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Mathew’s NJPW G1 Climax A Block Results & Review: Day 17

The last day for A Block! 4 possible winners…err…3 possible winners and 1 that can make an interesting tied play-in match if needed! Let’s see how interesting the G1 Climax gets today!



This is it, everyone, this is the final day of A Block in our G1 Climax. We had ten participants and we are now down to four who could actually make it to the finals tonight with one of them being incredibly tricky. This has been a wild ride for my block but it’s time we bring it to a close and see who makes it to the finals.

Who will be one step closer to winning the G1 Climax?

Let’s find out as we…dive right in.

Star Rating System:

  • 0 Stars: Dave Meltzer
  • 1 Star: Vince Russo
  • 2 Stars: Tony Schiavone
  • 3 Stars: Eric Bischoff
  • 4 Stars: Bruce Prichard
  • 5 Stars: Jim Cornette

G1 Climax A Block Match
Jeff Cobb vs. Yujiro Takahashi

Review: Time for our first match as we have Jeff Cobb taking on Yujiro Takahashi. Yujiro is the only one in the tournament that has failed to get a single win in this tournament so far, and this is his last chance to at least get one win. Cobb is in the middle but he’s been out for a while now and could win to at least come out strong. Will Yujiro finally get points or does he lose all nine of his matches?

Cobb would have an early advantage in the match, causing Yujiro to try and retreat but he got pulled back in for a headlock as it leads to Yujiro biting his arm to make him let go. Yujiro was trying to get some offense in but it leads to Cobb delivering a Dropkick to Yujiro to get him down. Yujiro was out of the ring and Cobb was running after him, Yujiro getting inside as he tries to hit an Elbow Drop onto Cobb when he saw him attempting to get back in the ring but missed. Cobb dragged him to the outside and it looked like he was going for a Brainbuster but Yujiro reversed it into a Reverse DDT. Despite having some of the weaker matches in the tournament, Yujiro was still fun to see in them, trying to do different ways to win a match despite failing all of them. Cobb did much better here than the previous year but definitely needs to figure something out in New Japan to bring him out to that next level.

Cobb hits Yujiro with a back elbow and goes for the standing Moonsault but Yujiro rolled out of the way and runs the ropes, hitting a Dropkick onto Cobb’s head. Yujiro flipped him with a Snapmare, ran the ropes to try and kick him again but Cobb ducked and would deliver a couple of shoulder tackles before tossing him into the corner, catching him after for a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Cobb hits Yujiro with a Running Back Suplex but Yujiro kicked out at two. Cobb attempts a German but Yujiro fought off, getting hit with a forearm and as Cobb ran towards him, Yujiro catches him with a Flapjack to make him land on the ropes. Cobb pulled Yujiro off the turnbuckle and catches him for the Athletiplex and Yujiro kicked out at two but hits a standing Moonsault for Yujiro to kick out again. Cobb calls for the Tour of the Islands but Yujiro reverses to attempt a Reverse DDT but now Cobb reverses it to attempt a Brainbuster, but we get another reversal from Yujiro as he rolled him up into a Small Package as Cobb kicked out! Yujiro hits Cobb with the Incolle Slam and picks him up again to hit the Miami Shine but Cobb kicked out at two. Yujiro would get Cobb on his knees as he finally hits the Pimp Juice, giving Yujiro his first victory!

Rating: Eric Bischoff

G1 Climax A Block Match
Minoru Suzuki vs. Shingo Takagi

Review: Time for our next match as Minoru Suzuki takes on Shingo Takagi. Both of these men are eliminated but this match is important to Shingo since he wants payback from Suzuki for taking his NEVER Openweight Championship a few months ago. So if he can defeat Suzuki here, he can get a rematch for the title in the future. Will Shingo be able to get revenge or does the king end his G1 strong?

Soon as the bell rang, they would go towards each other, delivering strikes back and forth to one another and it looked like Shingo had the upper hand until he ran towards him, Suzuki having Shingo’s arm over the rope and applies an Armbreaker between the ropes until he was told to let go. Suzuki dragged Shingo outside and started to beat the crap out of him by the guardrail but Shingo tried to fight back with a couple of headbutts to Suzuki, however, Suzuki gave some headbutts back in return and left the dragon stunned. While Suzuki was dominating Shingo in the match, he also made sure to work on his arm in the process since that’s most of Shingo’s arsenal and wants to weaken it as much as he can to minimize any damage Shingo can do to him later in the match. With this match, you know what they’re capable of doing but at the same time, it’s like they’re saving it for them to go all out in their eventual next encounter should that ever happen. Even with that, it’s still just as physical and leaves you with that wanting of more between them since they did deliver in the Openweight Championship match. Even with Shingo’s right arm being worked on, he makes sure to use his left arm, which is just as strong and can leave damage to Suzuki. Suzuki giving Shingo that sinister stare when they keep hitting each other back and forth, this is why he’s known as scary grandpa because he looks menacing and can back it up at the same time.

It looked like Shingo won the battle of forearms but his arm is hurt badly in the process, so Suzuki would take advantage of that by hitting him and attempts to go for the Gotch Style Piledriver early but Shingo tossed him over. Shingo attempts to hit the Sliding Lariat but Suzuki ducked out of the way and quickly got up to apply the Rear-Naked Choke onto Shingo again, setting up for the Gotch Style Piledriver again as Shingo lifted him up on his shoulders to hit a Death Valley Driver. Shingo delivers a couple of elbows to Suzuki’s neck and hits the Sliding Lariat this time but Suzuki kicked out at two. Shingo runs the ropes to attempt the Pumping Bomber but Suzuki catches his arm and applies the Cross Armbreaker onto Shingo! Shingo trying his best to fight out of it even attempted to lift Suzuki up but was dragged back down into the hold. Suzuki eventually lets go of the hold and kicks his bad arm a few times to hurt him more but Shingo lifted him onto his shoulders, only to let go as Suzuki applies the Fujiwara Armbar to Shingo. Suzuki held onto it tightly, applying as much pressure as he could onto his arm but Shingo would get his leg on the rope to break the hold and save himself in the process. Suzuki chokes him out again but Shingo would deliver a Lariat to Suzuki’s chest, wobbling around but not going down as Shingo hits a couple of more, leading to Suzuki slapping his face a few times, topping it off with a headbutt. Shingo delivered some headbutts of his own and ran the ropes, Suzuki following behind him to choke him from behind again. This lead to Shingo lifting him up to attempt The Last of the Dragon but Suzuki jumped off him to apply the choke once more. Shingo broke free of the hold to hit a stiff forearm, sending the king down and Shingo lifts him up for The Last of the Dragon, pinning him for the victory! Shingo has gotten revenge on Suzuki and when they have their rubber match, it’s gonna be magic.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and a half

G1 Climax A Block Match
Kazuchika Okada vs. Will Ospreay

Review: Time for one of our first deciding matches as Kazuchika Okada takes on Will Ospreay. The winner if this match will be a little bit closer to potentially win the block but one of them is going to have to be eliminated here. Will has failed to defeat Okada every time they fought in singles action, and he looks to finally get that victory. Who will be one step closer?

Ospreay is wasting no time when it comes to Okada, so he knows to hit him as fast as he can, which is what he does when he delivers a Dropkick to Okada right away when the bell rang, sending him to the outside. Ospreay isn’t done as he does his cartwheel flip over the ropes, sending Okada back into the ring to hit the Pip Pip Cheerio as Okada kicked out at two. Ospreay quickly picks Okada soon as he kicked out and goes for the Stormbreaker early as Okada flipped him over. Okada hits Will with a forearm but Ospreay hits him back before calling for the Oscutter, leading to Okada catching him for the Money Clip! Will quickly got to the ropes once it was applied so he could break the hold but Okada wasn’t done as he goes outside to hit Will with the Orton DDT, sending Will crashing into the floor. Quite an explosive beginning to kick things now and things start to finally cool down here after that sequence. Been loving Will’s attitude during the entire tournament with this arrogant amount of confidence in the ring soon as he joined the heavyweight division officially, and felt like this is what he needed to get to that next level to try and defeat Okada. With Okada and his new direction during this time, I’m not fully sure what the payoff is in the long run but for the time being, has been rather underwhelming. Given how these two have changed during the year, they will mesh together well.

