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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (12/9/20)

Is Dynamite going to explode again?



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

AEW has a stacked episode ready to blow!

We have a NEW AEW World Champion, but who is really happy about it? Will Kenny Omega face the consequences of conspiring with Don Callis? Plus, the Inner Circle will answer its own ultimatum! Will they stay together or fall apart?


  • The Young Bucks VS The Hybrid2; The Young Bucks win.
  • FTR w/ Tully Blanchard VS The Varsity Blondes; FTR wins.
  • Dustin Rhodes VS The Dark Order’s Number 10; Dustin wins.
  • Lance Archer & The Lucha Brothers w/ Jake Roberts VS The Fam; The Fam wins.
  • Abadon VS Tesha Price; Abadon wins.
  • Dynamite Diamond Ring Match: MJF w/ Wardlow VS Orange Cassidy; MJF wins and retains the Dynamite Diamond Ring.


The Young Bucks VS The Hybrid2!

Though this is a non-title showdown, Matt & Nick Jackson have promised that if Jack Evans & Angelico win, they will have a match for the AEW World Tag Team Championships in the future! Will the last of the true hybrids prove they’ve been worthy all along?

But as the Bucks stand on the corners to pose for the fans, TH2 attacks from behind! Angelico is after Nick and Evans is after Matt as the bell rings! Nick hits back and so does Matt, and then Matt bumps Evans off buckles! The Bucks whip Angelico, double elbow him down then then grab Evans to double suplex him onto Angelico! Double dropkicks send Evans and Angelico out and fans fire up! Matt and Nick then aim at TH2 but they get clear of the double planchas to then YANK the Bucks down! Fans boo but Angelico whips Nick and Evans whips Matt, only for the Bucks to dosido and DOUBLE SPEAR TH2! Fans fire up with the Bucks as they stand tall!

Matt and Nick put TH2 together and Matt WRECKS them with a dropkick! Matt skins the cat to hold the ropes for Nick to FLY! Direct hit and TH2 is down again! Fans fire up more as Matt puts Evans in. Matt drags Evans up, tags Nick, and the Bucks double whip Evans, but Evans slips through the double back drop and under the double clothesline to QUEBRADA! The Bucks get clear and Evans handsprings to then come back into a double hip toss, and double dropkick! Fans fire up but Angelico tags in to throw Matt out! Angelico throws hands on Nick, then wrenches to a knuckle lock. Nick CHOPS, and goes “LUCHA LIBRE~!” to arm-drag Angelico!

Nick keeps moving, springboard arm-drags then drop toeholds! Tag to Matt and he slingshots to drop legs! Matt then handspring headscissors to hold Evans in place for Nick’s dropkick! Fans have not stopped cheering as Matt bumps Angelico off buckles. Matt runs corner to corner but Angelico boots him away! Nick runs in but gets tossed out! Matt returns but Angelico pops him up! Nick anchors Angelico’s feet but Evans tags in, to then climb up and MOONSAULT off Matt’s back! Down goes Nick, and Angelico shifts positions to lift Matt. Evans is back up, DUMDUM STOMP BACK SUPLEX! ASSISTED 450 SPLASH! Cover, TWO!!

Fans boo Evans as he stomps Matt down and paces. Angelico gets back in, ASSISTED 450- SUPERKICK! Nick takes Evans out but Angelico ROUNDHOUSES Nick but Matt SUPERKICKS Angelico! All four men are down and fans are loving this! Matt and Evans are alone in the ring but crawling. Evans anchors Matt, Matt hobbles up and rolls to kick Evans away! Hot tags to Angelico and Nick! Nick dodges Angelico to unleash his killer kick combo, ROUNDHOUSE to Evans, SOBAT to Angelico, SCREW KICK to Evans! But Angelico knows the Shining Wizard is next and he ducks it to back suplex Nick. Nick lands on his feet to SHINING WIZARD after all! BULLDOG CLOTHESLINE COMBO!

Fans fire up with Nick all over again as he drags Evans up. Nick whips but Evans reverses, and Evans runs in only to be put on the top rope. Angelico returns but Nick ROCKS Angelico! Knuckle lock and CHOP, then “LUCHA LIBRE~” STEINER for Evans! Angelico throws Nick to the ramp but Nick shoulder sin and slingshots, FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Angelico survives and fans are thunderous! Nick calls for the Superkick Party and he aims. Evans grabs Nick’s hair, but Nick boots Angelico away and elbows Evans. Matt runs in to sunset flip but Evans holds onto ropes desperately! Angelico hurries over but into Nick’s SUPERKICK!

Nick DECKS Evans and that adds to Matt’s POWERBOMB, into the Acclaimed! Max Caster and Anthony Bowens were in the ringside wrestler audience and get wiped out! Nick has Angelico in a corner and runs in, SHINING WIZARD! GAMANGIRI, ELBOW, snapmare and PENALTY KICK! Matt tags in, he drags Angelico around and fans fire up! RISKY BUSINESS! Cover, TWO!! Angelico survives that onslaught and “This is Awesome!” Matt brings Angelico up to ROCK him with a right! Matt whips, Evans tags in and Angelico baits Matt in, NECKBREAKER BACKBREAKER, to the LIFTING COMPLETE SHOT! Angelico DECKS Nick, Evans SPRINGBOARD 450’s! Cover, TWO!!

Fans rally up and Evans tags Angelico back in. Angelico drags Matt up, says this is over, and he reels Matt into a Canadian rack, then crucifix lift, but Matt RANAS and Angelico gets Nick’s kick! Matt drags Angelico to a roll up, Evans breaks it! Evans drags Matt up to throw out to the ramp but Nick gets in. Evans boots Nick away and ends up on the ramp, but Matt Electric Chair lifts him! Nick goes up and up, DOOMSDAY DEVICE to the ramp! The Bucks regroup and aim at Angelico, DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Cover, TWO!?! Angelico still lives?! But the Bucks call for the next one, and give us More BANG For Your KNEES!

Matt misses the moonsault, too, and his bad leg jams! Evans hops up to POISON-RANA!! Evans sees Nick outside, APRON 450!! Angelico has the bad leg, and DRAGON SCREWS it! Then he has the leg, NAVARRO DEATH ROLL!! Into the Navarro Special #14! Evans is on the defense as Matt endures! Matt drags himself to ropes but Angelico drags him away! Nick returns, DECKS Evans then hops up top, to SWANTON BOMB onto Angelico! Matt is free but the damage was done! Matt slowly stands and brings Angelico up, and Nick takes aim. Evans trips Nick then dumps Matt out! Evans builds speed and handsprings to SASUKE, into Matt’s arms! Nick goes in, slingshots out, SUPER MELTZER DRIVER!!

Evans might be on his way to Heaven as the Bucks leave him for dead! Angelico shoves Matt into Nick and O’Conner Rolls! TWO, into an ENZIGURI! Matt rolls Angelico, the Bucks aim, DOUBLE SUPERKICKS!! Tag to Nick, the Bucks sit Angelico up, B T E TRIGGER!! Cover, The Bucks win!

Winners: The Young Bucks, by pinfall

The Hybrid2 gave the champs a hell of a fight, but this is why Matt and Nick have the belts! But The Acclaimed are fired up from that bomb earlier and they hop the railing! But SoCal Uncensored intercepts them! Caster and Bowens back off, will they have to get past the Addiction before getting at the Bucks?


MJF speaks.

“This pinkie is bare. And I’m not a fan of that. Y’know what else I’m not a fan of? Somebody making a mockery of this sport when the bell rings by sticking their hands in their pockets and kicking people in slow motion.” Luckily for MJF, he gets to upset the “not so smart marks” when he BASHES Orange Cassidy’s brains in and retain the Dynamite Diamond Ring! He promises to beat Cassidy down and enjoy every single second of it! “Because I’m better than you, and you know it.” But will Maxwell Jacob Friedman get the ring back? Or will he have to kiss it good-bye?


Darby Allin has a new video for AEW.

The Face of TNT sits down with a therapist, who has a series of images here. It’s a Rorschach test to see what Darby associates the images with. First blot, “A wolf in sheep’s clothing.” AKA Team Taz’s Ricky Starks. Second, “A snake in the grass,” AKA Will Hobbs betraying him. And thirdly, “A puppet,” AKA Brian Cage. But he also sees a #1 contender. He sees the man who, ever since his AEW debut, has tried to end Darby’s career. This might be months in the making, but it’s more like 27 years. Darby’s dealt with this his whole life. Cage has beaten Darby, but he was never alone. So Darby’s going to give him the chance to do so. Darby tells Cage they’ll face off for the TNT Championship.

But what about the last blot? Darby just smiles and laughs. We’ve all seen that shape before. Will Darby be able to put into words what he feels about that iconic paint next time?


Cody Rhodes heads to the ring!

The American Nightmare and Arn Anderson are both here, ready to address everything that happened last week, after the break!

AEW returns and Tony Schiavone joins Arn and Cody in the ring to talk about what has the wrestling world buzzing! Team Taz was having its way with Cody and Darby, but then STING appeared! But before Cody can speak, the lights go down, and the crow is back! As is the snowfall! Because once again, STING is here! He was already set for an appearance and an interview with Schiavone, but it seems he isn’t waiting! Arn stares The Icon down as fans chant for “STING! STING!” Arn has the mic to say, “Sorry, I just had to get a little closer to make sure this was real.” Sting surely has an agenda, and Arn knows Cody does, too. For now, Arn will step aside. Schiavone says he’ll also move aside, and gives Sting the mic.

