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Mitchell’s Raw Talk Report! (2/15/21)

Tonight is a golden Raw Talk!



WWE Raw Talk

Three champions on one episode of Raw Talk!

Before Elimination Chamber arrives, the WWE United States Champion, Bobby Lashley, and the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions will join the show to talk about their coming title defenses!


#CharTruth welcome us back to the show!

Charly Caruso says it’s time for our favorite show of the week! But R-Truth is of course a bit down as he is not WWE 24/7 Champion right now. What happened? No judgements, either, this is a safe space. Well Damian Priest, aka DP, and Bad Bunny, there’s respect for defending the Looney Tunes, but they took “the baby” to S&M- Er, no, SNL. That’s cool, but Truth doesn’t like being away from his baby too long. Tozawa chased Truth into that situation! Tozawa has been on Truth for over a year but he got what he got! What Priest should’ve done was get Truth but he let Bunny take the pin instead. Charly is sad for Truth, and Truth says Bunny has his baby! Bugs and Bad, or Bad Bugs Bunny. They’re the same people, they’re just tricking us!

But Charly suggests that, obviously Truth will win it back. It isn’t “if” but “when.” But this title is now more prestigious than ever! The title will be on SNL, people will know about it, and boom, Truth swoops in to take it back! Then after coming back next Raw Talk, Truth will be feeling amazing. Speaking of titles changing hands, there is the Elimination Chamber PPV coming, with a Chamber match being for the WWE World Champion. Drew McIntyre and five other former world champions, and after a Gauntlet Match, we know who enters last: SHEAMUS!

The Fella will be a guest here tonight after that big win, and he might be really amped up to where it’s scary. Sheamus did say he was going to win the Gauntlet and he did, and he said he will win the Chamber match and the title, so he’s been speaking the truth, Truth. Charly cracks herself up with that one a bit. Truth says something’s got to give with Sheamus and McIntyre, though. Former friends, bitter enemies, but will the title change hand. Truth points out how long McIntyre lasted in the Gauntlet so don’t count him out. He’s going with McIntyre! Then for betting purposes, Charly goes with Sheamus. What’re they betting? Nothing too pricey. How about just some ice cream? Sure! Loser buys ice cream.

But moving on from that, the first guest is the WWE United States Champion, with a big test of his own on Sunday!

Bobby Lashley and MVP join Raw Talk!

MVP can only hobble with crutches right now, his knee is still in bad shape from the Six Man Tag earlier tonight. But he and Lashley sit and Charly welcomes them to the show. A stagehand hurries to get them mics, and Charly asks MVP how he feels. Spectacular! MVP’s only regret, if you will, is that he’s “too hard for the game.” Matt Riddle, the coward, attacked from behind and tweaked MVP’s knee. But MVP won’t make excuses, he won’t take time off like this “soft” generation running around here. MVP tried to work through the injury, but to the detriment of his team. He cost the Hurt Business the win, but it isn’t about him. It is about the All Mighty, as he came and cleaned up after. There is not a man alive that can best him in 1v1 combat, so Lashley will be US Champion until he decides to be champion of the WWE.

Charly wants to ask something and MVP allows questions. Charly says that’s why she likes having MVP on the show, he is very considerate. Now, Lashley can best anyone 1v1, but it won’t be 1v1, it will be a Triple Threat. Riddle and Keith will be at the PPV, but MVP asks where Keith Lee was tonight. Isn’t Keith himself recovering from injuries caused by Lashley? Lashley says Keith got hurt. Got what? HURT! So Keith won’t be there on Sunday? That depends on Keith and the medical staff, but still, Keith is hurting. Charly hasn’t heard anything, but MVP says she is falling short of her job as a journalist. Has she not contacted credible sources since earlier tonight? No? So she didn’t do her job.

Charly says some things are against her abilities as a journalist, but if MVP wants to consider Keith Lee out, then by all means. She is not here to confirm or deny. Truth confirms it! Keith will be there because he’s Keith! Well conflicting information but who knows. MVP says if Riddle was smart, he’d skip the PPV, but we know Riddle isn’t the sharpest tool in the box. So they’re not bromigos?

