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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (10/6/20)

It’s Dark before the Celebration of Jericho!



AEW Dark Coverage

AEW Dark goes big with ELEVEN matches!

Before AEW celebrates THIRTY YEARS of Jericho (party on, maaan~), watch the war of Dark Order and Nightmare Family rage on! Will “Number 4,” John Silver, make Mr. Brodie Lee proud?


  • Brandi Rhodes w/ Dustin Rhodes VS Kenzie Paige; Brandi wins.
  • Jurassic Express VS Ray Rosas & Eric Watts; Jurassic Express wins.
  • Chaos Project VS Lee Johnson & Anthony Bowens; Chaos Project wins.
  • Will Hobbs VS Ryzin; Hobbs wins.
  • QT Marshall w/ Dustin Rhodes VS John Silver w/ The Dark Order; Silver wins.
  • Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr VS Cezar Bononi & David Ali; Garrison & Pillman Jr win.
  • Big Swole VS Skyler Moore; Swole wins.
  • Matt Sydal VS Michael Nakazawa; Sydal wins.
  • Eddie Kingston VS M’Badu; Kingston wins.
  • Angelico w/ Jack Evans VS Shawn Dean; Angelico wins.
  • The Lucha Brothers w/ Eddie Kingston VS Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela; The Lucha Brothers win.


Ricky Starks joins commentary!

Absolute did so good last time, he’s back again! Taz knows they had a rough night for Dynamite, but this will be much better.


Brandi Rhodes w/ Dustin Rhodes VS Kenzie Paige!

The Queen of the Nightmare Family is back and wanting to stay sharp to show the Queenslayer didn’t slay anything! But will Brandi underestimate the youngest wrestler in AEW tonight?

The bell rings and Brandi circles with Kenzie. They tie up, go around, and Brandi puts Kenzie in a corner. Brandi lets off but Kenzie pie faces her. They tie up again, Brandi headlocks and grinds but Kenzie powers out. Brandi runs Kenzie over, runs and blocks the hip toss to give a hip toss! Brandi arm-drags Kenzie around and has her down in an armlock. Kenzie endures, fights up but Brandi whips her to a corner. Brandi runs in to back elbow, snapmare roll and mule kick! Cover, TWO! Brandi keeps on Kenzie but Kenzie kicks a leg out! Kenzie bounces Brandi off the mat, then runs to dropkick Brandi down! Cover, TWO!

Kenzie rains down forearms then drags Brandi up. Kenzie whips Brandi to a corner, hits a forearm smash, and then stomps away! The ref counts, Kenzie lets off to snapmare Brandi to a chinlock. Dustin rallies up for Brandi and the fans rally with. Brandi fights up, fights out and throws forearms! Brandi rocks Kenzie but Kenzie knees back! Kenzie whips, Brandi dodges and clotheslines! Kenzie’s up but Brandi clotheslines again. Brandi whips, Kenzie reverses but Brandi SLING BLADES! Brandi drags Kenzie up, whips Kenzie again but Kenzie reverses. Kenzie runs into a boot! BULLDOG! Cover, TWO!

Brandi keeps her cool as she drags Kenzie back up. Kenzie throws forearms, whips but Brandi stops to uppercut! Brandi kicks and STUNNERS! Kenzie flounders and Brandi fires up! Brandi stands Kenzie up to BOOT her down! Cover, Brandi wins!

Winner: Brandi Rhodes, by pinfall

But here comes Anna Jay! Number 99 gets in to CLOBBER Brandi and stomp her down! But here comes Red Velvet! Velvet throws forearms and whips Anna but Anna bails out! Velvet returns the favor to Brandi by helping her again the Dark Order! Will Brandi and Velvet soon mix it up with Anna in a match?


Jurassic Express VS Ray Rosas & Eric Watts!

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus are barreling down the tracks towards the AEW World Tag Team Championships, and are ready to show FTR they aren’t just a comedy team! Will El Galan and Big Nasty see just how serious the Jurassic Express is?

The teams sort out and JB starts with Rosas. They circle, tie up and Rosas trips JB. JB avoids the elbow drop and headlocks but Rosas powers out. JB runs Rosas over and keeps moving. JB rolls off Rosas’ back and arm-drags him down! Rosas endures, gets up but JB wrenches and tags in Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus CHOPS Rosas off his feet and drags him up. Rosas CHOPS back but Luchasaurus barely flinches! Luchasaurus throws Rosas to the corner to throw fast hands! Tag to JB and he climbs up. Luchasaurus scoop slams Rosas, JB knee-boards off Luchasaurus for the senton! Cover, TWO! JB CHOPS Rosas, whips but Rosas reverses. JB dodges and tilt-o-whirls into Rosas’ BACKBREAKER! Cover, ONE! Rosas drags JB and bumps him off buckles.

Fans rally but Watts tags in. Watts drags JB up with both hands to show his power and he throws JB to a corner! Watts hits a corner clothesline, then a FALL AWAY SLAM! Watts looms over JB, drags him up again and CLUBS him right down! JB hits back but Watts stomps JB. Watts scoops JB to FALL AWAY SLAM again! Rosas tags in and he grins as he brings JB up. Rosas headlocks and punches JB, then scoops JB. JB counters to a cradle, TWO! JB dodges Rosas, hot tag to Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus rallies on Rosas, BOOTS Watts and CHOPS Rosas! Watts is getting mad as Luchasaurus throws a forearm! Luchasaurus whips Rosas, pop-up knees him, and choke grips for a JURASSIC CHOKE SLAM! Standing moonsault and cover, Watts breaks it!

The big men stare down now and push each other. The ref tries to stop this but Watts DOUBLE CHOPS! Luchasaurus KICKS, Watts forearms! Luchasaurus BOOTS, Watts BOOTS! Luchasaurus HEADBUTTS, Watts DECKS Luchasaurus! Rosas with the MACHO ELBOW! Cover, JB breaks it! Watts is back up and he choke grips JB! Watts lifts but JB huricanranas out of the choke slam! They both tumble out, Rosas runs but into a BOOT! Cover, TWO!! Rosas lives but JB is back on the corner. Luchasaurus tags JB in, Luchasaurus rolls Rosas but Watts drags Luchasaurus out! Luchasaurus and Watts brawl more, Watts POSTS Luchasaurus! JB runs but into a drop toehold into ropes! Rosas rolls JB up, TWO!! Rosas almost had JB there but the fans rally up!

Watts tags in, he and Rosas double whip JB corner to corner. Rosas rams a shoulder in, enziguris JB into Watts’ grip, for the DOUBLE HAND CHOKE BOMB! Cover, TWO!?! JB survives and Watts can’t believe it! Watts tags Rosas back in, then he DECKS Luchasaurus! Watts drags JB up but JB tags out of the crucifix! Luchasaurus BOOTS Rosas while JB dropkicks Watts! Luchasaurus TAIL WHIPS Watts! Rosas is fed to JB’s KNEE, and then JB DIVES to take Watts down! JB returns as Luchasaurus gut wrenches, JURASSIC CUTTER! Cover, Jurassic Express wins!

Winners: Jurassic Express, by pinfall

Watts and Rosas put up a hell of a fight, but it wasn’t enough to beat this team! Will FTR recognize this team is a serious threat to their reign?


AEW profiles the history between Chris Jericho and Luther.

