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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (4/30/20)

Time for some hidden gems!




NXT UK shares never-before-seen matches!

Watch Matt Riddle, Toni Storm, Shayna Baszler and Ilja Dragunov in these “hidden gems” that finally see the light of day!


  • Download Festival 2019 – NXT UK Women’s Championship: Toni Storm VS Deonna Purrazzo; Storm wins and retains the NXT UK Women’s Championship.
  • NXT UK Plymouth – Matt Riddle VS Ligero; Riddle wins.
  • Download Festival 2019 – NXT Women’s Championship: Shayna Baszler VS Isla Dawn; Baszler wins and retains the NXT Women’s Championship.
  • NXT UK Coventry – Ilja Draguno VS A-Kid; Dragunov wins.


Tom Phillips welcomes us to this week’s NXT UK.

Phillips thanks Andy Shepherd for letting us into his home as part of the previous episodes. Phillips is honored to be part of this fast growing brand. Tonight will feature four never-before-seen-on-TV matches. First up is the NXT UK Women’s Championship match from the Download Festival as The Virtuosa went across the pond to take on the Lightning From Down Under.

Download Festival 2019 – NXT UK Women’s Championship: Toni Storm VS Deonna Purrazzo!

Deonna and Toni circle and tie up. They go around and are in a deadlock until Deonna gets the wristlock. Toni spins and bridges to then handspring and wrench back! Toni has the wristlock as fans cheer, but Deonna wrenches back. Deonna wrangles Toni down to the mat, but Toni rolls back and up to her feet. Toni wrenches and wrangles Deonna down but Deonna gets up. Fans rally as Deonna rolls and handsprings to wrench and headlock to a takeover. Toni keeps her shoulders up as she scoots around. Toni headscissors and fans cheer. Deonna moves around, hops and headstands to pop out. Deonna gives a bow and fans cheer her technical ability. Toni and Deonna circle again and tie up. Toni headlocks and hits the takeover, but Deonna headscissors back. Roles are reversed as Toni moves around now. Toni hops and pops out and offers Deonna a hand. Deonna declines as fans sing for “Toni! Toni Stooorm~!”

Deonna kicks the hand then kicks Toni! Things speed up and Toni redirects to basement dropkick! Cover, ONE, but Toni is right on her with uppercuts. Toni rocks Deonna then covers again, TWO! Toni drags Deonna around by a leg for the Half Crab! She sits down deep but Deonna crawls and claws for the ropebreak! Toni lets go fast, and has Deonna in a corner. Toni fires off fast hands and a kick, to run and BOOT! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up as Toni runs corner to corner. Deonna moves and blocks the boot to throw Toni down! Deonna stands on the arm to CRANK it! Toni clutches that arm but Deonna covers, TWO! Deonna drags Toni up and wrenches the arm. Fans sing for Toni but Doenna kick-snaps the arm! Toni flounders to the corner and Deonna stomps a mudhole! The ref counts and Deonna stops at 4 to take a bow. Deonna goes back at Toni but Toni ROCKS her with a right! Toni throws more forearms but Deonna ROCKS her back!

Deonna has the legs and rolls Toni around to a modified STF! Toni endures but Deonna shifts to sit on her head. Fans boo as Deonna pulls hair, and the ref counts. Deonna lets up to snapmare Toni and scrape her soles on Toni’s face! Deonna clotheslines Toni down and covers, TWO! Fans sing for Toni again but Deonna throws Toni’s arm down. Deonna stands over Toni as she twists the arm! Toni screams as Deonna hammerlocks the arm and takes a page out of Shayna Baszler’s book with the STOMP! Cover, TWO! Deonna tries again, TWO! Toni toughs it out but Deonna is after the arm with a high keylock. Toni endures as Deonna cranks and leans on the bad arm. Fans rally with “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! OI OI OI!” Toni fights up and forearms free of the hold! She keeps going, but Deonna catches her into a backbreaker to Complete Shot! And then a KOJI KLUTCH!

