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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (12/3/20)

Will the Hunt become the hunted?




NXT UK pits Gallus’ Iron King against Imperium’s Hatchet Man!

NXT UK made history last week, but this week is all about grudges! Will Joe Coffey shut up Alexander Wolfe and keep Gallus boys on top?


  • Rampage Brown VS Saxon Huxley; Rampage wins.
  • Aoife Valkyrie VS Aleah James; Aoife wins.
  • Joe Coffey VS Alexander Wolfe; Coffey wins.
  • South Wales Subculture VS The Hunt w/ Eddie Dennis; The Hunt wins.


Rampage Brown VS Saxon Huxley!

The long and winding road has finally led this UK wrestling icon to NXT, and he’s already made his mark! But will he even make a dent in the demented mind of the Divine Beast of the Astral Plane?

The bell rings and Brown ties right up with Huxley! They go around, Huxley headlocks but Rampage fights out with body shots. They ram shoulders but neither falls, so they tie up again! Rampage headlocks but Huxley throws body shots to power out. Rampage ducks to come back and run Huxley over! But Huxley gets right up to run Rampage over! Rampage likes that, and they tie up again. They go around, Huxley knees low and hard then CLUBS Rampage on the back. Huxley whips, Rampage reverses to dropkick Huxley down! Rampage drags him back up and throws European Uppercuts on Huxley! Huxley kicks back, Rampage forearms and CLUBS Huxley!

Rampage whips again, and clobbers Huxley with a left lariat! Cover, TWO! Rampage keeps his cool as he drags Huxley back up. Huxley throws body shots but Rampage DECKS Huxley with a forearm! Rampage then dead lifts and suplexes Huxley up and over! Cover, TWO! Rampage stalks Huxley to the ropes and throws haymakers. Huxley gives them back but Rampage whips. Huxley reverses, Rampage kicks then clotheslines Huxley out of the ring! Huxley staggers around in a rage but Huxley dares him to come back. Huxley gets to the apron, drags Rampage out and the brawling continues!

The ref counts but the two brawl, and Huxley RAMS Rampage into the apron! And again! And then CLUBS away on his back! The ring count is 7, Huxley puts Rampage in at 8. Huxley climbs a corner, leaps and clotheslines Rampage down! Cover, TWO! Huxley grows frustrated and he stomps Rampage. Huxley drags Rampage up for big knees to the ribs! Huxley then whips Rampage to a corner, then out to whip him back in! Rampage resists the third to BOOT Huxley away! Rampage then runs, but into a short Urenage! Cover, TWO! He tries again, TWO! Again, TWO! Huxley glares and fires up as he goes around the ring.

Rampage rises, Huxley has blood in his mouth but he doesn’t seem to mind as he climbs. Rampage CHOPS and forearms first! Rampage climbs up to join Huxley, they brawl up top, and Huxley shoves Rampage away! Huxley adjusts, leaps, but into a POWERSLAM from Rampage! Rampage dead lift gut wrenches for the DOCTOR BOMB! Cover, Rampage wins!

Winner: Rampage Brown, by pinfall

Rampage got one hell of a fight from Huxley, but his rampage is far from over! Will Rampage run through more of the NXT UK roster as we approach a new year?


Joseph Conners is part of NXT UK Media Day.

How does he reflect on his time in the Heritage Cup tournament? Well he’s too bored and tired to do these stupid questions. But before he can say more, Piper Niven is spotted storming up to Jinny’s photoshoot and she goes right after the Spoiled Princess! Security and officials hurry to break this up before Piper pulls Jinny’s hair out! Jinny also has a high heel shoe as a weapon! Sid Scala appears to tell them both enough! Clearly, Piper the Viper wants to sink her teeth into the Fashionista, but will that have to happen in the ring?


Jack Starz and Levi Muir talk backstage.

“Yeah, Rampage is a big boy, huh? He whooped Saxon, as well.” Huxley walks by, seething about his luck. Levi wishes him better luck next time, and Huxley repeats those words over and over to himself. Starz and Muir head off, but will they be seeing Huxley again soon enough?


Aoife Valkyrie VS Aleah James!

The Irish enigma returns to action now that the championship chase begins again! Undefeated as she is, it is still a long journey to the top. Will she take the next step here tonight?

The bell rings and Aoife ties up with Aleah right away. Aoife headlocks, grinds on the hold, but Aleah powers out, only for Aoife to run her over. Aoife runs, Aleah leaps over and dropkicks, but Aoife manages to deflect just enough, and then Aleah ducks the heel kick! The two reset and tie up again. Aoife headlocks again, Aleah tries to power out but Aoife turns that into a whip, and then she kicks. Aleah gets under, huricanranas but Aoife handsprings through! Aleah gets the legs to trip her up but Aoife drags Aleah into a cover! TWO, Aoife comes back to jackknife, TWO! Aleah headlocks now and slows things down.

Aleah hits a big headlock takeover, but Aoife keeps her shoulder up. Aoife tries to headscissor but Aleah fights that off as she grinds on the hold. Aoife pushes with forearms but Aleah grinds tighter again. Aoife fights up, powers out but Aleah goes up and over in the corner! Aleah dares Aoife to bring it, then goes Matrix! But Aoife sweeps the arms and dropkicks Aleah in the back! Cover, TWO! Aoife keeps on Aleah with an armlock, then a motorcycle stretch, into a leg hook double chicken wing! Aleah endures this wing stretcher, even as Aoife leans onto the hold! Aoife slips around to get the arms for a ghost pin, TWO! Aleah escapes but Aoife mule kicks low!

Aoife whips Aleah to a corner, but Aleah slips out, counter punches then springboards, but Aoife gets under! Aleah comes back to dropkick Aoife down! Cover, TWO! Aleah grows frustrated but Aoife also fires up. Aleah blocks a kick for a FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Aoife fires off palm strikes! She windmills that arm over an dover, then kicks, kicks and HEEL KICKS! Aleah is in a daze as Aoife runs, BLOCKBUSTER! Aoife isn’t done, she goes up top for PERIPETEIA! Cover, Aoife wins!

Winner: Aoife Valkyrie, by pinfal

Was it a sudden change of fortunes? Not the way Aoife’s been going! Will we witness the Valkyrie rise up to challenge the Scary Queen of Scots, Kay Lee Ray?


