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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (7/15/22)

Fyter Fest is on a Rampage!



AEW Fyter Fest 2022

The ROH World Championship is on a Rampage!

AEW Fyter Fest 2022 isn’t done, it’s only getting started! But will Jonathan Gresham’s ROH World Championship reign be done against Lee Moriarty?


  • Alex Reynolds & John Silver VS Malakai Black & Brody King w/ Julia Hart; Malakai & Brody win.
  • ROH World Championship: Jonathan Gresham w/ Tully Blanchard Enterprises VS Lee Moriarty w/ Matt Sydal; Gresham wins and retains the title.
  • Athena & Kris Statlander VS Charlette & Robyn Renegade; Athena & Statlander win.
  • Private Party w/ Andrade & Jose VS The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes; The Lucha Brothers win.


Alex Reynolds & John Silver VS Malakai Black & Brody King w/ Julia Hart!

The Dark Order’s Number 3 and 4 called out the House of Black, even though Hangman Page wasn’t so sure about it. But will all that fire inside Silver & Reynolds burn down the House? Or will they just #FadeToBlack at Fyter Fest?

The teams sort out and Malakai starts with Reynolds. They circle, tie up, and Malakai headlocks. Reynolds pries at the hold but Malakai switches to a waistlock to drag Reynolds down. Malakai then shifts to a facelock but Reynolds slips out to wrench to a wristlock. Malakai endures, Reynolds wrenches again, but Malakai spins and breaks to trip Reynolds. Malakai then waistlocks but Reynolds fights up. Reynolds switches but Malakai arm-drags free. Reynolds arm-drags back to get Malakai for a ghost pin, TWO! Both men stand up, Malakai arm-drags again! Malakai has the armlock but fans rally as Reynolds fights up.

Malakai wrenches, Reynolds arm-drags free, but Malakai gets around to a waistlock. Reynolds elbows free but Malakai shoves him to kitchen sink knee! Cover, ONE!! Malakai clamps onto a chinlock and he thrashes Reynolds around. Reynolds fights up, backs him to a corner, Brody tags in. Reynolds snapmares free but Malakai BOOTS and Brody runs Reynolds over! Brody drags Reynolds up, puts him in a corner and swings a chop, but Reynolds dodges! Reynolds wags his finger, and Silver wants in. Reynolds tags in and The Meat Man gets face to, well, chest with Big Bad Brody! Silver flexes but Brody shoves him.

Silver comes back and they tie up, but Brody shoves Silver away again. Silver gets up and fans rally up, Johnny Hungy for some more! They tie up, Silver headlocks, but Brody stands up and powers out! They RAM shoulders but Brody laughs it off. Silver runs, RAMS Brody, and again, and again! Brody finally falls over and fans fire up, only for Brody to get up and run Silver over! Fans boo but Brody SENTONS, only to miss! Silver runs and PENALTY KICKS! Cover, ONE!! Silver hurries to tag Reynolds and they DOUBLE PENALTY KICK! Malakai runs in, but into a double hip toss cradle, to a FACEBUSTER!

Brody runs back in but Silver & Reynolds dodge to fire off the kicks, kicks and SUPERKICK DROPKICK COMBO! The House of Black are on the outside, Reynolds DIVES, but gets caught! APRON CHOKE SLAM from Brody! Brody shoves Reynolds in, drops the SENTON, and covers! TWO, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Brody clamps onto Reynolds and drags him up to CHOP him down. Brody stalks Reynolds to a corner, tags Malakai in, and they stomp away on Reynolds. Malakai whips Reynolds to CLOBBER him down! Cover, TWO! Malakai drags Reynolds up but Reynolds throws forearms! Malakai KNEES him low, KICKS him in the corner, ten whips him hard into the corner. Tag to Brody, the House of Black double whip and double elbow Reynolds down! Brody drags Reynolds up to ROCK him to the corner, then he CHOPS Reynolds before tagging Malakai. Malakai drags Reynolds up to wrench and snapmare to then hit a NECK SNAP!

Rampage returns to single picture as Malakai holds onto the armlock. Reynolds fights up, fights back, reaches out, but Malakai sweeps his legs! Malakai then grabs a leg, but Reynolds kicks him away. Reynolds ducks a Penalty Kick to roll Malakai, TWO! Malakai blocks a kick, but Reynolds ducks a knee! Hot tag to Silver! Silver dodges Malakai to ROCK Brody, then he dodges Malakai so that the BOOT hits Brody, too! Silver reels Malakai in but Malakai switches. Silver elbows free, runs and CLOBBERS Malakai with an uppercut! Malakai goes to a corner, Silver runs corner to corner as fans fire up, and he ROCKS Malakai with a forearm! OLYMPIC SLAM! Cover, TWO!

Silver is a little frustrated but he hurries to tag Reynolds. The Dark Order gets Malakai up, double torture rack, but Malakai lands out of the Double Burning Hammer! Silver runs in at Malakai but Malakai tosses him out! Malakai BOOT Reynolds, Brody tags in, and Brody whips Malakai in at Reynolds. Reynolds dodges Malakai to whip him back at Brody, but Malakai slides under. Reynolds BOOTS Brody, ducks a lariat but Malakai BOOTS then Brody LARIATS Reynolds! Cover, TWO!! Reynolds survives but Malakai goes out to ASAI MOONSAULT, only for Silver to dodge! Silver RAMS Malakai into railing!

Brody hauls Reynolds up, Canadian Rack, but Silver saves Reynolds! Silver dodges Brody in the corner to GAMANGIRI! Then feed to the ROLLING ELBOW! The Beaver Boy Blitz is going but Brody BOOTS Reynolds away! Brody elbows Silver, but Reynolds BOOTS! ENZIGURI! SUPERKICK, GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, MALAKAI BREAKS IT WITH A FLYING STOMP!! “This is Awesome!” but not done yet! Silver gets Malakai up, but Malakai slips out of the slam to BLACK MASS!! Silver is down, Malakai drags Reynolds up! Suplex and toss to the PILEDRIVER!! Cover off Dante’s Inferno, the House of Black wins!

Winners: Malakai Black & Brody King, by pinfall

“The Kings of the Black Throne” just defeated the #4 ranked tag team in AEW, and they could easily be moving up towards those AEW World Tag Team Championships. But wait! DARBY ALLIN LEAPS OFF THE TUNNEL! He takes out Brody King and fires off fists! This is payback for that meet ‘n’ greet ambush! But Brody TOSSES Darby down the ramp, but wait! IT’S STIIIIING! The Icon is here to stare down Malakai and Brody, and Darby attacks Brody again! The Dark Father stares down Darby’s father figure and the fans are losing their minds! Brody and Darby brawl away into the night but Malakai and Sting back down, only to step right up to each other!

Fans fire up, but Sting and Malakai stand down again. It is only a matter of time, when and where will we see the #RelentlessIcons take on the House of Black?


Miro speaks.

“My God… Did you make a deal with the devil to stop me? Because ever since that mist, I can feel these claws in my back bringing me down. Something is closing in around me, and I feel time is running out. Should I let the Pagans take me? Or should I rip off their heads and tear out their spines?! That’s what I don’t know anymore. All I know is, the darker it gets, the clearer I see you. So I ask you again, did you send the House of Black to destroy the Redeemer? Or to recruit me?” What is the answer to Miro’s question? And how will Miro respond?


ROH World Championship: Jonathan Gresham w/ Tully Blanchard Enterprises VS Lee Moriarty w/ Matt Sydal!

The Foundation fooled us all when he shook Tully Blanchard’s hand. That handshake wasn’t about setting up a tag match, it was about setting up Moriarty! But Gresham must still honor his word and defend this title, will the Octopus drag Moriarty to the bottom of the sea? Or will he be eaten alive by #TYGASTYLE?

Bobby Cruise makes the introductions, the belt is raised, and we will see if The Foundation is still standing after Fyter Fest!

The Code of Honor is still upheld, but then Moriarty trips Gresham right at the bell! Moriarty rains down forearms, Gresham gets away and Moriarty wants him to get in the ring! Tully has Gresham cool off first, and coaches him up. Gresham gets in the ring, he dodges Moriarty and kicks low. Gresham whips, Moriarty rolls off Gresham’s back, then SOBATS! And KNEES! Gresham goes down and bails out and Tully checks him again. Fans rally, Moriarty goes out and ROCKS Gresham with a forearm! And then another! And another, and another! Tully distracts Moriarty long enough for Gresham to kick back.

Gresham whips, but Moriarty reverses to send Gresham into railing! Moriarty adds an other forearm smash, then he fish bumps fans before stalking after Gresham. Moriarty CLUBS Gresham, puts him in the ring at 6 of 10, and Gresham wants mercy. The fans rally, Moriarty wants after Gresham, but Gresham uses the ref as a shield, before getting a cheap shot in! Gresham wrenches an arm, Moriarty ROCKS him with a forearm! Gresham CHOPS back, gest the arm and wrenches, but Moriarty ROCKS him again. Gresham CHOPS again, grabs the arm and wrenches, but Moriarty endures to ROCK Gresham again!

Gresham checks his chin, eggs Moriarty on and undoes his wrist tape. The ref has to pick up the scraps, and Gresham grins as he feints the high chop to nut chop! Gresham is a greasy octopus and then he PENALTY KICKS Moriarty’s arm! Gresham arm-drags Moriarty and then gets a leg. Moriarty gets a ropebreak and Gresham lets off. Gresham watches Moriarty get up slowly but Moriarty shoves him away. Moriarty protects that bad arm but Tully coaches Gresham again. Gresham and Moriarty circle, fans rally up, and they knuckle lock. Gresham drops, spins, and trips Moriarty to then float to a headlock.

Gresham throws Moriarty with a takeover, then throws him again. Moriarty endures and headscissors, but Gresham kips free as Rampage goes picture in picture.

The two stand off but Gresham waits on Moriarty. They circle, feel out another knuckle lock, and then Gresham shoots in after the bad arm. Gresham wrenches but Moriarty DECKS him! Gresham holds onto the bad arm, gets up and CLUBS it on the elbow! And CLUBS it again! Gresham drags Moriarty around, wrenches the bad arm again, and focuses on the wristlock and elbow. Morirrty endures, CLUBS Gresham’s arms, then has knuckle locks. Gresham kicks low but Moriarty ROCKS him again. Gresham storms up into a BOOT! Moriarty goes up the corner but Gresham SHOVES him down to the floor!