Toni endures as fans rally up. Toni pushes back to get a cover, TWO! Deonna lets Toni go to bring her up for forearms. Toni hits back, and we have a back and forth brawl! Deonna hits, Toni hits, repeat. Deonna gets an edge then runs, but Toni ducks under to GERMAN SUPLEX! Toni holds on, for another GERMAN SUPLEX! Toni still has the waistlock but Deonna fights with elbows. They don’t do enough and Toni hits the THIRD GERMAN SUPLEX! Toni drags Deonna up, underhooks, but Deonna goes after the bad arm! Deonna wants a takedown but Toni rolls free. Deonna BOOTS Toni down! Cover, TWO!! Toni Time was almost up but there’s still plenty left! Deonna drags Toni up and fireman’s carries, but Toni slips out. Toni shoves and HEADBUTTS! Cover, TWO!! Deonna survives and Toni is frustrated.

Toni slaps some sense back into herself and she waistlocks Deonna. Deonna resists the fourth German, standing switches, but Toni butt bumps free. Toni runs, into a takedown! Deonna has one arm, then the other! RINGS OF SATURN! Toni kicks and shifts as fans rally up. Deonna pulls tighter, and even twists fingers! Toni screams and shouts and gets one arm free! Deonna just grabs a leg instead! Toni moves with her one good arm and free leg, to get the ROPEBREAK! Deonna lets go of the leg at 4, and is now feeling frustrated herself. Deonna kicks and CHOPS Toni, and CHOPS, and CHOPS! She runs, but Toni follows to LARIAT! Toni drags Deonna up, underhooks, and hits STORM ZERO!! Cover, Toni wins!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall (still NXT UK Women’s Champion)

And the crowd goes wild! But as we know in the present, Toni Time would only last until the end of the summer. When and where will the Lightning From Down Under strike gold again?


NXT UK Plymouth – Matt Riddle VS Ligero!

The Original Bro was just getting hot in NXT when he popped in on NXT UK in Plymouth. Watch the first-ever encounter of Riddle and the Luchador of Leeds!

The bell rings and fans chant, “BRO! BRO!” Riddle and Ligero fist bump and cheer! Ligero and Riddle circle and tie up. Riddle SLAMS Ligero down and Ligero scrambles to the corner. Ligero and Riddle reset as fans sing for The Bro. Riddle and Ligero tie up again, and Riddle waistlocks. Ligero standing switches but Riddle has the arm. Riddle switches, headlocks and hits a takedown. He cranks Ligero back hard and traps an arm. Ligero fights back and headscissors! Riddle works his way around and pops out of the headscissors, but Ligero avoids the kick! Ligero rolls Riddle, ONE, but Ligero headlocks. Riddle tries to power out but Ligero holds tight. Riddle rolls Ligero but Ligero still holds on. Riddle powers up to saido suplex Ligero off! Ligero comes back with the headlock already! Riddle stands up and throws body shots. Riddle powers out but Ligero ducks the kick to huricanrana! Ligero calf kicks Riddle down then covers, ONE! Fans cheer the exchange as Ligero drags Riddle up.

Ligero throws forearms but Riddle CHOPS back. Ligero forearms but Riddle gut wrench suplexes! Riddle rolls, drags Ligero up and hits another gut wrench! Cover, TWO! Riddle keeps his cool as he circles Ligero. He kicks at Ligero but Ligero gets up. Ligero throws forearms but Riddle gives palm strikes. Riddle boots then follows, then spins Ligero for a PELE! And handsprings! Fans fire up as Riddle goes side to side for a forearm smash! And then the other way for another smash! Riddle hits a BROSPLODER! Ligero is in a daze, but he ducks the kick and evades the moonsault, but not the BROTON! Penalty Kick! Riddle fires up like Goldberg and drags Ligero up. Riddle suplexes Ligero, holds him up, and hits the JACKHAMMER! Cover, TWO!! Ligero survives and fans chant “GOLD~BERG!” Riddle drops another Broton outta nowhere! Riddle then goes to the corner and climbs up top. But Ligero gets up and SUPER GERMAN SUPLEXES! Riddle crashes down and fans fire up!

Riddle and Ligero slowly stand, and Ligero bobs ‘n’ weaves while he throws forearms. Ligero CHOPS and kicks then runs, but Riddle evades. Riddle also avoids the enziguri to deadlift and German! But Ligero lands on his feet! Ligero throws Riddle out and builds speed, to slide! But Riddle avoids it, pops Ligero up to the apron, but Ligero rebounds off the ropes to huricanrana! Ligero brings Riddle back into the ring and step-springboards, for a STUNNER! Cover, TWO!! Riddle survives and Ligero can’t believe it! Ligero and Riddle rise again. Riddle KICKS Ligero, then fireman’s carries. Ligero slips out, waistlocks, but Riddle elbows free. Riddle reaches down for a leg but Ligero uses that to flip Riddle over. Ligero pushes Riddle to sit up, and he BUZZSAWS! Riddle flounders into a fireman’s carry, for the WIDOWMAKER! Cover, TWO!! Riddle still lives and fans fire up. Ligero climbs the ropes for the SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! “This is awesome!” but far from over!