NXT UK hears from Pretty Deadly.

It is their honor to interview, well, each other. Lewis Howley asks Sam Stoker how he is doing, and Stoker is great. How is Lewis? Very well, thank you. Who is Stoker’s favorite wrestler. Lewis Howley. Who is his favorite wrestler? Sam Stoker. But is it true that Pretty Deadly has a win over The Hunt? “Yes, boy!” And they also have a win over Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter? “Yes, boy!” And who can’t pin Pretty Deadly? They both say, “Gallus!” at the same time and then say “Jinx!” together. “Jinx again!” They also both say, “Pretty Deadly are not only the best looking but the best tag team in NXT UK, and Gallus’ days as champions are numbered!” Imagine a team this in tune! That is why they are ready to take the NXT UK Tag Team Champions, and finally make the division pretty deadly.


Joe Coffey VS Alexander Wolfe!

Speaking of Gallus, the boys were celebrating proud and loud after the Iron King conquered the Thunder Storm, Sam Gradwell. But the Dresden Hatchet Man didn’t like it, because for one, it was in the background of his interview. Will Wolfe show Joe how one should conduct themselves in NXT UK? Or will Coffey give Wolfe All the Best for the Bells?

The bell rings and Coffey circles with Wolfe, but Wolfe gets the takedown. Wolfe has a facelock, he throws Coffey around but Coffey resists the cover. Coffey goes for an arm, Wolfe gets the waistlock but Coffey throws him back down! Wolfe waistlocks again then floats to a headlock but Coffey make sit a hammerlock. Wolfe slips through to tackle Coffey back down. Wolfe has the arm, Coffey gets up and the two clinch. Wolfe uses that to throw Coffey down and then he goes for an arm and head triangle. Coffey throws elbows to fight that off, and then he facelocks. Wolfe slips out, but Coffey throws Wolfe away. Coffey fights off the fireman’s carry but not forever. Coffey gets up fast to ROCK Wolfe with heavy hands!

Coffey starts boxing Wolfe all around the ring and they go to a corner. Wolfe tries to turn things around but Coffey just keeps throwing hands! Rabbit punch to the shoulder blade, then he whips Wolfe for a backbreaker! Wolfe goes to a corner but Coffey throws more hands! The ref counts, Coffey lets off and talks some smack. Wolfe turns things around to put Coffey back on the ropes. The ref calls for the break, Wolfe haymakers around her head to hit Coffey! The ref reprimands Wolfe for that as Coffey gets to a corner. Wolfe goes after Coffey to stomp and EuroUpper over and over! The ref counts, Wolfe stops and Coffey says he’s fine to keep going.

Wolfe wraps Coffey’s arm around a rope and YANKS it, then whips just to wring Coffey out! Wolfe kicks Coffey, Coffey hits back but Wolfe throws in knees and uppercuts. Wolfe wrenches the arm to elbow it, but Coffey throws hands with the good arm! Coffey forearms but he swings into a takedown, and Wolfe SLAMS the bad arm down! Wolfe hooks Coffey’s nose while pulling the bad arm, then drops knees on the elbow! Coffey throws shoulders but Wolfe clubs him to a corner. Wolfe whips just to wring Coffey out again! Cover, TWO! And Wolfe has the arm for a double wristlock right away!

Coffey endures as Wolfe wrenches and cranks, and even tortures the hands! Wolfe pulls hard to get the arm isolated, and twists the wrist as he shifts angles. Coffey tries the headscissors but Wolfe shrugs those off. Coffey gets up to throw more forearms but Wolfe elbows Coffey back. Wolfe suplexes but Coffey resists. Wolfe tries but his back is hurting, so he just goes after the arm! Coffey ROCKS Wolfe to SNAP SUPLEX Wolfe! Wolfe ends up all the way in the corner, he and Coffey slowly rise. Coffey runs in but Wolfe elbows back! Wolfe puts the bad arm on the ropes, and climbs, but Coffey YANKS Wolfe down with the good arm!

Coffey gets up, runs and runs Wolfe over! Then he breaks through Wolfe’s clothesline to hit a flying shoulder! But the bad arm slows him down a bit. He still shoves Wolfe to get him with a rebound Belly2Belly! Wolfe goes to a corner but Coffey splashes in! Coffey goes up, SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY! Wolfe flounders up and into a back suplex! Cover, TWO! But Coffey goes after the legs! Wolfe resists the turn so Coffey rains down fists! The ref warns about closed fists, but Coffey has a standing heel hook! Wolfe’s shoulders are down so it’s a cover, ONE as he gets up! Wolfe kicks Coffey but Coffey holds on! Wolfe keeps kicking and ROCKS Coffey! Coffey goes down and Wolfe is free!

The ref starts a standing count as both men are down. Wolfe sits up first but Coffey follows. The count is 5, but both men wobble up. Wolfe elbows and fireman’s carries but his back gives out! Coffey runs in but Wolfe KNEES the spear away! Wolfe hits ANARCHY SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Coffey survives but Wolfe is too sore to be frustrated. Wolfe drags Coffey up in a dead lift waistlock, but Coffey backs him into a corner! Coffey runs in, Wolfe evades but Coffey elbows him away! Coffey springboards again, into a EUROUPPER! Wolfe fireman’s carries, for a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Coffey survives again and Wolfe can’t believe it!

Wolfe and Coffey both stir, but Wolfe sits up first. Coffey taunts Wolfe he needs to talk trash in English so he can be understood. Wolfe drags Coffey up but Coffey fights the waistlock! Coffey pries out, wrenches and CLUBS Wolfe with close-range clotheslines! Coffey kicks a leg out but Wolfe kicks the arm! Wolfe BOOTS Coffey, waistlocks again but Coffey elbows away to resist! Wolfe STILL gets the GERMAN! Bridging cover, TWO!! Both men are down, but Wolfe sits up first again. Wolfe drags Coffey up again, reels him in, but Coffey back drops out of the bomb! And then ALL THE BEST!! But Wolfe falls out of the ring!!