The ref starts a ring count while Sydal makes sure Tully stays away. Tully claims he’s keeping Sydal away, but the count is 5 of 10 already! Sydal coaches Moriarty but Gresham goes out and shoves Sydal down! Sydal can’t do anything because it’d disqualify Moriarty and Gresham knows it! Moriarty gets up and turns Gresham around to ROCK him again! And again! And then put him in the ring, firing up before he gest in. Gresham KICKS the bad arm, then arm-drags Moriarty down! Gresham nods and he gets the bad arm again. Moriarty uses a leg to fight back as Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Gresham has both Moriarty’s arms trapped and is pulling on a leg! Moriarty endures but Gresham shifts this modified Boston Crab into a cradle, TWO!! Moriarty escapes, counters an arm-drag with an arm-drag, but Gresham headscissors back. Moriarty kips free, ducks ‘n’ dodges and BOOTS Gresham right in the face! Gresham clutches his nose and mouth while fans rally up. Gresham grabs the bad arm but Moriarty breaks free to SLAP and ROCK and KNEE, and ELBOW BREAKER! Moriarty whips Gresham to a corner, runs in and forearm smashes! Then a reel in, SAIDO SUPLEX!

Moriarty kips up and fans fire up! Moriarty clinches for more knees to Gresham, then HALF HATCH- NO, the bad arm holds Moriarty back, Gresham goes after the arm with an elbow! Gresham runs, Moriarty drops to DROPKICK! Moriarty hurries to get Gresham up, HALF HATCH! Bridging cover, TWO!! Gresham escapes and fans are thunderous! Moriarty grits his teeth, shakes the bad arm, and a standing count begins. Both men are still down at 5 of 10 but are rising up. Moriarty grabs at Gresham but Gresham TWEAKS the bad arm! Gresham waistlocks, Moriarty switches, Gresham switches, repeat!

Gresham trips Moriarty to drop knees on the arm! Then an omoplata to turn Moriarty over into another cradle, TWO!! Gresham wrenches but Moriarty shoots to schoolboy and bridge! TWO!!! Gresham ducks a kick and he RANAS, but Moriarty sunset flips through! Gresham pops through and jackknifes but Moriarty slips it back to a sunset! TWO!!! Gresham escapes again, blocks a boot, and stomps Moriarty’s foot! IRON OCTOPUS!! Moriarty drops as Gresham has him tied up, Moriarty taps! Gresham wins!

Winner: Jonathan Gresham, by submission (still ROH World Champion)

#TYGASTYLE could not survive and The Octopus keeps his tentacles on the title! Tony Schiavone joins Gresham and Tully in the ring to congratulate the champion. Gresham goes into ROH Death Before Dishonor as world champion, building upon his eight month reign. Gresham says yes, and did you see that win? That was tremendous. Schiavone is a true fan, the others don’t know what they’re talking about. But you will see Gresham’s face on TNT and AEW programing every week from now on! Why? Because he will outclass and outwrestle all of our favorites. Why? Because he’s the BEST wrestler, hold for hold, in the world!

Tully adds that Gresham did a fabulous job tonight! What we saw was a textbook class of scientific wrestling. Gresham is the best today, and maybe forever! Wait, who is this? The Blackpool Combat Club’s CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI! The Swiss Cyborg is in AEW, he was a staple in ROH, will he finally get himself that ROH World Championship?


Christopher Daniels speaks.

“As someone who has wrestled Samoa Joe countless times in his career, I have to applaud you, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Satnam Singh. Because the best time to talk tough about how you’re going to beat up Samoa Joe is when he’s not in the building, not even in the same state. But I can also tell you, as one of his best friends for over 20 years, when he finally gets his hands on you, Jay, he’s going to teach you one more lesson. And that’s gonna be how to get choked out at Death Before Dishonor! But if you keep putting his name in your mouth before then, maybe I’ll slap it out of your mouth!” The Fallen Angel is calling out Lethal, how will Lethal respond?


Athena & Kris Statlander VS Charlette & Robyn Renegade!

The Fallen Goddess and the Galaxy’s Greatest Alien called out The Baddies, and The Baddies promised they’ll be watching. Will Jade Cargill like what she sees? Or will Athena & Kris run though a couple Renegades to get at #ThatBitch?

Speaking of Baddies, Leila Grey sits with the Baddies (fans) of Savannah, Georgia. In fact, it seems Amber Nova and Ashley D’Amboise are Savannah Baddies, too. Anyway, in the ring, the Renegades talk trash to Kris & Athena, so Kris & Athena DOUBLE DROPKICK them down! Fans fire up, Kris grabs one and Athena the other to fire off haymakers in the corners! Kris & Athena coordinate, then whip the sisters into each other! Kris then sweeps the legs, causing one sister to hit a COMPLETE SHOT on the other! Then Kris SENTONS onto them both! Fans fire up and Kris drags Robyn(?) up into an Electric Chair while Athena climbs up! SUPER CODE BREAKER!!

Kris pushes Robyn(?) out, Athena has Charlette and now the match is official with the bell! Athena wrenches and BOOTS Charlette to then SAIDO! Athena fires up and so do the fans! Athena climbs, Charlette stands, for the O FACE!! Cover, Athena & Kris win!

Winners: Athena & Kris Statlander, by pinfall

But Leila Grey gets up on the apron to shout at Athena about how Jade and The Baddies won’t lose to her! But then Kris walks up right behind Leila. Kris TOSSES Leila in, Athena fires off forearms and so does Kris! Then they coordinate again, Electric Chair and Athena climbs. But here come THE Baddies, Jade and Kiera! They run down to the ring, Athena and Kris are ready! But Kiera kicks Kris’ leg out to BUZZSAW! Jade gets Athena in a pump handle to SLAM her down! The OG Baddies stand tall, making good on whatever trash Leila talked. Did Leila earn her keep? No, Jade and Kiera still get in her face about this. Will Leila ever earn the respect of #ThatBitch?


Backstage interview with Matt Sydal & Lee Moriarty.

Lexi Nair says that was a tough loss, but where do they go from here? Before Sydal or Moriarty can answer, Stokely Hathaway walks in. He asks Moriarty, “You’ve been in AEW for how long?” About a year. And he’s faced CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, that’s incredible. But shouldn’t he be doing more? Stokely does. This is a big opportunity coming his way. But let’s call a spade a spade. WHAT is Matt Sydal going to do for Moriarty? Well, first off, Stokely, Sydal is going to take this card, rip it up, and tell Stokely to sell it somewhere else. Moriarty doesn’t need Stokely because Sydal has the opportunity of a lifetime for him!

Stokely leaves and Sydal hopes Moriarty won’t entertain that offer for even a second. Because Sydal does have the opportunity of a lifetime. Next week on Rampage, no more facing guys who cheat! Moriarty faces a guy with heart and the true sprit of pro-wrestling: Moriarty VS #Inhuman Dante Martin! Dante walks in and says, “It’s peace, love and pro-wrestling.” Sydal and Moriarty shake hands on it, will the students of Sydal show everyone what pure pro-wrestling is all about?


Tony Schiavone is in the ring with Gunn Club.

Schiavone asks Billy, Austin & Colten that as fans have been wondering, what is going on between them and The Acclaimed? Fans taunt the Gunn Club with “ASS~ BOYS~!” Billy says he gets it, everyone is upset. Billy is upset, because everybody loves The Acclaimed. Billy loves them, too! He treated them like they were his own sons. Or rather, even better than his own sons. “But there just comes a time when Daddy Ass has the drop the hammer.” But wait! The Acclaimed are HERE! But they don’t have mics, either! No time for talking or rapping, Max Caster & Anthony Bowens storm right down to the ring!

Billy wants them to hold on, he already talked this out with Austin & Colten. He knows how they can all settle this and it’s very simple. Everyone here wants to see this one last time, and then both teams can go their separate ways. “Scissor me, Daddy Ass!” Fans chant, “Scissor Him!” but Bowens SUPERKICKS instead! Billy is down so the boys go at it! Austin and Bowens, Caster and Colten! Colten and Austin take big swings but miss, and now Caster and Bowens fire off big hands! They clothesline the Ass Boys out of the ring! Caster gets a mic to say “Yo! Yo! YO! YO! Listen…! Billy Gunn, you ain’t nothin’ but a ass****. Why you so big but you hung like a tadpole?

“Yo, and Ass Boys? More like Dumb and Dumber! Come back and fight us, you broke mother f-” Bowens stops Caster there before we go TV MA. “SAVANNAAAAAAAH~! If you wanna se The Acclaimed beat down the Gunn Club in a match right now, lemme hear you say ASS~ BOYS~!” “ASS~ BOYS~!” Austin says if they want the match right now, then NO! The Gunns leave, but when and where will they have to stick by their guns and take on The Acclaimed?


Mark Henry interviews tonight’s main eventers!

The World Strongest Man says that Andrade El Idolo chose Private Party to represent himself against the Lucha Brothers, but why? Andrade is a busy, busy man. This was Jose’s idea, but Andrade believes that Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen paid- Wait, are they getting paid for this or not? Hey, don’t interrupt Andrade. But they tried calling him and texting, WhatsApp, Facebook, MySpace, they even reached out to his pops. They saw the wedding photos, congratulations, but if they can’t rely on Andrade, they can rely on their world class talent. So tonight, spread the love. Private Party then mocks Cero Miedo but Penta and Fenix speak up.

Alex Abrahantes translates for English speakers: “Andrade, how quickly you forget about the culture of lucha libre. And you should know that removing the mask off of a luchador doesn’t make you better than us.” “And you’re a piece of trash!” Well, then there’s been enough talk. It’s time for the main event! Will Private Party earn their pay as they fight on behalf of La Faccion Ingobernable? Or will the be used as examples to Andrade and Rush?

Private Party w/ Andrade & Jose VS The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes!

To add insult to injury, Jose brings the stolen masks of Penta Oscuro and Rey Fenix with him as he and Andrade accompany Quen & Kassidy. The teams sort out, Kassidy starts with Penta, and fans rally up as the two approach. Penta wants Kassidy to listen. “CERO! MIEDO!” He shoves Kassidy down with it, but Kassidy gets up to tell Penta to listen. Kassidy reaches into his pants, and he mocks the Cero Miedo before he RAMS Penta into the corner! Quen helps Kassidy mug Penta, but they let off as the ref counts. The ref reprimands Kassidy but he misses Andrade’s cheap shot! Kassidy tags Quen, and Private Party double whip Penta.

