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Mitchell’s NJPW WTL x BOSJ Results & Report! (11/18/20)

Best of the Super Juniors stands alone!




Now NJPW focuses on Best of the Super Juniors!

NJPW may be running two tournaments at once, but obviously 10 matches every day would be too much! So for day three, it’s JUST Best of the Super Jr!

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • Best of the Super Juniors 27: Yuya Uemaru VS BUSHI; Bushi wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 27: Master Wato VS Robbie Eagles; Wato wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 27: SHO VS Douki; Sho wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 27: Ryusuke Taguchi VS Taiji Ishimori; Ishimori wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 27: Hiromu Takahashi VS El Desperado; Desperado wins.


Here are the current Best of the Super Juniors 27 standings!

Master Wato: 1-0
Robbie Eagles: 1-0
SHO: 1-0
Ryusuke Taguchi: 1-0
Hiromu Takahashi: 1-0
Yuya Uemaru: 0-1
DOUKI: 0-1
BUSHI: 0-1
El Desperado: 0-1
Taiji Ishimori: 0-1


Yuya Uemaru VS BUSHI!

Yoshinobu Kanemaru’s injury allowed this Young Lion to hop into the tournament! But will the Death Mask get a rebound win off him?

The bell rings and Uemaru rushes Bushi to run him over! Cover, TWO! Uemaru rolls Bushi up, TWO! Cradle, TWO! Uemaru scoop slams Bushi then gets the legs! Fans cheer his aggressive tactics, but Bushi gets the ropes. Uemaru lets off to stomp away! Uemaru drags Bushi up and throws forearms over and over! Then an uppercut! Uemaru runs but Bushi dropkicks him at the ropes! Fans rally and Bushi stomps Uemaru for that fire he had. Bushi drags Uemaru back up, throws forearms in the corner then CHOPS him! Bushi stomps and CHOPS again, then fires off many forearms! The ref counts but Bushi digs his boots in until 4. Uemaru sputters while Bushi paces. Bushi comes back to kick at Uemaru, then drags Uemaru up for a scoop slam of his own. Cover, TWO!

Fans cheer but Bushi grows annoyed. Bushi stomps Uemaru more, drags Uemaru around and gets him for a Boston Crab! Bushi makes Uemaru endure the hold he wanted to use! Fans rally as Uemaru powers up and heads for ropes! Uemaru claws, reaches, but Bushi drags him away! Bushi sits deep but Uemaru continues to endure! Fans rally up more and Uemaru powers his way up again. Bushi again brings Uemaru away, sits as deep as he can, but Uemaru still refuses to give in! Uemaru drags himself over, falls for a moment, but gets the ropebreak! Bushi holds onto one leg but the ref counts. Bushi lets Uemaru go to kick at him again. Bushi brings Uemaru up but Uemaru throws forearms.

Bushi doesn’t back down and he fires forearms back. Bushi back suplexes Uemaru high and hard! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer that the Young Lion is still in this but Bushi is annoyed again. Bushi bumps Uemaru off buckles then CHOPS him down! Bushi gives more toying kicks but Uemaru just gets mad. Bushi whips corner to corner then runs in but Uemaru boots him! Uemaru DECKS Bushi with a forearm! Fans rally up as Uemaru rises and roars! Uemaru drags Bushi up, throws big forearms, then big uppercuts in the corner! Uemaru stomps a mudhole into Bushi but the ref counts. Uemaru lets off and drags Bushi back up to whip him corner to corner. Uemaru runs in to back elbow, then whips Bushi the other way. Uemaru runs in again to dropkick!

Uemaru gets the legs now, and he puts Bushi in the BOSTON CRAB! Bushi endures now and fans rally. Bushi fights his way over to ropes, but Uemaru drags him away now! Uemaru sits deep but Bushi continues to endure! Bushi fights up but Uemaru drags him away again! Uemaru sits deeper but Bushi powers up again! Bushi falls, reaches, and gets the ropebreak! Uemaru lets go fast and fans continue to rally. Uemaru drags Bushi back up and wrenches an arm for a cording hold. Bushi forearms free but Uemaru comes back to throw a forearm of his own. Bushi forearms again, Uemaru throws another, and the two go back and forth! Fans rally as they pick up speed, then Uemaru CHOPS! Uemaru throws forearms, runs but into a kick.

Bushi runs but into Uemaru’s elbow. Uemaru fires up and runs but into a dropkick! Bushi gets Uemary with LIGHTNING SPIRAL! Cover, TWO! Bushi keeps his focus as he brings Uemaru up to a fireman’s carry. Uemaru fights out, Bushi throws elbows and runs, but into Uemaru’s dropkick! Uemaru fires up again, he waistlocks and drags Bushi up for a GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Bushi survives but Uemaru won’t let off! Uemaru locks the arms, roars, but Bushi knees free! And enziguris! Uemaru wobbles into a CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Uemaru survives and Bushi grows frustrated. Bushi drags Uemaru up, fireman’s carries, and spins, SWINGING CODE BREAKER! Cover, Bushi wins!

Winner: Bushi, by pinfall; now 1-1, Uemaru is now 0-2

The modification on MX was a success! Will Bushi use this new innovation to take the cup?


Master Wato w/ Hiroyoshi Tenzan VS Robbie Eagles!

The Way of the Grandmaster didn’t get his revenge on Kanemaru but he has gotten a good start to his first BOSJ. But the Sniper of the Sky also has a win already, will fortunes change as these two cross paths?

The bell rings and fans rally as Eagles and Wato circle. They tie up, Eagles wrenches an arm to a wristlock but Wato rolls and handsprings to wrench back. Wato has the wristlock but Eagles rolls and handsprings and wrenches back. Eagles has the wristlock now but Wato steps in to wrench back. Wato shifts to a hammerlock then a headlock but Eagles brings Wato down to then step over the arm and wrench. Eagles wrangles Wato to the mat and fans cheer. Eagles wants fans to clap along as he claps with Wato’s hand. Wato gets up, rolls to toehold and get Eagles down. Wato ties up the legs and then grabs the arms. Wato uses the Queen Angelito to float over to a wrench, and he elbows the arm. Wato wrenches again but Eagles reaches back to headlock and takeover.

Wato headscissors, Eagles pops out, and roles reverse as Wato hits the takeover but Eagles headscissors. Eagles arm-drags, Wato arm-drags, Eagles sweeps and covers, ONE! Wato sweeps and covers, ONE! Double dropkicks cancel out and both men kip up! Eagles manages to catch his headband as it comes off, and he puts it back on as fans cheer. Eagles kicks and CHOPS Wato then whips, but Wato reverses to back elbow, uppercut and sobat! Fans cheer as Wato has Eagles at the ropes. Wato stomps and elbows Eagles down, then brings him up to whip. Eagles holds the ropes, the ref reprimands but Wato kicks. Eagles reverses the whip to go up and around Wato for an arm-drag! Wato gets up, Eagles dodges and ducks to huricanrana! Fans cheer as Wato gets up and runs into Eagles’ windmill kick!

Wato bails out, Eagles builds speed and DIVES! The somersault tope goes into the railing! Fans rally up as both men are down but stirring. Eagles rises as the ring count starts, and he brings Wato up at 9 of 20. Eagles puts Wato in at 11, covers, TWO! Fans rally up and Eagles looms over Wato. Eagles stomps and kicks Wato, then brings him up. Wato throws body shots, forearms, then runs. Eagles follows and sweeps the leg! Then the BLINDSIDE LARIAT! Fans cheer and rally as Eagles looms over Wato. Eagles brings Wato around, traps an arm and ties up the legs, to SMASH the knees! Wato clutches his legs and Eagles mocks the Grandmaster pose. Eagles kicks at Wato, kicks harder and harder, then brings Wato up for a KICK!

Wato stays up so Eagles KICKS him again. Eagles CHOPS Wato to a corner, fans rally up and Eagles runs in, into a boot! Eagles still corner tiger feints, then springboards, but into Wato’s dropkick! Fans fire up as Eagles bails out. Wato rises, builds speed and TORNILLOS! Direct hit and they crash into railing again! Wato gets up as fans rally and he fires up! Wato puts Eagles back in and aims from a corner. Fans rally up, Wato springboards and flying uppercuts! Cover, TWO! Eagles survives but Wato keeps focused. Wato whips and jump kicks Eagles down! Cover, TWO! Wato grows a little frustrated but he drags Eagles back up. Wato brings Eagles up and around, but Eagles manages to sunset flip out of the bomb! Cover, TWO!!

Wato side steps Eagles, and Eagles goes up and around to flying wheelbarrow to a victory roll, but to an INVERTED FIGURE FOUR! Wato endures and fans rally up as he drags himself and Eagles to ropes. But Eagles drags Wato back! Eagles even stomps on Wato’s back! Wato continues to endure and crawl, to the ropebreak! Fans cheer but Eagles lets off in frustration. Eagles looms over Wato and talks some trash to Tenzan. Eagles slaps Wato and throws hands, but Wato forearms back! Eagles forearms again, but Wato gives it back again! Eagles KICKS Wato in the chest, Wato KICKS right back! They go KICK for KICK, and Wato gets the edge! Eagles blocks a kick with knees! Eagles fires off a strike fest, but Wato blocks the roundhouse!

Eagles ducks the corkscrew kick to ROUNDHOUSE, HEEL KICK and PELE! Eagles cravats but Wato denies Sliced Bread to ROUNDHOUSE again! Both men fall over and fans fire up! Tenzan coaches Wato while he and Eagles stir. Wato crawls around as Eagles sits up. Eagles grabs Wato first and brings him up. Wato wrenches out, hooks Eagles up, but Eagles resists the Mouse Trap to arm-drag free! Wato ducks, kicks collide and both men stagger while clutching shins. Eagles runs at Wato but is put on the apron. Eagles enziguris, then springboard missile dropkicks the leg out! Fans fire up as Eagles gets the legs. Wato kicks out of the figure four and rolls Eagles up, TWO! Eagles staggers up into more kicks from Wato! He blocks the roundhouse and spins into TURBO BACKPACK! Cover, TWO!!

Wato survives and Eagles can’t believe it! Fans fire up as Eagles goes up top! WARP 4- KNEES!! Inside cradle, TWO!! Wato still has Eagles to scoop, for the TTD! The fans fire up and Wato climbs! Wato RPP! Cover, Wato wins!!

Winners: Wato, by pinfall; now 2-0, Eagles is now 1-1

The Way of the Grandmaster is off to a spotless start! Will he ride this wave through the next round? Will Eagles be back up next time?


SHO VS Douki!

High Voltage is running high after his win over Bushi, but he has to keep up the energy! Will he keep it going against El Japones del Mal?

Douki attacks Sho the second he’s in the ring! The ref rings the bell to get this on record, but he also backs Douki off. Douki brings Sho up to whip him to ropes but Sho grabs ropes to stop himself. Douki runs in but Sho dumps him to the apron, then runs to baseball slide him down! Fans fire up as Sho throws off the jacket and watches Douki. Sho goes to the apron, runs over and Penalty Kicks Douki down! Fans cheer as Sho looms over Douki. Sho drags Douki up, and whips him at railing. Douki tries to reverse but Sho reverses to put Douki in the ring. Sho stomps Douki, drags him up by his arm and wrenches through to a cording hold.

Douki endures as Sho cranks on the elbow, then gets the other arm for a double wrench! Sho has Douki with just one arm and then trips him! Cover, TWO, but Sho is after the arm! Douki scrambles and gets the ropebreak! Sho lets off fast, then drags Douki up for big forearms! Sho runs, but Douki boots back! Sho shakes his head and comes back, but Douki dumps him out! Douki goes out and whips Sho hard into railing! Fans rally up for Sho but Douki drags him up to wrench and whip into more railing! Sho bounces off and writhes, but Douki walks away to grab his pipe! The ref stands in Douki’s way but Douki shoves him aside! Douki uses the pipe in the facelock and the neckbreaker! Fans rally for Sho as Douki leaves him behind to get in the ring.

