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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (5/14/20)

MORE Superstar Picks!




NXT UK returns to sharing superstars’ favorite matches!

Superstar Picks returns! Who else from the NXT UK roster will share their favorite matches of all time? Will their favorites be some of yours?


  • 3/3/97 – WWF European Championship Tournament Finals: Owen Hart VS The British Bulldog; Bulldog wins and becomes the inaugural WWE European Champion.
  • 4/7/14 – WWE Divas Championship: AJ Lee w/ Tamina VS Paige; Paige wins and becomes the new WWE Divas Champion.
  • 11/1/19 – Dave Mastiff VS Jordan Devlin; Devlin wins.
  • 6/19/18 – NXT Tag Team Championships: The Undisputed Era VS Moustache Mountain; Moustache Mountain wins and become the new NXT Tag Team Champions.


Andy Shepherd welcomes us back to NXT UK!

Once again, the platform is given to the superstars to share what matches and moments they enjoy watching. To start, it’s the Welsh Dragon, Eddie Dennis. Dennis wants us to understand the historical significance of a new championship being introduced in the WWE as Owen Hart took on the British Bulldog to become inaugural European Champion. They put on a match classic that became the measuring stick for both the North American and European styles. Those two men knew each other better than the back of their hands. And together, they painted a picture that even Picasso would be proud of.

3/3/97 – WWE European Championship Tournament Finals: Owen Hart VS The British Bulldog!

Tag team partners who became family now become rivals and opponents as Monday Night Raw came to Berlin, Germany! Witness history made on a global scale!

The two tie up, Bulldog gets the headlock and takeover, and has a cover. TWO as Owen seems to be taking it easy. Owen powers up and out and speeds things up, but his leg gives out! Bulldog walks over but into kicks! Was Owen faking out his own brother-in-law just to get an edge? Fans boo and Owen yanks on the leg. Owen goes to put on the Hart family Sharpshooter, but Bulldog powers out! Bulldog and Owen reset and start shoving. Bulldog drags Owen into a headlock but Owen powers out. Things speed up, BIG windmill kick takes Bulldog down! Owen shows his leg is just fine and fans boo. Owen stomps the legs then drags Bulldog up. Owen scoops for a big backbreaker! Fans rally up for Bulldog but Owen drops knees on Bulldog’s back. Owen drags Bulldog up to whip corner to corner hard! Bulldog hits buckles then the mat and Owen gloats.

Owen drags Bulldog up and scoops to slam Bulldog down, then drop a leg! Cover, TWO! Owen clamps on with a chinlock but fans rally up. Bulldog fights his way up and fights out, but Owen ducks the run and knees low with the kitchen sink! Owen drags Bulldog around and stomps him to the apron. Bulldog flops to the floor and Owen backs off to let the ring count start. Bulldog gets up at 4 and walks around the way at 5. He returns to the ring at 7, shoulders into Owen and slingshot sunset flips! TWO, and Owen LARIATS Bulldog down! Then drops an elbow! Cover, TWO! Owen clamps back on and NXT UK goes to break.

NXT UK returns as Bulldog elbows free and runs, into Owen’s OVERHEAD! Cover, TWO! Owen keeps on Bulldog with a camel clutch! He cranks back on Bulldog but Bulldog endures. Fans rally and Bulldog powers up to Electric Chair lift Owen! For the DROP! Both men hurry to corners, and Bulldog runs corner to corner. Owen BOOTS Bulldog down, high stacks, and uses the ropes! TWO and Owen argues with the ref. The ref says it was two, so Owen drags Bulldog up for a neckbreaker! Owen goes up for a BIG elbow drop! Cover, TWO!! Owen keeps right on Bulldog with another chinlock. Bulldog endures and fans rally up again. Bulldog fights up and fights out again, but Owen rakes Bulldog’s eyes! Owen throws elbows and hoists Bulldog to the top rope. Owen goes up and SUPERPLEXES, but Bulldog makes it a crossbody!! Cover, TWO!! Bulldog almost gets Owen by surprise, but Owen is on him first.

