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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (10/8/20)





The NXT UK Heritage Cup rolls into the next round!

Who has better prepared for the British Rounds rules between the Modfather and Spanish Ace? We’ll find out that, as well as hear from Kay Lee Ray, who now stands at 400 DAYS as NXT UK Women’s Champion!


  • Xia Brookside & Dani Luna VS Amale & Nina Samuels; Brookside & Luna win.
  • Saxon Huxley VS Jack Starz; Huxley wins.
  • NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament Opening Round: Flash Morgan Webster VS A-Kid; A-Kid wins and advances to the next round.


Xia Brookside & Dani Luna VS Amale & Nina Samuels!

The second generation superstar has new vigor and the punk rock powerlifter has new determination, but they’ll both need that and more to gain new ground in the NXT UK Women’s Division! The French Hope and the Leading Lady also want to have the spotlight, but who shines brighter tonight?

The teams sort out and Nina starts with Luna. They circle, tie up, and Luna gets around to waistlock and slam Nina down! Luna then dead lifts Nina to slam her again! Luna shifts to a facelock, Nina slips out and gets the arm. Nina wrenches and grinds the shoulder, Luna endures and gets up to counter with a fireman’s carry takeover. Luna drags Nina up, wrenches and tags in Xia. Xia gets the hand-off, wrenches and reels Nina into a headlock takeover. Xia thrashes Nina around, Nina rolls Xia to a cover, ONE! Xia holds on, Nina headscissors back but Xia bridges up. Nina CHOPS Xia down, but Xia gets moving around. Xia hops and headstands to pop out and shimmy shake. Nina rushes Xia but Xia wrenches and tags Luna back in. They double wrench, wrench and DOUBLE DOUBLE CHOP! Cover, TWO!

Luna keeps on Nina but Nina stomps a foot! Nina brings Luna over, tags in Amale, and Amale knees and CLUBS Luna down! Amale pushes Luna around then drags her up for big forearms! Amale talks trash in French as she cravats and thrashes Luna. Amale snapmares, runs and Penalty KICKS Luna down! Cover, TWO! Amale drags Luna back to the corner and tags Nina in. Nina and Amale double wrench and double whip but Luna ducks the line to double clothesline back! Cover, TWO! Luna drags Nina up, whips her to ropes but Nina crossbodies, into Luna’s arms! FALL AWAY SLAM! Tag to Xia and she climbs up as Nina staggers up. CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Nina blocks the whip to whip Xia, but Xia ducks and tilt-o-whirls to headscissor Nina to a corner!

Xia runs in, Nina dodges but Xia goes up and comes back, into Nina’s BIG tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER! Nina handspring heel kicks Luna down, but Xia rolls Nina up! ONE, and Nina rains down furious fists! Luna gets in as Nina dribbles Xia off the mat. The ref keeps Luna back, Nina whips Xia to the corner and Amale gets her cheap shots in! Nina drags Xia up to club her back down, then brings her around to a dragon sleeper, inverted suplex! Cover, TWO! Nina drags Xia back up, headlocks but Xia pulls hair. The ref reprimands, Xia powers out but Amale tags in. Nina rolls Xia but she didn’t know Amale tagged! Amale covers now, TWO! The miscommunication cost them but Amale rains down rights on Xia. Amale drags Xia into a headscissor hold, and dribbles Xia off the mat! Cover, ONE!

Amale drags Xia up and around to scoop, but Xia slips out! Xia dodges Amale to tag in Luna! Luna redirects Amale to uppercut her down! Luna fires up and scoop slams Amale! Luna fireman’s carries but Amale slips off. Luna boots the clothesline away to LARIAT Amale first! Luna then dead lift suplexes! Cover, TWO! Luna drags Amale up again, fireman’s carries again, but Amale grabs hair for a takedown! Amale crawls to her corner, but Nina hops off the apron! The Leading Lady says Amale can take care of this herself. Luna rolls Amale up, TWO! Amale flounders into Luna’s facelock but fights out with chops and a ROLLING ELBOW!

