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Mitchell’s NJPW G1 Climax 30 Results & Report! (10/13/20)

The penultimate round!



NJPW G1 Climax 30

The G1 Climax is in the home stretch with Round 8!

The top four in A Block are all tied at 5-2 with 10 points! Will Ospreay, Kota Ibushi, Jay White, Kazuchika Okada, who leads A Block?!

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • A Block – Will Ospreay VS Jeff Cobb; Cobb wins.
  • A Block – Kota Ibushi VS Yujiro Takahashi; Ibushi wins.
  • A Block – Shingo Takagi VS Taichi; Taichi wins.
  • A Block – Minoru Suzuki VS Jay White; White wins.
  • A Block – Kazuchika Okada VS Tomohiro Ishii; Okada wins.


Here are the current A Block standings!

Will Ospreay: 5-2, 10 points
Jay White: 5-2, 10 points
Kota Ibushi: 5-2, 10 points
Kazuchika Okada: 5-2, 10 points
Jeff Cobb: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Taichi: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Minoru Suzuki: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Tomohiro Ishii: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Shingo Takagi: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Yujiro Takahashi: 0-7, 0 points [ELIMINATED]


A Block – Will Ospreay VS Jeff Cobb!

The Assassin lost to the Golden Star but won against the Switchblade. He could lead the block, but still has Kazuchika Okada in A Block’s finale. Will he be too worried about his battle with the Rainmaker to focus on the Hawaiian Hulk?

The bell rings and Ospreay shotgun dropkicks Cobb right away! Ospreay fires off forearms and stomps then goes corner to corner. Cobb follows but Ospreay dodges and Cob hits buckles. Ospreay CHOPS but Cobb doesn’t flinch! Cobb grabs Ospreay, Ospreay breaks free and throws forearms, but Cobb CHOPS Ospreay off his feet! Fans cheer as Cobb brings Ospreay up and whips. Ospreay dodges, huricanranas and Cobb bails out. Fans fire up as Ospreay builds speed, but Cobb sees the handspring coming and catches Ospreay! Cobb drags Ospreay through ropes to the apron, lifts, but Ospreay fights off the lift to throw forearms. Ospreay kicks but Cobb ducks it to bring Ospreay up! Ospreay holds ropes again, flips into the ring and enziguris Cobb down! Ospreay runs, SASUKE SPECIAL! Direct hit at the ropes!

Fans fire up as Ospreay clubs Cobb. Ospreay puts Cobb in, throws haymakers, then bumps Cobb off buckles. Ospreay throws European Uppercuts then sweeps the legs. Ospreay runs corner to corner, basement dropkick! Cover, ONE and with power! Fans cheer and Ospreay is surprised. Ospreay gives toying kicks and slaps then throws forearms. Cobb just stands up! Ospreay throws more forearms, then offers Cobb a shot. Cobb winds up but Ospreay back kicks him first! Ospreay goes to whip but Cobb blocks with power! Cobb whips OSpreay the other way but runs into boots. Ospreay goes uup, springbuards, into the OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Fans fire up as Cobb runs, leaping uppercut! RUNNING BACK SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Ospreay just manages to escape but Cobb drags Ospreay up.

Cobb headbutts Ospreay to a corner, then CHOPS! Ospreay winces but Cobb brings him out for a scoop. Cobb pops Ospreay up for the suplex slam! Fans cheer as Cobb covers, TWO! Cobb keeps his cool, drags Ospreay back up, but Ospreay throws body shots and forearms. Ospreay runs, into Cobb’s lift for the bearhug! Ospreay endures the squeeze, fights with elbows, but Cobb throws body shots. Cobb gut wrenches Ospreay up, and around, and around, for a bomb lift, but Ospreay fights back! Ospreay’s huricanrana is blocked, but he sunset flips! Cobb stops that, drags Ospreay back up, but Ospreay dropkicks out of the two hand slam! Fans cheer and rally up as both men rise. Ospreay hurries over to kick and whpi but CObb reverses. Ospreay handsprings to NEURALIZER!

Fans cheer as Cobb and Ospreay rise again. Ospreay’s in the corner, Cobb runs in but blocks the boot only to take an enziguri! Ospreay atomic drops and CHOPS, but Cobb DOUBLE CHOPS Ospreay down! GACHIMUCHI, but Ospreay moves! Ospreay standing Shooting Stars onto Cobb’s back! Ospreay turns Cobb over for the cover, TWO! Fans cheer and Ospreay goes to the apron. Fans rally up as Ospreay aims, springboards and PIP PIP CHEERIO! Cover, TWO! Cobb is still in this but Ospreay keeps cool. Cobb sits up as Ospreay goes to a corner. Fans rally up as Ospreay prepares the arm. Cobb ducks the blade, blocks the kick and CLOBBERS Ospreay to the GACHIMUCHI! Cover, TWO! Ospreay survives that quick comeback but fans rally with Cobb!