Owen whips, Bulldog dodges and flying lariats! Bulldog is rallying with clotheslines and Berlin is thunderous! Bulldog suplexes Owen up high and hard! Cover, TWO! Bulldog whips Owen to the corner hard, and then scoops for a military press! Bulldog crotches Owen on the top ropes, and the ref reprimands him for that. Bulldog “apologizes” and suplexes Owen in, but Owen turns it to a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Owen haymakers Bulldog to a corner and whips corner to corner. Bulldog reverses and catches Owen going up and over. Owen holds the ropes and uses Bulldog’s momentum to his advantage for an inverted DDT! Cover, TWO! Owen springboard crossbodies, but Bulldog rolls through! TWO, Owen ENZIGURIS! Owen doesn’t cover, he wants to finish this with the Sharpshooter! He turns Bulldog over and Bulldog endures!

Owen sits down deep on the hold but Bulldog claws his way as the fans reach a fever pitch! Bulldog gets the ROPEBREAK! Owen lets go, thinking he won, but the ref says that was just the ropebreak. Owen whips but Bulldog reverses to scoop, but Owen slips out! Owen gut wrenches but Bulldog turns it around! Bulldog hits the POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!?! Owen survives and Bulldog is furious. But Owen gets up on him, victory roll, TWO! Bulldog sits on the cover, BULLDOG WINS!

Winner: The British Bulldog, by pinfall (INAUGURAL WWF European Champion)

Davey Boy Smith makes Europe proud by being their European Champion! He and Owen are both still WWF Tag Team Champions, so history is also made as the first champion is also a dual champion! Will we ever see a modern tag team have a match like that against each other?


Candy Floss gives her picks.

The sugary sweet superstar chose Paige VS AJ Lee, the Raw after WrestleMania 30. Candy grew up watching the Glampire in the UK, FCW and NXT. Candy got chills watching Paige walk out and challenge AJ Lee for the title on her main roster debut. Candy instantly related because of Paige being British. If Paige can accomplish her dreams, than so can Candy Floss, and so can you!

4/7/14 – WWE Divas Championship: AJ Lee w/ Tamina VS Paige!

NXT UK goes the extra mile with this match, as we get the whole segment from that Monday Night Raw after Mania! AJ Lee walked out with Tamina, feeling great after winning the 13 Woman Vickie Guerrero Invitational just the night before. This marked 295 days as champion for the tiny, bubbly bad girl. AJ goes to the ring and grabs herself a mic. “295. For 295 days, I have been your Divas Champion, the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time.” A couple months ago, AJ tore the entire roster a “Much deserved new one,” but gave them a chance. She gave them the past 295 days to prove her wrong, and they couldn’t. And then they proved AJ Lee is the hero of this story! Fans agree with that. AJ Lee VS The World has how it’s always been, just like it has been her entire life. From a poor girl in Jersey to the BEST IN THE WORLD. Fans chant “CM Punk,” and those in the know will know why.

AJ Lee is the Savior of the Divas, and she IS the Divas Division. But wait! Here comes a new face! It’s the NXT Women’s Champion, PAIGE! Paige applauds AJ Lee but fans are fired up to see Paige here. AJ Lee herself isn’t as pleased. Paige gets in the ring with a mic of her own, and hears the fans chant her name. AJ asks what the hell she’s doing here, and Paige says she’s here to do what no one else will. And that’s to congratulate her! AJ was amazing! Yes, everyone should be congratulating and thanking AJ for everything she’s done. BUT, she doesn’t need it. So just go run back to NXT, because the champion doesn’t like being interrupted. Paige apologizes, she just wanted to say congratulations. Well isn’t she a sweet little crumpet. But while Paige is here in AJ’s ring, and all dressed up to compete, maybe AJ will do to her what she did to 13 others: beat her. Paige says she’s not ready to wrestle tonight. Oh? Maybe she is. AJ SLAPS Paige right off her feet! Ready now?

Fans rally up for Paige, and AJ says ready or not, here’s a match! And it’ll even be for the title!! Let’s get a ref and do this! “Ready or not, this is MY house. I’ll tell you when you’re ready.” The referee appears, the title is on the line, and “This is Awesome!” Tamina gets out of the ring, the bell rings, and AJ CLOBBERS Paige! AJ rains down furious rights and lefts on Paige but lets up at the ref’s count with a big grin. AJ whips and runs Paige over but the fans are on Paige’s side. AJ frolics around the ring before bringing Paige back up. She mule kicks Paige, then runs, tilt-o-whirls, and puts on the Black Widow! Paige endures this version of the Iron Octopus, flails and pries free, to hit PAIGE TURNER!! Cover, PAIGE WINS!!