Jericho has known Len Olsen, aka Luther, for almost 30 years. Their first match was 4/12/1991. They hit it off right away, toured the world together, teaming against each other, “beating the crap out of each other,” from Canada to the US to South Africa to Japan. Luther was a much bigger star at first than Jericho, and that made Jericho a little jealous. Luther headlined against Hayabusa, faced Sabu, and even beat Atsushi Onita! Meanwhile, Jericho was just working the veteran halls in Canada. They went their separate ways, Jericho became Le Champion while Luther dominated the indie scene. Kenny Omega, AJ Styles, Brian Danielson, Christopher Daniels and more, and Luther beat them all! Everyone who knew the indies knew Luther, but he wasn’t on a national basis yet.

When Luther signed with AEW, it wasn’t a favor or good will gesture. It is because Luther was one of the biggest starts not given a chance. Jericho knew Luther would make waves, and here we are. The 30th anniversary celebration of Jericho, and it’s full circle. Jericho & Hager VS Chaos Project is the biggest match in Luther’s career, but it does mean something to Jericho. Because once again, after three decades, these two will prove who is the best! It is a huge night for Jericho, but this is Luther’s shot to show the world, millions of people, what it is Luther does. A match 30 years in the making, 30 years of friendship, 30 years of a vicious cycle of betrayal, it is finally Luther’s time to shine in the main event.

Jericho knows Luther will be at his best, and he’s seen Luther at his best before, this will also be the best Jericho yet. “Because even though I’m Le Champion, even though I’m the Demo God, even though I’m the Million Viewer Man, I have to beat Luther.”


Chaos Project VS Lee Johnson & Anthony Bowens!

Serpentico and Luther are about to take on Le Champion and Big Hurt to “celebrate” the 30 YEARS of Y2J. Will Big Shotty and The 5 Tool Player feel just some of the pain and suffering SNAKEMAN and the Original Death Dealer have in store for Dynamite?

The teams sort out, Johnson starts against Serpentico. Serpentico rushes in, Johnson leaps over and headlocks. Serpentico powers out, Johnson runs Serpentico over but Luther blindsides him! Luther kicks Bowens, he and Serpentico send Bowens out. Serpentico drags Johnson up, clubs and whips him but Johnson leaps over and dropkicks Serpentico down! Johnson drags Serpentico up to throw forearms and he whips Serpentico to the corner. Johnson runs in to hit an uppercut, tags in Bowens and whips Serpentico at him. Serpentico sunset flips over the back drop but Bowens rolls through to basement dropkick! Cover, ONE! Bowens CHOPS Serpentico in the corner, tags Johnson in, and they double suplex Serpentico! Cover, TWO!

Johnson stalks Serpentico, back suplexes but Serpentico lands on his feet! Serpentico boots Johnson away, Luther saves Serpentico from Johnson’s attack, and Serpentico rolls Johnson into a SUPERKICK! Serpentico drops ax handles as Luther shouts, “That’s how you do it!” Luther tags in and Chaos Project mugs Johnson. Luther stomps Johnson, drags him up and scoop slams him down! Tag to Serpentico, human weapon back suplex senton! Serpentico stomps Johnson, throws haymakers and tags Luther in. They stomp Johnson, Luther sidewalk slams Johnson down and Serpentico slingshot stomps! Serpentico DECKS Bowens, Luther claws Johnson’s eyes! The ref counts, Luther still claws at Johnson’s face but Johnson fights free.

Johnson runs, ducks the leg lariat and sunset flips, TWO! Luther LARIATS Johnson down! Luther stomps Johnson, drags him up and puts him against ropes to CHOP! Luther CHOPS Johnson more, then whips to elbow Johnson down! Luther drags Johnson up and snap suplexes! Tag to Serpentico, human weapon inverted suplex splash! Cover, TWO! Chaos Project is furious but fans rally up for Johnson. Serpentico kicks Johnson, Johnson hits back but Serpentico clubs him down. Serpentico whips Johnson to the corner but Johnson punches back! Johnson punches Luther, jumps over Serpentico and hot tags Bowens! Bowens clobbers Serpentico, whips but serpentico reverses. Bowens goes up and over and dodges to mule kick, front kick and run! TWISTING DDT!

Luther gets in, Bowens dropkicks Luther down! Bowens fires up and blocks Serpentico’s boot to get around and torture rack! SPINNING SLAM! Cover, Luther breaks it! Luther kicks Bowens around, drags him up and throws him to a corner. Luther run sin to corner splash, Serpentico stmops but Johnson gets in! Johnson throws hands on Chaos Project, runs but into a mule kick! Luther boots, Serpentico SHIRANUI! Luther whips Serpentico at Bowens but Bowens puts him on the apron. Bowens elbows Luther away but Serpentico enziguris! Luther CLOBBERS Bowens! Luther drags Bowens up, Serpentico is up top, METEORA DOOMSDAY! Cover, Chaos Project wins!

Winners: Chaos Project, by pinfall

The oddest, meanest and hungriest duo win again! Will they show Jericho and Hager exactly what nightmares are made of?


Will Hobbs VS Ryzin!

The Embodiment of Willpower gets his shot against the Machine, Brian Cage, for THE FTW Championship this Wednesday! Will Hobbs use the Priest of Sin as merely a warm-up?

The bell rings and Hobbs circles with Ryzin. Ryzin doesn’t think Hobbs is a big deal and he shoves him. HObbs CLOBBERS Ryzin! Hobbs bumps Ryzin off buckles, then more buckles! Hobbs brings Ryzin across the way but Ryzin bumps him off buckles now! Hobbs just glares at Ryzin and Ryzin apologizes. Ryzin holds out a hand but then kicks Hobbs low! Ryzin goes to suplex but Hobbs suplexes him first! And holds him for 10 before the slam! Fans fire up for Hobbs as he stalks Ryzin. Hobbs drags Ryzin up, suplexes him again to gourd buster! Hobbs pushes Ryzin around and Ryzin begs for mercy. Ryzin kicks Hobbs, then calf kicks but Hobbs stays up.

Ryzin runs and clotheslines but he hurts himself! Hobbs runs and LEAPS to tackle Ryzin! Ryzin flounders, fans fire up and Hobbs corner splashes hard! Hobbs whips Ryzin corner to corner, Ryzin boots back and hops up. Ryzin leaps, into Hobbs’ arms! For a swinging POWERSLAM! Hobbs fires himself up and says it’s done! Hobbs brings Ryzin up, Ryzin throws haymakers and runs, but into a SPINE BUSTER! The Last Will and Testament! Cover, Hobbs wins!

Winner: Will Hobbs, by pinfall

Taz and Starks know they’ll need to relate this information to Cage for Dynamite. Will Hobbs have the power to stop the Path of Cage?


AEW hears from Eddie Kingston.

“I am so sick and tired of Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss. You two are so talented but you go out there and you think this is a joke!” Do they wonder why they’re not in the main event? Because they’re clowns! They will NOT take Kinston’s family as a joke! The Lucha Brothers are not a joke! They are not jokes, they do not play games and they do not do “dumb clown ass bull SH*T!” Stay on the lower level, because you’re seeing the top level against the Lucha Brothers!


QT Marshall w/ Dustin Rhodes VS John Silver w/ The Dark Order!

While the American Nightmare will be chained to Mr. Brodie Lee in a Dog Collar Match for the AEW TNT Championship, God’s Gift to Wrestling wants to score another win for the Nightmare Family! But will Number 4 prove he should be Brodie’s Number 1 with a win?

The bell rings and Silver circles with QT. They tie up, QT waistlocks and slams Silver down! QT floats to a facelock but Silver slips out to a hammerlock. QT rolls, reaches up to headscissor and wrangle Silver down. Silver kips out but into a headlock takeover! Fans cheer the technical exchange but Silver fights up to power QT to a corner. Silver throws body shots, CHOPS and CHOPS again! Silver throws forearms, whips QT but QT reverses to elbow Silver down! QT drags Silver up to ROCK him with that right! Silver ends up in a corner, QT stomps him and whips him corner to corner. Silver elbows back, hops up and leaps, into QT’s arms! QT pops Silver up to a suplex! Cover, TWO! QT keeps his cool as he stalks Silver to ropes. QT ROCKS Silver again, whips him but Silver reverses.