Cobb brings Ospreay up, whips him, but Ospreay holds ropes. Ospreay boots back, runs, but into a pop-up, only to tilt-o-whirl through! Cobb blocks the crucifix takedown, Ospreay tries a sunset flip but Cobb works to bring Ospreay back up, but Ospreay SUNSET BOMBS! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up as Ospreay gets up. Cobb slowly stirs and Ospreay brings him up. Ospreay reels Cobb in, underhooks, but Cobb powers up and out with a back drop! Cobb walks into the dropkick-flip but ducks the enziguri to waistlock! GERMAN SUPLEX, but Ospreay lands on his feet! Cobb blocks Ospreay’s superkick but Ospreay swats the clothesline away. Ospreay forearms and spins but into Cobb’s SUPERKICK! Fans fire up as Cobb brings Ospreay up and runs, but into a SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!

Ospreay hurries to the apron and springboards again, 450 SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up as both men are down! Ospreay gets up and waits for Cobb to rise. Ospreay runs, Cobb reels him in but Ospreay elbows and SUPERKICKS, then HOOK KICKS! Ospreay runs, springboards, OSC- NO! Cobb blocks, spins and fireman’s carries, F5000!! Ospreay goes flying but both men are down as fans rally up! Cobb crawls to a cover, TWO! Fans rally up more as Cobb looms over Ospreay. Cobb brings Ospreya up, whips and scoops, TOUR- NO! Ospreay escapes, springboards, OS- NO! Cobb blocks the cutter again! Cobb shoves Ospreay away but Ospreay goes right up the corner, SUPER OSCUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Cobb survives and Ospreay is shocked!

Fans fire up as Ospreay fires up and he drags Cobb up. Ospreay reels Cobb in, underhooks, and gets Cobb up, but Cobb slips out! Cobb pops Ospreay up to an Electric Chair, then into a COYT’S WRATH GERMAN! Cobb whips Ospreay, scoops for the TOUR OF THE ISLANDS!! Cover, Cobb wins!!

Winner: Jeff Cobb, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Ospreay earns 0

The Juggernaut just barreled through the Assassin! Has Cobb just sunk Ospreay’s chances of taking the block?!


A Block – Kota Ibushi VS Yujiro Takahashi!

The Golden Star beat the Assassin and the Rainmaker, but was screwed by the Switchblade! Tokyo Pimp tried to get one over on Jay White but couldn’t pull it off. Will he make it up to King Switch by stopping Ibushi’s ascension?

The bell rings and fans rally up as Ibushi circles slowly circles with Yujiro. They approach and Ibushi kicks. Yujiro backs off but comes back to tie up. Ibushi pushes Yujiro to ropes but lets up at the ref’s count. Ibushi pats Yujiro on the shoulders, but Yujiro kicks back! Yujiro throws Ibushi out but follows only as Ibushi gets back in. Ibushi waits for Yujiro to return and the two circle again. They tie up, Yujiro pulls hair and throws Ibushi back out! Ibushi hits railing and Yujiro goes out to bring him up. Yujiro whips Ibushi but Ibushi reverses to send Yujiro into the railing! Yujiro hurries back into the ring to avoid any more. Ibushi gets in, Yujiro stomps him down then brings him up. Yujiro throws forearms, but Ibushi just grins. Ibushi goes to retaliate but Yujiro hits first!

Yujiro whips, Ibushi reverses and dropkicks Yujiro down! Ibushi claps and gets the fans rallying. Yujiro bails out, Ibushi goes over but Yujiro drags him out! Yujiro whips Ibushi, Ibushi reverses but Yujiro stops himself to rake eyes! Yujiro whips Ibushi into railing, then reels him in for the reverse DDT to the floor! Fans cheer Yujiro being savvy as he brings Ibushi back up. Yujiro puts Ibushi in but Ibushi bails out the side. Ibushi clutches the back of his head but Yujiro goes out to fetch him. The ring count climbs to 7 of 20 but Yujiro puts Ibushi in. Yujiro stomps Ibushi around but Ibushi sits up. Yujiro keeps stomping but Ibushi eggs him on. Fans rally and Yujiro brings Ibushi up. Ibushi throws forearms but Yujiro knees low. Yujiro snapmares Ibushi and drops a leg, an elbow and a headbutt! Cover, TWO!

Fans cheer but Yujiro grows annoyed. Yujiro throws haymakers but Ibushi eggs him on. Yujiro slaps Ibushi around then dares him to hit back. Ibushi gives forearms but Yujiro knees low again. Yujiro brrings Ibushi up and reels him in. Ibushi blocks the fisherman suplex but so does Yujiro! Yujiro gets Ibushi up, fisherman buster! Fans rally as Ibushi goes to a corner. Yujiro waits for Ibushi to get up, then he runs in to BOOT! Yujiro runs, Ibushi LEAPING KICKS Yujiro down! Ibushi grits his teeth and fires up as the fans rally! Ibushi fires off a strike fest, then KICKS Yujiro down! STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Ibushi keeps his cool and fans rally up again. Yujiro rises, Ibushi KICKS him in the chest! Yujiro stays up so Ibushi KICKS him again! And again!

