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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (5/28/20)

NXT UK has MORE Hidden Gems!




NXT UK shares more hidden treasures!

Finn Balor, Matt Riddle, Rhea Ripley, the Grizzled Young Veterans and more are featured in these never-before-seen NXT UK matches!


  • 3/7/2020 – Finn Balor VS Kenny Williams; Balor wins.
  • 10/5/19 – Rhea Ripley VS Nina Samuels; Ripley wins.
  • 6/16/19 – Killian Dain VS Travis Banks; Dain wins.
  • 7/19/19 – Six Man Tag: Joseph Conners & Grizzled Young Veterans VS Matt Riddle & The Street Profits; Riddle & The Profits win.


Andy Shepherd welcomes us back to another special episode!

This week, he and Tom Phillips dive into the archives to find never-before-seen footage! One of the great things about NXT UK is you never know just who shows up for the events.

Finn Balor VS Kenny Williams!

Case in point, The Prince showed up in Coventry! Balor was aiming for Walter at the time, what message did he send the NXT UK Champion through the Lucky Yin?

Conventry is fired up to see “Finn! Finn!” The bell rings and Balor circles with Williams. They approach as fans sing and cheer. They tie up but Finn kicks and clubs Williams hard! Balor whips and says, “This is for Jordan!” as he elbows Williams down! Cover, TWO! Balor is right on Williams with a thrashing chinlock. Balor elbows Williams down then wraps him up again. Williams endures and fights his way up, but Balor wrangles him back down. Williams keeps fighting but Balor keeps grinding him down. Balor cranks harder but Williams just keeps working at the hold. Williams fights up and hits a jawbreaker! Williams whips but Balor reverss, only for Williams to hurdle and springboard back for an elbow! Balor flounders into an arm-drag! Williams has the arm and grinds on the shoulder. Williams drops a leg on the arm!

Balor gets up to the ropes and kicks Williams back. Balor bumps Williams off buckles and throws hands. Balor CHOPS and Williams is gasping for air. Williams pushes but Balor whips him corner to corner. Williams goes up and over and huricarnanas Balor to a corner! Fans duel as Williams runs corner to corner to forearm smash! Williams snapmares and Penalty Kicks Balor down! Cover, TWO! Balor staggers about but Williams goes after him. Balor knees low, sweeps the legs and stomps away at the ropes! Balor lets up at 4 and fans boo, but Balor goes back to stomping. The ref reprimands Balor but Balor just keeps stomping! Balor lets up at 4 and Williams flops out but fans cheer as he wrecks Williams with a dropkick! Balor puts Williams in, covers, TWO! Williams checks his jaw while Balor paces.

Balor stalks Williams to a corner and CHOPS! Williams staggers to another corner but Balor CHOPS him again! Balor whips Williams corner to corner and CHOPS! And then back the other way for another CHOP! And then a third CHOP! Balor snapmares Williams and returns the Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO! Fans chant, “You Killed Kenny!” but Balor says he also got Gargano, Riddle, and will get Walter. Fans like the sound of that. Balor throws forearms on Williams, then drags Williams up for more. Fans taunt, “Walter’s gonna kill~ you!” but Balor says Walter won’t even have a chance. Balor returns to Williams and Williams ROCKS him! Williams ROCKS Balor again then hits a buckle bulldog! Balor rushes back in but into an enziguri! Williams springboards and missile dropkicks! Then kips up! Williams runs, yo-yos and LARIATS! Cover, TWO!

Williams grows frustrated but fans rally for “Finn! Finn!” Balor stands, Williams runs, into a SLING BLADE! Williams flounders up but BOOTS Balor first! Williams throws Balor out then runs to wreck him with another dropkick! Williams skins the cat to DIVE! Direct hit and Williams puts Balor in the ring! Williams climbs as fans rally, and leaps! BIG flying uppercut! Cover, TWO!! Williams grows further frustrated but Balor is a top tier superstar for a reason. Williams aims from a corner as Balor stands. Williams runs, wheelbarrows, but Balor pops him off for the elbow drop DDT! Balor hits the SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Williams is down, Balor goes up, COUP DE GRACE! But that’s not enough for The Prince. “I hope you’re watching, Walter.” 1916!! Cover, Balor wins!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall

The Prince didn’t need luck, he’s just #TooSweet. He wants after Walter, but in the present must settle scores with Damian Priest. Will Balor make sure the Archer of Infamy will never #LiveForever?


Rhea Ripley VS Nina Samuels!

In the present, The Mosh Pit Kid is just weeks away from fighting for the NXT Women’s Championship at TakeOver: In Your House! But back in October, she was still coming off losing the NXT UK Women’s Championship to Toni Storm. Does the Leading Lady have a role to play in Rhea’s road to history?

