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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (4/28/20)

Best Friends get Dark!



AEW Dark Coverage

Best Friends and Jimmy Havoc get Dark!

But not against each other, because that match is for AEW Dynamite. Will Trent & Chuckie T stay strong towards their match with Havoc and Superbad?


  • Jimmy Havoc VS Shawn Dean; Havoc wins.
  • Best Friends VS Musa & Lee Johnson; Best Friends win.


Tony Schiavone and Cody Rhodes welcome us back to AEW Dark!

Tony and the American Nightmare will once again be calling the matches tonight, especially the tag team main event. Cody feels that with the run they’ve been on, Best Friends are the best tag team in AEW, second only to the champions, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page.


Jimmy Havoc VS Shawn Dean!

Before joining his Superbad buddy against the Best Friends, Havoc wants to prove he’s still strong in singles competition. Will Havoc make “The Captain” go down with his ship?

The bell rings and the crowd cheers for Dean. Dean and Havoc circle and tie up, and Havoc powers Dean to a corner. The ref counts and Havoc lets up clean. Dean and Havoc circle again and tie up. Havoc gets the wrist and pulls on the fingers. He wrenches and brings Dean to the mat to stand on the hand, then stomp it! Havoc drags Dean up to wrench the arm again and clamps onto the shoulder. Dean endures as Havoc tortures the fingers and elbow again. Havoc yanks and wrenches Dean again. Dean cartwheels and wrings Havoc down! The Captain salutes but Havoc offers a handshake. The crowd says no but the handshake turns out clean after all. Havoc and Dean approach, but then Havoc ROCKS Dean with a right! Havoc bumps Dean off buckles then again. He throws body shots fast and furious but lets off at the ref’s count. Havoc takes a bow before he CHOPS Dean in the corner.

Havoc wrenches and whips but Dean reverses to CHOP back! Dean arm-drags Havoc then Japanese arm-drags! Kip up and dropkick! The crowd fires up with Dean as he runs corner to corner. Havoc Japanese arm-drags Dean into buckles! And then drags him up to snap suplex him into them! Havoc drags Dean up to half nelson and roll over to mount the arm. Havoc pulls on the fingers to torture Dean again, but Dean gets a ropebreak. The ref counts and Havoc lets up at 4. Havoc drags Dean up, wristlock and ACID RAIN MAKER! But that’s not all, he reels Dean in for the fisherman DDT! Cover, Havoc wins!

Winner: Jimmy Havoc, by pinfall

Havoc has another win, and is headed straight for Dynamite. Will he and Kip Sabian be able to do this to the Best Friends?


Speaking of, AEW raises the stakes on Best Friends VS #SuperbadSquad!

Knowing the propensity for Penelope Ford to get involved, and Havoc’s tendency to throw rules out the window, this match will be… NO HOLDS BARRED! Yes, no disqualifications and no count outs, there must be a winning team! What won’t these factions do to make sure they come away victorious?


Best Friends VS Musa & Lee Johnson!

Trent Baretta and Chuck Taylor will not stand for how Havoc and Sabian treated Orange Cassidy! But before that showdown on Dynamite, they keep themselves warmed up here tonight. Will Fearless and #BigShotty learn why Trent and Chuckie T are Best Friends?

The teams sort out and Chuckie T starts against the debuting Musa. They circle and the crowd rallies up. Musa and Chuck tie up, Chuck headlocks and grinds. Musa powers out but Chuckie runs him over! Chuckie flexes then speeds things up. Musa hurdles but Chuck kicks low. Chuck whips and flapjacks Musa high! Musa hits the mat, then Chuck adds the basement dropkick! Musa scrambles away and tags in Johnson. Trent tags in and circles with Big Shotty. They tie up, go around, and Trent puts Johnson in the corner. The ref calls for the break, and Trent gives Johnson an Okada style pat on the shoulders. Johnson chuckles and then throws a forearm! Trent dares him to do that again and Johnson does! And again! Trent DECKS Johnson back for it! Trent drags Johnson up to CHOP and CHOP and CHOP in the corner! He brings Johnson out for another forearm shot, then runs. Johnson follows, but Trent still LARIATS him down!

Trent drags Johnson up and over and hoists him onto ropes. For a snap Northern Lights! Cover, TWO! Trent keeps his cool as he drags Johnson back over. Tag to Chuckie and the Best Friends double whip. They double elbow drop then shake hands for double elbow drops! The crowd cheers as Chuckie covers, TWO! Johnson powers Chuckie to the corner and Musa tags in to mug the Kentucky Gentleman. Musa chops and forearms, but Chuckie turns it around to stomp a mudhole! The ref backs Chuckie off so he DECKS Johnson! Chuckie runs but blocks Musa’s boots. Musa uses those to push Chuckie back, and hit a somersault shotgun dropkick! Tag to Johnson, who slides for a basement calf kick! Cover, TWO! Johnson drags Chuckie to the corner and tags in Musa. The young guys double whip Chuck corner to corner. Musa whips Johnson for Johnson to whip him, but Chuckie goes up and over! Chuckie baits Johnson in, to overhead suplex Johnson onto Musa!

Chuckie tags in Trent and Trent clotheslines Musa out of the ring! Everyone else is outside, so Trent slingshots to PESCADO! Down goes Musa and the crowd is fired up. Trent gives the Gunn Club elbow bumps before he SPEARS Johnson on the outside! Chuckie puts Musa in for Trent and Trent brings Musa up. Trent feeds Musa to Chuckie’s sexy knee! Sole Food to Half ‘n’ Half! And the Best Friends HUG!! The crowd loves it as Trent Alabama lifts Musa. Chuckie is up top, and double stomps for STRONG ZERO!!

Winners: Best Friends, by pinfall

Trent and Chuckie T are still red hot! But will all that work when there’s nothing holding Superbad and Havoc back?

My Thoughts:

Another decent episode for being so short again, but that limit is for obvious reasons. I do like that the matches had a connecting theme in the Dynamite match of Best Friends VS Havoc & Sabian. Havoc gets a good win off Shawn Dean and Best Friends get a good win off Musa & Johnson for that now No Holds Barred tag match! That is going to be crazy, and in a way, an unofficial Six Man Tag with Penelope Ford and Orange Cassidy ringside. Those two definitely should get involved to really elevate the match. I can’t be sure who comes away with the win, but it feels like Best Friends would be the smart choice. With the matches against Kenny Omega and then Cody putting them over on commentary, Trent and Chuckie T are heading right for a shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championships.

My Score: 8/10

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