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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (11/1/21)

Could this be the EST-est Raw yet?



Coverage Raw 2021

Does Bianca Belair finally kick Becky’s lass?

Raw is golden as it OPENS with Becky Lynch VS Bianca Belair for the Raw Women’s Championship! Is tonight finally The Man’s comeuppance?


  • Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch VS Bianca Belair; Lynch wins and retains the title.
  • Rey Mysterio w/ Dominik Mysterio VS Austin Theory; Theory wins, by disqualification.
  • Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H. VS Queen Zelina Vega & Carmella; Vega & Carmella win.
  • Finn Balor VS Chad Gable w/ Otis Dozovic; Balor wins.
  • The Street Profits VS The Dirty Dawgs; The Dirty Dawgs win.
  • No Disqualifications: Damian Priest VS T-Bar; Priest wins.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Meditation Misfire: Reggie retains the title.
  • Big E VS Kevin Owens; Big E wins.


Backstage interview with Bianca Belair.

SummerSlam was the 26 second defeat and the start of a heated rivalry. Is this the night it comes to a head? Bianca will be the first to say she wasn’t prepared for Becky Lynch, because she prepared for Sasha Banks and then saw Carmella was the substitute. And yes, Becky was someone Bianca really liked so when Becky stepped up to challenge her, Bianca thought that was really cool. But 26 seconds later, Bianca’s sitting there with no championship, wondering what is going on. But she will never regret those mistakes. Those are opportunities to make her stronger.

And Becky has completely lost sight of what it takes to be a champion. Becky doesn’t even see the threat that is the EST of the WWE. Becky only tries to play down Bianca’s accomplishments, which Bianca is used to hearing from the sidelines. And that is exactly where Becky was when Bianca had her rise to the top, and Becky couldn’t stand it. But Bianca has always shown up and shown out in every match. The Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, and now the biggest match tonight, because there is no match bigger than for the Raw Women’s Championship. The EST heads out and Raw’s kicking off with the biggEST rematch!

Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch VS Bianca Belair!

Becky Lynch is now interviewed backstage and asked to respond to Bianca. Bianca absolutely did rise to the top, but that’s because Becky wasn’t around to stop her. What did anyone think what Becky was doing while she was out? Just eating bonbons like some regular person? No! The day after she gave birth, she did 24 push-ups. She would’ve done 25 but… Well, anyway, do you think it’s easy to come back and get in shape like Becky did? Better than ever, like she did! People don’t realize how hard it is to be Becky, and to balance being champion and mother. That is why Becky is noticing a lack of appreciation for her, and maybe even some boos.

But it is alright. All that motivates Becky, and it will motivate her to beat Bianca again. The Man makes her entrance, the introductions are made, and the belt is raised. Now Raw kicks off with a golden grudge match!

Becky and Bianca circle, tie up, and Becky tries but can’t push Bianca back. Bianca pushes Becky back just fine but Becky turns it around in the corner using the ponytail! Becky shoves Bianca, then shoves her again while talking trash. Bianca gets mad and shoves Becky down! “Don’t push me!” Becky gets up to SLAP Bianca! “This is why I’m the champ!” Bianca glares at Becky and she runs away! But Bianca gets Becky at the ropes, drags her back in and spins in the waistlock before the SLAM! Becky fights up, pries at the waistlock but Bianca SLAMS her down again. Becky fights back up, elbows free, but Bianca ducks to SLAP Becky back And then runs her over with a shoulder!

Bianca runs, handsprings, and hits the MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Bianca smirks and keeps cool while Becky bails out. Bianca goes out to fetch Becky but Becky hits a JAWBREAKER! Becky puts Bianca through the corner and pulls on the braid, but Bianca uses it to YANK Becky into the post! Bianca then drags Becky through the corner, and dead lifts her for a suplex to the floor! The champ is in trouble as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Bianca throws counter punches and forearms on Becky! Bianca runs, Becky picks the leg and gets up to trip her! Becky gets the dragon sleeper, REVERSE DDT! Cover, TWO! Becky goes to a corner, starts to untie a buckle pad but Bianca rolls her up! TWO and Becky CLOBBERS Bianca! Cover, TWO! Becky grows annoyed and fans rally and duel. Becky pie faces Bianca around and talks trash, but Bianca blocks a kick! Becky rolls to bring Bianca down! Omoplata then she pulls on the other arm! Bianca endures, moves around but Becky makes it a cover! TWO, and Bianca gets up to get Becky for a suplex! But Becky makes it a cradle, TWO!!

