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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (6/24/20)

A HUGE Title Triple Threat!



NEW NXT Coverage

The NXT championship landscape could change right here!

Keith Lee defends his North American Championship against BOTH Johnny Gargano and Finn Balor! Who wins to move on to Adam Cole BAYBAY?


  • Cameron Grimes VS Damian Priest; Grimes wins.
  • Santos Escobar w/ Legado Del Fantasma VS Jake Atlas; Escobar wins.
  • Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter VS Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez; Kai & Gonzalez win.
  • Karrion Kross w/ Scarlett Bourdeaux VS Bronson Reed; Kross wins.
  • Aliyah w/ Robert Stone VS Rhea Ripley; Ripley wins.
  • Roderick Strong VS Dexter Lumis; Lumis wins, by count-out.
  • NXT North American Championship Triple Threat: Keith Lee VS Johnny Gargano VS Finn Balor; Lee wins and retains the NXT North American Championship.


Something went down even before NXT started!

Cameron Grimes walks away from a car and sees the cameras coming. “Oh, hey! You better check on Priest! He’s a little squashed!” Grimes laughs as he runs off, and Priest is getting up from between his car door and frame! Clearly Grimes went after Priest directly this time, and Priest’s bad back is now even worse! What does this mean for their match tonight?!


Cameron Grimes VS Damian Priest!

Speak of the devil. Or in this case, Technical Savage. The Carolina Caveman tried to crush the Archer of Infamy and now he swaggers about, thinking he’s got it easy again. Grimes grabs a mic to laugh and say, “Are you kidding me?” Grimes thinks Priest is gonna no-show “the biggest match of his career!” First, Priest slashes his own tires, and then acts like he’s all beat up? Grimes wrestled Finn Balor with a broken jaw because of Priest, and now Priest is finding any way to avoid Grimes. But that’s okay because that’s a victory for Grimes! Raise his hand now because Priest ain’t making it.

But wait! Priest DID make it! Somehow, someway, he gets in the ring, only for Grimes to BOOT him down! Grimes clubs away on Priest but the referee pulls him back. Grimes throws off his vest and puts his hat down. He wants this fight, and so does Priest. The bell rings and Priest ROCKS Grimes! Grimes kicks the bad back but Priest rocks Grimes again. Priest throws hands and has Grimes down in a corner for stomps! The ref counts, Priest lets up, but he ROCKS Grimes again! Priest whips Grimes to ropes, but Grimes CLUBS the bad back! Priest still choke grips, but Grimes elbows free. Grimes walks into a BOOT, and flounders away to the corner. Priest runs corner to corner, but only gets buckles!

Grimes waistlocks, Priest elbows free, but Grimes CLUBS the lower back again. Grimes drags Priest up, wristlock ripcords him out, but Priest stops the superman punch with a SOUTH OF HEAVEN CHOKE SLAM! But the bad back keeps Priest from making a cover! The crowd rallies up but Grimes bails out and wants to leave it at this! Priest hurries after, but Grimes RAMS him into the apron. Grimes tricked Priest, but Priest ROUNDHOUSES Grimes down! The crowd rallies up as Priest reels Grimes in, for a gut wrench and Canadian rack. But the bad back gives out, Grimes slips off to CAVE-IN!! Priest writhes while Grimes leaves him at the mercy of the ring count. Priest gets in at 9.5!

Grimes aims at Priest and goes corner to corner, but no second Cave-In! Grimes gets buckles but Priest topples over. BASEMENT CAVE-IN!! Cover, Grimes wins!

Winner: Cameron Grimes, by pinfall

The Tarheel just stomped out Priest, but that attack before the show sure had a lot to do with it! Will Grimes’ head get so big that it explodes one of these days?


NXT Media catches up with Rhea Ripley.

The Mosh Pit Kid responds to Io Shirai saying this is her NXT Women’s Division now. “There’s no denying it. Io is the NXT Women’s Champion, and I’m proud of her for it.” But then Robert Stone fumbles over and asks for a second of her time. Throwing him in the trash hurt his body, but it also hurt his heart. He gets it, though! That was tough love! Stone loves that about her. But guess what? Aliyah is officially part of the Robert Stone Brand. Good for you, but Rhea’s still not signing up. Stone didn’t hear that and says he doesn’t usually give second chances. What he has for her now is a golden ticket to get that second chance! The train is leaving the station, does she want onboard?CHOO CHOO! Body shot! Rhea hauls Stone up and dumps him into another dumpster!