Sting wants Schiavone to wait. Bring it in for a hug! How long has it been? Sting tells Schiavone kudos for helping him out with that iconic, “IT’S STING!!” Fans loved that moment, so could he give us one more? Just one? Well alright. “IT’S STIIIIIING!” Thank you, Tony! “This is Awesome!” String chants that, too, then Cody says, “Welcome back.” Cody starts by asking, or maybe even thanking him, for that assist last week. But Cody just gets to the point. He has been waiting to share a ring with Sting for a very, very long time. Sting says he’s not here for Cody. Not now, anyway. There is something that makes Sting feel at home here. Something really, really familiar about AEW. He’s pointing to Darby sitting up in the nosebleeds!

Fans chant for Darby and he leans in. Sting sees the “animals” are the same, but also different. The bottom line, though, he’s in a jungle! And “The Stinger” has come full circle. He’s back in the jungle and back on TNT! Cody continues with, “Like I said sir, welcome back.” Sting knows Cody knows everything that goes on here, but he knows Sting and what Sting says. “The only thing for sure about Sting is nothing’s for sure. Except this: I am signed officially with AEW. And I plan on being close to the AEW wrestling fans and in this promotion for a long time.” But the way Sting chooses to play the game is his business. He pats Cody on the back, brings him in, and says, “See you around, kid.” There were subtle messages in how both Cody and Sting addressed each other. But who will make their side much more clear as things move ahead?


Team Taz speaks.

Taz stands with Hobbs, Cage, Starks and now his own son, Hook, as he mockingly applauds the “special moment” we just had. The big man, String, and then Cody and the TNT Champion, Darby, in the rafters. How about their special moment when Cage and Hobs and Starks were “beating the holy high hell out of Darby and Cody?” Then Tony Khan had to go and sign Sting, just to save the two golden boys. Starks says speaking of, look! The forearm star student is now training with Team Taz at the dojo! Taz says it’s real simple: “My men are always ready to beat somebody’s ass!” #WhoBetta?


FTR w/ Tully Blanchard VS The Varsity Blondes!

Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood may not be tag team champions anymore, but they will not forfeit that they are the best team in the world! Will they show Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr. that you must still #FearTheRevelation?

The teams sort out and Cash starts against Bulletproof BPJ. They circle, fans are riled up and BPJ ties up with Cash. BPJ waistlocks, Cash switches and slams him down! And then slams him down again! Cash pulls on the mullet then knocks BPJ down. Cash throws EuroUppers and then tags in Dax. FTR mug BPJ and then Dax bumps BPJ off buckles. Dax CHOPS BPJ, whips him, and elbows him down! Dax keeps BPJ from Griff to snap suplex! Fans are fired up more as Dax drags BPJ up. Dax throws more EuroUppers, then tags in Cash. FTR double whip but BPJ goes up and crossbodies them both down! BPJ SUPERKICKS Dax, dropkicks Cash, then wrenches Cash to tag Griff.

The Varsity Blondes go after Cash’s arm, Griff gets an elbow breaker. Tag to BPJ, they whip Cash, kick low and swinging neckbreaker, to then drop a leg, brother! Cover, ONE!! BPJ keeps his eyes on Tully and Dax before he CHOPS Cash! BPJ wrenches, whips Cash but Cash reverses. BPJ goes up and leaps, but Cash dodges this time! Tag to Dax and FTR double suplex to hang BPJ out to dry! BPJ sputters but Dax stomps BPJ’s hand! And then the other hand! Dax fish hooks and elbows BPJ as AEW goes picture in picture.

Dax looms over BPJ, drags him up and back suplexes him high and hard! Dax drops a leg, an elbow, and a headbutt! Cover, TWO! Dax is annoyed but he drags BPJ up by his mullet to shove and catch into a cobra twist! Cash wants to sneak a hand in for leverage but the ref is keeping a close eye on him. BPJ endures, Dax grabs the ropes, then clubs BPJ in the ribs. BPJ is free of the hold but Dax whips him. BPJ kicks back! BPJ and Dax crawl, but Cash tags in first to CLOBBER BPJ, then sucker punch Griff! Griff gets in and chases Cash out, but Dax scoops BPJ. The ref stops Griff, Cash hurries to the corner and hops up, ELBOW DROP BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! BPJ survives and FTR is annoyed.

Cash body scissors BPJ and squeezes tight to keep him down. Cash also has the chinlock but BPJ endures to get the ropebreak! Cash lets go, EuroUppers BPJ into the corner, then CHOPS him! BPJ hits back with haymakers but Cash hits back! BPJ CHOPS Cash, elbows Dax then CHOPS Cash again! Dax ducks and tags in, they whip BPJ to CLOBBER him! BPJ lands rough on his neck but Dax puts him through ropes to KICK and CHOP and kick and CHOP! AEW returns to single picture as the ref backs Dax off, but Cash gets his cheap shots in! Dax drags BPJ out and reels him in to POWERBOMB! FTR soaks up the heat as Dax kicks BPJ out of the ring.

Cash tags in, takes his time fetching BPJ, and Dax distracts the ref so TULLY can SLAP BPJ! Fans boo as Cash goes to bump BPJ. BPJ blocks to bump Cash off the apron! Dax comes around but BPJ ROCKS him with a right! BPJ hurries up to the apron, springboards, and TACKLES Cash down! Cash hurries to tag Dax, BPJ tags in Griff! The Ivy League MVP rallies on FTR with clotheslines and BOOTS! Griff spins Cash to ROLLING ELBOW! Fans fire up with Griff and he runs corner to corner to SPLASH Dax! Griff whips Dax at Cash, then runs into SPLASH them both! And DOUBLE SPEAR!! Cover, TWO!! Dax survives but Griff grits his teeth!

Griff drags Dax up, suplexes, but Dax slips out to shove Griff. BPJ tags in as Griff tumbles out, then shoulders into Dax. Dax gets clear of the springboard to kick and suplexes, for a BRAIN BUSTER! Dax brings BPJ over, tags Cash, and FTR whips for the GOODNIGHT EXPRESS! Cover, FTR wins!

Winners: FTR, by pinfall

FTR beats BPJ and Griff, but they see Jurassic Express at ringside. Will Cash and Dax finally face Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus for that #BrushofGreatness they never got?


Alex Marvez interviews Hangman Page.

Naturally there at one of the bars within Daily’s Place. Next week, he is scheduled for a Six Man Tag against Private Party and Matt Hardy, stemming from how Hardy eliminated Hangman in the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal. But, Hangman’s tag team partners aren’t listed. Who is he going to get? Funny he should ask. Because from behind the bar, Alex Reynolds and John Silver stand up and say, “Howdy, cowboy!” They and their Woody from Toy Story hats heard Hangman was looking for some partners. How long were they waiting back there for this moment? Seven days. Well okay. But no, he wasn’t going to choose them. Sorry.

But Reynolds counters with, “Who else is it going to be?” Okay, okay, fine. But this is one match! Hangman gets it, Reynolds and Silver are funny guys, they’re recruiters, but he is NOT going to #JoinDarkOrder. He doesn’t have to! One and done is all they need! YEEHAW~! Well there it is! The Cowboy rides with the Beaver Boys to take on #HardyParty! Will Hangman and the boys be drinking to celebrate or forget next week?


Dustin Rhodes VS The Dark Order’s Number 10!

Speaking of the Dark Order, The Natural wants to rip them apart on behalf of the Nightmare Family! But first, he’ll go against #Pres10Vance. Will Dustin climb his way up the ranks until he’s facing The Exalted One?

AEW returns as Dustin makes his entrance with Big Shotty by his side! The bell rings, Vance and Dustin circle, tie up, and go around. Vance shoves Dustin away and Dustin gets to a corner. Dustin dodges Vance and throws big hands! Dustin ROCKS Vance, ROCKS him again, then throws him out! Vance staggers, Dustin pursues and bumps Vance off railing! But Vance FLAPJACKS Dustin off the apron! Vance throws Dustin back in, follows and KICKS Dustin in the side! Dustin staggers up, Vance whips and SPINEBUSTERS! Vance poses and soaks up the heat from the fans, but Lee Johnson gets fans rallying for Dustin.

Vance sees Dustin go to the apron and builds speed to BOOT him off! Dustin hits the floor hard, then Vance slowly goes out to move around the corner. Johnson says back and Dustin gets back in, and Aaron Solow swipes at Vance? Vance BOOTS Solow for it! Vance goes after Dustin but Dustin ROCKS him with uppercut after uppercut! Dustin runs and rallies with clotheslines! Dustin digs Vance’s head into ropes, throws another haymaker, then bites at the mask! Vance swings back, but into the BULLDOG! Cover, Dustin wins!!

Winner: Dustin Rhodes, by pinfall

That was a fast on! But Evil Uno and the rest of the Dark Order storm back out! Uno wants Dustin to calm down, they’re not here to fight. Uno can’t change the past, but he can improve the future. Dustin’s legacy is five DECADES long. “The wonderful Dustin Rhodes” has a name that comes with pressure. Dustin is just the third most important Rhodes in AEW. But the Dark Order can help him! Will Dustin take his rightful place as Number 7 of the Dark Order? Fans say no, but Dustin looks at his own hand. Dustin raises his hand, to SLAP Uno!

Johnson backs Dustin up but Uno has the Dark Order stand down. When Dustin sees the light and understands what they understand, Dustin will come begging. Dustin’s had his experience being a seven, will he refuse to #JoinDarkOrder for that reason alone?


Tony Schiavone sits down with Brandi Rhodes, and Shaquille O’Neil!