The ref checks on Sho but Sho is okay to continue. The ring count begins, Sho sputters and gets up at 6 of 20, heads over and drags himself in at 10 of 20. Douki stomps Sho down in the corner, brings him up and elbows him down. Douki throws more elbows and Sho leans on the ropes. Douki whips and elbows Sho down then covers, TWO! Fans cheer but Douki drags Sho into a chinlock. Fans rally as Sho endures the knee in his back. Douki cranks back but Sho bridges and moves around. Sho reaches around, and gets the ropebreak with a foot! Douki lets off in frustration but stalks Sho to a corner. Douki drags Sho up, Sho breaks free and throws forearms! Douki knees low then hits a DDT! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer but Douki drags Sho up.

Douki reels Sho in but Sho resists the suplex! Sho suplexes Douki up but Douki fights out, and rakes the eyes! The ref reprimands but Douki suplexes, but Sho slips out! Sho waistlocks, Douki elbows free and runs, but Sho dodges to SPEAR! Fans fire up with Sho as he rises. Sho brings Douki up, throws more forearms and he backs Douki to a corner. Sho whips Douki corner to corner and runs in for a big clothesline! Douki reverses the whip but Sho reverses back to kick, kick and KICK Douki down! Sho stalks Douki as he stirs, and runs in to KICK! Cover, TWO! Sho keeps his focus, and he dead lifts Douki up, but Douki victory rolls and gets both arms for the ITALIAN STRETCH #32! Sho gets the ropes with his foot but Douki holds on until the ref counts 4!

Douki slashes the throat and heads to the apron. Fans rally up and Douki slingshots, but Sho blocks the DDT! Sho suplexes, Douki slips out an dknees low. Douki runs, LARIAT, but Sho stays up! Sho shakes his head so Douki runs again, DOUBLE LARIATS! Niether man falls but Sho runs, Douki dodges, and Douki LARIAS Sho down! Douki fires up, but Sho suplexes him first! Fans fire up as Sho and Douki stir. Sho and Douki slowly rise but Sho throws a forearm first. Douki returns it, so Sho throws another! Douki forearms again, but Sho does, too! Douki roars and forearms, but Sho fires off several! Sho runs but Douki uses the ref as a shield! ENZIGURI! Douki runs but Sho KNEES!

Sho swings, Douki dodges, Douki goes after the arms! Douki gets the Italian Stretch again but Sho powers through to dead lift POWERBOMB! And then ANOTHER! And then a POWER BREAKER!! Cover, TWO!?! Douki survives but Sho scowls. Sho aims his bow and brings Douki back up. Sho tucks the arms in, lifts, but Douki slips out to get the ITALIAN STRETCH! Sho endures and moves around but Douki drags him down and away from ropes! The stretch is back on, Sho is fading! Sho gets a second wind and fights his way around! Sho kicks and gets the ropebreak!! The fans cheer and Douki reluctantly lets go at 4! Sho survives and fans rally up again as Douki grows frustrated.

Douki goes back to the apron, watches Sho flounder up, and slingshots, DAYBREAK!! Cover, TWO!?! Sho survives and fans fire up again! Douki keeps his focus as he calls for the end! Douki wheelbarrows, SUPLEX DE- NO! Sho fights the full nelson off, gets the arms, but Douki fights out of Shock Arrow for a torture rack! Douki spins for a sidewalk slam! Cover, TWO!! Sho survives and Douki is furious! Douki wheelbarrows and lifts, but Sho slips out to waistlock and GERMAN SUPLEX! Both men are down again and fans rally back up! Sho stirs and rises but Douki follows. Both men flounder up on opposite sides of the ring, and Sho heads after Douki.

Sho throws a forearm but Douki hits back! Sho fires up and forearms again! Douki forearms back, but Sho shakes his head. Sho forearms, Douki wobbles but comes back with another! Sho forearms from all sides! Douki wobbles but he UPPERCUTS! Douki runs, but into a LARIAT! Fans fire up with Sho and he drags Douki back up! Sho hooks the arms, CROSS ARM DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Sho aims his bow and brings Douki back up. Double pump handle, SHOCK ARROW!! Cover, Sho wins!!

Winner: SHO, by pinfall; now 2-0, Douki is now 0-2

Douki put up a fight but the High Voltage was still too much! At this rate, will Sho finally be a IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship contender?


Ryusuke Taguchi VS Taiji Ishimori!

The Funky Weapon got a win to start strong, but the Bone Soldier lost to the Ticking Time Bomb round one! Will the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion keep more contenders from punching their golden ticket?

Taguchi pretends to be Neo in the Matrix dodging Ishimori’s “bullet” as he makes his entrance. The bell rings and Taguchi offers a handshake. Ishimori refuses so he and Taguchi circle. Taguchi does a dance as the fans rally and Ishimori bails out. Taguchi continues to show his moves as Ishimori gets more annoyed. Then Taguchi tells Ishimori to get back in. Ishimori is hesitant, but he waits until Taguchi turns away to get in. Ishimori kicks low, headlocks, but Taguchi powers out. Things speed up as Taguchi hurdles, drops, and hurdles again. Ishimori falls for the pattern and misses the basement dropkick! Taguchi does a hip attack, some dance moves, then another hip attack. Ishimori CHOPS and CHOPS, but Taguchi BOPS him in the head! And again! And again!

Fans cheer as Taguchi shakes out his hand. Taguchi gives Ishimori machine gun bops! Ishimori more gets to ropes, Taguchi grabs his arm and elbows the shoulder. Taguchi whips but Ishimori denies the hip attack. Ishimori dumps Taguchi out, shoulders him down then hotshots him! Taguchi flops to the floor and Ishimori goes out after him. Ishimori brings Taguchi up to whip into railing! Taguchi writhes but Ishimori throws haymakers. Ishimori paces while the ring count begins. The count reaches 10 as Ishimori brings Taguchi up, and puts Taguchi in at 12. Taguchi slow rolls all the way to the other side but Ishimori stops him from getting out. Ishimori CHOKES Taguchi, but stops at Red Shoes’ count.

Ishimori kicks Taguchi but Taguchi slow rolls to the other side. Ishimori stops him from getting out again and stands on Taguchi’s chest! Red Shoes counts, Ishimori stops at 4 and brings Taguchi up. Ishimori cravats to crank on the neck. Taguchi endures, but Ishimori rams shoulders in then snapmares for the neck CRANK! Cover, TWO! Ishimori keeps on Taguchi with a chinlock. Taguchi endures as Ishimori squeezes tight. Fans rally up, Taguchi fights and throws body shots, but Ishimori CLUBS Taguchi down! Ishimori bumps Taguchi off buckles, CHOPS him, and then whips him corner to corner. Ishimori runs in but Taguchi dodges! Taguchi waistlocks, Ishimori elbows free and runs but Taguchi follows, hip attack into atomic drop!

Ishimori waistlocks, Taguchi elbows out and runs, Ishimori follows but the hip attack hits! Fans fire up as Taguchi TRIANGLE PLANCHAS! Direct hit and both men are down! Fans fire up as Taguchi stirs. Taguchi sits up first, puts Ishimori and springboards, MISSILE HIP ATTACK! Cover, TWO! Taguchi keeps his cool and fans rally up again. Taguchi brings Ishimori up, snap suplexes for Uno Amigo! And another for Dos Amigo! Taguchi wants the third but Ishimori slips out to a waistlock! Taguchi standing switches to the REVERSE DDT! Cover, TWO, but Taguchi gets the ANKLE LOCK! Ishimori scrambles to get the ropes! Taguchi holds on until Red Shoes counts, and then he drags Ishimori up.

Taguchi GOURD BUSTERS then somersaults back to power up in the corner! “ORYA!” BUMAYE!! Cover, TWO!! Back to the ANKLE LOCK! Ishimori endures, reaches for ropes, but Taguchi cranks harder on the foot! Ishimori gets up and manages to drag Taguchi down! YES LOCK! Taguchi endures, fans rally up, Taguchi reaches but Ishimori rolls him away from ropes! The lock is still on, Taguchi still endures but fights his way around. Taguchi gets the ropebreak with a foot! Red Shoes counts but Ishimori lets go fast. Fans rally up for Taguchi but Ishimori aims from a corner. Ishimori runs at Taguchi to shotgun dropkick him to a corner! Ishimori keeps going, DOUBLE KNEES in the corner! Ishimori then gut wrenches for CIPHER UTAKI! Cover, TWO!!

Taguchi survives and fans rally up! Ishimori aims again, BANG, and he brings Taguchi back up. Ishimori half hatches, but Taguchi rolls through to get the ANKLE LOCK! Ishimori endures again, flails and reaches, but Taguchi drags him away to drop an elbow on the leg! Taguchi keeps on the “OH MY GAH” Ankle Lock with everything he has! Ishimori gets up, Taguchi reels him in to double chicken wing! Ishimori victory rolls, TWO! Taguchi sits on Ishimori, TWO! Ishimori has Taguchi again, and holds the TIGHTS!! Ishimori wins!!

Winner: Taiji Ishimori, by pinfall; now 1-1, Taguchi is now 1-1

The champion saves himself by nearly exposing Taguchi’s Funky Weapon! Taguchi tries to explain that the Bone Soldier won by the seat of Taguchi’s pants! But it’s too late, the match was called. And Red Shoes tells Taguchi to pull his tights up already. Taguchi continues to protest and even gets the mic to try and reason with Red Shoes. Red Shoes tells Taguchi to go already. Will Taguchi be able to recover from this em-bare-ass-ment?


Hiromu Takahashi VS El Desperado!

And speaking of, now Hiromu and “Despy” match up! Will the Time Bomb keep on going until he proves himself worthy of a title shot? Or will he be defused after such a hot start?

The bell rings and fans rally already. It takes a moment to get on the right rhythm but fans clap “HI-RO-MU!” sure enough. Hiromu and Desperado tie up, Desperado waistlocks but Hiromu pries free to a wristlock. Desperado rolls, steps through to wristlock back, but Hiromu trips him to a headlock. Desperado rolls it to a cover, ONE! Fans cheer as the two stand off. Desperado and Hiromu circle then tie up. They’re in a deadlock but Desperado uses leverage to put Hiromu on the ropes. The ref counts, Desperado pats Hiromu’s shoulder, then CHOPS! Hiromu doesn’t flinch, but then he puts Desperado on the ropes! Red Shoes counts, Hiromu dumps Desperado out hard! Hiromu drags Desperado up to whip him hard into railing! And then hard into other railing! And then back the other way!

Desperado writhes but Hiromu puts him in the ring. Hiromu CHOPS Desperado while he’s down, and talking trash at the same time! Desperado turns things around to CHOP and talk trash back! They both go around, get up and scrap as they end up in a corner! Red Shoes calls for the break but both men shove him away! Hiromu throws Desperado back out ot whip into more railing! Desperado comes right back to whip Hiromu! Hiromu eggs Desperado on and then CHOPS! Desperado CHOPS, Hiromu CHOPS, it’s a CHOP fight! Hiromu whips Desperado into more railing but Desperado throws Hiromu in. The ring count starts, Hiromu whips but Desperado reverses to send Hiromu into railing! The count is 10 of 20 but the CHOPS start flying again!