Penta crisscrosses Private Party but Quen helps Kassidy SOBAT Penta! Kassidy then helps Quen go up to RANA Penta, but Penta handsprings through! Penta wags his finger, ducks their double clothesline, tag to Fenix! Fenix springboards but Private Party gets under! Penta SUPERKICKS Quen, Fenix SUPERKICKS Kassidy! The Lucha Brothers then mule kick the legs out, and “UNO! DOS! TRES!” DOUBLE SUPERKICKS collide as Private Party moves! Private Party then DOUBLE DROPKICK, Quen sending Penta out while Kassidy knocks Fenix down. The Lucha Bros regroup outside, Private Party builds speed, TOPE CONJILO SUICIDA IN STEREO!

Fans fire up and Kassidy says he’s ready to fight! Quen drags Fenix up and into the ring, climbs up a corner, and 450s, but he bails out as Fenix moves! Fenix somersaults to CUTTER! Cover, TWO! Fenix drags Quen over, tags in Penta, Quen fights back with haymakers, but Fenix blocks one and Penta SUPERKICKS! Fenix ROUNDHOUSEs, Penta mule kicks, “UNO! DOS! TRES!” DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Kassidy distracts the Lucha Bros to give Quen time to recover, and Quen whips Fenix out of the ring! Quen rushes Penta, Penta throws him out but Kassidy is there for SILLY STRING! Kassidy runs to triangle jump STUNNER Fenix down!

The ref reprimands and fans boo but Private Party soak up the heat. Quen stands on Penta at the ropes but lets off as the ref reprimands again. But again, the ref misses Andrade getting involved as he CHOKES Penta! Rampage goes picture in picture as El Idolo gets away with it.

Quen stomps and kicks Penta, drags him up and brings him over. Tag to Kassidy, he climbs up and Quen sets Penta up for DOUBLE STOMPS! Kassidy swaggers around, then kicks and stomps Penta more! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Kassidy is upset but he CLUBS Penta down. Kassidy stomps Penta more, drags him up, and TOSSES him out! Kassidy distracts the ref and Andrade RAMS Penta into railing! Kassidy goes out to fetch Penta and whip him into more railing! Kassidy mocks Cero Miedo again and lets Penta stay outside while he gets in the ring. The ref starts the ring count while Kassidy taunts Fenix.

Andrade sits near Penta but claims he won’t do anything. Penta crawls away, Quen taunts him, but Penta gets in the ring. Kassidy stomps away on Penta, drags him up and over, and bumps him off buckles. Kassidy RAMS into Penta again and again, then tags Quen. Fans rally but Quen runs in to ENZIGURI Penta down! Cover, TWO! Quen clamps onto Penta with a chinlock and body scissor. Penta endures, fans rally up, but Quen sits Penta up so he can pull at the mask! The ref reprimands, Quen drags Penta up and throws body shots against the ropes. The ref counts, Quen lets off, but Penta kicks back from below.

Quen stomps Penta, swivels his hips at him, then stands on Penta’s leg. Tag to Kassidy, he slingshot sentons! Kassidy flexes but Penta gets him for a facelock! Kassidy power sup to put Penta in the corner and fires off body shots! Tag to Quen as Rampage returns to single picture. Quen digs his boots in but fans still rally for Penta. The ref counts, Quen lets off Penta, and Kassidy gets in to bring Penta up. Feed to Quen but Penta SLINGBLADES first! Kassidy runs at Penta but into a tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER! Hot tag to Fenix! The Firebird runs in and DOUBLE KNEES Quen! Kassidy waistlocks but Fenix elbows free!

Fenix goes up the ropes to FLYING ARM-DRAG and DOUBLE STOMP Kassidy! Fenix drags Quen in to get him up, GORY ESPECIAL! But he’s not done there, Fenix walks over to Kassidy, GORY BOMB LEG DROP COMBO! Fans fire up and Fenix CLUBS Kassidy down. Fenix brings Kassidy up, puts him in a corner, and he CHOPS! And CHOPS! Fenix then hoists Kassidy up top, climbs up after him, but Kassidy fights. Kassidy shoves Fenix down but Fenix PELES and CHOPS! Fenix is up top again, but Quen hurries to Electric Chair! Kassidy adjusts, CROSSBODY DOOMSDAY! Cover, TWO!! Kassidy tries again, TWO!!

Kassidy is furious but Andrade and Jose tell him to stay on Fenix. Kassidy brings Fenix up, bumps him off Quen’s boot, then tag to Quen. Private Party coordinate, atomic drop and ENZIGURI, then a cover. But his feet are on the ropes! The ref won’t count, Quen argues but chokes Fenix with his shin at the same time! Quen lets off, drags Fenix up and he wants the mask! The ref reprimands, Kassidy tags in and Private Party mugs Fenix. Kassidy digs his boots in, the ref counts, but Kassidy drags Fenix up. Fenix JAWBREAKERS free! Hot tags to Quen and Penta! Penta goes up but he slips! The crossbody fails but Penta still tries to fight Private Party.

Kassidy whips Penta but Penta reverses to put Kassidy in a corner, GAMANGIRI! SUPERKICK for Quen, then a fireman’s carry! CORNER DEATH VALLEY sends Quen into Kassidy! Penta drags Quen back up, MADE IN JAPAN! Cover, TWO!! Quen survives but fans rally up. Penta drags Quen over, calls for it, but Jose taunts Penta with the stolen mask! Alex trips Jose off the apron! Alex headlocks Jose, Andrade gets on the apron but Penta SUPERKICKS him down! Fans are thunderous but here comes RUSH! Rush slides into the ring to FOREARM Penta from behind!! Rush whips Penta, but Penta uses that to give Quen a DESTROYER!!

Rush can’t believe his help backfired! Fenix tags in, he drags Quen up, BLACK FIRE DRIVER!!! Cover, Lucha Brothers win!!

Winners: The Lucha Brothers, by pinfall

Not even El Toro Blanco could tip the scales! Fenix and Penta win and get their stolen masks back in the process! But will they get real revenge on LFI soon enough?

My Thoughts:

An awesome Rampage here to keep Fyter Fest 2022 moving! Silver & Reynolds VS House of Black was great stuff, Silver & Reynolds still looked great in defeat, but of course Malakai & Brody were winning. And then what a great surprise for Darby to fly off the tunnel! I didn’t even know he was up there! Sting comes out, too, and I actually like that he and Malakai had a stare down rather than a fight. Brody VS Darby 1v1 is coming, but I would think we’ll get Brody & Malakai VS Sting & Darby as a tag match for All Out. I’m also intrigued by Miro’s promo. They might be backing away from Malakai VS Miro so that the House of Black can have someone new while Buddy Matthews is out. Which is a shame, I was really hoping to see Malakai VS Miro on the road to the All Atlantic title.

Great promo from Christopher Daniels calling out Jay Lethal, and I wonder if this is just in case Samoa Joe can’t compete at Death Before Dishonor. Lethal VS Daniels will be an awesome match if it happens but I hope Joe can compete. We also got a great ROH World Championship match tonight, and I like that there was actually story to Gresham getting rocked by Moriarty’s strikes. Gresham was also ROH Pure Champion for a long time, so his strike game weakened, both offense and defense. Of course there was cheating with Gresham being Heel, but the feint to a nut chop was clever. Gresham retains and talks himself up, but now he’s up against Claudio at Death Before Dishonor!

I also like that there was another story established for Moriarty already. Stokely is wanting to branch out so that he can manage stars in both the AEW Women’s and AEW Men’s Divisions, and Moriarty is definitely a top prospect. Sydal trying to steer Moriarty away from Stokely by putting him up against Dante Martin is an interesting move, but also what an awesome match between two guys who are definitely the future of AEW and wrestling in general. I still feel like if Moriarty is leaving Sydal for any faction, it should be the Blackpool Combat Club because of his blend of technical and striking that isn’t too far off from Bryan Danielson or Claudio.

Great tag match from Athena & Kris VS Renegade Sisters, in that it was a really fun squash. But then the booking got stupid where Athena & Kris weren’t allowed to stand tall in a brawl with The Baddies. In fact, that wasn’t a brawl, Jade and Kiera turned the squash right back around on Athena & Kris. I can get Jade and Kiera being mad at Leila for essentially compelling them to come out and save her and The Baddies’ reputation, but the execution was poor. The Gunn Club and Acclaimed had a better segment, with Billy trying to weasel out of the fight that was coming, and then The Acclaimed standing tall and Caster getting in his rap. Gunn Club VS Acclaimed should be seen as big enough for the All Out Buy-In, or at least the go-home episodes.

And we got great stuff out of the main event. Good promo with Mark Henry and the main eventers, but those are always pretty good. The match was great, though I sensed maybe they were all getting worn out by the end, what with Penta’s tumble off the top. An interesting choice that Rush’s sneak attack didn’t screw the Lucha Bros over. And also, hard to believe the ref didn’t notice a damn thing when Rush almost clobbered Penta into him. But in the end, Lucha Brothers win, and we’re definitely getting Lucha Bros VS Rush & Andrade. We might even get that for All Out or its go-home week because this is that awesome of a match.

My Score: 8.7/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (1/25/23)

Will Bryan Danielson’s streak continue?



AEW Coverage Lasers

Bryan Danielson VS Brian Cage! American Dragon VS Machine!

Bryan Danielson is still fighting to become #1 contender, but in his way is Brian Cage! Will Brian stop Bryan from reaching MJF and the One Hour Ironman AEW World Championship match?


  • Ricky Starks & Action Andretti VS Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara w/ Daniel Garcia; Jericho & Guevara win.
  • AEW TNT Championship: Darby Allin w/ Sting VS Buddy Matthews w/ Julia Hart; Darby wins and retains the title.
  • #JungleHook VS Ethan Page & Matt Hardy w/ Stokely Hathaway; #JungleHook wins.
  • Bryan Danielson VS Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana; Danielson wins.
  • Toni Storm VS Ruby Soho; Soho wins.
  • Mark Briscoe VS Jay Lethal; Mark wins.


Ricky Starks & Action Andretti VS Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara w/ Daniel Garcia!

The Absolute and his new friend are looking to settle things with the Jericho Appreciation Society, and after Action beat Daniel Garcia on Rampage, he and Starks are getting #LeSexGods! Will Starks & Andretti continue to get one over on the “JAS Holes?” Or will this be where Jericho gets even?

