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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (5/25/20)

Drew McIntyre is a VIP!



WWE Raw Coverage 3.0

Raw will determine a challenger for the new champion!

While MVP welcomes Drew McIntyre to the lounge, Nia Jax, Natalya and Charlotte Flair will battle to challenge the Raw Women’s Champion, ASUKA!


  • WWE United States Championship: Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega VS Apollo Crews; Crews wins and becomes the new WWE United States Champion.
  • Kevin Owens VS Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega; Garza wins.
  • Golf: The Street Profits VS The Viking Raiders; The Profits win.
  • Aleister Black & Humberto Carrillo VS Austin Theory & Buddy Murphy w/ Seth Rollins; Theory & Murphy win.
  • Raw Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Charlotte Flair VS Natalya VS Nia Jax; Jax wins and will challenge Asuka for the title at Backlash.
  • The Street Profits VS Bobby Lashley & MVP; The Profits win, by disqualification.


WWE celebrates Memorial Day, and remembers those who gave all for our freedoms.

“What does it mean to be selfless?” To have the courage to put all else first for a greater cause. In every generation, there are those who do just that. This weekend, we honor them. “The brave men and women who fought for our freedom,” from WWI to Desert Storm. From Normandy to Afghanistan. Remember the moments and the events that defined our history. Remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice. As Ronald Reagan once said, as we honor their memory today, let us pledge that their lives, their sacrifices, their valor shall be justified and remembered for as long as God gives life to this nation. Show gratitude to those that shaped us, guided us, and ensured our values would live forever. Show reverence and respect, and say, “Thank you” to them.


WWE Superstars from NXT and the Performance Center are in the crowd!

Keeping social distancing guidelines and Plexiglas windows, young prospects watch the superstars of Raw they want to be like in their own careers.


Raw presents The Kevin Owens Show!

And this time, his set is intact. The crowd cheers as he welcomes us and the future of the WWE to Raw. And more importantly, he welcomes us all to the Kevin Owens Show. They’re in for a treat, because later on tonight, KO takes on Angel Garza. Aren’t you excited? Yes! But before all that, KO wants to discuss the Women’s Triple Threat for a shot at the Raw Women’s Championship. Who better to discuss that with than THE champion, ASUKA?! The Empress of Tomorrow brings back the original gear as she walks out with mic and belt. Asuka gets everyone cheering for “Becky! Becky!” because she deserves cheers, too. Becky is going from The Man to The Mom, and the new merch is available on WWE Shop.

Kevin congrats Asuka and she is very thankful. Before getting into the Triple Threat, KO wants Asuka’s reaction to everything last week. Asuka’s celebration with Kairi Sane was rudely interrupted by Nia Jax, and it was also insulted. Nia says Asuka is in the “greatest temp job ever,” only to be replaced. Asuka beat up and kicked out Nia, only for Nia to get revenge on Kairi! So Asuka gave Nia some more! Back in the present, Asuka is still angry with Nia. She is sure Kevin understands with why she did all that. Kairi is so cute and is Asuka’s friend! But before she can say more, here comes the NXT Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair! The Queen is another of the contenders in tonight’s Triple Threat, but she joins Asuka as a guest of the KO Show.

Charlotte has a mic and tells Asuka, “I need to get this off my chest.” That title should’ve been handed to Charlotte. Does Charlotte need to remind us what happens when she and Asuka have a match? Asuka’s never beaten Charlotte. Manage your expectations, Empress. But wait! Here comes the Queen of Harts! Kevin gets his show signs out of the way so Natty doesn’t go after them. Natty gets herself a mic as she joins Charlotte and Asuka in the ring. Natty says she isn’t here to cause trouble, but to apologize. She apologizes to Kevin and his show crew for her “temper tantrum.” The crowd applauds this, but Charlotte laughs. Not even sucking up to Kevin will help Natty win tonight? That wasn’t sucking up, that was being nice. Oh, silly Kevin. But maybe Charlotte was being rude in telling Natty she’s irrelevant.

And naturally, here comes Nia Jax! Nia stays on stage as she asks all of this to stop. Everyone knows she’ll be champion, so everyone might as well just stay out. Kevin clears out of the ring as Nia joins the others. Nia wants Asuka to remember what happened to Kairi. That will be a fraction of what happens at Backlash. Kevin wants Asuka to keep her calm. Just don’t hit Nia in the face. BAKC HAND TO THE FACE! And then Natty goes after Charlotte! Asuka runs but Nia bails out while Queen and Queen fall out of the ring! It’s clear Asuka wants Nia to win just so she can go after her at Backlash. But will she get her wish when Charlotte and Natty both join the mix?


Backstage interview with Apollo Crews.

Tonight is a second chance. Is Crews ready both physically and mentally for this? Tonight is the greatest night of Crews’ career, because he will defeat Andrade Almas to finally become the NEW WWE United States Champion! Crews heads out, because that match is next! Will tonight be the night it all changes for Crews?

WWE United States Championship: Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega VS Apollo Crews!

Raw returns as Crews makes his entrance. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and Crews’ chance at redemption begins!

Almas backs away to a corner and the ref keeps Crews back. Almas comes out and ties up with Crews, but Crews waistlocks and slams. Crews then gets Almas to a corner, but must back off. Angel Garza is watching backstage as Almas and Crews tie up. Crews pushes Almas to a corner and fires off hands! The ref counts and Crews lets up to whip. Crews runs Almas over with an elbow and covers, ONE! Crews is on Almas with a suplex and holds him up for a count of 10! Cover, ONE! Crews looms over Almas and drags him up for haymakers. Crews scoops but Almas slips out to boot feint and ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Crews survives but Almas says he is still champion. Almas brings Crews up, reels him in, but Crews resists the hammerlock to power up and TOSS Almas!