We’re at 15 of 20, the CHOPS keep going until 18! Both men get in at 19, but Desperado goes back out, drags Hiromu out with him, and throws him into railing! Desperado goes in and builds speed to TOPE SOMERSAULT! Direct hit into the railing! Fans fire up as Desperado gets up and storms around. Desperado kicks the railing then drags Hiromu up from between them. Desperado goes back to the ring for a moment and the ring count starts again. Desperado borrows an idea from Toru Yano as he undoes a corner pad! Hiromu rises at 15 of 20, flounders but gets in at 17! Desperado drags Hiromu up, whips him at the bare buckles and Hiromu bounces off the steel! Desperado mockingly asks what’s wrong while fans rally up.

Desperado drags Hiromu back up, and whips him back into the bare buckles! Cover, but Red Shoes refuses because he literally saw what just happened. Desperado goes after Hiromu’s leg now, dropping a knee then a splash onto it! Hiromu chops back but Desperado keeps on the leg. Hiromu gets a ropebreak and kicks at Desperado but Desperado stomps the leg. Desperado eggs Hiromu on and fans rally up. Hiromu chops but Desperado slaps him around. Hiromu gets up to CHOP, but Desperado shrugs it off to CHOP back! Hiromu CHOPS again but Desperado CHOPS him off his feet! Desperado splashes back down on the leg! Fans rally for Hiromu but Desperado shakes his head. Desperado toyingly kicks Hiromu then talks some trash.

Hiromu gets up and blocks a kick, and a punch, but not the eye rake! Desperado runs, Hiromu follows to huricanrana! Fans fire up and both men stand up. Desperado CHOPS, Hiromu reverses the whip to corner clothesline! Hiromu snapmares Desperado to basement dropkick him out! Fans fire up as Hiromu aims from the apron. Hiromu leaps to dropkick Desperado into railing! Fans rally up for “HI-RO-MU!” as he stands back up. Hiromu drags Desperado back up by his mask tassels and puts him in the ring. Hiromu drags Desperado up to FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Desperado is still in this but Hiromu keeps his cool. Hiromu brings Desperado back up, fireman’s carries, but Desperado fights his way off!

Desperado gets to a corner, Hiromu runs in and clotheslines! Hiromu runs corner to corner but Desperado follows to clothesline back! Desperado fakes Hiromu out, blocks a boot and dropkicks the other leg! Then DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Hiromu clutches his leg, Desperado drags him up and reels him in. Desperado hooks the arms, Guitarra, but Hiromu slips out! Hiromu waistlocks, Desperado breaks free and blocks the kick to CHOP again! Hiromu CHOPS, Desperado CHOPS! We’re back to the CHOP fight as neither man is backing down! Hiromu CHOPS, Desperado CHOPS, faster and faster, back and forth! Fans rally up, the two slow down, but Hiromu takes a moment to catch his breath.

Hiromu CHOPS, Desperado takes a moment and he CHOPS! Hiromu CHOPS, Desperado fakes a chop to kick the leg! Desperado runs, dodges Hiromu’s clothesline, and blocks a kick to kick the other leg out! Desperado gets the leg for a STRETCH MUFFLER! Hiromu scrambles to the ropes but Desperado holds on until Red Shoes counts. Desperado is annoyed but the fans rally up. Desperado vows to end it and he drags Hiromu back up. Underhooks and lift, but Hiromu huricanranas out to a cover, TWO! Desperado kicks low, runs, but into a LARIAT! Fans fire up as both men are down again! Fans rally as Hiromu and Desperado stir. Hiromu drags Desperado up, fireman’s carries, DYNAMITE PLUNGER! Cover, TWO!

Fans cheer and rally again as Hiromu drags Desperado back up. Hiromu fireman’s carries again, but Desperado slips off and shoves Hiromu away. Desperado runs in but Hiromu OVERHEAD SUPLEXES Desperado into the buckles! Desperado almost hit the top of the post! Fans rally up as Hiromu goes over to Desperado and drags him back up. Desperado resists the fireman’s carry but Hiromu still gets him up. Desperado fights his way off again and rakes Hiromu’s eyes! Red Shoes reprimand, Desperado runs, Hiromu SUPERKICKS! Hiromu runs but Desperado uses Red Shoes as a shield! Hiromu pushes Red Shoes away, Desperado waistlocks but Hiromu standing switches. Desperado grabs at Red Shoes again, but Hiromu avoids the low blow! SUPERKICK!

Hiromu runs and LARIATS Desperado down! Fans fire up as Desperado rises and LARIATS back! But Hiromu rises and LARIATS Desperado again!! Fans fire up more as Hiromu and Desperado are both down. Hiromu crawls over, drags Desperado up and suplexes, for VICTORIA! Cover, TWO!! Desperado survives the suplex facebuster and fans fire up again! Hiromu grits his teeth as he gets up again. Hiromu drags Desperado up by his mask, inverted suplex, but Desperado slips up and over! Hiromu elbows him away and runs but Desperado goes the other way! Hiromu blocks the spear and clubs Desperado! Hiromu runs, Desperado SPINE BUSTERS! To the STRETCH MUFFLER! Hiromu endures being bent back and fans rally, but Desperado reaches for an arm! NUMERO DOS!

Hiromu endures all over again but he still fights to get the ropebreak! Desperado lets go in frustration, but he drags Hiromu back up. Desperado vows to end it as he underhooks. But Hiromu resists Pinche Loco so Desperado clubs him! Hiromu back drops free! Fans cheer and Desperado is furious! Desperado and Hiromu slowly rise, and the two head for each other. Desperado throws a forearm from the mat, but Hiromu throws one back. Desperado hits again, Hiromu responds again. They brawl though on their knees, and Hiromu grins as he forearms again! Desperado fires up to throw another! Hiromu throws another! Desperado hits, Hiromu hits, and the two stand!

The brawl continues back and forth, Desperado throws several, but Hiromu SUPERKICKS! Desperado stays up, another SUPERKICK takes him down! Fans fire up with Hiromu as he drags Desperado back up. Desperado STRAIGHT SHOTS!! Both men go down! Desperado rises first, he calls for the end once and for all! Desperado drags Hiromu up, underhoks, but Hiromu slips out! Hiromu rolls with the fireman’s carry to get Desperado up, and then he aims for the bare buckles! FULL METAL CORNER DEATH VALLEY!! Hiromu fires up but Desperado catches him to a victory roll! TWO!! Hiromu and Desperado scramble up, Hiromu rushes Desperado but he’s sent into Red Shoes INTO the bare buckles!! Desperado LOW BLOWS Hiromu!!

Red Shoes flops out of the ring, Hiromu writhes, but Desperado heads out of the ring. Desperado goes looking under the ring, and he brings out a chair! Desperado brings that chair into the ring and stalks Hiromu. Hiromu gets up as fans rally, and he DARES Desperado to use the chair on his head! Desperado refuses now that it’s Hiromu’s idea and he BOOTS Hiromu down! Then he uses the chair on the LEG!! Chair shot after chair shot to the knee!! Hiromu writhes, Desperado fetches Red Shoes into the ring, and Desperado puts the leg in NUMERO DOS!! Hiromu endures, moves around, but Desperado gets the other arm!! Hiromu is stuck, fans rally for him, but Hiromu has no choice! Hiromu gives up, Desperado wins!!

Winner: El Desperado, by submission; now 1-1, Hiromu is now 1-1

Hiromu wasn’t ready for Desperado’s tricks, and now they’re both 1-1! Will Hiromu have to fight even harder now to win it all? Desperado grabs the mic while Hiromu shouts in frustration and pain. “How about it? A three count and nobody would remember anything about it. But having to say you quit, that’ll stay with you for awhile.” Hiromu says he hated Desperado but doesn’t anymore. “Even though I’ve always told you that I’ve loved you, this whole time.” What does Hiromu say now? He doesn’t care? That’s as good as saying Hiromu never cared at all. But surely he’s interesting to him now, right?

If Hiromu thinks he can win with the bad leg, go ahead and try. Desperado only has to worry about who? Wato? “Ham and eggers.” Too bad. If they fight again, Desperado will make sure Hiromu stays down. Then he’ll win it all. What’s Hiromu gonna do about it? Desperado’s confidence is through the roof now that he’s taken out a top contender! Will Desperado win it all and be the Best of the Super Juniors?


Here are the NEW Best of the Super Juniors 27 standings!

Master Wato: 2-0
SHO: 2-0
BUSHI: 1-1
El Desperado: 1-1
Taiji Ishimori: 1-1
Robbie Eagles: 1-1
Ryusuke Taguchi: 1-1
Hiromu Takahashi: 1-1
DOUKI: 0-2
Yuya Uemaru: 0-2

My Thoughts:

A great second part to the BOSJ part of this crazy simultaneous tournament! I would not have guessed the two undefeated wrestlers at this point would be Wato and Sho. They got great matches out of Eagles and Douki, and I think Wato VS Sho is a sleeper hit for this whole thing. Meanwhile, it was a given that the Young Lion and then Douki would be the winless ones. Why is there so little about Douki’s moveset online? And don’t just say because he’s Douki. The final two matches of the night were great, of course. Ishimori cheats Taguchi to keep from having more contenders, and Taguchi really plays up having his tights pulled down on him. Hiromu VS Desperado was on a championship match level, and how crafty for Desperado to also cheat his way to a win. We might have just seen a match that could determine the finals there, should Desperado and Hiromu be the top two.

My Score: 9.1/10

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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (6/18/21)

205 Live is handsome!



Coverage 205 2021

Jiro Ikemen makes his solo debut against the Premier Athlete!

205 Live’s most handsome new face is taking on the most sculpted body! Will Jiro Ikemen be able to get through “Mr. 205 Live” Tony Nese?


  • Asher Hale VS Grayson Waller; Waller wins.
  • Ikemen Jiro VS Tony Nese; Jiro wins.


Asher Hale VS Grayson Waller!

The Saint has had his problems with his fellow fresh faces in 205 Live, such as his loss last week alongside Ari Sterling. But will that actually help him when taking on the even newer 21st Century Success Story? Or will Hale get handled as easily as Sunil Singh was in Waller’s debut?

The bell rings and the two circle. Fans are on Hale’s side as Waller tests the waters. Waller and Hale tie up, Waller pie faces Hale but then gets to ropes for defense. Hale stays back, Waller gets up, they circle and Waller gets a takedown. Waller slaps Hale around but Hale trips Waller up! Waller gets back to ropes again and Hale is getting annoyed. The two reset, circle again, and Hale baits Waller into going for the leg. Hale facelocks, drags Waller down and moves around to get Waller for a takedown. Waller gets up to facelock back and drag Hale down. Hale moves, Waller wants a Triangle but Hale floats to get a Triangle of his own! Waller gets a ropebreak in a panic and fans cheer.

Hale dares Waller to bring it and fans cheer him on. Hale even sits down to dare Waller to try something. Waller tries a boot but Hale ducks it and rolls Waller! Waller gets up, blocks Hale’s kick and SLAPS Hale. “Who do you think you are, eh? Have some respect!” Hale SLAPS Waller back! And then tackles him to the ground for a cover! ONE, but Hale is right on Waller with a clinch and knees! Hale has Waller on ropes, Waller turns it around, but the ref counts. Waller lets off at 3 to mule kick and heel kick! Hale bails out, Waller builds speed, but Waller slides and throws Hale down! Fans chant, “You Suck! You Suck!” but Waller doesn’t care as he puts Hale in the ring.