Winner: Paige, by pinfall (NEW WWE Divas Champion)

The 295 day reign ENDS! And for just a few hours, the 21-year-old is dual NXT Women’s and WWE Divas Champion! With a historic moment like that, how could Hollywood resist but make a movie about Paige?


The Hunt’s Primate gives his picks.

Primate pumps iron to stay strong, and says that his choice is Mastiff VS Devlin. This match came about because Devlin bragged he was the biggest star in NXT UK. Mastiff didn’t like what he was hearing, made his challenge, and we got a huge match between two of NXT UK’s best! Speed VS Strength and a lot of heart. The crowd was on their feet, and the roster was just as fired up backstage. Does Devlin back up his words? Or does Mastiff prove he was right to bet against the Ace?

11/1/19 – Dave Mastiff VS Jordan Devlin!

In the United States, this was on Halloween. For the UK, it was the first day of November. But either way, it will be a day and match remembered for The Bomber and the Irish Ace leaving it all in the ring to prove who is the biggest and baddest superstar on the brand!

Devlin attacks just seconds before the bell! He and Mastiff brawl and Mastiff makes him pay for it. Mastiff whips to the corner but Devlin slides out. Devlin grins, but Mastiff chases after. They get back in the ring and Devlin stomps, but Mastiff has his foot! Devlin SLAPS Mastiff, but Mastiff just grins. Mastiff flips Devlin then whips him to back drop him! Devlin begs Mastiff to wait, but Mastiff sees the sucker punch coming and SLAPS Devlin down first. Mastiff rains down elbows, then stomps Devlin down. Mastiff drags Devlin up and throws a big European Uppercut! Devlin ends up in a corner, but Mastiff TOSSES Devlin across the way! Mastiff runs in but Devlin boots him. Devlin hops up but Mastiff grabs him with both hands! Devlin hotshots Mastiff’s arm on the rope! Devlin hurries in to get the arm again, for another hotshot!

Mastiff shakes out the arm but Devlin is on him with a wrench. Devlin wrings Mastiff out to the mat then hits the standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Devlin keeps his cool as Mastiff works on his arm. Devlin drives elbows into Mastiff’s face then stalks him to the corner. The ref counts but Devlin laces the arm on the ropes to pull. Devlin lets up to then stomp and yank the arm. Devlin brings Mastiff out for a double knee strike! Devlin has the bad arm and stands on Mastiff’s head as he pulls! And then Devlin falls back to yank on the arm more! Fans rally up for Mastiff but Devlin stands on Mastiff’s face again. Devlin pulls on the arm and yanks the arm again! Fans boo but Devlin soaks up the heat. Devlin elbows Mastiff in the face again, and then wrenches to wring Mastiff out again. Devlin drops a leg on the arm for a short-arm scissors. Mastiff endures and fans rally up.

Mastiff throws big haymakers but Devlin just wrenches tighter! Mastiff keeps his shoulder up so it isn’t also a cover, and he fights back with more haymakers. Devlin pulls harder on the arm scissor again, but Mastiff refuses to quit. Fans rally and Mastiff works his way up and around! He has a cover, TWO, and he dead lifts to an electric chair drop! Both men are down but fans rally for “NXT! NXT!” Devlin slowly rises and gets to ropes. Devlin comes back to throw a big right! Mastiff gives it back, so Devlin hits again. They brawl back and forth, but Mastiff ROCKS Devlin! Devlin runs in, but gets caught! Mastiff holds him there, to then shift and overhead suplex! Devlin writhes now as Mastiff stands back up. Mastiff whips Devlin and runs him over with a clothesline! And drops a big senton! Cover, TWO!! Devlin survives but Mastiff won’t let up.

Mastiff slaps feeling into his bad arm and hauls Devlin up into position. Mastiff powerbomb lifts, but Devlin slips out to kick away on the left leg! Devlin has the bad arm and pulls, but Mastiff is too much to reel in! Devlin keeps trying, but Mastiff yanks him into a headbutt! Devlin headbutts back! The Irish Ace won’t be denied, but Mastiff does reverse the whip to send Devlin tumbling up and out! Mastiff and Devlin are each gasping for air, but Mastiff goes out to fetch Devlin. Mastiff fireman’s carries but Devlin gets free and on the apron. The Penalty Kick is blocked! Fireman’s carry, rolling senton on the floor! Mastiff crushes Devlin but his bad arm is still bothering him. The referee tells them to get back in and Mastiff pushes Devlin in. Devlin bails out to the apron but Mastiff is on him. Devlin hotshots the arm again! Slingshot cutter!