MVP references Einstein’s definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Riddle takes on Lashley several times, and every time it ends in the Hurt Lock. What will be different next time? See how MVP does better with questions than Charly? Charly counters by saying the WWE must not think things will be the same, or else they wouldn’t have booked the match. There is a reason the WWE has faith in both challengers. Truth likes that and Charly brushes off the dust on her shoulders. MVP says Truth is white knighting, but Truth says he’s darkest knight.

Charly asks if there are any last comments before Elimination Chamber on Sunday. MVP says the Chief Hurt Officer is a man of few words. But MVP will say that the Hurt Business is in the business of hurting, and no one does that better than Lashley. To borrow from Mr. T, the great Clubber Lang, the prediction for Sunday is PAIN! Lashley shakes hands with Truth, MVP hops up onto his crutches with style, and the mics stay behind for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions!

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler join Raw Talk!

Truth is pumped that Hurt Business is gone and that Shayna is back, but the feeling isn’t mutual. Charly says it’s been some time but Shayna and Nia say it hasn’t been long enough. Nia smells something and Truth smells it, too. Well there is a bakery near Tropicana but Truth brings out a “donut.” Shayna signals to him to cut out the hole jokes, but Charly says there was a special on donut holes. Nia says no one should be laughing. Truth says he isn’t laughing, that is a serious matter. Charly thought the joke was a hole in one. Shayna sighs and Nia rolls her eyes. Nia takes a deep breath and Shayna takes the pillow. Shayna says Nia should sit on it, though, just in case.

Charly composes herself, only to come back with, “Holy moly, how rude.” There’s a whole lot of attitude tonight. Nia asks if this is all they’re going to do. Can they get serious for one minute? Right, of course, they do have a whole lot to talk about. Nia says Charly needs to act like a real journalist. Pull it together! Charly apologizes, and says yes a lot has happened, and Nia did sustain minor injuries. Can we get a real reporter in here? These two are the tag team champions! This isn’t trashy day time television! Is Charly some bootleg Geraldo?

Truth wants Nia to calm down, and after everyone calms down, he asks. “If you could be a fish, what kind of fish could you be?” Shayna oddly answers this question by saying, “Northern Pike.” But if this is what Raw Talk has become, when two of the most dominant Women’s Tag Team Champions ever, defending the titles on all three brands. When was the last time that happened? Two, three years ago? Nia doesn’t remember, she doesn’t pay attention to others. Shayna says people will be more afraid to get a shot at these titles because that is who a champion should be.

Charly notes that we did just see the first-ever Women’s Dusty Rhodes Cup Tournament happen, and congratulates the winners, Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez. They now have a future title opportunity for these belts. Shayna says big whoop. So~ cool~, they won the JV tournament. Who even are those two? But Dakota & Raquel have their shot, Naomi & Lana have a shot owed to them, we might even see Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair come after these titles. The titles finally have people lining up. That shows how valuable these titles are because of who holds them. Wait, holds or holes? Nia’s done, she drops her mic and storms off.

Truth tries to apologize, and Shayna asks why he does this. Truth was just trying to understand because you can’t hole a belt. And then he asks if Shayna wants Northern Pike grilled or fried. Nia throws the donut pillow back at Truth and Shayna leaves now. Well, 0-2 with their guests tonight, and the tag champs left early. But the Fella is here as tonight’s last guest!

Sheamus joins Raw Talk!

Sheamus sits, Truth and Charly congratulate him and ask how he feels. Well Sheamus just beat the WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre. Right there, 1-2-3, Sheamus has the last spot in the Chamber, and they ask how he’s feeling? He’s vindicated! People have been saying for weeks that McIntyre is the best, but Sheamus just proved as someone who knows McIntyre better than anyone, he could beat him! Sheamus has known McIntyre for so long, Sheamus was the first one to help McIntyre train! Sheamus was the one who took McIntyre under his wing, giving him a place to stay and giving him motivation when he didn’t have any! Sheamus helped McIntyre get to where he is! This is because of Sheamus! But do you think McIntyre cares or remembers? He doesn’t!