Ospreay would take a page out of Okada’s book by having Okada sit on the top turnbuckle, hitting a Dropkick to make Okada fall to the outside. Will would then run toward the corner to jump over it to flip on top of Okada, landing on his feet in the process. Will hits the Pip Pip Cheerio on the back of Okada’s head but kicked out at two. The two start punching each other until Okada goes for a Dropkick, Will hanging onto the ropes to make him drop as he ran in to hit a Running Shooting Star with Okada having his knees up before Will landed. Okada tossed him into the ropes to go for the Dropkick again but Will catches him in the air for a Sitout Powerbomb as Okada kicked out again. Will kicks his head in and would go for the Stormbreaker but Okada reverses it by landing on his feet, hitting a short-armed Lariat. Okada hits the Dropkick this time and picks him up for the Tombstone and hits it, quickly applying the Money Clip right after. Okada went for the Rolling Lariat but Ospreay catches him with the Spanish Fly as Okada kicked out again! Okada went for the Tombstone again but Will catches him with the Reverserana to get Okada down, and then hits the Oscutter finally but doesn’t go for the cover as he isn’t done with him yet. Will picks him up for the Stormbreaker but Okada applies the Money Clip again. Will was getting up as Okada lets go to Backslide him over to hit the Rolling LAriat but Okada ducks, going for the Stormbreaker but Okada reversed to try and hit the move again. Ospreay ducked to hit the Rolling Lariat but Okada duck and hits the Rolling Lariat to get him down. Okada has the Money Clip applied again but what’s this? Bea Priestley is here to cause a distraction to the referee! Okada lets go of the hold to hit a Spinning Tombstone. Okada applies the Money Clip again while Bea distracts the ref but wait, now Tomoyuki Oka aka Great-O-Kharn is here and has a vice grip on Okada’s face and hits him Chokeslam style! Will is confused but picks him up to hit the Stormbreaker and wins the match, finally defeating Okada! After the match, Ospreay gets back in the ring and hits Okada with the Hidden Blade! Will said fuck you to Okada and how he was held back. It looks like Will is done with CHAOS!

Rating: Eric Bischoff and three quarters

G1 Climax A Block Match
Kota Ibushi vs. Taichi

Review: Time for our semi-main event as Kota Ibushi takes on Taichi. If Ibushi can get a victory here, he’ll be closer to winning while eliminating Will Ospreay in the process. The last time these two fought, Taichi has pinned him on different occasions, and he looks to do it again. Can Ibushi stay in the race or will he be eliminated?

The two would stare each other down in the center of the ring and who knows that they could be thinking during that time. Taichi would deliver a kick to Ibushi but would do the same to Taichi after. The two would then kick each other back and forth until they would eventually break it up, going into their corners. The two go back towards each other and would kick each other’s legs back and forth for the second time and they broke it up again. They would kick each other some more until it turned in the two of them now big booting each other in the face without either of them going down. They ran the ropes each time they did this and it seemed Taichi was the first one to get Ibushi down but Ibushi gets back up to hit the same move to him and they both go down. If you watch NOAH, remember when Katsuhiko Nakajima fought Kenou in the N-1 Victory where it was basically all kicks? This is pretty much the same thing and you know what? I got no complaints from that and the crowd doesn’t seem to care as well. It’s a great example of how you don’t need to do hundreds of moves at 50 miles per hour to make a good match when you could just do simple stuff like this and it’ll sell on its own. It’s basically a good old kick fest and with how well these two kick in their matches, it works and it’s not dull or anything. You can just feel every impact from each kick done to any parts of their body, how they sell it, the emotions during all of this, it’s actually so good.

After they finally kicked each other until they were on the ground for a while, Taichi switches it up by going for the Dangerous Backdrop but Ibushi rolled with it after he landed and is now up on his feet, looking down at Taichi to yell at him. Taichi stands up staring at Ibushi as they went back to kicking each other again. Taichi hits a spinning back kick and Ibushi would do the same, sending Taichi into the corner and love how it’s whatever type of kick one guy does, the opponent would do the same thing just as hard. Taichi kicks Ibushi in the face when Ibushi ran towards him, but would do the same to Taichi when he tried to run into the corner. Taichi hits Ibushi with a Buzzsaw Kick and Kota does the same thing, the two going down again! The two get up and their legs are hurting but they’re still kicking each other despite the amount of pain they’re in. Taichi rips his pants off as they keep on kicking each other’s legs back and forth until Ibushi gets Taichi down with a stiffer kick to his leg. Ibushi attempts to get him up for the Kamigoye but Taichi hits a sweeping kick to Ibushi to get him down! They’re in so much pain that they’re not holding onto each other’s heads while kicking each other still to keep balance. Taichi got Ibushi down and goes for the Buzzsaw Kick but Ibushi catches his leg to hit a stiff kick to the other leg. Ibushi is screaming and hits a Buzzsaw Kick to Taichi to get him down! Ibushi hits the Kamigoye and gets the pinfall victory! Because of this win, Will Ospreay is also eliminated and we are down to two people who can win! Simple and effective, great match!

Rating: Bruce Prichard and a quarter

G1 Climax A Block Match
Jay White vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Review: It’s now time for our last match of A Block this year as Jay White takes on Tomohiro Ishii. As of right now, Kota Ibushi is in the lead and the only way for that to not happen is for Jay to win here, and he’ll win the block to go to the finals. These two fought in last year’s tournament and Ishii was able to come out the winner. Who is going to A Block? Kota Ibushi or Jay White?

Jay rolled out the ring once the match started and would do this a couple of more times until he decided to slap the pitbull while mocking him like the arrogant prick that he is as Ishii hits him with a forearm, making him go down and roll out the ring for real. Ishii is a mad pitbull now as he followed Jay outside of the ring and gets him back in while Gedo attempts the distracting, giving Jay the opening to kick Ishii into the guardrails. Jay slammed him into the guardrail a few times before tossing him into another one, rolling into the ring while forcing the people to clap. Jay starts to take control of the match but it doesn’t stop him from screwing around as he slaps Ishii on his bald head, which caused Ishii to kick his face but Jay continues to stay on him. The momentum would shift when Ishii catches him for a Powerslam. When it comes to these two, it’s hard to be disappointed since Ishii works well with nearly everybody on the roster and Jay is actually a solid worker while being their best heel on top of it, and they would just work well together with their chemistry in the ring. Ishii slammed him into the corner and would knock Jay down, having him by the apron but Jay used this to slam his neck onto the top rope before getting in to hit the DDT. Looks like Ishii’s taped up leg finally came into play as Jay would hit it before getting him down with a Dragon Screw, applying damage to it once more. Jay continues to hit his leg but Ishii isn’t having any of it, leaving Jay confused when he saw Ishii not selling his hits with an angry look on his face. Ishii hits him into the corner and is all fired up. Ishii ran into the corner but Jay kicks his leg in, getting the pitbull down finally.

Ishii hits a couple of forearms to Jay, causing him to sit down and block his face but Ishii goes for the Sliding Lariat as Jay ducks and hits a Reverse STO on Ishii to get him down. Jay would quickly get behind Ishii to get him with a German Suplex, Ishii folded in half. Jay goes back to taunting Ishii by rubbing his foot on his back, lighting kicking him, provoking him to get up as he hits Ishii with a slap but Ishii hits a forearm to get him down. Ishii ran the ropes to hit a Lariat but Jay ducks to catch him, hitting the Uranagi! Jay attempts the Sleeper Suplex but Ishii pushed him into the corner, leading to Jay to kick his leg out and hits an Underhook Suplex into the corner. Jay attempts to hit the Sleeper Suplex into the corner but Ishii reverses it, hitting a German Suplex into the corner! Ishii gets Jay onto the top turnbuckle and looked like he was going for a Brainbuster off the top but Jay falls to the ring apron to save himself. Ishii attempts to get him back in but Gedo grabbed Jay’s leg to keep him still and once the ref was distracted by Gedo, Jay hits a chop block to Ishii’s leg. Ishii finally gets Jay into the ring and would get him back on the top turnbuckle, hitting the Brainbuster off the second rope. Ishii attempts a Jumping Kick but Jay catches his leg to hit another Dragon Screw. Jay applies a Leglock submission to try and get Ishii to tap out but Ishii gets to the ropes. Jay calls for the Blade Runner but Ishii reverses with a Dragon Screw of his own!

