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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Special Dynamite Results & Report! (9/22/20)

A special Late Night Dynamite on a Tuesday!



AEW Special Dynamites

AEW has a little extra special something!

No, it’s not the wrong night, and you don’t need to check your eye sight! AEW has a special bonus hour of Dynamite to end your Tuesday right!


  • Scorpio Sky VS Benjamin Carter; Scorpio wins.
  • Brandi Rhodes VS Anna Jay; Anna wins.
  • Matt Sydal VS Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard; Spears wins.


Chris Jericho is joining commentary!

Le Champion will still be the Demo God even on a late Tuesday (or midnight on Wednesday depending on where you live) as he joins Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony “Skee-a-vone” at the desk. He also revels in the crowd of wrestlers signing Judas for him. You can’t have even a Late Night Dynamite without Jericho! How to follow that? Perhaps with…


Scorpio Sky VS Benjamin Carter!

SoCal Uncensored’s Closer takes on the British Prodigy! We just saw Carter get his first win in AEW on Dark, but will he get his second here? Or will Scorpio continue to #ReachForTheSky?

The bell rings and Scorpio circles with Carter. They tie up, the crowd rallies, and Scorpio waistlocks. Carter pries at the hold, Scorpio full nelsons to spin and hammerlock. Carter sits down, reaches back, fakes Scorpio out with that hand and gets a hammerlock! Scorpio endures, sits up, rolls and handsprings to wrench. Carter wrenches, hammerlocks, headlocks but Scorpio powers out. Scorpio drops to trip Carter, but Carter avoids the elbow drop! Scorpio avoids the arm-drag to Oklahoma Roll Carter, TWO! Carter gets up to arm-drag Scorpio and the two stand off. The crowd is fired up as Scorpio cools off and catches his breath.

The crowd cheers for “A E Dub!” and Jericho is impressed. Carter and Scorpio circle, tie up, and Scorpio powers Carter to a corner. Scorpio rams shoulder to shoulder, then whips Carter out then in. Carter elbows back, goes up and over, but Scorpio goes up to crossbody! Cover, ONE, another arm-drag from Carter! The crowd cheers, Carter cranks on the arm but Scorpio fights up. The crowd rallies, Scorpio throws a forearm and rocks Carter. Scorpio throws a stiff European Uppercut, then whips Carter corner to corner. Carter goes up and over and handsprings, to then get around and shove Scorpio. Things speed up, Carter dropkicks Scorpio down!

Scorpio bails out in frustration but the crowd is fired up. Carter watches closely as Scorpio paces. Scorpio goes around the way, gets up the steps and back into the ring, and circles with Carter again. The crowd rallies, the two shake hands out of respect, and tie up. Scorpio wrenches, wrings the arm out but Carter rolls and handsprings to wrench back. Carter hammerlocks, headlocks, shifts back behind Scorpio and leap frogs, but Scorpio pushes him away. Carter slides under, ducks the clotheslines and runs into a KICK! Scorpio dropkicks Carter down! The crowd is even more fired up as Scorpio has control.

Scorpio drags Carter up, whips him and throws a body shot. Scorpio hooks the leg, Russian Leg Sweep! Cover, TWO! Jericho likes the forearm added in Carter’s face. That’s just to send a message. The crowd rallies up, Scorpio brings Carter up and scoops for a BIG backbreaker! And he stretches Carter out against his knee, then brings him up for the cobra twist! Carter endures, the crowd rallies as he endures, and Carter fights back! Scorpio CLUBS Carter on the back, brings him up and back suplexes, but Carter lands on his feet! Carter dodges to CHOP! And machine gun CHOP! Carter fires up, goes corner to corner but Scorpio ROCKS him with that right! Scorpio shakes out the cobwebs, scrapes his soles on Carter’s face, and AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Scorpio has Carter in a camel clutch. The crowd rallies, Carter fights up and out but Scorpio ROCKS him! Scorpio whips Carter and clobbers him with the elbow! Cover, TWO! Scorpio grows frustrated but the crowd is loving this. Carter gets to the apron, Scorpio brings him up and suplexes but Carter resists. Carter resists the second try and enziguris back! Scorpio staggers, Carter slingshots up and over, rolls and dodges, to QUEBRADA, to the ELBOW DROP DDT! Cover, TWO!! Carter doesn’t stop, RUNNING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO!! Carter is getting closer but he’s still a long way away from beating Scorpio!