Devlin hurries up top, MOONSAULT! Direct hit, cover, TWO!! Mastiff survives and Devlin is furious! The fans rally up but Devlin drags Mastiff into the drop zone. Devlin climbs up again, MOONSAULT onto boots! Devlin flops all the way to the other corner, Mastiff runs, INTO THE VOID! But Devlin slumps halfway out of the ring, and then all the way to the floor! Mastiff goes out to fetch Devlin again, frustrated as he is. Mastiff drags Devlin up and in again, but Devlin stays on the apron. Mastiff meets Devlin at the corner, then hops up to bring Devlin up top, and into a fireman’s carry! Devlin fights out and PELES! Devlin uses the top rope for a SUPER DEVLINSIDE!! Cover, Devlin wins!!

Winner: Jordan Devlin, by pinfall

The Ace trumps the Bomber! And while Devlin didn’t move on to usurp the Ring General, he did become the UK’s first NXT Cruiserweight Champion. Of course, even that is in jeopardy with the Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship tournament going on in the States. Who wins that tournament to incur the wrath of Jordan Devlin?


Trent Seven makes his pick.

The Man of Moustache Mountain wants us to remember the summer of 2018. What a summer. The sun was beating down and there was a glimmer of hope that England would bring the FIFA World Cup home. But the second United Kingdom Championship Tournament was held, and British Strong Style took on The Undisputed Era in an epic Six Man Tag. But then, there was an NXT Tag Team Championship match in a sold-out Royal Albert Hall. Enjoy reliving what went down.

6/19/18 – NXT Tag Team Championships: The Undisputed Era VS Moustache Mountain!

Don’t get it twisted, this really did happen on the 19th, not the 26th. Tape delay is a hell of a thing. But either way, travel back and see how the Big Strong Boy and the Artful Dodger stepped to the reign of Roddy and O’Reilly!

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we start with Strong and Bate. The two circle, tie up, and Strong gets a headlock takedown. Bate headscissors but Strong pops out. They tie up again while fans sing for Bate. Strong gets the wristlock but Bate slips through to dropkick Strong down. Bate tags Seven, and Seven takes the hand-off. Strong backs Seven down and tags in O’Reilly. O’Reilly gives a wristlock but Seven breaks free to chop and chop. O’Reilly grabs Seven again but Seven powers out. They collide, neither man moves, and Seven dares O’Reilly to bring it. O’Reilly kicks, wrenches and shoulder breakers. He brings Seven over and tags Strong back in. They both stomp Seven, then Strong whips Seven. Seven reverses but Strong goes up, only to get a chop.

Seven lifts, tags in Bate, and then dumps Strong down for Bate to knee-flip senton onto Strong. O’Reilly comes in, but Bate catches him to dump him down. Tag to Seven, and Mustache Mountain work together to back senton Seven onto O’Reilly. Fans duel while both teams regroup. Undisputed era see Bop, and get BANG. Strong stands and gets a chop, then a European Uppercut, and repeat. Bate exits but Strong throws Seven out. O’Reilly keeps Seven in place for Strong to hit the wrecking ball dropkick! Fans boo as Strong mocks the mustache tweeze. Strong then throws Seven into the apron, then places him in the ring. Tag to O’Reilly and they stomp away on Seven. O’Reilly brings Seven up but Seven fights back.

O’Reilly drags him back down with a hammerlock, then throws in elbows and knees. He adds a running knee, then covers, TWO. O’Reilly hammers away on Seven, then swags around while mocking the mustache. Tag to Strong, and Strong drags Seven up. Strong whips while fans duel. He chops Seven, then gives a forearm. Tag to O’Reilly, and they go off with chops and kicks. O’Reilly snapmares and drops a knee, grinding it into Seven’s head. Strong likes what he sees as O’Reilly wraps Seven in a chinlock. Seven endures while fans sing for him. Seven stands up, fights out, but O’Reilly knees back. O’Reilly runs into a boot, but Strong tags in. Strong stops Seven, but Seven then kicks him away. Seven dumps Strong out but Strong drags Seven. Seven shoves Strong, but O’Reilly comes in, only to get tossed, too!