Ishii would get Jay up Fisherman style and makes him land on his knee, hurting himself in the process. Ishii would now apply a submission of his own as he goes for the Ankle Lock to try and make Jay tap out but Jay tries his best to crawl away, causing Ishii to drag him in the middle and locks it in tight when he repositioned himself. Jay grabbed the referee to keep him busy as Gedo gets in the ring to break it up but Ishii grabbed him as Gedo dragged the ref between them, Jay pushing Ishii into them to make Red Shoes go down. Gedo kicks Ishii in the leg and goes for another but Ishii grabs his leg, hitting him with a forearm before going for the Vertical Drop but Jay kicked his leg. Gedo pushed Ishii into Jay as he goes for the Blade Runner but Ishii reversed it, pushing him into Gedo and hits a German Suplex right after! Ishii hits a Sliding Lariat to Jay but he kicked out at two. Ishii goes for the Vertical Drop but Jay gets behind him to hit a low blow, and hits a Regalplex but Ishii kicked out at two also. Jay goes to pick Ishii up but Ishii hits a headbutt to Jay to knock him down! Ishii tries to go for the Lariat again but Jay ducked and hits a Half Nelson Suplex before going for the Blade Runner as Ishii reversed it to attempt the Vertical Drop as Jay got behind him, both turning it around back and forth until Ishii gets him up for the Vertical Drop but turned it into a Stunner instead! Gedo comes in the ring to try and help but Ishii hits a Lariat onto Gedo, turning around to hit a Lariat to Jay as well! Ishii is fired up and hits the Vertical Drop Brainbuster onto Jay and he gets the victory over Jay! Because Ishii has defeated Jay, that means Kota Ibushi is the winner of A Block and will advance to the finals this Sunday! There goes my pick to win it all but still a great match.

Rating: Bruce Prichard and a half

Overall: Quite a few surprises we had for this show but it still went well. Did not expect Ibushi to win a block for a third consecutive year and curious to see who will face him now or if he’ll win it again or lead to a different storyline after. Very fun stuff and thank you all for following me as Andrew will be covering the final after his last B Block day, so be sure to keep an eye on that.

Favorite Match: Jay White vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Least Favorite Match: Jeff Cobb vs. Yujiro Takahashi

Score: 8/10

A Block Standings

  1. Kota Ibushi: (7-2) (14 Points) (Winner)
  2. Jay White: (6-3) (12 Points) (Eliminated)
  3. Kazuchika Okada: (6-3) (12 Points) (Eliminated)
  4. Will Ospreay: (6-3) (12 Points) (Eliminated)
  5. Taichi: (4-5) (8 Points) (Eliminated)
  6. Shingo Takagi: (4-5) (8 Points) (Eliminated)
  7. Tomohiro Ishii: (4-5) (8 Points) (Eliminated)
  8. Jeff Cobb: (4-5) (8 Points) (Eliminated)
  9. Minoru Suzuki: (3-6) (6 Points) (Eliminated)
  10. Yujiro Takahashi: (1-8) (2 Points) (Eliminated)

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (6/22/21)

Adam Cole hits the ring, BAYBAY!



NXT Coverage 2021

NXT lights the fuse, get ready for fireworks!

Before an explosive rematch on the Great American Bash, Kyle O’Reilly takes on NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Kushida, and Adam Cole takes on…?


  • Adam Cole VS ???; Cole wins.
  • Io Shirai & Zoey Stark VS The Robert Stone Brand; Shirai & Stark win.
  • Johnny Gargano & Austin Theory VS Pete Dunne & Oney Lorcan; Gargano & Theory win.
  • Franky Monet VS ???; Monet wins.
  • Ever-Rise VS Hit Row; Hit Row wins.
  • Kyle O’Reilly VS KUSHIDA; O’Reilly wins.


Adam Cole VS ???

The Panama City Playboy is back, but he never gave an answer to last week’s “pick your poison” challenge as posed to him and Kyle O’Reilly. Cole is confident as ever, though, does he have an idea?

Cole gets the mic and reminds us that William Regal set up Cole VS Kyle at Great American Bash. Oh, and Samoa Joe assaulted and attacked him! Now this week, he gets to handpick his opponent. Cole was doing some thinking, so ain’t no way in hell HE is going to do that. He doesn’t have to start following the rules just cuz Joe is here. And Cole wants Joe to know there’s a new king of this brand, and you’re looking at him! After Cole embarrasses Kyle at Great American Bash 2021, Cole will be recognized the best in NXT ever! So the fans can consider themselves lucky for having seen Cole, but this isn’t happening.

Oh wait, here comes Carmelo Hayes! This newcomer came close to the Cruiserweight Championship in his debut, seems he’s aiming at another prize. “Hey, Cole, you might not know who I am, but I know who you are.” Melo introduces himself, and says if anyone changes Cole’s mind, it’s him. Oh is that so? Then enlighten him on how. Melo says there is this famous phrase. How does it go? “RUTHLESS! AGGRESSION!” Same energy, bruh. And then Melo SLAPS Cole!! Cole is pissed and the match is on!

Hayes dodges, fires off hands on Cole but Cole knees low! Cole ROCKS Hayes, runs, but Hayes springboards to FLYING CLOTHESLINE! Hayes chases Cole but Cole gets out of the ring. So Hayes just PLANCHAS Cole down! The CWC fires up for Hayes as he gets Cole up and into the ring. Hayes gets on the apron but Cole BOOTS him down! Fans fire up as Cole finally throws off his merch shirt. Cole goes out after Hayes, drags him up and into the ring, then stalks him to a corner. Cole stomps a mudhole into Hayes, throws forearms, does more stomping, but lets off as the ref counts. Cole gets Hayes up but Hayes shoves him away.

Cole ROCKS Hayes again, then brings him out for a snap suplex! Cole dusts off his hands as fans rally up. Hayes sits up, Cole gets him up, and turns him for a NECKBREAKER! Cole is having fun now as he stalks Hayes to ropes. Cole chokes Hayes on the ropes, lets off as the ref counts, and fans are dueling between the veteran and the new kid. Hayes throws body shots and CHOPS but Cole throws haymakers and forearms! Hayes kicks from the mat, but falls for 52 Fake Out! Cole grins, but Hayes blocks the superkick to TKO KNEE SMASH and LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Coles gets to a corner but Hayes keeps his cool.

Hayes storms over to fire off body shots, windmills clubbing forearms, but lets off as the ref counts. Cole yanks Hayes into buckles! Cole gets space, comes back, but into a boot! Hayes goes up but Cole SHOVES him down! Hayes hits the floor hard and Cole goes out to RAM him into barriers! Cole gets Hayes back up to TOSS him into boards! Fans boo Cole as NXT goes picture in picture.

Cole paces, refreshes the ring count, and fetches Hayes, just to TOSS him into the boards again! Hayes gasps and sputters as Cole refreshes the count again. Cole puts Hayes back in the ring, JAMS his knee in Hayes’ back, then wraps on a headscissor necklock. Hayes endures, even as Cole drives in elbows into his head. Hayes turns, rolls, and gets the ropebreak! Cole holds on until the ref counts, and then lets off at 4. Hayes hits Cole as he goes, but Cole stomps him down. Cole drags Hayes up to throw haymakers and then bumps him off buckles. Cole throws hands, wrenches, and whips him corner to corner hard! Hayes bounces off buckles and Cole smirks as he taunts the rookie.