The bell rings and Rhea ties up with Nina. Rhea powers Nina to a corner but lets off. The fans rally for Rhea and that upsets Nina. Nina comes back to circle with Rhea. They tie up, go around, and Rhea wrenches to a wristlock. Nina spins through but Rhea wrangles her down hard! Nina gets up as fans cheer Rhea more, and Nina rolls and handsprings, only for Rhea to wrangle her again. Rhea wrenches more but Nina cartwheels and goes for a hip toss. Rhea blocks that to hip toss Nina instead! Rhea drags Nina up to a grinding headlock. Nina endures, pulls hair and gets a headlock. Rhea powers Nina up and to a corner. Rhea pats Nina’s head but Nina pushes and jumps! But into Rhea’s arms! Rhea pops Nina up for a suplex! Fans cheer but Nina bails out.

Nina is frustrated and wants a breather. Rhea builds speed and slides, but Nina gets under the dropkick to bounce Rhea off the apron! Nina puts Rhea in to cover, TWO! Nina kicks Rhea while she’s down and brings her to buckles for a bump. Nina elbows then snapmares Rhea, to a neck snapper! Cover, TWO! Nina clamps onto Rhea with a straitjacket stretch! The fans rally as Rhea endures and fights her way up. Rhea throws Nina but Nina cartwheels, only for Rhea to dropkick her down! Rhea whips corner to corner hard, then whips the other way. Nina flounders out into a spin and cravat knees! Rhea snapmares and basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO!

Rhea keeps her cool and stalks Nina to the apron. Nina hotshots Rhea and then counter ROUNDHOUSES! Slingshot splash! Cover, TWO! Nina grows frustrated but composes herself as she brings Rhea up. Nina whips Rhea but Rhea wrenches and pump handles! RIPTIDE!! Cover, Rhea wins!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall

The Aussie Nightmare’s dominance in NXT UK continued, but can she reestablish herself in NXT America?


Killian Dain VS Travis Banks!

The 2019 Download Festival saw Big Damo return to the UK, and he ran right into the Kiwi Buzzsaw! Does the Beast of Belfast keep himself from being ripped to shreds?

The bell rings and Banks circles with Dain. They tie up, and Dain pushes Banks to the corner. That is the difference of a heavyweight and a Cruiserweight in strength. Banks comes back, dodges and kicks the leg. And again! That is the difference in speed. Dain backs Banks to a corner but Banks dodges and kicks away! Banks baits Dain out, runs and collides shoulders, but Dain doesn’t budge. Dain dares Banks to try that again, so Banks does. Banks runs into Dain but bounces off! Dain scoops, Banks slips out and kicks the legs out! Banks runs to SHOTGUN KNEE! Cover, ONE!? Dain is seething, but Banks keeps kicking! Banks SUPERKICKS then runs, into a pop-up FLAPJACK! Dain drops the senton! Fans cheer while Dain seethes and Banks writhes.

Dain hobbles around Banks and drags him up. Dain CLUBS Banks down, then puts him in a corner. Dain whips corner to corner hard, and revels in the cheers from the fans. Banks sits up but Dain is on him right away. Dain puts Banks sideways in the corner then runs side to side to KNEE Banks down! Banks writhes and rolls away but Dain covers, TWO! Dain drags Banks around to put on a half camel clutch. Banks endures the crank and fans rally up. Banks fights his way up but Dain CLUBS him back down. Dain stands on Banks’ back at the ropes! Dain lets off at 4 but comes back to bring Banks up. Dain hits a fisherman suplex and covers, TWO! Dain brings Banks back into a crossface camel clutch! The fans rally as Banks endures again.

Dain bends Banks back but Banks gets to his feet. Banks throws body shots but Dain scoops to slam him! Dain dares Banks to get up and Banks slowly sits up. Dain scoops him again for another slam! And it’s back to the crossface camel clutch! Banks endures as fans rally again, and he fights up to his feet. Banks throws more body shots but Dain pushes him away. Dain runs into a boot! Banks kicks the leg again and again, but Dain kicks low to whip. Dain runs into another boot, and Banks sweeps the legs! Dain hits buckles, Banks goes corner to corner, hesitation dropkick! Banks keeps moving as Dain bails out. Apron Penalty Kick! Dain staggers to the ramp and fans rally up. Banks builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit takes Dain down!

Banks fires up and puts Dain in, then climbs up the corner. Banks leaps, DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO! Dain survives and Banks grits his teeth. Fans rally and Banks runs to the corner. Dain avoids Slice of Heaven to give Banks the DIVIDE! Cover, TWO!! The crushing crossbody didn’t break Banks and Dain is furious! Dain drags Banks up to a fireman’s carry but Banks slips out. Banks shotgun dropkicks Dain away and then corner enziguris! Dain sits down, Banks jumps to DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, TWO! Banks keeps his focus as Dain stands up. But Dain catches Slice of Heaven to the Electric Chair! Banks fights to get the victory roll, TWO! Dain fireman’s carries and wasteland SLAMS Banks, for another SENTON! VADER BOMB! Cover, Dain wins!