Becky CALF KICKS Bianca down! Fans fire up but Bianca dodges the leg drop! Becky still whips Bianca to a corner but Bianca goes up and over then handsprings to rally on Becky! Dropkick after dropkick and Becky flounders to ropes! Fans fire up as Bianca whips, but Becky reverses and reels Bianca in, but Bianca suplexes! And rolls through to suplex again, and holds Becky up! The blood rushes to Becky’s head before the SLAM! Cover, TWO! Bianca still smiles, because she knows Becky is this tough. Becky gets to a corner, she kicks but Bianca blocks to elbow back. Bianca whips, Becky reverses again but runs into buckles!

Bianca waistlocks, Becky switches and O’Conner Rolls, TWO and Becky hits buckles! Becky comes back into a tilt-o-whirl GUTBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Becky survives and crawls to the apron but Bianca storms over. Becky ducks the clothesline to HOTSHOT Bianca away! Becky gets in, Bianca ducks, dodges, Becky avoids the braid but the sobat is blocked! Chicken wings but Becky victory rolls through! TWO and Bianca has it, TWO! Becky schoolgirls, TWO! Becky wants the arm! Bianca resists so Becky DROPS on her! Becky still wants the arm, but Bianca powers up and has Becky on her shoulders! But Becky headscissors Bianca and herself out to the floor!! Fans fire up as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Becky reverses another whip, but Bianca gets her for another suplex! Becky counters again, cradle to ARMBAR! Bianca clasps hands, flails around, high stack, then dead lifts! Becky fights the bomb to RANA! Cover, TWO! Bianca is still in the armbar but she deadlifts again to POWERBOMB! High stack cover, TWO!! Becky survives and frustration creeps in for Bianca. She calms down, gets back up and drags Becky to a scoop. Becky slips out, dragon sleepers, but Bianca walks up the corner to flip through and shove Becky into buckles. Becky BOOTS back, hops up but Bianca ROCKS her with a right!

Bianca snarls, trophy lifts Becky off the top, and carries her to center to DORP her! Bianca handsprings but onto knees! Becky rolls Bianca, TWO! Becky catches Bianca to the MANHANDLE SLAM!! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Bianca survives and shocks Becky! Now Becky feels some panic, even as Bianca falls out of the ring. Becky wants the ring count to climb but Bianca is up at 5. Becky runs and slides, but Bianca catches her for an ALLEY-OOP to the announce desk! Bianca gets Becky up, puts her back in, covers, TWO! Another try, TWO! Bianca keeps her focus and Becky is on the apron. Becky KICKS Bianca, goes up top, and leaps but Bianca ducks under!

Becky comes back, into a trip-up, and chicken wings! Glam-EST Slam!! Cover, TWO!! Bianca goes up top and leaps, but she has to bail out of the splash as Becky moves! Bianca comes back but Becky sends her into the corner! JUMP KICK blocked! Bianca pops Becky into the torture rack! Becky holds ropes, holds the buckle pad, the padding comes off! Becky shoves Bianca into bare buckles! Roll up with tights, BECKY WINS!

Winner: Becky Lynch, by pinfall (still Raw Women’s Champion)

Bianca is beside herself with this defeat. Becky holds onto the belt and kisses it like it’s her baby, will The Man do anything and everything to stay the champion?


Backstage interview with Rey & Dominik Mysterio.

How is Rey approaching his match with Austin Theory? Theory is talented but disrespectful. Rey loves how Dom stepped up to Theory last week. Before Rey can say more, Theory walks in and says it is an honor to be in the ring with him. Rey is a hero to him, but it just sucks that they never got that selfie. But Theory will get that tonight after he beats Rey, like he did his son. Dom wants Theory to show some respect, but Rey says he’s been doing this a long time. Theory’s not the first to try and make a name at Rey’s expense. But Rey’s going to teach Theory why those names faded away, and the Mysterio name still rings loud.

Theory takes a quick selfie with Kevin Patrick while Rey makes his entrance. Will this be picture perfect for the King of Lucha Libre? Or will Theory get one over another living legend?

Rey Mysterio w/ Dominik Mysterio VS Austin Theory!

Raw returns as Theory makes his entrance. The bell rings and Rey circles with Theory. They tie up, Theory powers Rey to a corner but lets off with a pat on the shoulder and pinch of the cheek. Rey swipes at Theory but they circle again. Rey gets around to a waistlock, but Theory pries free and headlocks. Rey powers out, Theory runs him over with a shoulder! Rey flounders right out of the ring, and Theory mocks Latino Heat. Rey gets in and fires off hands! The ref counts, Theory kicks low and headlocks again. Rey powers out, drops down and then follows to tilt-o-whirl and headscissor! Rey does Latino Heat right and then throws hands on Theory in a corner.