Cole drags Hayes up, Hayes shoves free but Cole kicks low! Cole gets Hayes up for a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Cole grows annoyed now but he looms over Hayes before bringing him up again. Hayes throws forearms so Cole gives them back! Hayes knees low, Cole EuroUppers! Hayes CHOPS but Cole kicks low! Cole fireman’s carries for the USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO! Hayes’ toughness is getting on Cole’s nerves and Cole wraps on a chinlock. Hayes endures as Cole grinds him down. Cole talks some trash while cranking the hold back, but Hayes fights with hammering hands.

NXT returns to single picture and fans rally up as Hayes keeps working on the chinlock. Hayes sits up, pries the grip open and gets to his feet to throw body shots. Hayes is free, runs, but Cole CLOBBERS him with a back elbow! Fans duel again as Cole gets Hayes up. Cole bumps Hayes off buckles, wrenches and whips Hayes corner to corner hard, and Hayes slumps down in the corner. Cole says Hayes chose the wrong guy to step to. Hayes bails out, Cole lets the ring count climb. Hayes stands at 5 of 10 and flounders a bit, but gets himself in at 7 of 10. Cole smirks as he stalks over to the corner. Hayes gets up but Cole throws forearms!

Cole says “You’re a nobody, you hear me? I’m Adam Cole, BAYBAY, and you’re nobody!” Hayes gets up but Cole SLAPS him down! Hayes gets up to throw forearms and Cole gives them back! Cole whips Hayes to ropes but Hayes rolls off Cole’s back to BOOT him down! Fans fire up with Hayes as he runs, but into a BOOT from Cole! Hayes wobbles, Cole gets him in a suplex, but Hayes suplexes to a CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Cole survives but Hayes gets him up and reels him in. Cole cradle counters, TWO! Hayes boots but Cole blocks, ENZIGURI follows! And a HUGE Code Breaker!! Cover, TWO!! Cole survives and Hayes can’t believe it!

The CWC is fired up while Hayes refocuses. Cole goes to ropes, Hayes grits his teeth and storms over to CHOP him! Hayes whips, Cole reverses but swings into a spin and fireman’s carry! Cole slips off to BACKSTABBER! High stack cover, TWO!! Hayes survives and Cole is getting mad now! Cole goes to a corner, hops up but Hayes gets away from the drop zone. Cole still leaps, into a SUPERKICK! Hayes runs, springboards, into a SUPERKICK!! Cole goes back to a corner, goes back up and leaps, PANAMA SUNRISE!! Cover, Cole wins!

Winner: Adam Cole, by pinfall

The Generational Talent came close again, but this is why Cole considers himself the king of NXT! However, Cole has two weeks to get ready for the rematch with Kyle O’Reilly! Will Cole be ready to bash it up at the Bash?


Franky Monet talks with Jessi Kamea & Aliyah.

Monet is so excited for tonight. The Robert Stone Brand has a match with Zoey Stark & Io Shirai, and Aliyah says it’ll be a piece of cake. Jessi says it’s already in the bag. And of course, Franky has her second match! These three should be the Winner’s Circle! Yeah, great name. But then suit man Stone come sin and Franky says tonight is going to be a great night for them all. Good luck, ladies! Thank you! The high-five to Stone is a little hard, will it hurt even harder if and when his clients ditch him for Monet?


Backstage interview with Zoey Stark.

We all just saw Monet talk up Jessi & Aliyah, but why did she help Shirai last week? Well Shirai gave Stark her big break. All last week was was paying it back. But tagging tonight is a surprise, especially with how notorious Shirai can be when playing with others. But speaking of, Shirai comes in to say it for herself: She did pick Stark for tonight, but that doesn’t mean she likes her. Mutual respect is all they need tonight as far as Stark is concerned. Will that help them get a win against the bougie bad brand?


LA Knight speaks.

The Million Dollar Ladder match made him the NEW Million Dollar Champion, “So let me talk to ya.” Knight’s coronation made him drop what he didn’t need, and that was the old man DeBiase boarding the gravy train! Then the ungrateful NXT fans are all shouting “TO THE MOON!” for that “Hilljack” Grimes, who comes out to go after Knight. Good on Grimes, because even Knight thought Grimes only cared about the title and the money. Turns out, he cares about the old man. That’s so sweet. Grimes is what Knight knew he was on day one: a moron idiot!

That fall Grimes took at TakeOver was beautiful, but that won’t compare to when he gets dropped on his head by the Million Dollar Megastar, the- Oh, thank you! Drinks on Knight! Whose game is it? L A Knight’s game! Toast to that! But will Knight be living the high-life after coming face to feet with a Cave-In?


Johnny Gargano & Austin Theory are here!

They make their way down to the ring, and Gargano says these are exciting times! There is new management in town so we need a new NXT Champion! A new face of the brand! We don’t need the big, mean, angry, leather jacket wearing doomsday guy. No! We need the handsome, the hardworking, the headband wearing, respectable family man! We need Johnny! Theory agrees, of course. The 57 days Gargano was champion, NXT THRIVED! It was a paradise! Chef’s kiss and all that. At TakeOver, Gargano proved Karrion Kross is NOT on Gargano’s level. Gargano outshined him every time they were in the ring together! And everyone knows Gargano can outwrestle Kross on his worst day!

But instead of Kross, Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan show up! The Bruiserweight has a mic to respond, “Are you mad?” This is so stupid. Gargano must be nuts if he thinks he’s #1 contender over Dunne. And shut up, Theory. Theory gets heated but Gargano has him stop. These two are trying to provoke them and start chaos! There is a new way to do things around here, the Way does not partake in hijinks and shenanigans! They are law-abiding citizens, and there are rules to follow, Peter. The Way are good people. If Dunne and Oney want a fight, it won’t come from them. Gargano puts the mic down, he and Theory wash their hands of this as they leave the ring.

Oney picks up the mic as Theory says he is watching Dunne. Theory points at Dunne, but Dunne grabs those fingers to SNAP them! Theory needs to be more careful around the Bruiserweight! Will Gargano find a way to get back at Dunne that follows the rules?


Cameron Grimes rolls up.

Everyone says hey and Grimes gives them money for their troubles. How is DeBiase doing? He’s alright, Grimes will keep checking on him. Ari Sterling says Grimes must’ve just come from the nursing home. Had to check on Gramps and all that. What was that? Grimes heard him. Grimes did, and he laughs, before he DECKS Sterling! That’s for Ted, this is for you. Grimes gives Sterling a $100 even so, and laughs his way into the CWC.


Backstage interview with Adam Cole.

McKenzie asks him about his coming match with Kyle, and Cole says no. He is not talking about Kyle at all. He doesn’t care about Kyle, he doesn’t care about Kyle VS Kushida tonight, because what Cole did to Hayes will happen to Kyle at the Bash. But here comes Regal. Cole asks what he wants. Regal appreciates Cole going through with that match tonight. Cole says he did it for himself, not for Regal. Regal hopes there’s no animosity between Cole and Joe. According to who? Well Cole touched Joe, Joe got him with the clutch, that’s the end of it. Don’t provoke Joe again.

Oh is that how Regal sees this? How great that Regal has done absolutely nothing to reprimand Joe for putting his hands on Cole! But don’t worry, Cole will do Regal a favor by getting out of his hair. Cole takes his things and goes, will this make things considerably easier on the General Manager tonight?


The battery continues to charge.

We are now at 31%.


Gargano is fuming and he gets the cameraman to follow him.

He and Theory storm up to the GM’s office and since Theory’s fingers hurt, Gargano knocks. Regal lets them enter and Gargano hopes he saw what happened. Regal did. The Way are being model citizens, and look! A new pencil to replace the other one. But there need to be consequences! Regal agrees, there should be. Alright, so what’s gonna happen? Is Joe gonna go get them? Put them through a wall? Or better yet, Coquina Clutch! Regal stands up and Gargano wants to see Regal get those brass knuckles and “knuck ’em up!” No, no, they’re going to face Dunne & Oney in a match, later tonight.

What?! They’re not even dressed, they don’t have their stuff! Doesn’t matter, they have to go. Gargano and Theory panic and rush out of the room, will they suffer more than two bad fingers tonight?


Io Shirai & Zoey Stark VS The Robert Stone Brand!