Waller gets on the apron, Hale sweeps the legs! Waller hits the apron hard, staggers away, and Hale gets on the apron for a FLYING KNEE! Fans fire up with Hale as he gets Waller back up. Hale puts Waller in, hurries up top, but Waller claims something’s wrong with his jaw. But it’s all a fake out! Waller hits ropes to trip Hale up! Hale falls to the mat, Waller drags him in for ground ‘n’ pound, and fans boo. Waller drags Hale up, Hale throws body shots back. Waller throws one back, scoops Hale and SLAMS him down! Waller goes to a corner, walks the ropes, and hits a FROGGY-BOW! Cover, TWO! Hale survives but Waller keeps his cool.

Waller drags Hale back up, Hale pushes Waller, but Waller kicks him. Hale rolls Waller up, TWO! Waller BOOTS Hale right at the rope! Waller brings Hale up, bumps him off buckles, then hoists him up into a Tree of Woe. Waller CHOPS Hale, then goes corner to corner to somersault handspring, and then just dig his boots into Hale’s face! The ref counts, Waller lets off, and fans rally for Hale. Waller gets Hale up again for a cravat neck wrench, and he throws short range shoulders into Hale’s head! Hale endures, but Waller throws knees! Hale drops to his knees, but fans rally up and he gets to his feet. Hale rolls and throws Waller away, but Waller LEG LARIATS on the return! Cover, TWO!!

Waller is surprised Hale survives, but he gives Hale toying kicks. Waller pie faces Hale but Hale gets mad. Hale ROCKS Waller, and again! Hale KICKS and KICKS and KICKS and fires off in a corner! The ref counts as Hale gives kick after kick but Hale lets off to come back with a GAMANGIRI! And an EXPLODER! Waller slowly gets up, Hale jumps up the corner to hit a FLYING FOREARM! Mule kick and SWITCHBLADE KICK! Cover, TWO!! Waller shows his own toughness but Hale just keeps going! Tornado- NO! Waller shoves the DDT away, then catches Hale for a HANGING TRIANGLE! Waller lets go at 4, gets back in with the SOMERSAULT- NO! Hale catches to a SLEEPER!!

Waller gets up and RAMS Hale into buckles! But Hale holds on! Waller rolls, Hale stays clamped on and wants a Bully Choke! Waller keeps moving, and uses the ropes to HOTSHOT Hale! Waller gets in, somersaults again, STUNNER!! Waller then adds on a LEAP FROG STOMP!! Waller wins!

Winner: Grayson Waller, by pinfall

Whatever Waller calls all that, you have to say it was impressive and victorious! A quick 2-0 for Waller, will he be heading for the top of the Cruiserweight Division?

Surprisingly, Waller offers a handshake to Hale. Hale takes a moment, but he reaches out, only for Waller to clap his hands together and celebrate himself. Waller gets away before Hale can deck him, will that ego come back to bite Waller on the butt?


August Grey speaks.

“Eight long months, Ariya Daivari. Eight long months, and now we’re done!” Two weeks ago, Grey won fair and square and is moving on to bigger and better! Kushida has an open challenge practically every week, so of course Grey’s going for gold! But then Daivari Dinero walks back in to talk to Grey directly. He thinks this is over? Daivari explains something: 205 Live is like a beautiful rose, and Daivari is the thorn. He is the thorn in Grey’s side that won’t go away. This is over when Daivari says this is over. Daivari will beat Grey and beat him bad. Just like his tag partner, Tony Nese, will beat up Grey’s tag partner, Jiro Ikemen, tonight.

In fact, Daivari will go watch that match up close and personal. Oh so Nese can’t do it on his own? Daivari laughs at Grey’s joke, and says of course Nese can do it on his own. Well Grey is going to watch Jiro backstage, so maybe Daivari will do the same. Daivari accepts those terms, and it seems The Handsome and the Premier will have a true 1v1 match-up in our main event!


Ikemen Jiro VS Tony Nese!

With #RetroAG and the Persian Lion staying out of this, we’ll see if 205 Live’s most handsome individual can best the former Cruiserweight Champion on his own. Will the purple ‘n’ orange still belong to #TonyAbs? Or will he get jacked up by Jiro and his jacket?

The bell rings and fans are fired up for Jiro as he cartwheels around Nese. Nese and Jiro tie up, Nese puts Jiro in a corner but the ref counts. Nese pie faces Jiro before letting off, and eggs Jiro on. Jiro and Nese circle, tie up, and Jiro waistlocks. Nese switches, Jiro wrenches an arm to a wristlock, but Nese slips through to wrench Jiro. Jiro rolls, rolls and trips Nese up to a toehold! Fans cheer but Nese tries a chinbar. Jiro shakes Nese off, cranks on the leg, but Nese tries again. Nese digs his triceps into Jiro’s face to power to a cover, ONE! Nese is right on Jiro with a facelock, headlock and takeover. Cover, ONE, but Nese has a chinlock on.

Fans rally as Jiro endures and fights up. Nese shifts to a headlock, Jiro powers out, but Nese runs him over! But Jiro kips right back up! Nese throws Jiro down by his hair! The ref reprimands and fans boo as Nese stomps Jiro, but Nese lets off to soak up the heat. Nese watches Jiro rise as fans rally up. Jiro throws body shots and haymakers! Nese back kicks hard, and whips Jiro to run him over again! But Jiro kips up again! Jiro eggs Nese on, ducks and dodges then hurdles, but Nese blocks the hip toss. Jiro throws a body shot, wrenches the arm to a wristlock then wrangles Nese down! Jiro rolls and brings Nese up again to arm-drag him back down!

Jiro moves around, hooks the arms, Oklahoma Roll, TWO! Nese gets up, into a HIP TOSS! JACKET PUNCH! Fans fire up as Jiro shows off the jacket again. Jiro goes after Nese with knee drops then taunts him back. Jiro gets Nese up, CLUBS him, then fires off forearms! Nese gets in the ropes for defense, Jiro backs off but Nese throws him out! Jiro is on the apron, Nese throat chops him! Jiro gasps and sputters but Nese goes after him with haymakers at the announce desk! The ref starts the ring count, Nese gets his jacket? Nese puts his jacket on to mock Jiro! Nese stomps Jiro then mocks Jiro more. Jiro taunts Nese back but Nese drags Jiro up to copy the JACKET PUNCH! Cover, TWO!

Nese is mad and he wraps Jiro up in a body scissors! Jiro endures the squeeze and fans rally up. Jiro pulls at Nese’s sweat jacket, and throws hands! Jiro is free and he gives Nese some ground ‘n’ pound! Nese turns it around to give the fists back! Nese drags Jiro up, reel shim in for a torture rack, and has an Argentine Backbreaker submission! Jiro pulls hair and beard and then pulls Nese’s jacket over his head! Jiro fires off haymakers, then ducks and dodges Nese to WHEEL KICK! Fans fire up as both men slowly rise. Jiro rallies on Nese with big forearms! JACKET PUNCH! And again! And again! Jiro spins, Nese blocks the discus jacket punch but Nese swings into an atomic drop!

BLINDSIDE JACKET PUNCH! Fans fire up with Jiro as he stalks Nese. Jiro whips, Nese sunset flips, TWO, to an inverted surfboard and cover! TWO as Nese gets a shoulder up! Jiro forces it back down, TWO as Nese gets the other shoulder up! Jiro tries a third time, TWO as Nese boots free! JACKET PUNCH! Nese flops to the ropes, Jiro goes out to GAMANGIRI him back in! Jiro climbs while Nese is in a drop zone, IKEMEN SWANTON! Cover, TWO!! Nese survives but fans fire up as Jiro gets him back up. Jiro reels Nese in, but Nese drops to resist the suplex. Jiro keeps trying, Nese stays down, so Jiro CLUBS him and fireman’s carries. Nese slips off, shoves Jiro, but runs into a BOOT!

Jiro goes up the corner but Nese GAMANGIRIS! Nese climbs up, stands Jiro up, but Jiro resists the superplex! Jiro throws body shots and an uppercut! Nese drops down, Jiro leaps up and over and rolls him, but Nese back KICKS! Cover, TWO!!! Jiro survives and Nese is furious! The CWC fires up for “205! 205!” as Nese puts Jiro in the corner. Jiro anchors a leg but Nese hammers him and stomps him! The ref counts, Nese runs side to side but Jiro gets out! Nese runs and slides out, but Jiro runs in. Nese pops Jiro up but Jiro does his best to handstand on the corner. Nese turns around into the headscissors and hits hard into the apron!

Nese staggers, Jiro puts him in the ring and climbs up again. But Nese SHORYUKENS! Nese goes up and SUPER STEINERS Jiro down! Cover, TWO!?!?! Jiro barely gets an arm up but Nese is fuming! Nese brings Jiro around, BULLDOG HOTSHOT! And then PREMIER TRIANGLE but Jiro moves! Nese lands on his feet to SUPERKICK Jiro! Nese Alabama Lifts but Jiro sunset flips! But not to cover, he POINT BLANK KICKS Nese! Nese blocks the mule kick once but not the second, or the BUZZSAW! Or the SUPERKICK! Jiro powers up, runs in, IKEMEN SLASH!! Cover, Jiro wins!!

Winner: Ikemen Jiro, by pinfall

What a match! This was definitely the caliber of top Cruiserweights, but in the end, the fresh and handsome face overcomes the former champion! Will this lead Jiro to answer one of Kushida’s open challenges?

My Thoughts:

A very good episode for 205 Live! Hale VS Waller was a great match, and it helped Waller look better after the unfortunate injury to Sunil’s arm. Waller is already a strong Heel, and he got a very good win here. Grey and Daivari had a good promo to help us understand why they weren’t ringside, and that probably helped the main event. Jiro VS Nese was awesome stuff, one of the top main events in this chapter of 205 Live. I just wish that NXT would have 205 Live more involved, I think it’d be great for NXT fans to know that, should Jiro step up to Kushida, Jiro had such a badass match and this is what they should expect.

My Score: 8.3/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (6/18/21)

Will Wardlow Week have a bad weekend?



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

It’s a big fight Friday Night Dynamite!

AEW goes MMA as Jake Hager and Wardlow step inside the steel! Tap-out? Knockout? Time limit draw? Who scores the first win in this summer of violence?


  • MMA Rules Cage Fight: Jake Hager VS Wardlow; Hager wins.
  • 2v1 Handicap Match: Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky VS Darby Allin; Ethan & Scorpio win.
  • Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends VS Cezar Bononi w/ The Wingmen; Cassidy wins.
  • Cody Rhodes & Brock Anderson w/ Arn Anderson VS QT Marshall & Aaron Solow w/ Nick Comoroto; Cody & Brock win.
  • Julia Hart w/ Varsity Blonds VS Penelope Ford; Ford wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Eddie Kingston, Frankie Kazarian & Penta El Zero M VS Matt Jackson & The Good Brothers; Matt & The Good Brothers win.


MMA Rules Cage Fight: Jake Hager w/ Chris Jericho VS Wardlow w/ Shawn Spears!

It’s TIIIIIIIIIME! The Inner Circle’s #RockHard and the Pinnacle’s War Dog are going to compete like it’s Bellator! Hager is undefeated in MMA fights, but will Mr. Mayhem prove he’s AEW’s Mr. Steel Cage?

The AEW crew checks both men and they’re clean and ready. Wardlow isn’t even facing Hager as the explanation of the rules are given. This will be a maximum of three five-minute rounds. There are no judges, no ropebreaks and no pinfalls, so the only ways to win are submission, knockout, or referee stoppage, aka technical knockout. Aubrey Edwards steps up as referee for this match and the introductions are made. Now Wardlow faces Hager, Aubrey tells them to keep this clean and touch gloves if they want. They don’t, and get set as the fans fire up. The bell rings and we have round one!