QT holds ropes, elbows Silver away, but Evil Uno grabs a leg! QT shakes him off but Silver BODY CHECKS QT out of the ring! Silver goes out after QT and whips him hard into the side of the stage! Silver drags QT back up, whips him the other way into railing! Silver high fives with Uno and he CHOPS QT! Silver puts QT in the ring, Uno pats him on the shoulder and Silver goes in. Silver throws forearms but QT hits back with body shots. QT kicks, forearms and whips Silver but Silver reverses. Silver runs in to corner clothesline! Cover, TWO! Silver grows frustrated and fans rally up for QT. QT sits up and Silver KICKS him in the chest! QT eggs Silver on so Silver KICKS him again! QT catches the next kick but Silver rolls to drag QT down to a CROSSFACE!

Dustin coaches QT, QT crawls forward and QT gets the ropebreak! Silver lets go at 4, talks some trash to Dustin, then drags QT up to go after the arm. QT rolls and boots Silver away and Silver ends up on the apron. Silver gets up and throws forearms but QT throws haymakers! They brawl as they go to the corner and climb! QT has Silver but Silver fights him off. Silver throws body shots, clubs QT on the back, but QT ROCKS Silver! QT brings Silver up for the SUPERPLEX! Fans rally up as both men are down! A standing count climbs, QT gets to ropes and Silver sits up at 4. QT throws haymakers but Silver returns them! Fans rally up as QT gets the edge but Silver BOOTS back! Silver whips QT to a corner but QT comes back to LARIAT! Manhattan drop and a scoop slam!

QT goes up top while Silver rises, for a FLYING UPPERCUT! QT fires up, calls for it but Uno distracts! Silver runs in, QT still tilt-o-whirl SLAMS him! Cover, TWO! QT fires up as Silver rises. QT spins him around but Silver enziguris! Silver is in th ecorner, dodges QT to enziguri again! SNAP GERMAN! SUPERKICK! BACKSTABBER!! Cover, TWO!! QT survives and Silver is furious! Silver stalks QT, drags him up and torture racks but QT slides off. QT hits the lethal combination! Uno distracts the ref but Dustin is after him with uppercuts! Dustin punches Uno to the stage but Stu Grayson and the rest of the Dark Order runs in!

QT dodges Stu, gives Preston Vance DIAMOND CUTTER! Alan Angels is up top and LEAPS, into a DIAMOND CUTTER! The ref misses all of that but Silver ROCKS QT! Torture rack, TOWER HACKER BOMB!! Cover, Silver wins!!

Winner: John Silver, by pinfall

QT was outnumbered by the Numbers and Number 4 has the 1-2-3! Will things only escalate in this war between the Dark Order and the Nightmare Family?


Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr VS Cezar Bononi & David Ali!

The Ivy League MVP and Bulletproof BPJ are aiming to prove they can hang in the already deep AEW Tag Division! Will they run the Brazilian V8 and the Street Fighter off the road on the way to the top?

The teams sort out and Bononi starts with BPJ. But then Ali tags in? Ali wants after Pillman so they circle instead. They tie up, Ali headlocks but BPJ powers out. BPJ hurdles, drops down and dropkicks Ali! BPJ drags Ali up and wrenches his arm to tag in Griff. Griff goes up and drops ax handles on Ali’s arm. Griff wrenches, tags BPJ back in, and BPJ drops ax handles on Ali’s arm! BPJ wrenches Ali to whip him to a corner, for a clothesline and CHOP! BPJ snapmares Ali, tags in Griff, then slingshot sentons! Griff gets some help for the slingshot leg drop! Cover, TWO! Griff keeps Ali away from Bononi and suplexes, but Ali slips out to knee back! Ali tags Bononi but Griff throws forearms! Griff headlocks, Bononi powers out and runs Griff over! Bononi talks trash and dares him to tag BPJ.

Griff does tag BPJ in and these two circle now. BPJ dodges Bononi’s, kicks his legs but Bononi catches him to shove him down hard! Bononi runs in, BPJ dodges the corner attack and runs. BPJ sunset flips but Bononi stays up, and Bononi drags BPJ up to a Canadian rack. BPJ slips off to KICK a leg out, then KICK Bononi in the chest! Bononi just fires up as BPJ CHOPS him! BPJ runs into Bononi’s SPINE BUSTER! Bononi hobbles as he drags BPJ up and clubs him down. Bononi keeps on BPJ with clubbing forearms then whips him to ropes to elbow him down! Bononi drags BPJ up, tags in Ali, and they mug BPJ. Ali snapmares BPJ, KICKS him in the back then KICKS him in the front! Ali KICKS BPJ in the back but BPJ ducks the kick to the front and rolls Ali, TWO!

Ali whips BPJ to ropes and chokes him with a knee! The ref counts, Ali lets up at 4 and Bononi BOOTS BPJ in! Ali tags Bononi and Bononi shakes out the bad leg. Bononi knees BPJ, scoops him and RAMS him into the corner! Cover, TWO! BPJ still lives but Bononi looms over him. Bononi scowls as he taunts BPJ. BPJ fights up to throw body shots but Bononi scoops. BPJ slips off to shove Bononi to the corner, hot tags to Ali and Griff! Griff ROCKS Ali, LARIATS him then ROCKS Bononi! Griff BOOTS Ali, and rolling elbows Bononi! Big corner splash and a LAWN DART sends Ali into Bononi! Ali flounders up into Griff’s wheelbarrow FACEBUSTER! Tag to BPJ, Ali is on the apron and BPJ BOOTS Bononi down! Griff pops Ali up, BPJ springboards, FLYING CLOTHESLINE BOMB! Cover, BPJ & Griff win!!

Winners: Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr, by pinfall

Their first every victory as a tag team, and in AEW period! Will these new Hollywood Blonds begin the climb to the gold here tonight?


Big Swole VS Skyler Moore!

It’s a big return to action for Big Swole after that big win at AEW All Out! But will she leave Skyler wanting anything but more tonight?

The bell rings and Swole rallies the fans up. She ties up with Moore, Moore gets around and shoves Swole. Swole shakes that off and circles with Moore again. They tie up, Swole pushes Moore back but Moore puts her in a corner. Moore lets off to shove Swole but Swole shoves her down. Things get tense and they talk trash before shoving more. Moore swings but Swole fires off fast hands and a kick, then a CHOP! Moore staggers but kicks back and throws a forearm! Moore throws Swole by her hair and talks some smack! Moore kicks Swole around, stands on Swole at the ropes and stomps away! The ref counts, Moore lets off to cover, ONE!

Moore grows frustrated but fans rally up for Swole. Moore brings Swole up, scoops and mocks the chanting before hitting a POWERSLAM! Cover, ONE! Moore keeps on Swole with a suplex but Swole blocks. Moore clubs away on Swole, but Swole suplexes Moore! Swole fires up, rallies on Moore with clotheslines and elbows! Swole brings Moore up for forearm after forearm, but Moore ducks the roundhouse and jumps the sweep but the HEADBUTT hits! Swole runs in to uppercut Moore in the corner! Swole runs back in but Moore puts her on the apron. Swole ROUNDHOUSES, steps in, CUTTER! Fans fire up for Swole and Swole spins Moore around for DIRTY DANCING! Cover, Swole wins!

Winner: Big Swole, by pinfall

Swole won’t let herself fall behind! She wants that number one spot in the rankings, will she get her shot at the AEW Women’s Championship?