Fans fire up, and Seven crawls, but Strong returns. Seven shoves him away again, but O’Reilly takes out Bate! Strong stalks Seven, for a dropkick! Cover, TWO! Strong drags Seven back, and tags in O’Reilly. Fans continue to duel while O’Reilly throws in knees on Seven. O’Reilly swings at Bate, then goes back to Seven. Seven fakes the chop to get the DDT! Both men are down, but fans fire up. Seven and O’Reilly crawl, hot tags to Strong and Bate! Bate rallies, dodges, and back drops Strong! Bate hits a corner elbow, then exploder! He kips up, and fans applaud. Standing Shooting Star! Cover, TWO! Bate catches his breath and keeps his cool as he brings Strong up. They go for a spin! Around and around, but O’Reilly comes in. O’Reilly goes for a spin, but turns it into a sleeper! Bate backs him into buckles, then boots Strong.

Bate stalks Strong but O’Reilly clamps on again. That doesn’t stop Bate, he still deadlifts Strong, and combines to German Suplex Strong while slamming down on O’Reilly! Fans applaud Bate’s super strength while he covers, TWO! Strong crawls while Bate catches his breath. Bate heads for his corner, and tags in Seven. Mustache Mountain work together on Strong, but STrong slips out to shove them into each other. Strong hits the Olympic Slam, then tags O’Reilly. O’Reilly Penalty Kicks Seven, covers, TWO! And Undisputed Era is frustrated. Strong comes back, and together they stalk Seven. Ax, Smash- Seven dodges so the Smash goes into each other! Seven rocks O’Reilly with a right, torture rack, but O’Reilly lands on his feet. O’Reilly rocks Seven back, but Bate tags in! O’Reilly runs into the full nelson, rebound, Lariat Dragon Suplex!! Cover, but Strong barrels through Seven to break it up!

Fans are thunderous for this intense tag team opener! This is what the fusion of NXT and UK truly means! Seven and Strong stand to brawl. Strong knee smashes, but Bate EuroUppers. Bate grabs O’Reilly but O’Reilly slips under to come back with so many strikes! Bate jumps the sweep but O’Reilly knows what Bop means this time. O’Reilly hits first, but BANG still comes through! Bate runs, but into a knee. O’Reilly suplexes, brainbuster! Cover, TWO!! Fans are fired up all over again but O’Reilly is furious. He tags in Strong, and Undisputed Era bring Bate up. Ax, SMASH, cover, Seven breaks in! Undisputed Era grab and toss Seven out, then go back to Bate. Tag to O’Reilly, preparing but missing Strong Elimination! Strong hits O’Reilly, Bate hits the rolling kick on Strong! Mustache Mountain tag and Bate FLIES! Bate takes Strong out, Seven gives the Seven Star Lariat to O’Reilly! Bate goes up, knee drop burning hammer!! Cover, MUSTACHE MOUNTAIN WINS!!

Winners: Mustache Mountain, Seven pinning; NEW NXT Tag Team Champions

They have done it!! Bate & Seven have dethroned the Undisputed Era from atop the tag team division, and fans chant “You Deserve It!” We know that in present time, they couldn’t hold onto the titles forever, and have struggled to capture the NXT UK Tag Team Championships. Will Seven and Bate return to this same tag team glory soon enough?


Next week: NXT UK’s Most Brilliant returns!

The retrospective continues and NXT UK takes a closer look at the incredible Triple Threat UK Women’s Championship, Kay Lee Ray VS Toni Storm VS Piper Niven! Prepare to relive TakeOver: Blackpool II!

My Thoughts:

I loved all the picks for this episode! Owen VS Bulldog was a great match and the historic significance is something you forget with everything going on in the modern era. Not even ten years removed from the Berlin Wall falling and Berlin, Germany gets to be the site of pro-wrestling history. I’m still a sucker for Paige, and getting to relive her entire debut was great, and of course I loved going back to recent matches like Devlin VS Mastiff and the incredible NXT Tag Team Championship match of Undisputed Era and Moustache Mountain. And not just because I was able to copy and paste, but because those were matches worthy of being favorites. Next week’s Most Brilliant episode sounds great, as that Women’s Triple Threat was a great part of Blackpool II. Hearing the thoughts of each woman in the lead up as well as during and after, that is great material.

My Score: 8.5/10

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