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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (4/27/20)

Time to sign on the dotted line!



WWE Raw Coverage 3.0

Raw makes the WWE World Championship match official!

Seth Rollins says he needs the WWE World Championship back, but he first needs to sign the contract! Will this face-to-face with Drew McIntyre stay civil?



  • Six Man Tag: Aleister Black, Rey Mysterio & Apollo Crews VS Andrade Almas, Angel Garza & Austin Theory w/ Zelina Vega; Aleister, Mysterio & Crews win.
  • Triple Threat: Asuka VS Nia Jax VS Shayna Baszler; No Contest.
  • Bobby Lashley VS Denzel Dejournette; Lashley wins.
  • Liv Morgan VS Ruby Riott; Morgan wins.
  • Jinder Mahal VS Akira Tozawa; Mahal wins.
  • WWE United States Championship: Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega VS Apollo Crews; Almas wins by referee stoppage, and retains the WWE United States Championship.
  • Ricochet & Cedric Alexander VS Ever-Rise; Ricochet & Alexander win.


Samoa Joe rejoins Raw Commentary!

“The Rawest Man in the Room” is glad to be back, and he gives Jerry “The King” Lawler a much needed vacation.


Raw presents the VIP Lounge!

MVP welcomes us to the show, and “the only nightclub in America still open,” his VIP Lounge. He has three WWE superstars as guests that will be competing in the most unique Money in the Bank Match in history! Because all six men and all six women will start at the WWE corporate headquarters’ ground floor, and fight their way to the roof to obtain the MITB contracts. A dozen athletes will lay it all on the line for a prize worth the risk. But to those guests, the legendary luchador, Rey Mysterio! The King of Lucha wants to finally be on the other side of the cash-in and MVP says it’s great to have Rey back in the lounge. Then the next guest, the enigmatic and dark Aleister Black! This will be the first time the Embodiment of the End has competed in any MITB, and how fitting that such a unique superstar is in this unique situation.

Aleister joins MVP and Mysterio in the ring. MVP feels Aleister isn’t the kind to frequent clubs, so just don’t break anything. Lastly, MVP says this man is his pick. It’s Apollo Crews! Crews did beat MVP for his spot, so perhaps MVP’s endorsement is from Crews also having won his respect. And now that everyone is here, what would it mean to become Mr. MITB? Mysterio wants to speak but MVP knows what he’ll say. This will cement Mysterio’s legacy and add to his already historic career. Now, for Aleister, that would catapult him to an even higher stratosphere. And for “Mr. Crews,” as much as MVP doesn’t want to admit it, he lost. What does it mean to Crews becoming Mr. MITB? Or more importantly, does he have what it takes to do it? Crews says that this year’s match-

Wait, Zelina Vega, Andrade Almas, Austin Theory and Angel Garza interrupt! Vega says that no one wants to hear Crews’ opinion. But do they know what the WWE Universe can’t get enough of? Not those three in the ring. They’re no fun. The Universe can’t get enough of the United States Champion, ANDRADE~! Not to mention the Lethal Lothario, Angel Garza, and the fastest rising star, Austin Theory! These three are the future of Raw. At one point or another, so was Mysterio, Aleister and Crews. But they don’t measure up to Vega’s trio. The future Mysterio, Aleister and Crews represent is “a bleak one.” One where the MITB contract resides somewhere other than Raw. Oh, let’s get these velvet ropes out of the way, shall we? Vega and her boys get in the ring. The future doesn’t have to be bleak. They just have to do what’s right. They just have to do what’s best for Raw. And that is to allow Vega’s three to take their place.

MVP says La Muneca has spoken. And this sounds like a challenge. Mysterio takes the mic to counter Vega. She thought they’d just go and give up their spots? Tu loca. She came out here to pick ,a fight, with them. And the brawl is on! Aleister throws out Theory, Crews stomps Garza and Mysterio runs Almas off! The MITB entrants are standing tall, but is the fighting far from over?


Six Man Tag: Aleister Black, Rey Mysterio & Apollo Crews VS Andrade Almas, Angel Garza & Austin Theory w/ Zelina Vega!

It’s not! The trios go against each other with honor on the line! Will the MITB entrants maintain momentum? Or does La Muneca’s three amigos prove her point?

Garza and Aleister start the match, but Garza takes his time taking off his jacket. Garza offers a handshake but Aleister knows better. He uses it to reel Garza in! He gets Garza down and digs a knee into Garza’s knee. Garza gets a ropebreak and Aleister lets off fast to reset. They tie up, Garza wrenches to a hammerlock but Aleister moves around to drop down. Aleister gets another trip and a toehold. Garza endures as Aleister cranks the leg. Garza kicks with his free leg but Aleister just floats to a facelock. But Garza gets out for another hammerlock, only for Aleister to trip him. Aleister keeps on the leg but Garza drags Aleister down for an armbar. Aleister fights up, floats to a waistlock, but Garza picks the leg. Garza kicks away on the leg and then rains down hands! Aleister gets a leg guard and BOOTS Garza in the head! The two reset again, but Aleister hip tosses Garza down!