Yujiro staggers to ropes, Ibushi runs in, FLAPJACK STUNGUN! Yujiro hurries up and runs back at Ibushi to BOOT! Yujiro keeps running, LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Yujiro is annoyed again but fans rally up with “I-BU-SHI!” claps. Yujiro drags Ibushi up, fireman’s carries, but Ibushi fights out. Ibushi kicks but Yujiro blocks. Yujiro throws Ibushi down, then runs, but Ibushi jumps over the basement dropkick to DOUBLE STOMP! Both men are down but fans rally up. Ibushi rises, waits for Yujiro to stand, and sobats! Ibushi reels Yujiro in but Yujiro BITES his hand! No one learns! Yujiro whips, Ibushi reverses but Yujiro denies the dropkick! Yujiro runs but Ibushi avoids the dropkick to roundhouse, but Yujiro ducks it! Yujiro reels Ibushi in but Ibushi blocks the Incolle Slam.

Ibushi elbows back, and ROUNDHOUSES! Fans fire up with Ibushi as Yujiro falls over! Ibushi reels Yujiro in, but Yujiro slips out of the Last Ride for INCOLLE SLAM! Both men are down and fans fire up again! Ibushi and Yujiro stir as fans rally. Ibushi goes to a corner but Yujiro heads that way. Yujiro brings Ibushi up and to the top rope. Yujiro climbs up to join Ibushi, brings him up and hooks a leg, SUPER FISHERMAN BUSTER! But Yujiro doesn’t stop there, ANOTHER FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Ibushi survives and the fans are fired up again! Yujiro is shocked but he brings Ibushi back up. Yujiro brings him in but no Pimp Juice! Ibushi blocks the superkick, gets around, backslide but Yujiro rolls through!

Ibushi has the wrists but Yujiro dodges the Kamigoye! Yujiro reels Ibushi in, fireman’s carry, but Ibushi pops out of Miami Shine to V-TRIGGER! KENNY!! Ibushi drags Yujiro up, KAMIGOYE!! Cover, Ibushi wins!

Winner: Kota Ibushi, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Yujiro earns 0

The Golden Star is rising again! With Ospreay dropping, will Ibushi be back on top of the block?


A Block – Shingo Takagi VS Taichi!

The Dragon was so close to stopping the Rainmaker, and now he is out of the running. However, so is the Sliest Wrestler in the World, who couldn’t stay alive against the Assassin. Instead of taking the block, who gets points for their pride and glory?

The elaborate entrance attire is removed and Taichi shows off the dancing pecs. The ref tells Taichi he also needs to put the fanny pack away. Taichi reluctantly obliges and fans cheer. The bell rings and Takagi is ready. Fans rally but Taichi hangs back. Takagi approaches, Taichi finally circles with him and they tie up. Takagi puts Taichi on ropes but lets up fast so Taichi has no excuse. They tie up again, Takagi again puts Taichi on ropes, but Takagi lets off. The two circle, tie up, and Takagi waistlocks but Taichi gets ropes. Takagi gets annoyed now and Taichi mockingly applauds as Takagi backs off. Taichi and Takagi circle as the claps, “TA-KA-GI” start up. Taichi rakes Takagi’s eyes! Taichi whips Takagi corner to corner, Takagi reverses and blocks the boot to still hit the clothesline!

Takagi runs to run Taichi over! Fans fire up with Takagi but Taichi gets to the apron and out of the ring. Takagi dares Taichi to get up but Taichi takes his time resting. Taichi gets up as the ring count starts and goes around the way. Taichi heads to the timekeeper’s area and Takagi knows what he’s up to, but that doesn’t stop Taichi from using the ring bell hammer! Taichi clubs Takagi but hides the hammer behind his back. The ref finds it, but Taichi pushes the ref away to choke Takagi with the hammer! Taichi eventually stops and gives the hammer back to the timekeeper. Because Taichi uses the camera cables! The ref reprimands, Taichi lets go and Takagi sputters. Taichi drags Takagi up and puts him in the ring.

Fans cheer but then Taichi chokes Takagi! The ref reprimands and Taichi lets up. But Taichi chokes Takagi again! The ref counts, Taichi lets go with one hand but the ref tells him to stop. Taichi lets up and paces about while Takagi sputters. Taichi stands on Takagi’s head and chokes him on the ropes. The ref reprimands and counts, Taichi stops and snapmares Takagi to KICK him! Takagi grits his teeth as Taichi slaps and kicks him around. Taichi toys with Takagi but Takagi gets up to forearm and CHOP back! Taichi chokes Takagi and throws him down! The ref reprimands but Takagi goes to a corner. Taichi runs in and corner clotheslines, then reels Takagi in. Takagi blocks the saido, elbows Taichi and whips him, only for Taichi to reverse. Takagi reverses and SAIDOS Taichi!