The Evil Genius and the Rising Star(k) are ready to shine, but Franky did fire up Jessi & Aliyah backstage. Will Shirai’s return to the ring be a great success or a disappointing stumble on her way back after the title?

The teams sort out and Aliyah starts with Shirai. They tie up, Shirai headlocks, but Aliyah powers out. Shirai counters the hip toss to an arm-drag, then fireman’s carries. Aliyah slips out and pulls hair, but Shirai CHOPS and punches her on repeat for it! Shirai pulls hair now but Aliyah shoves her away. Aliyah runs but into a FLAPJACK! Shirai runs and basement dropkicks Aliyah down! Shirai brings Aliyah over, sits her down in the corner and digs her boots in! Swinging knees! Tag to Stark, Stark gets Aliyah up to wrench and fireman’s carry takedown. Stark wrenches the arm, Aliyah throws forearms, but Stark blocks the whip to reverse it!

Tilt-o-whirl, Aliyah throws Stark but Stark handsprings through to SLIDING LARIAT! Aliyah scrambles and tags in Jessi, Stark dodges the boot to waistlock. Jessi bucks the O’Conner roll and hits a sliding wheel kick! Cover, TWO to a Oklahoma Roll, TWO! Stark avoids the dropkick to Oklahoma Roll again! TWO, but Stark DOUBLE STOMPS! Stark fires up, gets Jessi up on the apron, but Jessi hotshots her down! Jessi slingshots in to then springboard for an elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Stark grits her teeth but Jessi is frustrated, and now Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell make their way down to ringside.

Jessi puts Stark in the corner, Aliyah tags in and stomps a mudhole then fires off hands! Tag to Jessi, they mug Stark then Jessi CLUBS Stark down! Tag to Aliyah, she stomps a mudhole into Stark again, and then Aliyah brings Stark out. Stark rolls Aliyah, ONE, and Aliyah calf kicks Stark down! Aliyah covers again, TWO! Stark tries to get away from Aliyah while Shirai glares at Candice, and NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Jessi keeps Starks down with clubbing forearms. Tag to Aliyah, she gets a boost for a tilt-o-whirl SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Aliyah puts on a body scissor squeeze and thrashes Stark around! Stark endures, pushes back to a cover, TWO! Aliyah clubs away on Stark but Stark turns around to fire off on Aliyah! Aliyah squeezes tighter then gets a facelock to keep Stark down! Stark powers up and powers out to SLAM Aliyah down! Fans fire up while both women are down, and The Way isn’t sure what to make of this. Hot tags to Shirai and Jessi! Shirai rallies then FLAPJACKS Jessi down! Shirai DECKS Aliyah for good measure, then hits a 619 on Jessi!

Jessi flounders, Shirai dodges Aliyah’s swipe to AX KICK her down! Springboard missile dropkick for Jessi! Cover, TWO! Shirai keeps her focus and she gets Jessi up. Shirai underhooks but Jessi wrenches out to KICK! Tag to Aliyah and she gets Shirai up for a NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Shirai survives and Aliyah shrieks! Tag to Jessi, they double suplex, but Shirai lands on her feet! Hot tag to Stark and she DOUBLE MISSILE DROPKICKS! Stark gets Jessi up for a HALF ‘N’ HALF! Tag back to Shirai, and Shirai makes sure Candice sees this! Shirai goes up, and OVER THE MOONSAULT! Cover, Shirai & Stark win!

Winners: Io Shirai & Zoey Stark, by pinfall

The Evil Genius stares Candice down as she and Stark have their hands raised. They dare The Way to get in, but then Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai come out from the crowd side. Raquel teases that Shirai goes on vacation and came back to get a friend. If either of them think they’re jumping the line for that #1 contender’s spot, they’re crazy! Those titles belong to Kai & Gonzalez! But whoa, whoa, whoa! Shotzi & Ember show up! Now certainly no one forgot about them! They done lost their minds! MARBLES! But also, they beat Kai & Gonzalez for that contendership spot, right? Right! So then that puts Kai & Gonzalez at the back, right? Right!

But, wait, Ember… They DID forget! Whaaa…? Well let’s remind them! And by that, Shotzi means, KICK SOME ASS!! It’s a chaotic brawl in the ring, but the champs stay far away from it all! Shirai, Kai and Ember, then Raquel, Shotzi and Stark! Samoa Joe comes out and Candice says this isn’t on them! Joe has referees and security get in this, and teams are separated from other teams. Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” but that’s not happening! Shotzi and Ember are the ones left in the ring, Shirai and Stark are on one side, and Kai and Gonzalez are on the other. Will Candice & Indi have to watch out with this many teams targeting them?


Kushida speaks.

“I knew my professional wrestling life wouldn’t last forever. This will be a special moment in my career. Nobody can take this moment away from us.” The Time Splitter is ready, but will he come out on top against a motivated Kyle O’Reilly?



The Great American Bash just got bigger! After Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher got past the Grizzled Young Veterans, they are getting their shot at the NXT Tag Team Champions! Will the Must-See Kids find themselves in a must-win scenario?


Johnny Gargano & Austin Theory VS Pete Dunne & Oney Lorcan!

The Way scrambles to finish dressing but they’ve made it in time! Will they make the Bruiserweight and Boston Fury regret getting in their way tonight? Or will it be the other way around?

The teams sort out and Oney starts with Gargano. Gargano fires off hands but Oney knees low and waistlocks. Gargano switches, shoves, then follows to RANA Oney! Oney is up but Gargano dropkicks him down! Oney scrambles to tag Dunne, Gargano arm-drags Dunne but then Dunne fakes Gargano out. Dunne goes for La Magistrol but Gargano slips right out to arm-drag Dunne after all! Fans rally as Dunne kips up, but Gargano wrenches. Tag to Theory but that was the bad hand! Dunne throws Gargano out, but Theory gets Dunne with a forearm! Theory headlocks, Dunne powers out and things speed up, Dunne CLOBBERS Theory!

Tag to Oney, he and Dunne double wrench and double CHOP Theory! Oney CHOPS Theory in a corner, then CHOPS him again! Theory flops down, Oney gets him up to wrench the bad arm and wristlock the bad hand! Dunne tags in, Dunne takes those fingers and bends them! Theory shouts in pain as Dunne hammerlocks the arm into the mat and STOMPS it! Theory flounders, Dunne stays between him and Gargano, then he stomps the bad hand! Dunne gets Theory up, tortures the already damaged digits, and then digs knees into the elbow. Dunne gets the bandages off the fingers to stomp them directly!

Dunne again keeps Theory from Gargano, CHOPS him, then tags Oney. Oney CHOPS Theory, and Theory might have to worry about his chest as much as his fingers. Oney wrenches the arm, bends the fingers, but Theory throws hands. Oney ducks but comes up into a back elbow! Oney is in a corner, Theory hits a clothesline then throws Oney down for slingshot stomps! And a dead lift suplex! Fans fire up as Theory tags Gargano. The Way double whips Oney and double elbow him down! No look high-five and double elbow drop! Gargano is after Oney but Oney kicks low. Tag to Dunne, but Gargano atomic drops!

Tag back to Theory, Gargano whips Dunne and Theory somersaults, SHOTGUN SPINEBUSTER COMBO! Cover, TWO! Theory storms after Dunne in a corner to throw forearms. Theory’s arm bothers him, Dunne fires off KICKS to the leg! Dunne has the arm again for a hammerlock, then pulls the far arm! Dunne digs knuckles into ribs, a knee into the shoulder, and he hammers away on Theory’s side! Dunne drops knees on the bad hand! Chinbar and hammering hands, Dunne just tortures Theory! Dunne sits on Theory to bend the arm back, bend the fingers, and then PENALTY KICK the triceps! Theory sits up into another KICK!

Dunne brings Theory up, whips him to a corner, but Theory manages to go up and over and duck to DROPKICK! Oney gets in but Theory clotheslines him back out! Theory aims, and manages a PLANCHA but misses! Dunne comes around to CLOBBER Theory! Dunne gets in to DECK Gargano, and he tags Oney! Oney & Dunne get Theory up for a DOUBLE APRON SLAM!! The Way is in a bad way as NXT goes to break!