Aleister drags Garza into a hammerlock of his own, but Garza endures. Vega coaches him up and he fights to his feet. Garza throws body shots and throws Aleister by his hair! Cover, ONE, but Garza is still on Aleister. He whips but Aleister reverses to sweep the legs! La Magistrol, TWO! Aleister arm-drags Garza and has the armlock. Garza endures but Crews tags in. Crews takes the hand off but Garza fires off hands! Tag to Theory but Theory gets run over! Crews brings Theory up to a stalling suplex! And he holds Theory for a count of ten before slamming him down! Cover, ONE, but Crews keeps on Theory’s arm. Theory fights his way up and puts Crews in a corner. Theory stomps low then whips corner to corner. Crews goes up and over and handsprings to dropkick! And arm-drag! And again! Crews has the arm again and Theory flails!

Theory gets up again but Mysterio tags in. Mysterio kicks Theory then rams him into a corner. The ref counts but Mysterio lets off. Mysterio whips but Theory reverses, only for Mysterio to headscissor him into buckles! Cover, TWO! Mysterio drags Theory up and wrenches, but Theory knees low. Tag to Garza and they double whip. Mysterio ducks and wheelbarrows, to throw both Theory and Garza Dial it up but Almas intercepts! Almas eggs Crews and Aleister on but Mysterio pops up to huricanrana! Now Almas i son the ropes, dial it up, but Garza saves Almas. But Mysterio helps Crews and Aleister FLY! They wipe out Vega’s men and Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and the ref backs Almas off of Aleister. Almas comes back for more as he mugs Aleister in the corner. Tag to Theory and the mugging continues. Theory snapmares to a chinlock and he thrashes Aleister around. Aleister endures and fights his way up. Theory pulls hair but Aleister has a leg. Theory clubs Aleister down then puts on another chinlock. Aleister fights but Theory throws knees and snap suplexes! Cover, TWO, but the chinlock is back. Aleister resists but Theory turns him over for a double knee cover. TWO and Theory KICKS Aleister in the back. Theory digs a knee in Aleister’s back for the chinlock clutch. Aleister fights his way up and pries at the hold, but Theory throws forearms into his back. Theory torture racks and throws Aleister into buckles! Almas talks trash while Theory back suplexes Aleister down. Cover, TWO!

Theory drags Aleister over and tags in Garza. The mugging returns, and Garza KNEES Aleister hard! Tag to ALmas for the cover, TWO! Almas drags Aleister back and Theory tags in. They mug Aleister more but Aleister kicks back! Theory staggers but comes back to facelock Aleister. He grinds Aleister down but Aleister fights up. Aleister powers his way towards his corner but Theory trips him up. The two scrap on the mat and Theory gets the toehold! Aleister chinlocks but Theory cranks and stomps the leg! Theory stomps Aleister down then throws more forearms into the back. Theory torture rack lifts, and throws Aleister into buckles again. But Aleister catches himself ot elbow and BOOT Theory away! Wheelbarrow takedown, TWO! Theory keeps Aleister from the corner but Aleister boots him away. Theory comes back to get a ROUNDHOUSE! Hot tags to Almas and Mysterio!

Mysterio dodges and rallies on Almas! Almas reverses the whip but gets a headscissors! Mysterio runs but is put on the apron. Mysterio shoulders back in then springboards for the seated senton! Things keep moving, but Almas sunset flips. Mysterio rolls through to BUZZSAW! Cover, TWO! El Idolo still lives but Mysterio runs to wheelbarrow. But Almas makes it a facebuster! Tag to Garza and they double whip now. Mysterio pops up to huricanrana Almas out! Then he springboard crossbodies Garza! Cover, TWO! Mysterio kicks then runs but into a pop-up kick! Off come the pants! Garza slides Mysterio out and he hits the floor hard! Now Vega’s trio has control as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns as Garza taunts Crews while holding Mysterio in the cobra twist. But Mysterio fights against the hold, only for Garza to push him down and sucker punch Crews! Tag to Theory and the mugging continues on Mysterio. Theory trophy lifts Mysterio and throws him down! Theory standing moonsaults and covers, TWO! Vega is still smiling as Theory drags Mysteiro back over. Tag to Almas and Almas stomps Mysterio down. Almas pushes Mysterio around then drags him around to stomp. Mysterio staggers to a corner but Almas stomps a mudhole in. The ref backs Almas off but he comes back to drag Mysterio up by his mask. Almas knees low then goes for a hammerlock. Mysterio spins and enziguris free! Both men are down but Mysterio’s corner is empty. Almas stomps Mysterio then drags him up for forearms. Almas shoves but Mysterio kicks back! Mysterio Quebrada, to a tornado DDT!