Aliyah is furious and gets in Rhea’s face. Just because Rhea’s career is in the trash doesn’t mean she can throw Aliyah’s manager in the trash! Stone’s not worth it. Aliyah SLAPS Rhea! Well, Aliyah just a golden ticket into a match with Rhea. Will the Riptide wash both Bougie and brand away?


Timothy Thatcher’s class meets again.

“Hello, gentlemen. Welcome to Thatch as Thatch Can Style Wrestling. MY style of wrestling.” He shows the class how to do the Half Boston Crab. The “cutting bone” is the forearm, and the ankle tendon is the target. He wraps and cranks the leg up, turns the man over, and sits in deep. The big guy already tapped out. Thatcher keeps on it a little bit longer, then we cut to him showing off the double wristlock again. “This is quite the angle, isn’t it?” So much so, that even just two fingers, he’s got the arm trapped while the opponent can do nothing. Thatcher smiles as he keeps adding on pressure.

Line up, gentlemen. It’s alright, hopefully you all learned something. But the important thing is, we had fun. Thatcher vows to make champions out of his students, but who even is enrolled in this brutal school of wrestling?


Santos Escobar w/ Legado Del Fantasma VS Jake Atlas!

The NXT Cruiserweight Champion and his cohorts crushed Drake Maverick last week to keep the plucky underdog from sticking his nose in their business. But as both fan and friend of Maverick’s, Jake Atlas will not let that go without retaliation! Will Atlas be able to damage the legacy of Fantasma in this first-ever face-off?

The bell rings and Atlas ties right up with Escobar. They go around, Escobar has Atlas in the corner but lets up at the ref’s count. Escobar tries a sucker punch but Atlas blocks and counter punches! Atlas throws hands to back Escobar down but Escobar knees low. Escobar clubs and whips Atlas, but Atlas hurdles and crossbodies! The crowd fires up with Atlas as he brings Escobar up for CHOPS! Atlas drags Escobar up and CHOPS again, then throws body shots in the corner. The ref backs Atlas off but Atlas snapmares Escobar into a chinlock. Escobar endures as Atlas cranks, Mendoza and Wilde coach their captain up, but the crowd is on Atlas’ side.

Escobar gets up, throws elbows, but Atlas clubs him down! Atlas puts Escobar in a corner and throws more hands. Escobar dodges but gets a back elbow. Atlas goes to boot, Escobar blocks and pushes the feet aside, but Atlas rebounds and arm-drags Escobar away! Atlas gets a takedown and throws hands on Escobar! Escobar scrambles away but Atlas stomps a mudhole into him! Atlas backs off, comes back and brings Escobar up for another CHOP! Atlas brings Escobar back up for another CHOP but Escobar fires back forearms. Atlas clubs back, then whips. Escobar reveres, Atlas dodges and huricanranas! Atlas runs into the corner but is put on the apron, but he ROCKS Escobar with the right!

Atlas has to kick at Wilde and Mendoza as they creep closer, and Escobar BLASTS Atlas into the Plexiglas! Atlas is down but the crowd rallies up while NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Escobar CHOPS away on Atlas in a corner. Escobar whips Atlas corner to corner, runs in and corner clotheslines! Then he jumping calf kicks Atlas down! Cover, TWO! Escobar drags Atlas up for a chinlock then chinbar and he grinds Atlas down. Atlas endures as the crowd rallies up. Wilde and Mendoza mock Atlas while Escobar grinds a fist into Atlas’ face. Atlas gets the ropebreak, Escobar lets go and kicks Atlas around. Escobar whips and leaps to back elbow Atlas down! Cover, TWO! Escobar kicks away on Atlas then cravats him to a snapmare. Escobar wraps Atlas up in a grounded cobra twist and even digs fingers into Atlas’ face!