Fans fire up with Takagi as he goes after Taichi. Taichi grabs ropes so Takagi lets off, to stomp Taichi down. Takagi drags Taichi back up, whips him to ropes and knees him against them! Then he hits a BIG suplex! Takagi sits Taichi up, runs, SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Taichi is still in this but Takagi keeps his cool. Takagi talks some smack and fires up as he looms over Taichi. Takagi brings Taichi up but Taichi blocks the Especial. Takagi spins him, knees him and whips him to a corner, but Taichi boots back. Taichi dodges as Takagi returns, and hits the GAMANGIRI! Both men are down and fans rally up. Taichi stands first and waits for Takagi to rise. Takagi ducks the buzzsaw, waistlocks, but Taichi elbows back. Taichi runs but into Takagi’s elbow! JAB! LARIAT!

Fans fire up and Takagi drags Taichi back up. Especial to NOSHIGAMI! Cover, TWO! Taichi survives but Takagi fires himself up! Fans clap along with “OI! OI! OI!” and Takagi powers up. Takagi brings Taichi up, pump handles but Taich ifights it off. Taichi gtes a waistlock but Takagi fights that off. LARIAT, but Taichi stays up! Taichi boots, Takagi stays up and the two get forehead to forehead. Taichi kicks, Takagi chops! Taichi KICKS, Takagi CHOPS! KICK, CHOP, and Taichi wobbles! Taichi comes back to KICK, Takagi CHOPS, repeat! Taichi gets the edge and eggs Takagi on so Takagi DOUBLE CHOPS! Taichi falls and fans fire up as Takagi talks smack. Fans rally, Taichi rises and Taichi KICKS!

Takagi wobbles but he comes back to block the next kick! Takagi elbows the leg, Taichi sobats and runs, but Takagi follows to clothesline! Takagi runs, into AX BOMBER! But he’s right back up, PUMPING BOMBER! Taichi GAMANGIRIS! Takagi staggers to a corner, both men fire up, DOUBLE AX/PUMPING BOMBER! Takagi stays up, runs again, but into DANGEROUS SAIDO! Fans fire up as these two writhe and stir! Taichi sits up first and he mocks the “OI! OI! OI!” Taichi powers up and runs, PUMPING AX BOMBER! Cover, TWO! Taichi tried to get clever but it didn’t work! Taichi grimaces as fans rally up again. Takagi stirs but off come the pants! Takagi is up and he CLOBBERS Taichi into the corner! Fans fire up with Takagi as he drags Taichi back up.

Takagi fires off elbows from all sides! Takagi tops it off as he DECKS Taichi! Fans fire up more as Takagi drags Taichi back up. Takagi pump handles but Taichi slips out and shoves. Taichi blocks Takagi’s kick, shoves the ref, but Takagi blocks the low blow! Takagi spins Taichi and BLINDSIDE AX BOMBERS! GEDO CLUTCH!? TWO!! Takagi tried getting back at Taichi but it didn’t work! Fans rally up and Takagi goes to the corner. Takagi powers up and waits for Taichi to rise. Takagi runs but into a boot! Takagi still wrenches and clotheslines, but Taichi stays up! Taichi swings, into MADE INTO JAPAN!! Cover, TWO!?! Taichi survives and shocks Takagi! Takagi fires up and fans fire up with him! Takagi pumps up, waits for Taichi to rise, and he runs, to PUMPING BOMBER!! Cover, TWO!!

Taichi survives and Takagi is furious, but the fans keep rallying! Takagi drags Taichi back up, pump handle and torture rack, but Taichi rakes eyes! Taichi ROUNDHOUSES and torture racks, to TOWER HACKER BOMB, into a CLUTCH! Cover, TWO!! Takagi survives whatever Taichi calls that, and fans are thunderous! Taichi fires himself up and aims from a corner. Takagi blocks the kick and spins Taichi, only to get the GAMANGIRI! Taichi gets Takagi for the GEDO CLUTCH! TWO!! Takagi escapes and fans are fired up again! Taichi runs into an elbow, JAB, but he ROCKS Takagi! Takagi HEADBUTTS! Both men wobble, Takagi runs into the SUPERKICK! Taichi drags Takagi up, Alabama to BLACK MEPHISTO!! Cover, TAICHI WINS!

Winner: Taichi, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Takagi earns 0

Incredible! Taichi manages to slay The Dragon and gains points, though it doesn’t save his G1. Will this still lead Taichi to big things on the other side of the Fall?


A Block – Minoru Suzuki VS Jay White w/ Gedo!