Crews has the crowd behind him as he trophy lifts! But Vega gets on the apron. Crews lets Almas down, dodges Almas, and enziguris him into Vega! La Muneca is down and Almas hurries out to check on her. Raw goes picture in picture as Almas panics.

Almas wants time to make sure Vega is okay, and the ref keeps Crews in the ring. Medics are called for Vega’s sake and they go to check on her. They tell Almas to go back to his match while they help her, and a ring count begins. Almas wants more time but even Vega tells him to go back. Crews steps closer but Almas stays back. Almas then suckers Crews in and goes after the recovered leg! Almas CHOPS and RAMS Crews into barriers! The count continues but Almas grabs the title belt. “This is MINE!” Almas storms over to Crews as the count climbs. Almas puts Crews in at 8 and covers, TWO! El Idolo stomps Crews and clamps on with an armlock. Crews endures and the crowd rallies up. Crews fights to his feet and throws body shots! He throws haymakers but Almas knees low.

Almas headlocks but Crews back suplexes out. Crews ROCKS Almas with a right, then another! And another, and another! And then Crews rallies! He tackles Almas into a corner, rams his shoulders in over and over, then whips corner to corner! Crews runs in to hit a splash! The crowd fires up with Crews as he goes back to Almas. Almas boots back then hops up, but Crews enziguris back! Vega is wincing and not just from her fall. Crews has Almas and climbs up top. But Almas trips Crews into a Tree of Woe! And hits WOE STOMPS!! Cover, TWO!! Vega is furious as Crews survives! Almas runs corner to corner, but Crews dodges! Crews lifts for the Olympic Slam but Almas arm-drags out! Crews baits Almas into a corner for an OVERHEAD suplex! Cover, TWO!

Garza is cheering but Kayla Braxton comes by to interview him. What are his thoughts? The secret to a good match is like making love. First, there is eye contact that sends a clear message. Second, there is the moment between the two bodies where they come together. Sometimes it’s gentle, sometimes it’s crashing. The tension builds as you’re thrown onto the mat. The passion of conquering the other is exhausted bliss. Then you do it all over again. Garza turns back to the screen to see his ally in Vega’s stable is in trouble!

Crews drags Almas up and in to lift, but Almas huricarnanas back! Crews hits buckles and Almas goes corner to corner! CIEN SHADOWS! Cover, TOW!?! Crews survives again and Vega is freaking out! Almas kicks Crews’ bad leg over and over. Crews slowly gets up and Almas Fisherman hooks the leg. But Crews enziguris with the good leg! Crews trophy lifts and drops Almas, to hit the standing moonsault! And standing shooting star! Cover, CREWS WINS!!

Winner: Apollo Crews, by pinfall (NEW WWE United States Champion)

Incredible! Crews shocks Vega and perhaps the world as he finally realizes his potential! Is this just the beginning of Apollo’s legend?

In-ring interview with Apollo.

Congratulations are in order. What does it feel to finally win his first title in the WWE? Crews says when he first started on his journey, people closest to him told him he couldn’t do it. But he never gave up. 11 years of sacrifice, hard work and dedication, and he is finally a champion! Crews knows when his body gave out last time, people were thinking, “That’s it. He blew his chance.” But Crews never gave up. Crews has always believed in himself. He can finally say to the whole world that he is the NEW WWE United States Champion! It feels so good!

Meanwhile, Almas is throwing a tantrum, smashing up whatever he can backstage! Will El Idolo’s rage only be quelled by another rematch? Or is Crews on to a new challenge?


Seth Rollins has one of Rey Mysterio’s masks.

The Monday Night Messiah looks upon it in reflection. What does Rollins have left to say about the legend of lucha libre?


Raw returns to hear from Seth Rollins.

“Tonight is a night for celebration! Because the Monday Night Messiah is here, and I am better than I have ever been.” And that is all thanks to Rey Mysterio. We relive through footage just what happened. Rollins took offense to Mysterio’s hit, and then took Mysterio to dig his eye into the corner of the steel steps! Back in the present, Rollins speaks on that “dark, dark place” he was in. Mysterio presented himself in a time of need as a chosen sacrifice. Mysterio fulfilled his duty to the greater good. Rollins can’t imagine the pain Mysterio went through. He can’t begin to imagine how painful it was for Mysterio’s family, especially Dominic, who couldn’t be there for his father. Rollins doesn’t know what the future holds for Mysterio. But if that was truly Mysterio’s final act as a WWE superstar, then it was a courageous one. “Because it allows us to move forward into the future.”

Theory and Murphy stand with Rollins, and it is official that Theory is the newest disciple. Just as Rollins was discarded by the WWE Universe, both Murphy and Theory understand what it is to be underappreciated. With Rollins’ guidance, their ceilings are limitless. Murphy says his career faced obstacle upon obstacle and he needed guidance. He needed a mentor and a leader. He needed the Monday Night Messiah to lead him into the future. For that, Murphy thanks Rollins. Theory says that he came to Raw with who he thought were friends. But when they abandoned him, the Monday Night Messiah found him. And for that, Theory thanks Rollins. You’re welcome.