Coffey hurries out after Wolfe, drags him up and puts him in! Coffey hurries to cover, ROPEBREAK!! Wolfe saves himself and Coffey is beside himself. Coffey sees Wolfe go back to the apron and he drags him up. Coffey has Wolfe up but Wolfe drags Coffey over to join him! They brawl on the apron with kicks, and haymakers, and forearms! Coffey CLOBBERS Wolfe into the ring, but Wolfe enziguris Coffey down! Only the ropes keep Coffey up! Wolfe brings Coffey back up to throw a forearm, but pulls n the beard to keep Coffey up! Coffey forearms, Wolfe throws more forearms, but Coffey ROCKS Wolfe!

Coffey SLINGSHOT SHOULDERS in! GLASGOW SENDOFF!! ALL THE- No, Wolfe ducks, but Coffey blindside lariats! ALL THE BEST FOR THE BELLS!! Cover, Coffey wins!

Winner: Joe Coffey, by pinfall

The Iron King trumps Imperium’s wild card! And both Wolfgang and Mark Coffey are here to celebrate with him! Will they be raising a toast as Joe Coffey climbs back towards the top?


NXT UK hears from Jordan Devlin.

“People have asked me why I went to Sid Scala and told him to find me challengers for this, the one real Cruiserweight Championship. Why am I actively seeking out challengers? It’s simple, isn’t it? Any sap can have a ten year title reign if they never defend it. One of the greatest pro-wrestlers of all time said, ‘If you want to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man.'” And as long as Devlin has this title, as long as he’s never lost with the title on the line, then you’re looking at the man in the Cruiserweight Division! So next week, Devlin issues an open challenge. Any time you see him in the ring, his title will be in the ring, against any man under 205! Come to the Jordan Devlin Show and test yourselves against the Irish Ace!


South Wales Subculture VS The Hunt w/ Eddie Dennis!

Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster had no idea that their friends, Wild Boar and Primate, were following the orders of the Welsh Dragon. The betrayal completely blindsided them as much as those backstage attacks, but now this will be face to face! Will Dennis’ dangerous duo finally feast upon the Rockstar and the Modfather?

SWSC doesn’t even care about the bell, they tackle the Hunt and brawl with then! FMW has Boar, Primate knees Andrews but SWSC throw them both out, then DOUBLE DIVE! And the brawling continues on the ramp! Andrews clubs Primate, FMW knees and clubs Boar down! The ref shouts to restore order and Boar is put in. Primate rushes FMW but is sent hard into barriers! The bell rings and Andrews fires off CHOPS on Boar! Tag to FMW, SWSC double enziguri Boar! Then FMW goes side to side to dropkick Boar out! Tag to Andrews before FMW PLANCHAS Boar! FMW puts Boar in and Andrews hits a standing moonsault! Cover, TWO!

Andrews keeps on Boar with EuroUppers and CHOPS! Boar pushes Andrews, Primate swipes and Dennis distracts, Boar hits a BIG back suplex! Boar tags Primate and the Hunt mugs Andrews with hammering fists! Primate roars and Dennis shouts, “Make him pay!” Primate dribbles Andrews off the mat, then drags him to tag in Boar. Boar stalks Andrews, drops elbows on him, and then CLUBS Andrews down! Boar drags Andrews up to elbow him back down, and he keeps glaring at FMW. Andrews hits back but Boar DECKS him! Boar pulls Andrews up by his hair to dibble him, but Andrews handsprings through to fire off CHOPS!

Andrews DECKS Primate but Boar URENAGES Andrews! Cover, TWO! Boar clamps onto Andrews, drags him around and stands on the arm. Tag to Primate, and Boar is a human weapon, back suplex back senton! Cover, TWO! Primate clobbers Andrews again, drags him up to elbow him down! Primate tags Boar and Boar stays between Andrews and FMW. Boar uses a shoulder just to ram Andrews down! And again! Dennis tells Boar to go after the leg! Boar does with headbutts and elbow drops! Andrews scrambles, and manages to monkey flip Boar! Both men get up, Boar keeps Andrews from FMW but Andrews CHOPS and enziguris!

Primate tags in, grabs a leg, but Andrews victory rolls to STOMP 182! Hot tag to the Modfather! FMW goes up the ropes for the Rude Boy Block! A dropkick for Boar! FMW counter CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS Primate over and over! A machine gun chop! FMW whips Primate corner to corner hard, but Primate kicks back! Primate whips but FMW reverses to send Primate out! Triangle dropkick! FMW fires up, goes out and aims to FLYING RANA Boar! And then he CANNONBALLS onto Primate! The ring count begins but FMW puts Primate in at 4. Boar gets in, FMW spins him for a double underhook, Tiger Driver ’98 onto Primate! And then FMW kicks Boar out to tag in Andrews.

SWSC combine for Toast at 3AM! STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO!! Primate survives but SWSC keeps going. Tag back to FMW, Andrews drags Primate up, but Boar anchors FMW! Primate denies Andrews the poison-rana to GERMAN SUPLEX him away! FMW finally gets free of Boar but he runs into an EXPLODER! Tag to Boar, and Boar runs at FMW for a POP-UP BOMB! Then the CANNON-BOAR! Cover, TWO!! FMW survives and Boar is furious! Dennis orders Boar to bring FMW up and Boar does, in the package- No, FMW slips out of the driver, fakes Boar out and HEADBUTTS! Hot tags to Primate and Andrews!

Andrews dodges Primate, leaps over him and STOMPS him down! Boar runs in but Andrews fires off chops on Boar! Andrews whips but Boar reverses, to tilt-o-whirl, only for Andrews to get BOTH Boar and Primate in DDT’s! Tag to FMW, SWSC FLY!! Direct hit at the ramps again! They put Primate in, Andrews tags back in, and Andrews monkey flips Primate into the KNEE TRIGGER! Cover, Boar breaks it!! Both teams are down and Dennis is stressed out. FMW and Boar go after each other and FMW throws Boar to the apron. Boar shoulders back in then shovels FMW up and out! Andrews runs into Primate’s LARIAT!

Tag to Hunt, Primate runs to clothesline, Boar RAMS in, then Andrews gets the suplex to POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!!! Andrews will not die and Dennis hates that! “Snare Trap!” Dennis calls for the finish, Primate tags back in and they bring Andrews up. But FMW is climbing! He LEAPS over Primate to crossbody Boar! Andrews slips off the fireman’s carry, swings into a half nelson, but hits STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE!! Andrews climbs to the top, kicks Boar away, but the ref is busy with Boar and Denis YANKS Andrews down!! The ref totally missed that! FMW is furious and chases Dennis off but then Boar CLOBBERS him! Dennis laughs as Primate SPEARS Andrews!