Atlas endures again, the crowd rallies up, but Escobar adds a crossface element to the twist. Atlas fights back and throws hands to get free. Escobar locks, fireman’s carries, but Atlas escapes to throw more body shots! He knocks Escobar down, brings him up to whip him into a corner, and hits a back elbow. Atlas rolls Escobar to clobber with more forearms! Atlas scoops, spins and slams! Standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Atlas grows frustrated but he fires up as he throws Escobar to ropes. Atlas dropkicks and Escobar flops out of the ring! Atlas goes up, SUPER ASAI! He only gets Wilde and Mendoza but he hurries after Escobar in the ring. Atlas springboards but Escobar dodges, only to swing into a headlock, and DRIVER! Cover, TWO!!

Atlas can’t believe his take on The Rose Plant didn’t work! He hurries up top but Escobar trips him up! Escobar ROCKS Atlas with a right, drags Atlas to a fireman’s carry and adds a knee strike before the PHANTOM DRIVER! Cover, Escobar wins!

Winner: Santos Escobar, by pinfall

The revenge was not to be as Atlas could not overcome Escobar and his crew! Will El Legado Del Fantasma continue to rise and take over NXT?


The Undisputed Era tries another therapy session.

“Lyle von Thurstonburgen” helps Adam Cole and Bobby Fish with Roderick Strong’s condition. They’d made good progress last week but stumbled at the trunk challenge. Tell him about that. Strong thought he could do it, but when he actually got down there, he just saw Dexter Lumis’ face and felt the inside of that cold, cold trunk again. Strong ran as far as he could. Every time he tried to stop, he just felt Lumis chasing him. But for this last week, Strong isolated himself, in his own head working in this, and… He can do it. Today, Strong can conquer the fear of the car trunk! He’s ready! The Undisputed Era is fired up hearing this! Wait, Dr. Lye is Kyle?! Yes! Now let’s go get in that car trunk! The UE boys are pumped up and they head outside!

They walk up to the limousine and Strong hops inside. He’s gonna do it, guys! He’s doing it! Three, two, one and closed! Yeah, man! Roddy’s doing it, baby! Now pop the trunk! Strong hops out and he’s fired up! If he can conquer his fear, he can conquer anything! Good to hear that, because tonight, Strong is gonna conquer Lumis in a match! Tonight?! Yeah! Awesome! Strong is ready, and his boys are proud. But is he really ready? Or will the facade come crumbling down?


Backstage interview with Bivens Enterprises.

Malcolm Bivens and his clients, Indus Sher, almost interfered with the NXT Tag Team Championship match last week, but the BritAm Bruisers interfered with that. Bivens requested this interview because he is “pissed off to the highest level pissedivity.” But he won’t yell or scream to get his point across. Last week, they went out there to watch the tag title match to see who would win. But “those thugs” Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan couldn’t mind their own business. Oney and Burch attacked Rinku and Saurav. Bivens is a good guy, a great guy, actually. A humanitarian, even. If not for Bivens, Oney and Burch would’ve joined Maverick in the ambulance last week. Saurav and Rinku tell Oney and Burch in their native language that the One Two are the two new targets of these beasts. They showed as much on last week’s 205 Live, is there anywhere safe from Indus Sher?


NXT has a championship collision course coming soon.

Adam Cole has been THE NXT Champion for almost 400 days, but he isn’t satisfied with one title. He wants to be #ChampChampBAYBAY! However, that prompted the North American Champion, Keith Lee, as well as top contenders Johnny Gargano and Finn Balor, to aim at him right back. GM William Regal has given everyone something they can agree to, as we will get a #WinnerTakesAll match in two weeks, July 8th! As for tonight, it’s all about one championship, three men and one enormous opportunity. Keith Lee, Johnny Gargano and Finn Balor prepare for tonight’s Triple Threat for the North American Championship! Having a chance at making history, “That is a thing of beauty.”

But Balor gives us all a history lesson. The Prince is the inaugural WWE Universal Champion, one of the longest reigning NXT Champions ever, but has never had that North American Championship. Gargano says Balor abandoned NXT, but Balor says he’s here because of Gargano. Keith once considered Gargano the heart and soul of the black ‘n’ gold, but what has that gotten Gargano? What did it do for NXT? It got NXT to the point that it needed Balor back. Then maybe Gargano should thank Balor. The moment that Pele kick hit, that was the night #JohnnyWrestling DIED. And this Gargano realized that while people love watching your journey, they also can’t wait to see you fall off the top.