The NEVER Openweight Champion could not stop the Golden Star, but he still had a lot of fun! Will he have even more fun ending the Jay1? Or will Suzuki #BreathewiththeSwitchblade?

White and Gedo stay safe from Suzuki on the outside as they Low Sweet. White then gets back in the ring, the bell rings, and White bails back out. Classic Jay, but Suzuki keeps his cool as White returns. But then White bails out. Suzuki gives chase this time and White hurries away to the far side. Suzuki keeps pursuing but White gets back in the ring. Suzuki gets in, White gets back out. White takes his time before he returns and circles with Suzuki. White stays at the ropes but Suzuki kicks a leg out! Gedo protests as White bails out and White says, “No kicks like that!” Suzuki tells White to just get back in already. White takes a moment to shake out the leg before he gets in. White gets a leg but Suzuki gets the arm and twists it all around! Suzuki is after the fingers, too!

White grabs a leg, Suzuki twists the arm more and even the wrist! White gets to ropes and Red Shoes counts but Suzuki keeps pulling fingers! Suzuki lets go at the count of 3, and pats White on the shoulder. Fans cheer as Suzuki and White circle again. They tie up with knuckle locks, and Suzuki is after the arm again! Suzuki also gets a facelock but White gets back to a corner. Red Shoes calls for the ropebreak but Suzuki CHOPS! And CHOPS! Suzuki stands White up to CHOP again! Suzuki goes corner to corner, runs in and BOOTS! Suzuki whips White, White reverses and runs in, but Suzuki slips out! Suzuki gets the arm, DRAPING ARMBAR! Gedo hurries over but Suzuki’s glare keeps him away. Red Shoes counts, Suzuki lets White go at 3. Suzuki intimidates Gedo but White sneak attacks!

White RAMS Suzuki into railing, then again! White wraps Suzuki up with camera cable! Red Shoes reprimands, White lets Suzuki go and backs away. White comes back to bring Suzuki up and RAM him into railing! White CHOPS Suzuki in front of commentary! Gedo cheers but Suzuki grimaces. That’s not a good thing. The ring count climbs, White gets in but Suzuki is in at 12. White goes after Suzuki with clubbing forearms then ramming shoulders in the corner. White turns Suzuki for the neckbreaker! Cover, ONE! White tries again, ONE! White grows frustrated and he goes after Suzuki with a chinlock. Suzuki endures as White digs his knee in. White clubs Suzuki down and puts the chinlock back on. Suzuki pries at the fingers!

White kicks and clubs Suzuki down then shifts to a snapmare. White gets the chinlock back and Gedo cheers as he rams his knee in. White kicks Suzuki in the back but Suzuki just frowns. White kicks again, Suzuki frowns again. Suzuki gets up, White gets him in a facelock but SUzuki gets the wristlock. Suzuki CHOPS, White rakes eyes! White puts Suzuki on ropes, chokes him and rakes eyes again! Red Shoes reprimands, Gedo has a chair! Red Shoes goes out to stop Gedo, but he doesn’t see White get a chair for himself! Suzuki hits White low first! Suzuki grabs the chair and fans cheer as he SMACKS White over and over! Red Shoes gets in to stop Suzuki, so Suzuki shoves him down! Suzuki glares at Gedo before going to White. Suzuki sits White and runs to Penalty Kick him down! White crawls to a corner but Suzuki looms over him.

White kicks but Suzuki doesn’t flinch. Suzuki eggs White on, White gets up and kicks more. Suzuki blocks a kick but then White kicks the leg! HALF HATCH into the corner! White and Suzuki are both down but Gedo cheers. Fans rally up and Suzuki stirs. White runs in and uppercuts! White reels Suzuki in but Suzuki slips around to sleeper hold! White backs Suzuki down to a corner, throws elbows after elbows, but Suzuki just scowls! Suzuki ROCKS White with one forearm! Suzuki growls and glares as White rises. White throws a forearm, Suzuki laughs and winds up to ROCK White again! White flounders out of the ring! Suzuki eggs him on and White rises. White gets back up, fans rally as he gets in, and White leans on Red Shoes.