Tag to Boar, Primate fireman’s carries Andrews, SNARE TRAP! The Death Valley Powerbomb combo! Cover, The Hunt wins!!

Winners: The Hunt, by pinfall

Dennis shouts “What did I say?!” as his team takes down former friends! Primate and Boar have taken down former champions at the same time, will this make The Hunt the first ones in the NXT UK Tag Team Championship hunt?

My Thoughts:

A really good episode, and they were hyping up the tag team match in the main event quite a lot, but it was definitely fitting. SWSC and The Hunt were going all out, Dennis was amazing as the Heel manager/coach, and of course he gets involved to screw SWSC over. It was very fitting that it was Andrews specifically Dennis got to shove down, as it was always meant to be Dennis and Andrews feuding given the story Dennis came in with. Things had to change because of injuries on both ends, but it’s still great to get this here and now. The Hunt getting the win makes sense, as Gallus is now a Face tag team and they have titles.

Pretty Deadly also has a pretty good promo, though I was hoping there was going to be a Dude, Where’s My Car style back and forth (“Who’s your favorite wrestler? Lewis Howley, who’s yours? Sam Stoker, who’s yours?” etc). I would really like then for Pretty Deadly to try and get back at Dennis by facing The Hunt as they go for being contenders, and then they end up having a common enemy and they can team with SWSC in some way. Rampage Brown has a good match and it seems Huxley has a story building in its own way, as he’s trying not to be lumped in with jobbers like Jack Starz and Levi Muir.

Aoife and Aleah had a good match but of course Aoife wins as she is building her slow burn towards the title. Piper and Jinny being the real focus of the Joseph Conners interview was a great move. I like how NXT UK does that with these, setting one thing up to actually build another. Piper VS Jinny is going to be a great grudge match but I would think Jinny, dirty or otherwise, wins and goes Heel to Heel with KLR. Coffey VS Wolfe was a great match, practically like a contender’s match. It isn’t clear who Walter is facing next, but maybe they’re giving Coffey another build just because it’s clear he can go against just about anyone. Rampage is going to still need time to build momentum, and they’re giving Dragunov time off, as he needs after his amazing match with Walter.

I think the biggest thing was Jordan Devlin saying he’s going to make his title a fighting title. Devlin having an open challenge match every time he’s scheduled is going to be great for him, his Cruiserweight title, the roster and the show. It is a win-win because Devlin can also throw his list of wins in Escobar’s face when those two finally, finally face off to crown the one true NXT Cruiserweight Champion. You get enough momentum on both men’s names, and fans are going to love that #WinnerTakesAll title match at a Worlds Collide or crossover TakeOver event.

My Score: 8.6/10

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Andrew’s AJPW Champion Carnival Results & Match Ratings: 4.10.2021

Day 2 of my fill in stint covering the AJPW Champion Carnival! Can Suwama get in the winner’s column? Can the Ace Kento get on the board? Does anyone pull away so early?



Day 2 of my fill in stint covering the AJPW Champion Carnival! Can Suwama get in the winner’s column? Can the Ace Kento get on the board? Does anyone pull away so early?

Given the fact the incumbent champion lost his first round, the ace lost and there were a few main event players that picked up hard fought wins but don’t have an easy day today, this should be interesting. What kind of tournament are we looking at?

Since the tournament is 1 block, each person gets 9 matches, similar to the G1. So using G1 logic, 2 losses puts you on the bubble of being out, and 3 losses is basically death with the exception of weird breakers or fun rock/paper/scissors situations.

So for everyone’s sake, let’s hope we end up at mostly parity to continue to keep everyone alive for most of this single block tournament!


  • Yuma Aoyagi vs Shotaro Ashino: Aoyagi wins via End Game @9:22 – ** ¾
  • Kohei Sato vs Koji Doi: Doi wins via Murder Lariat @4:52 – * ½
  • Shuj Ishikawa vs Zeus: Zeus wins via Arm Trap Facelock @10:41 – *** ½
  • Shinjiro Otani vs Kento Miyahara: Kento wins via Blackout @13:23 – *** ¾
  • Jake Lee vs Suwama: Suwama wins via Last Ride Powerbomb @18:23 – ****



Yuma Aoyagi vs Shotaro Ashino

So very similarly to the match against Otani, Aoyagi starts slow. The match begins with a handshake, then he gets driven to the ropes, Ashino slides under his legs during the break to trip him up and starts working over the leg. An early Stretch Muffler indicates that Ashino is most likely aiming to win with the Ankle Lock.

Aoyagi was on the move and constantly clawing for an opening. A few strikes and early knockdown give Aoyagi hope as he goes for End Game, but Ashino powers up and slams him into the corner. Ashino controls most of the tempo until we get a German Suplex trade off spot. Aoyagi ends up taking the worst of it, and Ashino goes for the Ankle Lock.

While in the Ankle Lock, Aoyagi tries to roll through 3 times, but Ashino moves with the roll and holds the move in place. Right before Aoyagi looks like he’s going to tap, he adjusts, grabs Ashino’s head for the Small Package; Ashino manages to kick out. But before Ashino can really re-orient himself, Aoyagi slaps on the full version of End Game. Ashino tries to fight through, but succumbs.

Ashino with two big losses almost writes him out already. Hopefully he makes a small run to suspend disbelief for a little bit and this isn’t his swan song from AJPW.

Kohei Sato vs Koji Doi

Doi comes out of a loss to a major player, Shuji Ishikawa, of current AJPW and Sato avenged his loss to the current Triple Crown Champion Suwama. So at face value, one should think this is a perfect time for Sato to gather some momentum to make sure he gets another shot at the title.

Contrary to logic, this match was interesting. Doi starts off with a quick flurry and picks Sato up into a Torture Rack. Sato eventually fights out and then we get a chop battle, which Sato is notoriously bad at and throws some of the lamest looking chops. Granted, even though he was losing the chops, apparently a well-placed Forearm rocked Doi enough to have Doi selling the forearm for nearly the rest of the match.