Both men are down again but Mysterio’s corner has partners again! Hot tags to Theory and Crews! Crews rallies on Theory and then powers him into a corner! Apollo hits Garza then corner sparkles Theory! He tags Theory corner to corner for more shoulder rams! Crews fires up, and gives Garza a SPINE BUSTER! He scoops Theory for a POWERSLAM! Cover, but Almas breaks it! Almas decks Aleister then returns to his corner. Crews gets to his feet first and drags Theory up. Theory swings and ELBOWS! Then he fisherman lifts for the USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!! Crews survives and Vega is furious! Theory sits up but Crews kicks first. Crews suplexes but Theory slips out ot kick low. Almas tags in but Crews dodges Theory to run. Almas dumps Crews out! Aleister KNEES Theory, Garza SUPERKICKS Aleister! Mysterio seated sentons Garza but Almas dropkicks Mysterio!

Almas hurries to get Crews in, and runs to boot and ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Vega is losing her cool but Almas keeps going. Hammerlock but pop-up to CREWS MISSILE! Cover, Crews and team win!!

Winners: Aleister Black, Rey Mysterio & Apollo Crews, by pinfall

The MITB entrants win, and Crews pins the United States Champion! Will Crews be able to use momentum to become Mr. MITB and possibly WWE United States Champion?


Raw celebrates HHH XXV!

To celebrate 25 years of The Game, Raw has the Top Ten Moments that Define Triple H! Coming in at #10, the second wave of Degeneration X! March 1998 brought X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn into the fold, so that they and HHH could “take care of business that should’ve been taken care of right from the start.” The Game moving up into leadership position was a big moment, but what moments are bigger?

Raw returns with moment #9! March 2015, WrestleMania 31, HHH VS Sting! And by extension, DX VS nWo! A crazy brawl, and a showdown of bate and hammer! But in the end, HHH and DX won! And the rivalry of WWE and WCW was finally put to bed. The other eight moments will be later on tonight.


Almas and Vega argue backstage.

Charly Caruso comes by to ask what went wrong. What happened? Almas would like to know that, too. His amigos let him down. Aleister, Mysterio and Crews can’t beat Almas in a championship match 1v1. But Crews comes over to laugh at the “sore losers” for complaining. Crews vows he can beat Almas twice in one night! Almas gets mad and says that he’ll put the title up any time, just to prove Crews isn’t worthy. Then how about tonight? And then Crew SLAPS Almas! Vega gets in the way and says Crews thinks he’s so big after just one win. But if he wants it so badly, then he’ll get that shot, tonight! Crews is all smiles as he tells Almas to take care of his face. But will Almas slap that smile off his face by the end of tonight?


Raw has more HHH XXV Top Ten Moments!

At #8, it was August of 1999. It was the very first episode of SmackDown, and it was the main event for the WWE World Championship! HHH defended against The Rock, with Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee! In a truly historic showdown, The Rock was about to win, before getting SWEET CHIN MUSIC! HHH hit the Pedigree, HBK made the count, and The Game was still the champion! But surely, there were be many more title moments, and many more moments with HBK, to come.

Raw returns with moment #7, and in July 2000, HHH was forced to team with Trish Stratus in a mixed tag match. Trish asked if HHH could give her some training. They went through the basic hammerlock, and he taught her one of the counts. Just reach between your legs to grab his leg, and pull. She reaches down, but then Stephanie McMahon walked in and misunderstood. Steph threw a tantrum while throwing things at HHH and then ran away. That was a slightly more embarrassing moment, but still a rather memorable one.


Triple Threat: Asuka VS Nia Jax VS Shayna Baszler!

All of Raw’s three women for the MITB match compete in a first-time-ever! All three are dangerous, but who comes out with the most momentum on the road to WWE HQ?

Before the match, Asuka has a mic to shout, “OI! OI! OI!” Nia, what the hell were you doing? Poor little Kairi is in no shape to be here tonight. Two years ago, Asuka beat Nia, and made her tap! HA! And that won’t change tonight just because someone else is here. MITB will- Nia interrupts by making her entrance. Shayna makes her entrance, and doesn’t even wait to get in the ring before dragging Asuka out! She clubs Asuka on the back but keeps her eyes on Nia. Nia just lets Shayna do what she wants to Asuka, which includes throwing her into a ladder. Then Nia goes out to throw Shayna into barriers! Nia drags Asuka up but Asuka ROUNDHOUSES back! Shayna adds a BOOT, then she ducks Asuka to LARIAT her down! Shayna grabs a ladder as a flashback to last week. She drags Asuka up and throws her, but Asuka sends Shayna into ladder instead!