NXT returns and Dunne drags Theory by his legs. Tag to Oney as Dunne gets Theory up in the Surfboard! Oney CHOPS Theory over and over while he endures, but Dunne lets go at the ref’s count, and Oney DDT’s Theory right down! Gargano coaches Theory but Dunne tags back in. Oney isolates the arm for him and Dunne STOMPS it again! Theory writhes but Dunne gets his wrists. Theory dodges the stomps to roll Dunne up! TWO, and Dunne trips Theory before he gets to Gargano! Theory BOOTS Dunne, Oney tags in, and Oney just barely keeps Theory from Gargano! Theory ROCKS Oney, hot tag to Johnny!

Johnny Wrestling rallies, ENZIGURI for Dunne and CHOP for Oney! BULLDOG CLOTHESLINE COMBO! The fans rally, Gargano whips but Oney puts him on the apron., Gargano SUPERKICKS Dunne, slingshots and SPEARS Oney down! Gargano DIVES to take out Dunne! Fans are thunderous as Gargano gets in and tags Theory. The Way works together but Oney fights hem both off! Oney goes up but Gargano GMAANGIRIS, Theory ARABIAN SPANSIH FLIES! Cover, but Dunne breaks it in time! Gargano scoops Dunne but Dunne slips out to pump handle! BITTER- NO! Gargano slips out but Dunne ROCKS him! Gargano rebounds to DISCUS!

All four men are down and fans are loving “NXT! NXT!” Theory gets Oney back up, Oney CHOPS him! And CHOPS him! Theory CHOPS back! And throws a BIG forearm! Oney comes back with a BLOCKBUSTER! Tag to Dunne and Dunne KICKS Theory to ropes. Dunne WRINGS out the bad arm, locks it, and tortures the fingers before he pulls way back on the arm!! Oney blocks Gargano but Gargano boots him down onto Dunne! Theory is free thanks to that, and Dunne gets his legs moving. Gargano tags in but Dunne ROCKS him! Gargano ROCKS Dunne back with boxing elbows, but Dunne SNAP GERMANS! STOMP to the hands, but Gargano ducks the kick to schoolboy KICK!

Gargano keeps moving, Dunne dodges him, slingshot SPEAR into a FOREARM! Tag to Oney, he and Dunne get Gargano up but Gargano fights free! Gargano shoves Dunne and Oney into each other, then runs and tilt-o-whirls Dunne. Dunne fights off the takedown, and feeds Gargano to Oney’s half nelson! HALF NELSON POWERBOMB COMBO!? Cover, Theory breaks it in time!! Fans are thunderous again as Theory fires off on Dunne! Dunne is after the bad arm again! Theory kicks low, reels Dunne in, but no bomb as Dunne slips out and ENZIGURIS! EuroUpper from Oney! And a CHOP! Oney runs, into Gargano’s SUPERKICK!

Gargano tosses Dunne, runs and DIVES! TOPE TORNADO DDT!! Gargano gets back up to ONE FINAL BEAT!! Cover, The Way wins!!

Winners: Johnny Gargano & Austin Theory, by pinfall

Bad fingers, little time to prepare, but a victory all the same! Gargano is feeling great, until KARRION KROSS blindsides him with a forearm!! Fans boo cranky Kross for attacking Gargano, but Gargano should’ve known better than to call out Mr. Apocalypse. Will there be any way for Johnny Wrestling to take that title from Kross 1v1?


The batter continues to charge.

We are now at 41%.


Backstage interview with Kross and Scarlett.

Kross won’t talk to the media, he wants to talk to management. Joe is the one to meet him, though. Kross says, “So, these are the new rules. Remember, ‘unless provoked.'” Of course, champ. Joe lets Kross through to the exit. Scarlett shoots Joe a sneer, and then Joe turns around to see Dunne. Another silent stare down between these two certified destroyers of men. Will there ever be words exchanged?



After the huge brawl earlier tonight, we’re getting a TRIPLE THREAT to determine #1 contenders to the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships! Shirai & Stark VS Shotzi & Ember VS Gonzalez & Kai!! Who wins to make their way to the Great American Bash to take on Candice & Indi?


Franky Monet VS Elektra Lopez!

While La Wera Loca calls this her “encore,” it’s really just her second match in NXT. However, she is against a debuting face. Will Franky foil another superstar’s premiere to shine brighter again?

The bell rings and the two tie right up. Franky headlocks, hits a takeover, and cranks on the hold. Lopez gets up, pries free and wrenches to a wristlock, but Franky rolls and wrenches back. Franky powers Lopez into a corner, the ref counts and Franky lets off to CHOP Lopez! Franky dares Lopez to do something, but then runs into Lopez’s elbow! And boot! Lopez storms after Franky to scoop and SLAM her! And drop an elbow! And then another! Lopez does a little dance but Franky bails out. Lopez storms over but into a shoulder! Franky runs into forearms from Lopez! Lopez runs but Franky follows, blocks and wrenches to KICKS and an STO!

Franky fires up and the fans follow as she floats around to ground ‘n’ pound. Looks familiar, like a certain guru taught her. Franky stomps Lopez, then drags Lopez up to TOSS her by her hair! Franky eggs Lopez on again and Lopez throws body shots, only for Franky to CLUB her down! Franky whips Lopez to the corner, runs in and elbows her! Franky makes Lopez take a seat, then goes corner to corner, but Lopez dodges! Franky bumps into buckles, and Lopez gets up to CHOP! And CHOP! Lopez dodges, comes back and back elbows! Fans fire up with Lopez and she BOOTS Franky, to then fireman’s carry! Franky fights free, blocks Lopez and spins her to ROLLING ELBOW!

Franky gets Lopez up, chicken wing, GLAM SLAM! Cover, Franky wins!

Winners: Franky Monet, by pinfall

The sequel is a success, just like the first! Will it only be a matter of time before #BougieBad goes after the belt?


Backstage interview with Bronson Reed.

The North American Champion knows Santos Escobar is calling him out, and his response is that he is confused. He squishes Escobar, puts him through a barricade, what more does Reed have to do? Does he have to squish Escobar into this TV here? Or put him through the windows? Through walls? Reed could destroy the whole CWC and- Hit Row interrupts by walking in, and Swerve gets in Reed’s face. Swerve eyes the title, and Top Dolla says, “Everybody’s colossal, until a colossus walks in the room.” True, Top Dolla is talla than Reed. Adonis tells the fans that Ever-Rise are about to get a crash course, without seatbelts.

Also, Reed ain’t even from North America. Yeah, cuz that’s how to get this. Reed doesn’t sweat Hit Row, but will he worry about them more after dealing with Escobar?


NXT shares a video from social media.

Apparently, this incident earlier today is what Hit Row was referring to before the break. Ever-Rise was lurking like parking lot ninjas, and they crept up on Hit Row’s ride. They shake up the spray paint, but “Dolla King” was already in the driver’s seat. Does he know that Ever-Rise is Ever-Rise? “Ski masks don’t work when your name’s on your shirt.” Oh, right. RUN FOR IT! Will Ever-Rise at least rule in the ring?

Ever-Rise VS Hit Row!

Matt Martel & Chase Parker take on Top Dolla & Ashante “Thee” Adonis, and if you didn’t know, now you know!

The teams sort out, Martel gets bulldozed by Dolla and Dolla even hits Parker for good measure! “What is my name?!” Dolla DECKS Martel, stands on him, and tags Adonis. Adonis takes his shirt off to throw it at Parker! Parker gets mad but Martel gets around to tag him in! Parker ROCKS Adonis but Adonis hits the AIR-DROP! Adonis hammers away on Parker, fires off knees, and B-Fab tells him to cool off. Adonis drags Parker back, tags Dolla back in, and Hit Row gets Parker up. Dolla taunts Martel but Parker wriggles free! Tag to Martel and Ever-Rise fires off hands! Dolla shoves them both away, but they dump him out hard!