Charly sees there are many layers to this. Tonight was more than a win over McIntyre or a win for the last spot in the Elimination Chamber match. This was going after a former best friend who denied him his opportunities. Sheamus has days left until the PPV. Other than the vindication, what is his mindset? This is Sheamus’ chance to again become WWE World Champion. Yes, there’s a lot going on in Sheamus’ head. He isn’t really hearing what anyone is saying.

Truth asks if Sheamus feels bad. No, Sheamus doesn’t feel bad, because for the last 12 months, Sheamus has been the MVP of the show! Week in, week out, he’s been working hard in the Performance Center and in the ThunderDome! Match of the week, promo of the week, elevating some of these other guys to levels no one thought possible! Sheamus is the one bringing intensity, getting the new boys up to TV level. He makes them fight and earn everything. When it comes to McIntyre, 20 years they’ve been friends, and they were supposed to go 1v1, tear the house down, but no. Things changed into an Elimination Chamber Match, but why? Because Sheamus isn’t a draw? A four-time world champion?! Is that it, powers-that-be?

Well Sheamus vows to go into the Chamber, take the WWE Championship and make McIntyre come after him! Sheamus will Brogue McIntyre down week after week until the WWE notices and gives us the Mania match we want! 20 years, Scots, Irish, Gaels, Battle of the Causeway! This will be where Sheamus shines and schools McIntyre to show us who is the dominant Celt in the WWE! McIntyre got just a small taste tonight! When McIntyre exits the Chamber, he will be dejected! And Sheamus will have his hands on the title for the first time in five YEARS! Sheamus will be on top of the ladder where he belongs! No more second fiddle, and certainly not to McIntyre!

Did McIntyre even think of Sheamus when he got the title the first time? Doing all those media things? Did he offer Sheamus even a bit of the cake? NO! McIntyre is selfish, he forgot where he came from and who helped him! Sheamus is getting back what’s his, bringing it to school, and make his time NOW! Sheamus storms off, and Charly is surprised that even if Sheamus wins, he wants McIntyre a second time at Mania. But what a night for Raw Talk! Hopefully the fans enjoyed it. Let’s hope next week is better, but no promises. Tune in and see for yourselves!

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode for Raw Talk here, a lot of good energy. MVP did most of the talking for the Hurt Business but that’s fine, he himself said that Lashley is a man of few words. I do like that Raw Talk got to bring up more about Keith Lee being banged up so that it can be why he might not make it to Chamber. That is more than likely kayfabe covering for COVID concerns but at least they worked on a cover to give.

Of course the segment with Nia and Shayna ended up having a bunch of jokes made about “MY HOLE,” but it also seems to work for Nia and Shayna as characters. They’re upset, they don’t want to be seen as jokes, and they want their opponents to fear them. And I like that Raw Talk brought up the Women’s Dusty Cup winners, I am hoping WWE builds to at least a Triple Threat at Fastlane, Nia & Shayna VS Lana & Naomi VS Dakota & Raquel.

Sheamus had a very good segment because he brought a lot of passion. He does take a bit of a cliché route saying McIntyre has been selfish and ungrateful, similar to when Dolph Ziggler feuded with McIntyre last year for Extreme Rules. But given that McIntyre and Sheamus have their history and their friendship, it works a touch better. And with Sheamus putting it out there, maybe we are going to get them 1v1 at Fastlane or Mania, once Edge has decided he’s going after a different championship.

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Mitchell’s Talking Smack Report! (3/6/21)

Ding Dong, HELLO~! Talking Smack!



WWE Talking Smack

Talking Smack has the Role Model and royalty!

WWE is heading for the Fastlane, but DING DONG, HELLO~? There’s Talking Smack first, with Bayley, the Mysterios and APOLLOOO~!


Kayla Braxton welcomes us back to the show!

We’re on the Road to WrestleMania but we’re going to stop at Fastlane first! And speaking of Fastlane, we saw Daniel Bryan celebrating atop the Steel Cage after defeating Jey Uso! That’s because we will now get Bryan VS Roman at Fastlane for the Universal Championship! Does Paul Heyman have any comments? Kayla is for one proud of Bryan. Kayla congratulates her on her bias. He does have a bias, too, but that doesn’t make him wrong.

