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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (11/13/20)

It’s the 205th episode of 205!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

It’s a huge Fatal 5 on 205’s 205th!

The Cruiserweight Division’s heating up again! Episode 205 of 205 Live has a Fatal FIVE Way! Will an OG or new star shine with a shot at the title?


  • NXT Cruiserweight Championship Fatal 5 Way #1 Contender’s Match: Ashante “Thee” Adonis VS Tony Nese VS Ariya Daivari VS Curt Stallion VS August Grey; Stallion wins and will challenge for the title.


It has been over four years of Cruiserweight incredibility.

July 2016 started it all with the Cruiserweight Classic. And by November, the division had a home brand all its own with 205 Live! The success of the Most Exciting Hour in WWE action was something that had to be seen to be believed. The best wrestlers under 205 pounds proved they were among the best in the world! THE Brian Kendrick was this brand’s first champion, and is now this brand’s cornerstone and gatekeeper. Drew Gulak was once a stickler for the rules but did break some rules along the way. Tony Nese took the title in his hometown of New York, New York and lived a childhood dream at WrestleMania. The “Powah of Tozawa” and Daivari Dinero, the Bollywood Boyz and more. There have been many others, but their heart and soul will always be linked to the purple and orange.

205 Live has become a proving grounds in the WWE. Future stars have made their names here, and everyone is a master of their own destiny. While some OG have held down the fort, there have been new waves in 205 Live over and over again. New champions, new challengers, but the same goal: give the fans a hell of a show every show. The depth is growing deeper and deeper, and we’re just hitting stride. 205 Live isn’t just surviving, it is thriving! And we celebrate a historic milestone with the best wrestling yet!


NXT Cruiserweight Championship Fatal 5 Way #1 Contender’s Match: Ashante “Thee” Adonis VS Tony Nese VS Ariya Daivari VS Curt Stallion VS August Grey!

Just as the opening message communicated, both the new and the old battle for a chance at the gold! Will the man formerly known as Tehuti Miles make good on his second wind? Will the Premier Athlete relive former glory? Does Daivari Dinero finally cash in? Or will one of the newest stars shine the brightest as they skyrocket to the top?

The bell rings and the OG stick together but Adonis bails out. This disappoints Grey and Stallion but also distracts them, and the OG strike! They’re revisiting last week’s tag match as Nese and Daivari club and punch Grey and Stallion. Stallion hits Nese back and Grey does the same to Daivari! Grey DECKS Daivari, Stallion DECKS Nese! The OG bail out, Adonis slips in but stays back as Stallion stares him down. Grey rolls Stallion, TWO! Stallion is upset for a moment but he understands this is every man for himself. Grey and Stallion tie up, but Daivari and Nese still work together to go after them both! Daivari stomps Grey, Nese stomps Stallion.

Daivari drags Grey up to turn him and hit a neckbreaker! Nese stomps a premier mudhole into Stallion, Daivari adds on. Adonis gets in and fires off on both OG! Adonis ROCKS Daivari with an uppercut then puts Nese in a corner. Adonis RAMS into Daivari, runs corner to corner and RAMS into Nese! Adonis sends Nese into Daivari then back drops Nese high and hard! Daivari swings on Adonis but misses, Adonis SPINE BUSTERS! Cover but the ref is busy checking on Nese! TWO, and Adonis is upset. Adonis brings Daivari up but Daivari rams him in a corner! Nese ROCKS Adonis with haymakers, and then both OG’s stomp a mudhole. They throw Adonis out together and soak up the heat from the fans.

Nese and Daivari decide to put the friendship aside long enough to circle and feel out the grapple. The fans taunt them with “You Suck!” as the two knuckle lock. Nese and Daivari have a test of strength, but it doesn’t last long with Grey walking the tightrope! Springboard CROSSBODY takes the OG down! Grey throws Nese out, Stallion rolls him up, TWO! Turnabout is fair play! Stallion mule kicks Grey, KNEES and spins, but Grey dodges to sweep! Cover, ONE! Grey avoids the sweeps to basement dropkick back! Fans fire up with Grey but Adonis is in with the dropkick! Adonis runs and straddle attacks Grey on the ropes! Adonis takes time to smooth his hair before he covers, TWO! Adonis drags Grey up to throw forearms and fans fire up.