Asuka stomps Shayna and talks trash in Japanese. She puts Shayna in but Nia bulldozes Asuka down! Nia puts Asuka in and then picks up that ladder Shayna set. Nia tosses it into the ring to show off her strength, then fetches it to RAM both Shayna and Asuka down! Asuka and Shayna flop out the other way, and Nia gets ready to throw the ladder again! Her targets move, and she drops the ladder in the ring. This match ended before it started, and it ended with the Irresistible Force standing tall. Will that be the same when the ladders stand atop Titan Towers?

No Contest


Lana gives Bobby Lashley a pep talk backstage.

He’s the amazing, almighty and just so good. Lashley knows Lana wants to help him out ringside, but maybe it’s better she stay back here. He doesn’t want her in his corner? No, it’s not that! He just says having her out there… She’s a distraction. She’s a distraction? How? What is she doing? It’s because she’s so… beautiful! He tries to focus but he sees her eyes and legs and just loses that focus. So she understands, right? Yes, she does. Lashley heads out without Lana to have his match.

Bobby Lashley VS Denzel Dejournette!

The bell rings and Dejournette dodges Lashley’s lunge. Lashley tries again, Dejournette gets the waistlock instead, and ducks the elbow. Lashley denies the suplex to give a suplex! Dejournette staggers up but Lashley trips him up to SLAP him down! Lashley drags Denjournette up and goes for a corner. Dejournette blocks the buckle bump but not the knee! Lashley then throws hands on Dejournette over and over. The ref counts but Lashley lets up at 4. Lashley runs but Dejournette drops down then hurdles to SLAP back! Lashley seethes but Dejournette runs. Lashley hurdles to kick low and CLUB Dejournette down! Then he suplexes and SLAMS Dejournette, before scooping him for another slam! Dejournette gets up, Lashley SPEARS him down! Cover, Lashley wins!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by pinfall

And the Rocky Mountain Machine had no problems with his focus. Will Lashley be able to head for a title without his trophy wife “distracting” him?


Liv Morgan VS Ruby Riott!

Last week went Liv’s way but she doesn’t want Ruby to think it was a fluke. These two friends turned enemies have a rematch already, who comes out proving their point?

The bell rings and they tie up. Ruby pulls hair but the ref reprimands her. Ruby hits an STO and then looms over Liv. She drags Liv up and into a corner to stomp away. Ruby pushes Liv around then runs corner to corner, only for Liv to drop toehold her into buckles! Liv runs back in, but her stomps miss! Ruby shoves Liv inot buckles then drags her in, only for Deadly Nightshade to be thrown down! Both women get up and Liv blocks a boot. Liv ROCKS Ruby then brings her out for a whip. Ruby hits buckles hard and Liv back body blocks! Liv runs in again but misses. Ruby spins her out for the RIOTT KICK! Cover, TWO!?! Ruby’s best move fails?! She is speechless for a moment before she stalks up behind Liv. Ruby says Liv needs to learn her place but Liv refuses. Liv swings wild but misses. Ruby stomps the hand!

Ruby drags Liv up and says she doesn’t want to do this. But Liv is making her do this. She pulls hair and has Liv against the ropes but the ref counts. Ruby lets up, whips, but Liv reverses to COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, Liv wins!

Winner: Liv Morgan, by pinfall

Liv wins again! She leaves Ruby in #obLIVion with that one, is she finally moving on with her life?

Byron Saxton interviews Liv in the ring and asks if this is the start of a new chapter. Liv feels like she’s had so many chapters already. But right now, Liv feels like a lot of people in her generation, in that she’s trying to find herself. She’s confident she’ll figure herself out soon enough. Will she figure that and a path to the title out at the same time?


Raw has more HHH XXV Top Ten Moments!

Moment #6 is 1997, the King of the Ring tournament finals! Hunter Hearst Hemsley and “Mankind” Mick Foley faced off and fought all over ringside, but it took two Pedigrees (one through an announce desk) to finish Foley off. And in the end, The Blue Blood was crowned King of the Ring! That was just the beginning of the King of Kings, but what five moments are even bigger?


Backstage interview with Nia Jax.

She has a lot of people talking about her actions tonight. Her actions? What can Charly do about those actions? Nothing. What can Asuka do about Nia’s actions? Nothing. What can Shayna do about Nia’s actions? Nothing. What can anyone do about her actions? Again, NOTHING! Is there really nothing that can be done when the Irresistible Force heads for the Money in the Bank contract?


The Viking Raiders speak.

