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Suwama’s Station #5 – Taiyo Kea interview Part 1

Suwama’s Station welcomes Taiyo Kea to the show and discusses All Japan’s October events and results!



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Suwama’s Station welcomes Taiyo Kea to the show and discusses All Japan’s October events and results!

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In our fifth episode, we discuss October’s events and results as well as various news bits including the announcement of the teams for the 2020 Real World Tag League as well as the schedule.

Mat and Dave also discuss the Enfants Terribles outlook on staying with freelancing and working in All Japan up against the possibility of working GLEAT/CyberFight affiliated alliance!

We are truly proud to present Part one of our interview with All Japan legend and one of the few gaijin to train in the All Japan Dojo, former Triple Crown and World Tag Team Champion, Taiyo Kea!

Kea discusses his life in Hawaii, how he got into All Japan via various foreigners Giant Baba had associated with over the years, memories of the Real World Tag League and the various venues he competed in and so much more!!

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Originally entitled Uncle Jun’s Junction, named after the great Jun Akiyama who has since departed from All Japan. Times change and so do we and thus we are now Suwama’s Station!

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