Matt Sydal introduces himself.

“I am visionary, high-flying wrestler, Matt Sydal. I made my AEW debut at All Out, and it didn’t go how I wanted it to.” He slipped on the top rope, almost broke his neck and maybe even died. All because of the intentional, reckless abandon of Nakazawa! Nakazawa sprayed his baby oil everywhere, and that’s why Sydal slipped! Sydal saw his life flash before his eyes, but luckily he didn’t die! That is because of his resiliency! Sydal will not just win, not just hurt Nakazawa, he’ll kick Nakazawa’s ass and make him wish he never bought baby oil in his life! Nakazawa’s lame career will end! No more BTE, no more Dark, Dynamite or PPV! AEW is where Sydal is now and you’ll see what he’s saying, NEXT!

Matt Sydal VS Michael Nakazawa!

Clearly things have gotten tense between these two. Sydal’s third eye is open and he’s aiming for Nakazawa’s neck! Will the Turkish Oil Master give Sydal the slip? Or will Sydal get his footing here in AEW?

Before the bell, Nakazawa oils up already! The referee takes his bottle away, but he has a second one! Nakazawa oils up a top turnbuckle! Nakazawa hides his second bottle before the ref notices, but did Sydal see that? Sydal makes his entrance, the bell rings and Nakazawa runs in but is sent into the slippery corner! Sydal KICKS away on Nakazawa’s leg then ROCKS him with the Question Mark Kick! Sydal goes to the corner but he sees the oil slick! Sydal decides to counter it with a towel! Sydal cleans up the rope and pad, throws it at Nakazawa and finishes his climb. The ref gets the towel out of the ring, and misses Nakazawa spraying Sydal with oil!! Sydal tumbles down, Nakazawa brings him back up and OLYMPIC SLAMS! Cover, TWO!!

Sydal survives and Nakazawa quickly resorts to the raspberry jockstrap! Nakazawa aims, Sydal counters to a cover, TWO! NASTY CLAW! Sydal breaks free, Nakazawa ducks the kick and clamps back on! But Sydal slips out to a Russian Leg Sweep! STF!! Nakazawa taps, Sydal wins!

Winner: Matt Sydal, by submission

Sydal makes Nakazawa suffer for being so sneaky and nasty! Will Sydal fly high above the shenanigans to go after some gold?


Eddie Kingston VS M’Badu!

The Mad King couldn’t quite make Jon Moxley into the former AEW World Champion, both directly and through a proxy. But he’s still fighting, so will he get through the Nigerian mountain in one piece?

The bell rings and M’Badu finishes a pre-match ritual. M’Badu approaches but Kingston kicks and CHOPS! M’Badu stays up so Kingston CHOPS again! And again! Kingston runs to BOOT M’Badu in the corner, then brings him up to whip corner to corner. M’Badu reverses, runs in and hits a big corner splash! M’Badu fires up and the fans rally, but Kingston rakes eyes! Kingston runs but into a POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! M’Badu fires up again and he runs, into Kingston’s kitchen sink knee! BACK HAND!! Cover, but Kingston lets up! He’s sending a message, with the KIMURA! M’Badu taps, Kingston wins!

Winner: Eddie Kingston, by submission

There are levels to this, and M’Badu is not on the Mad King’s level! Kingston grabs a mic to say, “Leave the hard cam on please. Because I don’t care about these people. I don’t care about the people here or here, or the marks sitting over there. What you just saw a Kimura lock, double wristlock. Your friend Josh Barnett, Moxley should know about that. Tapped out to it a couple times.” And if Kingston gets his Kimura in, you’ll scream “I Quit.” No tap out, just screaming “I Quit!” in front of everyone, including his wife.

Moxley was supposed to take them with him to the Promised Land. But now he’ll pay for that. Why not now? Where is Moxley? Where’s the champ? No one is making noise for the champ? Where is he? That’s what he thought. Moxley ain’t coming. Kingston says he never quit or tapped out. Being world champion is all he wants to be, it’s all anyone wants to be! Got that, greenhorns? You’re here to be world champion. “Mox, I’m gonna mess you up. And I’m gonna have so much fun doing it, you little b*tch.” Will Kingston get that second chance against the champ?


Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss respond.

“Cero Miedo. That means no fear. Every time me and Sonny get in that ring, we show no fear.” They weren’t successful last time, but much like Sonny’s booty, they bounce back. Lucha Bros, Janela and Kiss want to win and get on the rankings ASAP! They’re back, and here to kick some ass! They’re in the main event and look very serious! Will Kingston be made to eat his words tonight?


Angelico w/ Jack Evans VS Shawn Dean!

The Hybrid2 has been doing things one match at a time, but are still trying to get ahead. Will the South African Swagger stand tall against The Captain?

The bell rings and Dean circles with Angelico. They tie up, Angelico gets the arm and wrenches to a wristlock. Dean rolls, handsprings and wrenches to a wristlock. Angelico spins through, steps in and uses a unique leg hook to break free to a wristlock. Angelico spins and wrenches and arm-drags! Dean is in the corner and Angelico gives him a free shot. Dean runs out but into a kick! Angelico shoots in, Dean facelocks but Angelico rolls back to throw Dean off. Dean dodges to dropkick back! Now Angelico goes to a corner and Dean eggs him on. Angelico comes back, circles with Dean and the two go again. Dean waistlocks, Angelico standing switches and shoves Dean to a corner. Dean goes up but Angelico avoids the over to sweep the legs!

Angelico hooks up the leg, rolls him and Evans keeps the ropes away! The ref reprimands, Dean gets the ropebreak and Angelico lets go of the unique figure four at 4. Angelico toys with Dean but Dean glares at Angelico. Dean throws body shots but Angelico knees low to snapmare and KICK! Cover, TWO! Angelico keeps on Dean with a wristlock to a keylock and then traps the other arm. Dean endures as Angelico digs knuckles into his chest and neck area! The ref reprimands, Angelico lets go and Dean coughs and sputters to ropes. Angelico kicks at Dean, Dean gets up and throws body shots! Angelico swings, Dean dodges and DECKS Angelico with the left!

Angelico wobbles up and Dean whips. Angelico reverses, Dean dodges and comes back to clothesline! Dean starts to rally and fans fire up! Dean brings Angelico up, GERMAN SUPLEX! Dean fires up while Angelico flounders to a corner. Dean runs corner to corner and hits a dropkick! Angelico flounders into another kick and Dean reels him in. Salute and underhooks, but Angelico slips out to sweep the legs again! Angelico gets the legs, hooks them up, TWISTING into the inverted figure four and heel hook! Dean taps, Angelico wins!

Winner: Angelico, by submission

The South African submission specialist innovated something truly sadistic! Will TH2’s mean streak lead to a win streak and title opportunities?


The Lucha Brothers w/ Eddie Kingston VS Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela!

Pentagon and Rey Fenix are also in the thick of the tag team title hunt, but Jersey’s Finest is approaching fast behind them! Will the Concrete Rose and Bad Boy learn show they have Cero Miedo, too?

While Kingston gives Pentagon and Fenix some last pointers, Janela and Kiss DOUBLE DIVE out onto them!! Jersey’s Finest puts Fenix and Pentagon in but the Lucha Bros enziguri back! Janela and Kiss drag Pentagon out but Fenix FLIES! The brothers put Janela in, this match actually starts! Pentagon GAMANGIRIS, Fenix tags in to springboard dropkick! Fenix sets Janela up, WAZZAP~?! DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! Janela survives having his bad boy crushed! Fenix drags Janela up to CHOP him, then fireman’s carries. Janela slips off, back suplexes but Fenix lands on his feet. Janela elbows Fenix, tags Kiss and dropkicks Fenix, then Kiss springboard dropkicks! Cover, TWO!