Referee Nikkan Lee gets up to seven before Doi starts responding enough to be on the receiving end of a Soccer Ball Kick from Sato. Sato senses the match is over, picks Doi up real cocky for a Brainbuster, but it gets countered into a Brainbuster of Doi’s own! A short range lariat rocks Sato afterward and then off the ropes for Murder Lariat! Sato is stacked up, Doi covers and Doi gets the win!

Well we look to be in an interesting starting spot so far. Who would’ve figured Koji Doi would have more points than Shotaro Ashino…ever. Also for clarity, the low rating is because the match was so abrupt. It wasn’t inherently bad, just not really anything to sink teeth into beyond an upset win.

Shuj Ishikawa vs Zeus

There is history with these two, most notable in my head is during Zeus’ only Triple Crown championship reign, Shuji was his first and only defense. So Zeus looks to continue momentum this year, possibly running back the undefeated record of last year; while Shuji is trying to protect his position and title as Gaora TV champion.

This goes the way most of their previous meetings have, where Shuji tries to overpower Zeus. Because even though Zeus is a bodybuilder, he’s a bit on the short side (5’10”). So with Shuji standing about 6 inches taller and not being of a slight build, Shuji loves to buckle Zeus and play the power struggle. Tests of Strength, Shoulder Tackles, Lariat battles, it’s all great power wrestler spots.

Shuji does however start to catch Zeus. So after a chagrining Lariat into the corner, the middle rope Mushroom Stomp and a few Tsunamis; it looks like Shuji is setting up to win with a Fire/Thunder Driver – but Zeus slips out the back! Zeus locks in the Arm Trap Facelock, and Shuji is dead to rights. Stuck in the middle, twisted about in the move, it only takes a few moments before Shuji is forced to tap and Zeus moves on with 4 points!

Shinjiro Otani vs Kento Miyahara

Dueling boots start the match, which Kento bails after being on the losing end of the exchange. Otani decides to remind him that recovering on the apron isn’t safe, so he charges and lands the Bootwash through the bottom rope sending Kento flying. As the match plays out on the outside, Kento regains his swagger, talks smack to referee Wada and does his “headbutts around the ring” spot.

After rocking Otani, Kento gets cocky, poses back in the ring and the smug Kento from his previous Triple Crown champion days starts making a return. He gives Otani too much space though, charges the corner, and takes a Drop Toe Hold into the bottom turnbuckle, and then Otani revs up the old kicking boot across Kento’s face for a few Bootwashes.

From this point, both men’s stubbornness comes out in spades. Kento gets a little cocky, Otani catches him on the corner, they fight back and Otani refuses to fall before hitting Kento with a Superplex. Then we go into a strike exchange where both are just wailing on one another. Otani manages to rock Kento and then catch him with a Dragon Suplex for a near fall.

Moving quickly, Otani hits Spiral Bomb, but again only two. So he tries a Dragon Suplex again, but Kento fights out. Kento hits a Blackout to the back of Otani’s head, and now they are throwing haymakers. Kento catches Otani with another Blackout, but Otani returns the favor with one of those Hashimoto Overhand Chops that put down Aoyagi yesterday! Otani goes for another, but Kento Blackouts the chop. The clash leaves Otani in more pain, another Blackout and Otani powers out of the pinfall at 1, but is scrambling and stumbling around, unable to find his feet. Kento hits one more point blank Blackout, and picks up his first points of the 2021 Carnival!

Jake Lee vs Suwama

So watching this second tournament match for Jake, I’ve come to realize what I’m referring to him as during this Total Eclipse gimmick. He is very much “Light Yagami” Jake Lee. He’s cackling when he accomplishes something, unbridled frustration and nearly schizophrenic reactions do really scream Death Note crazy Light.

This match was interesting since early on Suwama didn’t really know what to make of Jake, and Jake tried the same stuff he pulled on Ashino, where he was a little awkward, took advantage of situations and tried to bait Suwama into bad spots. The difference is, Suwama is a veteran and Triple Crown champion; so even though Jake got a few early shots, Suwama eventually forced him back into old habits.

Jake was forced to wrestle, hitting interesting flying kick and knee variations, pulled out the old Kitchen Sink and put in a lot more effort than the first match. Suwama managed to stay resilient and push our new Total Eclipse Death Note wielder. This match was built more around Jake coming into his new persona, and yet still not being able to get passed certain old hurdles.

Suwama absorbed a lot, hit some short range lariats, his Double Chop comeback, and the spinning chop. Jake hits the back of the head Giant Killing, attempts D4C, but Suwama blocks. Jake keeps the pressure up, attempts and old Giant Killing/Knee Lift, but Suwama catches the leg, lifts him into a Last Ride, and puts him away!

Suwama finally gets on the bored, and Jake is left stunned and seething. Which plays perfect for Jake to win the Carnival and earn his Suwama shot, and prove his evolution then.


Overall Score: 7.5/10

So this ended a little stronger over all than day 1, but both days so far have been a fun start. The mixture of upsets and oddly abrupt matches are perfect for a tournament even if they don’t rank high. In the larger picture of things it’s nice to see that a competitive match can end in less than 5 minutes without comedy tactics.

Seeing how Jake took the loss to Suwama gives me hope for this anime antagonist character. I’m honestly a little surprised that the whole tournament is knotted up except for Zeus at the 2-0 and Ashino at 0-2. I really did not think Ashino would be the slow kid in the pool right now. But I suppose since he was just betrayed he’s still finding his footing. Like I alluded to before, it would be nice if he’s just getting broken down to be built back up and not just putting people over on his way out.

Now since the only unique records are first and last, the rest of the tournament isn’t hard to figure out, but here are the standings! Solid first 2 days so far!


  1. Zeus: 2-0 – (4 Points)
  2. Shuji Ishikawa: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  3. Shinjiro Otani: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  4. Kohei Sato: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  5. Jake Lee: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  6. Kento Miyahara: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  7. Suwama: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  8. Koji Doi: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  9. Yuma Aoyagi: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  10. Shotaro Ashino: 0-2 – (0 Points)


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Mitchell’s WWE WrestleMania 37 Results & Report! (4/10/21)

The two night extravaganza begins!