“Daniel Bryan is a very interesting human being. He has everything a man could want: he has a wonderful wife who loves him; he has healthy children who adore him; he has the WWE Universe which appreciates his unique worth ethic; and now, he has a path to the main event of WrestleMania. Everything a man could want. Except what Daniel Bryan doesn’t have is a strategy to beat Roman Reigns! That’s where Daniel Bryan comes up short.” Heyman assures us, as unique of a human and as much momentum Bryan has right now, Bryan is NOT man enough to beat Roman Reigns. He is not capable of taking Roman out of the main event of WrestleMania. All Bryan has now is “an ass-kicking at Fastlane that Roman Reigns will bestow upon him as a message to Edge.”

Ladies and gentlemen, that is not a prediction, that is a spoiler. The Tribal Chief, the sun around which the WWE Universe shall continue to orbit is the Reigns-ing, Defending, Undisputed, Uncontroverted, WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion and T H E main event of WrestleMania, Roman… Reigns…! Kayla says we’ll on the Talking Smack after Fastlane. Heyman says that shouldn’t be her comment. She asked a question, he answered it, that’s it. Stop flirting with him, he’s married! But Kayla ignores Heyman and says we have our first guest, who has her own hit talk show, DING DONG, HELLO~! It’s the longest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion ever!

Bayley joins Talking Smack!

Heyman greets Bayley with a kiss to her hand and she swoons?! Bayley says she’ll show Kayla has it was, and kisses Kayla’s hand. Kayla just says thanks, and Bayley can’t believe it! This is why Bayley is here! She needs to improve this show! Heyman thanks Bayley for the honor of kissing her hand. Bayley thanks him for the honor of having her hand kissed. But Bayley is here because she’d love to take over. What? Well Bayley is the host of the newest and the best WWE talk show right now, and Heyman agrees. It is T H E E Best! Bayley feels she could add more flavor and entertainment, and viewership, to this show. If Kayla would like, she could be competition in the ring while Bayley joins Heyman here.

Heyman says Kayla did great on Raw Talk. From what he heard, he doesn’t watch. Bayley takes a seat and complains about the chairs. Kayla says she did like Raw Talk because at least she had a cohost who understood what it was to be a cohost. Seriously? Bayley says she went on Raw Talk when this is her show? Bayley would never do that as THE host. Heyman says, “Ding dong, Hello!” Kayla is a ding dong, and he says hi to Bayley! Kayla brings up the Sweet Tweets and how the last one was apparently sour. What was it? Well depends, was Kayla “WWESuperfan?” But Bayley is wearing her host sweater, glasses and watch, so maybe she’ll ask the questions here. Oh really? Well fine. Ask Kayla whatever you want. She can’t say she’ll answer but she’ll try. Well that doesn’t seem fair.

Bayley takes her glasses off to get serious, and she asks if Kayla was WWESuperfan, who tweeted that Ding Dong Hello is “an abomination, the worst thing you’ve ever seen in your life,” because that’s what that person said! Kayla can get in the cage and meet Bayley right here and now. Kayla confirms she is NOT WWESuperfan, but whoever they are, she applauds them. Kayla will retweet it. Oh, okay, fine then. Bayley breaks her glasses! Is she upset? No. Then will Bayley ask more questions? No, Kayla can ask. Kayla asks who Bayley would have as a guest, in the whole world, for Ding Dong Hello. The whole world? A line is forming from Jerry Seinfeld to Ellen to Wendy Williams to Ricki. Remember her? Ricki Lake! Bayley was trying to spark Kayla’s brain there. Does Kayla do homework?