Riddle grits his teeth as he rises, but Ligero springboards. Riddle catches Ligero, Ligero slips out and ducks the roundhouse, but Riddle pops Ligero up for a POWERBOMB! And then flips him over, FINAL FLASH! Riddle drags Ligero up and gut wrenches, tucks him in, BRO DEREK! To FLOATING BRO!! Cover, Riddle wins!

Winner: Matt Riddle, by pinfall

An incredible showdown in Plymouth! Ligero gave Stallion Riddle quite the fight, but in the end, it’s the Bro who takes the win. Will we see a rematch of these two down the line?


Download Festival 2019 – NXT Women’s Championship: Shayna Baszler VS Isla Dawn!

The crossover continued! The White Witch stepped to the Submission Magician, but does she even stand a chance against that level of mat magic?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, go around, and Shayna powers Isla to a corner. The ref counts and Shayna lets up at 4. But then she sweeps Isla’s legs to trip her up. Isla gets up quick and ties up with Shayna again. Isla now powers Shayna back, and the ref counts. Isla lets up, but Shayna turns things around, just to trip Isla again. Shayna is toying with Isla and laughing as they circle again. Isla waistlocks but Shayna bucks her off. Isla does the splits and smirks at Shayna. Shayna runs at Isla but Isla ducks the kick to roll her up! TWO, and Isla trips Shayna now! Shayna is up fast but Isla headlocks. Shayna pries free and headlocks back. Isla pries at the hold but Shayna holds tight. Fans rally and Isla powers out, to then roll Shayna up! TWO, and Isla fireman’s carries! Shayna slips out, wants the clutch but Isla slips out to snap suplex! Cover, TWO!

Isla chases after Shayna but Shayna gets out of the ring. The fans come alive for the White Witch as she builds speed. Shayna avoids the baseball slide to throw Isla into steel steps! The ref reprimands Shayna and checks on Isla. She’s okay to continue, so Shayna drags her up and into the ring. Isla throws body shots but Shayna drags her up to throw her to ropes. Shayna clubs Isla on the back then snapmares her down. Shayna KICKS Isla in the back then covers, TWO! She keeps on Isla and twists the arm. Shayna pushes Isla down and then tortures the wrist and elbow. Shayna hammerlocks and STOMPS the arm!! Isla screams and clutches the elbow, but she refuses to quit. Shayna goes after the arm and has a mounted hammerlock. Isla moves around and fights back, but Shayna clubs her down. Shayna keeps on the arm, bending it against Isla’s back. Isla shifts and hammers then gets to her feet.

Fans rally, Isla rolls Shayna with one arm, TWO! Shayna LARIATS Isla down, then grounds ‘n’ pounds as payback. Cover, TWO! Shayna keeps her cool as she drags Isla up. Shayna wraps Isla’s arm around the ropes, but Isla kicks her away. Isla gets to a corner but Shayna CLUBS her again. Shayna watches Isla go to the other corner and runs in. Isla moves but Shayna stops herself from hitting buckles. Shayna clobbers Isla and covers. TWO, but Shayna is right back on the bad arm. Isla reaches for ropes but Shayna drags her away. Fans rally and Isla fights back. Shayna whips and CLUBS Isla in the back again. Shayna snapmares and covers, TWO! Isla toughs it out and that frustrates Shayna. Shayna kicks at Isla’s legs and then goes after the arm again. Shayna throws Isla by the arm, and tortures the wrist and elbow again. Isla fights and fans rally, but Shayna stays on her.

Isla keeps throwing hands but Shayna whips her. Isla holds ropes, then dumps Shayna out! Shayna returns, Isla speeds things up, and BOOTS Shayna down! Fans fire up with Isla and she gets a SNAP SAIDO! Shayna staggers into a KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Isla clutches her arm as she drags Shayna up. She half nelsons but Shayna slips around to gut wrench and DUMP Isla on her face! Cover, TWO! Isla still lives but Shayna is on her again. Shayna drags Isla up but Isla throws body shots and a ROUNDHOUSE! Shayna drops down, Isla runs, but Shayna rolls and trips her up! Shayna runs now to PUNT and KIRAFUDA!! Isla flails, taps and Shayna wins!