But this is just the beginning of a wonderful night. Because later tonight, they will show Mysterio “the goodness he has brought to Monday Night Raw,” when they make examples of Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black. They will see what happens when they stand in the way of the Monday Night Messiah. Will the disciples carry out Rollins’ will? Or will they both simply #FadeToBlack?


Backstage interview with Charlotte Flair.

The Queen winning tonight would mean a chance at becoming a Double Champion. Has she thought what this means for her legacy? Charlotte has been the most consistent and prolific women’s champion in WWE History. It doesn’t matter how many titles she has, those are just metal. She is raising the bar for every woman in this division! And no one else compares. But Asuka comes in, showing off her title. Asuka mocks Charlotte in Japanese, and says, “Red is not your color.” Asuka heads off, dancing again. Will Charlotte be seeing red when she enters the Triple Threat?


The IIconics are here!

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce let their tempers get the better of them last week. They have seemingly calmed down, but what are they planning on saying and doing this week? We find out, after the break.

Raw returns and the IIconics have mics. Peyton apologizes to Billie for costing them the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. Billie says she needs to apologize for slapping Peyton after. It makes Billie sick to her stomach. She doesn’t want there to be any animosity. They’ve come so far together. Peyton appreciates that, and agrees. They grew up together, signed to the WWE together, and won the Women’s Tag Team titles at WrestleMania together! They never even had a chance to defend their titles! They had things stripped and thrown into the trash! They should still be champions! So over their dead bodies will a crazy lady and “the office’s favorite blonde” going to hold what is rightfully theirs!

But speaking of, here comes Bliss-Cross! Alexa “laughs” at that last line. The IIconics had their opportunities. They’ve complained, taken cheap shots and shortcuts to get back, but they still blew their shot. Nikki starts but Peyton interrupts her. The crowd is loving the drama as Billie tells Nikki to stand there and look grateful. Grateful? The IIconics are telling Nikki to stand here and be grateful? Every step she and Alexa took to these titles, they took together! Nikki left her home of Glasgow with nothing in her pocket, and she got here! But the IIconics had each other! Nikki scratched, clawed and fought for everything! And then Lexi came along, gave her the time of day and the respect she deserves! Nikki was the misfit outcast IIconics laughed at.

But what’s funny is how the IIconics want to talk about friendship. But Bliss-Cross are the Women’s Tag Team Champions! Why? Because Lexi stops Nikki from bouncing off the walls, and Nikki has taught her something about friendship. And nothing is more iconic than that! And a fight breaks out! The IIconics beat Bliss-Cross down, then coordinate on Nikki. The crowd boos but Nikki gets the spinning heel kick! Then the IIconics POST Bliss and yank her back down! The crowd boos as Nikki reaches for Alexa, but she gets the INVERTED MAGIC KILLER! Will this battle of dynamic duos only heat up from here?


Lana confronts MVP backstage.

She glares at him while he checks his phone. Is there something she needs? They need to talk. No, they don’t. Bye. Will Lana be able to do anything about her “hawt, hawt husband” joining up with Montel Vontavius Porter?


WWE mourns the loss of Shad Gaspard.


Raw returns to the VIP Lounge!

MVP is already in the ring with his couches and champagne, and he extends a special welcome to the NXT superstars and PC trainees. Their tabs are on him. But while the VIP Lounge won’t be the exclusively open club for long, but it will be the club with the star power! Especially with his guest, the future former WWE World Champion, Drew McIntyre! The crowd cheers the Scottish Stud as he heads down the ramp and through the velvet ropes. McIntyre dumps the champagne and tosses the furniture around! “Now that we got that bit of business out of the way…” McIntyre wants MVP to bring “him” out. Who? MVP knows. Where is Lashley? Oh, no, McIntyre doesn’t have to worry about an ambush. No contract, no contact. The physicality won’t be this week or next week. It’ll be at Backlash.

But MVP wants McIntyre to remember the last time MVP graciously welcomed McIntyre to the lounge. He selflessly offered McIntyre his guidance to the very top of the WWE mountain and navigate the chaos. Does McIntyre remember? MVP does. MVP remembers trying to be a friend ,only to be repaid with a Claymore kick to the face. But after finding himself down and out, he had two thoughts: 1) McIntyre is definitely going to become WWE Champion; 2) When McIntyre loses, MVP will personally play a role in that outcome. It took Lashley 13 years, and now Lashley has his opportunity, because of MVP. Wow, 13 years. It took McIntyre 19 years! And guess what happened? McIntyre was in the main event of WrestleMania, and he beat BROCK LESNAR in five minutes! Lashley won’t be so lucky.

But yes, McIntyre remembers what he said in VIP Lounge last time. He’ll refresh our memories tonight. McIntyre doesn’t need someone else thinking for him. He doesn’t need someone else talking for him. And he sure as hell doesn’t want someone kissing his ass. Lashley said something that got McIntyre’s attention: The only way he will take this title will be by prying it from McIntyre’s cold, dead hands. MVP says that can be arranged. Because now Lashley heads to the ring! MVP welcomes him as the future NEW WWE Champion! But then MVP gets a CLAYMORE! McIntyre kips up as Lashley drags MVP out of the ring. McIntyre wants to settle this now but MVP tells Lashley to wait. The stud and the All Mighty will have this out soon enough


Backstage interview with Natalya.