Heyman says Kayla is too busy going to Raw Talk on Mondays. Well, Kayla wants to make sure Bayley knows that Twitter account, EllenDegeneres1, is not the REAL Ellen. Yes, she is aware, because THE Ellen could just text Bayley. DING DONG, Bayley’s a STAR! Kayla agrees, Bayley is a star, and Ding Dong Hello is a show. Wow, how rude. Kayla invited Bayley here! Well Bayley said she wants to take over so… Well now Bayley broke her glasses because of Kayla. Heyman apologizes on behalf of Kayla because she has no conscience. She cheats on Talking Smack with Raw Talk. He is protecting Bayley from Kayla, the “wanton pseudo-journalist who is besmirching” Bayley’s reputation.

Bayley agrees, there should be brand loyalty. That is why Bayley is the Role Model and gets the Sweet Tweets, and still runs the show! So Kayla should get off the show so Bayley can run things with Heyman! Well Kayla says not anyone can do this job, it’s not that easy. Bayley breaks what’s left of her glasses and then takes her leave. Heyman asks what’s going on with Kayla today. Kayla was just giving Bayley a chance to step up and prove she is a good host. Heyman agrees, Kayla should test Bayley in all aspects, and that includes getting into the ring.

Heyman claims that before the show started, Kayla got all snotty about Bayley and said she’d slap Bayley around in the ring. Lying is never good, Paul. Then Kayla needs to stop lying. Well this isn’t a lie, our next guests are Nigerian royalty and his royal guard!

Apollo Crews (and the Elite Guard) join Talking Smack!

Heyman asks if it is okay to shake Apollo’s hand. Apollo tells his guards it is okay, he is engaging. He and Heyman are okay. How is Heyman? He is doing great, now that he is in Apollo’s presence. Apollo thanks Heyman and asks if Kayla is happy to be in his presence, too. She is! She is very impressed with seeing Apollo’s change. How did it feel to finally introduce “the real” Apollo? It felt fantastic. This is who Apollo is and who he has been, but he’s hidden it for so long. As he said on SmackDown, Apollo was embarrassed to embrace his roots because of how he’d be made fun of by the other children. They’d call him names, not embrace him, so he couldn’t embrace his heritage.

But now, it feels good to be who he is. He loves it! He loves dominating people like he did Big E. Big E is home, and if he were smart, he’d stay home. But at the same time, Big E has something Apollo wants and that is the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Big E must come back and Apollo will hurt him again. Apollo’s birthright is to be a warrior, like the Tiiv people. Apollo will live up to his family’s greatness by taking the championship. Heyman says question asked and question answered, so next question. Kayla brings up how Apollo had chances to take the title and failed, so how- Apollo laughs and says he never failed. That loss was not a failure.

The difference is now, look at who Apollo is. Big E doesn’t want to face Apollo after seeing what Apollo is capable of. The world knows what Apollo is capable of! And Big E will learn that again. Apollo wants Heyman to relax, they are fine. Heyman says he is very impressed by everything Apollo is doing physically, strategically, and in action. Apollo says Heyman understands. Big E will understand. Does Kayla understand? Is she really hearing what he is saying? We’re just a week away from Big E’s return, and Apollo will be waiting. Then Apollo will show the world just who good, how GREAT, Apollo really is. Apollo shakes Heyman’s hand again and Heyman says he is in awe.

Kayla thanks Apollo for his time, and Apollo leaves with his guard in toe. Kayla will say that the last few times we’ve seen Apollo on Talking Smack, and Heyman’s motivational speeches have perhaps helped light that fire in Apollo. Well like most women in Heyman’s life, they don’t give him credit when it is due. But Heyman has been right about great talent for over 34 YEARS. With that credibility, Heyman assures all of us that Apollo Crews is a main-event talent. “He’s going straight to the top. Apollo Crews, 2021, will be a top tier WWE superstar, and that’s also not a prediction. That’s a spoiler.” Kayla doesn’t agree with the tactics, but she knows Apollo is someone to watch out for. But finally, a duo to watch for, it is the Mysterios!

Rey & Dominik Mysterio join Talking Smack!

Kayla thanks them for being here. Rey and Dom have found themselves in an “interesting” situation with Alpha Academy, Chad Gable & Otis. They have a target on the Mysterios, but do they know why? Heyman speaks up as someone who has known Rey for a long time. It is apparent there is a lot going on. All respect to Kayla, they don’t need to be fielding questions. Rey has something he needs to say. So with that, Heyman lets Rey take the floor. Rey says that as we all know, he has been working very hard to teach his son how to be a man. They’ve been training so hard day in and day out, in the ring, to make Dom the best version of himself.