Keith Lee is on top. In just his first year, Keith Lee became the NXT Breakout Star, was praised by legends like Mick Foley, and yes, has become North American Champion. Gargano warned Keith that it’s #TheJohnnyGarganoWay, or no way at all. Balor says he’s seen people like Keith come and go more times than he can remember. But Keith warns them that if they get in his way, they’ll get run over. Gargano and Balor better be careful when they’re aiming at the king. This will be the biggest challenge Keith has faced, and Sam Roberts says it is a “generation defining” match. One man walks out champion and a contender all in one. Balor says that after he wins the North American title, he finally proves he is the best. Gargano says there is no doubt that he will cement his legacy. Keith says he is Limitless, and that’s all there is to it. But who will Adam Cole have to worry about at the end of the night?


Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter VS Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez!

#CobraKai put away each member of the KC squared duo, but now it’s time to see if she and #BigMamiCool can put them away 2v2. Will Kacy and Kayden conquer or crumble in their first tag team match together?

The teams sort out and Raquel starts against Kayden. Kayden talks smack and shoves Raquel, but Raquel comes back with an STO! Raquel stomps but Kayden dodges, only for Raquel to grab hair. Kayden spins free and CHOPS, then CHOPS again. Kayden talks smack to Dakota as she CHOPS Raquel more. Kayden goes up the corner and Kacy tags in, but the springboard arm-drag is blocked! Kayden kicks Raquel fast as Kacy gets in, and Kacy chop blocks Raquel down! Kacy facelocks but Raquel just stands up and lifts her! Kacy sunset flips, but Raquel just pulls her up of the ground! Raauel whips Kacy, Kayden helps her Silly String back up and in! Kacy headscissors but Raquel blocks that, so Kayden tags in. Kayden saves Kacy and they both bait Raquel into drop toeholds! Kacy slingshots for the hotshot!

Kayden tries to schoolgirl roll Raquel, but Raquel stays standing! Raquel steps over to bring Kayden up and RAM her into the corner! Tag to Dakota, Dakota waistlocks but Kayden elbows her away. Tag to Kacy, Kayden gives her a boost for a Thesz Press! Cover, TWO, and Kacy stops herself from running into Raquel. Kacy turns around into Dakota’s BOOT! Dakota covers, ONE! Kacy scrambles away but Dakota is on her already. She puts Kacy in the corner and tags Raquel. Raquel stomps Kacy and throws forearms, then tags Dakota back in. Raquel scoops Kacy and Dakota runs, BOOT into the POWERSLAM! Cover, but Kayden breaks it up! Raquel is furious but Kayden scrambles away.

The crowd rallies, Kacy breaks free and crawls, but Dakota has the legs. Kacy kicks Dakota away, hot tag to Kayden! Kayden dodges Dakota to hit Raquel! Kayden rallies on Dakota, and dropkicks her down! The crowd fires up as Kayden CHOPS, then whips. Dakota reverses, Kayden wheelbarrows to a victory roll, ONE, and Kayden mule kicks Dakota down! Cover, TWO! Kayden powers up and the crowd rallies with her. BOOT WASH! Cover, TWO!! Dakota survives Kayden’s take on her move but Kayden brings her up. Dakota scorpion kicks but Kacy tags in. Kacy huricanranas but Raquel tags in. Kacy is all over her, and Kayden adds a SUPERKICK! Kayden gives Kacy another boost, but Raquel catches her! Raquel holds Kacy up with one arm, BOOTS Kayden down, then hits the CHOKE BOMB!

Tag to Dakota and Dakota drags Kacy into the Butterfly Stretch! Kacy taps, Dakota and Raquel win!

Winners: Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez, by submission

KC squared was overwhelmed by the combination of Dakota’s speed and Raquel’s strength! “Hey, Io! You think this is your NXT? I don’t think so.” The Evil Genius and that NXT Women’s Championship are in Dakota’s cross hairs, but will Dakota be able to take her down?


Karrion Kross w/ Scarlett Bourdeaux VS Bronson Reed!