White shoves Red Shoes at Suzuki but Suzuki shoves him aside. White throws a forearm but Suzuki DECKS him! Gedo coaches White but Suzuki drags White up. Suzuki knees White into a corner, then taunts him as he slowly gets up. Suzuki pulls on White’s beard, then throws body shots over and over, to then ROCK White again! Fans cheer but Gedo is upset. Suzuki runs Gedo off and goes back to White. Suzuki whips but White reverses. White blocks the boot, elbows the knee then KNEE JAMMERS the other leg! Suzuki hobbles but White chop blocks! White gets the leg, GROUND DRAGON SCREW! White gets the leg again, stomps away on it, then hits another GROUND DRAGON SCREW! White drags Suzuki up, fireman’s carries and DEATH VALLEY BOMBS! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally as Suzuki survives but White grows frustrated. Fans rally up as White says, “My time now.” White drags Suzuki up, and CHOPS him! Suzuki stays up and even eggs White on! White CHOPS again, but Suzuki again eggs him on! White CHOPS, Suzuki stays up on anger alone! Suzuki eggs White on, White CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Suzuki grits his teeth, White CHOPS, and fans rally up. White CHOPS, Suzuki stands! Suzuki choke grips but White kicks the leg out! DDT! Gedo coaches White and White drags Suzuki up into the sleeper hold. Suzuki pries the hold apart and goes after fingers! Suzuki wrenches, White kicks the leg! Suzuki throws body shots, palm strikes, and White bails out! Fans rally as Suzuki waits for White to return.

Suzuki eggs White on but White stays out. So Suzuki pursues! Suzuki clubs White, bumps him off the apron, and puts White in. Fans cheer as this continues, and White reels Suzuki in! Suzuki fights out of Blade Runner, White elbows free of the waistlock and runs, but into the SLEEPER! White endures, Suzuki spins him but White trips him, GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Gedo is fired up as White hits another GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Suzuki grimaces as he counters to a takedown and CALF KILLER! Suzuki even has a heel hook in there! White endures, crawls, reaches, turns, but Suzuki keeps hold! White drags Suzuki along with him to get the ropebreak! Suzuki lets go fast and fans rally up. Suzuki grins at Gedo before he stalks behind White.

Suzuki points at Gedo as if to say this is because of him. Suzuki sits White up to DECK him! Gedo tells Suzuki to have mercy but Suzuki sits White back up. Suzuki pulls White’s beard, then DECKS him again! Suzuki drags White back up, fans rally again, but Gedo slides in! Suzuki and Red Shoes look at him, White CHOP BLOCKS in the distraction! White reels Suzuki in, BLADE BUSTER! White slashes the throat, brings Suzuki up, but Suzuki reaches up to headscissor! Suzuki drags White down to the ARMBAR! White flails, reaches, Gedo freaks out, but White manages to get up! Suzuki tries for the triangle, and he drags White back down to the ARMBAR! Gedo gets back in, White is tapping!! Suzuki would win if Red Shoes was looking!

Suzuki keeps torturing White, but he lets go when he realizes Gedo is distracting Red Shoes. Suzuki moves Red Shoes aside to DECK Gedo! Fans fire up as Suzuki goes back to White. Suzuki brings White up, fires off fast hands from all sides, but White manages to duck and BLADE- NO! SLEEPER! Suzuki squeezes tight, spins White around, but Wihte spins through! White has Suzuki but Suzuki pulls hair to DECK White again! Fans fire up with Suzuki, and he puts White in a SLEEPER! White fades, Suzuki leans on him, and fans rally as Suzuki drags White back up. Suzuki spins and GOtch, but Gedo grabs at Red Shoes! LOW BLOW! White reels Suzuki in, BLADE RUNNER!! Cover, White wins!

Winner: Jay White, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Suzuki earns 0

White doesn’t so much beat as he SURVIVES Suzuki! Suzuki is angry with Red Shoes but he should be going after Gedo! Young Lions bring Suzuki away just so nothing gets out of hand. Suzuki just hits them instead! Will Suzuki make sure White faces the consequences down the line? Will White still make this the Jay1 in the end?


A Block – Kazuchika Okada VS Tomohiro Ishii!

The Rainmaker begins his Chaos double header to finish the round robin! Will the Stone Pitbull block Okada’s path to the finals? Or will Okada have momentum going into his battle with Ospreay?

The bell rings and fans cheer already. Fans clap for “O-KA-DA” as Ishii stares him down. Okada and Ishii circle, approach, and tie up. They’re in a deadlock, one pushing other back just as the other gets ahead. Ishii gets Okada on the ropes, and copies Okada’s shoulder pat. But Okada sees the chop coming and gets clear! Fans cheer as the two reset. Okada and Ishii tie up again, are in another deadlock, but Okada manages to power Ishii to ropes. Okada lets off, pats Ishii on the shoulders, and then eggs him on. Ishii walks into a kick and headlock but he powers out. They collide and neither falls! Fans cheer as Okada runs and rams Ishii, but Ishii stays up to throw a forearm. Ishii runs, Okada drops then hurdles, to arm-drag! Okada snapmares Ishii then runs, but Ishii avoids the basement dropkick!