Winner: Shayna Baszler, by submission (still NXT Women’s Champion)

The Magician conquers the White Witch and continues a dominant reign! We know in the present that #ShaynaTwoTime would end with the Riptide, but now she’s on Raw ripping her way towards the Money in the Bank contract. Will Shayna make someone #TapNapOrSnap in order to become this year’s Ms. MITB?


Andy Shepherd interviews Ilja Dragunov.

A challenging time we are all living in makes this via video chat, but Shepherd asks about Ilja’s shot at the NXT UK Championship. What is he doing to keep sharp during such unconventional times? “Unconventional” is a rather funny way to phrase it to him. A mentor once asked, “How do you not get tired of working?” Ilja wasn’t sure, but the answer was that you just never stop working. Ilja holds that teaching dear. He keeps his drive and momentum. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, that situation doesn’t control him. Ilja keeps his intensity. He doesn’t need to prepare, because he was born prepared.

Well yes, but many have tried and failed to become UK Champion, especially against Walter. What does Ilja have to pull off what no one else has? That is a very scary situation, yes. Pete Dunne had the longest reign, Tyler Bate was the first, and even men like Joe Coffey were not tough enough. Ilja has the will to take on Walter. You need to take on the pain. Ilja eats pain! Ilja is UNBESIEGBAR. He fights like he is invincible, because it is for his family. He wants Walter to underestimate him, because it will mean Walter makes a mistake. And in that mistake, Ilja will win. “This match will redefine violence.”


Next week’s episode: The Rise of Imperium!

We know part of the story, but take a closer look at how Marcel Barthel, Fabian Aichner & Alexander Wolfe united behind the banner of the Ring General, Walter!


NXT UK Coventry – Ilja Draguno VS A-Kid!

Speaking of that intensity, the Moscow Madman has that on display against the Spanish Ace! Does A-Kid get a sampler of what Ilja has in store for the Austrian Anomaly?

The bell rings and Ilja circles with AK. They quickly shake hands to show this is a respectful battle. They tie up as fans cheer, and Ilja puts AK in the corner. AK goes up the corner but Ilja backs off. AK hops down and circles with Ilja. They tie up, AK gets a waistlock and a slam. AK shifts to the facelock but Ilja works his way up. AK cravats to roll to a cover, ONE! Ilja is right back up and resets with AK. They tie up, AK rolls and trips Ilja to a headlock. AK traps an arm but Ilja uses the other arm to push back. Ilja headscissors and holds tight. AK scuffs Ilja with a foot then moves around to turn and roll Ilja. AK has the legs and wants the crossface. Ilja resists so AK goes with the Bow ‘n’ Arrow! Ilja pops out to cover, TWO as AK bridges out. AK springs up but Ilja cravats and wrangles AK down. Ilja leans on the hold but AK shifts out to get the arm! AK wants a Fujiwara but fans sing for Dragunov. Ilja powers up but AK slips around to get a wristlock and chinlock. Ilja pops free of one, but AK uses the other to throw Ilja down!

AK has the headscissor vice but Ilja flounders and kicks. AK cranks on the hold but Ilja keeps fighting. Ilja pries free of the legs and covers, TWO! Ilja and AK stand off and fans cheer again. AK and Ilja go again, Ilja headlocks and gets another takedown. AK kicks and moves around as fans rally up. Ilja holds tight but AK powers out, only for Ilja to run him over! Things speed up, AK arm-drags and covers, TWO! AK has the arm for an armbar! Ilja clasps his hands and rolls AK to a cover, TWO! AK ducks the clothesline to roll up and bridge, TWO! AK clamps right onto Ilja with a facelock, and fans rally up again. Ilja fights up, pries free, and prepares a forearm. AK fireman’s carry takedowns first, then gets the headlock again. Ilja headscissors, AK pops right out, and the fans cheer this standoff. Ilja swings a punch but AK avoids it. AK headlocks but Ilja wrenches free. Ilja brings AK to the mat with the keylock, but AK bridges and handsprings to get the headscissor!