Mr. Doomsday used NXT’s resident thicc boi to send a message to Tommaso Ciampa ahead of TakeOver, and needless to say, Reed didn’t appreciate that. Will Auszilla be able to cancel the apocalypse Kross promises to bring? Or is there nothing left for him to do but #FallAndPray?

The bell rings and the two go right up to each other to grind forehead to forehead. Reed throws forearms but Kross stays up. Reed whips then clobbers Kross with forearms! Kross gets to a corner, Reed runs in, but Kross throat chops him! Kross puts Reed in the corner to BOOT! “This is what you wanted?!” Kross brings Reed up to DECK him with a forearm! Reed slowly staggers back up and Kross picks him up for an EXPLODER! Kross runs corner to corner but Reed ROCKS him back! Reed throws more forearms and an ENZIGURI!? Kross staggers, Reed hits a GERMAN SUPLEX! But Kross stands up and roars! Reed roars back, and they start throwing heavy forearms back and forth!

Kross eggs Reed on then gives the forearms back. Reed BOOTS then corner splashes! But Kross looks to be enjoying this?! Reed corner splashes again, the crowd is thunderous, but Kross gets Reed for a NORTHERN LIGHTS! And rolls through, drags Reed up, and CLOBBERS him with that clothesline! Kross stalks Reed, catches him and DOOMSDAY SAIDOS! Then wraps on the KROSS-JACKET! Reed taps, Kross wins!

Winner: Karrion Kross, by submission

The undefeated streak continues, even after facing the literally biggest opponent yet! Does anyone have any hope of stopping Kross’ path of destruction?


Backstage interview with Adam Cole.

Tonight, the Triple Threat for the North American Championship also determines his challenger. Who would he rather see come for his title? “That’s a good question. A tough one, actually.” The common man would choose the weakest, who they’d have an advantage against, that kind of thing. But the problem is, Cole is not the common man, he is the longest reigning and greatest NXT Champion of all time! His answer is that it doesn’t matter, because the result will be the same. So for now, he’s more worried that his mantle has room for another title. And actually, that question was very stupid. Cole is cocky now, but will he feel differently when he has to face reality?


NXT hears from Mercedes Martinez.

“NXT has opened Pandora’s Box.” What lies inside will change the entire Women’s Division forever. Martinez isn’t here to play nice, play fair or play by the rules. Mercedes Martinez is going to flip the entire division upside-down. Are you ready for what Mean Ms. Martinez brings to the ring?


Aliyah w/ Robert Stone VS Rhea Ripley!

The bougie brand took offense to being rejected, and has incurred the wrath of Rhea with a single slap! Will Aliyah learn to respect the first woman to be both NXT UK and NXT Women’s Champion in her career?

The bell rings and Aliyah eggs Rhea on, only to run away. Rhea grabs Aliyah at the ropes and brings her in, but Aliyah resists the waistlock lift to grab a leg. Rhea pries Aliyah off with a gut wrench and a toss! Aliyah flounders but Rhea brings her back up for another waistlock. Aliyah elbows free but runs into a dropkick! Aliyah bails out to regroup with Stone and Rhea talks smack. Stone reminds Aliyah of the game plan and Aliyah gets back up. Only for Rhea to be on her at the ropes! Aliyah hotshots Rhea away, hops up and leaps, but into Rhea’s arms! Rhea pops Aliyah up to a fireman’s carry but Aliyah slips out to pull hair! Aliyah knees low then whips, but Rhea blocks with power! Rhea whips Aliyah instead to LARIAT!

Rhea rallies with more clotheslines, then spins Aliyah around for a cravat and knee strikes! Rhea snapmares Aliyah, says “neener neener” to Stone, then runs to basement dropkick Aliyah down! Cover, TWO! Rhea keeps her cool as she watches Aliyah crawl. Rhea stands on Aliyah’s foot but Stone says Rhea is just getting in Aliyah’s head, “it’s all in your mind.” This seems pretty reel as Rhea reels Aliyah in by a leg. Aliyah kicks with the free leg, then boots Rhea away. Rhea comes back to BOOT Aliyah down! That also felt real. Rhea has Aliyah in the PRISM TRAP! The inverted cloverleaf tortures Aliyah’s legs but Stone throws a shoe in? Who throws a shoe? Honestly.