But on the other hand, Chad Gable is “puppeteering” Otis into doing his dirty work. Chad is making Otis his BITCH! Sorry for the language, but that is the heat within Rey. Rey says it’s okay that for the past two weeks, Otis has dropped Rey and used that 300+ pounds to crush Rey’s ribs. But that fires Rey up like they wouldn’t believe. They have underestimated the Mysterios because Rey has been in the ring with some of the baddest men in the wrestling world! No matter how big, how heavy, how badass, Rey has found a way to take them down! “Chad, Otis, you have no idea the magnitude of the hurricane that’s coming your way!”

Rey says it in Spanish, too, that they have no idea what it is to face a Mysterio. But they will feel the power of the 619. With that, Talking Smack closes. Will Rey & Dom have Alpha Academy’s number?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode this week, though I don’t remember any of this being advertised last night on SmackDown. Bayley trying to expand as a talk show host was a funny way for her to get on Kayla’s nerves. I feel like Bayley should’ve read some of that supposed mean Tweet on SmackDown to set this up, as she could’ve said anything today and it would’ve been what it was. Maybe “WWESuperfan” continues to mean Tweet her and there’s some big reveal of who it is, but at the same time, I don’t know how that would go. Apollo had a good segment, partially reworking what he said on SmackDown, but maybe a little clumsily. Point is, Heyman got to comment that Apollo is going places, and I don’t doubt it.

The Mysterios had a good closing segment, and I like that Heyman helped set it up because of that ECW connection. Rey Mysterio here adds a great bit of heat and depth to the story that had only been told in the ring so far. As I said for the SmackDown article, I am sensing a big stakes rematch of the Mysterios VS Alpha Academy, winners go to Fastlane to face the tag team champions, which might also annoy the Street Profits.

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Mitchell’s Raw Talk Report! (3/1/21)

Who wants to Talk With Elias?!



WWE Raw Talk

Ladies and gentlemen: Raw Talk.

After a wild Monday Night Raw, things are only speeding up towards Fastlane! What will Drew McIntyre have to say about his triumphant return?


Charly- Wait, Kayla Braxton welcomes us back!

Charly Caruso has taken time off this week but Talking Smack’s usual hostess is here! And she’ll leave it up to the WWE Universe to figure out a good nickname for her and R-Truth. Truth tries to figure out some for himself, though. Kay-Truth? R-Braxton? Maybe their names just don’t go together. But either way, Kayla is happy to be here with Truth and wants to talk the highlight of Monday Night Raw: The NEW WWE World Champion a long time coming, it is Bobby Lashley! Truth was a lumberjack and he was lost in the moment. There has been tension between Truth and Lashley but Truth was definitely proud of Lashley in that moment.

Truth confirms, because Lashley has clawed and scratched and finally got his due. Of course Truth got lost in the moment. Lashley did what he had to do and got it done! Miz kept us wondering all night, faking this and that, not that anyone bought it. But Miz tried to okie-doke, only to get got. Then Kayla wants to talk about that moment with Randy Orton and Alexa Bliss’ strange message. Orton choked and had more black gunk coming out of his mouth! Alexa is being creepy. Truth is creeped out, yes. Truth knows Alexa is weirder than him, that is some left field, over the fence, in the street stuff. Just look at it! What was it Orton spitting up!? And how often is Orton “shook” like that? Truth’s also known Orton a long time, and Orton doesn’t get shook, but he was here.

But moving on, their first guests are a duo that had mixed luck tonight on their way to a title defense, it’s the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions!

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler join Raw Talk!

Truth is happy but the champs aren’t. And Shayna doesn’t even know who Kayla is! Nia asks if Kayla even goes here. Truth says they should be nice. They’ve been on The Bump, they know who she is! They’ll even be on The Bump again. Not by choice. Kayla says Nia should be in a good mood, she won tonight! Truth says that’s a compliment! But Kayla admits Shayna lost. But that all aside, they have their title defense on NXT against Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai! The momentum must make Nia confident but Shayna might have doubt. Shayna asks if Kayla remembers the TWO YEAR reign Shayna had! Or what she did to Dakota! But a different day, a different Dakota. Not really!