Kiss drags Fenix up and tags Janela back in. They double whip Fenix, double hip toss, and then Janela gives Kiss the boost for the moonsault! Cover, TWO! Janela drags Fenix up and the two brawl. Janela ROCKS Fenix, fires up but Fenix dropkicks him down! Fenix tags Pentagon, Pentagon crossbodies Janela down! Fenix leaps to crossbody, too! The brothers combine, wheelbarrow splash! Cover, TWO! Pentagon tells fans rallying to hush, but Janela throws shots. Pentagon KICKS Janela’s leg out! Pentagon grabs an arm and pulls back, then he brings Janela up to whip to the ropes for a LARIAT! And a KICK! Pentagon rushes Kiss just to intimidate him, then he drags Janela back up. Pentagon underhooks, Janela spins out to cradle, TWO!

Pentagon keeps Janela away from Kiss, KICKS his legs out again, then stays between Janela and Kiss. Pentagon wags his finger at Kiss before bringing Janela up. Pentagon puts Janela on ropes to CHOP him down! Kingston mocks the stinging pain as Pentagon says ERO MIEDO! Janela slips out of the package driver to SUPERKICK Pentagon! And DECK Fenix! Hot tag to Kiss! Kiss runs and spins for a big elbow on Pentagon! And a dropkick! Kiss spins Pentagon for an EXPLODER! Kiss kips up and fans fire up as Kiss runs in. Pentagon boots but Kiss blocks them! Kiss clubs Pentagon into the corner for a basement dropkick!  Kiss puts Penta in a drop zone and goes up top, for the 450 SPLASH! Cover, but Fenix breaks it!

Janela throws Fenix at ropes but Fenix rewind HEEL KICKS! Kiss ROUNDHOUSES Fenix, Pentagon SPUERKICKS Kiss! Kiss LARIATS on the return! All four men are down and the fans fire up! Kiss rises and tags in Janela! Janela runs at Pentagon but Fenix somersault CUTTERS! Kiss uses Janela to leap frog, into Penta’s SUPERKICK! Penta SUPERKICKS Janela! The Lucha Bros combine, DUMDUM STOMP DRIVER! Cover, Lucha Brothers win!

Winners: The Lucha Brothers, by pinfall

That was no joke, Lucha Brothers put away Jersey’s Finest! Will Pentagon and Fenix bring Cero Miedo to the AEW Tag Team Championships?

My Thoughts:

A really good AEW Dark, but I have to say ELEVEN matches feels like too much. Again, most of the matches had obvious winners, such as Brandi, Jurassic Express, Chaos Project, Will Hobbs, Big Swole, Eddie Kingston and Angelico. All those matches were great, especially the showing from Watts & Rosas against Jurassic Express, but still. What I did like was Kingston’s promo after his match, and I think him saying the words “I Quit” a few times might be teasing a rematch between him and Moxley in an I Quit match. Lance Archer is still scheduled for his match with Moxley for the Dynamite Anniversary, but it’d be crazy if Kingston came around in time for Full Gear to give us that I Quit match. Last year’s Full Gear had Moxley VS Omega in a brutal Unsanctioned Match, why not give us Moxley VS Kingston in equally brutal action?

My Score: 8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (8/15/22)

Minneapolis gets Elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

It’s a Superbad return!

Penelope Ford returns to action in AEW as Dark: Elevation serves the leftovers from Dynamite’s Quake by the Lake!


  • Tony Nese & Josh Woods w/ Mark Sterling VS Travis Titan & Arik Cannon; Nese & Woods win.
  • 8 Man Tag: The Dark Order VS T.U.G Cooper, Drew System, Rylie Jackson & Adam Grace; The Dark Order wins.
  • Serena Deeb VS Sierra; Deeb wins.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Cezar Bononi; Konosuke wins.
  • Julia Hart VS Free-Range Kara; Julia wins.
  • Private Party VS JAH-C & JDX; Private Party wins.
  • Penelope Ford VS Heather Reckless; Ford wins.
  • The Acclaimed VS Justin Fowler & JT Energy; The Acclaimed win.
  • Six Woman Tag: Hikaru Shida & ThunderStorm VS Emi Sakura, Marina Shafir & Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero; Shida & ThunderStorm win.


Great to see Penelope Ford is back in action. I wonder if Kip Sabian will make his in-ring return soon. Unless he wants to keep stalking Pac a little longer as the box man… Private Party is going to get a win as the warm-up for their AEW World Tag Team Championship match this Wednesday, and pretty much the entirety of The Dark Order is in action in that 8 Man Tag. Konosuke VS Bononi is going to be really good. Bononi is certainly the biggest opponent physically speaking for Konosuke to take on, so we’ll get to see how Konosuke handles that situation.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (8/12/22)

Rampage by the Lake!



AEW Quake

It’s a packed Friday night for Minneapolis!

From the AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championships to a preview of the AEW World Trios Championship tournament, Rampage is jampacked!


  • AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championships: Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo VS Dante Martin & Skye Blue; Sammy & Tay win and retain the titles.
  • Parker Boudreaux w/ The Trustbusters VS Sonny Kiss; Boudreaux wins.
  • Beardhausen VS Gunn Club; Gunn Club wins.
  • Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends VS Ari Daivari w/ The Trustbusters; Cassidy wins.


Bryan Danielson is here!

The American Dragon is back and Minneapolis is fired up to see him! Bryan goes to the ring and Tony Schiavone is there waiting for him to say we can all tell Bryan is here with purpose. So first, there is speculation that after the loss to Daniel Garcia, Bryan is not 100%. Second, Garcia has said he is the “Dragonslayer,” and he will not only defeat Bryan but end his career. Bryan takes the mic to say, “To be honest, I’ve been wrestling almost 23 years, I don’t know if I will ever be 100%. But I don’t need to be 100%, I need to live 100%! And there is nothing that makes me feel more alive than being in this ring!”

Fans cheer that and Bryan continues to say, “I will never willfully stop wrestling. Daniel Garcia said if I get in the ring with him, he’ll slay the dragon, end my career. Do you know what? Someone is gonna have to damn end my career because I am not going to end this ring on my own. But my career will not end this Wednesday!” But then Garcia is on stage and telling Bryan to “hold up, hold up, hold up. Bryan, it’s no secret that Bryan Danielson is my hero! You’re my hero, Bryan! But it sounds like to me that my hero is prepared to lose. It sounds like to me that my hero is coming up with excuses.” Fans boo that as Garcia gets in the ring.

Garcia says that he isn’t sure how many times he can put up with this! Bryan retires, then comes back, then retires again, then comes back again. Bryan can’t keep putting Garcia through this, it hurts Garcia. Garcia says when Bryan hurts Garcia, Garcia wants to hurt Bryan back. And when you step in the ring with Garcia again, Garcia will hurt him so bad, that he ends Bryan’s career for good! And then he won’t just be the Dragonslayer, he’ll be the Greatest Technical Sports Entertainer on the Planet.

Fans boo and Bryan responds with, “I’m okay with people saying they’re gonna end my career. Ever since I came to AEW, I’ve been talking about violence. I love violence, and violence begets violence. But do you know what really pisses me off? It’s that sports entertainment BS!” Fans cheer for that! Bryan knows what Chris Jericho’s been shoving down Garcia’s throat, and it IS that sports entertainment crap! Do you all know that this kid, Daniel Garcia, was one of the first names Bryan mentioned when talking about starting the Blackpool Combat Club? And why? Because Bryan saw Garcia at 21 years old go 60 MINUTES in front of 250 people, showing them the best wrestling Bryan’s seen in a young talent in YEARS!