Stone runs but Rhea chases him around the way. They end up in the ring, Rhea grabs Stone by his suit jacket and he flounders all around. Stone slips free and Aliyah rolls Rhea! Rhea bucks her off, kicks low, and pump handles for the RIPTIDE! Cover, Rhea wins!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall

The mangy manager couldn’t manage a proper screw job and Aliyah loses big. Will Stone learn that Rhea can do bad all by herself?


Roderick Strong VS Dexter Lumis!

The Savior of the Backbreaker has overcome his car trunk trauma, but there’s still another source of stress he must defeat. Can Strong work up the courage to conquer the tortured artist with the thousand yard stare? Or is he just in for another scare?

Speaking of scare, Strong is reluctant to make his entrance, and Bobby Fish has to keep him moving forward. Fish knows how the trunk felt and how Lumis staring at them feels, so he is assuring Strong that if the Infamous One can do it, so can Roddy. Strong finally gets in the ring, fires himself up, and the bell rings. Lumis just stares at Strong as Strong moves about. Strong approaches but then backs right off. He tells Fish he’s not ready but Fish says Strong’s good. Strong gets back in the ring, approaches low, but Lumis is like a statue. Strong bails out again but Fish says Strong was born ready. Who cares what Lumis is doing? Strong paces about as the ring count climbs, and he gets back in at 8. Lumis finally takes a step, and Strong freaks out again!

Strong walks around the ring but Lumis follows! Fish lurks close but Lumis backs him down with a stare. Strong stumbles at the ramp and sees Lumis creeping up behind him. Strong turns to run, but he runs right into Plexiglas! Strong scrambles to the backstage area and Fish hurries after. Lumis goes into the ring, the count hits 10, and Lumis wins!

Winner: Dexter Lumis, by count-out

Fish can’t believe Strong couldn’t do this, but then Lumis catches Fish with the Anaconda Vice!! Fish flails and gets away, and now he runs away! Lumis still stares blankly, but surely there is something formulating in that twisted labyrinth of a mind. How will Lumis torment the UE boys next?


Robert Stone video chats with William Regal.

Stone isn’t asking for much, but Regal says Stone needs to slow down. Stone understands but he isn’t asking, he’s telling! Regal HAS to make the rematch for Aliyah and Rhea! They need this rematch. Oh, so both Stone and Aliyah need the rematch? Regal does like the idea. He wants to see Stone take on Rhea! What?! Stone wrestle!? No, no, no! Not gonna happen! Oh but it is. Stone? Wrestle? Alright, fine! But when they win, Rhea has to be part of the Robert Stone Brand! No, that needs to be discussed with Rhea. But Rhea appears, and says it’s fine. See you next week. Well, then, the match is made! NXT’s first co-ed match has big ramifications! Will Rhea be able to finally make Stone accept the rejection?


William Regal has a huge announcement for the NXT Women’s Championship!

The Evil Genius pulled off an incredible victory at TakeOver: In Your House to reign supreme, and has stated this is HER NXT now. “After careful consideration,” Regal has chosen four women worthy of an opportunity, and naturally has booked a #1 Contender’s FATAL 4 WAY! Mia Yim VS Candice LeRae VS Tegan Nox VS Dakota Kai! #CobraKai has reinvented herself and feels untouchable. The Shiniest Wizard’s story is one everyone knows, and will no longer let kindness be mistaken for weakness. The Pint-Sized Poison has vowed to reign alongside her husband as the “big sister” becomes the queen of NXT. And the Head Baddie in Charge has been fighting and hustling, and she will be ruthless to get what she wants. So much history and animosity in one match, who survives to challenge Shirai down the line?


There’s more big news for next week!

After Strong literally ran away from Lumis, their newest rematch will be in a STRAP MATCH! NXT makes more history, but will it be the end of Strong as we know it? Plus, because it’s the Wednesday before July 4th, next week will be a special Great American Bash edition of NXT! What will be in store for the black ‘n’ gold as it honors the red, white and blue?


NXT North American Championship Triple Threat: Keith Lee VS Johnny Gargano VS Finn Balor!