Hager and Wardlow circle, approach and feel things out. Hager stays out of Wardlow’s reach but then tries his own jabs. Wardlow shows kick but Hager is ready. Hager tries a combo, Wardlow deflects and avoids them all. They keep circling, the tension is building, but neither man has landed something. Fans fire up more and Hager tries to shoot in! Hager goes for a leg, Wardlow blocks and they end up on steel. The ref tells them to let off and Wardlow backs off. Fans cheer the stand off as the two try again. Hager puts up his dukes, and JABS right through Wardlow’s guard! Hager walks off, too, so Wardlow can’t get at him. Wardlow and Hager both grin and they circle again.

Hager gets through to body shot but Wardlow stays up. Hager kicks a leg and Wardlow shakes it off. They keep circling, Hager gets another kick then shoots in to put Wardlow against steel! Wardlow TOSSES Hager away and then flexes on him! Hager shrugs that off and they go again. Hager takes Wardlow down but lets off, just to taunt him! Wardlow gets up and snarls as they circle again. Wardlow throws hands but Hager gets another takedown! He stays on Wardlow this time with hammer fists but Wardlow kicks him away! Wardlow gets up in a huff but he still circles with Hager. Hager uses another kick just to keep Wardlow on his toes.

Hager kicks again but Wardlow blocks it! Wardlow DECKS Hager! And then rushes him at the steel for fast hands! Wardlow gets Hager up for a SPINEBUSTER! Wardlow tries ground ‘n’ pound but Hager gets away and to his feet! We’re under a minute but Hager doesn’t sweat it. Hager and Wardlow reset, Wardlow blocks as Hager throws hands! Wardlow tries to hit back but Hager keeps the offense! Wardlow gets a shot in and has Hager staggering! Wardlow shoves, uses the steel, SUPERMAN PUNCH! Hager staggers up and Wardlow chases him! We’re at 20 seconds as Wardlow keeps Hager off balance! Ten seconds, Hager guards but Wardlow isn’t letting up! Time’s up on round one!

Round 1 over

Hager survives and may have underestimated Wardlow. Cornermen Spears and Jericho get in to help out, but it’s mostly Hager who needs to refresher. Spears keeps Wardlow fired up and we’re on to round two!

Hager tells Aubrey he’s fine, but Wardlow runs in! Hager dodges, Wardlow only hits steel, but Hager is still wary of his right side. Wardlow kicks, Hager dodges and waistlocks. Wardlow wrenches to a wristlock takedown! Wardlow wants a mount but Hager gets to the steel. Wardlow throws hands in the gaps and fans boo but Hager can only guard! Aubrey watches closely as Wardlow wants an arm! Hager blocks the armbar, the grip breaks a moment but Hager uses his wrestling background to get around! Hager throws elbows into Wardlow’s ribs! Hager sits up to hammer, and now Hager wants the armbar!

Wardlow grasps hands but ends up in a TRIANGLE HOLD! Hager gets his legs locked but Wardlow powers up! Wardlow deadlifts and SLAMS Hager! Wardlow hammers free, tries more ground ‘n’ pound but Hager fights to get an ANKLE LOCK! Wardlow endures as he can’t get a ropebreak to stop this! Wardlow rolls, BOOTS Hager, and gets to his feet, into a BOOT from Hager! Hager runs but the boot is blocked! Wardlow gets Hager up for a POWERBOMB into steel! Wardlow HURICANRANAS?! And SPEARS! Hager turns it into a HEAD ‘N’ ARM TRIANGLE!! Wardlow is caught in the katagatami, grabs steel but that won’t do anything!

Wardlow fights his way up to stand on his feet, and he slips through to fireman’s carry! Hager elbows free, gets Wardlow up, URENAGE into the KATAGATAMI!! Wardlow is caught this time, with no steel to use as leverage! We’re under a minute, but Wardlow flips Hager off before he passes out!! Hager wins!!

Winner: Jake Hager, by referee stoppage

STILL undefeated in MMA battles, Hager has tied the overall series up! But if Wardlow won as a wrestler and Hager won as a fighter, what will it take to settle this?

Hager and Wardlow stand off, and it seems as if the two titans have gained each other’s respect. But Spears shows no respect as he CLOBBERS Hager from behind! Jericho goes after Spears, so Wardlow goes after Jericho! The Pinnacle mugs Jericho 2v1 but he fights them off! Jericho throws hands on Wardlow but Spears gets back up, only for Hager to get him with knees! MJF runs in and tips the scales back towards the Pinnacle as he DECKS Jericho! MJF wants the bad elbow, SALT OF THE EARTH FUJIWARA! Jericho taps but that doesn’t matter because this is just a scrap! Wait, DAN MALENKO gets in! MJF wants to hit Malenko but he’s an AEW official and is untouchable.

But MJF STILL Decks him!? MJF shows no respect for a legend or a man dealing with health issues! But here comes Sammy Guevara!! The Spanish God leaps up the cage to DECK Spears and run off MJF! MJF retreats like the chicken he is, but Wardlow is also his bodyguard! Will Sammy tear down the Pinnacle all by himself if he has to?


AEW hears from Frankie Kazarian, Eddie Kingston & Penta El Zero M!

The Heavy Metal Rebel tells Matt Jackson & the Good Brothers, “It’s more like the Righteous and the Wicked, is it not? Matt, my oh so devout friend, it’s Romans 12:19 that tells us, ‘Do not seek revenge but to leave room for the wrath of God. It is mine to avenge, I will repay, says the Lord.” But Kaz doesn’t always agree with the Lord because tonight, vengeance is all his! And as for Gallows & Anderson, they don’t have to worry about that because they’re not righteous men but miscreants! They lack moral fiber, but that’s fine because Kaz isn’t righteous, either. Kaz is a man hungry for revenge and thirsty for retribution. Kaz is a man done being decent in these indecent times. Kaz is a man who will leave them all laying in a puddle of their own despair.

Kingston steps up to say, “Boys! Pray to your God and hopes he takes your soul. Because your asses are ours!” And Penta adds, “Because you know what? Cero… Miedo…!” Will these #EliteHunters catch their prey and make them pay?


Team Taz speaks.

Taz himself says it is pretty well documented that there are issues amongst the group. He wanted to air it out here and is telling Ricky Starks that he loves him, and knows he is a vital part to what they have going on, but this thing with him and Brian Cage needs to end and needs to end soon. Starks wants to say something but Will Hobbs has him stop right there. Cut the crap, Starks. They left Hobbs hanging but they’re supposed to be a team. Where’s the team unity, Taz? Taz agrees with Hobbs, he was left in a 2v1 situation. That’s why what happened happened.

And speaking of which, Taz tells Hangman Page, for next week’s special Saturday Night Dynamite, Hangman won’t have it so easy with Preston Vance helping him get a 2v1 win. How about a 1v1 win with Hobbs? Hangman’s a top guy in this company, but so is Hobbs! The challenge has been issued, but will Hangman be able to overcome it?


2v1 Handicap Match: Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky VS Darby Allin!

The Men of the Year, as they call themselves, wanted the Relentless One to find someone not named Sting to help him. Instead, even they were surprised that Darby wants to do this alone! Will that mean Darby alone takes the loss on this one? Or will he rub their egos in their faces?

Darby is truly going this alone against Ethan & Scorpio as Sting is honoring Darby’s request he stay home. Darby throws his jacket at Ethan, so Scorpio snatches it to stomp it and kick it out of the ring. Ethan starts against Darby and starts with trash talk. Darby SLAPS Ethan, but Ethan dares him to do that again. Darby dodges Ethan’s haymaker, throws him around with arm-drags, and springboards for a FLYING arm-drag! Ethan backs off in a hurry and snakes through ropes to tag Scorpio. Scorpio runs into Darby’s drop toehold! Oklahoma Roll, TWO! Darby whips, Scorpio reverses and Ethan gets a cheap shot in!

Darby DECKS Ethan, runs at Scorpio, but Ethan follows to catch the springboard trust fall! Ethan holds Darby up for Scorpio to DECK now! Fans boo but the Men of the Year double whip, only for Darby to crisscross them into each other! Springboard, DOUBLE TRUST FALL! Cover, TWO! Darby wraps on a headlock and fans rally behind him but Scorpio pulls hair. Tag to Ethan, they whip Darby and Ethan CLOBBERS Darby with the shoulder tackle! Ethan snarls then soaks up the heat with a cocky grin while Darby is down. Ethan drags Darby up, gorilla presses, but Darby slips off to a SLEEPER HOLD! Darby becomes a backpack but Ethan stays up to RAM him into buckles!

Darby latches back on! Darby squeezes tight but again Ethan RAMS him into buckles! Ethan ROCKS Darby then TOSSES him into the opposite corner! Ethan cools off while Darby flounders. Darby kicks from below but Ethan stomps him down! Ethan drags Darby and tags Scorpio as AEW goes picture in picture.

Scorpio scrapes soles on Darby’s face, then paces around him. Scorpio puts Darby in a corner for haymakers and stomps, but lets off as the ref counts. Scorpio drags Darby up but Darby hits back with big forearms! Darby backs Scorpio down but Scorpio ROCKS him with a haymaker! Tag to Ethan, the Men of the Year mug Darby, and then Ethan drags Darby back up for another hard body shot. Ethan throws more body shots, Darby throws them back, but Ethan KNEES low! Ethan gets Darby back up, reel shim in, and Canadian racks, only for Darby to sunset flip! Cover, TWO!! Ethan gets back up to BOOT Darby down!

Ethan sneers while Scorpio smiles and they tag again. Scorpio gets Darby up, knuckle locks the right hand and dares Darby to do something. Darby throws SLAPS but Scorpio just BOOTS him back down! Scorpio digs his boots in at the ropes but lets off as the ref counts. Ethan is in a better mood now as Scorpio tags him back in. They mug Darby with stomps, and Ethan clamps onto the arm to scoop Darby for a BACKBREAKER! AEW returns to single picture as Ethan tags Scorpio back in. Scorpio drags Darby back up and scoops him for a BACKBREAKER of his own! Tag back to Ethan, he drags Darby back up and scoops again for a PENDULUM BACKBREAKER!

Fans boo as these two keep toying with Darby. Tag back to Scorpio and he drags Darby back up. Scorpio says he’ll end this, and carries Darby around for another BACKBREAKER! Scorpio blows a kiss to the fans, then tags Ethan back in. Ethan drags Darby up but Darby cradles! TWO!!! Darby almost had Ethan and Ethan KNEES Darby low! Ethan mockingly has Darby hold out a hand to tag no one, and then scoops Darby again, only for Darby to slip through! SCORPIO DEATH DROP!! Sting isn’t here physically but he’s here in spirit! Fans are thunderous for Darby as both he and Ethan slowly rise. Ethan crawls over, Darby goes to his corner, hot tag to Scorpio!

Scorpio takes his time, though, as Darby has no one. Darby “tags” himself, and then goes up and over Scorpio to BLAST Ethan! Darby BOOTS Scorpio, jumps up and over and SHOTGUNS! Then CODE RED! Cover, but Ethan breaks it! Ethan SLAMS Darby right down, argues with the ref, and then Scorpio argues with the ref. But Darby has a zip tie?! And he ties up Ethan’s feet! Darby throws Ethan out, gets around Scorpio to schoolboy, TWO!! La Magistrol, TWO!! Ethan fiddles with the zip tie as Darby hits the THROWBACK STUNNER!! Darby hurries up top, COFFIN DROP!! Cover, Ethan YANKS Darby out of the ring! Darby should’ve remembered Ethan’s arms were still free!