Schiavone is proud to sit with AEW’s Chief Branding Officer, and the four-time NBA world champion, 15-time NBA All Star, one of the star cohosts of Inside the NBA, a member of the Papa John’s board of directors, and the star of TNT’s Shaq Life. Wow, all that butter on Shaq’s toast, but only the one thing for her? Brandi says that’s fine. Schiavone says it’s great to have Shaq here because he knows Shaq has something to say to AEW. Yes, he was watching “the lovely Jade” and her interaction with Cody, and Shaq goes back a long way with her. He wants to see her do big things, but did not like what Jade did to Brandi’s arm.

Brandi didn’t like it, either. Her arm is injured right now. Brandi says she didn’t deserve that, either. Jade is the one who came into Brandi’s house, came at Brandi’s people, and so what Brandi did was the natural response. If Jade does something like that again, Brandi will get in her face again. But Brandi hopes that this can stop and no one else will get hurt. So can this be settled between Brandi and Jade on Dynamite? Shaq would like to see that. Not to interrupt, but yes, that’d be good.

Also, Shaq says that little thing with him and Cody on Twitter was all in good fun. No disrespect to the wrestlers, they’re some of the best athletes in the world. Shaq loves Cody, loves Dustin, loves Dusty, big fan of them all. But Brandi VS Jade, can’t wait! Then that’s that, and Brandi shakes hands with Shaq before heading out. Shaq suggests that while her arm is in a sling, Brandi should watch Jade out there, “get some pointers from her.” Brandi asks if that’s a joke, too. No, Shaq was serious there. Oh, so he’s gonna disrespect her on her way out? Is this a pattern of behavior? Brandi is sick and tired of this! She DRENCHES Shaq with the cup of water she had! Shaq is just an overgrown a-hole! Brandi storms off, but has her own short temper only awoken a sleeping giant?


The Inner Circle heads to the ring!

Despite the “great” time they had in Las Vegas, the tensions within the group did not smooth over. Chris Jericho told everyone that they had to decide to work together as all seven, or split apart now and forever! So now, Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, Ortiz, MJF and Wardlow are here to see where they all stand. Fans sing Judas for Jericho, which he very much enjoys. Jericho says this is a very serious night here. This could be the last time they’re all together in AEW. And as he said last week, they must decide if they are to become the most powerful faction in wrestling history, or disband forever.

The crap that’s been going on is not what Jericho wanted when he put the group together, or when he brought in MJF and Wardlow. They were pushing and shoving “like a bunch of little petulant punks” and it was embarrassing! Jericho vows it will never happen again. Sammy doesn’t like MJF, Wardlow doesn’t like Hager, and Ortiz is just sick of it all! Santana couldn’t even be here, he’s so angry! So now, do they move forward as a unit? Or do they end it all? The time for airing grievances begins now.

MJF takes the lead on this, and fans boo. “Before I continue speaking, I just want you guys to understand. I love each and every single one of you like brothers. Ortiz, you’re my ese, bro!” MJF loves them all! But he is starting to understand what’s going on. MJF might be the issue here. He’s no idiot. He sees the social media posts. People think MJF wants to break up the group, or even take it over! Maybe the others believe that. But MJF makes it clear that he chose to be part of the greatest faction in all of wrestling! Moreover, MJF wanted to create unbreakable bonds in a band of brothers. That’s why it killed MJF that Sammy betrayed-

SHUT UP, MJF! SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Sammy says MJF IS the problem, he is so sick of this! Screw MJF! Jericho says he told MJF this months ago. The Inner Circle actually watches Dynamite. They saw what MJF did! MJF had the towel, thought about throwing it, and Jericho saw it on camera! MJF wants “Christopher” to understand that was all a misunderstanding. MJF was sweaty, he was going to wipe his brow. Ortiz says timeout. Santana helped him realize something. MJF and Wardlow are jackasses. Great talents, beneficial to the group, but as humans? Debatable. Wardlow is great, never change. But MJF? Ugh. “You’re growing on me like a fungus.

Even so, Ortiz wants Sammy to shake MJF’s hand. Sammy is reluctant but Ortiz says he gets it. Jericho chose MJF, the others didn’t. But in life, you don’t get to choose the hand you’re dealt. And like it or not, together, they are the winning hand. Sammy, be the better man here. You are better than him, and you know it. Whoa, now, Ortiz! MJF will let the copying of his catchphrase slide, if it means Sammy will shake his hand. Sammy paces, fans chant “Shake His Hand!” Sammy says he will, because he trusts Jericho. Jericho brought Sammy to AEW and the Inner Circle. But if one more thing, and he means one more thing, Sammy is warning MJF and Jericho, that Sammy will QUIT the team.

Jericho takes off his sunglasses to show Sammy he’s serious when he says, “Okay.” Sammy wants Jericho to know he’s serious. Sammy shakes MJF’s hand! Jericho pats them both on the shoulder and says this is huge. Jericho appreciates what everyone has said, and hopes this means the Inner Circle is all on the same page. Right? Hager has a question, though. Why does Wardlow keep staring at him? WHAT? Staring at Hager? Hager’s the one staring at Wardlow! It creeps him out! Well Wardlow creeps Hager out! Jericho wants them to calm down and says he has an idea. How about they all agree to stop staring? Hager says he could stop staring whenever he wants. Wardlow says so could he. Okay, then.

The Inner Circle has agreed they will continue to grow, build and dominate like they all know they can. So therefore, they also agree to a future. A bright future. MJF speaks up and says the future is going to be the main event tonight where he beats the “ever-loving crap” out of Cassidy, the man who beat MJF’s friend, Chris Jericho, twice! Not an easy thing to do, actually. Jericho has MJF stop, because he’s ruining the moment. Right, sorry. So then, it is agreed! Put it in. Middle fingers from all, Ortiz putting up a second on behalf of Santana, and the Inner Circle is FOR LIFE!


Alex Marvez interviews FTR and Tully Blanchard.

A big match and a big win for them, their first match back since that classic at Full Gear. Cash says he is fully responsible for losing those tag titles because he let emotions get the best of him and tried to beat the Bucks at their own games. Tully says Cash can’t take that on himself. Tully was not there. One member of the team was not there. FTR is not like the others. These three are invincible when they’re together! The other teams and other groups in AEW, you’ve got people jumping off the top rope in battle royals, what kind of crazy stuff is that? Jungle Boy’s stupid.

But Dax says as far as the tag titles go, you can slap a badass bumper stick on a Dodge Stratus, but that doesn’t make it an ’82 Ford Bronco. FTR are the Ford Broncos of AEW, they are the baddest and the best on the planet! Their goal is the titles! #FearTheRevelation!


Lance Archer & The Lucha Brothers w/ Jake Roberts VS The Fam!

The Murderhawk Monster has had about enough of The Mad King, Eddie Kingston, going on and on about not really losing the contender’s battle royal, or about not tapping out to Jon Moxley in a title match. Penta El Zero M & Rey Fenix are tired of Kingston, the Butcher and the Blade pitting brother against brother. Will there be #CeroMiedo when #EverybodyDies?

AEW is picture in picture as The Fam pace around waiting. The Lucha Bros make their entrance first, bringing the fire and pyro. But Penta and Fenix wait at the ramp until Archer and Jake make their entrance, and AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and now Archer arrives! Archer has the brothers move aside so he can FLY into the ring! He bowls the whole Fam over! And a brawl is on! Archer chases Kingston out while Fenix CHOPS Blade and Penta beats down Butcher! Butcher kicks back, slaps Penta and Blade CHOPS Fenix! Fenix hits back and gets Blade down for a basement enziguri! Blade WHALLOPS Penta right against the railing in front of the wrestlers watching ringside! Butcher puts Penta in the ring, Fenix mugs Blade against wall, and Butcher hits back. Archer slugs away on Kingston against railing! Butcher suplexes and SLAMS Penta through the timekeeper’s table! Bunny laughs at his pain but Fenix hurries over!

Archer puts Kingston in the ring and the bell finally gets this on record! Archer grinds Kingston’s head into buckles and leans all his weight on him! Fans are still losing their minds over what happened with Penta, and the medics have to help him up. Archer tags Fenix, Fenix CHOPS Kingston and then runs, but Butcher tags in to CLOBBER Fenix! Butcher sucker punches Archer down! Kingston laughs at Penta while Blade tags in. Butcher and Blade double headbutt Fenix down, then Blade looms over him. Blade drags Fenix up but Fenix CHOPS! Blade shoves Fenix down, tags in Kingston, and they dig boots into Fenix.

Kingston drags Fenix up, scoops and slams him, then has Archer watch as he drops an elbow. Kingston mockingly puts up his dukes, then drags Fenix away. Fenix throws body shots but Kingston clubs Fenix down! Kingston digs his fingers into Fenix’s eyes! Kingston CHOPS Fenix, bumps him off buckles, then tags in Blade. They stomp away and dig a knee into Fenix’s head! The ref counts, Blade lets up and then drags Fenix to ropes. The ref backs Blade off, Allie gets her cheap shots in! And Butcher, too! Blade tags Kingston, Kingston mocks the rallying claps, then he drags Fenix up to scoop. Fenix fights off the back suplex to handspring and CUTTER!

Fans fire up as Fenix and Kingston are both down! Kingston sits up in a daze, figures out where he is in the ring, and heads over. Hot tags to Blade and Archer! Archer KNEES and full nelson SLAMS Blade! Butcher gets in and the big boys throw big hands! Archer puts Butcher in a corner then runs in to elbow! He runs corner to corner to hit Blade, then back to Butcher, then back to Blade! Bunny Allie freaks out, but Butcher dodges, only for Archer to boot him and boot Blade! Archer goes up and CROSSBODIES them both! AEW goes picture in picture as they all topple over!