Natty has a lot on her mind, but she also gets a call. It’s from TJ. Natty explains to him about her apology for her meltdown. She doesn’t need him on her case, she has her match to worry about. Natty hangs up and goes back to the interview, but their time is up. Will this only add to Natty’s problems?


Kevin Owens VS Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega!

The Prizefighter heads back out for the match he plugged earlier in the night. Will he add on to the problems of Zelina Vega’s stable?

But as KO makes his entrance, Garza attacks from behind with a sliding chop block! El Latino es en la casa and he SLAMS Kevin’s leg on the ramp! Garza gets to the ring, but can Kevin still fight after this? We’ll see after the break.

Raw returns and Kevin has made it into the ring. Kevin wants this fight and the bell rings! Garza runs and dropkicks the leg out! Then he cranks on it with a toehold and puts it on the ropes. Garza stomps but the ref counts. Garza lets up at four to wrap the legs around the rope! He stops at 4 again to club away on Kevin. Garza pulls on the leg in a modified toehold but Kevin gets the ropebreak. Garza is on Kevin right away but Kevin throws hands! Garza hits back and wraps the leg on the ropes again! The ref counts, Garza stops but KICKS the knee! Garza turns Kevin over, drags him around, and stands on the leg as he pulls on the ankle! Kevin endures and the crowd rallies up. Kevin crawls, and again gets the ropebreak!

Garza lets go fast and kicks at the arms now. Garza drags Kevin up but Kevin spins through to DDT! Vega is shocked at Garza getting spiked! Kevin staggers up on one good leg and CHOPS Garza down! Kevin rallies and elbows Garza down, to then drop a back senton! The crowd rallies for Kevin while Vega coaches Garza. Kevin runs corner to corner but his leg gives out! Garza SUPERKICKS Kevin down! Cover, TWO!! Kevin will not go down but Garza won’t let up. Garza headlocks and brings Kevin to a corner. Garza hoists Kevin up top backwards then climbs up behind him. Kevin fights back and even headbutts Garza down! Kevin adjusts and SWANTONS! But he can’t cover because of the bad leg bothering him!

The crowd rallies up as Kevin stands. Kevin grabs Garza and CHOPS him against ropes! And then he whips and pops Garza up, but the bad leg gives out! Garza gets Kevin for the WING CLIPPER!! Cover, Garza wins!

Winner: Angel Garza, by pinfall

The former NXT Cruiserweight Champion beats a Triple Crown Champion in Kevin, but he isn’t done! He kicks the bad leg out and gloats about it on his way out. Will Kevin still be able to fight in order to get payback?


The Street Profits and Viking Raiders meet on the golf course.

We are ready~, ready~ to try the gentlemen’s game. Erik and Ivar bring a cooler, but not full of drinks. It’s mutton! Sorry, guys, no food on the course. They go over the rules and begin. A great couple of drives from Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford, but Erik misunderstands and throws the club like a javelin! After things get sorted, Erik ends up in the sand trap and really struggles. Dawkins gets one in the hole, but Ivar struggles to get one off the pin. He sure makes a good divot, though. Ford somehow lucks out that his pinball shot goes in the hole!Ivar finally gets one off the pin but forgets to give warning. So of course, someone gets hit. And then their golf cart breaks down! The course manager is furious! They get kicked out!

So instead of golf, they go to mini-golf! Time to get their Caddyshack on! Much easier holes here. Just look out for the baby gators. Ford even goes Happy Gilmore with that pool shot. Ivar forgets this is mini-golf, but Erik likes the pond shot. But once again, Ivar helps them out by being “cute” to the manager lady. But Ivar has one last putt and the game is finally finished! But who won? The final scores are… Viking Raiders: 144, Street Profits: 28. High score! No, guys, no. Golf is lowest score. The Profits win and they’re 2-1 on the series! Aw man… Ivar still wants the game ball. Wait, is that someone’s wallet? Someone’s red Solo cup? Mutton? Ivar, don’t eat it, that’s against the five second rule. The gator wants some. Well anything that gator can do, Ivar can do better. No no no.


Lana finds MVP and Lashley backstage.

She offers MVP an ice pack after what happened. Seriously, what a monster McIntyre is for kicking him. MVP accepts the ice pack but not the apologies. Does Lana think this is a joke? No, of course it is a joke! Everything’s a joke to her! McIntyre did something to Lashley, not Lana or MVP. Lashley has his first title opportunity in 13 YEARS. So what needs to happen is they need to send a message back. So if Lana will excuse them, they have work to do. Well that didn’t work. Lana is furious again, but are things beyond the point of no return?


Aleister Black & Humberto Carrillo VS Austin Theory & Buddy Murphy w/ Seth Rollins!

The Embodiment of the End and Ultimo Ninja want revenge for what The Architect did to the King of Lucha! But first they must go through his disciples. Will Aleister and Carrillo be able to avenge the living legend and derail Rollins’ vision for Raw’s future?

The teams sort out and Theory starts against Carrillo. They circle, tie up, and Carrillo waistlocks. Theory elbows out hard then pushes Carrillo. Carrillo CHOPS but Theory fires off! Theory stomps then tags in Murphy, and Murphy adds more stomps. The ref counts and Murphy lets up, but tags in Theory. The disciples double back suplex but Carrillo escapes! Carrillo runs at Theory and springboards to arm-drag Murphy! Carrillo sends Theory out onto Murphy! Rollins coaches his followers but Aleister tags in. Aleister runs but fakes the disciples out. Carrillo FLIES to topple Murphy and Theory over! Rollins keeps his space as Carrillo puts Theory in the ring.