Ethan gets a toolbox, finds wire cutters, and uses those to cut the zip tie off. Ethan storms over to Darby, drags him back up, and then POSTS him! Fans boo as Ethan drags Darby back up and into the ring. Fans rally as hard as they can for Darby but Scorpio tags Ethan back in. Ethan looms over Darby now, drags him back up and puts him in a corner. Ethan hoists Darby up top, climbs up to join him, but Darby resists the superplex! Darby grabs an arm to BITE the hand! Darby HEADBUTTS Ethan down, adjusts position, but Scorpio trips him up! Ethan gets Darby off the corner for the EGO’S EDGE!! Cover, the Men of the Year win!

Winners: Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page, by pinfall

It sadly seemed inevitable, as Darby fought them both alone! Will this only boost the egos of these two narcissists?


Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends VS Cezar Bononi w/ The Wingmen!

The fashion sense of Freshly Squeezed doesn’t seem to sit well with “Pretty” Peter Avalon, “Hollywood Hunk” Ryan Nemeth, “Blue Collar Badass” JD Drake, and least of all, the “Beautiful Brazilian Beefcake.” But will Cassidy use one match to show all four Wingmen that you look your best when you’re being yourself?

The bell rings and Cassidy stands toe to toe with Bononi. Bononi keeps Cassidy from putting hands in his pockets by grabbing him by the denim jacket! Bononi TOSSES Cassidy into a corner and hits him with a back elbow! Bononi throws body shots, CLUBS Cassidy down, then pulls the jacket off to toss it away! Fans boo as Bononi puts Cassidy back in the corner. Bononi actually puts Cassidy’s hands in his pockets for him just to mock him! Bononi scoops Cassidy to HOSS TOSS Cassidy across the ring! Fans boo more as Bononi mockingly puts his hands in his waistband. And wait! The Wingmen are giving Cassidy a makeover without his consent! Hair gel and spray tan?!

Nemeth gets Cassidy back into the ring for Bononi and says they can get his back later. Cassidy gets away from Bononi to run, but into Bononi’s arms! Bononi tosses them BOOTS Cassidy down! Bononi kicks Cassidy back out and now Avalon starts styling Cassidy’s hair. Nemeth puts his Hollywood Hunk tux onto Cassidy! They put Cassidy back in again and the ref reprimands the Wingmen for doing this stuff! Bononi throws body shots, whips Cassidy corner to corner, but Cassidy goes up and out and slingshots back in to go for Bononi’s leg! Bononi stays up, Cassidy shifts to a waistlock and shoves Bononi. Bononi rebounds and Cassidy dumps him out!

The Wingmen regroup and smooth out Bononi’s hair, but Cassidy PLANCHAS onto them all! That’s too many to take down and they throw Cassidy back in! The Best Friends get in, wipe the tanner off and get the Hollywood Hunk tux off. Cassidy gets his sunglasses back, Trent and Chuck give Cassidy a boost while Kris Statlander distracts the ref! BOOSTED TOPE CONJILO!! The sunglasses go flying as the Wingmen go tumbling! Bononi staggers up first but Cassidy puts him back in the ring. Fans are fire up as Cassidy climbs up the corner, for a FLYING- NO! Bononi blocks the DDT to suplex, but Cassidy hits STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE! And a tilt-o-whirl DDT!

Nemeth is furious but Chuck slides up to him for a thumbs up. Why? Because here comes some ORANGE PUNCH! JD gets in but Statlander boops him! ORANGE PUNCH! Bononi is back up, he pump handles Cassidy but Cassidy slips out! Shove and ORANGE PUNCH!! Cover, Cassidy wins!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall

See? Being yourself makes you a winner! Cassidy whooped the Wingmen and Pretty Peter is an ugly crier. Will Cassidy and his Best Friends hug, cuz you GOT to give the people what they want! Will Cassidy, Best Friends and all of us get what we want when these four go for gold?


Alex Marvez interviews Jungle Boy.

The AEW World Championship showdown between JB and Kenny Omega is just one week away. But here comes a golf cart honking in. “Champion coming through!” Omega, with Michael Nakazawa and Don Callis, interrupt the interview. Is JB confused or star struck? The Champion isn’t wearing a nice suit, a nice ring or even the belt, and JB must be wondering why. Here’s why. Last week, JB butt in to Omega’s business and embarrassed him. Omega says this week, in front of cameras and the fans, Omega will give JB how tough he really is! JB can’t really have been in a Street Fight, given those pretty looks of his. Has he even really taken a punch?

Omega says this is the ultimate opportunity. It’s a picnic for two, and in the basket is a pair of knuckle sandwiches. Omega wants to see what Jungle Jack has! Callis eggs JB on and JB can’t believe Omega wants to fight now. JB would rather wait until next week to beat him for the title. Oh, is that so? Well Omega will sweeten the deal then. First one’s free, Jack! But here’s a warning: as soon as you take the shot, Omega’s all over him! JB still can’t believe Omega’s serious, but Omega says he’s gonna be “all up in that ass!” JB puts his backpack down and takes off his jacket. Omega says this is a limited time offer! Yeah, put your hair up. LAPTOP SHOT from Nakazawa!!

Omega throws JB into barrels and throws hands, but JB throws hands back! Nakazawa pushes JB away, and helps Omega get back to the cart! Omega doesn’t let Nakazawa get in!? Omega makes Nakazawa the sacrificial lamb! JB DECKS Nakazawa while Callis drives Omega to safety! Omega says he’ll get JB next week! JB has no choice but to wait until Saturday, June 26th! Will he make Omega pay for treating him like a kid on the playground?


Alex Marvez interview the Hardy Family Office.

Marvez asks Big Money Matt about his history with Christian Cage, and how the issues have escalated after Double or Nothing. Hardy asks Marvez if he knows what happens when you break a contract. “You face repercussions.” Hardy had a handshake with Christian in that Casino Battle Royal, and then Christian broke the contract. Now Christian is facing the repercussions! Week after week, Hardy has dropped Christian on his ass! That continues if Christian keeps going this way. Christian was retired from injuries for seven years, and made this miraculous comeback, a very happy ending. But if Christian keeps going for-

Whoa, here comes Christian! The Blade and Private Party put him behind the steel fencing of the storage area! Bunny Allie laughs as the boys chant, “Lock Him Up!” Hardy tells Christian that he has a way out: RETIRE! Hardy will give Christian the first check in his retirement fund. Christian tells Hardy to open the cage, but Hardy says no. Maybe this alone time will give Christian perspective. If Christian comes after Hardy again, Hardy vows to end his career permanently. Will Captain Charisma heed that warning? Or will he take Hardy for everything he has?


Cody Rhodes & Brock Anderson w/ Arn Anderson VS QT Marshall & Aaron Solow w/ Nick Comoroto!

The son of the American Dream helps bring the son of the Enforcer into the ring! But will the Factory’s leader and #ExtraTalented lieutenant ruin the second generation wrestler’s debut?

The teams sort out, Brock starts with Solow. They circle, QT distracts Brock but Brock dodges. Cody backs Brock up and Solow stands down. Cody lets Brock handle this as he circles with Solow and ties up. Solow wrenches, slaps Brock around, but Brock wrenches back to throw Solow down! Solow gets up but Brock wrenches his arm again. Solow pulls Brock’s hair but Brock wrenches through! Solow tries again and throws Brock down this time! But Brock kips up to WRING Solow out and STOMP the arm! Solow scrambles away and QT tags in. Fans boo as QT swaggers in and tells Brock that he should tag out to Cody.

Cody reaches out, Brock ROCKS QT first! Brock wrenches QT’s arm then tags Cody! Cody climbs but QT runs away to tag to Solow. Solow swings on Cody but Cody kicks him low and drops for the Rhodes Uppercut! Cody gets right up and DIVES onto QT on the outside! QT hits barriers, Cody gets back in and goes up and over Solow. Solow fakes out the spinning powerslam and DOUBLE STOMPS Cody down! Solow kicks Cody to the corner, tags QT in and the Factory mugs Cody. QT puts Cody in another corner for a haymaker, then bumps him off buckles. Tag to Solow, the Factory mug Cody more, and Solow ROCKS Cody. Tag to QT, QT whips Solow in but Cody puts him out!

Cody BOOTS QT, DECKS Solow, but swings into a back suplex! Cody lands on feet, hot tag to Brock! Brock dodges QT, DECKS Solow then dodges QT to fire off shoulder after shoulder after shoulder! The ref has Brock let off, and Brock gets QT up for a standing BACK DROP! Solow runs in but into a GUT WRENCH SLAM! Brock gets up but into QT’s SPINEBUSTER! QT sends a message to Papa Arn as he covers, TWO!! Brock isn’t beat so easily and AEW goes picture in picture!

QT sits Brock up to club him with crossface forearms. QT puts Brock on the ropes and chokes him! The ref counts, QT lets off but Solow gets a cheap shot in! QT soaks up the heat, brings Brock under the ropes and waits for the ref to count 4 before the ROPE GUILLOTINE! Brock gasps and sputters, QT stomps his hands. QT puts Brock in the corner, tags Solow, then they mug Brock. Solow stands Brock up to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Solow grows frustrated and he JAMS his knee into Brock’s back! Solow bumps Brock off buckles, tags QT in, and the Factory mugs Brock more. QT brings Brock out but Brock JAWBREAKERS free!

Brock flounders back up, QT keeps him from Cody and DECKS him with a forearm! Brock gets to ropes but QT brings him around to whip and back elbow! Cover, TWO! QT keeps on Brock with a neck wrench! Cody rallies the fans and they rally for Brock as he endures. Brock fights up, but QT throws him down by his hair! Arn coaches his son but QT ROCKS Brock with a right! Brock staggers to a corner, QT throws more hands, then stomps. QT brings Brock up in a double underhook for a BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! QT argues the count but he drags Brock back up. QT CHOPS Brock as AEW returns to single picture.

QT whips Brock corner to corner but Brock dodges! QT hits only buckles, Solow rushes in to keep Brock from Cody, but Brock throws Solow out! Solow goes after Cody, Cody kicks him away, but Solow distracts the ref! Brock makes the tag but it gets missed! Fans boo as QT gets Brock up. Solow joins in, BACK SUPLEX NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Brock survives and shocks QT! Fans rally for Brock again as QT stands him up. QT dragon sleepers and stares Cody down, but Brock counters Cross Rhodes into a DDT!! Both men are down, crawling for their corners… Hot tags to Solow and Cody!

Cody rallies on Solow with fast hands and clotheslines! Cody scoops Solow for a POWERSLAM! And he hip tosses QT in to TOSS him across the way! Cody runs, goes up and FLYING HEADSCISSORS QT, before he clotheslines QT out! Cody gets Solow’s legs for a FIGURE FOUR! Solow gets the ropebreak, Cody lets off at 4, and Cody gets up to fireman’s carry Solow to the top rope. Cody ROCKS Solow with a right, climbs up to join him, but QT goes after Cody! Cody turns that into a DESTROYER! Solow hops down to roll Cody up! With tights!! TWO!! Cody swings, Solow dodges to SCREW HIGH KICK!! Cover, Brock breaks it!

Brock goes back to the corner, QT runs in but Cody tosses him! Hot tag to Brock and he rallies on Solow! Cody and Brock work together, whip for the TRIANGLE JUMP CROSSBODY! But Solow kicks Brock low, hooks up the arms, but Brock counters with a jackknife cover! Cody and Brock win!!

Winners: Brock Anderson & Cody Rhodes, by pinfall

Arn celebrates with his son in the ring! Is this the beginning of another legend? Will the Factory only come back with a more ferocious game plan?


AEW hears from Lance Archer & Jake the Snake.