Fans fire up for Ever-Rise as they fire each other up. Dolla gets up and he’s pissed! Parker runs in but Dolla DECKS him, then TOSSES him! Dolla gets Martel with a choke grip, shoves him to the corner and SPLASHES! Tag to Adonis for the LONG KISS GOODNIGHT! Tag back to Dolla, and Swerve says to end it. Dolla drags Parker up, reels him in, and coordinates with Adonis, POWERBOMB NECKBREAKER! Cover, Hit Row wins!

Winners: Hit Row, by pinfall

Parker checks on Martel, but he gets a HOUSE CALL from Swerve! Ever-Rise might not ever get back up! Will they make sure to keep Hit Row’s names out of their mouths from now on?


Backstage interview with Mercedes Martinez.

McKenzie has huge news, there will be a mixed tag with her against Boa & Xia Li! But who has she chosen for a partner? Well, Mercedes can get down with this. But she doesn’t make friends that easily. She can go, with or without- But then XIA LI attacks from behind! Boa talks some smack to Mercedes, too, but JAKE ATLAS comes in and BOOTS him down! Atlas says he’s just joined the fight! Mercedes and Atlas tell Tian Sha’s warriors they’ll see them next week. Will Mean Ms. Mercedes and the Muscle of El Monte make Tian Sha shrink back into the shadows?


Kyle O’Reilly speaks.

“Sometimes, you come across a guy you were just born to wrestle, and Kushida is that for me.” When Kyle and Kushida face off, the world watches a great match that is just a byproduct of them stepping in the ring. Kyle will wrestle like this is the last match of his career, and he is sure Kushida will do the same. That match is coming! Will Kyle keep pace with Cole? Or is he going to find why Kushida is still the Super Junior?


Kyle O’Reilly VS KUSHIDA!

This match may have come about because of the “pick your poison” challenge, but both men (and the fans) are more than happy to have this dream match happen in NXT! Will Kyle be fired up just weeks away from the Great American Bash? Or will plenty of fireworks go off right here?

The bell rings and the two circle. They give a quick low-five of respect before they clinch and go for control. Kushida hooks a leg to block a takedown and they end up on ropes. Kyle gets the other leg, trips Kushida, but Kushida’s leg guard is strong. Kushida trips Kyle, Kyle’s leg guard is also strong, and they knuckle lock on top of the leg grapple. Kyle turns things back around, cover, ONE! Kyle pushes that arm down for another cover, Kushida bridges. Kushida uses his leg guard to keep Kyle away, and then gets up to push Kyle over with body weight. Kushida throws elbows, handsprings through and gets Kyle for an ARMBAR! Kyle gets up and gets free, and fans cheer the exchange!

Kyle and Kushida go again, another leg hook to block a takedown, and Kushida gets a waistlock. Kyle pries the waistlock open, tackles Kushida, and uses his knee to keep Kushida down while going for the Triangle! Kushida gets the ropebreak, Kyle lets off, and fans cheer again. Kushida and Kyle circle, tie up, Kyle waistlocks but Kushida pries at it. Kyle headlocks, Kushida powers out and things speed up. Kyle rolls to BOOT, but Kushida stays up. Kyle whips, Kushida handsprings, into an ARMBAR! Kushida gets free and comes back to go around with Kyle! Kyle holds Kushida off to put Kushida in the cobra twist! But Kushida hip tosses free and cartwheels to basement dropkick!

Fans love this as Kushida looms over Kyle. Kushida steps over to hammerlock the arm, and TWISTS it! Kyle writhes but Kushida gets him up for a top wristlock. Kyle tries to fight free but Kushida wrangles him down. Kushida bends fingers, twists the wrist, and drags Kyle around. Kyle pushes a forearm into Kushida’s face but Kushida KICKS him to a corner! Kushida whips Kyle corner to corner, Kyle stops himself and comes back to go for a leg. Kushida gets free and he goes for a leg, but Kyle steps over to get Kushida’s leg. Kushida shakes Kyle off and goes for Kyle’s leg, but Kyle gets free. They both shoot in and their heads collide! Fans fire up how even these two are, and NXT goes picture in picture!

Kushida and Kyle back off to opposite ends and Kyle even goes out of the ring to walk it off. Kushida sees him, Kyle gets on the apron and Kushida is after the arm! Wrench and elbow breaker HOTSHOT! Kyle flops down, Kushida gets him inside and has the arm for another wristlock. Kushida grinds Kyle down, hooks up the arm and pulls the other back! Kyle endures, Kushida steps over and further, for a RECLINER! Kushida’s wrestler bridge is leverage enough but he gets back up to fall back! Kyle writhes from the snap in the shoulders! Kushida gets Kyle up but Kyle waistlocks and drags Kushida down to CLUB him! And KNEE him! And float to CLUB and KNEE again!

Kyle backs off to run and KNEE DROP! Kushida writhes now, but Kyle gets him up to tie up the legs in a figure four knot. Kyle adds on a cobra twist, Kushida endures what Kyle wants to call this combination, and pulls hair to pull Kyle back! TWO, and Kyle grimaces but Kushida KICKS him in the leg! Kushida KICKS the leg again, but Kyle kicks back! They kick and boot each other on the mat, then get space again. Kyle gets Kushida up to throw forearms, but Kushida KICKS the arm! And again! And again! Kyle walks around, clutching his elbow, but Kushida YANKS the arm! And YANKS! And YANKS again!

NXT returns to single picture and fans rally as Kyle tries a chinlock. Kushida snapmares free then PENALTY KICKS the arm in the corner! Kushida keeps moving but Kyle KNEES him back! Kyle wants a sayanagi but Kushida blocks the first time. Kyle gets the throw after all, and wraps on body scissors and sleeper! Kushida moves around to resist, and he hooks Kyle’s legs for a toehold! Kyle CLUBS Kushida, the two separate, and Kyle KICKS and SLAPS and KNEES and KICKS! Kushida jumps the sweep to CLOBBER Kyle! Kyle staggers up into an atomic drop! Kushida whips and hip tosses to an ARMBAR! Kyle moves around but into the HOVERBOARD!

Kyle slips free and he wants an armbar! Kushida moves around, waistlocks, but Kyle switches! Kushida drops, slips under and trips Kyle to the Hoverboard! But Kyle headscissors! Kushida floats, gets free, PENALTY KICK to the arm! Kyle clutches the wrist and Kushida KICKS away on the biceps! Kyle blocks a kick to slip around, fisherman but Kushida knees free! Kushida underhooks for a BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Bridge, ROPEBREAK! Kyle saves himself and Kushida is a bit surprised! Kushida goes to the corner, climbs up top, and leaps, but Kyle avoids the flying knee! Kyle gives knees, forearms, KICKS and a rolling takedown! HEEL HOOK!

Kushida gets up to BRIDGE! TWO!! Kyle escapes but Kushida ROCKS him! Kyle forearms, both men try to fake the other out, but Kyle KNEES Kushida! Kushida holds off the suplex to ROLLING ELBOW! Kyle yoyos but Kushida dodges to PELE! Kyle still yoyos to LARIAT!! Kyle drags Kushida up, suplex and BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Kushida survives, this is why he is a champion! The CWC is thunderous as they rally and duel! Kyle goes to the apron, to a corner, and he climbs up. Kushida HANDSPRING KICKS Kyle down! Kyle is on the apron, Kushida gets his arm, and RAMS the arm into the post!

Kushida goes out to join Kyle on the apron now, and Kushida KICKS the arm again! And again! And again! Kyle grits his teeth as he blocks, but he has to reverse grip. Kushida fights off the guillotine and HAMMERLOCK SUPLEXES Kyle to the apron! Both men fall to the floor and fans are thunderous as a ring count begins! We’re at 5 of 10 as Kushida drags Kyle up and into the ring. Kushida aims and PENALTY KICKS the arm again! Kushida keeps moving, tilt-o-whirl but Kyle KNEES Kushida! AX ‘N’ SMASH! But Kushida FAST BALLS!! Both men fall over and fans are still loving this! Kushida gets Kyle up by his bad arm, wrenches it and hits an ELBOW BREAKER! TO THE HOVEBOARD!