Aleister is all over Theory with strikes in the corner, then whips corner to corner. Theory reverses but Aleister gets him with an STO! And basement calf kick! Cover, TWO! Aleister is right on Theory with an armlock, and he tags in Carrillo. Aleister wrenches, Carrillo climbs and drops down on the arm. Rollins is frustrated as Carrillo wrenches and wristlocks. Theory breaks free to DECK Carrillo! Carrillo BOOTS Back then elbows Murphy! Carrillo elbows Theory, kicks Murphy away, but Theory torture racks and throws Carrillo into buckles! Theory hits a back suplex and covers, TWO! Rollins holds onto Mysterio’s mask as Carrillo tags in Murphy. The disciples mug Carrillo, Murphy fires off the strike fest, but Carrillo dodges. Carrillo kicks, Murphy ducks but the enziguri hits!

The crowd rallies as both men crawl for their corners. Hot tags to Theory and Aleister! Aleister rallies on Theory with forearms and elbows! Murphy gets spun into Theory! Aleister fires off on Murphy, then sends Theory’s BOOT into Murphy! Aleister sweeps the leg then thrusts the knee! He kips up and dodges Murphy to QUEBRADA both disciples! Murphy stands up to get a ROUNDHOUSE! Theory rolls Aleister, TWO! Theory walks into a rush and a back elbow! Kick and KNEE! Carrillo wants in and Aleister obliges. Tag and Carrillo goes up while Aleister aims at Murphy. But Murphy sends him down! Carrillo moonsaults over Theory to enziguri Murphy! But he turns into the ATL!! Cover, the disciples win!

Winners: Austin Theory & Buddy Murphy, by pinfall

Things were fast and furious, but it only gets worse now that Rollins’ side has won! Aleister is sent FLYING into the timekeeper’s area! Theory fetches a mic for his Monday Night Messiah, and Rollins coordinates. “He needs to learn!” Carrillo is sent out, and brought to the steps!! They want to do to him what they did to Mysterio! Rollins warns Aleister to stay where he is with that chair or else! Now shut up and listen! Rollins knows what they’re doing. They’re fighting for Mysterio, but Mysterio was sacrificed for the greater good! If they keep standing in Rollins’ way, Mysterio’s sacrifice will be in vain! Put the chair down! Aleister has no choice and does as told. Rollins does not want to sacrifice them the way he did Mysterio. Carrillo is spared but Mysterio’s mask is still Rollins’ trophy. Will things only get darker for those who oppose Rollins’ will?


Raw hears from Edge.

“Randy, a few weeks ago on Raw, you caught me flat-footed. Tongue tied.” Edge was basking in the glow of WrestleMania, but it doesn’t happen often, so congrats. Orton chose the date and the match, and now Edge finds himself doubting himself. Edge will be transparent about this. “Can I hang?” Edge was retired for 3012 days. And in those same days, Orton was in 1126 matches. Yes, Edge did the research. And now, Edge is looking at those numbers and realizes he has to prove himself to himself. So strangely, Edge wants to thank Orton for making him think about things he had buried very, very deep inside. Edge watched The Last Ride. He watched himself on there talking about when it’s time to hang up the boots. Edge was still retired back then. And here he is now. Edge understands what Taker is going through.

But to Orton, if he’s going to doubt Edge’s ability, remember that Edge has gone toe-to-toe with Taker, HBK, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Christian, William Regal, Owen Hart, the list goes on and on. Every style, Edge adapted. When it was Edge’s job, he pulled others up to his level. Edge taught others how to get to the next level because that was Edge’s job and he was damn good at it. A five-tool workhorse for the WWE. If Orton is paying attention, and we know he is, he’ll notice Edge said all that in the past tense. Because Edge doesn’t know if he can do any of that again. But at Backlash, Edge will dig through the very depths of his soul to try. It’s all a man can do. Is this really going to be the greatest wrestling match ever?


Asuka returns!

The Empress wants to keep a close eye on her contenders after the scuffle during the Kevin Owens Show! Will she be ready for the winner of tonight’s Triple Threat?


The Street Profits and Viking Raiders talk backstage.

Ford and Dawkins can’t believe Erik & Ivar are supposedly letting them win. Just like at basketball, the Raiders let the Profits win at golf? Pause button. Bruh, Ivar had more turkey legs than balls towards the hole. Yes, many birdies. Well whatever, the Raiders choose next and they’ll go for it. Ivar wants gator wrestling, but Dawkins said that was off the table. Okay then. Do the Profits bowl? Bowling is next? Of all the things to do next.

But then MVP and Lashley come along. “Another case of extraordinary talent that will inevitably be flushed down the toilet because they’d rather golf than act like champions.” Got a problem, fam? No, no, MVP and Lashley don’t. They were just leaving, because they don’t respect clowns. They have the WWE Champion to worry about. Oh really? How is MVP’s face? Better ice up, son. MVP doesn’t need ice. The Claymore is devastating, but do you see Lashley? How about the Profits take MVP and Lashley on later tonight. If you’re up for it, bring the smoke. Things just got serious for the Raw Tag Team Champions. Will the Profits be up or down after going up against MVP and the Rocky Mountain Machine?


Raw Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Charlotte Flair VS Natalya VS Nia Jax!

The Queen of Flair, the Queen of Harts, and the ace that is the Irresistible Force. Only one challenges for the title at Backlash! Who at least thinks they’re ready for Asuka?