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it!” “So Street Profits, what does that tell you about your Raw Tag Team title reign?” Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins are a great tag team among some of the best. But their history with Erik & Ivar “tells the truth.” The Profits won the NXT Tag Team Championships after the Raiders let them go. The Profits won the Raw Tag Team Championships after Erik & Ivar couldn’t compete. And the truth is, the Profits have never beaten the Raiders! Every time the Profits were up, it was because the Raiders weren’t around. So the Profits may have the titles now, but the Raiders know the truth. The truth is that as long as the Raiders are around, the Profits will only ever be second best. The Raiders dare the Profits to prove them wrong. Because #WeWantTheSmoke. Erik & Ivar took the catchphrase, but will they take those titles?


Raw has more HHH XXV Top Ten Moments!

Moment #5 was back in November of 2019. It was the night SmackDown was taken over by NXT! Survivor Series was now Raw VS SmackDown VS NXT, and NXT took the fight to the blue brand! HHH is the leader of the black ‘n’ yellow army, and #WeAreNXT!


Jinder Mahal VS Akira Tozawa!

The Modern Day Maharaja returns to Raw! Will he pick up where he left off? Or will the Stamina Monster be a stronger challenge than this former WWE World Champion expected?

The bell rings and Mahal ties up with Tozawa. He throws Tozawa down, then hauls him up for a BIG back suplex! Mahal grins as he drags Tozawa up to throw out of the ring. Mahal pursues and stomps Tozawa at the barrier! The ref counts as he digs his knee in, so he brings Tozawa up to ram into the LED apron! And then into the barriers! Mahal drags Tozawa up to put in the ring and stomp around. He drags Tozawa up to a fireman’s carry, for a BIG Samoan Drop! But Mahal isn’t done there, he demands Tozawa to stand. Tozawa barely sits up before Mahal drags him up. KALLAS! Cover, Mahal wins!

Winner: Jinder Mahal, by pinfall

The iron ring dismantles the Stamina Monster and Mahal is back! Will he head for a title now that things are heating up?


Almas and Vega talk backstage again.

They both know he is El Campeon, but Charly comes by to talk with them again. Vega won’t let there be any questions asked. Charly needs to talk to Vega first. Almas agrees, and heads out with Vega. But Garza comes by and says Charly is very professional. He has a great admiration for that. But maybe in the near future, they could get better acquainted? Garza gives her a rose and Charly gives him a big smile as Raw goes to break.


Raw has more HHH XXV Top Ten Moments!

Moment #4 is June of 2006, when DX mocked the McMahons! HHH was Vince, HBK was Shane O’Mac, and it was just incredible.


WWE United States Championship: Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega VS Apollo Crews!

El Idolo took the pin in the loss earlier tonight, but says that it was not the same as 1v1. Crews says he can strike twice, but is tonight the night Crews finally holds WWE gold? Or will he have to fall back on his MITB opportunity?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this double header begins!

Crews and Almas circle and tie up. They go around, Almas puts Crews in a corner but Crews turns it around. The ref counts and Crews lets up. Vega protests but Almas and Crews tie up again. Almas wrenches and shoulder breakers fast to get the wristlock. Crews fights up, wrenches around and has the wristlock himself. Crews yanks on the arm but Almas endures the armlock. Almas fights up, rolls and trips Crews to the mat for a toehold. Crews fights back and has a forearm in Almas’ face. Crews manages to get the facelock, but Almas fights his way up. Almas powers Crews to ropes but they almost fall out of the ring! Crews lets go and Almas sucker punches! Almas backs off and taunts Crews, but Crews comes back to circle again.

Almas kicks low and headlocks, but Crews tries to power out. He can’t get free as Almas holds tight. Almas cranks on the headlock but Crews powers up. Crews elbows but Almas cranks harder. Crews powers out and is free this time, but the two collide and neither falls. They start shoving, then things speed up. Crews hurdles and dropkicks! Almas bails out and Vega hurries over. Crews goes out and throws hands on Almas, then lifts him to ram into the apron! Almas CHOPS back, but the ring count climbs. Crews throws hands and puts Almas in. Almas is right on Crews right away! Almas stomps and stomps but the ref backs him off. Vega likes what she sees as Almas drags Crews up. Almas CHOPS but Crews forearms back. Almas knees low and throws more forearms. He starts stomping but the ref counts. Vega says Almas is the champ, and Almas digs his knee in. The ref backs Almas off again, but Almas stands Crews up to CHOP!