Winner: Killian Dain, by pinfall

The Belfast Blitz breaks the Kiwi Buzzsaw! When and where will we see Big Damo return to the ring?


NXT UK is still Gallus’ kingdom.

Joe Coffey, his brother Mark, and Wolfgang have the “pack mentality.” Since day one, it is them against the world. “No one likes us, and we don’t care.” #GallusBoysOnTop next week!


Jospeph Conners and the Grizzle Young Veterans are in the ring.

It was July of 2019 in Plymouth as Zack Gibson introduced himself, James Drake and the Righteous Killer beside them. Liverpool’s Number One and Mr. Mayhem were NXT UK Tag Team Championships, “and for one night only, we are joined by Joseph Conners.”

Gibson says he sat backstage all night listening to the “punters” try to steal the show and make it about them! Daft jokes, daft chants, pointing shoes in the air. This only makes the fans taunt Gibson with, “If you hate Gibson, shoes off~!” Gibson may not have the best eyes, but he can see the “wet toes” from here. “Put your dirty little shoes back on those Hobbit feet and listen when your champs are speaking!” The GYV and Conners want a warm-up to stay ready and conditioned. So they are here to prove a point. Gibson gives the mic to Drake but before he can talk, the fans taunt him with “Arse Face,” per his ring gear. NXT UK takes a break while Drake composes himself.

NXT UK returns and Drake has given the mic to Conners instead. “We are willing to take on the best that NXT UK has to offer!” In fact, scratch that. It’s about taking on what the WORLD has to offer! And answering the call are the STREET PROFITS! The then prime NXT Tag Team Champions, Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins, are bringing the swag to Plymouth! Fans cheer as Ford tells Conners to “Shut up, man!” But hey, it’s the NXT UK Tag Team Champions! So cool to finally meet. But with the Profits finally in the UK, they have a friend who checked in with them. The fans know who this is, and Ford gives him a call. Boop. “Bro…” Matt Riddle is back on NXT UK! The Original Bro and the Profits high five the fans as they go around and into the ring. The #Brofits are going to give Conners and GYV that “warm up,” but what condition will they be in after?

Six Man Tag: Joseph Conners & Grizzled Young Veterans VS Matt Riddle & The Street Profits!

Riddle kicks off his sandals and one goes flying at James Drake. Drake grabs it and throws it back, just as Riddle drops down. Riddle is already riled up but the ref has him wait. The GYV raise their title belts, but so do the Profits. Fans love “NXT! NXT!” for this international instant classic! Riddle starts with Drake, and this showdown begins as worlds collide!

Fans troll Drake with the song of “Arse Face” as Riddle and Drake stand off. Riddle rushes Drake and Drake hurries away to tag to Conners. Conners and Riddle circle, and Conners tries to get a chant but the fans say, “No! No!” Riddle and Conners tie up, Riddle waistlocks and slams Conners down! Conners flounders away and the Profits troll him with “Whoa! Whoa!” Conners tells them to shut up and circles with Riddle in a huff. Riddle and Conners tie up again, Riddle headlocks and gets the takeover. Conners tries to make it a cover, ONE and Riddle grinds on the headlock more. Conners headscissors back and holds tight. Riddle moves up and around to pop out and Penalty Kick. Conners gets under, rolls Riddle, TWO! Conners kicks low then clubs Riddle down. But Riddle gut wrench suplexes! And again! Riddle glares at GYV but covers Conners, ONE!

Riddle is right on Conners with a sleeper but Conners scrambles away. Gibson tags in and rushes Riddle, but Riddle throws him with an armbar! Gibson scrambles around and tags in Drake. Drake baits Riddles into a shoulder, then slingshots over for a sunset flip. Riddle rolls through to the ANKLE LOCK! Drake scrambles and flails but kicks Riddle away. Dawkins tags in and rallies on Drake with that shoulder! Ford loses his mind over that and the fans join in. Dawkins stirs it up but Gibson shields Drake. Fans boo but Dawkins just cyclone splashes them both! Ford tags in and Dawkins lifts both Gibson and Drake on the ropes! Ford runs and leap frogs onto BOTH GYV! Fans fire up as Ford throws off his jacket and tears off his shirt! Ford bumps Drake off buckles and then CHOPS him! Ford mocks the pain and whips Drake. Drake reverses and Gibson dumps Ford out!