So let Bryan ask Garcia, and he wants Garcia to think about it all the way to Wednesday, when Bryan’s stomping Garcia’s face in! “Do you wanna be the Best Technical Sports Entertainer on the Planet? Or, or… Look at me when I talk to you!” Bryan even grabs Garcia’s face to keep him looking forward! “If I was your hero, do you want to be the Best Technical Wrestler in the world? And I’ll leave that up to you.” Bryan drops the mic and leaves Garcia to mull that over. What path will Garcia choose while his career is still young?


AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championships: Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo VS Dante Martin & Skye Blue!

Another young protégé of Chris Jericho, and his blushing new bride, are back in action! And for the first time in AEW, they defend the belts that signify their bond! But will the Spanish God and his Brazilian Goddess celebrate a title win on top of their marriage? Or will Angel Dorado & Cielo Azul prove that for once, love doesn’t conquer all?

The introductions are made, the matching red ‘n’ blue belts are raised, and we see if the hometown hero of Minneapolis and the girl next door can win the big one!

The teams sort out, and Skye insists that it’s ladies first. Tay and Sammy kiss for luck, but Dante tells Sammy to leave that stuff backstage. Sammy shoves Dante down! So Skye fires off on Tay! And Dante TACKLES Sammy! The fans fire up as the scraps continue, and the ladies spill out of the ring! Dante TACKLES Sammy again, so it seems the gentlemen are starting instead! Tay RAMS Skye into the railing, Sammy shoves Dante again but Dante trips Sammy up! Dante rains down more forearms while fans fire up for the 612! Sammy gets up and KNEES Dante, then soaks up the heat. Sammy CHOPS Dante against ropes, then whips him to ropes.

Dante reverses, knees and CHOPS Sammy in return, then ROCKS and CHOPS him again. Dante whips Sammy to ropes, Tay catches Sammy to stop him then tags in. Skye is to come in automatically, but she tags to climb up and CROSSBODY! Skye then gets around but Tay throws her off with the judo hip toss. Skye shoves Tay so Tay SLAPS Skye! Skye smirks and SLAPS back! And then fires off fast hands! Fans fire up but Tay trips Skye! Tay steps through, rolls and uses the leg lock to THROW Skye! Tay steps over into a modified STF, and she chinbars Skye into an almost Bow ‘n’ Arrow style stretch! Skye endures, scoots but Tay makes it a cover, ONE!

Skye has a cover, ONE! Skye ROCKS Tay, whips her to ropes, and fans rally. Tay holds ropes but Skye SHINING WIZARDS! And SHINING WIZARDS again! Tay shoves Skye, Skye dodges and mule kicks a leg! Tay blocks the superkick but now the DRAGON WHIP! Fans fire up and Skye runs, but Sammy swipes at her! The ref reprimands, but Tay BOOTS Skye down! Fans boo SamTay while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Tay stomps Skye, covers her, TWO! Tay is frustrated and she talks trash on Dante. Tay stalks Skye to ropes to CHOKE her! The ref counts, Tay lets off at 4, and then she drags Skye up to whip her into a DROP SAYANAGI! And then another! And another, but Skye blocks to a cradle! TWO, and Tay ROCKS Skye! Tay kicks Skye around, drags her up, and she kisses Sammy. That’s not a tag so Tay CLUBS away on Skye. Tay cravats to throw knee after knee into Skye, and then whips her into a neutral corner. Tay runs in and BOOTS Skye! Tay runs in again but Skye dodges the boot to roll Tay up, with a bridge, TWO!!

Rampage returns to single picture and Tay grabs a leg, but Skye ENZIGURIS Tay down! Fans fire up as Skye crawls, hot tag to Dante! That brings Sammy in, but Dante fakes him out into a TACKLE! Dante rains down fists, Sammy shoves him away but Dante rallies with forearm smashes! Dante then ducks a haymaker to DROPKICK Sammy out! Minneapolis fires up and Dante takes aim. Tay runs in but Dante goes up and over her! Dante DIVES and takes out Sammy! Fans fire up as Dante puts Sammy in fast. Dante slides in but Tay anchors a foot! The ref reprimands, Dante drags Tay into the ring with that foot, and Sammy grabs Dante!

Sammy clinches but Dante breaks free. Dante kicks, Sammy blocks and flips Dante, over Tay! Dante then uses Tay as a step to hit a DESTROYER on Sammy!! Sammy flops down, Dante covers, TWO!! Sammy survives and Dante can’t believe it! “This is Awesome!” and Dante drags Sammy up. Sammy KNEES Dante back, torture racks, but Dante slips off! Skye tags in, Dante gets Sammy in a half nelson! Sammy elbows free, Tay tilt-o-whirl DDTs Dante! But Skye FLYING RANAS Sammy! The ladies cleared the ring, Tay SUPERKICKS and hooks Skye, TAY K O!! Cover, SamTay win!

Winners: Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo, by pinfall (still AAA World Mixed Tag Team Champions)

There was a lot of fire in the hearts of Dante & Skye, but not enough to burn down Sammy & Tay. Will Mr. & Mrs. Champion continue to reign on everyone’s parade?


The Lucha Brothers speak.

Rey Fenix says, “After a long road, the Lucha Brothers are coming back for gold.” Penta, with Alex Abrahantes translating, tells Andrade and the world, “This hasn’t finished. But next week, the All-Atlantic Champion returns, and Death Triangle will be reunited and will fight for the Trios Championships.” The Bastard, Pac, is returning from his European tour, will he, Penta & Fenix be ready for The United Empire’s Aussie Open and Will Ospreay in the opening round?


Parker Boudreaux w/ The Trustbusters VS Sonny Kiss!

Ari Daivari recruited this brutal blue chipper to the group, knowing this would be a very wise investment. Will Parker pay off right away? Or will the Concrete Rose prove not to judge a book by its cover?

The bell rings and Parker CLOBBERS Kiss! Kiss flounders, Parker drags him up with a facelock and CLUBS away on the corner! Parker lets off as the ref counts and runs in, but Kiss dodges the splash! Kiss ROCKS Parker, then runs to handspring and SLAP! And uppercut! But Parker grabs Kiss by the neck, for a CHOKE SLAM! Parker snarls and drags Kiss up to a back suplex SLAM!! Cover, Parker wins!

Winner: Parker Boudreaux, by pinfall

Slim J is pumped for Parker but Parker just looks hungry for more. Will the Trustbusters eat well when the Trios Championship begins?


La Faccion Ingobernable meets with the former Andrade Family Office.

Andrade formally introduces Rush to Butcher, Blade and Private Party. Rush doesn’t like Private Party. But Andrade says it’s fine! The LFI will win those Trios Championships, unlike Private Party against Keith Lee. Jose even adds that was embarrassing. Isiah Kassidy tells Jose to shut up, and he tells El Idolo that people like him have been sleeping on Private Party for a very long time. But that’s fine, because it all changes. Private Party will wake Andrade up. Well good, maybe Private Party can get this group those world tag titles. Upper management leaves, will Kassidy & Quen redeem themselves in the eyes of the ungovernables?


Beardhausen VS Gunn Club!

Erick Redbeard returns to AEW alongside the Very Nice, Very Evil Danhausen to teach these Ass Boys something! Not quite sure what, but will Danhausen & Erick put a curse on the Gunn Club? Or can Austin & Colten redeem themselves after losing in the Dumpster Match?