Adonis throws uppercuts on Grey in the corner then whips him corner to corner HARD! Grey hits buckles then falls to the mat. Adonis crouches to tell Grey, “It’s MY time!” Stallion walks over and mockingly joins in, “It’s his turn, I guess. Not sure what that’s about.” Adonis doesn’t take lightly to being mocked, then he slaps Stallion. Stallion SLAPS Adonis, dodges Adonis’ haymaker to DECK him! And DOUBLE STOMP him! Cover, Nese AND Daivari break it up! Nese and Daivari mug Stallion, then scrape Adonis out. The OG whip Stallion to a corner HARD and Stallion bounces off buckles to hit the mat. The OG whip Stallion HARD the other way! Daivari digs his knee into Stallion’s head, but lets off to go after Grey. Daivari bounces Grey off the desk then CHOPS him off his feet!

Nese keeps on Stallion but Stallion CHOPS him! And CHOPS Daivari! Nese ROCKS Stallion, the OG double whip and double shoulder Stallion down! Daivari keeps Adonis out then goes out to bump him off steel steps! Nese hits a BIG splash on Stallion! Cover, ONE, but Daivari is there to push Stallion around. The OG coordinate, drag Stallion up, double suplex and stall for a count of 10 before dropping Stallion down! Fans boo but the OG soak up the heat. Grey returns but the OG double kick him low! Another double suplex but Grey slips out to fire off haymakers and CHOPS! Daivari goes down but Nese kicks low. Nese whips, Grey reverses but Nese kicks, only for Grey to ENZIGURI fast! And then back suplex slam! Cover, but Daivari drags Grey off to stomp him!

Daivari CHOPS Grey, whips him to ropes but Grey reverses. Daivari holds ropes, bails out and Nese HOTSHOTS Grey down! Nese sees his target, PREMIER TRIANGLE but it FLOPS! Grey counter punches Daivari, DECKS Daivari, but Nese baseball slides Grey into the desk! Nese drags Grey up and points to the logo. “That’s MY show! That’s HIS show,” in reference to Daivari. They bounce Grey off the logo, then DOUBLE FLAPJACK him onto the desk! Daivari sees Stallion stirring, runs over and stomps him down, almost wiping himself out into barriers! Nese intimidates Vic Joseph while Daivari claws Stallion’s eyes! Nese puts Grey in, Daivari joins them, and the OG grin. But Adonis clubs and hammers away on Daivari!

Grey fires off on Nese, has him in a corner and whips him corner to corner. Nese reverses and then CLOBBERS Grey with an elbow! Cover, TWO! Nese grows frustrated and Daivari knocks Adonis down in return. Daivari stomps Stallion to keep him down, too, and then goes back to the ring. Nese throws crossface forearms on Grey, Daivari adds stomps! “Who sucks now, huh?!” Fans say “You Still Suck!” Grey hits Daivari but Nese kicks Grey down! Nese rains down furious fists, Daivari adds more stomps, and the OG loom over Grey. “This is OUR show. This will ALWAYS be our show!” Adonis returns but Daivari stomps him down! Grey hits back on Nese again while Daivari grinds Adonis in the ropes!

Daivari sees Grey and CLUBS him, then he dumps Adonis out. Nese reels Grey in for a scoop slam to chinlock! Daivari plays defense while Grey endures. Adonis still gets Daivari and throws him out! Adonis claps and cheers Nese on, but Nese sees who it is! Adonis gets Nese in a sleeper hold! Nese moves around but Adonis holds tight! Nese powers Adonis off but Adonis dumps him out! Daivari clotheslines Adonis against the ropes! Then throws him out! But Stallion sneaks up on Daivari to GERMAN SUPLEX! Daivari flounders to a corner, Stallion whips him corner to corner and adds a BOOT! Stallion sweeps the legs, KNEES Daivari, then runs corner to corner for the HESITATION DROPKICK! Stallion fires up and so do the fans!

Stallion stomps the feet then reels Daivari into the DDT! Cover, Nese breaks it! Nese keeps on Stallion with a facelock, then reels him in, only for Stallion to Alabama lift to the REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Nese survives but Stallion keeps his cool. Grey goes after Stallion with a clubbing forearm! Stallion goes to a corner, Grey blocks his boots and turns him sideways to ROCK him, to hit a DRAPING TWISTING BUTTERFLY DDT! Cover, but Adonis breaks it! Adonis drags Grey up to gut wrench and Canadian rack to a DOMINATOR! Cover, Daivari breaks it! Daivari throws haymakers on Adonis, whips him to ropes, but Adonis kicks back! Adonis swings, into an URENAGE! Cover, but Grey drags Daivari off!

