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Mathew’s NJPW G1 Climax 30 A Block Results & Review: Day 3

G1 Climax Day 3, but second day of A Block action! Who takes an early lead? Does Okada get on the board? Can the Holy Emperor defeat The King?



Welcome back as we are on the third day of New Japan’s G1 Climax as we have another exciting round of the A Block section. Both blocks started off strong with some memorable matches and the bar has been set for the future shows.

We got some great matches for you to look forward and I’m not gonna waste any time as we…dive right in.

Star Rating System:

  • 0 Stars: Dave Meltzer
  • 1 Star: Vince Russo
  • 2 Stars: Tony Schiavone
  • 3 Stars: Eric Bischoff
  • 4 Stars: Bruce Prichard
  • 5 Stars: Jim Cornette

G1 Climax A Block Match
Jeff Cobb vs. Shingo Takagi

Review: We start off our A Block match with Jeff Cobb going up against Shingo Takagi. The two are not off to a good start as they both lost their first matches, meaning one of them is going to have another loss under their belt. The two fought last year where Cobb came out the victor and is looking to do it again. Who will get points on the board and who will have two losses in a row?

In regular hoss fight fashion, you’d expect nothing less than to have them charge in at each other. Shingo eventually tackled him down and seems to have the first advantage for a while until Cobb throws him over with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. If you had to compare this match to last year’s encounter, last year was slightly better and felt like more was at stake since it was in the middle of the tournament instead of being the second round here. The two work well together but wasn’t as much intensity in this match to make it wanna steal the show like it potentially could’ve. Cobb has his moments where it feels like he fits in well with New Japan and there are times where it’s the opposite, but New Japan loves him and with him having a contract, it could light a spark for something with him to go far, maybe NEVER Openweight Champion again.

After a beautiful Backdrop by Shingo, the two go down on the mat. It looked like Cobb was going for the Tour of the Islands but Shingo would fight off him and hits the Blood Fall. Shingo sets up for the Pumping Bomber as Cobb ducks, running the ropes but Shingo would hit it this time around! Shingo picked him up to attempt the Last of the Dragon as Cobb held his ground and hits a Gutwrench Suplex, he would hit two more in a row. Not letting go of his grip and holds him up for a Powerbomb and almost lost his balance when he dropped him down and topped it off with a Moonsault as Shingo kicked out at two. Cobb picked Shingo over his shoulders but turned it around into a DDT and does a short arm Lariat as Cobb kicked out at two! Shingo is fired up and hits the MADE IN JAPAN as Cobb kicked out again! Shingo picks him up for The Last of the Dragon again as Cobb fought him off, attempting a German Suplex as he’s met with a couple of elbows to have Cobb lose his grip. Shingo beats Cobb’s chest with a few Lariats as Cobb didn’t go down and hits Shingo with a Headbutt. Cobb runs the ropes, only to have Shingo hit a Pumping Bomber onto the ropes and when he ran, Cobb caught him with a German Suplex. Cobb wastes no time and catches him with the Tour of the Islands, giving Cobb the victory and Shingo has two losses under his belt!

Rating: Eric Bischoff and a quarter

G1 Climax A Block Match
Kazuchika Okada vs. Yujiro Takahashi

Review: Time for our next match as we have Kazuchika Okada taking on Yujiro Takahashi. This is another group who has lost their first-round matches and hoping to catch a break to try and catch up, The two fought each other recently with Okada coming out as the winner and he looked to beat him again. Will the Rainmaker finally get points or does he drink some Pimp Juice?

It’s weird seeing Okada basically be the second match of the show instead of just being near the main event like he’s normally set up but then again, his opponent is Yujiro. You get your standard lock-up in the beginning with Okada having Yujiro on the ropes and slowly let’s go to back up. Okada has him in a headlock but Yujiro would bite his hand to make him let go of the hold and Yujiro would have control of the match and would beat down the Rainmaker. Even a point where he had Okada down outside the ring with the referee beginning the count till Okada came in, leading to Yujiro continuing his attack on Okada. Their chemistry is weird and I’m glad Okada is giving him a chance again since they used to be close when Yujiro was in CHASO before his betrayal to join Bullet Club. The history is there but would’ve meant more if Yujiro actually meant something instead of being known as the fall guy.

Yujiro hits the Fisherman Buster with Okada kicking out at two. The two get up and would hit each other with forearms and Yujiro was able to knock Okada down with one until he got up to fight back but Yujiro raked his eyes to stop it and ran the ropes, getting caught with a Dropkick by Okada. Okada hits the Tombstone as Yujiro kicked out and would apply the 10k Cobra Clutch but Yujiro would catch him for an Incolle Slam! Okada went for a Discus Lariat but Yujiro ducked for a Backslide as Okada kicked out and Yujiro hits him with the Miami Shine! Yujiro attempts the Pimp Juice as Okada pushed him to the ropes to fight him off as Yujiro ran the ropes to be caught with a Big Boot, and an Uppercut but Yujiro hits him with a Lariat to take him down. Yujiro has him up on his shoulders as Okada went over him to try the 10k Cobra Clutch again but Yujiro rolled him off as he ran the ropes but saw Okada going for the Dropkick again, so he stopped himself while Okada fell onto the mat. Okada hits the Rolling Lariat and it connects this time and would apply the 10k Cobra Clutch one more time, causing Yujiro to tap out and Okada finally gets points on the board!