The bell rings and Action starts against Sammy. Fans rally as Action and Guevara circle. They tie up, Action headlocks but Sammy back suplexes. Action lands on his feet to waistlock but Sammy switches. Action breaks free, slips under and shoves Sammy but Sammy hurdles over. Sammy shoves Action, Action ducks and handsprings but Sammy slides under! Sammy sweeps to a cover, ONE! Sammy jumps the sweep to Oklahoma Roll, ONE! Action trips Sammy but STANDING MOONSAULTS, but Sammy dodges! Action lands on his feet and the two stare down as mirror images! Fans fire up as the two slowly reset.

Sammy offers a handshake, and Action thinks about it, only for Sammy to SUPERKICK him down! Sammy rains down fists while fans boo, but Sammy puts Action in a corner. Sammy CHOPS as fans chant, “SAMMY SUCKS!” Sammy whips Action corner to corner, Action goes up and over and keeps moving, to duck ‘n’ dodge and tilt-o-whirl headscissor! Sammy flounders, Action runs in but Sammy bails out. Action springboards to superhero land, then he mocks Sammy’s spin and pose! Sammy throws a small fit, then he gets on the apron, into Action’s TRIANGLE DROPKICK! A very Jericho move!

Fans fire up as Action builds speed but Sammy slides back in. Sammy hurdles, backflips then DROPKICKS Action! Sammy spins and kips up but fans boo. Action bails out and Sammy builds speed now, but then he stops when the fans chant “YOU STILL SUCK!” Sammy slides out to CHOP Action! Sammy puts Action in but Action builds speed! Action DIVES but Garcia takes the hit for Sammy! Sammy then gets in and builds speed to FLY! Direct hit on Action and Sammy blows kisses to Tay Melo who is in the back. Sammy drags Action back up, puts him back in, and fans chant, “We Want Ricky!” Sammy puts Action up top instead.

Sammy climbs up after Action, and SUPER STEINERS! But Action lands on his feet! Fans are fired up, and Sammy runs into a SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO! Hot tags to Starks and Jericho! Fans are thunderous as Starks is right in Jericho’s face! Jericho CHOPS but Starks CHOPS back! They CHOP and CHOP and CHOP back and forth! Starks fires off fast hands, then whips, but Jericho reverses, only for Starks to LARIAT! Jericho goes to a corner, Starks runs in, but Jericho BOOTS him away! Jericho hops up, leaps, but Starks turns Code Breaker into CATAPULT! Jericho hits buckles, Starks BLASTS Sammy then ROCKS Jericho!

Starks knuckle locks, CHOPS and goes up top! Starks gives a little bit of the Old School as fans fire up! But Sammy climbs up after him! SUPER CUTTER!! Fans are thunderous again and Jericho crawls to a cover, TWO!! Starks survives but Jericho gloats like he’s already won. Jericho drags Starks back up, brings him around and hits a BIG back suplex! Jericho drags Starks to the cocky cover, ONE! Jericho flips off the fans and the fans boo back. Jericho drags Starks up, bumps him off buckles and tags in Sammy. Jericho scoop SLAMS Starks, and Sammy drags Starks back up. Sammy scoops to SLAM Starks. Cocky cover, ONE!

Tag to Jericho, he scoops Starks to SLAM him again! Jericho and Sammy soak up the heat, then Sammy tags in again. Le Sex Gods double whip and double shoulder Starks down. Sammy spins, and they pose together! Fans boo but Garcia says that’s beautiful. Sammy grins as he goes up the corner. Jericho rallies the fans but they cheer for Starks. Sammy is up top, he flies, into BOOTS! Fans fire up as both men are down! Starks crawls, Sammy grabs his foot, but Starks still hot tags Action! Action CLOBBERS Sammy, LARIATS him, then CLOBBERS Jericho! Action spins Sammy around for a BACKBREAKER to NECKBREAKER!

Jericho runs in, he gets the BACKBREAKER and NECKBREAKER! Action kips up and fans fire up again! Action builds speed to DIVE onto Jericho! And then he gets in to DIVE onto Sammy! Action is all fired up and the fans are with him! Action puts Sammy in the ring, Jericho argues with the ref, and that allows Starks to TORNADO DDT Sammy! Action slingshots, goes up and up and MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! Sammy survives but Action drags him back up. Action CHOPS, whips, but Sammy reverses. Action ducks ‘n’ dodges, but DOUBLE CROSSBODIES collide! Fans rally up while both men are down!

Sammy and Action crawl, hot tags to Jericho and Starks again! Starks swings, misses, and Jericho DECKS Action! Jericho dodges Starks again, and again, but Starks SPEARS him!! Cover, Sammy runs in, but Starks gets away! The basement dropkick hits Jericho! Starks tosses Sammy, but Jericho rolls Starks! WITH TIGHTS! TWO!! Jericho runs in, but Starks catches the Code Breaker for a SIT-OUT POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives and fans are thunderous! Starks tags Action, and helps him with the slingshot senton! Action runs, springboards, FLYING CHUCK! Jericho is down in a drop zone!

Action goes up and SPLIT-LEG MOONSAULTS onto knees! Jericho tags Sammy in, and Sammy spins Action around. Action dodges but the JUMP KNEE hits! Sammy torture racks, GO TO- NO, Action lands on his feet! Action spins but Sammy ducks the kick! But the ENZIGURI comes back around! Action hurries to build speed but Jericho grabs Action’s hair! Action fights back but Jericho SLAPS him! But then Starks trips Jericho off the apron! Starks POSTS Jericho! But Sammy reels Action in to back suplex! Action lands on his feet, and gets up for a POISON-RANA! And then Action torture racks! NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!!

Fans are thunderous as Sammy survives! Action grows frustrated, but then Starks hits ROSHAMBEAUX to the floor! Jericho is down, Action runs in, but into a BOOT! Sammy goes up to the top, SUPER- Torture rack catch!! Action has Sammy again, but Sammy grabs ropes! Action throws Sammy away but Sammy distracts the ref, Garcia CLOBBERS Action with Floyd the Baseball Bat! Sammy torture racks, for GO TO HOSPITAL! Cover, Le Sex Gods win!!

Winners: Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara, by pinfall

The JAS win thanks to Garcia! Sports entertainment wins the battle, but will Starks and Action find a way to win the war?


AEW honors and remembers Jay Briscoe.

Jay Briscoe himself once said, “Pro-wrestling’s in our soul. This is what we were created to do, man.” ROH is how he feeds his family, it is part of his life. And his family had his back. Jay & Mark are ROH legends, but even more than all the titles they held, Jay held family above all else. There isn’t a person in ROH or AEW who doesn’t respect, love and miss Jay Briscoe. #ThankYouJay.


AEW TNT Championship: Darby Allin w/ Sting VS Buddy Matthews w/ Julia Hart!

The Relentless One continues to be a fighting champion, and he wants to settle things with the House of Black. Darby beat Malakai, he beat Brody, but will he pull off the sweep in taking on the Aussie Juggernaut? Or will this title be the first gold for the House of Black?

AEW is picture in picture as Buddy finishes his entrance, but returns to single picture for Darby’s. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see just how relentless Darby truly is!

The fans rally up for Darby at the bell. Buddy takes off his mask to reveal he has skull face paint to copy Darby. They circle, but then Julia gets on the apron. Darby is distracted and Buddy V-TRIGGERS him out of the ring! Buddy goes out to RAM Darby into railing, and then RAM him into more railing! Buddy puts Darby back in the ring, storms up, and knees low! Buddy TOSSES Darby to a corner and Darby bounces off buckles. Darby flounders out of the ring but Buddy goes to the apron. Darby blocks the Penalty Kick! Darby trips Buddy and Buddy hits the apron hard! Darby gest back in the ring, builds speed, and he DIVES!

But Buddy catches Darby for a suplex to the apron! Then Buddy drags Darby up for an APRON BACK SUPLEX! And then Buddy drags Darby out to SWING him into the railing! And again! And then a RAILING- RANA! Darby sends Buddy into railing and fans fire up! The ring count climbs to 5 of 10 as Buddy flounders back into the ring. Darby drags Buddy back out, RAMS him into the railing, then gets back in the ring. Buddy grabs Darby’s leg but Darby kicks free with the other. But Buddy YANKS the apron skirt to trip Darby up! Darby clutches his leg, but he rolls to the far side. The ref keeps Buddy back but Sting is concerned.

Buddy goes to the corner, climbs up, and APRON METEORAS!! Buddy pushes Darby into the ring, covers, TWO!! Darby survives but Buddy puts him in the corner. Buddy wraps the bad leg around the ropes to pull, but Darby rakes eyes! The ref counts, both men let go, but Darby goes up so he can hit the THROWBACK STUNNER! Buddy flops out of the ring, and now Darby climbs the corner! Darby SUPER COFFIN DROPS!! Both men are down and fans are thunderous again! Darby forces himself back up, and he puts Buddy in the ring. But then the lights go out! And when they’re back, BRODY AND MALAKAI are here!

Sting has his baseball bat, he’s keeping them from approaching, but then ORTIZ runs out! Ortiz kendo stick SMACKS Brody on the back! Malakai BOOTS Ortiz down and rains down fists! Sting SMACKS Brody with the bat! And again! But Buddy has Darby for a RUNNING POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Darby survives and fans are thunderous! Ortiz and Malakai are brawling up the ramp, with Julia hurrying after, as AEW goes picture in picture!

Buddy stands back up and he looms over Darby. Buddy drags Darby up, but Darby resists the abdominal stretch. Buddy still pulls Darby’s arm back, but Darby pops free and climbs up around to a SLEEPER! Buddy endures, and he RAMS Darby into buckles! Darby holds on and he leans on the hold! Buddy fights back up, and he runs to CANNONBALL into the corner! Both men are down as Darby lets go of the hold! Buddy stomps Darby, CLUBS him, then drags him up again. Buddy trips Darby, ties up the legs, and Dynamite goes to break.

Dynamite returns and Darby has Buddy up top. Buddy resists the superplex and he SUNSET FLIPS, but Darby holds on! Buddy then tucks Darby in, only for Darby to kick at him! Buddy blocks that kick, Electric Chair Lifts, but Darby throws hands! Darby has Buddy dropping to his knees! But then Buddy fights up, only for Darby to POISON-RANA! Buddy flounders all the way out of the ring! Fans fire up, Darby goes out and he RAMS Buddy into railing! Darby SLAMS Buddy against the railing again and again, then lets off with a snarl. Darby drags Buddy up, puts him back in the ring, and Darby climbs up the corner.