The teams sort out and Erick starts against Colten. Fans taunt the “ASS~ BOYS! ASS~ BOYS!” Colten shrugs that off to tie up with Erick, and Erick shoves Colten down! Fans fire up but Austin tags in. Austin steps to Erick now, but then decides not. Psych! Austin rushes in, but Erick runs him over! The boys bail out and regroup and Billy asks what the hecc! Billy tells Austin to get in there, but then Danhausen tags in! Fans fire up as Danhausen flexes on Austin. He powers up and… CURSES Austin! But Austin DECKS Danhausen! So no hex? Austin bumps Danhausen off buckles as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Austin tags Colten, Colten bumps Danhausen off more buckles then stomps away. Colten whips corner to corner, runs in, but Danhausen boots him away! Danhausen goes up, reels Colten in, and puts him in the ROPE BUTTERFLY! Austin protests but that only means Colten suffers longer! The ref counts, Danhausen lets go at 4, and then he slingshots up to the top! But while the ref is checking on Colten, Austin sucker punches Danhausen! Colten then DROPKICKS Danhausen down! Colten soaks up the heat, drags Danhausen up and brings him around to bump off buckles. Colten stomps Danhausen, the ref counts, and he lets off at 4.

Colten taunts Erick but then backs off as Erick steps in. Colten bumps Danhausen off buckles, tags Austin in, but Danhausen fights back! He fires off haymakers on Austin, but Austin kicks low! Austin ROCKS Danhausen, taunts the fans, and Billy taunts Danhausen with an Orange Cassidy thumbs up. Austin drags Danhausen up to stomp away in the corner, then lets off as the ref counts. The ref reprimands Austin but misses Colten CHOKING Danhausen! Colten CLUBS Danhausen then tells fans they saw nothing! Austin stomps Danhausen, drags him up, and brings him around as Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Austin has Danhausen in a headlock. Fans rally up and Danhausen slips away! Austin rushes after him but Danhausen slips under! And then under again, hot tag to Erick! Redbeard rallies on the Gunn Clubs, BOOT for Austin, DROPKICK for Colten! Then a SPLASH and TOSS for Colten, then he runs at Austin, Austin BOOTS Erick, but Erick TOSSES Austin out onto Colten! Erick goes out now and runs in to CROSSBODY both Ass Boys! Fans fire up as Erick puts Austin in and fans rally up for the slingshot senton! Shoutout to Brodie Lee! Then a HEEL KICK! Cover, Colten breaks it!

Fans boo as Colten hammers away on Erick! Colten rags Erick up, Austin joins in, but Erick fights the double suplex to DOUBLE SUPLEX Gunn Club! Fans are thunderous, and Danhausen wants back in! Tag and Danhausen is in! Erick drags Austin up for him, Danhausen hooks Austin up, and Erick runs! But Colten distracts the ref and Billy dumps Erick out! Fans boo and Austin turns things around into a FAMOUSER! Cover, Gunn Club wins!!

Winners: Gunn Club, by pinfall

Big assist from Daddy Ass, and yet Billy gets the mic to say, “Oh my God, are you kidding me? Really, that’s what you’re giving us? No wonder they call you Ass Boys, and no wonder I miss The Acclaimed.” Ouch… Billy means that the guys need to toughen up a bit. A lot of bit! They sure ain’t doing what he’s taught them, that’s a fact! But that’s okay, on Dynamite, they’ve got another match to prove themselves with. But who is it? Billy doesn’t say, will Austin & Colten just have to tough it out? Wait, Stokely Hathaway is in the crowd, offering his business card again. Austin & Colten don’t accept, and they follow after Billy.


Backstage interview with Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland.

Lexi Nair is with the AEW World Tag Team Champions, Swerve in Our Glory. Earlier, Andrade made it clear that he wants Private Party to go after the titles. Now, Keith Lee has history with them, but what makes the tag title match different? Keith chuckles and says, “Listen. I got here, Mr. Kassidy was a challenger, and I dismantled him. His friend, Quen, jumps in, I dismantle him. I don’t know if this makes sense, but if you didn’t have a chance against me, what makes you think you have a chance against us? Please, do the math.”

Swerve admits math wasn’t his best subject, when it came to counting money! But um, he added up Private Party’s losses, subtracted their wins, and carried the one, and the still don’t add up to a top five ranking team! So they will allow Private Party to be grace the champs with their presence, since no ranked team wants to, and they can #SwerveInOurGlory. Whose house? “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” Will Quen & Kassidy take advantage of this gracious opportunity? Or will they be of further disappointment to El Idolo.


HOOK is here!

Minneapolis fires up for the Cold-Hearted, Handsome Devil of a NEW FTW Champion! Hook goes to the ring, Schiavone is there, and Schiavone says there is no question that one of the most incredible debuts in AEW culminated with Hook becoming FTW Champion. As we understand it, this title is always in open challenge. Is that right, Hook? “Yup.” Okay. We’ve followed Hook’s career, short as it is still, and it has been tremendous. But wait! Out walks Zack Clayton! He introduces himself as “The Reality,” and he knows some recognize him from his reality TV superstardom in the great state of New Jersey!

Clayton tells Hook that he will take that FTW Championship from him, “you little wannabe tough guy New Yorker!” And Clayton will bring it to God’s Country, New Jersey, where it belongs! Hook nods and wave Clayton to bring it, but Clayton says no, he just got new boots made, they’re not ready it. And plus, being a Jersey guy, he does things on his terms. So how about we do this on next week’s Rampage? Hook holds up the belt to say sure thing! The match is made, will The Reality be the one getting a reality check against the Son of Taz?


Mark Henry speaks with tonight’s main eventers!

The World’s Strongest Man says Ari Daivari offered Orange Cassidy a spot in the Trustbusters, but what is it that Daivari sees in him? “Mark, Orange Cassidy is easily, hands down, one of the most talented professional wresters on the AEW roster. And now that my trust has officially kicked in, I am investing my hard earned money into the best talent around.” Look what he’s already down for Slim J and Parker Boudreaux! And Orange doesn’t wanna join that? He still wants to hang out with “those stupid goofs?” Hey, you don’t wanna join in, fine! They’ll do the next best thing, and Daivari will beat Orange’s ass in this old dump of a hometown, Minneapolis!

Wow. Well, uh, looks like there’s been enough talk. Orange, no, that’s Mark’s line. Oh. Well, it is true, though. It’s time for the main event! Will Cassidy give Quake by the Lake a Freshly Squeezed main event? Or will Daivari Dinero make that money?

Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends VS Ari Daivari w/ The Trustbusters!

The bell rings and fans rally for “Freshly Squeezed!” as he gives Best Friends his jacket and tie-dye shirt. Cassidy lifts up his hands but Daivari has him wait before putting them in his pockets. Daivari gets a mic and says, “I’m gonna give you one last chance to join the Trustbusters. All you have to do is lay down and let me pin you, then the four of us can get out of this sh*tty town.” Fans boo and Cassidy… nods?! Cassidy lies down and Daivari says he knew Cassidy was smarter than that. Cassidy is ready, Daivari takes a moment to decide what angle he’s coming in from, but then Cassidy rolls away!

Fans laugh and Cassidy tells Daivari to hurry up. Daivari goes to cover again but Cassidy rolls away again! Daivari is annoyed, he storms up but Cassidy rolls out of the ring. And then puts his hands up, to… Nope, Cassidy has to get in the ring as Daivari rushes out! Cassidy then rolls all the way to the far side and gets a GROUP HUG from Best Friends! Got to give the people what they want! But then Boudreaux and Slim J flank them! Chuck & Trent step to them, Daivari rushes out after Cassidy! Daivari puts Cassidy in but things speed up! Cassidy ducks, waistlocks, Daivari switches but Cassidy switches back.