WrestleMania 37 Coverage

WrestleMania sets sail once again!

The first of two epic nights begins, and Sasha Banks VS Bianca Belair will be its main event! Will Boss Time end as this becomes WrESTleMania?


  • WWE World Championship: Bobby Lashley w/ MVP VS Drew McIntyre; Lashley wins and retains the title.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Tag Team Turmoil: wins and will challenge Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler for the titles on night two.
  • Seth Rollins VS Cesaro; wins.
  • Steel Cage Match: Braun Strowman VS Shane McMahon; wins.
  • Damian Priest & Bad Bunny VS The Miz & John Morrison; win.
  • Raw Tag Team Championships: The New Day VS AJ Styles & Omos; win(s) and
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks VS Bianca Belair; wins and


It’s the WrestleMania 37 kickoff show!

Join Kayla Braxton, Booker T, JBL, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Peter Rosenberg in discussing, analyzing and predicting, finally back in front of a LIVE CROWD!!


The Night Panther is here!

But R-Truth keeps interrupting his commercials! Truth wants to be Old Spice Guy tho! Good thing he didn’t have his 24/7 Championship on him, Truth might’ve lost his baby tonight.


Sonya Deville joins the panel!

Fans are excited as the new assistant WWE official discusses the Women’s Tag Team Turmoil. She loves having fans back, and she has history with women’s tag team wrestling. She is ready to see what we get out of Billie Kay & Carmella. Finally, Billie has a spot! She has been selling herself, as it were, Mella finally accepted, and Billie’s just so entertaining so Sonya is ready to see that. And what of her former partner, Mandy Rose…? Well, they were a stronger team back in the day, but that was on Sonya. But she still wishes every team luck. JBL is so happy to have Sonya over Peter. Sonya doesn’t mind that.

And of course, today’s main event, Banks VS Belair. Sonya is a boss in her own right, so what does she make of Boss VS EST? Both very talented, but sometimes people get a nickname and it’s just that. The words better back up the names. Being a “boss” is more than just what’s on the surface. Like the suit? Yeah. You walk the walk, talk the talk, wear the suits. But Sonya will definitely be watching closely.


Vince McMahon is here!

He stands on stage with the superstars featured tonight as he speaks! “Throughout this pass year, our superstars performed tirelessly for all of you.” But there was something missing. And that was the fans of the WWE! As we now emerge from the pandemic, and on behalf of the entire WWE Family, Vince would like to say thank you, and welcome you back to WRESTLEMANIA!


Bebe Rexha performs America the Beautiful!


We’ve waited patiently for this moment.

“Finally…!” The biggest event in LIVE entertainment is BACK! Back with the spectacle, the excitement and the pageantry! WrestleMania is #BackInBusiness! And tonight, WWE sets sail on the high seas with epic epicness bigger than the history of history! Wait, what? Did he just say all that? That’s what was written. Okay, mate, let’s get this cold open done right. We pick up where we left off just last year. Our heroes are obnoxiously heroic as they battle for the ultimate prize: immortality. But no more tall tales, let’s get real, as the kids say. Tonight, we witness the global event that spans decades, created unforgettable moments, and has the memories we will remember forever.

But let us tip our caps to you, the fans, who made this possible. You over there, and them up there, and even those at home who “can’t not watch.” We raise the sails as fate still awaits. The course was corrected, the wind cannot be stopped, and the quest continues! Now how’s that? Impressive. But where’s the big finish? That’s cold open 101. Good point. Pyro montage! “Welcome back… to WrestleMania!”


There’s a rain delay!?

It seems Tampa wants to tease us by keeping things stalled a little longer.


Backstage interview with Shane McMahon.

How is he feeling after that moment on stage? Goosebumps, of course! Being back with LIVE fans, Shane is pumped! He’s going for the knockout on Braun. But what is his problem with Braun? Shane’s just poking fun is all. But he’s been more or less bullying him. What? How? What did he say? He said he was stupid. Well, Braun turned out not so stupid because a steel cage is a great choice. Shane is using is noodle to figure out what to do to Braun while he’s in there. Shane does have experience in that match. And the Monster Among Men is big, but shouldn’t Shane pick on someone more Shane’s size? Sure, maybe, but when the opportunity is there, he has to do it.

Bobby Lashley & MVP interrupt but Shane doesn’t mind, He lets them have their time. MVP says the time for talk is over. This is the crowning moment for Lashley and the All Might Era! No words can convey what is going on. The only language Lashley can speak right now and that Drew McIntyre can understand right now is VIOLENCE. MVP has said it before, the WWE World Championship changes you! McIntyre will agree with that because he has had that title and wants it back, but that isn’t happening! MVP told McIntyre that it’s over at Mania, and that McIntyre would lose his dignity, lose consciousness and lose the match. But McIntyre storms over to get in their face!

You want to go now, McIntyre?! MVP keeps the peace because this match will happen soon enough. McIntyre says Mother Nature can’t save Lashley. If they have to fight backstage, they will! McIntyre will not be stopped! MVP tells Lashley to stay calm, referees hurry over to keep this from getting any more heated, but that’s hard to do. McIntyre wants Lashley to keep that energy up. Sarah now asks McIntyre how he’s feeling. McIntyre is at a 10, he is just trying to keep his emotions in check. But last year, in the Performance Center, his first shot at the world title, he won it. McIntyre lost it for a few weeks, go it back.

But now to fight in the first match with live fans, if it’ll happen now, McIntyre is just fired up with MVP’s crap. WrestleMania or not, McIntyre just wants to drop Lashley’s ass! This WILL happen tonight!!


Kevin Patrick interviews the New Day.

They’re ready BABYYY~! People in the building has them excited! This feeling is hard to understand until you feel it! Even before Kevin was here! Kevin is happy to see these two against AJ Styles and Omos. But why? Because they’re fighting champions! Kevin had to be watching! The New Day fights the best. Omos & Styles might still not be registered, this might not happen. Oh they did? Then let’s go! Woods has felt Omos’ force but he is not afraid! Woods and Kofi have always been this size, so there are guys bigger, but they signed up for the titles! It doesn’t how big Omos is, how great Styles is, but the New Day has beaten every single other team! They cannot hang!!