Buddy stands, Darby leaps, CROSSBODY! But Buddy rolls through to a cover, TWO! Darby gets around, CRUCIFIX DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Buddy survives and fans fire up again! A standing count begins and fans say “This is Awesome!” Both men stir at 5 of 10, slowly rise at 6, drag themselves up the ropes, and stand before 8. Darby throws a hand but Buddy fires off a strike fest! Kick, stomp to the foot, and then the knee, but Darby avoids it to fire off his own strike fest! Darby hops on, but Buddy shrugs off Code Red! Backslide, TWO, but Buddy SOBATS! Buddy drags Darby up, BUCKLE BOMB! And then CURB STOMP! Cover, TWO!!!

Darby survives and fans are thunderous again! Buddy is frustrated, but he drags Darby back up. Buddy reels Darby in, pump handles, but Darby wheelbarrows to a victory roll! TWO!! Darby hops on, CODE RED! Cover, TWO!! Darby hurries to a corner while Buddy is down! Fans fire up as Darby climbs, but Buddy trips Darby up! Buddy turns Darby around, CHOPS him, then climbs up after him. Darby fights the superplex with body shots, but Buddy gives body shots back. Buddy suplexes again, but Darby shifts around to make it a SUPER SCORPION DEATH DROP!! Buddy’s under the ropes, Darby has to drag him away! Cover, TWO!!! Buddy survives and no one can believe it!

Darby climbs back up but Buddy goes to the apron. Darby SLAPS Buddy, SLAPS him again, and again! Then BOOTS him! Darby adjusts while Buddy is in the ropes! GUILLOTINE COFFIN DROP!!! Cover, Darby wins!!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall (still AEW TNT Champion)

And with that, Darby checks off the last member of the House of Black! Tony Schiavone is with the Relentless One in the ring, and he says it is quite the run Darby is on. He is on a great win streak, including the Trios win alongside The Great Muta in Muta’s last Pro-Wrestling NOAH match. And all the consecutive title defenses, from Mike Bennett to Juice Robinson to Kushida, and now Buddy Matthews. Four in a row, all stemming from Darby’s amazing in against Samoa Joe in Seattle. But speaking of Joe, he’s on the tron! “Darby~! Little dead boy, little dead boy, what ever have you done?

“It was said that in the kingdoms of old, crimes of theft were punished by having your hand cut off.” But Joe tells Darby that in the Kingdom of the Joe, the One True King of Television, he will take everything from Darby. Darby’s gold, what he STOLE from Joe, feels comfortable and right. But know this: Joe is coming to take back what’s his. The King will not be usurped by a man like Darby! And Darby will learn that winning that TNT title was the greatest mistake of his career. “The King has spoken.” The ROH World Television Champion wants what Darby has, but when and where will they face off again?


Adam Cole speaks.

“The past six months, my entire recovery process, it was very much one step forward and two steps back. But today, today is a giant step forward. No one has any idea how much I missed being here. Seeing the crew, hearing the roar of the fans, just being in this ring for the first time in a very, very long time, it feels good. And it’s showing me that all this hard work, all this determination, it is paying off. I know I’m not exactly where I’d like to be yet, but every single day, I am working towards getting back and becoming a brand new Adam Cole.

“Tonight, I’m going to be able to rest easy, knowing that I got the chance to step into this AEW ring. Tonight, I’m gonna sleep easy knowing that there’s a roster full of some of the best pro-wresters on the planet that I’m gonna have the chance to tangle with. I don’t know exactly when that day is yet, but I promise you, that day is coming soon.” Adam Cole looks to the AEW Revolution sign in the arena. Can Cole make March 5th undisputed?


Is that Jeff Hardy’s music?!

It is! But wait, Matt Hardy and Ethan Page walk out. Ethan has them cut the music. He and Stokely Hathaway are upset that they played the wrong music. But don’t boo, Ethan and Matt are gonna look great! Ethan even gave Hardy back the Twist of Fate! But we all agreed as a team, Ethan is the star of the show! Right, Isiah? Stokely adds, “Ain’t that right, Isiah?” Isiah Kassidy says, “Hell nah!” What did he say!? “I said… Hell. Nah!” Stokely unbuttons Kassidy’s jacket to reveal the Ethan Page shirt. Why’s he wearing that, then? Stokely tells Kassidy to put the chain on him. Oh, wait, he’ll put it in a way Kassidy can understand: “Put my chain on, dead ass.”

Ethan says while that’s happening, play the RIGHT music! Ethan’s theme plays, All Ego and Hardy head to the ring. Will The Firm DELETE Jack Perry & the FTW Champion? Or will they regret wanting them to #SendJungleHook?

#JungleHook VS Ethan Page & Matt Hardy w/ Stokely Hathaway!

The teams sort out and JB starts against Hardy. But then Ethan tags in and fans boo. Ethan turns around into a CHOP! And a CHOP! JB whips, Ethan reverses but JB ducks ‘n’ dodges to RANA! JB wrenches Ethan’s arm, but Ethan pulls hair to put JB in the corner. Hardy tags in but JB gets away. Hook steps in and the young studs stare down Ethan & Hardy. Hardy says, “DELETE! DELETE!” and fans chant along. Ethan pie faces Hook, but then runs away! #JungleHook DOUBLE ELBOW Hardy down! Hook then chases after Ethan while JB throws hands on Hardy! Ethan swings on Hook but Hook ducks under to clinch!

Ethan elbows free and SMACKS Hook off the apron! Ethan then reels Hook in, Canadian Racks, but Hook slips free and JB DIVES to take out Ethan! Fans fire up as Jungle Hook forearm bump. JB gets in, but Hardy clinches him! JB fights free with elbows, then whips Hardy to ropes. Hardy reverses but JB KICKS him! JB runs but Ethan trips him up! Fans boo but Hardy RAMS JB into the corner! Hardy puts JB up top, tags Ethan, and they work together, DOUBLE ICONOCLASM, to a DOUBLE STALLING SUPLEX! Ethan and Hardy high-five, then Ethan drags JB back up. Ethan bumps JB off buckles while AEW goes picture in picture.

JB falls over and Ethan looms over him. Ethan drags JB up, ROCKS him with a forearm, and JB ends up in the corner. Tag to Hardy and Ethan digs his boot in. Hardy drags JB up to bump him off buckles again and again and again and again! Hardy lets off to throw up the V1, then he drags JB up. Hardy DECKS JB, then has him in the corner again. Hardy has JB in the ropes, for a ROPE GUILLOTINE! Ethan gives a thumbs up while JB flounders around. Hardy drags JB to a cover, TWO! Hardy drags JB up, JB throws hands, but Hardy CLUBS him down! Hardy drags JB up, wrenches him and RAMS shoulders.

Hardy stands JB up again to RAM shoulders again. Hardy wrenches, YANKS JB’s arm, then keeps him from Hook. JB still reaches out, but Hardy drags JB away for an ELBOW BREAKER! And another, and another, and another! Hardy wrenches the arm, ARMBAR DDT! cover, TWO! Hardy stays between JB and Hook, then drags JB to the corner. Hardy bumps JB off buckles, tags in Ethan, and they mug JB. Ethan wrenches, RAMS shoulders, then clamps onto JB’s arm with a double wristlock. JB endures and Dynamite returns to single picture. Fans rally but Ethan wrenches JB again. Tag to Hardy and Hardy goes up, for the AX HANDLE to the arm!

Ethan wants to try that! Hardy drags JB over, tags Ethan in, and Ethan goes up. Ethan plays it up then jumps, but JB kicks Ethan down! JB rolls over Ethan’s back to whip Hardy out of the ring! JB then slips under Ethan to hot tag Hook! Ethan realizes he’s in danger, and he turns around into a LARIAT! Hook waistlocks, gut wrenches, EL CAMINO! Hardy gets up but Hook BLASTS him off the apron! Hook goes back to Ethan to waistlock but Ethan elbows free. Ethan swings, but into the T-BONE! Fans fire up, Hook tags JB in. Hook and JB double whip, but Ethan holds ropes. Hook runs in but is sent to the apron!

JB runs in but Ethan BOOTS him! Hook grabs Ethan at the ropes, but Hardy YANKS Hook down! Hardy RAMS Hook into apron, Ethan storms up on JB, but JB cradles Ethan! TWO!! Ethan clinches but JB JAWBREAKERS! Ethan staggers, Hardy tags in, and Hardy runs, but JB ducks ‘n’ dodges! Springboard, into the SIDE EFFECT! Hardy says, “DELETE! DELETE!” and JB stands up. TWIST- WAIT, Ethan wants the tag?! Fans boo, Hardy has this on his own! But Hardy does as he’s told and tags Ethan! Ethan grins as he drags JB back up. Ethan goes for the Twist, but gets tripped up! JB has the SNARE TRAP!!

Ethan endures, Stokely freaks out, and Hardy reaches out! Ethan crawls, but Hook trips Hardy in return! Ethan taps, JUNGLE HOOK WINS!

Winners: #JungleHook, by submission

All Ego just lost because of that ego! These cold-hearted, handsome devils are undefeated at 2-0, will they think of making this a regular thing?


Billy Gunn, The Acclaimed & The Gunn Sons are in family therapy.

The AEW therapist asks who would like to start, and Billy says he should, as he called for this. He will address the biggest issue: When did Austin & Colten “become so entitled, and just spoiled brats?” Austin says, “I’m sorry if I forget. When did you have anything to do with how we were raised? Our entire childhood, you were on the road 320 days out of the year.” Colten says that the “dream of having the tag titles with them (The Acclaimed) was supposed to be with us, and you (Billy) ditched us.” Billy’s sons always come second to him, so when are they going to be first? Never, it seems.

Anthony Bowens speaks up. “I think you two are the biggest pieces of sh*t I have ever met in my entire life. And I mean that.” But Austin & Colten do have the opportunity to mend that. They had all the time in the world to make up for that time they missed with their dad, and the second Billy showed The Acclaimed even a little bit of attention, they couldn’t control their jealousy and put hands on him. That’s where The Acclaimed stepped in. That’s why Billy adopted The Acclaimed. Max Caster agrees, and that is why he has no sympathy for Austin & Colten. “You think you can be The Acclaimed, you want to be the champions, but you can’t do what we do.”

