle Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop…just a great match to watch.

Even though TJP was obviously a better mat wrestler, Vikingo wasn’t completely lost on how to get out of things. Armbar variations and Indian Deathlocks didn’t keep Vikingo down. TJP flew a few times as well, a smooth Superplex, a Tombstone that gave him the opening to hit a Frog Splash, but Vikingo kicked out. The finish was beautiful as Vikingo went to the ropes, TJP caught him for a Detonation Kick, Vikingo flipped out of that and tried a Hurricanrana, but TJP caught the leg and came down in a Regal Stretch. It was just a great sequence and Vikingo submitted.

The North hit the ring afterwards to beat on Vikingo since he beat Josh Alexander last week. TJP tried to help and Fallah eventually drew a line in the sand and The North retreated.

Katie Forbes stops Joey Ryan, Ryan assumes it’s something sexual, but it was just a set up for RVD to attack him. Decent enough reason for a match. 

oVe (Jake & Dave Crist) w/Madman Fulton vs Daga & Dr Wagner Jr w/Galeno del Mal – This was a hard match to follow the Vikingo match, but since the show is pre-taped, who knows when it was filmed. Wagner got in a nice Hangman Cutter and the crowd went along with his playing to the crowd, but Daga did most of the work. Daga and Jake has a solid back and forth where they both hit very quick popping Death Valley Drivers, and that was a good catch your breath moment. The Crist brothers had a decent chance after a Spiked Tombstone, but it wasn’t meant to be. Wagner got rid of Dave and Daga was able to put away Jake with the Underhook Gutbuster.

Solid match, but hard to follow TJP and Vikingo. Fulton lays out Wagner and Daga, so we’re not done here yet.

Street Fight: Tommy Dreamer vs Ace Austin – To be completely honest, this was a lame main event in the grand scheme of things. How many times do we have to see Dreamer make a save, demand an extreme match…just to lose? He pulled off his usual spots, Beer Mist, Dusty Elbow, DDT on a chair, but there’s no way they’re having Tommy Dreamer beat the X Division champion. Plus some of the weapon spots just took too damn long.

Was it okay for what it was, sure. Do I need to see another Tommy Dreamer “extreme” match any time in the coming decade? No.


Overall Score: 7/10

Not a bad show even though it started slow when it came to match quality and finished…well…in mediocrity. The TJP and Vikingo match was tremendous, and worth watching the entire show for that alone. Also the Su Yung story coming to an interesting point is great. Yes it’s cheesy, but wrestling is inherently cheesy, so who cares if it feels like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Having the tie from the beginning of the show to the end with Tessa’s friends and Ace Austin, so even if the matches didn’t do anything for me, at least it made sense for the story. Plus I suppose the Moose and RVD angles though basic, are still working well for what they are.

All in all, pretty good show.

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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Results & Match Ratings: 4.8.2021

Now this is the go home before Hardcore Justice on Saturday! The show airs at 3pm, so it will be over before night 1 of Mania starts! Does Tommy Dreamer have any more fun ideas for the show?



Now this is the go home before Hardcore Justice on Saturday! The show airs at 3pm, so it will be over before night 1 of Mania starts! Does Tommy Dreamer have any more fun ideas for the show?

So the opening teaser does the trick for today right? I mean…we’re setting up an ImpactPlus App special. So let’s just get to things!

Oh first up, Impact’s special brand of off beat quirky humour still rings through nicely even during a lot of IWC blow back with the AEW partnership. Don’t believe me? Check out the Trust Me, I’m Susan Tik Tok dance.


  • Alisha Edwards, Nevaeh & Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb vs Rosemary, Jordynne Grace & Havok: Rosemary wins via Red Wedding – ** ½
  • Matt Cardona vs Jake Something: No Contest – ***
  • XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) vs Sami Callihan & Trey Miguel: Trey wins via Hourglass – ** ¾
  • Chris Sabin w/James Storm vs Deaner: Sabin wins via Cradle Shock – **
  • Eddie Edwards, Willie Mack & Rich Swann vs Good Brothers & Kenny Omega w/Don Callis: Swann wins via Phoenix Splash – *** ¾



Alisha Edwards, Nevaeh & Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb vs Rosemary, Jordynne Grace & Havok

Alisha made it a point on Twitter to state she’s sick of being seen as weak or the worst in the Knockouts Division. Alisha started things off with Jordynne, she gave Alisha a little bit, and Lish got a chance to pull off a couple decent combinations. Rosemary and Jordynne brought intensity in the ring, Havok had a quick moment with Nevaeh that ended with them both going through a table, all while Tenille…well she wanted nothing to do with any of this.