Scorpio gets outside, shakes out the stars and Carter goes to the corner. Scorpio avoids the Asai Moonsault to BOOT Carter down! Scorpio resets the ring count, puts Carter on the apron and SLAMS him into it! Scorpio gets on the apron, but Carter avoids the leg drop! Carter runs to FLY! Direct hit and the fans fire up! Carter puts Scorpio in fast, goes up top again, for the FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!! “This is Awesome!” but Carter’s Frozen In Time splash wasn’t enough! Scorpio’s eyebrow is bleeding but he’s still in this. Carter goes back up top, PHOENIX SPLASH but has to roll through! Scorpio trips and rolls Carter for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Carter survives but Scorpio just brings him back up.

Scorpio wants a Fisherman suplex, but Carter fights out, spin sand fires off forearm after forearm! Carter aims, his kick is blocked but the DRAGON WHIP hits! Carter reels Scorpio in but Scorpio hits a FISHERMAN BUSTER!! Cover, TWO?!? Scorpio is shocked but the crowd is just fired up more! Scorpio drags Carter up, steps through but Carter resists! The crowd cheers for “Both These Guys!” as Carter boots Scorpio. Carter drags himself to the ropes, Scorpio grabs the legs and yanks him up, but Carter lands on his feet! Carter gets under, rolls Scorpio, TWO!! Carter spins for the roundhouse, Scorpio ducks it! Scorpio also ducks the sobat to sweep the legs! DUMDUM STOMPS!

Scorpio drags Carter up one more time, whips him and BOOTS him! Then a fireman’s carry, for the T K O!! Cover, Scorpio wins!

Winner: Scorpio Sky, by pinfall

The Prodigy gave Scorpio everything he could, but it wasn’t enough! One thing he did win, though, is Scorpio’s respect. Is the sky the limit for Scorpio Sky?


Brandi Rhodes VS Anna Jay!

Finally, we have #QueenVSQueenslayer! Number 99, the Star of the Show, wants to end the nightmare as she finally goes 1v1 with Brandi. Will that be the case when AEW returns from break?

AEW returns as Brandi makes her entrance. But it seems neither woman has their compatriots with them, as the Dark Order went to the back, and no one from the Nightmare Family even walked out with Brandi. This is truly 1v1! Brandi and Anna talk trash, and Brandi throws the first forearm! Anna gives it back, the ref tries to separate them but that doesn’t last long! Anna knees Brandi low with the bell then whips her. Brandi dodges and SPEARS back! Anna bails out fast, Brandi follows her to the apron. Brandi kicks low, reels Anna in and hits an APRON DDT! Brandi soaks up the cheers before dragging Anna back up. Brandi whips Anna into railing, then puts her in the ring.

Anna gets up, Brandi runs and hits a Thesz Press! Brandi rains down angry fists but Anna pushes her away. Anna is in a corner, Brandi is after her with big haymakers and CHOPS! Brandi whips Anna corner to corner, Anna bounces off buckles, and Brandi pushes her around. Brandi kicks Anna, brings her up, and whips her to ropes. Anna gets around, and gest the sleeper! Brandi endures the Queenslayer Clutch, and turns it into a victory roll! TWO, and Brandi LARIATS Anna down! Cover, TWO! Anna is toughing it out but Brandi is making her pay for it with a rain of right hands! Jericho likes seeing that from Brandi!