Almas whips corner to corner, Crews goes up and over but Almas dropkicks him down! Vega applauds while Crews goes to a corner. Almas runs in but Crews dodges! The knee hits buckles and Almas tumbles to the floor outside! Crews gets to the apron, moonsaults, but Almas gets clear! Almas LARIATS Crews down and Vega applauds while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and the ref has to back Almas off again. Almas goes right after Crews’ leg in the ropes, then basement dropkicks Crews to the floor! Almas takes a moment to catch his breath before going out after Crews. He stomps Crews around as the ring count climbs. Almas knees and forearms Crews down then leaves him behind. Crews stands at 7 and manages to get in the ring at 8, but Almas is all over him again! Almas has the leg and turns Crews for a modified Half Crab. Crews endures and drags himself towards ropes, but Almas stomps the leg down! Almas keeps on Crews but Crews kicks him away, only for Almas to come back with a basement dropkick! Almas drags Crews to the apron to throw forearm after forearm! He then goes back in the ring to stomp Crews more. Almas stomps Crews in the corner but the ref reprimands. Vega chants, “Si! Si! Si!” and Almas goes corner to corner, but only gets corners! Crews hits an OLYMPIC SLAM!

Crews can’t cover, his bad knee and overall exhaustion keep him down. But Crews and Almas slowly get to their feet, and start throwing hands! Crews counter punches and then throws haymakers! Crews pop, lock and ROCKS Almas to then LARIAT! He rams Almas into the corner then drives his shoulders! Crews backs off to then run in for a BIG splash, and OVERHEAD suplex! Adrenaline helps Crews rise up and run corner to corner! But into Almas’ BOOT! Almas hops up but Crews enziguris back! Crews trophy lifts Almas and drops Almas down! Standing moonsault hits! Cover, TWO!! Almas barely survives and Vega is panicking! Crews manages to stand but he hobbles over to Almas. Almas escapes a suplex and drop toeholds Crews into buckles! CIEN KNEES!! Cover, TWO!! Crews survives and Vega protests!

Almas stands and looms over Crews. He drags Crews up but dodges a boot. Crews dodges the boot, the elbow, and now they brawl again. Almas kicks the bad leg! Crews ROCKS Almas with a right and trophy lifts, but Almas DDT’s back! Vega applauds as Almas covers, TWO!! Now Vega is beside herself as Crews still lives. Almas drags Crews up once more, hammerlocks, but Crews resists and pop-ups, but into a sunset flip! Cover, TWO!! ENZIGURI! Crews fires up, scoops Almas, and POWERSLAMS! Cover, TWO!! Almas survives and Vega is out of breath! Crews stands back up and drags Almas to a drop zone. He climbs up but Almas hurries to stop him! Almas climbs up, throws uppercuts, but Crews forearms back. They brawl up top but Almas wants the suplex. Crews resists, throws body shots and then headbutts Almas down. Crews adjusts and leaps, but Almas moves! The knee takes a bad hit, but the ref keeps Almas back. Crews is under the bottom rope and refuses to let this end, but the ref makes the decision! Almas wins!

Winner: Andrade Almas, by referee stoppage (still WWE United States Champion)

Crews’ body gave out before his spirit did, and Almas gets away with the title. Will Crews get another chance to prove he has what it takes? What about his run for the MITB briefcase?


Raw has more HHH XXV Top Ten Moments!

Moment #3 is February 2003, the debut of Evolution! HHH, Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Dave Batista were “the greatest example of evolution you will ever see.” Another faction that changed the WWE forever, also led by HHH.


The Street Profits speak.

“The Viking… Raiders… say we second best, bruh.” Nah, fam, they’re the ones putting in work while the cosplayers were driving Carpool Karaoke style while eating turkey legs. They weren’t even singing! This is 2020, get on Spotify. So what else is there to say but to say that… Erik & Ivar are right. The Profits could make jokes, or they could make the Raiders wrong. Well Montez and Dawkins are free, so how about the Raiders bring the helmets and the ponytails, because they’re going to get that smoke. But who will have the titles after this intense showdown?


Raw shares part of WWE 24: Becky Lynch, The Man.

“I just wanted people to be invested in the main event.” And they were. But they were also strongly behind Becky in WrestleMania 35’s Winner Takes All. Charlotte had Ronda in the Figure Eight, but then The Man came around with that leg drop. The WrestleMania crowd was fired up as Becky and Ronda worked together to hip toss Charlotte into a table! And then Ronda and Becky fired off! Becky turned Piper’s Pit into a pin! And in the end, the world witnessed #BeckyTwoBelts become reality! Making history with family in attendance and the fans behind her, “it was overwhelming.” Charlotte says that WM35 is what they’ll be playing back for years to come. Her father says Becky has passion in spades, it’s why she succeeds. Everyone wants to main event Mania, and now anyone can because The Man, The Queen and the Baddest Woman on the Planet made it happen. Becky loves the fans, and hopes they’ll still support her. What happens when your dreams come true? You make new ones.


Ricochet & Cedric Alexander VS Ever-Rise!

It’s time to get fast and furious again! Will they get back on track using Matt Martel and Chase Parker as the starting line?