Knockouts personalities were obvious, and it was pretty cool to see each woman get moments to shine and push their stories. Nevaeh could end up with a great push if she and Havok turn this split into something special. Nevaeh has a great look, decent enough ability, I just feel like some of the chemistry is off at times.

Matt Cardona is interviewed by Gia Miller in the back to get his reaction to Brian Myers denying the challenge. Cardona is happy, he doesn’t want to fight his friend, and then he plugs his match later with Jake Something!


Matt Cardona vs Jake Something

This was actually a solid back and forth. Both Cardona and Jake took short cuts and telegraphed moves, which allowed the other to take advantage of moments. The beauty of this match, is that Cardona and Jake were about the same size. Jake has that farm boy build, so he’s obviously stronger, but given the Zack Ryder past; it’s occasionally lost on people that Cardona isn’t a small chump.

Jake was able to bowl over Cardona at times. Cardona attempted Radio Silence a few times, but Jake caught him and countered with a Powerbomb. Cardona however learned from mistakes and rotated while in the second Powerbomb, and hit a Frankensteiner to the outside.

This allowed for Brian Myers to come down the ramp, shove both men into the apron, lay out Cardona and then drive Jake’s face into the steel steps. Afterward, Myers hits the Raven pose, and maybe he’s just trying to start a faction of Scotty Riggs clones. Eye patches everywhere!

XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) vs Sami Callihan & Trey Miguel

It takes Trey a moment to come out, but he finally does; but doesn’t face Sami and comes out purely to fight XXXL. Trey starts off hot, and gets Acey down for a moment, a few quick strikes to Larry put the match in 4th gear in 3 seconds. Larry however blocks a Codebreaker attempt, then uses Trey’s aerial attack against him as he pushes him back and hits a Pop Up Knee Lift.

Acey gets tagged in, Trey counters the tandem move. Low bridge on Acey, drives Larry out next, then looks to dive, but Sami tags himself in. Sami hits a Yakuza Kick as Acey climbs to the apron, and then a Triangle Lariat. You see Sami turn to Trey and say something to the effect of “See, that’s how you use your head” – and now it’s a commercial.

Sami continues the pressure on Acey, Trey tags himself in and gets quick, but again bites off a little too much. Sami tags himself in, and we see malfunction time. Trey swings on Sami, Sami ducks, lifts Trey and throws him at Larry, so Larry has him in Powerbomb position. Sami grins, walks forward, and as Trey tries to take Larry over with the Frakensteiner, Sami kicks Larry’s foot out from under him, to help out the move.

Trey and Sami continue to bicker and try to show up the other, they have a brief moment of understanding, Dual Dives, Sami throws in Larry, tells Trey to finish it, and he does. Sami lifts Trey’s hand after the victory, Trey wrenches away and Sami just smiles.

Trey might end up being tolerable if they pair him with Sami.

Chris Sabin w/James Storm vs Deaner

Deaner actually kept up with Sabin for the most part. Deaner has shown a lot more wrestling ability since dropping the dumb redneck gimmick. Sabin was almost screwed by his lack of ring awareness when he went for a Mouse Trap Roll-Up, but his right foot was under the rope so the referee stopped the count.

Deaner almost pulled off the win with feet on the ropes, but Storm pointed it out and the referee stopped the count. Looking about ready to kill the referee, Deaner gives Sabin too much time to recover, Cradle Shock gets hit and we all hail Sabin.

EY is on the tron, EY and Doering have Chris Harris laid out, Rhino sneaks in behind people in the ring, Gores James Storm and Deaner hits the DDT on Sabin after the match. VBD get the last laugh with the set up!