Archer fires up and drags Blade up. Archer throws big hands, then knuckle locks Blade to bring him to a corner. Archer climbs up, goes Old School but Bunny distracts so Kingston can trip him up! Archer tumbles, Blade chop blocks him! Blade rolls Archer around and tags Kingston in for stomps! Kingston says up yours to everyone, then he grinds Archer down with a facelock. Archer fights up, throws body shots, but Kingston KICKS a leg out! Kingston throws hands on Archer at the ropes but Archer just gets pissed! Archer SWATS Kingston and both men go down! Kingston grabs a leg, anchors Archer and reaches to his corner, but Archer reaches for his! Blade gets in to DECK Fenix!

Butcher tags in, he and Kingston mug Archer and focus on the leg. Butcher uses the leg to reel Archer in for a leg DDT! Archer clutches the knee, Allie mocks his pain, and Butcher drags Archer around to drop a leg on the leg! And another! Tag to Blade, they choke Archer on ropes but let off at the ref’s count. Blade drags Archer around to have the foot. Blade steps through but Archer cradles, TWO!! Blade kicks the bad leg as AEW returns to single picture. Jake swipes Blade’s legs, Archer GERMAN SUPLEXES! Both men are down and fans fire up! Archer crawls, hot tag to Fenix!

Fenix springboards to crossbody Blade! Fenix sees Butcher coming and CHOPS, then he BOOTS Kingston! Fenix waistlocks and ROUNDHOUSES Butcher, then he goes up an dup and around to add Kingston to the HEADSCISSOR ARM-DRAG COMBO! Fans fire up as Fenix DIVES and takes out Kingston! Allie can’t believe that somersault tope! Fenix is back up and leaves Kingston behind to springboard! Blade ducks under, kicks low and Butcher is there, suplex to POWERBOMB NECKBREAKER! Cover, The Fam wins!!

Winners: The Fam, by pinfall

Kingston tells Fenix that’s what he gets! Of course, things were very different after Penta was taken away, so it was more a Handicap match. But Archer comes back for more! He CLOBBERS Butcher, and tells Kingston this isn’t done! Blade CLUBS Archer but Archer just ROCKS Blade, to then Choke SUPLEX! And a corner back elbow! Archer puts Blade up top, lifts him up, but Butcher saves Blade! The Fam regroups and retreats, but the Murderhawk Monster’s wrath has not been satiated! Will he finally get after Kingston 1v1 soon enough?


The Vicious Vixens and Jade Cargill attack Red Velvet!

But unlike last time, Nyla isn’t just security for jade! Nyla KNEES Velvet against railing, then has Jade hold her up! Serena Deeb and Big Swole rush in to stop this, but then Ivelisse and Diamante want in!? There’s chaos in the AEW Women’s Division, but the bottom line is that Vickie Guerrero might have herself another unstoppable force in her stable! Will Brandi do something about this madness?


Abadon VS Tesha Price!

Speaking of madness, there’s a lot to be said about the creeping, crawling Living Dead Girl. Is it an act to get into the heads of her opponents? Or is Abadon really this horrifying?

The bell rings and Price rushes in but Abadon CLOBBERS her! And RAMS her into the corner and fires off furious fists! Abadon TOSSES Price, then lurks up to her. Price backs away to a corner, fires off forearms out of fear, but Abadon doesn’t flinch! Abadon puts Price in the corner again and fires off forearms of her own! Abadon then drags Price out to STO her down! Abadon drags Price back up, Gory Especial, to the WIDOW’S PEAK! Cover, Abadon wins!

Winner: Abadon, by pinfall

And she doesn’t stop! She thrashes Price, rains down fists, and then dribbles Price! But here comes Hikaru Shida! The AEW Women’s Champion wants to prove to everyone she is NOT afraid, and she storms right to the ring! Shida SMACKS Abadon right in the head with her kendo stick! Shida gets Price from the ring, but Abadon sits up like a certain Deadman. Price bails and Shida gets to the stage, but will Abadon simply haunt their dreams until the next time they meet?


Backstage interview with Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle originals.

The Inner Circle agreed to stick together, but does that mean they’re on the same page? Yes, absolutely! Did you not see that showing of solidarity? Even Sammy agreed! That is why they will all join MJF and Wardlow ringside in the main event! They want to make sure MJF beats that SOB, Orange Cassidy, and retains the Dynamite Diamond Ring! Tonight, the Inner Circle wins for sure, and that is a guarantee!


AEW returns with Tony Schiavone waiting in the ring.

This time is for Kenny Omega to finally address what he did last week in the AEW World Championship match, along with what he’s done in the seven days since. And as Omega promised on social media, he is arriving at Daily’s Place in a helicopter! Omega flew in from Nashville, Tennessee, and he’s got Impact Wrestling’s Don Callis with him. These two have big grins as they head in and Omega tells Marvez it’s fine, it’s really cool. If Marvez wants to hear from Omega, just watch this next segment.

“Please put your hands together loudly and welcome the first wrestler to hold both the AEW World and Tag Team titles, the first wrestler to hold two different AEW championships, the first AEW wrestler to pin Jon Moxley. He has now held seventeen different singles championships. He is on a 12 match singles winning streak. He is undefeated in sanctioned AEW singles competition over the past 466 days. He is the first contracted AEW wrestler to appear on Impact Wrestling, and took the scenic route from there to here, flying over NORTH CAROLINA! He is THE NEW All Elite Wrestling Woooorld Champion… KENNY! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMEEEEEEEEGAAAAAAA!”

There are more than just two Sweepettes! Omega walks onto stage and has Callis just behind him. They go to the ring as pyro flies and fans are divided. Schiavone welcomes them and says there are some questions for the “champ.” First off, what happened to the Gentlemen’s Agreement with Moxley? Second, what is his relationship with Callis here? And Schiavone adds that he’s been in wrestling a long time. Since 1983! And he’s never been more disgusted than he was last week! Callis asks if Schiavone’s upset. Well if so, then he’s like everyone else! The fans are upset, Schiavone is upset, Khan is upset! But why? He invited Callis! He took Callis in and treated him as a guest, and then feels screwed. “Welcome to the wrestling business, kid!”

Callis obviously takes over the interview by telling Omega, “It’s the biggest screwjob since Montreal!” But Callis as there then, and at #WinterIsComing, the stakes were much higher. And speaking of Winter, hell froze over because Omega was on Impact last night! All the paradigms are being shifted, but how did these two cook this up? Did it take weeks of planning? NOPE! YEARS! They’ve known each other since Omega was 10 years old, and Callis has watched Omega become a world-class athlete. Callis saw Omega become the best wrestler in the world! Callis was the invisible hand watching and guiding and protecting him!

Three years ago, Callis and Omega changed the course of wrestling! Jericho VS Omega, Tokyo Dome, the match even Khan said helped create AEW! So you should credit Omega and Callis for creating AEW! They gave birth to it! So for JR to say they stole the title, Callis counters by saying you cannot steal what you create! Callis says we wanted the Best Bout Machine, the Seven Star Omega, you got it! So without further ado, your AEW World Champion, Kenny “Bah Gawd” Omega!

Omega takes the mic and says we always appreciate the family-friendly environment Callis creates. Omega wasn’t at AEW’s birth, crawling up to Khan with hands up, begging he help his friends and family! “Please, give them a payday!” NO! Omega waited. He bided his time. He and Callis waited over a year with this plan. Nepotism is a wonderful thing. And more than anyone else in the company, Omega has pulled it off successfully. You can talk about accolades, awards, stars, trophies, plaques, banners, buttons! All compare in comparison to what Omega has right now. This is the most prestigious prize in all of pro-wrestling!

What Omega pulled off with Mr. Callis was not just a seven star classic, it was a performance of a lifetime! Like fine art! Inspirational! And all of you watching it all unfold fell for it, “hook, line, and sinker!” And whether you say you did or not, Omega doesn’t care! Khan? Jerry Lin? Who cares! But they just needed Moxley to fall for it! Look what Moxley did to Omega! The black eye is real! But Moxley doesn’t have the brains! That’s where Callis comes in. That is why Moxley fell for it! Sure, Omega used a microphone bop, but nobody kicks out of a One Winged Angel! NOBODY! And if Moxley thought last week was a surprise, if fans thought Tuesday was a big surprise, they’re just getting started! There is so much coming!

But Callis says Omega can’t tell the fans that yet, they can’t handle what’s coming! But to put it this way, “Some people make matches. Other people make money. Kenny Omega makes HISTORY!” So they’ll give fans something they’ve been waiting over a year for! Wanna do the thing? Oh yes, do the thing! Well alright! Omega’s a little nervous! “Without any further ado, I must bid you adieu!” So if you know it, say it with him now! “Good-bye, MWAH! And good, night, BANG!!” The Cleaner is back and badder than ever! What do he and Callis have in store for the wrestling world?


AEW has matches made for next week!

The go-home to the holidays is going to be big! On top of the Six Man of Hangman, Reynolds and Silver VS #HardyParty, there will also be Cody Rhodes VS Angelico, The Acclaimed VS SCU, Ivelisse & Diamante VS Big Swole & Serena Deeb!


AEW also has big holiday shows prepared!

On December 23rd, immediately following NBA on TNT, will be a Dynamite Holiday Bash! And then, on December 30th and January 6th, it will be the New Year’s SMASH two-part event! On 12/30, Jericho will be special commentator! And on 1/6/21, to ring in the new year, it’s SNOOP DOGG! Will it truly be a Happy New Year with AEW?