OMG Big E!? Big E is THE Intercontinental Champion and he’s gonna do work on Night 2! Big E says we’ll see what makes these two one of the greatest tag teams ever!! You will see two men at their very best, so consider yourself BLESSED! Woods feels delivered! Kevin gets it, right? Yes, he does.


Backstage interview with Braun Strowman.

He has his steel cage match with Shane, but what’s he feeling? he’s just ready to do this. He isn’t doing this just for himself but for every person who has been bullied and called worthless! Braun is ready! Shane’s made the bed, he’s gonna lay it in, Braun will beat Shane within an inch of his life so let’s GO! Braun is in the best shape of his life, Shane has made a mistake getting into this. You can only poke a bear so much before it bites you. Braun is proving that bullies don’t win! You will see Braun stand over a corpse tonight, and we will be praying Shane can still breathe after tonight!


Backstage interview with Bianca Belair.

The EST’s first title match is at WrestleMania, in the main event! Where is she emotionally? Nervous, but that means she cares, just like she said on SmackDown. Yes, she’s against The Boss, she is all that, but Bianca doesn’t run from competition but runs to it. She is going to put the EST in The BEST, and will put it all on the line. And the best part? The fans are here! Bianca is going to do this not just for her, but for the world! Making #Herstory!


Backstage interview with Seth Rollins!

Mike- Er, Kevin, welcome! Your first Mania! Rollins is fired up as it’s just a wild night already. But given what’s happened since his return, with disrespect from Cesaro and the swing- MIKE. KEVIN. LISTEN. We don’t have to go over all that. You just had to bring up Cesazzlo. But that’s fine, and Rollins has wanted to address it. Since coming back, week after week, Zassoro has disrespected Rollins. Why? Maybe to use Rollins as a springboard into the potential that he’s been wasting. When the storm clears, the moon and stars will all shine on SETH FREAKIN’ ROLLINS, because he IS the NEW Mr. WrestleMania! And he’ll prove it again with the match of a lifetime when he trounces that joke Sazzaro in Raymond James Stadium! Have a great night Mike-Kevin. My Kevin? Hyphen it to Mi-Kevin.


Backstage interview with The Miz & Morrison.

They say they don’t need luck, because they have skill. You can tell a lot about a man from the company you keep. And Bad Bunny hanging out with Damian Priest means they’re scum. The fun and games are over. This isn’t the Super Bowl, the Grammy’s or SNL. This is WRESTLEMANIA! And you are up against the ONLY TWO-TIME Grand Slam Champion, and the Mayor of Slam Town, the Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century! *Stare off into distance* #BeJealous!!


The hosts of WrestleMania are here!

Titus O’Neil and Hulk Hogan walk out on stage! Titus starts by saying, “Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Raymond James Stadium!” Welcome to Titus’ city of Tampa Bay! Rain, sleet, snow, it doesn’t matter! The WWE Universe has the energy we’ve been wanting for a whole YEAR! For one year, one month and a day, for the first time, we’re #BackInBusiness live! Not just that, Brother Titus! They need to hear ya! Titus says alright. Let’s try this again. For the first time in one year, one month and a day, WE ARE BACK IN BUSINESS, LIIIIIVE!!

Tampa gets loud to join in and Hogan says, “Let me tell you something, Titus!” We’re making history tonight, tomorrow night and even right now, with their very first match in front of the WWE audience, brother! But not just any match! They are kicking off with aggression, violence and the WWE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! And it’s the All Mighty Lashley and his dangerous Hurt Lock! If he gets the neck of a 747, he could break it! But McIntyre’s Claymore could kick the faces off of Rushmore in just one go! Then there’s one question to ask, Titus! Whatcha gonna do when Titus WORLDWIDE~ and ALL the Hulkamaniacs-

Whoa whoa whoa, and what about the two nights!? We’ve got TWO NIGHTS! And then ALL the Hulkamaniacs, run wild on you!?


WWE World Championship: Bobby Lashley w/ MVP VS Drew McIntyre!

The Chief Hurt Officer tried but failed to remove the Scottish Warrior from the equation, and now he will pay for it! Will McIntyre become a three-time world champion in the span of just one year?

The introductions are made, the title is raised, and this All Might WrestleMania Weekend opening contest FINALLY begins!

McIntyre and Lashley tie right up as fans fire up! They go around, McIntyre puts Lashley on ropes but Lashley pushes back. They end up in a corner, go around more ropes, but break. Fans rally and duel as the two go again. Lashley waistlocks, McIntyre resists the lift and pries free to wrench and headlock. Lashley powers out, follows then runs McIntyre over! McIntyre stands right up and the two reset. They feel things out, knuckle lock and McIntyre reels Lashley into another headlock. Lashley powers out again, hurdles but McIntyre shoves to OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! McIntyre even says “UP YOURS” with his fist.

Lashley is furious and he gets in McIntyre’s face to pie-face him! McIntyre throws a forearm, Lashley returns it and it’s a brawl! Lashley knees low, fires off more hands in a corner, then pushes McIntyre. McIntyre turns things around to stomp and windmill some haymakers! The ref counts, McIntyre lets off but Lashley throat chops! Lashley fires off hands, forearms, and then whips. McIntyre reverses, Lashley holds ropes but McIntyre clotheslines him out! Fans fire up as McIntyre pursues. MVP checks on Lashley, and Lashley RAMS McIntyre into barriers! Lashley fires off more hands, brings McIntyre around and whips him into barriers!

MVP is fired up, Lashley drags McIntyre up and whips him into more barriers! Lashley refreshes the count, goes back out after McIntyre, and puts him in the ring. McIntyre goes to a corner, Lashley runs in and RAMS into him! Lashley turns McIntyre for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, ONE!! Lashley is right on McIntyre with a rain of fists! McIntyre goes to ropes but Lashley chokes him and throws clubbing forearms! The ref backs Lashley off, but Lashley returns with more hands! McIntyre tries to hit back but Lashley chokes him on ropes again! Lashley stands on McIntyre, lets off as the ref counts, and fans boo as Lashley looms over McIntyre.