Rating: Eric Bischoff

G1 Climax A Block Match
Minoru Suzuki vs. Taichi

Review: Time for our next match as we have Suzuki-Gun members squaring off with Minoru Suzuki taking on Taichi. Both of them won their previous matches and one of them will be considered undefeated once the match is over. The hype leading up to the match has gotten me all excited with this match going either way and someone I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. Will the king stay undefeated or does Taichi take down his boss?

Suzuki wasted no time at all as he charged right at Taichi once he got in the ring and has his hand around his neck, trying to choke the emperor while Taichi tries to do the same and the bell has rung to start the match. Suzuki would eventually get him down to start whaling on him but Taichi rolled him over to get on top and start doing the same. Suzuki did say he would kill Taichi and Taichi is welcoming it right here in this match since it looks like they really are trying to kill each other, and I love it! The two went outside to bring some chairs in and looked like Suzuki’s broke during the chair battle and Taichi hits him with a chair until he got punched in the gut. Suzuki gets Taichi out of the ring again and would show him why he’s called the king by throwing him around and even choking him with the chair by the guardrail at one point. This is the type of fight I expected to see from them and it is exactly how it needed to go. It’s just intense, they hyped it up before it even started, and they would tell this type of story in the ring with this violence. Taichi getting revenge now after five minutes and would even choke him with a wire when they get back outside of the ring.

Taichi hits Suzuki with the Kawada kicks and Suzuki couldn’t help but grin as he hits him with a couple of stiff forearms as the two look like they’re just enjoying this at this point. Taichi would hit him with a few kicks and when Suzuki gets him to the ropes, Taichi hits his Jumping Kick and gets the champ down. The two slowly get up and Suzuki runs towards him with a Big Boot and Taichi attempts a Lariat as Suzuki ducked and applies the Sleeper Hold onto him but he would turn him to try to go for the finish but Taichi caught him with the Backdrop! Taichi gets ready to end it as Suzuki caught him with the Sleeper again and turned him to get him up for the Gotch Style Piledriver but Taichi flipped him over! Taichi goes after him but Suzuki gets him in the Sleeper for a second before attempting the Gotch Style Piledriver again but Taichi reversed it into the Black Memphisto and he pins Suzuki for the victory! Talk about an upset right there in a fun fight. A couple of years ago, I said I’d be okay with Zack Sabre Jr taking over Suzuki-Gun if they ever decide to kick Suzuki out but as of right now, I’d be more than okay with it being Taichi to form Taichi-Gun in the future.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and three quarters

G1 Climax A Block Match
Will Ospreay vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Review: We’re past the halfway point now as we have CHAOS members going at it with Will Ospreay taking on Tomohiro Ishii. This is known as a first time ever match and for some fans, it’s considered a dream match. Will won his match when he defeated Yujiro Takahashi but Ishii lost his match to Minoru Suzuki, so he would need to beat his teammate here to have better odds. Will Ospreay be undefeated or does the Stone Pitbull bite the assassin?

Will attempts a handshake with his unit partner as Ishii would punch him right away as the two would exchange shoulder tackles. It seems like Ospreay did put on some weight since he doesn’t fall over right away and he would even get the pitbull down with that shoulder tackle. You can see in this match of how much Ospreay has changed himself ever since he left the junior division for good, he bulked up to gain a little more weight and his style changed slightly with him still having some of those high flying moves he’s known and loved for. Ospreay attempted a Double Stomp from the top with Ishii hanging from the ropes but Ishii moved out of the way as Ospreay jumped the ropes to hit him with a Dropkick, quite impressive. Ospreay flips outside of the ring as Ishii ducked and the two would try to hit each other with a move and Ishii attempts a Brainbuster but fails as Ospreay jumped the guardrails to hit the Oscutter! Ishii rolled into the ring as Ospreay waited for him and hits a Dropkick from the ropes and Ishii kicked out.

Ishii getting some momentum back after hitting Will with a Headbutt as he goes for his Sliding Lariat but Will caught him with an armdrag and attempts a Hidden Blade as Ishii moved out of the way, the two hitting each other back and forth but Will hits him with a Superkick. Will goes for the Oscutter as Ishii ran under him and gets caught with a forearm by Will as Ishii responds with a stiff one of his own and makes Will crash onto the mat. Ishii picks him up for the Powerbomb as Will kicked out at two. Ishii hits Will with a German Suplex and as he ran the ropes to go for the Lariat, Will catches him with the Spanish Fly and covers him as Ishii kicked out! Will goes for the Oscutter again and he would hit it this time but Ishii kicked out again! Ospreay picks him up for the Strombreaker but he fights out of it to hit him with a headbutt, and Will kicks him before going for a Oscutter off the top rope as Ishii catches him to attempt the Vertical Drop as Will fought off to hit the Marufuji kick, in which Ishii responds with a Lariat! Ishii attempts the Veritcal Drop again as Will knees his head to make him let go but gets caught with a Headbutt by Ishii. Ishii attempts it one more time but Will fights out of it again and hits the Reverserana before attempting the Stormbreaker but Ishii is wiggling around until Will turned it into a Piledriver instead! Will hits Ishii with the Hidden Blade and quickly picks him up for the Strombreaker as Will wins the match!