Gunn Club, Billy, Austin & Colten all together, they would’ve been fine, but they wouldn’t have been what this is now. They wouldn’t have the top merchandise. That’s funny coming from Caster. Who helped Caster when Bowens was in a wheelchair? The Gunns. And yet in Caster’s raps, he had the nerve to call them “Ass Boys.” They were all supposed to be friends. And then when Bowens finally got out of the wheelchair, he hits Austin in the head with a crutch! And yet, Austin & Colten are the bad guys? That’s somehow their fault? Bowens says not to rewrite history, but they start arguing. Billy and the therapist calm this all down.

Billy gets both points, he really does. But Austin & Colten took the easy way out! What happened to them? Colten says their faults as sons are Billy’s failures as a father. Billy takes a breath. This has to get resolved, this is getting to be too much, and Billy can’t handle it. What is it the Gunns want? What would make them happy? The AEW World Tag Team Championships. Austin & Colten leave, and reconciliation seems impossible. Is fighting the only thing left that can end this?


Backstage interview with Hangman Page.

Renee Paquette again interviews The Cowboy, and says that after talking last week, something stuck with her. She asked Hangman what was next for him, and he gave a rather vague response. She wants to know if he’ll be more specific this week about what he wants to accomplish. Hangman says that sometimes, Renee asks questions “that we really don’t want to answer.” And without getting too into his personal life and keeping it to wrestling, the more Hangman looks forward, he can’t help but see back. Back to Ohio, where this all started with him and Jon Moxley. And Hangman sees now that he and Moxley are 1-1.

And Hangman knows now that next week, AEW will be in Dayton, Ohio. So the next thing Hangman would like to try and do would be the impossible: knockout Jon Moxley in Ohio. But then Wheeler Yuta walks in to tell Hangman that he has one thing right: it IS impossible for Hangman to knockout Moxley in Ohio. But while Moxley isn’t cleared to compete tonight, Moxley will be ready for next week, and he accepts the challenge. Well, good. But speaking of challenges, Hangman sure is running his mouth a lot about a guy who isn’t cleared, so how about he face YUTA on Rampage?

Hangman says sure, but he has a question for Yuta: “Why do you think what happened to Jon isn’t gonna happen to you, too?” Hangman tells the Decoder he’ll see him Friday, will the Cowboy make an example out of him before going for the tiebreaker with Moxley?


Bryan Danielson VS Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana!

The race to becoming #1 contender continues for the American Dragon! He just has to win all the way through February 8th in two weeks, but he’s running into The Machine! MJF gave Cage a fat stack of cash as reason to break Danielson, will he come through for the AEW World Champion?

The bell rings and fans rally behind Danielson. Bryan stares down with Brian, they circle, and then tie up. Cage shoves Bryan away and Bryan goes to a corner. Cage flexes and grins but Bryan comes back. They circle, feel things out, and knuckle lock. They go shoulder to shoulder in a test of strength, but of course Cage has the advantage there. Bryan fights back up, rolls, breaks one knuckle lock and drop toeholds. Cage stays up, so Bryan grabs the leg to KICK it! Cage hobbles to a corner, but he snarls as he resets with Bryan. They tie up, Cage powers Bryan to a corner, and he RAMS a shoulder in! And again, and again!

Cage CHOPS Bryan, CHOPS him again, then stalks Bryan to a corner. Bryan CHOPS, fires off body shots and KICKS, but the ref counts. Cage shoves Bryan away before 4! Cage then grabs a leg, drags Bryan around, but Bryan slips under the lariat to crucifix takedown! TWO, but Bryan holds on for HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Fans chant “YES!” with each shot, but Cage just powers up to a fireman’s carry! But Bryan slips free to get the arm! LEBELL LOCK! Cage endures, reaches out, crawls forward, and reaches with a foot for the ROPEBREAK! Bryan lets go and Cage bails out. Bryan runs to WRECK Cage with a dropkick!

Bryan keeps moving, he DIVES and sends Cage into railing! Bryan gets in the ring again, goes up the corner, and he SUPER CROSSBODIES! Direct hit and down goes Cage! Fans fire up with Bryan while Nana coaches Cage on. Bryan stands Cage up to KICK him against the apron, and KICK again! And again! Bryan puts Cage in, climbs the corner again, but Cage gets under the leap! Bryan comes back into a trophy lift! And a TOSS into the corner! Fans boo while Cage shouts, “Who betta than Cage?!” Cage goes corner to corner to UPPERCUT, GAMANGIRI, and GERMAN SUPLEX! Bryan flounders away, clutching an arm.

Bryan goes to the apron, Cage goes out and drags him up. Nana talks trash as Cage hits an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Fans boo, the ref checks Bryan, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Bryan writhes but he’s still in this. Cage drags Bryan around, stomps him, then drags him up. Cage THROWS Bryan into railing, and Bryan again clutches his arm. Bryan flops over while Cage soaks up the heat. Cage drags Bryan up, hammerlocks the arm, and RAMS him into railing! Bryan clutches his shoulder and Cage soaks up more heat. Cage drags Bryan up and puts him in the ring, then drags him to the apron. Cage holds out the bad arm to KICK it! Bryan clutches the bicep while Cage gets in the ring. Cage drags Bryan up to clinch and COMPLETE SHOT! Bryan writhes, Cage soaks up more heat, and Cage flexes.

Cage stalks Bryan, ROCKS him with a forearm, and CHOPS him in the corner! And CHOPS again! Bryan staggers but Cage grabs him for a MOUNTED ARMBAR! Cage bends the fingers and twists the wrist! Bryan endures, so Cage wrenches to an ARMBAR DDT! Cover, TWO! Bryan is still in this but Cage says he’s gonna break that arm! Cage swaggers around while talking trash, and he clamps on another double wristlock! Bryan endures as Cage cranks the hold! Bryan fights up and reaches out for ropes, but then Cage drags him up to add a BEARHUG to the mix! Dynamite returns to single picture as fans rally and Bryan endures!

Bryan throws headbutt after headbutt after headbutt and fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” Cage lets go, Bryan KICKS his leg! And KICKS him in the chest! KICK after KICK and Bryan backs Cage down! Bryan goes to whip but Cage blocks! Bryan’s bad arm lets go, and Cage CLOBBERS Bryan in the corner! Cage whips Bryan corner to corner, but Bryan goes up and over- NO, Cage catches Bryan! SHOULDER BREAKER! Cage soaks up the heat and he goes to the ropes. Cage drags Bryan up as Nana says it’s time to go to sleep! DEADLIFT SUPERPLEX! Bryan writhes while Cage continues to soak up the heat. Cage says he’s gonna do one more!

Bryan is back on the apron, Cage drags him back up. Cage waistlocks for a DEADLIFT GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Nana is furious but the ref defends his count. Bryan is still in this and fans rally up, but Cage puts Bryan up in the corner. Cage tucks him in, CHEEKY NANDOS! Cage goes up the corner from the outside, puts one out on Bryan’s back, but Bryan holds the ropes! Bryan SCORPION KICKS, then CLUBS the legs! Bryan throws forearms on Cage, but Cage shoves him down! Bryan comes back to DROPKICK! Fans fire up as Cage wobbles up top! Bryan climbs up and brings Cage up, for a SUPERPLEX! Fans fire up while both men are down!

Bryan fires up as he rises up! Cage sits up, into “YES!” kicks! “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan powers up, BUZZSAW! Cover, TWO! Cage is still in this but Bryan grabs the arms! DRAGON STOMPS! But the bad arm hurts, so Bryan shifts to a TRIANGLE HODL! But Cage deadlifts Bryan! But Bryan drops to pick the ankle, ANKLE LOCK! Cage endures, Bryan reels him in, leg-trapped GERMAN SUPLEX! But Cage is right up to SUPERKICK! Bryan ROLLING ELBOWS! Cage DISCUS into a ROUNDHOUSE! Cage still comes back, but Bryan ducks the discus, goes corner to corner, BUSAIKU- NO, Cage catches Bryan for a BUCKLE BOMB!

Cage then gets Bryan up again, POWERBOMB! High stack, to a deadlift, but Bryan sunset flips! Bryan has the high stack, BRYAN WINS!!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by pinfall

The undefeated streak in 2023 continues! Bryan is 5-0 with just two more matches to go! But Cage CLOBBERS Bryan! Fans boo but Cage stomps away on Bryan! Cage drags Bryan up to the Gory Especial, for WEAPON X!! Fans boo but here comes MJF! The AEW World Champion goes right to ringside, he stops the timekeeper from ringing the bell, and he puts his belt down on the table. MJF shoves the tech out of the way to grab that guy’s chair! MJF has Cage drag Bryan up, and Cage throws Bryan to the floor! MJF hands the chair over to Cage and Cage sits it up. Cage puts Bryan’s arm through the chair!

Cage aims for the corner, and he POSTS Bryan’s arm!! Bryan’s arm gets smashed in the vice! Cage then puts Bryan back in the ring for MJF. Fans are torn as MJF circles around Bryan. MJF stands on Bryan’s bad arm and digs his boot in! Then MJF rains down fists on Bryan! Fans boo more, but MJF just roars! Cage returns with the chair, and he puts that chair around Bryan’s bad arm again! MJF goes up the corner while Cage holds Bryan down. But KONOSUKE TAKESHITA runs out! The Future promised to have Bryan’s back, so here he is! MJF runs away like the coward he is, but Cage brawls with Konosuke!

Cage ROCKS Konosuke, but Konosuke ROCKS Cage! Cage mule kicks, front kicks, but Konosuke dodges to JUMP KNEE!! Cage bails out and Nana has him retreat. Nana says Konosuke is a “stupid kid” and he’ll get what he deserves, but what about Bryan? Did MJF’s mercenary do enough damage to get the job done? Or can Bryan still make it through and be the #1 contender?


Backstage interview with Bryan Danielson.

Renee is with Bryan in the trainer’s room to get a medical update. Doc Sampson says Bryan’s got a partially subluxation to the shoulder joint, AKA it’s not good. So what does that mean for the immediate future? In Sampson’s opinion- Bryan says he doesn’t care what Sampson thinks! Can he wrestle or not? Sampson hesitates, so Bryan shouts, “CAN I WRESTLE OR CAN I NOT WRESTLE!?” Sampson says at this point, no! But Bryan says, “Yes I can!” Sampson says it’s a partial sub-whatever, Bryan doesn’t care if it’s dislocated! Bryan wrestled SIXTY GADDAMN MINUTES with a separated shoulder!! “Ain’t nobody stopping me from wrestling!”