Kayla admits Shayna’s one of the best in NXT, her name is synonymous with the brand. Does that make this match even more important? Is there any concerns? Nia says this isn’t comedy hour. Kayla is more the guest than they are! Nia doesn’t even really know her. But are they excited to dominate and wreck shop? Yes! They’re going to stomp respect into two girls who don’t have any! Nia and Shayna are the top of this division! Not just as tag champions, but they’re the TOP champions! They’ve spent enough time showing everyone, even on SmackDown, so they’ll do it again to the “NXT Universe.” Being dominant in NXT is like being Freshman JV. They’re VARSITY!

Kayla hopes so because they’re going to be embarrassed if things get turned around on them. Nia asks if they can get a replacement for the replacement host. Shayna feels like this must be Kayla’s “tryout.” And she’s failing! Truth is saying they need to show respect! Kayla is just pointing out that they went 50-50 on Raw tonight. Nia says the ones that should be respected are THEM, because THEY are the champions! Where is Truth’s title, huh!? Mr. Bugs Bunny has it! Shayna says there are 40 days left before they are the longest reigning Women’s Tag Champions ever! Did Kayla do the research to get her job here?

Kayla says that yes, they are the best champions of this division, but they might not be come WrestleMania. There is another title they’re both after and that is Asuka’s Raw Women’s Championship. Oh the same Asuka Shayna kicked to the curb? These two and Charlotte want a shot at the Raw Women’s Championship. So between these two, who deserves that opportunity more? Don’t try to drive a wedge in! Truth says Kayla’s not doing anything. Nia tells Truth to shut up! If anyone is getting the shot, it’s Nia. Shayna gets upset but Nia says Nia is on a streak. Shayna says she’s been doing so much more for the team! She’s why they have the titles! Nia is letting Kayla win here!

Truth says these two are making good points as pointiologists. That’s not a real word! Kayla says it is, Truth says it’s just obscure. Fist bump! Seriously? Shayna asks why they keep being forced to do this. Kayla wishes Nia and Shayna luck for NXT. Shayna and Nia don’t like Truth no more. They leave, but Truth says it was time for them to go anyway! So disrespectful. Truth will cheer Dakota & Raquel on now. But now, it’s time to #DriftAway!

Elias & Jaxson Ryker join Raw Talk!

Elias is happy that his chair isn’t sinking on him this time. Ryker is happy to have a chair at all this time. Truth wants an autograph because he follows Elias. Truth bought the album, too! From a friend, though. But Universal Truth is legit, because it’s about Truth! Well, sure it is. Hidden lyrics, maybe. Kayla wants to bring up the “outlandish” proposal from Elias to Bad Bunny for a musical collaboration. What’s so outlandish about it? Universal Truth was at the top of the charts on iTunes! But Bad Bunny is multi-platinum. So is she saying Bunny is above Elias? No, the numbers are! Universal Truth is up there, but Bunny is way, WAY up there! And the fact Truth is willing to say that even though Bunny still has the 24/7 Championship, that’s some truth. Wait, does that ruin Kayla’s argument?

Elias says he’ll get Truth his autograph real quick. Truth asks which is Elias’ favorite song on the album. Elias’ favorite song of his own album? Yes. Well it has to be Amen, which is now his entrance song. Ryker’s favorite is Changes, because that’s what Elias is about. Elias tried to offer something to Bugs- No, wait, Bad Bunny. Sorry. But Elias says a real music star in the WWE, and then Bad Bunny comes in and shoves Elias aside! Elisa is a generous man, but Bunny goes and rejects “the offer of a lifetime.” Wouldn’t Truth take that offer? Elias says he would. But Priest is speaking for Bunny, there’s the match, it’s all aggravating for Elias.