The Snake says, “When you’re this far away in wrestling, you might as well be 10 thousand miles away.” They had to fight their way back to where all the forbidden doors had been kicked open, and where all the great prizes lied. Jake has had to reconnect with Archer because to tell the truth, Archer has no patients. Sometimes, you have to lie in wait like a tiger. Then you can pounce. Archer doesn’t like doing that. Jake has no choice now. What is he to do? Bitch slap Archer and tell him to stop? Archer shouts and it even startles Jake, and it’s time to go. Will the Murderhawk Monster tear into everyone in his path when he returns to Dynamite?


Jim Ross has a sit-down interview with Andrade El Idolo.

“Andrade the Idol,” or simply El Idolo, is a true superstar. You can’t go anywhere in the world without finding someone who knows this man. But then the question is, why AEW and why now? For many reasons. Here, there are many talents, many stars, but Andrade is a superstar. The world of pro-wrestling knows that AEW has two of the greatest titles in the world, and they’re still brand new: the AEW World Championship and AEW TNT Championship. These are hot commodities worth lots of money. And JR doesn’t want to sound old or stupid, but those have to be on Andrade’s radar.

Andrade says that this is his next goal: “I want- No, I deserve opportunities for the TNT title and the AEW World title. It’s my next step.” JR says it was an amazing surprise, as Dynamite usually has, that Andrade was presented by Vickie Guerrero, someone who JR has known for a long time. Why did he have Vickie introduce him? “Many things. She understands the business, she is very smart. I’m a third generation wrestler. She came up with Eddie Guerrero. She knows his family, which is full of even more wrestlers. The same holds true for my family. This is why we have a great connection.” But, just wait, because Vickie and Andrade have another surprise. What is this that El Idolo is hinting towards?


Alex Marvez interviews Hangman Page and the Dark Order.

Marvez of course asks Hangman about Taz’s challenge to face Hobbs 1v1. What is his answer? Well, Hobbs almost beat Number 10 and Hangman by himself, so the answer is yes, Hangman accepts! But right now, Hangman has his good friends and ice cold beer, that’s all he cares about right now. Something else to know for Saturday Night Dynamite is that it will be Kenny Omega VS Jungle Boy for THE AEW World Championship. As the current #2 ranked contender, this really affects him, too. Well yes, but while Hangman is still in a good mood, he wants to bring up John Silver is almost healed! He’ll be back in action really soon!

And also, Vance wont he main event on last week’s Dynamite! Alan Angels has a new jacket and it looks alright. Evil Uno… Oh, well, he lost against Miro in a match for the TNT Championship, but gave the performance of a lifetime! And Uno is a champion to them. So on behalf of the Dark Order, here’s to Evil Uno! Vance and Reynolds get Uno up on their shoulders and everyone cheers! “Uno! Uno! Uno!” Will it only be a matter of time before everyone in the group has something to celebrate?


Julia Hart w/ Varsity Blonds VS Penelope Ford!

The two-time national cheerleading champion has been gaining experience and momentum standing alongside the Ivy League MVP and Bulletproof BPJ. But the Superbad Girl is back! She may not have her Superbad Husband with her, but can she win this one for Kip?

The bell rings and Ford circles with Julia as fans cheer Julia on. They tie up, Ford wrenches an arm to a wristlock, but Julia rolls and wrenches through. Julia has the wristlock, Ford wrenches to reel Julia in for a headlock and a takeover. Julia moves around, keeps her shoulder sup, but Ford blows a kiss for Kip. Julia headscissors and holds tight as Ford moves around! Ford gets up and kips free, then headlocks Julia again. Julia powers out, Ford runs her over, and then Ford talks some trash. But Julia kips up to dropkick Ford down! Julia runs and crossbodies! Ford scrambles away to the outside and fans fire up for Julia!

Julia goes after Ford but Ford trips her up! Ford spins Julia to ROCK her with a forearm! Then Ford goes up and out to DOUBLE KNEE DROP on the apron! Ford tosses her hair at the wrestlers watching ringside as AEW goes picture in picture.

Ford takes her time returning, but Julia kicks low! Ford throws forearms, snapmares Julia down and KICKS her in the back! Ford paces around Julia, drags her up, and whips her to a corner hard. Ford handsprings corner to corner to back elbow! Ford then goes side to side to BOOT Julia, and waistlock for a GERMAN SUPLEX! Ford covers, TWO! Julia survives and Ford is a bit shocked. Ford argues the count while sneaking a choke in on Julia using her knee! The ref notices and counts, Ford lets off at 4. Ford “apologizes,” claiming she had no idea. Ford kicks Julia around, looms over her, and then rains down right hands! The Varsity Blonds coach Julia but Ford keeps on her as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Ford trades forearms with Julia! Fans fire up as Julia ducks and CLOBBERS Ford! Julia starts to rally with those clotheslines, then kicks low to whip Ford to a corner. Julia uses her own handspring, but Ford dodges the clothesline to back elbow Julia down! Ford rolls, comes back with her own front handspring, but Julia goes up and over to sunset flip! ONE, Ford steadies herself and CLOBBERS Julia! Fans boo but Ford just smirks as she drags Julia back up. Ford reels Julia in, Julia wrenches out and KICKS her in the chest! And again! And again! Ford blocks the kick to SLAP Julia! Ford fireman’s carries, and hits a GUT BUSTER DROP!

Ford grins as she drags Julia to a drop zone. Ford climbs up, smiles again as everyone rallies for Julia, and MOONSAULTS but flops! Fans cheer as Julia gets up and builds speed, does the splits but Ford avoids the leg drop! Ford gets the legs and ties them up, for a SUPERBAD MUDA LOCK! Julia endures, reaches, but can’t get any ground! Julia taps, Ford wins!

Winner: Penelope Ford, by submission

Ford makes Julia suffer in the hold, and even has her pass out! The Varsity Blonds get Ford to stop, but Ford just grins as she gets space. But then MIRO comes out!? The Best Man asks Ford about Kip Sabian’s whereabouts. We all know Kip is injured, because of what Miro did to him, but he knows Kip can’t be far. Plus, she’s a little outnumbered so he’s evening the odds. The UNDEFEATED TNT Champion, “God’s Favorite,” is here. Don’t the Varsity Blonds know what Ford’s been through? Her wedding was ruined, her husband got injured. What kind of man would Miro be if he let this slide? And then Miro CLOBBERS Griff Garrison!

Referees rush out as Miro tosses Griff out, but BPJ SPRINGBOARD FOREARMS! BPJ fires off on Miro but Miro goes after BPJ! The refs try to stop this but fans want to “Let Them Fight!” Ford ignores Miro’s crazy talk and takes her leave while Miro and BPJ brawl more! Will this madness turn into a match down the line?


Tony Schiavone interviews Britt Baker and Rebel.

One of Schiavone’s favorite parts of Dynamite is talking with his good friend, the AEW Women’s World Champion, The Dentist. But then Vickie Guerrero comes literally sniffing around, and says all she smells is rotten onions and stale sauce. But whatever. Vickie tells Britt that the only thing she’s proven since winning that title is that Britt’s happy place is eating burgers. That’s fine and all but Vickie is not happy! Vickie wants that title around the waist of her client, Nyla Rose. Oh? If they want this belt, then let’s just give it over cuz Vickie wants it~! No, Vickie is willing to have a match made.

Uh, Vickie, they ain’t playing games, and sure as hell ain’t playing Old Maid. Vickie, go on now, they’re in the middle of an interview. “Excuse me, sweetheart, may I remind you that I am the one that brought in Andrade El Idolo to AEW?” So? And Tony Khan owes her a favor for that. And so by his approval, Vickie has made this match: Britt and Rebel VS Nyla and Vickie! See you later, sweetie! The Dentist and her assistant laugh at the idea of Nyla and Vickie taking them on in a match. Britt cuts the interview short here, that was good enough. But it is happening! Dynamite’s return to Wednesdays will see Britt and Rebel take on the Vicious Vixens on June 30th! Will Britt and Rebel be laughing then when they have to take on the top ranked contender?


MORE matches for Dynamite on June 30th!

Also on the return to Wednesday, it will be Miro VS Brian Pillman Jr. for the TNT Championship! Will Bulletproof BPJ be the first and biggest loss on the Best Man’s AEW record? Plus, after the confrontation after tonight’s MMA Rules Cage Fight, MJF and Sammy Guevara will go 1v1 for the first time ever! Will Maxwell Jacob Friedman pay for what he did to Malenko soon enough?

Plus, Saturday Dynamite WILL have Hangman VS Hobbs! Will the Anxious Millennial Cowboy use the Powerhouse as a major step towards becoming #1 contender?


AEW takes a look at the growing feud of FTR VS Santana & Ortiz!

Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler are “two hardnosed Carolina boys.” Proud ‘n’ Powerful are “two kids from New York City with the balls to chase their dreams.” All four men have had to sweat and bleed for everything they’ve ever gotten in life. Struggled, scratched, clawed, and now they are two of, if not the two best, tag teams in the world. But while there are so many differences, there are so many similarities. FTR may think they’re like PNP, but Carolina ain’t New York. But PNP aren’t the only ones to come “from the wrong side of the tracks.” Did Santana & Ortiz ever have to live without running water? Cash doubts it. Live out of their cars? Doubt it. Live in a house with plastic walls? Doubt it.

Santana says he witnessed his mom be abused in every shape and form. That caused him to turn to the streets. Robbing, stealing, gangs, shootouts. Santana wasn’t even sure he was going to see the age of 25, real talk. And when they made their debuts, that was all the validation they needed this was all worth it. But Dax & Cash say that they spend cash on fancy denim or thousand dollar suits because they earned that. PNP climbed out of where they started, too, but somewhere along the way, they lost their edge. FTR had accomplished more in six months than PNP did in two years. What does that say about their drive?

Ortiz says the titles ain’t going nowhere. Let other people fight for those. PNP has been carrying AEW so that “boys like you could have options.” FTR says that when they look in the eyes of PNP, they see shame, embarrassment. Santana bets they would never step to his face and tell him that. You must be out your mind! FTR says they have had the best rookie year, and when they beat PNP, that’s just another notch on their legacy. Win or lose, PNP says FTR will remember them. FTR says they will beat PNP until they say, “Thank you, sirs.” Then, you’ll be FTR fans for life. Who backs up all their talk when these two finally have it out in the middle of the ring?


AEW hears from Mark Sterling and Jade Cargill.

As “Smart Mark” knew, the Monetization Plan is going great! They are here and thrilled to announce their partnership with a hotel line. A luxury hotel, at that! The Toronto Four Seasons has joined the Jade Cargill brand. It can be where her opponents stay after she knocks them out. And they’re accepting all brands- No, not all. Only the elite. Jade is a walking billboard, so companies should be elated to be working with her. And of course they are! Mark even has a great discount code you can use! Go ahead and tell ’em, Jade! #ThatBitch! YES! Rolls right off the tongue.

But of course, the focus is on pro-wrestling. Jade is still undefeated, and you can catch her on all programming, from Dynamite, Dark: Elevation, and Rampage when it debuts on August 13th! She’ll continue her win streak, because she’s #ThatBitch! Will Jade be swimming in money from now until the end of time?


Six Man Tag: Eddie Kingston, Frankie Kazarian & Penta El Zero M VS Matt Jackson & The Good Brothers!

The Mad King, the Heavy Metal Rebel and the Man with No Fear make quite the eclectic trio, but they have a common enemy in the Elite! Will they get vengeance for Jon Moxley, Rey Fenix, PAC and SoCal Uncensored all in one match? Or will it only take Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows and one Buck to take on this makeshift trio?