Bryan tells “Max” that while he claims there’s some monster, Bryan just sees fear! MJF is afraid of getting hurt, of being exposed, and that Bryan will take the one thing MJF cares most about in this world in the AEW World Championship! But when Bryan does, he won’t just expose MJF. Bryan will show that what’s really behind MJF’s mask is a fraud. And then, the person who will be and should be AEW World Champion is Bryan Danielson! Bryan tells Sampson that he’s not stopping Bryan from wrestling ever again. Bryan heads out, but is this a move that plays right into MJF’s hands?


Toni Storm VS Ruby Soho!

As they say, “Card subject to change.” What was meant to be a Triple Threat cannot be as Britt Baker is out with injury. But that’s more than okay with these two! They don’t like Britt, and after Storm turned on Willow Nightingale, Soho doesn’t like Storm, either! Will there be #NoFuture for #ToniTime? Or will Destination Unknown be struck by the Lightning From Down Under?

The bell rings and fans rally as Storm and Soho circle. They tie up, go around, go along the ropes, and in a corner. The roundabout ends with Soho in control, but Storm shoves her away. Soho storms back up but Storm bails out. Storm lets things cool off and then steps back into the ring. They circle, Soho rushes in but Storm throws her down by her hair! Soho gets right up to shove Storm but Storm shoves her back. Soho throws a forearm but Storm gives it back! Fans fire up as the shots go back and forth, and Soho gets the edge! But Storm stomps Soho’s foot, runs the ropes, and BOOTS Soho down!

Fans duel as Storm scowls and stalks Soho to a corner. Storm digs her boots in, lets off, then drags Soho up. TORNADO- NO, Soho powers out, then spins Storm around to ROCK, CHOP and repeat! Soho has Storm in the corner for even more! The ref counts, Soho reels back, but Storm puts up her guard! Soho waits, Storm lowers her guard, and Soho ROCKS her! Soho drags Storm out to whip but Storm reverses. Soho goes up to catch Storm, but Storm throws her to the apron! Storm swings but Soho counter punches! Soho steps up but Storm pie faces her down! Storm runs to HIP ATTACK Soho to the floor!

Fans boo but Storm just grins. Storm goes to the apron and mockingly asks what happened. Storm then stand Soho up to CHOP! Fans rally for Soho but Storm whips her into railing! And then into the apron! Storm POSTS Soho and Soho falls, but Storm drags her back up. Storm whips Soho into railing hard! Soho writhes while Storm goes into the ring to soak up the heat. Storm again acts like she doesn’t know what’s wrong, while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Soho crawls her way over to the ring but Storm wants the count. The count begins, but Soho drags her way over. Storm paces around, Soho gets in at 5 of 10, but Storm stands on her! The ref counts, Storm steps off quickly, and then she drags Soho up. Storm CHOPS again, but Soho eggs her on! Storm CHOPS again, and again, and then ROCKS Soho with a forearm! Soho goes to a corner, Storm stands her up to UPPERCUT! Storm TOSSES Soho across the way, then storms up, only for Ruby to kick her low. Storm stomps a mudhole into Soho! Storm scowls as she lets off, and then she digs her knee in!

The ref counts, Storm lets off at 4, and Soho sputters to the ropes. Storm CHOKES Soho on the ropes with both knees! The ref counts, Storm lets off, and then she drags Soho up. Snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Storm shakes her head, not understanding why Soho’s fighting so hard. Storm kicks her around, stands on Soho’s fingers, and then CLUBS Soho down. Storm clamps onto Soho with a seated full nelson! Soho endures and fans rally up. Soho fights to her feet, but Storm thrashes her back down! Storm leans on the hold but Soho still endures. Soho fights back to her feet and Dynamite returns to single picture.

Fans rally for Soho and she runs to RAM Storm into buckles! Soho elbows Storm, goes up and hits DEADLY NIGHTSHADE! Storm staggers, Soho reels her in, SAIDO! Soho drags Storm up, to SAIDO again! Storm stagger sup, into palm strikes and a SOBAT! Front KICK, STO! Fans fire up with Soho as she has a wild look in her eyes! Soho spins Storm around, reels her in, and clinches, but Storm rolls Soho up with tights! TWO!! Storm knees low, reels Soho in, but Soho wrenches out to NO FUTURE KICK! Storm goes down, Soho covers, TWO!! Storm survives and Soho is frustrated. But Soho drags Storm into a drop zone!

Soho climbs the corner as fans fire up. Soho aims, and SUPER- NO, she has to bail out of the senton as Storm moves! Soho blocks a kick to KNEE Storm back! Storm clutches her nose and goes to ropes! The ref has Soho stay back as Storm holds her nose. It was broken once before, did it get broken again? Fans boo, they don’t trust this. Soho isn’t sure what to do, she didn’t want to hurt Storm. But then Storm YANKS Soho into ropes! It WAS a fake-out! And then Storm GERMAN SUPLEXES Soho! Fans boo more as Storm smiles and breathes just fine. Storm then runs corner to corner, SWEET HIP MUSIC!! And then TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO!!

Soho survives and fans fire up while Storm loses her mind! Storm drags Soho up and reels her in, but BRITT BAKER is here?!? Injured or not, The Doctor is still gonna show up on AEW! Storm snarls at the DMD, but turns around into DESTINATION UNKNOWN! Cover, Soho wins!!

Winner: Ruby Soho, by pinfall

Again, injured or not, Britt had an effect on this match! The homegrown star tipped the scales in Soho’s favor, have the battle lines been drawn?


MJF speaks.

“My apologies that I’m speaking to you people in a dimly lit locker room, but unfortunately, some people, ah, they just can’t seem to control their emotions around here. Granted, I’m not the first Jew that had to hide from a man with blue eyes, now am I? Takeshita! Yeah, that’s right, big man, I know how to pronounce your name. Granted, I still think ‘Take-a-shit-a’ is freakin’ hilarious. But hey, I can’t force the fans to have taste. But I have taste, Takeshita. I think you’re really talented, man. Inside that squared circle, you are very, very talented. But unfortunately, up top, you’re a little bit smooth-brain. You think it’s a good idea to dance with the devil, and I am here to tell you, you can’t match my tempo. So stay out of my business, or there will be consequences.

“Speaking of, Bryan Danielson! The American Dragon! How’s that wing of yours doing, bud? Bet it’s hanging on by a thread. But no, you’re gonna keep on going, right? You’re gonna keep on marching towards March 5th, AEW Revolution, that One Hour Ironman Match. Because you’re so brave, you’re a valiant warrior, you’re a hero! At least, that’s what the fans think of you, but I know better. See, I know you’re obsessed. Just like I’m obsessed with Triple B, the AEW World Championship. See, this belt gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Because this belt stands for the simple fact that all my blood, sweat, hard work, tears, and my sins, they were all worth it.

“This belt turns my catchphrase into a fact! This belt does make me better than you, and you know it. This belt is the only thing in my life that makes me feel whole. And you wanna take that away from me, Bryan? Why? Don’t you have enough, man? Loving family, adoring fanbase, first ballot Hall of Fame career, but no. You need to take away from Max! I know the real reason why, Bryan. It’s because just like me, you’ve got a hole in your soul and you’re trying to fill it. But I’m not the one to get that job done, Bryan. Nah, not by a long shot. Bad things happen to people that mess with MJF in this company.

“Matter of fact, I remember knocking out some big British guy. Kinda looked like Ellen DeGeneres on meth. The name’s on the tip of my tongue. Ah, it’s not important. What is important is this: Tonight was just the tip of the iceberg, and if you keep trying to take away the one thing in this world that brings me happiness, you’re gonna find out that tonight was only physical pain, and physical pain is fleeting. You don’t want me to get to the mental pain, Bryan. Because that really leaves a scar.

“Now this week, Tony Khan has issued out an open contract to any man to fight you on next week’s Dynamite. So I made a phone call to a man who loves inflicting pain. A man who gets off on scientifically dismantling men limb from limb. It’s been a fun ride, Dragon. But I’m afraid it’s over. Roll the clip.” MJF’s next mercenary: TIMOTHY THATCHER!! He just won in brutal fashion in Pro-Wrestling Noah, and he really does enjoy hurting his opponents! Will Thatcher do the dirty work of MJF and tear that subluxated arm clean off?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage!

On top of Hangman VS Yuta, and on top of “Powerhouse” Hobbs being back in action, we will see an AEW Women’s World Championship Eliminator match! Jamie Hayter takes on THE Emi Sakura!

Jamie Hayter speaks.

“In my opinion, Emi Sakura is a professional wrestling legend. The amount of times she’s broken her back for this business, bled for this business. She got her bloody head shaved for this business! She’s the kind of woman I need to be in the ring with, and I need to beat her.” Hayter knows it’s been awhile since she and Emi met in the ring, but she’s different now. And when they face off on Rampage, even the legend will understand #HayterHitsHard.


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite next week!

On top of Hangman VS Moxley, Round 3, and on top of The Acclaimed in action, we get Darby VS Joe for the AEW TNT Championship, NO HOLDS BARRED!! What won’t these two do to finally settle things?


Mark Briscoe VS Jay Lethal!

To honor the memory of the late, great Jay Briscoe, his brother and tag partner, as well a his long time friend and rival, will close out tonight. Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman join Excalibur on commentary for this one, because this one is for family!

AEW returns from break and Mar makes his entrance, holding onto the ROH World Tag Team Championships. Bobby Cruise makes the introductions as the emotions already well up inside Lethal and Mark. The bell rings, Lethal and Mark shake hands not just to uphold the Code of Honor, but to share in genuine emotion. The fans fire up as the two circle and tie up. Mark headlocks for a takeover, Lethal headscissors, but Mark kips free. They reset and tie up again. Mark wrenches to a wristlock, then gets a top wristlock. Lethal powers out, Mark ducks ‘n’ dodges and slides, to arm-drag Lethal down!

Fans fire up but Lethal fights up to whip Mark. Mark reverses but Lethal goes up the corner and leaps. Mark gets under that, Lethal slides under but runs into a scoop and SLAM! Mark goes for legs but Lethal kangaroo kicks him away. Lethal arm-drags now, and the two stand off. Fans applaud as the two take a moment to catch their breath and wipe their eyes. Fans rally up, Mark and Lethal tie up again. They go around, Mark puts Lethal in the ring, but Lethal turns it around. The ref counts, Lethal CHOPS! Mark stares Lethal down and says, “It’s like that?” Lethal says, “Yeah, it’s like that.” So Mark turns Lethal around to CHOP back!