Amale throws forearms on Luna but Luna gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Amale is folded up as Luna stalks over. Luna hoists Amale up to, tags in Xia and Xia throws Amale, ICONOCLASM BOMB!! Xia adds a EuroClutch for the cover, Luna and Xia win!

Winners: Xia Brookside & Dani Luna, by pinfall

The young and hungry duo get it done, but a large part was Amale and Nina were never really a team. Even so, will the combination of Xia and Dani be flying high in the NXT UK Women’s Division?


NXT UK Media catches up with Ilja Dragunov.

They want to know what happened last week with him confronting Wolfe and Walter, but Ilja is looking for someone so he has to go. There he is! Ilja finds Sid Scala talking with Pete Dunne. Ilja storms over and says “I wanted to fight the whole world.” He wants Wolfe and Walter next week in a match. Scala understands, but he can’t do that alone. Who is his tag partner? Why not Dunne? Dunne doesn’t mind. So then there it is! Next week, Imperium’s Wolfe & Walter VS Dragunov & Dunne! Sounds good. Ilja gives Scala a strong pat on the shoulder and thanks Dunne. Will The Moscow Madman and The Bruiserweight be able to take the fight to the Ring General and his Hatchet Man?


NXT UK Media catches up with Piper Niven.

Can they get a few words on how she feels about Kay Lee Ray’s “State of the Union” address to the NXT UK Women’s Division? “Oooooh~! Kay Lee Ray runs her mouth off again~! Shocker.” Piper is sure there will be more than a few people there to hear that. Will the Scary Queen of Scots’ 400th day as champion go awry?


Saxon Huxley VS Jack Starz!

These two men both know what a daunting task it is to face the NXT UK Champion as Divine Beast of the Astral Plane faced Walter just a couple weeks ago. But Huxley managed to put up more of a fight, which is why he was upset by Starz’s honestly genuine “better luck next time” comment. Will Starz be at a loss for words when he takes on the uncaged madness incarnate?

The bell rings and Huxley storms after Starz. Starz manages to avoid Huxley’s grip and gets around to waistlock. Huxley pries Starz off and throws him away! Starz gets to a corner, Huxley hurries over but Starz gets away. Starz avoids a boot, keeps moving around, and gets an arm for a wrench and wristlock. Huxley breaks free to knee low! Huxley wrenches Starz’s arm now, lifts him with the other arm, and then throws him again! Huxley reels Starz in to run over with a shoulder! Huxley stands on the arm and pulls. Starz endures, fights up, but Huxley knuckle locks to lift him again! Starz fights up and over to dropkick! Huxley staggers into another dropkick! Huxley swats the third dropkick away, then drags Starz up for a TOSS! Starz hobbles to a corner, Huxley runs in to KNEE Starz again!

Huxley puts Starz in another corner and TOSSES him again! Starz is down but Huxley stomps away! Huxley drags Starz up, throws more knees, then puts him in a corner for body shots! The ref counts, Starz throws haymakers back, but Huxley knees low again. Huxley whips Starz corner to corner hard, then brings him back the other way just as hard! And then back again! The ref reprimands but Huxley backs off, to come back with a corner splash! Huxley drags Starz up by his hair and beard and cranks the head for a neck wrench. Starz fights up, throws body shots, but Huxley knees him down again! Huxley drags Starz up by his hair, the ref reprimands, but Huxley torture racks Starz for the stretch! Starz endures, kicks and flails, and pulls hair to get free!

Starz is in a corner, dodges Huxley and Huxley gets corners! Huxley stays up but Starz fires off forearms and chops! Huxley shoves Starz, Starz comes back with a dropkick! Starz leaps to crossbody! Cover, ONE! Starz EuroUppers! And again! And again! Starz keeps moving, corner to corner for Huxley’s KITCHEN SINK KNEE! That might’ve finished Starz but Huxley isn’t done with him! Huxley scoops Starz, Starz kicks and flails to get to the apron! Starz clubs Huxley but Huxley comes back, into a slingshot crossbody, that he catches! Huxley pops Starz around, RAMS him into a buckle, then pops him around for a ELEVATOR DROP!! Cover, Huxley wins!