Raw returns as the contenders make their entrance, in that order. Asuka talks trash in Japanese to each of them and the bell rings. Charlotte, Natty and Nia circle and then Charlotte DECKS Natty! Nia tackles Charlotte to a corner and rams her shoulder in! Natty pulls Nia away but Nia pushes her down., Charlotte BOOTS Nia but Nia stays up., Nia scoops to slam Charlotte, then scoops Natty to slam her on Charlotte! Nia makes a Queen Sandwich for herself, but misses the leg drop! Charlotte stomps Nia down then Natty joins in. The two work together to whip Nia hard into the POST! Asuka laughs at Nia but now Charlotte and Natty are alone. Charlotte kicks Natty low and headlocks to grind Natty down.

Charlotte taunts the NXT members of the crowd because she’s their champion. Natty headscissors but Charlotte pops out. Charlotte drops down but Natty boots her down! Charlotte headcissors but Natty pops out! The crowd applauds that as the two circle again. Natty kicks, headlocks and grinds, but Charlotte pulls hair to power out! Charlotte runs Natty over and then ROCKS Nia off the apron! Natty rolls Charlotte, ONE! Charlotte kicks low then cheers herself. Charlotte whips but Natty reverses. Charlotte tumbles up and out and shoulders back in. But Nia trips Charlotte off the apron and CLOBBERS her! Asuka talks trash but Nia clears off the desk. But Charlotte bumps Nia off the desk first! Natty tries to baseball slide but gets caught!

Nia rams Natty on the apron then yanks her off, but Charlotte uses the desk hood to JAM Nia! Nia and Charlotte fight over the hood, and this ends up with Charlotte rammed into the apron. Charlotte gets on the apron but Nia stalks after her.  They brawl on the edge and Charlotte CHOPS away! Asuka likes what she sees as the CHOPS ring out! “WOO~!” Charlotte goes to boot but Nia counters. Nia fireman’s carries but Natty goes after Nia’s ankles. Charlotte helps out, and they DOUBLE POWERBOMB Nia through the desk!! Asuka is speechless as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns as Charlotte has Natty down with a rear bearhug. The crowd rallies up as Natty moves around and gets to her feet. Natty breaks free, staidness switches, but Charlotte elbows back! Charlotte runs but Natty dodges, and double crossbodies cancel out! Asuka puts Nia in to help Natty get an easy win! Natty drags Nia up but Nia shoves. Natty dodges, Nia scoops, but Natty tilt-o-whirls through to get Nia down for ground ‘n’ pound! ARMBAR! Nia fights her way up to cover but then dead lifts to POWERBOMB Natty down! But Charlotte BOOTS Nia down! Cover on Natty, TWO!! Charlotte grins and the crowd cheers. Charlotte throws Natty out and stalks Nia. Charlotte drops a knee on Nia’s head! Asuka is angry now but she wants Nia to lose either way. Charltote climbs up top and MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO!!

Asuka is liking what she sees, even though the match continues. Charlotte drags Nia around by her leg to drop knees on it. But Natty climbs up and leaps! Crossbody hits but Natty bounces off! Cover, TWO!! Nia clobbers Natty, then clobbers Charlotte. Charlotte flounders away so Nia brings Natty up. Nia whips Natty into Charlotte and gets the Queen Sandwich splash! Nia hoists them both up in a fireman’s carry but Natty and Charlotte fight Nia off. Natty shoves Nia then pushes Charlotte. Charlotte throws Natty down by her hair then dodges Nia. Charlotte fires off forearms on Nia, then drops a knee on the knee! Asuka likes that Nia screams in pain as Charlotte has the leg. Figure Four is on! FIGURE EIGHT, but Natty dropkicks it apart!

Natty trips Charlotte and wants the Sharpshooter! She gets it and the crowd goes wild! Charlotte endures and Asuka shouts for Charlotte to quit! Natty keeps Charlotte from ropes but Charlotte refuses to quit! Nia returns to drag Natty up, for a fireman’s carry. Natty gets free but gets run over! Nia glares at Asuka and Asuka shouts back. Nia drags Natty up, fireman’s carries, but Charlotte BOOTS! Cover on Nia, but Natty breaks it in time! Natty drags Charlotte up but Charlotte throws Natty out. Charlotte goes back to Nia but Nia kicks back. Charlotte BOOTS Nia down then goes up top again. But Natty comes over so Charlotte fights her off. Charlotte keeps climbing but Nia SWATS Charlotte down! Nia headbutts but Charlotte clubs back. Nia positions Charlotte but the brawling continues.

Asuka is tense as Nia reaches the top. Natty adds on for a TOWER OF DOOM!! POWERBOMB SUPERPLEX!! All three women are down and Asuka rallies for Natty! Natty covers Nia, TWO! Natty covers Charlotte, TWO! Natty throws Charlotte out and focuses on Nia. Nia resists the Sharpshooter and Charlotte rolls Natty up, TWO! Charlotte has the legs, Figure Four but Nia drops a LEG! No Figure Eight this time and Asuka is shocked! Nia has Natty to herself, brings her up, and hits the SAMOAN DROP! Cover, Nia wins!

Winner: Nia Jax, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender to the Raw Women’s Championship)

Asuka says, “Okay, okay!” The Empress gets her chance to make Nia pay in full for what she did to the Pirate Princess! Will Asuka make sure no one ever questions


Backstage interview with Drew McIntyre.