Grey drags Daivari out but is sent into steel steps instead! Daivari puts Grey in, climbs up top, and leaps for the PERSIAN LION SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Stallion FROG SPLASHES Daivari!! TWO, PREMIER 450!! Cover, TWO!?! Nese can’t believe Stallion survive! Fans are loving this as Nese drags Stallion to the corner. Nese sits Stallion up, brings down the knee pad, and runs side to side, into a SUPERKICK from Grey! Grey flounders to a cover but the BOLLYWOOD BOYZ break it up!! ALL the 205 Live OG are sticking together as Samir and Sunil are making sure Nese and Daivari don’t lose! No Disqualifications allow this to happen as the Bollywood Boyz stomp Grey and then dance around him.

Samir and Sunil rain down rights but Adonis goes after them in return! He and Grey fight back, throw the brothers out, but then EVER-RISE attack!?! Chase Parker and Matt Marthel also seem to be on Daivari Dinero’s payroll for this one! Parker and Marthel mug Adonis and Grey, but Stallion gets up to HEADBUTT Marthel! And then Parker sees he’s alone! Grey DECKS Parker, Stallion DECKS him and Adonis DECKS him! Parker gets out of the ring, Stallion and Grey DIVE to take out the extra insurance! But Daivari has his gold chain necklace! Adonis runs, Nese swipes his legs, but Adonis BOOTS Nese! GOLD CHAIN PUNCH!! Cover, but Grey breaks it just in time!! Grey won’t let Daivari use gold to get gold!

Grey ducks a punch to mule kick and reel Daivari into a hammerlock half nelson, FLIPPING SLAM! Cover, but Nese breaks it! Nese drags Grey up, Alabama and the tuck but Grey sunset flips, only for Nese to slip out and mule KICK! Grey flounders out, Stallion climbs up, Nese SHORYUKENS first! Nese goes up, has Stallion, but Stallion slips under to tuck Nese in and HEADBUTT! Not quite Cheeky Nandos but good enough for Stallion! Stallion climbs up behind Nese, brings him up, INVERTED SPANISH FLY!? Cover, Stallion wins!!

Winner: Curt Stallion, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender to the NXT Cruiserweight Championship)

Incredible! Even with a bloody cut over his swollen eye, the Lonestar hit the mark and is already a contender! Will Stallion be able to continue this meteoric rise and take the title from Santos Escobar?

My Thoughts:

This was a really fun episode, but I really wish they’d done a bit more for such a milestone episode. Though it’s obviously 205 Live is still a third level priority for WWE behind even NXT UK. I would’ve loved if part of the opening video was short soundbites from Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali, Buddy Murphy, maybe even Drake Maverick being he was both GM and competitor in the brand’s history. For one it would’ve helped fill time on the episode, making this closer to an actual hour, as it used to be. But I suppose this is a lot like I was saying for the recent 4 year anniversary episode.

The Fatal 5 we got was great, it was on par with much of the classic multi-man matches the brand has had, though I feel like having Ever-Rise get involved apparently on behalf of the OG’s was a bit much. I get that there’s some reason, given they don’t like Adonis, but I think just keeping it to OG’s helping OG’s was enough. I am really surprised but happily that Stallion is the one to win. I expected the OG to cancel out with the fresh faces and we’d get Adonis moving up since. He’s had beef with El Legado del Fantasma tangentially through Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and Jake Atlas, so something about him having his turn makes sense. But Stallion is already a great combination of in-ring and on-mic talent, so I’m happy they’re giving him this chance.

I would love if part of Stallion’s story in challenging ties in with how Jordan Devlin still says his title is THE Cruiserweight title, and Devlin needs to settle things with Escobar before any other challenger can step up. A Triple Threat might be a way around that, where Stallion is crazy enough to gamble his opportunity at the champion to take on both champions so he doesn’t have to wait. Maybe not a ladder match like Sami Zayn, Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles had for the Intercontinental Championship, as awesome as that would be, but maybe an elimination match so that it has to come down to the last man, not just sudden death.

My Score: 8.2/10

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