Winner: Saxon Huxley, by pinfall

There he goes, that Saxon Huxley! Stay away from him, or you’ll end up like that! Who else will be brought down by the madness within the Astral Beast?


NXT UK takes a closer look at Gallus.

Mark Coffey and Wolfgang won the NXT UK Tag Team Championships off South Wales Subculture on October 17th, 2019. As we near one year of Gallus Boys on Top, we look back at how it all began. Mark and Wolfgang have known each other 10 years now, when Mark just got started, and The Last King of Scotland was already an established name all over the UK independent scene. The first time they were in the ring together was ICW. It was like Wolfgang got hit by a sledgehammer or baseball bat. Wolfgang thought Markus was using one of those but no. Mark gave a guy a boot so hard, his jaw flew off, landed in the crowd and someone kept it as a souvenir. Okay not really.

But since the start of NXT UK, they’ve only grown stronger as Gallus. It is their kingdom! They work together because they’re opposites. Wolfgang is “an absolute nut case,” Mark doesn’t know anyone like him. As long as they have each other’s backs, they can go as far as they want. The first time Wolfgang saw the belts, he knew they’d be Gallus. The tag titles are Gallus, the tag division is Gallus, the entire brand is Gallus. They’ll stay that way because this is their kingdom!


NXT UK Media catches up with Pretty Deadly.

Sam Stoker stops the questions right away because he knows they’ll ask about their dominating performance against The Hunt. But maybe they’re going to ask about Gallus. Lewis Howley thinks Mark and Wolfgang are shaking in their boots. Actually, it was going to be about Eddie Dennis and what he told them. Oh yeah he was talking to them about nunya. Y’know, nunya business! Hah! See you later.


NXT UK Media also catches up with Dani and Xia.

Kay Lee Ray is going to address the NXT UK Women’s Division, what are their thoughts? Well, KLR has upset a lot of people here, so she better watch what she says. Or else she’ll find how many enemies she really has.


NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament Opening Round: Flash Morgan Webster VS A-Kid!

The Scottish Supernova awaits the winner of this match, having made it through his British Rounds with braggadocios swagger. Will the Modfather or Spanish Ace be the one heading for the semifinals?

The bell rings and we begin the first of six rounds! A-Kid and FMW tie up, go around and A-Kid waistlocks. FMW gets the arm, wrenches but A-Kid rolls away fast. The audience cheers as the two go again. A-Kid gets the headlock and throws FMW down. FMW rolls AK to a cover, ONE, and AK holds on. FMW tries again, ONE and AK still holds on. FMW rolls, AK rolls through and they end up on their feet. AK gets the wristlock, FMW rolls and spins to arm-drag, but AK drags FMW back down. AK shifts his hold on the arm, FMW endures and gets up. AK shifts to a facelock, FMW fights up and pries out. They clinch, FMW gets the wristlock and wrangles AK down to the mat. AK gets up but FMW wrangles him back down with the keylock.

AK bridges, spins and headscissors but FMW pops out! One minute left in this round as they reset. FMW gets a leg and trips AK, AK keeps him back with the other leg. FMW drops down for a headlock and holds off AK’s headscissors. AK moves around, pops out the back and has a hammerlock. AK cranks on the arm as we reach 25 seconds left. AK adds a chinlock but FMW fights up, 10 seconds left! FMW moves around, throws AK up and over the ropes! AK gets up, FMW triangle dropkicks just before the round ends! The ref has them cool off, and both men get to their corners for the break.

FMW: 0; A-Kid: 0

The thirty seconds go by fast and both men are ready as we begin round two! FMW and AK circle, tie up with knuckle locks, and AK rolls to trip FMW up. AK drops down on the headlock but FMW holds AK off. FMW headscissors back and cranks hard! AK endures, manage to kick FMW then moves around to turn FMW over. AK bridges to get free and lace the legs together. AK reaches and gets FMW’s chin for the Bow ‘n’ Arrow but FMW pops out to cover! ONE and the two stand off as the audience cheers again. The two reset as we reach two minutes left, and the two tie up again.