Brandi brings Anna up, Anna ROCKS her with a forearm! Anna whips Brandi to a corner but Brandi elbows back! Brandi swings but Anna ducks to lift and shove Brandi into the corner! Anna CLAWS Brandi’s back to bring her into the Tree of Woe! Anna springboard STOMPS Brandi down! Cover, ONE!! Anna is furious but the crowd rallies behind Brandi! Brandi is back in a corner, Anna storms over and stomps away. Anna brings Brandi out, snap suplex hard, and she glares at Brandi. Brandi is in another corner, Anna stomps away again! Anna bumps Brandi off buckles then ROCKS Brandi with that right! Anna digs her boot into Brandi’s face while blowing a kiss to the camera. The ref counts, Anna lets up at 4 but stays close.

Anna snapmares Brandi, runs and BLOCKBUSTERS! Cover, TWO! Anna grows frustrated but she clamps on with a chicken wing and chinbar. Brandi endures as the crowd rallies up. Brandi fights back with big hands, then whips Anna to a corner. Anna stops herself, elbows Brandi back but both women are down. The crowd rallies as the ref starts a standing count. The count reaches 5, both women are up and Brandi counter punches! Brandi rocks Anna then LARIATS! Brandi rallies on Anna, whips but Anna reverses, only for Brandi to SLING BLADE! But here comes Stu Grayson and Evil Uno!

Actually, it seems like Uno is trying to keep Stu from getting too involved! That confuses Stu but the ref is still distracted, and Anna ROCKS Brandi! Anna whips, Brandi BOOTS! Cover, but the distraction keeps the ref from counting! Uno freaks out as he sees what happened, the ref finally counts, TWO!! The distraction still helped Anna out, but Uno gets Stu to the back. Brandi argues with the ref but Anna wrenches and HOOK KICKS! QUEENSLAYER CLUTCH!! Brandi reaches, flails, but fades! Body scissors are on, Brandi is OUT! Anna wins!!

Winner: Anna Jay, by submission

The Dark Order OG end up helping Anna with the upset! The Queen has fallen, will the Queenslayer get a golden opportunity in the near future?


AEW returns with a backstage interview with Scorpio Sky!

Alex Marvez notes his great victory, but what’s next? First, Scorpio says Carter is a stud with a bright future, but Scorpio comes out on top again. Scorpio wants after the TNT Championship, he is still in the top five, and he won’t stop until he gets it! Matt Sydal comes over to compliment Scorpio. Speaking of impressive, Sydal was impressive in the Casino Battle Royal. Yeah, sloppy start aside, Sydal got a few eliminations in. In fact, Sydal eliminated his opponent tonight, Shawn Spears! Spears will want revenge for sure, but Scorpio says this is Sydal’s Dynamite debut! This is Sydal’s night! Go do what you do as one of the best! Count on it! AEW will see what they’re all saying. And then they can go get a few drinks when they’re done? Sydal wouldn’t hate it. Sydal heads out, and Scorpio says it’s okay, Marvez can hang out, too.


AEW profiles the coming TNT Championship match.

Taz says that “Besides being a massive, nasty, athletically quick athlete, looking at what he’s done recently here in AEW,” Brodie Lee is impressive with that kill-or-be-killed mentality. Brodie says the monster was created by us, and now the monster is taking over. Brodie has the completed TNT Championship belt, the belt that represents an entire network! The Dark Order is the hottest act, Brodie is the hottest champion, and there is NOTHING anyone can do about it!

JR says Orange Cassidy is one unique dude. He has to admit that when he first saw Cassidy, he wasn’t impressed. But he’s changed his mind now because he’s seen how different and unique Cassidy is. Tony Schiavone says Cassidy is a great wrestler. And defeating Chris Jericho in the Mimosa Mayhem is exactly how he earned his shot at the TNT Championship. But Brodie is too big and too dangerous to be beat by someone with his hands in his pockets. Cassidy needs to get serious or he’ll get hurt. Brodie says Cassidy has made a mistake. “When Brodie Lee acquires a target, that target must fall.” Will Freshly Squeezed be crushed by the Exalted One?


Matt Sydal VS Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard!