Dynamite Diamond Ring Match: MJF w/ The Inner Circle VS Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends!

The battle royal didn’t go how the Salt of the Earth claims he meant it to, but the Inner Circle will do their best to be an insurance policy on getting that $50,000 ring back! But will Freshly Squeezed prove that he just has the Inner Circle’s number with another win tonight?

AEW returns as Cassidy makes his entrance with Chuck Taylor and Trent with him. The bell rings and MJF rushes Cassidy before he can get his jacket off! MJF stomps Cassidy, grabs his sunglasses and breaks them! MJF drags Cassidy up to suplex and cover, ONE! MJF drags Cassidy up and suplexes him again, then covers, ONE! Another cover, ONE! MJF is annoyed, Cassidy throws his shirt at MJF, but MJF catches it to CHOKE him with it! The ref reprimands and MJF lets go, then drags Cassidy up. MJF suplexes again, but Cassidy STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRES! MJF flounders, Cassidy puts his armband on, and Cassidy runs over to grab MJF at ropes!

MJF drags Cassidy out to the apron with him, Cassidy kicks back, then runs side to side, but MJF dodges! The Orange Punch hits post! MJF goes out, drags Cassidy up and tucks Cassidy’s hands into his pockets to then APRON POWERBOMB! Trent and Chuck are there and MJF dares them to do something before he goes back to Cassidy. Jericho has Floyd the Baseball Bat and warns Trent to stay back. MJF refreshes the ring count and then brings Cassidy up, to put the hand through the crossbar! And he PULLS! The ref counts, MJF stops at 4 and Cassidy clutches his hand! MJF drags Cassidy up by his ears, puts him in the ring, and follows to cover, TWO!

MJF stalks Cassidy, tortures the fingers and twists the wrist! Cassidy endures, fights up and powers MJF to a corner! MJF turns it around, rakes Cassidy’s eyes, then soaks up the heat. MJF runs in but Cassidy dodges to send him into buckles! Cassidy runs, into a FLAPJACK! MJF stomps the bad hand the CLOBBERS Cassidy! Cover, TWO! MJF seethes as he stalks Cassidy again. MJF throws Cassidy out hard, and the Inner Circle mugs Cassidy while the ref is distracted! Best Friends are outnumbered and can’t get to Cassidy, and then Sammy POSTS Cassidy before putting him in for MJF! MJF stops distracting the ref and covers, TWO!

AEW goes picture in picture and MJF drags Cassidy into a chinlock. MJF rakes Cassidy’s eyes and the ref counts! MJF stops at 4 and paces about, to then stand on Cassidy’s bad hand! MJF mocks Cassidy but Cassidy gets away. MJF kicks at Cassidy, stands on the bad hand, talks some trash, then bends the hand against the ropes! And he BITES the fingers! The ref counts, MJF lets off at 4, but Jericho uses Floyd to hit Cassidy’s bad hand!! Cassidy clutches his hand even more, and MJF drags Cassidy in. But wait, Best Friends return with back-up! Varsity Blondes, Brandon Cutler, Top Flight, all good friends of Cassidy’s! Now the sides are even as this becomes an unofficial lumberjack match!

MJF paces and questions this, but the ref says if he has the whole Inner Circle ringside, this is only fair. MJF taunts Cassidy to look to his friends, then he BITES Cassidy’s fingers! The ref reprimands, MJF stops at 4, then drops knees! Cover, TWO! MJF grows further annoyed and he kicks at Cassidy. MJF again mocks the hands in pockets, but decides to rake eyes instead! AEW returns to single picture as MJF dares fans to cheer for the “hilarious” Cassidy! MJF mocks the hands in pockets again and he gives toying kicks. Cassidy gets up, MJF pie faces him, and then MJF dares Cassidy to hit him! Cassidy DROPKICKS him! And then DIVES! Direct hit into railings but Cassidy puts MJF in, goes up, and CROSSBODIES!

Things speed up, Cassidy tilt-o-whirl DDT’s MJF down! Fans fire up as Cassidy goes up again, for the FLYING DDT!! Cover, TWO!! Cassidy and MJF flounder and crawl to opposite corners, and Cassidy runs in, only for MJF to dodge and ROCK Cassidy! MJF hops up to DUMDUM STOMP the bad arm! MJF wants that arm, Cassidy rolls and wheelbarrows to victory roll! TWO, MJF dodges the Orange Punch again to whip and WRING Cassidy into buckles! MJF drags Cassidy back up, double underhooks for a SHOULDER BUSTER! And then he underhooks again, for a TIGER DRIVER! High stack, TWO!! Cassidy survives and the fans are thunderous!

Fans sing Seven Nation Army for Cassidy, but MJF drags Cassidy up. MJF throws Cassidy to the apron, has him in the ropes, and says he’ll finish this! But Cassidy back drops out of the Heatseeker! Then Cassidy SPRINGBOARD SENTONS onto the Inner Circle! Down go Hager and Wardlow! Cassidy sees Ortiz and the madball, Jericho and the bat, but he gets back to his friends! MJF is in the ring, Cassidy is on the apron, MJF gets him for HEATSEEKER!! Cover, with ropes, but the ref sees that! Best Friends shout at MJF, but MJF shoves Chuck! The ref keeps Best Friends out, but Jericho throws Floyd in! MJF catches the bat, but he SMACKS the mat, and tosses the bat to Cassidy! MJF tries the Eddie Guerrero move!

Best Friends see what’s going on and distract the ref a bit more! Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets, which pisses MJF off! MJF gets up and grabs the bat, but now Cassidy falls over! The ref turns around and sees MJF with Floyd!! MJF tries to explain, but the ref takes the bat and tosses it! Cassidy gets MJF up for BEACH BREAR!! Cover, TWO!?! MJF survives and then snaps back to get the arm! MJF hammers the bad hand and goes for the Fujiwara but Cassidy rolls through! MJF SNAPS the fingers, but Cassidy dodges the clothesline to ORANGE PUNCH!! The fingers don’t hurt as fist! Cover, TWO!?!?!

MJF survives but now Cassidy takes the armband off! Cassidy fires up and ORANGE PUNCHES AGAIN! Cover but Wardlow gets MJF the ropebreak!! The Inner Circle and Cassidy’s friends brawl!! Cassidy drags MJF but MIRO shows up to CLOBBER Cassidy!! The Best Man gets away with payback for the XBox! And both he and Kip Sabian mock the hands in pockets! MJF covers, MJF wins!!

Winner: MJF, by pinfall (still Dynamite Diamond Ring Bearer)

Best Friends go after Kip and Miro! Security hurries to stop all this fighting! But there’s still brawling with Inner Circle and Cassidy’s friends at ringside! Miro DECKS a security guard, then KNEES another! Miro scoops one, BOOTS the other, and then TOSSES the one guy off the stage! LARIAT for the other!! The Best Man has gone nuts! Miro throws another further up stage and then stands on him like he’s accomplished something! Meanwhile, MJF brags to the camera that he beat Cassidy “clean, smackdab in the middle of this ring!” Is this simply the beginning of an even more obnoxious “reign” for MJF?

My Thoughts:

A great episode of AEW to follow up Winter is Coming and set up for a big holiday season! Firstly, from what I understand about last night’s Impact Wrestling with Kenny Omega making his “appearance,” it didn’t go over well. All the hype in the world for six days, and it was Omega kayfabe burying the product of the company he’s supposedly going to be joining and interacting with. Pro-wrestling always has a habit of using reverse psychology to get heat on Heels and sympathy for Faces. If we’re being shown an authority figure coming down harshly on a Face, acting like they’re not good enough, that actually means they are because they’re being given story and screen time. So Heel Omega running down Impact is meant to make us think, “No, wait, Impact is better than he says!” Apparently it didn’t work out.

Heel Omega tonight was a bit better than that, because he was running down who he should’ve been running down as condescending Heel: the guy he beat, and the fans to a degree. Omega really did trick us because I don’t think anyone saw his Heel turn turning into this crossover with Impact. I honestly thought Moxley was going to show up, but I suppose they want us to understand Moxley got really beat up last week, so he needs to recover, and then he’ll strike back at the best opportunity. I’m thinking night one of New Year’s Smash so that Dynamite leaves 2020 on a high note, leading into something even bigger on night two to start 2021 off strong. Hopefully Omega’s role on Impact improves past him just being an obnoxious outsider.

Bucks VS TH2 was practically title match level as it was, and then with FTR getting a very good match out of Griff and BPJ, it all makes sense for the top two teams to stay strong. I’m sure one day we’ll get a rematch of those two, such as for Double or Nothing or All Out 2021. But for now, I think The Acclaimed wanting after Bucks, but getting SCU first, is a great route. Bucks gave Top Flight their shot, they gave TH2 a go, I think Bucks are at a point in their careers that, while they’re on top as champs, they’re willing to give some shine to younger/newer teams. The Acclaimed have skyrocketed from Dark and are going up against a decorated team in Daniels and Kaz, I can’t wait to hear the dis rap Caster has for them. FTR taking their own scenic route is great, them against Jurassic Express is going to be fun.

Dustin and Vance had a good match, but I like the little nod to Dustin’s history with the fact that he would be Number 7 in the Dark Order. Obviously he’s not going to #JoinDarkOrder, and with Lee Johnson in his corner and Aaron Solow trying to get involved, I wonder if there are more developments for the Nightmare Family to grow as a faction. At a certain point, I’m just expecting a 20 man match, with Dark Order completing their ten to take on Dustin, QT Marshall, Gunn Club, Johnson and whoever else is willing to help. Inner Circle of course stick together to stay strong at their own seven, though Santana wasn’t here, but the promos they had in the “ultimatum” were great. Sammy issuing his own ultimatum was interesting, and surely that comes up again sometime in the future.