Well he didn’t plan on this interview but he has a statement prepared. He did not plan on giving MVP a Claymore, but MVP was basically asking for it. Kayla wasn’t going to question that. She asks if he knew about the Profits taking on MVP and Lashley tonight. Oh, well, he did not know that. McIntyre thinks he forgot something in the locker room, but isn’t going to find it until Lashley’s match is over. Will McIntyre respond to the Rocky Mountain Machine’s message with one of his own?


Raw hears from R-Truth.

“It has come to my attention the current WWE 24/7 Champion is NOT Tom Brady but one Robert James Gronkowski, aka Rob Gronkowski, aka Gronk.” Be nice to Brady, y’all. Losing the title hurts with an S. And it hurts worse losing to a friend. Shame on Gronk! Truth is coming for Gronk! He’ll tackle anyone he has to in order to get his baby back! This is a warning to all football men out there! “Especially to you, Robin Gronk!” Truth puts on the pads and is ready to go!

Gronk responds!

“R-Truth. More like R-Lies.” Gornk can’t thank Truth enough for his public declaration that he’ll be coming after the title. Bring it on! Gronk is a nice guy, so he’ll give Truth all the intel he needs. Gronk was WrestleMania 36’s host with the most, and reigning WWE 24/7 Champion. He knows Truth has a lot of memories with this title, but that was the past. Gronk is the present and future! Playing 16 years of football and growing up with four brothers has prepared him to fight any time, any place. So this is the 24/7, 7-11, I-95 South, #W9Y, The Whole 9 Yards Champion, and the title stays with him! Gronk will see Truth coming, because he has eyes on the back of his head.


Backstage interview with MVP and Lashley.

After being hit with that Claymore, why are they competing against the Raw Tag Team Champions? Lashley is why. They finish discussing the game plan, but do they have a plan if McIntyre shows up again?


Raw hears from Ric Flair!

A man that has been in more greatest matches of all time than anyone, the WWE needs the Nature Boy’s opinion on the outcome of what many are already considering the greatest ever, Edge VS Orton. Well ever since Flair gave up limousine riding, jet flying, kiss stealing, wheeling and dealing, the greatest in-ring performer is Orton! The Nature Boy’s main man will be the man that beats Edge at Backlash! WOO~!


Raw looks at The Last Ride, Part 3.

The Deadman and HBK had an incredible match at WrestleMania 26, in what would be a retirement match for Shawn Michaels. Taker’s Streak would conquer Mr. WrestleMania’s career. Many are shocked that HBK stayed retired, but that speaks to the closure between these two all-time greats in that match. Perhaps the ultimate Mania Moment also had an emotional moment backstage. Taker is envious that HBK was able to walk away and be good with it. Does Taker wish he had that clarity? Absolutely. HBK had that clarity before the match. Taker hopes that when he gets the match he’s looking for, he’ll have that clarity. Steve Austin knows Taker is struggling with giving up what he loves so much. Edge wants Taker to have that proper moment. When and if he gets it, Edge hopes Taker knows to take that opportunity to finally close the door. Watch all of this yourself on the WWE Network!


Liv Morgan speaks.

“What might surprise you about me is, my biggest stumbling block in life has been my own self-worth.” Liv can’t remember a time where she felt good enough. But she does remember being 6 years old and wondering what life had in store for her. For a long time, she felt like she was floating through life, either going to hit the sun or crash ‘n’ burn. But she found what she was missing when she got into wrestling. She may not know all the answers, because life just keeps changing all the questions. But what she does know is that she is a live and will fulfill who she was always destined to be. In the end, she’s LIV-ing her best life.


Raw has breaking news!

After everything that has been said and done over the last few weeks, and perhaps even longer than that, Rey Mysterio will have a RETIREMENT CEREMONY next week! Is this true? Is the King of Lucha hanging up the boots and mask?!


The Street Profits VS Bobby Lashley & MVP!

Whether or not the Viking Raiders keep hustling them at basketball and golf, there will be no playing around here. Will Ford & Dawkins be able to bring that smoke to the main event?

Raw returns as MVP and Lashley make their entrance. The teams sort out and Ford is fired up as he starts against Lashley. They circle and Ford dodges Lashley. Ford shows off his somersaults as he circles with Lashley again. Ford gets around, headlocks, but Lashley powers out. Lashley runs Ford over and flexes. The crowd boos as things speed up, and Ford hurdles and hurdles. Lashely goes low, Ford jumps over, but Lashley powers Ford to a corner! Lashley rams his shoulder in over and over, then brings Ford out for a COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO! Lashley brings Ford over to bump off buckles and tag in MVP.