Ishii runs, rams Okada, Okada comes back to ram Ishii and then run him over! Fans cheer while Ishii is frustrated with himself. Okada stands Ishii up, turns him and hits a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Okada brings Ishii up, rams Ishii into a corner and throws back elbows. Ishii eggs Okada on so Okada hits him harder! Okada snapmares Ishii again, runs, and this time hits the basement dropkick! Cover, ONE! Fans cheer and Okada keeps his cool as he clamps on a chinlock. Ishii endures but Okada jams a knee in and cranks back on the hold. Fans rally up as Ishii fights and moves around. Ishii gets the ropebreak and Okada lets go. Okada brings Ishii up, scoops and slams him down, then goes to the apron. Okada slingshots but Ishii avoids the senton, and then he avoids the clothesline. Ishii also avoids the elbow, reels Okada in and suplexes!

Fans cheer as Ishii slowly rises. Ishii drags Okada up and CHOPS him! Fans cheer as Ishii CHOPS Okada again. Okada staggers but Ishii CHOPS him to a corner. Ishii CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Okada’s chest is already red but Ishii throws more CHOPS! Okada gets mad and starts stepping into the chops. Okada throws forearms, but Ishii takes those to CHOP again! Okada sits down as fans cheer and Ishii eggs him on. Ishii gives toying slaps and knees to Okada but Okada gets up. Ishii CHOPS again and again but Okada just takes those to throw forearms! Okada can’t back Ishii down and Ishii CHOPS high! Red Shoes warns Ishii and Ishii brings Okada up to CHOPS high again! And again! Okada sputters as he falls and Ishii backs off.

Ishii brings Okada up, whips him corner to corner and runs in, but Okada boots him. Okada runs, Ishii throws a forearm then runs, but into the FLAPJACK! Fans cheer as the two men are down! Fans rally and Okada rises. Okada runs at Ishii and rallies with forearms and elbows! Okada whips, Ishii reverses but Okada runs him over with an elbow! Okada fires up but Ishii headbutts low! Fans cheer and rally as both men are down again. Ishii kicks at Okada and then gives slaps. Okada gets up to ROCK Ishii with a forearm! Okada brings Ishii up, whips him to a corner and back elbows! Then kick and DDT! Ishii is SPIKED! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives but Okada keeps his cool. Okada gives toying kicks and stomps now, and slaps him around. Ishii gets up and throws forearms but so does Okada!

Fans rally as they pick up speed and go back and forth! Ishii and Okada egg each other on, Okada gets the edge but Ishii DECKS him! Fans fire up and rally as Ishii brings Okada back up. Ishii puts Okada on the top rope, climbs up to join him, but Okada fights back. Ishii and Okada brawl up top now, forearm for forearm, and Okada gets the edge! Ishii hops down but comes back up, into Okada’s elbow! Okada stands and leaps, but Ishii gets under! Okada rolls through, Ishii dodges him but comes back, into Alabama, REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Fans cheer as both men are down again. Fans rally up again as the two stir. Okada goes to a corner, Ishii slowly rises, but Ishii dodges the shotgun dropkick! Ishii forearms, runs but into Okada’s boot! Okada runs, into Ishii’s POWERSLAM!

But Okada’s right up!? Okada boots, whips and ROCKS Ishii, but Ishii roars! Ishii forearms, Okada roars, but Ishii ducks to waistlock! Okada powers Ishii to a corner, but Ishii holds on to CORNER GERMAN! Okada hits buckles and fans fire up again! Ishii and Okada slowly stir as fans rally up. Ishii brings Okada up and hoists him back to the top rope. Ishii climbs up to join him again, and brings Okada all the way up, for the SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO! Okada survives but Ishii growls and fans rally up. Ishii runs, Okada ducks the lariat but Ishii elbows the waistlock away. Ishii ENZIGURIS but Okada comes back! Ishii blocks the boot, fires off forearms from all sides, then runs, into Okada’s dropkick! Fans fire up and Okada brings Ishii into a gut wrench! TOMBSTONE!

Okada has the arm, sits Ishii up, for the MONEY CLIP! Ishii endures, fans rally up, Okada leans on the hold, but Ishii still gets the ropebreak! Fans cheer as Okada lets go. Fans rally up again, Okada rises and brings Ishii in. Okada gut wrenches but Ishii blocks! Okada keeps trying, Ishii elbows Okada’s leg but Okada clubs him back. Okada throws a EuroUpper and ROCKS Ishii! Red Shoes checks on Ishii but he’s okay to continue. Okada brings Ishii up and ROCKS him with another EuroUpper! Fans rally up as Okada brings Ishii up. Okada gut wrenches again but Ishii fights out, to GERMAN! Ishii fires up and fans fire up with him! Ishii brings Okada up, reels him in, but Okada back drops and sits down! Cover, TWO!!

Ishii escapes, Okada blocks the lariats and spins Ishii around, back drop and sit down! TWO as Ishii sunset flips, TWO!! Okada boots, ducks the lariat but Ishii swats the discus away! Okada uppercuts, Ishii forearms, but Okada shotgun dropkicks! Ishii is right up, SLIDING LARIAT, into the MONEY CLIP!! Fans rally as Ishii endures and Okada leans on the hold! Okada arm-drags Ishii away, tries the clip again but Ishii gets chicken wing! He spins Okada to a DDT! And has the KIMURA! Okada endures, Ishii keeps after it! Ishii cranks on the arm, Okada moves around, but Ishii shifts and rolls Okada to an ARMBAR! Okada endures, reaches and gets a ropebreak! Ishii lets go and Okada shakes out the bad arm. Fans rally as both men stir.