The teams sort out and Ricochet starts against Martel. Ricochet dodges and arm-drags Martel down, then brings him over to tag Alexander. Alexander knees low then sets Martel up for the neckbreaker backbreaker! Cover, ONE, but Alexander keeps close. Alexander drags Martel up with a facelock and Ricochet tags in. They mug Martel and then Ricochet dodges a clothesline. Ricochet gets distracted by Parker and Martel clobbers him from behind! Tag to Parker and Martel feeds Ricochet to a knee. Parker whips Martel for Martel to whip Parker, and Parker forearm smashes Ricochet! Parker feeds Ricochet to Martel’s drop toehold, then Martel is the step stool for Parker’s elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Parker keeps on Ricochet with a chinlock and fingers to the face. Parker drops knees then drags Ricochet up and over. Tag to Martel and Ever-Rise mug Ricochet.

Martel keeps on Ricochet with a wrench and tags Parker back in. Martel feeds Ricochet to Parker’s boot, and then Parker stomps Ricochet down. Parker wraps on a half straitjacket and leans on Ricochet. Tag to Martel, and now Ricochet is fed to Martel’s boot. Cover, TWO! Martel drags Ricochet up for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO, but Martel drags Ricochet up. Ricochet reverses the whip to feed Martel to Parker’s boot! Martel flounders to anchor Ricochet, but Ricochet keeps heading for Alexander. Both men make tags to Parker and Alexander! Alexander rallies, bobs ‘n’ weaves and fires off strikes! He dropkicks Martel’s leg out, then drags Parker over. Martel is the support for the one-man magic killer! Alexander dropkicks Martel out then runs to forearm Parker. Ricochet tags in, Alexander gives Parker a tornado DDT! Ricochet hits a standing shooting star! Cover but Martel breaks it!

Alexander throws Martel out but Martel drags Alexander out. Martel slams Alexander on the apron, but Ricochet triangle dropkicks! Parker rolls Ricochet with the tights, TWO! SUPERKICK! Tag to Alexander and he drags Parker up. Hammerlock, missile dropkick complete shot!! Cover, Alexander & Ricochet win!

Winners: Cedric Alexander & Ricochet, by pinfall

“Bravo! Bravo!” MVP is on the titantron, and congratulates these men in their excellent execution. MVP has a keen eye for talent, and he thought, “Who better to reintroduce to Raw than these two?” Shane Thorne & Brendan Vink are now on Team MVP! Alexander and Ricochet beating Thorne & Vink was a fluke. But the rematch could be box office gold. No, box office platinum! Straight up BALLIN~! Ricochet and Alexander are ready for the challenge! Will this fast and furious team prove The Worst & The Smug are box office busts?


Raw has more HHH XXV Top Ten Moments!

Moment #2 is April 1998, DX invading WCW! Well, they would have if the garage door didn’t close. But it was the first shot fired in the Monday Night Wars!


Raw follows Apollo Crews in the Performance Center medical room.

Crews has his knee heavily iced and walks on crutches after the damage done during the match. Charly says it seemed like he was so close to the title. This surely hinders his progress. Crews is too emotional to speak. Will Crews be able to even compete at MITB now?


Finally, the NUMBER ONE Moment that Defines HHH!

May 2001, HHH attacked Shawn Michaels, only to blow out his own knee. But eight months later, The Game was back and stronger than ever!


Raw returns to Jerry “The King” Lawler in the ring.

The King notes this year’s MITB having the most unique MITB match ever. Six men and six women start in the lobby of the WWE corporate HQ, and could fight anywhere from the gym to the elevators to even Mr. McMahon’s office. But they’ll all work to fight their way up to the roof, where the MITB briefcases will be waiting. Those briefcases will have the contracts for a title match at any time, any place. The risk is usually worth the reward, but maybe not this year. But the PPV will also feature one of the most intriguing title matches in history. Drew McIntyre defends against Seth Rollins, but the contract must be signed first. King introduces first the challenger, the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins! Rollins makes his way to the ring and takes his seat. King then introduces the champion, Drew McIntyre! The Scottish Stud struts down to the ring, and Rollins stands up to stare him down.

McIntyre joins King and Rollins in the ring, and he says King that the way this usually goes is about to go that way. King gets out of the way, and now McIntyre sits with Rollins alone. For that matter, McIntyre signs right away, and leaves it to Rollins. He tells Rollins that they can get this done in 20 seconds. Rollins takes his time picking up the pen and going to the contract. But then he asks McIntyre, “Do you think I want this?” No, Rollins doesn’t want this. He has to do this. Yes, he started it with the Curb Stomp, to get McIntyre’s attention and to get this match, so that he can get the WWE World Championship “where it needs to be.” But this isn’t about Rollins or about McIntyre. This is bigger than all of us! McIntyre will be a great champion, some day. McIntyre is a fighter, a warrior, and a great man. But he’s not a leader. Rollins is a leader. Everywhere Rollins has gone, he has led and people have followed.