So TJP, Josh Alexander, Ace Austin and Fulton are exchanging words, Dreamer breaks things up and creates a mystery partner match at Hardcore Justice.

Eddie Edwards, Willie Mack & Rich Swann vs Good Brothers & Kenny Omega w/Don Callis

Team Impact starts hot, sending Kenny to the outside, diving into each member of the Bootleg Club. Each member of the Impact squad keeps momentum after the first commercial as we see Sentons, Drop Toe Holds/Elbow Drops, and just really fun locomotion team moves, very Japanese. BC combats that with more western tactics of pushing Eddie into the corner and mauling him with outside restraints and going through the legality of who gets in a few attacks. This starts a few nice back and forth moments, where as soon as the BC side gets arrogant, the Impact squad takes advantage.

After commercial break two, it seems like Willie lost the advantage and he’s getting beat on by everyone. Willie almost gets some space after crotching Karl into the corner, but Kenny gets in and BC stays in control.

Eventually Eddie comes in, evens the playing field, then we see signature spam like in all Japanese multi-man tags. After a big crash and burn style spot, we get Rich in, while Kenny is still legal. So Rich wipes out the Brother Brothers and goes after Kenny. Kenny hits the Croos Legged Fisherman Neckbreaker and then goes for One Winged Angel, but Rich slips it. Rich then sets up, hits the 450 Splash, and nearly picks up the pin on Omega, but Callis pulls Swann’s foot.

Omega tags in Karl, Karl hits the Shotgun Kick and TKO for a near fall. He calls in Big Hoots for the Magic Killer, but Eddie breaks up the Killer, Willie takes Gallows to the outside and the double team on Karl happens. Karl eats a Lethal Injection, Boston Knee Party and then Phoenix Splash for the Swann to grab some momentum for a champion vs champion match that seems extremely lop sided.


Overall Score: 7.25/10

Now let’s hit the note again, that Impact is back on Thursdays which moving forward means AJ will be covering these, but it’s nice since I’ve been a fan for like 15ish years; the day just feels right. A lot of fun story building for Hardcore Justice happened in this show. Everything from the Knockouts showcasing their personalities, Dreamer making his goofy digs with a Millennium of the Blind match or whatever it was called and a few references to things spread throughout were also cool (Beer Money reference that Chris Harris got offended by).

Given this had the unfortunate timing of going against the second day of an NXT Takeover, I think the quality of the show was really well done. Also personally, I took a little bit off the main event, because it was a damn good match with a solid 20ish minutes; but I called the finish last week. It was all executed well, but fill in the blank matches are always a little eye roll inducing to me.

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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Results & Match Ratings: 3.30.2021

Aside from getting some of the final build for Hardcore Justice, tonight’s IMPACT contains James Storm’s 1000th match! Will Violent By Design ruin the milestone?



Aside from getting some of the final build for Hardcore Justice, tonight’s IMPACT contains James Storm’s 1000th match! Will Violent By Design ruin the milestone?

We do have some other things simmering during this episode, but the big draw is the James Storm’s big milestone! Two TNA Originals square off for the 25th time!

Let’s just get to the show!


  • Fire n Flava vs Nevaeh & Havok: Tasha wins via Frog Splash – * ½
  • Sami Callihan vs Larry D w/Acey Romero: Sami wins via Rope Hung Spike Piledriver – ** ¼
  • Brian Myers vs Suicide: Myers wins via Roster Cut – *
  • TJP & Josh Alexander vs Ace Austin & Madman Fulton: Ace wins via High Stack Cradle – ***
  • Eric Young w/Rhino, Joe Doering & Deaner vs James Storm w/Chris Harris, Jake Something & Chris Sabin: Storm wins via Last Call Superkick – ***



Fire n Flava vs Nevaeh & Havok

Well…this happened I suppose. Havok did a good bit of the work, dominating Kiera early with the size and power advantage. It took a little bit of double team work to chop down Havok, but Nevaeh changed the pace when she got in and was trying to prove herself.

The match was a little clunky but had some alright moments. Generally forgettable until after the match when Havok ate the pin, and Nevaeh finally snaps. She takes out Havok, says she thought she was the weak link, but it turned out to be Havok all along.