McIntyre hits back with body shots and CHOPS! Fans “WOO~” but Lashley RAMS McIntyre into a corner. Lashley roars, goes corner to corner, but McIntyre POSTS him! McIntyre hits an ARM CODE BREAKER, to an ARMBAR! Lashley endures, clasps hands, and fights up. Lashley hammers away, gets free and fires of more hands! McIntyre is dazed as Lashley lets off. Lashley brings McIntyre up, SLAPS him, and taunts him in a corner. McIntyre gets up but Lashley RAMS into him again! And again and again! Lashley fires off haymakers and elbows, and fans are divided as Lashley paces around.

Lashley whips corner to corner but McIntyre comes back with a LARIAT! And another! McIntyre whips, Lashley reverses but McIntyre ducks and OVERHEAD Belly2Belly suplexes again! Lashley staggers up, into the clinch and ANOTHER OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! McIntyre gets around Lashley to hit a NECKBREAKER! McIntyre kips up and fans fire up! McIntyre watches Lashley get up, kicks and underhooks, but Lashley powers McIntyre into a corner! Lashley rams in again and again, but lets off to go corner to corner, but into a back elbow! McIntyre waistlocks but ducks the counter elbow to NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO!

MVP coaches Lashley up but McIntyre is after the arm! Lashley resists the wristlock with knees to the stomach and forearms to the back. Lashley shoves but McIntyre KICKS! Lashley comes back to LARIAT! Lashley reels McIntyre in, gut wrench to the DOMINATOR! Cover, TWO!! McIntyre survives and Lashley is already seething! MVP says Lashley has McIntyre where he wants him, he just has to stay on him. Lashley waits for McIntyre to get up, then reels him back in for a suplex, only for McIntyre to wrench out and GLASGOW KISS! But McIntyre runs into an ALL MIGHTY SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Lashley is getting mad but he still has his ace card to play!

McIntyre staggers up, Lashley full nelsons! McIntyre resists the Hurt Lock but Lashley throws more low knees! Lashley fireman’s carries but McIntyre elbows free, shoves and runs in. Lashley elbows McIntyre, but McIntyre gets through the boot to elbow and CHOP and ROLLING ELBOW! McIntyre gets the legs, drags Lashley up, INVERTED ALABAMA SLAM! Cover, TWO! Lashley is still in this but McIntyre keeps his focus. McIntyre brings Lashley up, fans fire up again and McIntyre puts Lashley on the top rope. McIntyre CHOPS, climbs up and throws clubbing forearms! Lashley resists and trips McIntyre up! Lashley throws haymakers, but McIntyre gets a KIMURA!

Lashley endures, throws body shots and forearms, and he puts McIntyre in the Tree of Woe! But McIntyre sits up to SUPER Belly2Belly! And then CLAY- NO! SPINEBUSTER!! Lashley is fired up and fans are thunderous as he paces around. McIntyre kips back up!? Lashley is shocked, but McIntyre says, “Bring it, bitch!” They brawl, Lashley gets the edge and has McIntyre on the ropes. Lashley roars, whips, but McIntyre reverses to OVERHEAD Belly2Belly again! McIntyre then gets Lashley into the FUTURE SHOCK! But he’s not done there, ANOTHER FUTURE SHOCK! But that’s still not enough?! A THIRD FUTURE SHOCK!! Cover, TWO!??! Lashley still lives and McIntyre is beside himself!

“This is Awesome!” and we’re just starting WrestleMania! McIntyre wants the countdown, and fans count along! But Lashley drops to get away from the Claymore! Fans boo as MVP helps Lashley get away, but McIntyre FLIES!! All three men go down in a heap and Raymond James Stadium is thunderous as they lose their minds! McIntyre gets up, drags Lashley into the ring, and then climbs a corner. McIntyre leaps but into a clinch! Lashley spins McIntyre around, throws some knees, and HALF NELSON SUPLEXES! Then a clinch for the COMPLETE SHOT! Lashley dares McIntyre to get back up! McIntyre rises, Lashley is stalking up behind him, but McIntyre blocks the Hurt Lock!

McIntyre is prying it open! And then he RAMS Lashley into buckles! McIntyre gets up and runs in, into another SPINEB- NO! KIMURA! McIntyre has Lashley down on the mat and stuck in the center of the ring! Lashley endures as fans rally and duel so hard! Lashley reaches out, McIntyre cranks as hard as he can, but Lashley gets the ROPEBREAK! McIntyre holds on until the ref counts and lets Lashley go in frustration. McIntyre gets up and fans build back to a rally. Lashley rises, both men glare at the other, and the brawl is on again! They go haymaker for haymaker, kick for kick, elbow for elbow, but Lashley clinches to throw McIntyre into buckles.

Lashley runs, into a BOOT! McIntyre gives another GLASGOW KISS! McIntyre goes corner to corner, but MVP distracts! Lashley drops to avoid the Claymore again! McIntyre staggers, Lashley CLOBBERS him in a corner! HURT LOCK!! McIntyre is caught, endures, powers up, but fades! The ref checks on McIntyre, Lashley leans on the hold as much as he can, but McIntyre gets that second wind! McIntyre stands, uses the corner to push, it’s a cover, but Lashley rolls right back to stand! Lashley still has the Hurt Lock clamped on tight! McIntyre fades again!! The ref calls it, Lashley wins!!!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by submission (still WWE World Champion)

INCREDIBLE! This clash of titans ends with the Rocky Mountain Machine still on top of that mountain! If McIntyre couldn’t stop him, then who in the WWE possibly can?


DING DONG! Bayley is backstage!

And she’s found Titus and Hogan, and the nWo. She hosts a big show, the biggest who, the Ding Dong Hello show. Heard of it? Titus doesn’t have cable. Well if anyone needs help, she’s Too Sweet. Kevin Nash leaves Bayley hanging! Titus is hungry. Wanna go get something, guys? X-Pac gives Bayley the Too Sweet, at least, but then the legends head out with Titus. Well, just call her, brother!


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Tag Team Turmoil!

The Irresistible Force & Queen of Spades have gotten every time between Raw and SmackDown all riled up, and now they’ll have to be ready for whatever team survives tonight! Will it be the Riott Squad, the Ravishing Glow, the Sexy Muscle Friends, the second generation superstars or the last minute but still FABULOUS Carmella and Billie Kay?

The first teams out are…

Naomi & Lana VS Carmella & Billie Kay!


Powered by RedCircle

Let us know what you think on social media @ChairshotMedia and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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