Now more than ever, the WWE needs someone they can turn to and guide them. Rollins can be the light in the darkness. He suffered for that title. McIntyre doesn’t have to. Rollins doesn’t want anyone else to suffer the way he did. That title is his burden to carry, not McIntyre’s. “Trust me when I tell you, I don’t want to be the one to crush your dream.” But that is a sacrifice Rollins is willing to make for the greater good. McIntyre is smart. He will understand in time. And when that time comes, he can find Rollins, and Rollins will not turn him away. McIntyre thanks Rollins for that passionate speech. Really enlightening. Things are clear to McIntyre and the fans now. It is clear that Rollins is “completely full of sh*t.” Where are Rollins’ followers? His charming personality surely didn’t scare them off, right? It’s not Rollins’ fault. No, it’s never Rollins’ fault.

But McIntyre cuts to the chase: He doesn’t know what’s going on in that warped brain of Rollins’, but McIntyre will not let Rollins win. McIntyre gives Rollins some advice. First: shut up and stop talking, forever. No one wants to hear Rollins talk now, backstage, online or even in private. Rollins has this talent that he gets his foot stuck in his mouth, while also having his head up his arse. It’s impressive, actually. Second: Finish the job. He didn’t do that when he attacked McIntyre a few weeks ago. This time, he better go for the throat, because McIntyre will do the same. Both men stand up, and Rollins says that at MITB, the big picture becomes clear. So trust Rollins when he says that McIntyre will be better off for it. Rollins signs his part, and says McIntyre needs to have faith in- BAM! McIntyre bounces Rollins’ head off the table! And then he tosses the table out! And the armchairs! GLASGOW KISS HEADBUTT!

Rollins seethes as McIntyre throws off his jacket and shirt. There’s no backing out now! The countdown begins and… Buddy Murphy attacks! The Disciple appears outta nowhere to stop McIntyre with a chop block! Murphy throws hands and stomps away in the corner! Murphy helps Rollins up but Rollins doesn’t realize who it is at first. Rollins sees it is Murphy, and calms down. They hug, but then McIntyre runs in! Rollins gets clear and the CLAYMORE takes out Murphy! McIntyre says Murphy is Rollins’ “sacrificial lamb,” and he won’t have him at MITB. Will Rollins be able to survive when he’s stranded in Claymore Country?


My Thoughts:

A pretty good Raw, but something about it was very indicative of how they’re recording another episode for next week’s go-home. That go-home is going to be a lot of fun with the Raw Tag Team Championships on the line. I can’t be sure who wins, but I do hope WWE brings Sarah Logan back for a really big feud that also includes Bianca Belair. Lashley gets a win without Lana around so that’s some decent progress for their story. Jinder Mahal is back so of course he wins. I wonder if he comes around to try and start a feud with McIntyre over the old 3MB days. Liv gets another win over Ruby so I think that story is done, but I have no idea where she goes next. Ricochet & Alexander get a solid win over Ever-Rise, but I am disappointed MVP is with Thorne & Vink instead of trying to recruit the fast and furious. That is the team he should be with and he is the manager they should have. Maybe Vink & Thorne get tossed aside when they lose again.

But speaking of MVP, I had a great sense that Vega’s team would show up to interrupt the VIP Lounge wanting after the MITB spots. The spots were never actually on the line, but the Six Man Tag we got was still great. Crews’ own story tonight was incredibly well done. That SLAP to Almas and then his performance in the United States Championship match were incredible. But what a twist for him to lose because of the knee giving out. It garners great Face sympathy with this, because now he might not even be in the MITB. If so, I hope that means they’re saving him for something big with Extreme Rules or even SummerSlam. The Women’s Triple Threat tonight was great on paper, but then it became clear there couldn’t be a real loser or winner since all three are such strong contenders. Therefore, it was actually brilliant to have it be a No Contest. And with Nia standing tall tonight, I don’t think she wins MITB. It really should be Asuka to bring back some danger to her character.

The HHH countdown was a pretty good second part to the tribute, but also mostly just to fill for time. It was good to see some moments SmackDown didn’t have time to bring up, like HHH becoming KOTR, and later becoming leader of DX. SmackDown was the roast but Raw was the celebration. The ending segment was really good for a contract signing. I like that McIntyre gave King a heads up to get out. Both guys gave great promos, and the brawl was great, too. McIntyre made that table fly like it was a pillow! And having the camera behind Murphy was great for the incoming Claymore. McIntyre stands tall now, but that doesn’t mean he won’t win at MITB. At the same time, with it being MITB, a cash-in could happen the same night. It’d be fitting karma if someone cashed in on Rollins to ruin his “vision” for Raw again.

My Score: 8.1/10

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