FMW throws AK down with the wristlock, but AK kips up. FMW wrenches, hammerlocks and arm-drags AK down to an armlock. AK fights up, powers FMW to ropes, FMW arm-drags but AK handsprings through! AK headbutts low, whips FMW to ropes but FMW sunset flips! AK rolls through, FMW dodges the Penalty Kick and standing moonsault! FMW rushes AK, AK turns things around but FMW throws AK down. AK rolls through, FMW goes after a leg but AK sits down! ONE, FMW sunsets, AK rolls through to high stack but FMW rolls back to sit on AK! Cover, FMW gets the fall!

FMW: 1; A-Kid: 0

The second round ends with a minute to spare and the Modfather is up that very crucial first point! The thirty second break goes fast, will this match end in this third round?

FMW and AK go around again and tie up. AK powers FMW to a corner but the ref calls for the break. AK lets off with some tension, feeling the pressure of being behind. FMW and AK circle again, tie up, and FMW gets around to a waistlock. AK drops down to throw FMW down, and he has the wrist as he rolls and clamps on. AK has a chinbar, FMW gets up and around to wrench AK back. AK rolls, handsprings and WRINGS the arm out! FMW gets to ropes and the ref keeps AK back. FMW shakes out the bad arm and circles with AK again. They tie up, FMW makes the knuckle locks into a straitjacket and brings AK to his knees. AK bridges back, reverses the straitjacket onto FMW, but FMW arm-drags free. FMW runs in but AK elbows him back!

AK hops up and over, handsprings around to go up again, BIG crossbody! Cover, TWO! There’s less than a minute but AK doesn’t hurry just yet. AK fisherman suplexes, bridging cover, TWO!! FMW escapes AK’s Perfect Plex but AK keeps his cool. AK drags FMW up, whips him to a corner, but FMW goes up to QUEBRADA! The Rude Boy Block takes AK down but FMW brings him up. FMW underhooks, AK slips out to victory roll, TWO!! Ten seconds left, FMW wants AK to cool off but AK runs in! FMW gets around POISON-RANA!! Time’s up on that round and AK is saved by the bell!

FMW: 1; A-Kid: 0

A-Kid is going to have a hard time recovering from that. FMW doesn’t even need water, he wants to end this! The fourth round starts, KNEE TRIGGER!! Cover, TWO!! AK survives and FMW hurries to a corner! FMW goes up top, AK rises and enziguris FMW first! FMW steadies himself on the ropes, AK climbs up to join him, and AK gives FMW a SPANISH FLY!! AK adds on, LEAPING SUPERKICK!! Cover, AK gets the fall!!

FMW: 1; A-Kid: 1

The Spanish Ace pulls off a stunning comeback to keep himself alive! Will round five be all the difference?

AK dares FMW to bring it on as another three minutes ticks away. FMW swings but AK counter SLAPS him! And again! AK KICKS a leg, brings FMW up and throws SLAP after SLAP! FMW SLAPS back, they trade quick hands, AK clinches and hammerlocks an arm while he throws forearms! AK facelocks, FMW suplexes to a FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! AK survives and we’re at the two minute mark already! FMW shakes out his arms, sits up and scuffs AK with his boot. AK kicks back from the mat, but so does FMW. AK throws a forearm, then another! FMW gets up to throw a forearm but AK catches it for an omoplata! FMW rolls out of the crossface to SLAP AK! FMW staggers up while AK sits up, AK kangaroo dropkicks from the ground!