Abadon again scares me, she’s almost too good at her character. Shida giving her the smack only for her to Taker sit-up was a good move, though. I bet they have a match for New Year’s Smash that is full of character work from them both. Brandi and Shaq being in the sit-down together was an interesting detail to this story that’s developing. And after Vicious Vixens went after Velvet, then with Diamante and Ivelisse wanting after Swole and Deeb for whatever reason, I’m sensing a big 8 Woman Tag to be Jade’s in-ring debut. She can be alongside three great wrestlers in Nyla Rose, Ivelisse and Diamante, as well as Vickie as a great manager, and therefore won’t have to carry the load alone.

The Dynamite Diamond Ring match turning into a lumberjack match was great, and having Miro do his part was great, too. MJF did feel like the more natural ring bearer choice, anyway, since he did so well with it this past year. I almost feel like we could get a huge match out of Inner Circle, with Miro and Kip as honorary members, going against Cassidy, Best Friends and all their Face allies that we saw tonight. Darby had a good vignette, the ink blots were clever. And I like that he was there for Sting to point out basically being Sting during WCW. Sting and Cody had a great segment together, and while things are tense, they might be allies just because Team Taz was calling them both out. Sting being the third man for Cody and Darby to face Team Taz’s Hobbs, Cage and Starks would be pretty good, and Cage VS Darby for the TNT title is going to be great, too.

My Score: 9.2/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (8/15/22)

Minneapolis gets Elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

It’s a Superbad return!

Penelope Ford returns to action in AEW as Dark: Elevation serves the leftovers from Dynamite’s Quake by the Lake!


  • Tony Nese & Josh Woods w/ Mark Sterling VS Travis Titan & Arik Cannon; Nese & Woods win.
  • 8 Man Tag: The Dark Order VS T.U.G Cooper, Drew System, Rylie Jackson & Adam Grace; The Dark Order wins.
  • Serena Deeb VS Sierra; Deeb wins.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Cezar Bononi; Konosuke wins.
  • Julia Hart VS Free-Range Kara; Julia wins.
  • Private Party VS JAH-C & JDX; Private Party wins.
  • Penelope Ford VS Heather Reckless; Ford wins.
  • The Acclaimed VS Justin Fowler & JT Energy; The Acclaimed win.
  • Six Woman Tag: Hikaru Shida & ThunderStorm VS Emi Sakura, Marina Shafir & Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero; Shida & ThunderStorm win.


Great to see Penelope Ford is back in action. I wonder if Kip Sabian will make his in-ring return soon. Unless he wants to keep stalking Pac a little longer as the box man… Private Party is going to get a win as the warm-up for their AEW World Tag Team Championship match this Wednesday, and pretty much the entirety of The Dark Order is in action in that 8 Man Tag. Konosuke VS Bononi is going to be really good. Bononi is certainly the biggest opponent physically speaking for Konosuke to take on, so we’ll get to see how Konosuke handles that situation.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (8/12/22)

Rampage by the Lake!



AEW Quake

It’s a packed Friday night for Minneapolis!

From the AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championships to a preview of the AEW World Trios Championship tournament, Rampage is jampacked!


  • AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championships: Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo VS Dante Martin & Skye Blue; Sammy & Tay win and retain the titles.
  • Parker Boudreaux w/ The Trustbusters VS Sonny Kiss; Boudreaux wins.
  • Beardhausen VS Gunn Club; Gunn Club wins.
  • Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends VS Ari Daivari w/ The Trustbusters; Cassidy wins.


Bryan Danielson is here!

The American Dragon is back and Minneapolis is fired up to see him! Bryan goes to the ring and Tony Schiavone is there waiting for him to say we can all tell Bryan is here with purpose. So first, there is speculation that after the loss to Daniel Garcia, Bryan is not 100%. Second, Garcia has said he is the “Dragonslayer,” and he will not only defeat Bryan but end his career. Bryan takes the mic to say, “To be honest, I’ve been wrestling almost 23 years, I don’t know if I will ever be 100%. But I don’t need to be 100%, I need to live 100%! And there is nothing that makes me feel more alive than being in this ring!”

Fans cheer that and Bryan continues to say, “I will never willfully stop wrestling. Daniel Garcia said if I get in the ring with him, he’ll slay the dragon, end my career. Do you know what? Someone is gonna have to damn end my career because I am not going to end this ring on my own. But my career will not end this Wednesday!” But then Garcia is on stage and telling Bryan to “hold up, hold up, hold up. Bryan, it’s no secret that Bryan Danielson is my hero! You’re my hero, Bryan! But it sounds like to me that my hero is prepared to lose. It sounds like to me that my hero is coming up with excuses.” Fans boo that as Garcia gets in the ring.

Garcia says that he isn’t sure how many times he can put up with this! Bryan retires, then comes back, then retires again, then comes back again. Bryan can’t keep putting Garcia through this, it hurts Garcia. Garcia says when Bryan hurts Garcia, Garcia wants to hurt Bryan back. And when you step in the ring with Garcia again, Garcia will hurt him so bad, that he ends Bryan’s career for good! And then he won’t just be the Dragonslayer, he’ll be the Greatest Technical Sports Entertainer on the Planet.

Fans boo and Bryan responds with, “I’m okay with people saying they’re gonna end my career. Ever since I came to AEW, I’ve been talking about violence. I love violence, and violence begets violence. But do you know what really pisses me off? It’s that sports entertainment BS!” Fans cheer for that! Bryan knows what Chris Jericho’s been shoving down Garcia’s throat, and it IS that sports entertainment crap! Do you all know that this kid, Daniel Garcia, was one of the first names Bryan mentioned when talking about starting the Blackpool Combat Club? And why? Because Bryan saw Garcia at 21 years old go 60 MINUTES in front of 250 people, showing them the best wrestling Bryan’s seen in a young talent in YEARS!

So let Bryan ask Garcia, and he wants Garcia to think about it all the way to Wednesday, when Bryan’s stomping Garcia’s face in! “Do you wanna be the Best Technical Sports Entertainer on the Planet? Or, or… Look at me when I talk to you!” Bryan even grabs Garcia’s face to keep him looking forward! “If I was your hero, do you want to be the Best Technical Wrestler in the world? And I’ll leave that up to you.” Bryan drops the mic and leaves Garcia to mull that over. What path will Garcia choose while his career is still young?


AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championships: Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo VS Dante Martin & Skye Blue!

Another young protégé of Chris Jericho, and his blushing new bride, are back in action! And for the first time in AEW, they defend the belts that signify their bond! But will the Spanish God and his Brazilian Goddess celebrate a title win on top of their marriage? Or will Angel Dorado & Cielo Azul prove that for once, love doesn’t conquer all?

The introductions are made, the matching red ‘n’ blue belts are raised, and we see if the hometown hero of Minneapolis and the girl next door can win the big one!

The teams sort out, and Skye insists that it’s ladies first. Tay and Sammy kiss for luck, but Dante tells Sammy to leave that stuff backstage. Sammy shoves Dante down! So Skye fires off on Tay! And Dante TACKLES Sammy! The fans fire up as the scraps continue, and the ladies spill out of the ring! Dante TACKLES Sammy again, so it seems the gentlemen are starting instead! Tay RAMS Skye into the railing, Sammy shoves Dante again but Dante trips Sammy up! Dante rains down more forearms while fans fire up for the 612! Sammy gets up and KNEES Dante, then soaks up the heat. Sammy CHOPS Dante against ropes, then whips him to ropes.

Dante reverses, knees and CHOPS Sammy in return, then ROCKS and CHOPS him again. Dante whips Sammy to ropes, Tay catches Sammy to stop him then tags in. Skye is to come in automatically, but she tags to climb up and CROSSBODY! Skye then gets around but Tay throws her off with the judo hip toss. Skye shoves Tay so Tay SLAPS Skye! Skye smirks and SLAPS back! And then fires off fast hands! Fans fire up but Tay trips Skye! Tay steps through, rolls and uses the leg lock to THROW Skye! Tay steps over into a modified STF, and she chinbars Skye into an almost Bow ‘n’ Arrow style stretch! Skye endures, scoots but Tay makes it a cover, ONE!

Skye has a cover, ONE! Skye ROCKS Tay, whips her to ropes, and fans rally. Tay holds ropes but Skye SHINING WIZARDS! And SHINING WIZARDS again! Tay shoves Skye, Skye dodges and mule kicks a leg! Tay blocks the superkick but now the DRAGON WHIP! Fans fire up and Skye runs, but Sammy swipes at her! The ref reprimands, but Tay BOOTS Skye down! Fans boo SamTay while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Tay stomps Skye, covers her, TWO! Tay is frustrated and she talks trash on Dante. Tay stalks Skye to ropes to CHOKE her! The ref counts, Tay lets off at 4, and then she drags Skye up to whip her into a DROP SAYANAGI! And then another! And another, but Skye blocks to a cradle! TWO, and Tay ROCKS Skye! Tay kicks Skye around, drags her up, and she kisses Sammy. That’s not a tag so Tay CLUBS away on Skye. Tay cravats to throw knee after knee into Skye, and then whips her into a neutral corner. Tay runs in and BOOTS Skye! Tay runs in again but Skye dodges the boot to roll Tay up, with a bridge, TWO!!