Lethal nods and smiles. Mark eggs Lethal on so Lethal CHOPS! Mark CHOPS! Lethal CHOPS! Mark CHOPS! They CHOP and CHOP and Mark gets the edge! Mark fires up but Lethal CHOPS and CHOPS! Lethal whips, Mark reverses and runs in to clothesline! Mark snapmares, runs and basement BOOTS! Fans fire up and Mark brings Lethal up. Mark UPPERCUTS, then whips. Lethal reverses and hip tosses! Cartwheel and basement dropkick! Fans rally as Lethal stalks Mark to ropes. Lethal brings Mark up, suplexes, but Mark slips free to waistlock. Lethal elbows free, runs, but Mark follows to forearm!

Mark reels Lethal in, fans fire up, and Mark turns Lethal for a very Jay Briscoe style NECKBREAKER! Fans fire up for the shoutout and Mark covers, TWO! Mark dares Lethal to get up as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Lethal goes to the apron, Mark waits on him to get up and then storms over. Lethal clings to ropes, the ref counts, and Mark lets off. Mark goes out after Lethal to bring him up but Lethal fights the clinch. Lethal ROCKS Mark with a forearm, but Mark ROCKS Lethal back! Mark eggs Lethal on so Lethal ROCKS Mark back! Fans fire up as Mark ROCKS Lethal! Lethal ROCKS Mark, Mark shouts and ROCKS Lethal! And kicks low! And CHOPS! And then LARIATS Lethal back into the ring, only for Lethal to DROPKICK Mark off the apron! Lethal builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit and Mark hits railing!

Lethal paces around the way, rolls into the ring just to refresh the count, and then he goes back for Mark. Lethal brings Mark up to put him in the ring, covers, ONE! Lethal pushes Mark down again, ONE! Lethal clamps on a chinlock to grind Mark down. Mark endures, fights up, and throws body shots. Lethal snapmares and basement dropkicks Mark down! Lethal covers, TWO! Another cover, TWO! Lethal goes back to the chinlock and grinds Mark down again. Mark fights up, throws body shots and elbows, and Dynamite returns to single picture. Mark ROCKS Lethal, CHOPS him, then fires off fast hands! REDNECK KUNG FU!

Mark whips Lethal corner to corner but Lethal reverses. Mark goes up and out, ROCKS Lethal, then UPPERCUTS! The Redneck Kung Fu is hard to beat! Mark goes up top, leaps, FLYING CHOP! Fans are thunderous for Mark but Lethal waistlocks! Mark elbows free then PELES! Lethal goes to a corner, Mark runs in, and he SPLASHES! Mark puts Lethal up top, power sup, and UPPERCUTS again! Mark then crosses Lethal’s arms, for an ICONOCLASM! Cover, TWO!! Lethal survives but Mark pounds the mat. Fans rally up behind him, Mark drags Lethal up and tucks the arms! But Lethal fights the lift!

Mark tries to lift Lethal but he resists, so Mark SLAPS Lethal! And CLUBS him! Mark turns Lethal again but Lethal slips free, BACKBREAKER to COMPLETE SHOT! The Lethal Combination hits! Cover, TWO! Mark is still in this and fans rally up behind him. Lethal stomps a leg, steps through, but Mark rolls Lethal up! TWO, and Lethal BOOTS Mark! Then SCREW HIGH KICKS! Lethal suplexes, but Mark fights it! Lethal tries again, and GOURD BUSTERS! Lethal handsprings, LETHAL INJECTION!! But Mark rolls all the way out of the ring! Fans are thunderous and Lethal can’t believe it! Lethal goes out and he fetches Mark.

Lethal drags Mark up and to the ring but fans rally. Mark karate chops Lethal again and again! But Lethal RAMS him into railing! Mark flops to the timekeeper’s table, Lethal CLUBS him down. Lethal lines up a shot, and he puts Mark on the table. Lethal goes to the corner and climbs up!? Fans are already freaking out, but Mark gets in the ring! Lethal hops down but Mark DECKS him! Mark builds speed to WRECK Lethal with a dropkick! Fans fire up with Mark as he is on the apron., and he RUNNING BLOCKBUSTERS to the floor! Fans are thunderous as Mark ROCKS Lethal and puts him on the table!

Mark goes to the corner and he climbs up top! Fans are thunderous for the SUPER FROGGY-BOW through the table!!! Fans lose their minds and give a standing ovation for that one! Mark throws things aside, including a chair, and the ref has to get that chair out of the ring. Mark puts Lethal in the ring, “This is Awesome!” as Mark covers, TWO!?!? Lethal is still in this and Mark can’t believe it! Mark drags Lethal up, underhooks, but Lethal NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO!! Mark still has the arms hooked! But Lethal escapes by slipping out underneath! Lethal handsprings, but Mark follows! LARIAT!!

Mark drags Lethal up, he underhooks the arms, but Lethal wrenches out, into another LARIAT! Mark finally has the underhooks, JAY DRILLER!!! Cover, Mark wins!!

Winner: Mark Briscoe, by pinfall

The standing ovation is back, Mark wins this one for his brother! On what would’ve been Jay’s 39th birthday, we all celebrate the life, career, passion, dedication and love of Jay Briscoe. The combined AEW and ROH roster is on stage to join the standing ovation as Lethal and Mark hug it out. Lethal then goes up the ramp, he hugs it out with Sonjay Dutt, and Mark celebrates with the fans. Mark then hugs it out with Christopher Daniels, Tony Khan, and even Rush and BJ Whitmer. #ThankYouJayBriscoe, we will always remember you.

My Thoughts:

A great episode, but made even better by Warner Brothers Discovery letting off on their anti-Briscoe stance in the wake of Jay’s passing. Mark VS Lethal was such a great match, especially in terms of honoring Jay. There will still be a bigger, more ROH based tribute show via Honor Club, but I almost feel like nothing else could top what we got. We also got a good promo from Adam Cole to further hype his return, and I think Revolution is a good target to aim for. Another month is a good amount of time to prepare, but he’d have to find an opponent to face pretty quickly to make sure they can put it on the card and advertise it.

Great opening tag match, and of course the JAS cheat to get the win. The feud between them and Starks-Andretti is far from over, but I think there has to be one last 1v1 of Starks VS Jericho to really settle it. Great TNT title match from Darby VS Buddy, with great overbooking of Sting and Ortiz getting after Malakai and Brody. This very well could be how Ortiz proves to Eddie Kingston that he was never in cahoots with The House of Black, but maybe Eddie just thinks this was a fake-out. Pretty funny swerve with the theme music for Ethan & Hardy VS Jungle Hook. Great match, too, and good booking of the finish. Jungle Hook really could become a full-time team, fans love them both anyway.

And then Darby VS Joe being set up next week, TNT title under No Holds Barred, holy crap that’s going to be awesome. They’re going to go above and beyond, and that could mean either guy wins. But at the same time, it’d be a shame for Darby only holding onto the title for a month just to give Joe another double title run. Darby will surely win, and I would love if Hobbs showed up after to attack and stake his claim to the title. Darby VS Hobbs could be awesome stuff, and probably set for Revolution to really add to that PPV.

Good “therapy” promo from Acclaimed and Gunn Club. I’m with Daddy Ass, those were good points from both sides, and of course this is about the tag titles. Acclaimed will surely win their tag match next week, only for Gunns to attack them like they did with FTR to get at them. Acclaimed VS Gunns could happen at Revolution, but they’d really have to stretch this out somehow. Good promo from Hangman and I’m surprised we’re getting Hangman VS Moxley Round 3 so soon. And still not Unsanctioned No Holds Barred like I expected. Hangman VS Yuta will be a great match for Rampage, and I would think Hangman will win that.

Great stuff from Bryan VS Brian, and of course we get both Bryan winning but his arm being viciously attacked. Konosuke making the save was great, though he could’ve gotten out there a bit sooner. Good promo from MJF to call both Konosuke and Bryan out, and I would love to see Konosuke VS Cage at some point. Bryan had a great promo to tell off Doc Sampson and MJF, and Bryan will definitely find a way to win his next two matches. Bryan winning with one arm, then wrestling against MJF for an hour with one arm, that’s gonna be some powerful stuff. But somehow, someway, MJF is surely winning at Revolution.

Good promo from Hayter to call out Emi Sakura, and that will be a real good match for Rampage. And great stuff from Soho VS Storm in place of the Triple Threat we were supposed to get. Britt Baker’s injury is being kept under wraps, but it clearly wasn’t too serious since she was able to show up and distract Storm. Tony Khan has been quoted as saying the Triple Threat will happen when Britt is 100%, and maybe it’ll name a #1 contender to Hayter’s title for Revolution. At the same time, Shida has to get in on this story after finding herself stuck between Saraya & Storm with their “We’re better cuz we got started before AEW” and the fact AEW got her international success.

My Score: 8.9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (1/24/23)

Britt Baker gets Dark!



Universal Studios belongs to Dr. Britt Baker, DMD.

Ahead of a Triple Threat on Wednesday Night Dynamite, Britt Baker returns to AEW Dark for a Tuesday tune-up! Will The Doctor be ready for Toni Storm and Ruby Soho?


  • Britt Baker VS Billie Starkz; Baker wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Dark Order VS Baliyan Akki, Marcus Kross & Vary Morales; The Dark Order wins.
  • Tony Deppen VS Serpentico w/ Luther; Serpentico wins.
  • Matt Sydal VS Cezar Bononi w/ Peter Avalon; Sydal wins.
  • Harley Cameron VS Brittany J; Cameron wins.
  • Madison Rayne VS Kaci Lennox; Rayne wins.
  • Action Andretti VS Bronson w/ The Iron Savages; Action win.
  • Anthony Henry VS Mascara Dorada; Dorada wins.


A good line-up, and good to see Matt Sydal back in action. That should be a good return win for him against big bad Bononi. Harley Cameron is a bit of a surprise. Sure, she showed up in AEW sometime last year, but she performed in a musical trio alongside Scarlett Bordeaux and Shotzi Blackheart to cover I Put A Spell On You for WWE around Halloween time. WWE could’ve/should’ve scooped her up then but hey, at least she’s somewhere. Anthony Henry VS Mascara Dorada looks to be a great match-up that could go either way. And of course, Britt will get a win here to be ready for Dynamite on Wednesday.

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