The road to NXT history starts here! Will we #BaskInHisGlory? Do things #TheJohnnyGarganoWay? Or will the Prince look to take back the throne in a match to determine who is truly THE BEST EVER in NXT?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and NXT writes its newest chapter!

Keith and Balor glare at Gargano but Gargano bails out. Balor and Keith circle and tie up, but Keith powers Balor to a corner. The ref calls for a ropebreak but Keith puts Balor up top. Keith backs off but Balor leaps at him! Keith catches Balor but Gargano runs in for the schoolboy! But Keith stays standing! He tosses Balor away to drag Gargano up and toss away! Balor runs at Keith but gets run over! Keith runs Gargano over, then runs them BOTH over with double clotheslines! The crowd is thunderous as Keith says this is HIS main event. NXT goes to break as the champion is in control.

NXT returns and Keith whips Gargano corner to corner hard! Balor tries to trip Keith but Keith clubs him away. Gargano throws forearms but Keith GRIZZLY MAGNUM CHOPS! Balor tries again, but Keith pries him off to a Canadian rack. Balor slips out to get a sleeper hold! Keith flails as Balor squeezes tight! Keith reaches up and throws Balor off, but Gargano hops up to put his own sleeper on! Gargano squeezes tight, Keith gasps but still throws Gargano off. Balor is back and he has the sleeper again! Keith fades and drops to a knee! The crowd rallies up, Keith gets a second wind, and RAMS Balor into buckles! Gargano returns to throw forearms from all sides, but Balor DECKS Gargano!

Balor runs to throw forearm son Keith again and again. Keith stays up so Balor keeps trying, and forearms Keith into ropes! Balor keeps throwing shots all over, then runs into a lift! Gargano runs but Keith adds him to the OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Keith catches his breath while the crowd fires up again! Keith brings Balor up for body shots then wrenches to a corner to corner whip! Balor hits buckles hard, but Gargano chop blocks the leg! Gargano tries to trip Keith but Keith stays up. Gargano jams the knee, but Keith drags him up to the Canadian rack. Gargano slips out and goes after the leg again, but Keith keeps him back. Balor leaps on for another sleeper! Gargano grapevines a leg, but Keith just tosses Balor off again!

Keith glares at Gargano, pries him off the leg, and DECKS him with that left forearm! Gargano and Balor bail out to the same side, but Keith pursues. Keith runs at Gargano but gets Balor’s SLINGBLADE! Gargano goes up to the apron to CANNONBALL! Keith staggers about, Balor runs and CHOPS Keith! Keith blocks the whip from Balor, but Gargano adds on and they both send Keith into steel steps! All three men are down as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns once more and Balor rams his shoulder into Gargano over and over in the corner! Balor CHOPS then stalks Gargano to another corner. Balor CHOPS even harder, then whips Gargano corner to corner. Balor CHOPS, whips, CHOPS, repeat! Gargano boots Balor, he hurries to the apron and he SUPERKICKS Keith away! Gargano slingshot SPEARS into Balor, covers, TWO! Gargano grimaces as he puts Balor on the ropes to CHOP back! And again! And again! Gargano goes to the apron and slingshots, but Balor decks him first! Balor sees Keith coming and FLIES out to stop him! Balor gets back in, Gargano dodges and tilt-o-whirls but no takedown as Balor hits the Final Cut! Cover, TWO!

Balor grits his teeth as he keeps his cool. The crowd rallies up and Balor takes aim at Gargano, SLINGBLADE! Balor takes aim again, but Keith gives us deja vu as he rises up at the corner! Keith throws Balor into buckles, Gargano throws forearms at Keith, but Balor BOOTS Gargano away! Balor enziguris Keith, Gargano enziguris Balor! Keith slingshots to crossbody them both!! All three men are down but the crowd is thunderous again! Keith sits up first, but Balor and Gargano follow. Keith rocks Balor, rocks Gargano, then corner splashes Gargano to then corner splash Balor! Keith DECKS Gargano, Balor trips Keith for the DOUBLE STOMPS! Balor drags Gargano up and underhooks, but Keith Electric Chairs Balor! Balor fights back with elbows and gets the sleeper back!