Rampage returns to single picture and Tay grabs a leg, but Skye ENZIGURIS Tay down! Fans fire up as Skye crawls, hot tag to Dante! That brings Sammy in, but Dante fakes him out into a TACKLE! Dante rains down fists, Sammy shoves him away but Dante rallies with forearm smashes! Dante then ducks a haymaker to DROPKICK Sammy out! Minneapolis fires up and Dante takes aim. Tay runs in but Dante goes up and over her! Dante DIVES and takes out Sammy! Fans fire up as Dante puts Sammy in fast. Dante slides in but Tay anchors a foot! The ref reprimands, Dante drags Tay into the ring with that foot, and Sammy grabs Dante!

Sammy clinches but Dante breaks free. Dante kicks, Sammy blocks and flips Dante, over Tay! Dante then uses Tay as a step to hit a DESTROYER on Sammy!! Sammy flops down, Dante covers, TWO!! Sammy survives and Dante can’t believe it! “This is Awesome!” and Dante drags Sammy up. Sammy KNEES Dante back, torture racks, but Dante slips off! Skye tags in, Dante gets Sammy in a half nelson! Sammy elbows free, Tay tilt-o-whirl DDTs Dante! But Skye FLYING RANAS Sammy! The ladies cleared the ring, Tay SUPERKICKS and hooks Skye, TAY K O!! Cover, SamTay win!

Winners: Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo, by pinfall (still AAA World Mixed Tag Team Champions)

There was a lot of fire in the hearts of Dante & Skye, but not enough to burn down Sammy & Tay. Will Mr. & Mrs. Champion continue to reign on everyone’s parade?


The Lucha Brothers speak.

Rey Fenix says, “After a long road, the Lucha Brothers are coming back for gold.” Penta, with Alex Abrahantes translating, tells Andrade and the world, “This hasn’t finished. But next week, the All-Atlantic Champion returns, and Death Triangle will be reunited and will fight for the Trios Championships.” The Bastard, Pac, is returning from his European tour, will he, Penta & Fenix be ready for The United Empire’s Aussie Open and Will Ospreay in the opening round?


Parker Boudreaux w/ The Trustbusters VS Sonny Kiss!

Ari Daivari recruited this brutal blue chipper to the group, knowing this would be a very wise investment. Will Parker pay off right away? Or will the Concrete Rose prove not to judge a book by its cover?

The bell rings and Parker CLOBBERS Kiss! Kiss flounders, Parker drags him up with a facelock and CLUBS away on the corner! Parker lets off as the ref counts and runs in, but Kiss dodges the splash! Kiss ROCKS Parker, then runs to handspring and SLAP! And uppercut! But Parker grabs Kiss by the neck, for a CHOKE SLAM! Parker snarls and drags Kiss up to a back suplex SLAM!! Cover, Parker wins!

Winner: Parker Boudreaux, by pinfall

Slim J is pumped for Parker but Parker just looks hungry for more. Will the Trustbusters eat well when the Trios Championship begins?


La Faccion Ingobernable meets with the former Andrade Family Office.

Andrade formally introduces Rush to Butcher, Blade and Private Party. Rush doesn’t like Private Party. But Andrade says it’s fine! The LFI will win those Trios Championships, unlike Private Party against Keith Lee. Jose even adds that was embarrassing. Isiah Kassidy tells Jose to shut up, and he tells El Idolo that people like him have been sleeping on Private Party for a very long time. But that’s fine, because it all changes. Private Party will wake Andrade up. Well good, maybe Private Party can get this group those world tag titles. Upper management leaves, will Kassidy & Quen redeem themselves in the eyes of the ungovernables?


Beardhausen VS Gunn Club!

Erick Redbeard returns to AEW alongside the Very Nice, Very Evil Danhausen to teach these Ass Boys something! Not quite sure what, but will Danhausen & Erick put a curse on the Gunn Club? Or can Austin & Colten redeem themselves after losing in the Dumpster Match?

The teams sort out and Erick starts against Colten. Fans taunt the “ASS~ BOYS! ASS~ BOYS!” Colten shrugs that off to tie up with Erick, and Erick shoves Colten down! Fans fire up but Austin tags in. Austin steps to Erick now, but then decides not. Psych! Austin rushes in, but Erick runs him over! The boys bail out and regroup and Billy asks what the hecc! Billy tells Austin to get in there, but then Danhausen tags in! Fans fire up as Danhausen flexes on Austin. He powers up and… CURSES Austin! But Austin DECKS Danhausen! So no hex? Austin bumps Danhausen off buckles as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Austin tags Colten, Colten bumps Danhausen off more buckles then stomps away. Colten whips corner to corner, runs in, but Danhausen boots him away! Danhausen goes up, reels Colten in, and puts him in the ROPE BUTTERFLY! Austin protests but that only means Colten suffers longer! The ref counts, Danhausen lets go at 4, and then he slingshots up to the top! But while the ref is checking on Colten, Austin sucker punches Danhausen! Colten then DROPKICKS Danhausen down! Colten soaks up the heat, drags Danhausen up and brings him around to bump off buckles. Colten stomps Danhausen, the ref counts, and he lets off at 4.

Colten taunts Erick but then backs off as Erick steps in. Colten bumps Danhausen off buckles, tags Austin in, but Danhausen fights back! He fires off haymakers on Austin, but Austin kicks low! Austin ROCKS Danhausen, taunts the fans, and Billy taunts Danhausen with an Orange Cassidy thumbs up. Austin drags Danhausen up to stomp away in the corner, then lets off as the ref counts. The ref reprimands Austin but misses Colten CHOKING Danhausen! Colten CLUBS Danhausen then tells fans they saw nothing! Austin stomps Danhausen, drags him up, and brings him around as Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Austin has Danhausen in a headlock. Fans rally up and Danhausen slips away! Austin rushes after him but Danhausen slips under! And then under again, hot tag to Erick! Redbeard rallies on the Gunn Clubs, BOOT for Austin, DROPKICK for Colten! Then a SPLASH and TOSS for Colten, then he runs at Austin, Austin BOOTS Erick, but Erick TOSSES Austin out onto Colten! Erick goes out now and runs in to CROSSBODY both Ass Boys! Fans fire up as Erick puts Austin in and fans rally up for the slingshot senton! Shoutout to Brodie Lee! Then a HEEL KICK! Cover, Colten breaks it!

Fans boo as Colten hammers away on Erick! Colten rags Erick up, Austin joins in, but Erick fights the double suplex to DOUBLE SUPLEX Gunn Club! Fans are thunderous, and Danhausen wants back in! Tag and Danhausen is in! Erick drags Austin up for him, Danhausen hooks Austin up, and Erick runs! But Colten distracts the ref and Billy dumps Erick out! Fans boo and Austin turns things around into a FAMOUSER! Cover, Gunn Club wins!!

Winners: Gunn Club, by pinfall

Big assist from Daddy Ass, and yet Billy gets the mic to say, “Oh my God, are you kidding me? Really, that’s what you’re giving us? No wonder they call you Ass Boys, and no wonder I miss The Acclaimed.” Ouch… Billy means that the guys need to toughen up a bit. A lot of bit! They sure ain’t doing what he’s taught them, that’s a fact! But that’s okay, on Dynamite, they’ve got another match to prove themselves with. But who is it? Billy doesn’t say, will Austin & Colten just have to tough it out? Wait, Stokely Hathaway is in the crowd, offering his business card again. Austin & Colten don’t accept, and they follow after Billy.


Backstage interview with Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland.

Lexi Nair is with the AEW World Tag Team Champions, Swerve in Our Glory. Earlier, Andrade made it clear that he wants Private Party to go after the titles. Now, Keith Lee has history with them, but what makes the tag title match different? Keith chuckles and says, “Listen. I got here, Mr. Kassidy was a challenger, and I dismantled him. His friend, Quen, jumps in, I dismantle him. I don’t know if this makes sense, but if you didn’t have a chance against me, what makes you think you have a chance against us? Please, do the math.”

Swerve admits math wasn’t his best subject, when it came to counting money! But um, he added up Private Party’s losses, subtracted their wins, and carried the one, and the still don’t add up to a top five ranking team! So they will allow Private Party to be grace the champs with their presence, since no ranked team wants to, and they can #SwerveInOurGlory. Whose house? “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” Will Quen & Kassidy take advantage of this gracious opportunity? Or will they be of further disappointment to El Idolo.


HOOK is here!

Minneapolis fires up for the Cold-Hearted, Handsome Devil of a NEW FTW Champion! Hook goes to the ring, Schiavone is there, and Schiavone says there is no question that one of the most incredible debuts in AEW culminated with Hook becoming FTW Champion. As we understand it, this title is always in open challenge. Is that right, Hook? “Yup.” Okay. We’ve followed Hook’s career, short as it is still, and it has been tremendous. But wait! Out walks Zack Clayton! He introduces himself as “The Reality,” and he knows some recognize him from his reality TV superstardom in the great state of New Jersey!

Clayton tells Hook that he will take that FTW Championship from him, “you little wannabe tough guy New Yorker!” And Clayton will bring it to God’s Country, New Jersey, where it belongs! Hook nods and wave Clayton to bring it, but Clayton says no, he just got new boots made, they’re not ready it. And plus, being a Jersey guy, he does things on his terms. So how about we do this on next week’s Rampage? Hook holds up the belt to say sure thing! The match is made, will The Reality be the one getting a reality check against the Son of Taz?


Mark Henry speaks with tonight’s main eventers!