AK hobbles over, drags FMW up and throws another hard forearm! But FMW gets the arm to block the sleeper, wrenches free, and HEADBUTTS! Less than a minute as FMW runs, but AK pursues! FMW falls and that sends AK up and out! FMW manages to run again and he DIVES! Direct hit and AK is sent into barriers! FMW puts AK in and climbs up top! Thirty seconds left as FMW SWANTONS, but FLOPS as AK rolls away! AK rolls back to get the ARMBAR! FMW clasps hands, fights off as we only have 20 seconds but AK breaks the grip!! FMW flails, moves around, AK gets the omoplata and grabs at the other arm! Less than 10 seconds as AK puts FMW in his modified Rings of Saturn! FMW VERBALLY TAPS! A-Kid WINS!!

Winner: A-Kid with 2 falls; advances to the semifinals

The Spanish Ace pulls off the comeback! He shows respect to the Modfather, as is another part of tradition. Will A-Kid get that out of Noam Dar in the semifinals? Or will he have to turn it up to 11 to beat the Scottish Supernova?


BREAKING NEWS on the NXT United Kingdom Championship match!

We finally have a decision on when Walter defends his title against Ilja Dragunov! In three weeks, October 29th, we will finally have Ring General VS Moscow Madman!


NXT UK takes a look at what led to Walter VS Dragunov.

It was April 20th, 2020, the 20 Man Battle Royal. Twenty of the brightest, most deserving stars in the brand battled in an over-the-top-rope elimination match that had so much intensity, it was truly worthy of crowning Walter’s challenger. Kassius Ohno, Kenny Williams, Flash Morgan Webster, Saxton Huxley, Tyson T-Bone, Travis Banks, Amir Jordan, Ashton Smith, Oliver Carter, El Ligero, Ridge Holland, Trent Seven, A-Kid, Noam Dar, Jordan Devlin, Dave Mastiff, Alexander Wolfe and even Joe Coffey were eliminated, and Ilja was in the final two with Tyler Bate! The Moscow Madman and the Big Strong Boy battled as hard as they had all night, and in the end, Ilja caught Bate by surprise and won the whole thing!

Congratulations were in order, and out of 20 people, Ilja was the last man left. It was surreal. He realized he made an opportunity for himself that he waited years for. Walter says Ilja is the contender. They share the same history, coming up in the same system. Walter made Ilja. Walter respects Ilja. But the difference between them is that Ilja steps in the ring, “filled with emotions.” Ilja is driven by emotions and passion. But for Walter, he is cold and focused on what is necessary to win. When they meet, “it will be the greatest fight of your life, Ilja.” Ilja sees Walter as a nightmare standing before you. Ilja remembers the pain from their past matches. That pain has made Ilja better. Ilja does acknowledge Walter has made him better, and he thanks Walter for that.

Walter says that he made Ilja, and now he will destroy Ilja! Ilja says there is NOTHING Walter can do to stop him! There is NOTHING Walter can do to keep him down! “This match will redefine violence.” With three weeks left, these men will be more than ready, but will the NXT UK Universe be ready to witness history?


NXT UK returns with a “shocking turn of events” backstage!

Mark Andrews was in an interview when Primate told him about Flash Morgan Webster! They hurried and found FMW down in the back! Wild Boar shouts for a medic, and so does Andrews. What happened to the Modfather? Was it the same man, or men, that went after Andrews all those months ago?!


Next week’s Heritage Cup match has been decided!

The Bomber, Dave Mastiff VS The Righteous Killer, Joseph Conners, will be the third match of the opening round! Will a proper British Heavyweight dominate the British Rounds rules? Or will Conners prove he is worthy?


Kay Lee Ray heads to the ring!

The NXT UK Women’s Champion is here for her “State of the Union Address” to the brand as she celebrates 400 days and counting! “I know that all of you thought I couldn’t do it. I know that the entire NXT UK Universe thought that I was gonna lose my championship two weeks ago. But in the end, it was me that came out on top and defeated the mighty Piper Niven! See, some people might have been surprised,” but not KLR. Every day, her record breaking title reign gets longer and longer, “despite all the adversity that I have had to go through.” No one in this division will change that. But speaking of the division, look who is heading to the ring! Isla Dawn, Nina Samuels, Dani Luna and Xia Brookside walk down the ramp and flank the ring on all sides.