The third eye is open, and the high-flying wild card has his singles debut! But will he get the better of #PERFECT10N again? Or will that lethal left glove be locked and loaded once again?

The bell rings and Sydal circles with Spears. The crowd rallies up, the two tie up, and Spears puts Sydal in a corner. Spears grinds his forearm into Sydal’s face but the ref counts and he backs off at 4. Sydal keeps his cool as he and Spears circle again. They tie up, Spears waistlocks but Sydal switches. Spears pries free, Sydal rolls and wrenches to a hammerlock. Sydal shifts to a headlock but Spears blocks the takeover. Spears brings Sydal to a knee, pops out of the headlock and wrenches to a wristlock. Sydal spins, steps through and wrenches to a wristlock but Spears shove shim away. Sydal tilt-o-whirls to a headlock takeover! Spears keeps his shoulders up, Sydal shifts to a chinlock. The crowd cheers as Spears fights up and Sydal clinches.

Spears powers out, the two collide shoulders but neither falls. Spears whips Sydal, Sydal wheelbarrows and slips around to a headlock takeover! Cover, ONE! Spears tries a headscissor but Sydal shrugs that off. Spears grabs hair but the ref reprimands. Sydal traps an arm, Spears pulls on an ear, but the two get up to their feet. Spears pries at the headlock and RAMS Sydal into buckles! Spears CHOPS Sydal then throws him out of the ring. Jericho touts Spears being Canadian as he aims and slingshots, but Sydal moves so Spears just lands on the apron. Spears mule kicks but Sydal blocks it to trip Spears up! Spears crashes down and the crowd fires up!

Sydal puts Spears in the ring, but Spears baseball slides back! Spears builds speed but runs into the windmill kick! Sydal KICKS Spears in the back, covers, TWO! Sydal clamps on both arms for a modified seated stretch, but Spears endures. Spears endures and the crowd rallies as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Spears hops up top. He reels Sydal in but Sydal spins out to LEAPING RANA! Spears crashes down and the crowd fires up! Sydal kicks at Spears’ leg, then ROUNDHOUSES him down! And again! Sydal spins around, catches Spears to a lateral press, TWO! ROUNDHOUSE! Dragon sleeper and leg drop DDT! Cover, TWO! Spears survives The Slice, but Sydal keeps his focus. Sydal stands for a standing CORKSCREW! Cover, TWO! The crowd is fired up with Sydal as he drags Spears to a drop zone. Sydal goes up but Spears anchors a foot. Sydal stomps and hammers Spears off, then goes up. Sydal reels Spears in now, for a tornado but no DDT! Spears elbows Sydal, but walks into a rana! Spears blocks it, spins and pops Sydal up for a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO!!

The crowd is fired up as Sydal survives! Spears grits his teeth as the crowd rallies up. Spears drags Sydal up, CHOPS him, and then again! Sydal eggs Spears on, Spears CHOPS more. Spears shoves Sydal, Sydal CHOPS and CHOPS and throws forearm after forearm. Spears spins for a rolling elbow! Spears suplexes, Sydal knees free but his kick misses, but not the KNEE! Sydal suplexes, but Spears counters to an USHIGOROSHI BRAIN BUSTER! Both men are down and the crowd is fired up! “This is Awesome!” as the standing count begins. Spears sits up at 3, slowly wobbles up and is standing at 5. He staggers to a corner, watches Sydal rise, and fireman’s carries, but Sydal grabs ropes! Sydal is put on the apron, swings, but Spears grabs him, only for Sydal to hotshot Spears first!

Sydal hops up, ROUNDHOUSES Spears away, then goes to the corner. He makes sure the rope is dry this time before he leaps, METEORA! Cover, TWO!! Spears survives by a split second, but Sydal is just that much more fired up! Spears bails out, staggers and takes a seat, but Sydal goes out. Tully checks on Spears, Sydal comes around and runs to dropkick Spears out of the chair! Sydal puts the chair in the ring and the crowd fires up. But Tully loads the glove for Spears! Tully lets the chair go, fetches Spears and puts him in the ring. Sydal climbs up again, Spears gets up and under the leap, but Sydal ducks the punch! Sydal kicks, Spears blocks and fireman’s carries, but Sydal sunset flips! Spears blocks to LEFT HAND PUNCH! Then, C4!! Cover, Spears wins!