Daivari switches again and he SLAMS Cassidy down! Cassidy fights up, pries at the hold, goes for a leg, but then just puts his hands up. And he slips his hands inside the waistlock to put them in his pockets! Cassidy uses that to break free! And kangaroo kicks! Things speed up, Cassidy hurdles and SHOTGUNS Daivari down! Fans fire up as Cassidy kips up, and then he blocks Daivari’s kick! It was headed a little low and Daivari apologizes, but Cassidy shoves Daivari to a corner. Daivari goes up and out, Cassidy rushes in but into a shoulder! And then a DRAPING NECKBREAKER! Daivari grins and hugs it out with his team, NOT what the people want.

Daivari takes his time returning and Rampage goes picture in picture. Daivari drags Cassidy up, whips him to a corner hard, and Cassidy bounces off buckles. Daivari soaks up the heat from the fans and he stands Cassidy up. Daivari CHOPS Cassidy in the corner, follows him along the way to another corner, and then drags him up to whip corner to corner hard! Cassidy bounces off buckles again, and Daivari drags him back up. Daivari puts Cassidy in the ropes, CHOKES him, but lets off at 4. Slim J chokes Cassidy behind the ref’s back! Best Friends protest but the ref misses it all. Trent storms over but Slim J has Parker backing him up.

Daivari stomps Cassidy, then drags him up to turn him for a Neckbreaker Rack! Cassidy endures the stretch, pries at the hold, and fans rally up as Cassidy turns things back around! Daivari fights the backslide, but Cassidy fights it back. They struggle for control, Daivari swings Cassidy out for a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Daivari is annoyed, he slaps Cassidy around, and then drags him up to TOSS out of the ring! The ref watches Slim J and Parker, and Best Friends storm over to back them off. Daivari goes out to fetch Cassidy, and RAMS him into the apron! Daivari RAMS Cassidy into railing and soaks up the heat from the front row.

Daivari puts Cassidy in the ring, talks trash on Trent, then clamps onto Cassidy with a chinlock. Cassidy endures, pries at the hold, and fans rally as he works on the grip! Rampage returns to single picture as Cassidy has the hold open. Cassidy turns things around but Daivari turns them right back and shoves Cassidy to ropes! Daivari catches Cassidy to a SLEEPER, but Cassidy flails and reaches out! Cassidy is fading, and is turning red, but he gets the ROPEBREAK! Daivari SLAPS the arms off the ropes and puts the SLEEPER on again! Fans rally as Cassidy endures again, but the ref checks. The arm drops once! And then it drops twice!

But Cassidy gets his second wind, puts both hands up, and then puts them in his pockets! Cassidy RAMS Daivari into buckles, gets free and dodges a lariat, but DOUBLE LARIATS collide on the return! Fans rally up again as both men stir. A standing count starts and climbs, the Trustbusters and Best Friends coach their guys up. Cassidy gets to a corner and drags himself up while Daivari stands. Daivari runs in but only gets buckles! Cassidy runs in but gets put on the apron! Cassidy blocks a punch to bump Daivari and then climbs. Daivari CHOPS Cassidy, then CHPOS again! Daivari hurries to set Cassidy up, but Cassidy boots Daivari away!

Cassidy adjusts now, but Daivari CHOPS him again! Daivari climbs up after Cassidy but Cassidy resists. Daivari CLUBS away on Cassidy, but Cassidy SHOVES Daivari down! Cassidy leaps, CROSSBODY! Cassidy keeps moving, ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl, but no DDT! Daivari whips, Cassidy goes up but Daivari KICKS him out of the air! But Cassidy dodges again, only for Daivari to dodge and RUNNING NECKBREAKER! Cassidy staggers up, Daivari reels him in, but Cassidy suplexes first! Fans fire up as Cassidy gets to a corner. The standing count returns but fans rally for “Freshly Squeezed!”

Cassidy is up first, he gives those “devastating” kicks to Daivari, but dodges a superkick to SUPERKICK back! Cassidy prepares the arm, runs in, but Daivari turns Orange Punch into URENAGE! Cover, TWO!! Daivari is furious but he drags Cassidy up. Daivari says Cassidy should’ve accepted the offer. Daivari hammerlocks the arm, but Cassidy arm-drags him away! Cassidy tilt-o-whirls and DDTs! Fans fire up and Cassidy goes up top, DEEP IMPACT!! Cover TWO!! Daivari survives two DDTs in a row but the armband comes off! Cassidy is fired up, Slim J gets on the apron! Chuck trips him up! Parker grabs Chuck and Trent!

Cassidy DIVES to take Parker out! Cassidy hurries back up but Daivari trips him up! Daivari crosses the arms, ICONOCLASM!! Cover, TWO!! Daivari is furious but he slashes his throat! He vows to end this with the hammerlock and LION- NO, Cassidy ducks then rolls Daivari up. ONE as Daivari rolls through, Cassidy ducks the superkick to ORANGE PUNCH!! Cover, Cassidy wins!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall

Cassidy refused to sell out Slim J CLOBBERS Cassidy! But Best Friends TOSS Slim J out Only to turn around and get CLOBBERED by Parker! Parker SPLASHES Chuck in one corner, then SPLASHES Trent in the other, and roars! Fans boo but Orange is back up! And Sonny Kiss rushes out there! Kiss did just lose to Parker, so- Kiss LOW BLOWS Cassidy!?!? And then Parker gives Orange the SLAM!! Did Kiss just sell out to the Trustbusters!? Did that happen between now and that match earlier? Or was it all part of the plan?

My Thoughts:

A great episode to close out the first Quake by the Lake event, with some surprising developments here. While Parker Boudreaux didn’t really change his moveset up from when he was Harland in NXT, he of course wins here tonight in a squash. Then we got an awesome main event out of Cassidy VS Daivari, even with Best Friends and the Trustbusters ringside. I was a touch surprised Cassidy won, but then that brawl at the end with Kiss swerving and turning Heel was a great way for Trustbusters to stand tall here. The go-home math is now a wash, but I would think Best Friends win to advance in the trios tournament.

Speaking of that tournament, great promo from the LFI and extended faction, as well as from Keith & Swerve. A title match between Keith & Swerve VS Private Party is going to be awesome, but I would think the champions retain the titles. Private Party going after LFI would be great to turn Private Party Face. Good promo from Lucha Bros to hype up their Trios Championship tournament match, and I would think Death Triangle beats The United Empire, pinning one of Aussie Open. And their promo implies that no matter who the third man is for the Young Bucks, LFI advances. AKA it’ll be Brandon Cutler because the Bucks have no one else, and he takes the pin.

Really fun match from Gunn Club and Beardhausen, but rather surprising that Gunn Club won. Billy is really ripping into his own sons, I have a feeling he just pushes them into joining Stokely’s stable. Stokely’s got Ethan Page, he’s got Lee Moriarty, he needs a tag team before can start taking over AEW properly, and it could be Gunn Club. Great promo segment from Hook and Zack Clayton, and this is a great opportunity for Clayton to move up in the world. The Mixed Tag Championship match was a great opening match, and while Dante & Skye looked great, I figured SamTay would win to retain.

And we got a great promo from Bryan and Garcia to open the whole show, and I am so happy Bryan is taking this story the way I was hoping. Daniel Garcia is definitely more a BCC guy than a JAS guy, so I hope the best two outta three falls match starts getting Garcia to consider his position in the feud. There’s a lot that Garcia can bring into the BCC, from both a moment of dysfunction since he battled Yuta for the ROH Pure Championship and was insufferable to the other BCC members, to more fire in the faction because they can get even more titles now. I can’t wait to see where this goes next.

My Score: 8.7/10

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