Callis joins commentary and tells the others to stop burying his guys. The trios sort out, Kaz rushes Anderson! He fires off hands on Machine Gun and has him against ropes. Anderson gets away to a corner but Kaz is right after him! Kaz whips Anderson to ropes but Anderson blocks the hip toss. Anderson swings on Kaz but Kaz ducks it to waistlock and O’Conner Roll! TWO, Kaz comes back to back kick, front kick and LARIAT Anderson down! Fans fire up as Kaz stares Matt down. Kaz drags Anderson up and bumps him off the boots of Kingston and Penta! Tag to Penta and he swaggers up to KICK Anderson’s leg! But Anderson rakes Penta’s eyes!

Tag to Matt and he stomps Penta down! Matt and Anderson double whip but Penta KICKS Matt then SUPERKICKS Anderson! Penta SLINGBLADES Matt, then SLINGBLADES Anderson right back down! Fans fire up with Joker Penta as he gets Matt up and KICKS him! Tag to Kingston, they double whip Mat and drop toehold for the Camel Clutch and PENALTY KICK! Fans fire up and Callis protests as Kingston headbutts Matt. Kingston bumps Matt off buckles, then bounces him off buckles on the far side! Matt swings punches as he staggers around in a daze, and Kingston CHOPS him! Kingston whips Matt to ropes, but Matt ducks the Uraken to tag out to Gallows!

Big Doc Gallows swings on Kingston, Kingston ducks but Anderson gets a cheap shot in! Kingston DECKS him for it! Kingston dodges Doc again and RAMS shoulders, but Gallows stays up! Kingston keeps moving, rams him again, and then hops up a corner. Kingston leaps for a FLYING shoulder! Matt barks at Kingston but Kingston shoves him down! Matt bounces off the apron but Anderson drags Kingston out for haymakers and uppercuts! Kingston pokes Anderson in the eyes! Turnabout’s fair play! Kingston BITES Anderson’s ear! Meanwhile, Kaz and Penta go after Matt and Gallows by the timekeeper’s area! IT’S A MADHOUSE!

Matt CLAWS Kaz but Kaz CHOPS back! Gallows CLUBS Kaz, Penta goes after Matt. Penta KICKS Matt in the leg, Kingston throws Anderson into railing then backs Penta up. Kingston throws hands on Matt, Matt pokes eyes and Gallows uppercuts! Matt goes up the steps to LEAP and ax handle Kingston down! Matt throws hands while Penta CHOPS Anderson! Brandon Cutler uses cold spray on Matt while AEW goes picture in picture.

Matt gets up while Gallows CLOBBERS Penta, and Matt bounces Kingston off the timekeeper’s table! Matt mugs Kingston against the apron, then feeds him to Gallows’ BOOT! Gallows taunts the fans, Anderson kicks Penta down and then drags him up to POST him! Gallows sits Kingston up but Kingston grabs Matt’s NUTS!! Gallows rakes Kingston’s eye while Cutler sprays down Matt’s groin. Kaz checks on Penta while Anderson goes after Kingston, then Gallows ROCKS Kingston against railing. Matt throws hands, Kingston throws a chair but misses wild right, and Matt ROCKS him with a haymaker.

Matt brings Kingston to the ramp, puts him in the ring, and mocks the fans rallying up. Matt fires himself up and chokes Kingston on the ropes! The ref counts, Matt clubs away on Kingston’s back then tags in Gallows. Gallows headbutts Kingston then brings him around to bump off buckles. Gallows throws body shots and ROCKS Kingston with an uppercut! Gallows digs his boot in while the ref is busy with Penta and Kaz. Anderson tags in, he stomps Kingston down, then lets off as the ref counts. The Machine Gun soaks up the heat while Kingston flounders up. Kingston throws body shots and backs Anderson down! Anderson rakes Kingston’s eyes and puts him in a corner!

The ref counts, Anderson lets off to throw EuroUppers. AEW returns to single picture as Anderson digs his elbow into Kingston’s face but tags in Gallows. The Good Brothers mug Kingston, then Gallows tags Matt in. Matt has the Good Brothers give him a boost, for an assisted SHOTGUN dropkick! Cover, TWO! Matt is annoyed but he stays between Kingston and his corner. Matt taunts Kingston, kicks at him, then throws sharp haymakers! Kingston eggs Matt on as the hands keep flying, then he CHOPS back! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Matt rakes Kingston’s eyes! The ref reprimands, Kingston swings blindly but Matt avoids getting hit.

Matt whips Kingston but Kingston reverses and reels Matt in for an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Both men are down and fans fire up again! Kingston blinks to see where he is, and finds his corner! Hot tags to Kaz and Anderson! Kaz dodges Anderson to DECK Gallows, and then he rallies on Anderson! Kaz whips, Anderson reverses but Kaz hits a flying forearm! Kaz swings on Matt but Matt dodges, only to shoulder into Kaz’s guillotine leg drop! Kaz gets up, Gallows choke grips him from across the rope, but Kaz hotshots the arm! Kaz scoops Anderson to SLAM him, then springboards for the leg drop, brother! Cover, TWO!!

Fans are thunderous for Kaz as he gets Anderson back up. Anderson throws body shots, whips, but Kaz blocks the back drop to a CROSSFACE CHICKEN WING! Anderson reaches out for ropes but Kaz drags him down first! Gallows gets in to stomp Kaz! The ref reprimands, but Kaz ENZIGURIS Gallows off the apron! Anderson gets Kaz for a SPINEBUSTER! Both men are down and fans rally back up. Kaz crawls, as does Anderson, hot tags to Matt and Penta! Penta goes up to CROSSBODY! Things speed up, Penta gets Matt for a tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER! Penta runs but Gallows gets a cheap shot in! Penta GAMANGRIS!

Matt hits and whips Penta but Penta dodges to FLY and take out both Good Brothers! Penta gets up, and GAMANGIRIS Matt! Step-in TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO!! Matt survives but fans fire up! “CERO MIEDO!” as Penta tags to Kingston. They double whip Matt, run in and GAMANGIRI to KNEE! Kaz joins in with a SWINGING DROPKICK! Penta gets Matt up, reels him in and tucks the arms, FEAR FACTOR to Kingston’s BACK DROP DRIVER! Kaz finishes with an ode to Christopher Daniels, ANGEL’S WINGS!! Kingston covers, but Gallows breaks it! Gallows gets Matt up and over to the corner for Anderson to tag in, and he goes after Penta.

Anderson whips Penta, Penta dodges in the corner and clotheslines then GAMANGIRIS! Roll and MULE KICK! Cover, TWO!! Anderson survives but the fans are thunderous! Penta gets Anderson up and reels him in, but Anderson wrenches out and gets around for a NECKBREAKER! Tag to Gallows, the Good Brothers BLAST Kaz and Kingston down! ROCKET KICK and CORNER SPLASH for Penta, then the BACK SUPLEX NECKBREAKER! Matt is up top, MACHO ELBOW! Gallows covers, TWO?!! Penta survives and The Elite are furious! Tag to Anderson, the Good Brothers get Penta up, MAGIC- NO! Kaz saves Penta but Gallows DECKS him!

Gallows runs but Kaz dumps him out! Matt SUPERKICKS Kaz, but Kingston gets him for a HALF ‘N’ HALF! RUNNING BOOT from Anderson! Anderson gets Penta up, whips him to a corner, but Penta goes up and over for a BACKSTABBER! Fans are electric as Penta says he’ll end this! Penta goes up but NICK JACKSON appears!? And he sprays Penta in the face with that cold spray crap!! Penta falls, Anderson climbs up top, and Anderson leaps for a FLYING GUN STUN!! Cover, The Elite win!!

Winners: Matt Jackson & The Good Brothers, by pinfall

JR says this is going too far! Callis says if getting paid the big money is “going too far,” then he’ll gladly do that every day of the week! Will all these sneaky tactics only come back to bite the Elite in the end?

My Thoughts:

Another great episode for Dynamite, but I feel like they sure put a lot into these two hours tonight. We got a great FTR VS PNP vignette, we got another good promo from Mark Sterling and Jade Cargill, as well as one from Archer and Jake the Snake. The interview promo with Britt, Rebel and Vickie, which was mostly Vickie, was good. I had a feeling manager/sidekick characters would start facing off, and so the idea of Britt & Rebel taking on Nyla & Vickie is pretty clever. There’s a good chance Rebel takes the loss to Nyla so that Nyla has momentum going towards her title match with Britt without Britt looking like the weak one.

Andrade had a good interview promo with JR, too, and I like that there’s something else in store. I feel like AEW could’ve advertised that Andrade is facing Kenny Omega for the AAA Mega Championship in August, assuming that’s still on track, but maybe they’ll save that for when Andrade has already won a good handful of matches in AEW. Omega’s gotta start feeling the heat soon, and that could start with Jungle Boy next week. Their segment together was very good, and of course Omega doubles down on being the chicken Heel. Omega will likely have Nakazawa try to cheat for him next week, just so it isn’t the same old, same old with Callis.

Hangman had a good promo with the Dark Order, putting everyone else over and not really acknowledging Omega. Hangman VS Hobbs is going to be a great match to add to the strength of next week’s episode, and it very well could be foreshadowing that if both Hangman and Omega win that night, then that is our All Out 2021 match-up. Christian Cage being put in a cage was clever but also understated, and also a good, quick way to help escalate things between him and Matt Hardy. Penelope Ford’s return win also being a segue to Miro having a title match in a few weeks was also very good story blending. I feel like Kip returns that night to set up his revenge angle with Miro.

Hager VS Wardlow was a very good MMA style match, and it makes sense Hager would win. He can’t have an anomaly on his record where he’s undefeated in real-life but has one loss in kayfabe. Hager wins to stay strong in all realms, and the short moment of respect was good, because it adds a little something to how Spears ruined it by attacking. MJF adding on and Sammy going after him was a good detail. I suppose Sammy and MJF can settle their score before Sammy VS Spears and MJF VS Jericho. If anything, that was the fifth match I wasn’t seeing in the Pinnacle VS Inner Circle Summer of Violence and Pain best of five series. Hager won for Inner Circle, I think MJF wins for Pinnacle, then Sammy redeems himself against Spears and it’s a toss-up between FTR VS PNP and MJF VS Y2J.

Darby put up a valiant effort but of course he loses to The Men of the Year. Two very strong singles competitors who are also a tag team aren’t going to lose to Darby, who is their individual equal. I can’t be sure where this all ends, since we got Sting & Darby VS Ethan & Scorpio already at Double or Nothing, but I feel like Sting is going to return in the next part of the story. Cassidy VS Bononi was a very fun match because of the hijinks from the Wingmen, but naturally Cassidy won. He, Best Friends and Statlander could easily be a golden faction at some point, they’re going to be building up some major momentum in the various divisions.

Cody & Brock VS The Factory was a very good match, and though Brock took a second to get going, he was pretty good out there. Cody going after QT so that Brock could get the win on Solow makes sense, this was all meant to help boost Brock’s status here, and it keeps math neutral between Cody and QT as their strap match draws closer. The Six Man Tag was another awesome one, showing that any combination of The Elite still loves to cheat, but also that any combination of their enemies is strong enough to force them to stoop that low. I cannot wait until more #EliteHunter allies return, such as Rey Fenix or Pac, but especially Jon Moxley.

Moxley will be the guy that one, the fans all pop for, and two, AEW gives the strongest return to because he’ll go right for all The Elite and be the one that tips the scales in favor of the Elite Hunters. Moxley is of course out on paternity leave as Renee Young/Paquette just had their baby girl, so I don’t know if All Out is a viable window with it only being two-and-a-half months away, but the rest of this story should still stay on track to where something big goes down between the Elite and their enemies. Kaz, Kingston and the full Death Triangle VS Omega, Bucks and Good Brothers, at least.

My Score: 9.4/10

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