Ishii rises and brings Okada up. Ishii puts the arm through ropes and pulls! Red Shoes reprimands, counts, and Ishii lets go at 3. Ishii pushes Red Shoes away to run back in, but Okada pops Ishii up top and dropkicks him! But Ishii stays up!? And leaps for a KING KONG KNEE DROP! The fans are thunderous as Ishii brings Okada up. Ishii runs, SLIDING LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!! Okada survives and fans are fired up again! Ishii gets up, brings Okada up, suplexes, but Okada slips out! Okada gets Ishii up for the SPINNING TOMBSTONE! Fans fire up again as both men are down! Okada and Ishii both stir as the fans rally. Okada grabs the arm, brings Ishii up, but Ishii headbutts and headbutts and headbutts! Okada LARIATS, Ishii stays up! Ishii headbutts and GAMANGIRIS!

Fans fire up with Ishii as he runs, but into another dropkick! Ishii rises?! Ishii flounders, into an uppercut and DISCUS RAINMAKER! Okada sits Ishii up, has the arm, and the MONEY CLIP! Ishii endures, but he starts to fade! Fans rally, Ishii gets a second win but Okada squeezes tight! Ishii fights up, Okada throws Ishii, but Ishii lands on his feet to HEADBUTT! Down goes Okada! Ishii wants him to get up and fans are rallying again. Ishii runs and LARIATS! Cover, TWO!! The fans are thunderous again as Ishii roars! Ishii drags Okada up, suplexes, but Okada fights out! Ishii gets around, Okada gets around, Okada gets the other arm for MONEY CLIP! Ishii CODE BREAKERS!? Well it is Jericho’s 30th anniversary.

Fans fire up as Ishii aims at Okada. Okada rises, Ishii runs in but Okada backslide counters. Ishii rolls through, dodges Rainmaker and tries to backslide back. Okada flips over, to LARIAT! Okada dags Ishii up, ducks the lariat but ishii ducks a lariat, to run into another dropkick! Okada brings Ishii up, for MONEY CLIP! Ishii endures, fans are thunderous, and Ishii gets a THIRD wind to rise up! Okada hits a back2backbreaker, and puts the MONEY CLIP back on!! Ishii fades, turns red, sputters, and is OUT! Okada wins!!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by submission; gains 2 points, Ishii earns 0

The Rainmaker makes it through the Stone Pitbull! He still lives in the G1! Okada gets the mic and gets the fans to clap, “O-KA-DA,” then clap-clap-clap-stomp. “MY SIXTH WIIIN~!” “Is Autumn normally this hot?” Fans cheer because they understand what he means. “I know you can’t yell, but are you all enjoying the G1 Climax?” Someone lets out a woo, is that allowed? Okada knows he’s almost done with the A Block, and then it’s the Finals. “Does Autumn normally fly by this fast?” But even then, NJPW will stay hot! Fans cheer for that, too.

“Even if you can’t yell, your love and support are heard and felt by all of us. It’s a difficult situation, but I want to return the sentiment through pro-wrestling. To do so, I HAVE to win the G1! I can’t wait to see all of you again as your G1 winner! Thank you!” The fans applaud to thank him back. Will Ospreay deny Okada’s promise to the people? Or will Okada once again make it rain?


Here are the NEW A Block standings!

Jay White: 6-2, 12 points
Kota Ibushi: 6-2, 12 points
Kazuchika Okada: 6-2, 12 points
Will Ospreay: 5-3, 10 points
Jeff Cobb: 4-4, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Taichi: 4-4, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Minoru Suzuki: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Tomohiro Ishii: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Shingo Takagi: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Yujiro Takahashi: 0-8, 0 points [ELIMINATED]

My Thoughts:

A really good Round 8 for A Block, but not as many surprises. I will say, though Taichi VS Takagi didn’t change the dynamics of the block, what a great match! I thought Takagi was going to win to rebound from that amazing match he lost to Okada, but it seems NJPW is just as high on Taichi right now. Cobb beating Ospreay was also a surprise, and it really adds to things for the final round. Again, White beat Ibushi and Okada but lost to Ospreay. Ibushi beat Ospreay and Okada, and Ospreay VS Okada is the final match. If Ospreay wins, does that put him over White? Does that also ruin White’s run so that Ibushi wins the block? If Okada wins, does that just keep Ospreay out and then it allows White to win the block? Whatever possibility that helps Ibushi win the block, I’d want that, and I’d think NJPW would do that.

My Score: 9/10

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