It’s nice to see Chris Harris back. Given his whole exit from wrestling after the move to WWE and gaining a ton of weight and a fall from grace; it’s just nice for the America’s Most Wanted reunion.

Sami Callihan vs Larry D w/Acey Romero

Sami starts off hot, hits Larry with a Pump Kick and goes to the outside showing no fear of Acey. Larry does catch Sami a few times, especially during a rope run with a gorgeous Rolling Lariat. Sami was slowly eating a few attacks until he finally hits a Death Valley Driver to start swinging the momentum back. Sami took things to the apron, rocked Larry after a small back and forth, hung him in the ropes and pulls out a variation on the Piledriver.

Acey attacks Sami after the match, small beatdown, and no save is made. Sami takes the beating and just laughs, almost like he was testing Trey Miguel after he made the save for him last week.

Brian Myers vs Suicide

Oh, was this supposed to be a believable enhancement match? Myers tried to just shrug off the challenge, Suicide got in some early offense, but the match never really flowed. Myers didn’t want to be there, didn’t want to work with Suicide, so the story was fine enough…and then Myers murders Suicide with the Roster Cut.

Myers grabs a mic and declines Cardona’s challenge.

Ahh Ultimate Jeopardy turns into a Title vs Career match. That definitely adds a level of interest to Hardcore Justice. Jazz has put in some solid work so far in Impact, and Deonna really is as fantastic as the claims her character makes. So this could steal the show.

TJP & Josh Alexander vs Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

We got to see the quintessential “frenemies that don’t get along” style of match. When they worked together, TJP and Josh had some great spots, mostly being chopping down Fulton and negating his size advantage.

However, after working together, there was a malfunction. Either they’d yell at each other, force a tag out, get in one another’s way, and generally speaking it’s really solid to possibly push a Triple Threat for the X Division championship at Rebellion.

Ace grabbed the win, after TJP blind tags himself in to hit Mamba Splash after Josh hit a Rolling Senton, but Josh didn’t realize TJP tagged in; so they spent a few seconds pushing each other off the cover and arguing. Good ole Cradle during an argument, it was well done.

Eric Young w/Rhino, Joe Doering & Deaner vs James Storm w/Chris Harris, Jake Something & Chris Sabin

We see a few nice elements to the early portion of this match. EY pulled off his old Flair bump homage, where he takes the bump over the corner to the rope, stops halfway, hits a Forearm Shiver and slingshots through the legs for a Sunset. This played into a few elements where we saw EY break out his Macho Man style Elbow Drop and James Storm even pulled out an old Eye of the Storm.

On top of a few throwback spots, there were plenty of nice staredowns and brawl moments between the two factions. Hell, Chris Harris ended up playing enough of a role in the match to help James Storm get the eventual feel good win. Feel good since it’s his 1000th match and he had a nice reasoning behind dedicating it to Bob Ryder.

For anyone curious, this makes James Storm’s win/loss record in Impact: 595 wins 385 losses 20 Draws

Overall Score: 6.25/10

There was a lot of good set up for Hardcore Justice in this episode, but the early matches were really the awkward spots that bring down most of the overall quality. Nevaeh’s heel turn is also interesting since I could play a part in the Hardcore Justice Women’s Weapon Scramble. Jazz went from retiring, to coming to Impact with a decent amount of success and now putting her career on the line. The Susan facade seems to be cracking a bit the last few weeks, so you have to wonder if Susan/Su might cost Deonna her title.

Sami Callihan is seemingly trying to mentor Trey genuinely, which the way he’s going about it is a good pivot to make him a babyface…sorta. TJP/Josh Alexander/Ace is a nice dynamic that can definitely get us through about a month with great matches since all three are pretty fantastic. And lastly, Team Impact vs Team Bullet Club is interesting, because honestly, I love Callis’ promos when he’s by himself. He really shows off how good he is at the old school heel aspect of making the babyface look great before screwing them or verbally running them down. Omega however, hinders things whenever he tries to talk. I guess it’s fair to assume that Team Impact will pin one of the Good Brothers to give Rich some momentum and to continue to widen the fissure between Omega and the brothers.

All in all, decent show with a slow start, but a strong finish.

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