Keith fades again, drops to a knee, but Gargano SUPERKICKS them both!! Gargano goes to the apron, aims at Balor, ONE FINAL BEAT! Cover, but Keith breaks it! Gargano goes after Keith with forearms and elbows from all sides, but Keith clamps onto Gargano for a whip. Gargano tilt-o-whirls but Keith blocks the DDT! Keith powers back up, swings Gargano into Balor, but Gargano uses that to DDT Keith! But Keith rolls out of the ring! Gargano has no one to cover, but he DIVES to tope Keith into railing! Gargano hurries and DIVES to hit Balor, but Balor catches him! Balor throws knees on Gargano in the single underhook. Balor lifts Gargano, but Keith POUNCES Bloody Sunday apart!! All three men are down at the ramp and the crowd is losing its mind!

Keith rises and drags Balor up with him. He puts Balor in the ring, reels him in and lifts. Balor turns the Spirit Bomb into a DOUBLE STOMP! Balor takes aim, runs but into a SUPERKICK from Gargano! Gargano SUPERKICKS Keith, but Balor shotgun dropkicks Gargano into Keith! Keith falls onto Gargano’s back! Gargano is trapped under Keith’s weight as Balor climbs up! The crowd is at a fever pitch as Keith grabs Balor in a choke grip! Gargano knees Keith in the back, rolls him up, and uses the ropes! TWO!! Gargano flounders up, Keith pops him up, and BOMBS him into Balor at the corner! Then Keith brings Gargano back up, fireman’s carries, BIG BANG CATASTROPHE! Cover, COUP DE GRACE! But Keith got clear so only Gargano gets crushed! Keith brings Balor up, ANOTHER Big Bang Catastrophe!! Cover, Keith wins!!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall (still NXT North American Champion)

That was truly an epic! Keith quite literally uses his opponents against each other at the end, and comes out still golden! But Adam Cole appears to stare Keith down. Each champion raises their belt as the graphic is made official! In two weeks, who will it be that holds up BOTH belts as NXT’s first ever DUAL CHAMPION?

My Thoughts:

Another great night for NXT, and they’re clearly gearing up to counter AEW Fyter Fest. At the same time, bringing back Great American Bash as a Fourth of July event is pretty cool, hopefully it becomes a tradition. Grimes escalating things with Priest was a good opener, and it’s helping Priest make the turn towards some kind of Face Tweener since Grimes is just so obnoxious. Escobar and Atlas have a good match, but as a Heel with henchmen, obviously Escobar wins because Atlas is busy with Wilde and Mendoza just long enough. I expect Drake Maverick and Atlas to team up to go after Legado Del Fantasma, maybe even add a third man like Kushida, since they all respected each other after coming out of Block A. Plus, Kushida VS Escobar makes for a great Cruiserweight Championship match.

The Women’s Division is ramping up as it should be. Rhea gets an easy win off Aliyah, and it’d be great for Rhea to add the historic achievement of winning NXT’s first co-ed match. Dakota and Raquel have a good tag match with KC and KC, which helps NXT get more tag teams into the overall Women’s Division. Dakota, Tegan, Mia and Candice are going to make for a great Fatal 4 Way next week, and it almost doesn’t matter who wins because Shirai will get a great match out of them either way, and then still win. The Undisputed Era had great bits tonight, from the therapy to Strong being completely afraid of Lumis. That Strap Match is going to really up how good NXT Great American Bash feels.

Kross VS Reed was really good, and I’m a bit surprised that Reed got to put in that much offense. That’s great for Reed, and also benefits Kross in terms of his toughness. Kross wins, of course, and there’s still the issue of the broken hourglass. Keith Lee broke it, so clearly Keith VS Kross is coming. The question is whether Kross attacks during or after the Winner Takes All match. The Triple Threat for the North American Championship was borderline TakeOver worthy, but I feel it still needed a bit more to actually reach that level. As I stated with Kross, Keith retains because that feud is coming. It would be insane if Kross was aiming for a double champion Keith Lee, but at the same time, I don’t think Kross wins to take two titles at once. I’m leaning towards Kross interfering with Winner Takes All, he and Keith fight over only the North American title.

My Score: 9.2/10

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