KLR says, “Well hello girls! What’s the matter?” Did they have to buddy up against big bad KLR? But Amale storms down and pushes Nina. They argue about the match earlier tonight as KLR says that in NXT UK, there are queens, and there are pretenders. But whether it’s witches that can’t cast spells, Valkyries that can’t fly, or these two bickering because they can’t even get along long enough. “And here she is, the worst of them all. The ultimate letdown, a piper that plays to my tune!” Piper storms through Nina and Amale, gets up on the apron, but they trip her up! Nina and Amale go after Piper, but Valkyrie appears right behind KLR! Valkyrie dodges KLR’s attack then springboards and crossbodies the champ down!

Piper fights off Nina and Amale while Isla, Xia and Dani get in the ring! KLR hits Isla but Luna, Valkyrie and Xia hit back! Isla has KLR but KLR shoves her into Piper! KLR SUPERKICKS Xia and then runs away! Isla argues with Piper about what happened while Amale and Nina brawl. Amale knees low and throws Nina into steel steps! Valkyrie and Luna try to cool Piper and Isla off, but Isla and Piper shove them back. Now these four brawl! Luna goes after Piper while Valkyrie knees Isla and puts her in a corner! KLR goes after Xia but Xia turns things around to ROCK KLR, then tilt-o-whirl headscissor her away! KLR comes back to CLOBBER Xia! Valkyrie clubs Isla and Piper is on Luna while KLR retreats. But wait! Jinny is there at the stage!

KLR laughs, telling Jinny she doesn’t want any. But Jinny does as she DECKS KLR! The Spoiled Princess is all over the Scary Queen of Scots and they brawl into the production area! KLR uses a computer screen to SMACK Jinny! But Jinny throws KLR onto the desk and clubs away! There’s still brawling all around the ring while Jinny whips KLR into barriers and clotheslines her over! Jinny then LEAPS onto KLR, Piper CANNONBALLS onto Nina and Amale! Xia tackles her own friend Luna and Valkyrie SOBATS Isla out! Valkyrie goes to show KLR she’s wrong, as she goes up top and FLIES!! Valkyrie wipes everyone out except for KLR!

KLR grins as she retreats again, but clearly there is no shortage of animosity in the locker room for her, and for each other! Who rises above the chaos to go after the champion?

My Thoughts:

A great episode right here to set up a lot for the coming weeks. We got a great unofficial Prime Target for the NXT UK Championship, and I like that we’re getting a tag team match of Walter and Wolfe, the only Imperium members here, against Dragunov and Dunne. I totally expect Dunne to pin Wolfe so that there’s no change in the math between Walter and Dragunov. With the title match in three weeks, NXT as a whole is doing a lot with Halloween Havoc being on the 28th, the night before. We got a lot out of the women’s division, too, with Dani and Xia being a really good tag team. But since NXT prime isn’t even as involved in the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship story, NXT UK is even further removed. It was an even bigger surprise than anything else to see Xia tackle Dani out of the ring. Jinny gets at KLR, and I think we’re still getting that, and that will be great, I hope it happens the week before Walter VS Dragunov.

The Hunt has to be the ones attacking SWSC. They were the ONLY ones around when FMW was “attacked” so c’mon! I bet that gets found out, then the two teams have a contender’s match for the tag titles. Fun fact: Jack Starz’s theme is also Ever-Rise’s theme. But Huxley gets the win to stay strong, and could be building momentum so that he challenges whoever is the inaugural Heritage Cup holder. FMW VS AK was a great match, and I did not think it’d go to five rounds just like Wolfe VS Dar. AK making a comeback was great stuff, they were really going hard, and AK VS Dar is going to be incredible in the semifinals. I’m thinking this is going to build so that the finals is the only match that goes to all six rounds and possibly even overtime. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mastiff VS Conners is the one match that ends in knockout, Mastiff is that big and strong but Conners is also that vicious.

My Score: 8.4/10

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