Kayla says Elias and Ryker were trying to cheat. Ryker wasn’t cheating, he was just keeping Priest from using the ropebreak for too long. Anything else is coincidence. But while Ryker admires and is inspired by Elias, why is he inspired? Elias gives Ryker a different way of seeing life! It just speaks to something. it electrifies Ryker and shows that there are better things in this world. IS there a better way to say that? The Universal Truth touches souls. Truth says he wanted a carrot after for some reason. Carrots are good, though. And Kayla admits Elias is a good musician.

But what is the ultimate goal? Change more lives with more music! Elias has Ryker now, they are unstoppable with their track record. They run track? Sometimes. But Bad Bunny saw Elias beat up Priest, was probably impressed, and if he still wants to take Elias up on the offer, Elias is fine with that. Bunny has Truth’s title, but Elias will take that, too, if he has to. Kayla keeps Truth calm from hearing that. And on that note, no pun intended, nice to see them. Elias and Ryker head out, and now the final guest of the night is here! It’s the Scottish Warrior!

Drew McIntyre joins Raw Talk!

Truth is pumped to see McIntyre but was hoping to see the sword. Kayla says she’s interviewed McIntyre many times, and it pains her to say that for the first time in awhile, he’s not champion. Is it weird to not hear that title in front of his name? Yes, and while it might be odd for him, a man who wears only a kilt and no shirt most of the time, he feels naked without the world title. Note to cameramen, don’t shoot below the waist. There’s some skin showing. But being without the title is weird. McIntyre spent a year as champion. He was hoping to return to WrestleMania as champion, Miz and Lashley messed that up, but McIntyre vows to make is his way back.

Kayla brings up tonight’s match with Sheamus, but also the fact Lashley is the NEW world champion. McIntyre says he would’ve bet on Lashley, of course. Lashley has worked hard, is an animal in the gym and in the ring. They’ve faced off, so McIntyre knows Lashley has earned this moment. And now, the match of Lashley VS McIntyre is going to be big for Raw, especially if it’s at WrestleMania. It is a lot of pressure to be a champion. Miz must’ve felt it every night this week. You surround yourself with friends, those friends might get jealous and want what you want. Sheamus did it to McIntyre, the Hurt Business might do it to Lashley. Consider that free advice.

Kayla wants Truth to see if he has any advice for McIntyre. Truth had a title that is very near and dear and he doesn’t hold it right now. McIntyre had the WWE World Championship in the same regard. What can McIntyre do to get through these times without it? “It’s your baby, man. You gotta remember the good times, but you also got to get your baby back.” McIntyre knows that. Having the baby by your heart is what you want. But Truth getting the title from Bugsy means getting past Priest. McIntyre needs to get past Lashley. But McIntyre is a fighter! Look what he and Shamus did tonight!

McIntyre admits, they beat the hell out of each other. He has a bruise, it looks like the Scottish flag! McIntyre knows he went to war with Sheamus, but that is what this is about! You go to war, put it all on the line, and the best man wins. McIntyre was the better tonight, but he knows this is how Lashley fights. Maybe Sheamus will let his grudge go. They hadn’t faced each other in a significant singles match since FCW. It didn’t have to go this way but it did. Sheamus turned on McIntyre but the match was awesome and hopefully the fans loved it. Now it’s on to Lashley. Maybe we’ll again call McIntyre the WWE Champion.

Kayla wishes him all the luck. McIntyre says things just got real interesting on the Road to WrestleMania! McIntyre heads out, Kayla thanks Truth for letting her cohost, and it’s onward to Fastlane! See you again next week!

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode here, with the surprise substitute of Kayla adding just a little different touch to the show. Shayna and Nia being hard on her for being the substitute was a good touch, and Kayla trying to bring up their 50-50 math was good stuff. The Raw Women’s Championship story will definitely bring back that dysfunction from when Nia and Shayna first started teaming together, and though it surely won’t cost them the titles on NXT, it could be what costs them against Naomi and Lana. Elias and Ryker had a good segment, though only so much was really said. McIntyre had a good segment, and it does seem he’s moving on from Sheamus to go right at Lashley, but I’m thinking someone steps up to get the title shot instead.

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