Winner: Shawn Spears, by pinfall

The running Death Valley may be the finish, but that loaded glove is what did Sydal in! Spears sits Sydal up, wanting to give him a second shot, but here comes Scorpio! Scorpio runs Spears off to save his friend, and doesn’t let Spears get back in. The damage was done and the match won, but will Spears pay for the cheap shot he gave Sydal?

My Thoughts:

Not a bad hour or so from AEW. This did help move stories along that probably wouldn’t have time on the normal Wednesday Night Dynamite and are too important for just Dark. I was definitely surprised Brandi went to the ring alone, but not surprised that the Dark Order had something to do with Anna winning. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was also brought up on Wednesday Dynamite to set something up later. We got a great video package to hype up Brodie Lee VS Orange Cassidy, that match is going to be great, but I really expect that Brodie wins and Cody returns to go after him. Scorpio had a great match with Ben Carter, who as I said in the Dark article, is going to be a big name in the future. But while Scorpio wants the TNT Championship, I think he and Sydal are on a detour together against Spears. Maybe Spears finally gets that tag partner he can get along with.

My Score: 8.3/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (12/6/22)

Atlantic City gets Dark!



Anyone feeling luck in the Dark?

With AEW Dynamite tomorrow and ROH Final Battle this weekend, Dark brings out Dalton Castle & The Boys! Will the ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions find worthy opponents in time for December 10th?


  • Brian Cage VS Leon Ruffin; wins.
  • Athena VS B3CCA; wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Dalton Castle & The Boys VS Justin Corino, Jaden Valo & Defarge; win.
  • Jay Lethal & Satnam Singh w/ Sonjay Dutt VS The Brick City Boyz; win.
  • Leva Bates VS Abadon; wins.
  • Trent Beretta w/ Chuck Taylor VS Anthony Henry w/ JD Drake; wins.


A shorter card here, and from way back a month ago when AEW was in Atlantic City ahead of Full Gear. Dalton Castle & The Boys are in action on this episode because per last night’s Elevation, they more or less called out The Embassy. Castle & The Boys VS Cage & The Gates of Agony probably ends up a Final Battle preshow match, and I feel like that would/should be the time The Embassy takes those titles. Castle & The Boys have been great ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions, but The Embassy is going to look like a joke if they can’t get a pin off one of the Boys.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (12/5/22)

Indianapolis gets Elevated!



Elevation turns it up to nine!

AEW is racing towards Winter is Coming in Indianapolis as The Embassy is in action! Who betta than Brian Cage & The Gates of Agony?


  • Nick Comoroto w/ Aaron Solo VS Hagane Shinno; Shinno wins.
  • Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Kitty LaFleur & Alice Crowley; Nyla & Shafir win.
  • Kiera Hogan VS Nikki Victory; Kiera wins.
  • Top Flight VS Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd; Top Flight wins.
  • Madison Rayne VS Emi Sakura; Sakura wins.
  • Lee Moriarty w/ W. Morrissey VS Serpentico w/ Luther; Moriarty wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Embassy w/ Prince Nana VS Dan Adams, Star Rider & Façade; The Embassy wins.
  • Alex Reynolds w/ John Silver VS Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford; Kip wins.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Aaron Solo w/ Nick Comoroto; Konosuke wins.


A decent line-up. Good to see Top Flight in action after hearing Dante Martin was really hurting after that match with FTR. Good to see Konosuke in action. Reynolds VS Sabian could be a really good one, too. And good to see Kiera Hogan in action now that she’s on her own again. Wouldn’t surprise me if she and Diamante team up to go after The Baddies.

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