Gibson plays innocent but Dawkins checks on Ford. The ref has Dawkins go back to his corner and Gibson stomps Ford down! Drake tags Gibson and Gibson scoops Ford for Drake to slingshot, PESCADO BACKBREAKER! Ford is in a daze but Gibson brings him up. Gibson snake eyes Ford off the barriers! Gibson puts Ford in and stays between him and his corner. Gibson DECKS Ford then mocks Dawkins stirring it up. The fans troll Gibson back with “If you hate Gibson, stand up~!” and then just about everyone standing up. Ford fights out of the corner and clobbers Gibson! Gibson grabs a leg to trip Ford and Conners tags in. Conners stomps away on Ford and talks trash to Riddle. Conner drags Ford up to bump off buckles and then more buckles. Conners CLUBS and elbows Ford over and over. The ref reprimands but he doesn’t see Drake CHOKE Ford! Dawkins and Riddles protest but Conners tags in Gibson.

Gibson stomps Ford and snapmares him for elbows. Gibson clamps on with a cobra clutch but Ford flails and reaches. Fans still troll with their chanting but Gibson leans on Ford. Ford fights up and backs Gibson down but Drake tags in. Gibson reels Ford out for Drake’s forearm shot! Drake talks trash to Dawkins then clamps onto Ford with a shoulder claw. Drake shifts to a chinbar and cranks on the neck. Gibson and Conners egg on the crowd while Drake clubs Ford down. Drake drags Ford up and throws forearms then tags Conners. Conners and Drake mug Ford and Conners snap suplexes! Cover, TWO! Dawkins coaches Ford up as Conners stomps Ford. Conners brings Ford up to snapmare into a chinbar and armlock. Ford fights off the hold and fans rally up. Ford throws body shots but Conners shoves. Ford leaps over to sunset flip but Gibson tags in!

Gibson clobbers Ford and puts the cobra clutch back on! The fans stand up again but Conners and Drake keep Gibson focused on Ford. Ford pushes Gibson but Gibson cranks on the hold. Ford starts to fade but fans rally up. Ford gets a second wind but Drake tags in. Gibson reels Ford out again but Ford pulls Gibson into Drake’s forearm! Drake goes after Ford but Ford arm-drags him to ropes! Hot tags to Conners and Dawkins! Dawkins rallies on Conners with big clotheslines and a whip. BACK DROP! Conners gets to ropes but Dawkins is on him. Tag to Riddle and Dwakins Electric Chairs Conners. Riddle is up top, FINAL FLASH DOOMSDAY! Cover but Gibson breaks it with a dropkick! Gibson soaks up the heat but Riddle KNEES Gibson down! Riddle swings on Conners, but Conners gets around for a SLING DOG! Ford dropkicks Conners, but Gibson gets him with an atomic drop!

Drake enziguris and Gibson turns Ford, SUPERKICK to NECKBREAKER! Fans boo but Dawkins SPEARS both GYV! All six men are down and fans love “NXT! NXT!” even more! Riddle tags Ford and Conners tags Drake. Ford and Drake throw forearms back and forth! Ford knees, clubs and clubs and uppercuts! Drake tags Gibson and Gibson saves Drake from the fireman’s carry. GRIT YOUR TEETH dropkick in the corner! Gibson Electric Chairs Ford and Drake climbs up. But Ford slips off and shoves Gibson! Drake leaps over, into a SUPERKICK! Drake flounders out while Gibson flounders into the cradle! TWO, and Gibson throat chops Ford down! Tag to Conners and they bring Ford up to double whip. Ford leaps over and dropkicks them both down!

Fans fire up with Ford and Ford FLIES! Dawkins tags in and Ford puts Conners in. Tag to Riddle before the CASH OUT SPINE BUSTER! Ford is up, FROM THE HEAVENS SPLASH! Riddle finishes Conners with BRO DEREK! Cover, Riddle & the Profits win!

Winners: Matt Riddle & The Street Profits, by pinfall

Leave it to the Bro, Ford & Dawkins to bring the smoke! In the present, Ford & Dawkins have moved on from being NXT Tag Team Champions to Raw Tag Team Champions. Will the Profits still be up after Backlash? As for Riddle, he just lost the first-ever NXT Fight Pit match! Will the Bro be able to rebound soon enough?

My Thoughts:

A really good episode for the second Hidden Gems special. Balor and Rhea were obvious winners for their matches, but Kenny Williams and Nina Samuels did great in losing. Dain VS Banks was really great for what even at the time might’ve just served as filler. It is interesting Dain didn’t do more with NXT UK before this, but maybe the Download Festival match was a test run. The Six Man Tag was great, with Riddle and the then NXT Tag Team Champion Profits taking on Conners and the then NXT UK Tag Team Champion Grizzled Young Veterans. I feel like Conners would make a great third man for GYV if they ever had an extended feud with a trio, a la Imperium or Gallus. Gallus apparently gets a lot of spotlight next week, that should be pretty good.

My Score: 8.3/10

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