Rating: Bruce Prichard

G1 Climax A Block Match
Kota Ibushi vs. Jay White

Review: Time for our final match of the show as we have a rematch from last year’s G1 Climax finals, Kota Ibushi taking on Jay White. This would be another rubber match Kota would love to settle as he defeated Jay to win the G1 Climax last year but lost to Jay White on the second day of Wrestle Kingdom 14. Both men are undefeated right now and a win from either one of them would keep them at the top of the board. Does Ibushi win another rubber match or does Kota breathe with the Switchblade?

Jay doesn’t seem fond of the crowd clapping when the match started, so he gets out of the ring to mock them for it instead of doing the match with Ibushi. He even grabs the microphone and tells the crowd to chant for Ibushi before getting back in the ring and is met with a kick from Ibushi. Jay rolled out of the ring and Ibushi would springboard over the ropes to land on him as he has the crowd clapping. Jay gets some heat in again as he slammed Ibushi’s knee onto the ring apron as he’s laughing about it. Jay would then slam him into the guardrails a few times as he did with Shingo at the first show before rolling into the ring but wait, he goes back out to attack Ibushi’s knee and had it on the apron to beat down on it more with his forearm. Honestly, this is much better than their rematch at Wrestle Kingdom since that one was dragged heavily with awkward sports, it also didn’t help that they both lost their matches on the first night of that show, so there was nothing at stake on top of that when they fought on night two, pretty much who’s third place in that regard. Ibushi would go for the Moonsault after rolling over him but misses, making Ibushi hurt his knee when he landed as Jay capitalizes by hitting a DDT.

Jay attempts the Uranagi as Ibushi pushed him into the corner to make him let go and attempts to punch him, causing Jay to duck and catches him with a Reverse STO, topping it off with a German Suplex. Jay tries to hit the Uranage again but Ibushi would hit him with elbows as Jay would try to go after his knee, being caught with an elbow again and when Ibushi attempts a German, Jay grabbed his leg and hits the Dragon Screw. It looked like Ibushi was gonna attempt a Package Driver but Jay fought off him and chop blocks his knee. Jay is on the apron as Ibushi would hit him with a few elbows before grabbing him to attempt the German from the ropes but Gedo would assist Jay by grabbing his leg to make him not move. Gedo was forced to let go as Jay hits Ibushi’s knee and does a Dragon Screw with his knee on the ropes! Jay finally hits the Uranagi and picked him up to go for the Kiwi Crusher but Ibushi fights him off and hits him over to hit a Tombstone. It looked like Ibushi was gonna go for the Last Ride as Jay catches his leg with a Dragon Screw. Ibushi hits the Half Nelson Suplex and goes to the corner as he sets up for the Boma Ye and Jay ducks to attempt the Blade Runner but Ibushi pushed him off with a kick to the face as they go down! Jay hits another Dragon Screw and would apply a Kneebar to apply more damage to it until Ibushi made it to the ropes. Jay hits the Sleeper Suplex but Ibushi snaps out of it quickly to hit a running knee! Ibushi finally hit the Last Ride as Jay kicked out at two. Ibushi stomps the back of his head a few times before attempting the Kamigoye but Gedo distracts the referee before he could hit it, leading Jay to hit him with a low blow. Jay would hit the Regal Plex as Ibushi kicked out at two and we have ten minutes left! Ibushi kicks Jay down and would go to Gedo to kick his head in before going to Jay to attempt the Kamigoye, Jay would catch him as he hits the Blade Runner, pinning him for the victory!

Rating: Bruce Prichard and a quarter

Overall: Aside from the first two matches were a flop, the last three matches were all great to see to make it an enjoyable G1 still. Some surprise victories in here and the next round of matches should be exciting to see, especially with the Ospreay and Shingo rematch.

Favorite Match: Kota Ibushi vs. Jay White

Least Favorite Match: Kazuchika Okada vs. Yujiro Takahashi

Score: 8/10

A Block Standings:

  • Taichi: (2-0) (4 Points)
  • Will Ospreay: (2-0) (4 Points)
  • Jay White: (2-0) (4 Points)
  • Kota Ibushi: (1-1) (2 Points)
  • Minoru Suzuki: (1-1) (2 Points)
  • Jeff Cobb: (1-1) (2 Points)
  • Kazuchika Okada: (1-1) (2 Points)
  • Shingo Takagi: (0-2) (0 Points)
  • Tomohiro Ishii: (0-2) (0 Points)
  • Yujiro Takahashi: (0-2) (0 Points)

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