Kyle moves around and around, slips out and whips Kushida to a corner to KNEE him! Kyle keeps moving, but runs into a body scissor! HOVERBOARD!! Kyle uses his own tights to block! But Kushida keeps Kyle from ropes! HOVEBOARD IS ON! But Kyle victory rolls?! KYLE WINS!!!

Winners: Kyle O’Reilly, by pinfall

Kyle just snatched victory from the jaws of defeat! Kushida can’t believe it, but Kyle gives Kushida his due. Kushida returns the favor, these two have great respect for each other, and for good reason! But here comes Cole! Kyle was ready and he tackles Cole over the announce desk! They brawl and bounce each other off desk and barriers! Then they throw more hands! Cole bounces Kyle off desk and barriers again, security rushes out to stop this, but Kyle wants payback! Cole goes after him, too, but Joe is

Wait, who is that going after Kushida?! Waistlock and SLAM!! That’s RODERICK STRONG?!?! Strong, Tyler Rust and a third man are here, and Strong KNEES Kushida down! Strong and his new compatriots have matching jackets, and MALCOLM BIVENS is here, too? Bivens shows Strong the NXT Cruiserweight Championship, and says “THIS! IS! DIAMOND MINE!!” Finally, we see just who was coming to NXT! And Strong tells Kushida, “Soon.” The Diamond Mine is open, and the Messiah of the Backbreaker is coming for gold! Will Kushida be able to withstand the pressure?

My Thoughts:

What an awesome episode! Cole opening with his promo about not wanting to and then Carmelo Hayes coming out and literally referencing John Cena, and especially the match, all of it was great stuff. Hayes is definitely a future champion on any if not all levels of NXT, this was perhaps Cole’s seal of approval on him. We got a good promo from Knight, and a good, quick segment with Grimes. I am pretty sure this means Grimes VS Ari Sterling is next week to help get Grimes back into the swing of things before going after Knight in a Million Dollar Rematch. Also, Ciampa & Thatcher VS MSK for Great American Bash, that’s a great move and could go either way to me.

Bronson Reed had a good promo to respond to Santos Escobar, their 1v1 match should definitely happen at Great American Bash. Given Swerve getting in Reed’s face tonight, Reed has to retain so Swerve can get his shot. Escobar can still come back around later, but Reed and Swerve have history so it just makes sense they have their match. Hit Row VS Ever-Rise was really good, really fun, lot of character work from everyone. Hit Row of course wins, Adonis and Dolla might need to work on that bomb neckbreaker combo, but they’re gonna get in the title scene soon enough. I’m just curious as to if and when “B-Fab” Briana Brandy gets in a match.

Franky Monet is totally swiping Robert Stone’s team from him, just a matter of when. Franky of course wins her second match, but I will say Elektra Lopez gave her a lot better fight than I expected. Franky leading an all female faction will definitely help keep her bougie bad persona from getting stale, she is already having good chemistry with Aliyah and Jessi, they could definitely make big moves in the division. Though, obviously, not right now. Shirai & Stark did great in their match against the Robert Stone Brand, and I did like that we got that big brawl of the women’s teams to set up next week’s contender’s match.

The only shortcoming was Shotzi & Ember having awkward banter. I appreciate Ember sticking to a catchphrase but I feel like Shotzi should change up her add-on. She already used “MARBLES!” so maybe other synonyms for going crazy should be used. In that Triple Threat, they all have reason to get after The Way, but given the recent build, I think Shirai & Stark get the nod for Great American Bash. At the same time, I don’t think the challengers take the titles off The Way, unless Dexter Lumis returns to distract Indi with his apology about that Poppy misunderstanding. Love conquers all, and #InDex is gonna conquer The Way.

The other half of The Way had great stuff, too. Gargano and Theory are so great together, both in promos and in matches. They had an awesome match with Dunne & Oney, Gargano got to unleash again, and Kross going after Gargano totally means those two face off, maybe even at The Great American Bash. Kross will certainly cross off Gargano and just keep going until Kyle comes back around. Speaking of which, Kyle and Kushida each had great promos to hype the main event, and it was definitely a match that lived up to the hype. Kyle winning with a quick pin rather than any finisher is great, it keeps Kushida strong enough given what’s coming next.

Cole attacking Kyle makes sense, and I like that it wasn’t used to “ruin” the main event. And it all worked that Joe was more focused on that chaos than what ended up happening in the ring. The Diamond Mine was hyped for showing up tonight, and just when it seemed like they wouldn’t, they did! I could not have ever guessed it was Roderick Strong coming back after claiming he was quitting. And at the same time, the writing was there for Rust and Bivens. “Diamond in the Rust,” that all comes back around to be Rust is in the Diamond Mine and that is clever.

The third man, though not named here, is apparently Hideki Suzuki, who has built his career for the last 13 years in the Japanese independents, having Pro-Wrestling Zero1’s Triple Crown. I therefore know very little else, but if he’s in NXT and debuting through this group, he’s a big deal and will show us some great stuff in the coming weeks.

My Score: 9.3/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (6/22/21)

The Path of Cage grows Dark!



AEW Dark 2

AEW Dark paves the way towards a Dynamite Saturday!

Abadon, Brian Cage, Lance Archer and The Dark Order are in action as AEW prepares for a super Saturday Night Dynamite!


  • Lance Archer VS Rex Lawless; Archer wins.
  • Brian Pillman Jr. w/ Julia Hart VS Bear Bronson; BPJ wins.
  • Brian Cage VS Chandler Hopkins; Cage wins.
  • Diamante VS Ashley D’Amboise; Diamante wins.
  • Colt Cabana w/ The Dark Order VS Kit Sackett; Cabana wins.
  • Chuck Taylor w/ Best Friends VS Dan Barry; Chuck wins.
  • Abadon VS Ashley Vox; Abadon wins.
  • Marko Stunt VS Griff Garrison w/ Julia Hart; Griff wins.
  • The Bunny w/ The Blade VS Reka Tehaka; The Bunny wins.
  • Stu Grayson w/ The Dark Order VS Serpentico w/ Luther; Grayson wins.


Wow, only ten matches and only 48 minutes? Now these are numbers for Dark I can get behind. Varsity Blonds having a promo to open to respond to what happened with Miro on Dynamite was good, and the promo itself was good. BPJ’s match being second on the card is a bit odd, why not just go right to him? It was still a strong match because Bear Bronson is doing great stuff even though he’s on his own. BPJ wins, of course, because he’s headed for that match with Miro. Lance Archer going right after Lawless from his entrance was good stuff and keeps with the promo he and Jake the Snake had last Dynamite. I’m thinking All Out is when Archer finally “wins the big one.”

Brian Cage being third was definitely more for the sake of having Ricky Starks on commentary so he could be bitter. Taz added good character to this with his frustrations about Starks and Cage not getting along. Hopkins got a really good showing against Cage, but Cage wins all the same. Cage chasing Starks backstage was a good detail, too. Hopefully Starks will be healthy by All Out, that makes the perfect place for this to blow off. Then Diamante gets a good and fast win off D’Amboise, really showing that fire. I still wonder what her route will be with Ivelisse and those women’s tag medals gone. There are still a few factions that have no female presence, I wonder if she’d be open to joining up with one.

Colt Cabana starts off strong and wins fast against Sackett, I feel like they could’ve again had a case where another faction member on the card just has their match right after. Stu Grayson being the main event with Serpentico was both good for them, and made for a really good match. The Dark Order is going to maintain this midcard momentum, but I really wonder if any of them will ever get titles. Maybe as AEW enters year three, and maybe as Hangman finally “wins the big one,” the Dark Order will make that breakthrough to get gold again.

Just as I was wondering when the other Best Friends would return to action, Chuck is here to get a win off the debuting “Detective” Dan Barry, but Barry had a great showing. Abadon still scares me but that goes to show her character work is top tier. And she just keeps winning so she’s gonna be sticking around. Griff keeps the Blonds strong winning against Marko Stunt but Marko is always fun to watch. Bunny Allie and Reka Tehaka getting the penultimate match is great for both of them, really builds the women’s division as a whole, too. Bunny of course wins, HFO needs to be strong in all title chases and she’s a very complete character so she’s a natural choice.

My Score: 8.2/10

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