The World’s Strongest Man says Ari Daivari offered Orange Cassidy a spot in the Trustbusters, but what is it that Daivari sees in him? “Mark, Orange Cassidy is easily, hands down, one of the most talented professional wresters on the AEW roster. And now that my trust has officially kicked in, I am investing my hard earned money into the best talent around.” Look what he’s already down for Slim J and Parker Boudreaux! And Orange doesn’t wanna join that? He still wants to hang out with “those stupid goofs?” Hey, you don’t wanna join in, fine! They’ll do the next best thing, and Daivari will beat Orange’s ass in this old dump of a hometown, Minneapolis!

Wow. Well, uh, looks like there’s been enough talk. Orange, no, that’s Mark’s line. Oh. Well, it is true, though. It’s time for the main event! Will Cassidy give Quake by the Lake a Freshly Squeezed main event? Or will Daivari Dinero make that money?

Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends VS Ari Daivari w/ The Trustbusters!

The bell rings and fans rally for “Freshly Squeezed!” as he gives Best Friends his jacket and tie-dye shirt. Cassidy lifts up his hands but Daivari has him wait before putting them in his pockets. Daivari gets a mic and says, “I’m gonna give you one last chance to join the Trustbusters. All you have to do is lay down and let me pin you, then the four of us can get out of this sh*tty town.” Fans boo and Cassidy… nods?! Cassidy lies down and Daivari says he knew Cassidy was smarter than that. Cassidy is ready, Daivari takes a moment to decide what angle he’s coming in from, but then Cassidy rolls away!

Fans laugh and Cassidy tells Daivari to hurry up. Daivari goes to cover again but Cassidy rolls away again! Daivari is annoyed, he storms up but Cassidy rolls out of the ring. And then puts his hands up, to… Nope, Cassidy has to get in the ring as Daivari rushes out! Cassidy then rolls all the way to the far side and gets a GROUP HUG from Best Friends! Got to give the people what they want! But then Boudreaux and Slim J flank them! Chuck & Trent step to them, Daivari rushes out after Cassidy! Daivari puts Cassidy in but things speed up! Cassidy ducks, waistlocks, Daivari switches but Cassidy switches back.

Daivari switches again and he SLAMS Cassidy down! Cassidy fights up, pries at the hold, goes for a leg, but then just puts his hands up. And he slips his hands inside the waistlock to put them in his pockets! Cassidy uses that to break free! And kangaroo kicks! Things speed up, Cassidy hurdles and SHOTGUNS Daivari down! Fans fire up as Cassidy kips up, and then he blocks Daivari’s kick! It was headed a little low and Daivari apologizes, but Cassidy shoves Daivari to a corner. Daivari goes up and out, Cassidy rushes in but into a shoulder! And then a DRAPING NECKBREAKER! Daivari grins and hugs it out with his team, NOT what the people want.

Daivari takes his time returning and Rampage goes picture in picture. Daivari drags Cassidy up, whips him to a corner hard, and Cassidy bounces off buckles. Daivari soaks up the heat from the fans and he stands Cassidy up. Daivari CHOPS Cassidy in the corner, follows him along the way to another corner, and then drags him up to whip corner to corner hard! Cassidy bounces off buckles again, and Daivari drags him back up. Daivari puts Cassidy in the ropes, CHOKES him, but lets off at 4. Slim J chokes Cassidy behind the ref’s back! Best Friends protest but the ref misses it all. Trent storms over but Slim J has Parker backing him up.

Daivari stomps Cassidy, then drags him up to turn him for a Neckbreaker Rack! Cassidy endures the stretch, pries at the hold, and fans rally up as Cassidy turns things back around! Daivari fights the backslide, but Cassidy fights it back. They struggle for control, Daivari swings Cassidy out for a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Daivari is annoyed, he slaps Cassidy around, and then drags him up to TOSS out of the ring! The ref watches Slim J and Parker, and Best Friends storm over to back them off. Daivari goes out to fetch Cassidy, and RAMS him into the apron! Daivari RAMS Cassidy into railing and soaks up the heat from the front row.

Daivari puts Cassidy in the ring, talks trash on Trent, then clamps onto Cassidy with a chinlock. Cassidy endures, pries at the hold, and fans rally as he works on the grip! Rampage returns to single picture as Cassidy has the hold open. Cassidy turns things around but Daivari turns them right back and shoves Cassidy to ropes! Daivari catches Cassidy to a SLEEPER, but Cassidy flails and reaches out! Cassidy is fading, and is turning red, but he gets the ROPEBREAK! Daivari SLAPS the arms off the ropes and puts the SLEEPER on again! Fans rally as Cassidy endures again, but the ref checks. The arm drops once! And then it drops twice!

But Cassidy gets his second wind, puts both hands up, and then puts them in his pockets! Cassidy RAMS Daivari into buckles, gets free and dodges a lariat, but DOUBLE LARIATS collide on the return! Fans rally up again as both men stir. A standing count starts and climbs, the Trustbusters and Best Friends coach their guys up. Cassidy gets to a corner and drags himself up while Daivari stands. Daivari runs in but only gets buckles! Cassidy runs in but gets put on the apron! Cassidy blocks a punch to bump Daivari and then climbs. Daivari CHOPS Cassidy, then CHPOS again! Daivari hurries to set Cassidy up, but Cassidy boots Daivari away!

Cassidy adjusts now, but Daivari CHOPS him again! Daivari climbs up after Cassidy but Cassidy resists. Daivari CLUBS away on Cassidy, but Cassidy SHOVES Daivari down! Cassidy leaps, CROSSBODY! Cassidy keeps moving, ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl, but no DDT! Daivari whips, Cassidy goes up but Daivari KICKS him out of the air! But Cassidy dodges again, only for Daivari to dodge and RUNNING NECKBREAKER! Cassidy staggers up, Daivari reels him in, but Cassidy suplexes first! Fans fire up as Cassidy gets to a corner. The standing count returns but fans rally for “Freshly Squeezed!”

Cassidy is up first, he gives those “devastating” kicks to Daivari, but dodges a superkick to SUPERKICK back! Cassidy prepares the arm, runs in, but Daivari turns Orange Punch into URENAGE! Cover, TWO!! Daivari is furious but he drags Cassidy up. Daivari says Cassidy should’ve accepted the offer. Daivari hammerlocks the arm, but Cassidy arm-drags him away! Cassidy tilt-o-whirls and DDTs! Fans fire up and Cassidy goes up top, DEEP IMPACT!! Cover TWO!! Daivari survives two DDTs in a row but the armband comes off! Cassidy is fired up, Slim J gets on the apron! Chuck trips him up! Parker grabs Chuck and Trent!

Cassidy DIVES to take Parker out! Cassidy hurries back up but Daivari trips him up! Daivari crosses the arms, ICONOCLASM!! Cover, TWO!! Daivari is furious but he slashes his throat! He vows to end this with the hammerlock and LION- NO, Cassidy ducks then rolls Daivari up. ONE as Daivari rolls through, Cassidy ducks the superkick to ORANGE PUNCH!! Cover, Cassidy wins!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall

Cassidy refused to sell out Slim J CLOBBERS Cassidy! But Best Friends TOSS Slim J out Only to turn around and get CLOBBERED by Parker! Parker SPLASHES Chuck in one corner, then SPLASHES Trent in the other, and roars! Fans boo but Orange is back up! And Sonny Kiss rushes out there! Kiss did just lose to Parker, so- Kiss LOW BLOWS Cassidy!?!? And then Parker gives Orange the SLAM!! Did Kiss just sell out to the Trustbusters!? Did that happen between now and that match earlier? Or was it all part of the plan?

My Thoughts:

A great episode to close out the first Quake by the Lake event, with some surprising developments here. While Parker Boudreaux didn’t really change his moveset up from when he was Harland in NXT, he of course wins here tonight in a squash. Then we got an awesome main event out of Cassidy VS Daivari, even with Best Friends and the Trustbusters ringside. I was a touch surprised Cassidy won, but then that brawl at the end with Kiss swerving and turning Heel was a great way for Trustbusters to stand tall here. The go-home math is now a wash, but I would think Best Friends win to advance in the trios tournament.

Speaking of that tournament, great promo from the LFI and extended faction, as well as from Keith & Swerve. A title match between Keith & Swerve VS Private Party is going to be awesome, but I would think the champions retain the titles. Private Party going after LFI would be great to turn Private Party Face. Good promo from Lucha Bros to hype up their Trios Championship tournament match, and I would think Death Triangle beats The United Empire, pinning one of Aussie Open. And their promo implies that no matter who the third man is for the Young Bucks, LFI advances. AKA it’ll be Brandon Cutler because the Bucks have no one else, and he takes the pin.

Really fun match from Gunn Club and Beardhausen, but rather surprising that Gunn Club won. Billy is really ripping into his own sons, I have a feeling he just pushes them into joining Stokely’s stable. Stokely’s got Ethan Page, he’s got Lee Moriarty, he needs a tag team before can start taking over AEW properly, and it could be Gunn Club. Great promo segment from Hook and Zack Clayton, and this is a great opportunity for Clayton to move up in the world. The Mixed Tag Championship match was a great opening match, and while Dante & Skye looked great, I figured SamTay would win to retain.

And we got a great promo from Bryan and Garcia to open the whole show, and I am so happy Bryan is taking this story the way I was hoping. Daniel Garcia is definitely more a BCC guy than a JAS guy, so I hope the best two outta three falls match starts getting Garcia to consider his position in the feud. There’s a lot that Garcia can bring into the BCC, from both a moment of dysfunction since he battled Yuta for the ROH Pure Championship and was insufferable to the other BCC members, to more fire in the faction because they can get even more titles now. I can’t wait to see where this goes next.

My Score: 8.7/10

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