Fans cheer while Ilja flails. Ilja gets free but AK is on the wrist. Ilja spins but AK wrangles him down. AK wrenches but Ilja grits his teeth as he spins again. The two stare down and Ilja shoulders free! Ilja strikes his fight pose to dare AK to bring it. So AK grabs his hand and twists! Ilja slips through, breaks free and CHOPS AK off his feet! Then drops a BIG senton! Fans fire up with Ilja as he runs at AK. Ilja hits a leaping forearm, then a handspring crossbody! Cover, TWO! AK bails out but Ilja keeps locked on. Ilja builds speed, but AK moves, so Ilja tiger feints. AK runs around but still gets an enziguri for his troubles! Ilja goes up top and leaps for a SUPER AX HANDLE! Fans are fired up with the Moscow Madman and “NXT! NXT!” Ilja drags AK back up and in, then climbs up top. Ilja leaps again, but has to roll through as AK evades. AK boots, arm-drags and dropkicks! Ilja flounders into a GERMAN SUPLEX!

AK flounders over to Ilja and waistlocks again. Ilja fights the lift and breaks the grip. AK just changes it to trap the arm, but Ilja bucks him off. AK handsprings back to NORTHERN LIGHTS, to an ARMBAR! Ilja again clasps hands together to fight it off, but AK is using his own head and neck for leverage. Ilja rolls around but AK gets the triangle! But Ilja dead lifts, but AK headscissors to the ropes! They get tangled up but tumble back to the mat. AK clutches a leg but still climbs up top. He leaps, to crossbody! Cover, TWO!! Ilja escapes but AK fires up. AK runs but into a scoop, tilt-o-whirl and toss! AK dodges on clothesline, but not the LEFT! Ilja gets up and drags AK to put in the corner. AK hits buckles, and then Ilja KNEES him down! Ilja tiger feints, and hits the Constantine Special! Cover, TWO!! AK survives and the fans are loving “NXT! NXT!” even more!

Ilja drags AK up and CLUBS him hard on the back. He does not let up as he CLUBS AK more. Ilja drags AK up, wants the single leg lift but AK goes after the arm! AK wrenches and PELES the arm! But Ilja throws haymaker after haymaker with that arm! And then the leaping BOOT! Ilja drags AK up, single leg GERMAN! Bridging cover, TWO!! AK survives and Ilja can’t believe it, but the fans are loving it! Ilja clamps onto AK again, drags him up and gives back hand after back hand to the head! AK gets the arm for a keylock, but Ilja slaps and chops away. Ilja knees and knees, but AK grabs one for a takedown! Standing toehold! Ilja has to keep his shoulders up, and he BOOTS AK away! But AK comes back, to KNEE Ilja! AK gets a leg, Ilja steps through to KNEE! AK ROUNDHOUSE, but Ilja ENZIGURI! Both men are down and the fans are thunderous! They give a standing ovation for “NXT! NXT!”

Ilja heads up top as fans declare “This is awesome!” AK gets up to enziguri Ilja first! Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” but AK stands Ilja up. SUPER SPANISH FLY!! But that’s not all, AK SUPERKICKS!! Cover, TWO!?! Ilja survives and shocks AK back! AK is in the corner, runs out, but Ilja gives him a SPINE BUSTER! Ilja heads right up top, leaps, and hits the SUPER SENTON! But that’s not all, as Ilja is at a fever pitch! “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!!” TORPEDO MOSCOW!! Cover, Ilja wins!!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by pinfall

NXT UK just saw an instant classic between the reckless Russian and the Spanish Ace! And in the end, the two men still respect each other with a handshake and shout! How much more intense will a match between Ilja and the Austrian Anomaly be when we finally get to see it?

My Thoughts:

A really great episode right here with some great matches. Though, the results for all the matches were fairly obvious. These matches being from last Summer, the title matches weren’t going to be surprises. Even so, Deonna Purrazzo gave Toni a really great match, as did Isla Dawn for Shayna. The timing of this is a bit unfortunate with Deonna released and rather upset with the WWE. Riddle VS Ligero was really good, and Dragunov VS A-Kid was incredible! That was like TakeOver level or something! Dragunov’s interview promo was good, too, and his match with Walter is still going to be amazing, no matter where and when we finally get to see it. Next week’s Rise of Imperium episode is going to be a pretty good one, because of the inclusion of British Strong Style and other NXT stars.

My Score: 8.5/10

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