MVP throws body shots on Ford then rams in his shoulder. He lets up at 4 to ram Ford in again. Ford fights back and ROCKS MVP! MVP hits back and tags in Lashley. Lashley runs and RAMS his shoulder into Ford’s stomach! The crowd rallies for Ford but Lashley looms over him. Lashley drags Ford up and suplexes him, to hold him up! Ford escapes and tags in Dawkins! The Profits dodge and dropkick Lashley down! Lashley bails out and regroups with MVP but Ford builds speed and FLIES! But MVP and Lashley move so Ford handsprings to his feet. MVP swipes, Ford dodges, but Lashley BLASTS Ford to barriers! Lashley goes out and fireman’s carries Ford around the way, to POST him! Ford is down as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns once more and MVP grinds Ford down with an armlock. The crowd rallies up and Ford fights to his feet, but MVP knees low and throws hands. MVP keeps on Ford in the corner but the ref counts. Lashley tags in and he throws elbows on Ford over and over. Lashley clubs Ford down and then punches him down further. He taunts Ford to tag Dawkins, but Ford flails haymakers at Lashley. Lashley avoids those, to DECK Dawkins! Dawkins gets up in a huff but Lashley scoops and sidewalk slams Ford! Cover, TWO! Lashley throws Ford out then tags MVP. MVP fetches Ford and whips him at the steel steps! Ford crashes down and MVP taunts him. MVP drags Ford up and into the ring at the ref’s count of 7. Cover, TWO! Another try, TWO! MVP grinds Ford down with a chinbar and armlock in frustration.

The crowd rallies again and Ford endures. Ford fights his way up and pries the chinbar away. But MVP ROCKS him with a right! MVP whips Ford hard to buckles, then runs in. Ford drops down and the boot gets caught up! Ford flounders up but MVP is on him. Ford ROCKS MVP back! Hot tag to Dawkins! Dawkins unleashes the Curse of Greatness with those big lariats! And the flying back elbow! Dawkins picks MVP up for a FLAPJACK! Dawkins keeps on MVP with a whip to a corner, and the CYCLONE SPLASH! Then the BULLDOG! Dawkins fires up and the crowd is with him! Dawkins DECKS Lashley for earlier! Ford RAMS Lashley into barriers! Dawkins brings MVP up and tags in Ford. The Profits coordinate, SPINE BUSTER and FROM THE HEAVENS! Cover, but Lashley barrels through Dawkins to drag Ford up! FULL NELSON!

The ref tells Lashley to stop, but Lashley refuses! The count reaches 5, Lashley is disqualified!

Winners: The Street Profits, by disqualification

But Lashley still holds on! So here comes McIntyre! Lashley lets go of Ford now, and the crowd is thunderous for this one! McIntyre storms the ring and HEADBUTTS Lashley! Lashley tackles McIntyre back and the two scrap on the mat! McIntyre powers Lashley off and dumps him out! They fight against the barriers like a hockey fight! McIntyre hammers but Lashley shoves! They go against the boards and then the POST! McIntyre puts Lashley in the ring and grabs legs for a takedown. McIntyre grounds ‘n’ pounds and the ref calls for reinforcements. He tells the NXT superstars and trainees to be security, so a few come out and around. They try to stop McIntyre, but he bucks them off and HEADBUTTS them! They get Glasgow Kisses, but Lashley SPEARS McIntyre!

More superstars are enlisted to stop this fight, but McIntyre and Lashley shake them off, too! McIntyre throws his out, and Lashley decks his! The brawl continues, so the floodgates are open! More superstars hurry in, and some very big ones. Not even Lashley and McIntyre can break through this much. Raw goes off the air and this fight will have to wait! Who becomes not just the WWE World Champion, but the true alpha male of Monday Night Raw?

My Thoughts:

This was a really good episode! For one, I am happy to see the WWE is letting other wrestlers be the crowd for the show. However, I will say that they were behaving how I’m sure Vince wants them to: boo Heels, cheer Faces, regardless of where each individual talent’s character lands. Seeing Dexter Lumis applaud is not how he should be. He should just be staring eerily at everyone in that ring. But maybe things loosen up as the days go by. And while I can’t be sure if it was all the crowd’s doing, but the energy and pace of this episode definitely felt better. The Kevin Owens Show was a great opening segment, and we got a lot out of Asuka, Charlotte, Natty and Nia. And while the Triple Threat’s outcome was predictable, it was an incredible match that really helps Nia. It’s still a shame Shayna isn’t being pushed like she should be because of Vince’s whims, but maybe after Asuka deals with Nia, we get Asuka VS Shayna for Extreme Rules or SummerSlam.

I liked the segment with The IIconics and Bliss-Cross. There was a lot of passion, and that actually was helped by the crowd reacting to it. I’m looking forward to these two teams getting a rematch for the tag titles, and I think after a program like this, I’d be more accepting of The IIconics having another reign as champions. But speaking of champions, Crews winning tonight was a brilliant move! Crews has finally reached that level and I hope he gets to run with the United States Championship for a long time. Kevin VS Garza was a great match, and naturally Vega’s stable breaks even. Garza’s interview during the US title match was odd, both on the timing and the material. But maybe Garza challenges Crews for that title to raise Crews’ stock even higher.

Rollins had a good promo, and his “disciples” had a great match with Aleister and Carrillo. Rollins being a factor works out, and it was a strong, natural move for Rollins to threaten Carrillo’s well-being. This is really raising the level of this story, and I wonder if the Mysterio retirement ceremony has a part to play in it. There’s no way this is real, it must be bait for Rollins to show up so Mysterio can get his revenge. Edge had a great promo and it had a good tie-in to Taker’s Last Ride documentary series. Ric Flair having that promo was alright, but I swear they’re going so hard on the “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” that it has to be anything but. I will say that McIntyre and Lashley is the greatest thing on Raw right now, largely thanks to MVP. Yes, we got another Lana tantrum that’s a bit awkward, as was her tan job tonight, but everything else is perfect. MVP stirring things up, the match with the Street Profits, the brawl at the end, Lashley and McIntyre are going to tear it up at Backlash and that will be the highlight of the PPV.

My Score: 8.5/10

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