Rey climbs up to rain down rights but Theory stops that at 4. Theory spins but Rey uses that to headscissor again! Rey brings Theory up but Theory knees low and hard. Theory throws forearms, whips corner to corner and then runs in to clothesline, getting to the apron in the same move! Theory throws Rey down, slingshots in to STOMP Rey in the chest, then deadlift FISHERMAN BUSTERS! Cover, TWO! Theory talks some smack on Dom as he looms over Rey. Theory drags Rey up to throw forearms and Rey goes to ropes. Theory whips Rey to ropes but Rey kicks back! Rey runs, tilt-o-whirls but into a torture rack!

Theory bends Rey back and stares Dom down, before hitting a BACKBREAKER! Theory dares Dom to do something, then slingshots in to somersault SHOTGUN! Cover, TWO! Theory brings Rey up, scoops him, but Rey slips out to waistlock. Theory switches but Rey runs to sling Theory out! Rey brings Theory up to whip but Theory reverses and sends Rey into barriers! The ring count climbs, Dom checks on Rey but Theory pushes him aside. Theory scoops Rey and brings him to the ring, but Dom gives Rey a push-start for a TORNADO DDT! The ref warns Dom, but Theory is down and the Mysterios stand tall as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Theory squeezes Rey with a rear bearhug. Dom and the fans rally and Rey fights up to fight free. Rey goes to run but Theory reels Rey in for a BACKBREAKER! Theory brings Rey up, puts him on the top rope and throws forearms. Theory climbs up to join Rey, stands on the very top, but Rey resists the superplex and throws body shots! Rey slips underneath Theory and trips him up! Theory hits buckles, Rey comes back to RANA him into the post! Theory falls back, Rey goes to the apron. Rey climbs up, leaps, SEATED SENTON! And then he springboards to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!

Dom and fans still rally and Rey gets Theory at the apron. Theory shoulders into him, slingshots in and SHOTGUNS again! But Rey comes back to basement dropkick Theory! Fans fire up as Rey and Theory both stand. Theory shoves, Rey wheelbarrows but into a BIG back suplex! Theory WRECKS Dom with a dropkick just because! Theory brings Rey up, but Rey fights the bomb and RANAS Theory onto ropes! Dom gets a cheap shot in before the 619!! SLINGSHOT SPLASH! Cover, but the ref shouts at Dom! The ref has had it, he calls a disqualification!

Winner: Austin Theory, by disqualification

Dom and Rey argue about this, Theory smiles and gets another selfie. Will Theory continue to build a list of top names in his timeline?


Tribute to the Troops will be on Fox this year!

And to honor the US Armed Forces, it will be Sunday, November 14th, after NFL coverage!


Seth Rollins heads to the ring!

The Architect is once again a #1 contender, and he shows off the contract in hand as he swaggers his way out. What will he have planned for his title match with Big E? We find out, after the break.

Raw returns and Rollins says, “You guys know me. And you know that I’m not the kind of person to come out here and toot their own horn. I have come out here tonight with a purpose! But while I’m here, let me tell you that I am on top of the world!” Rollins is on cloud 9 after that grueling ladder match where he defeated THREE former top champions to earn his opportunity at the WWE Championship. And it feels good! It feels right, doesn’t it? This is HIS show, right? Monday Night Rollins! He was drafted here to be the face of Monday nights! The only thing missing is the title around his waist.

“Fortunately for all of us, this contract right here basically guarantees that you are looking at your NEXT WWE Champion!” Rollins hoots and hollers and then gets to business. He wants to look at the fine print, but here comes Big E! And Big E has a mic of his own to say, “Seth, Seth, Seth. Seth, last week, I came out here to congratulate you on winning one heck of a #1 contender’s ladder match. But instead of shaking my hand like a normal man, you laughed in my face and slinked off like you were the Pink Panther or something.” It bothered E a little, so he talked to his aunt, and she said, “Baby, don’t let that man bother you. There is something deeply, deeply wrong with his mind. That boy’s touched.”

Oh, “touched,” nice one. But that’s not how Rollins remembers it. He remembers coming out here and challenging Big E for a match, and Big E said Rollins had to go earn it. Rollins had to prove himself?! Like Big E didn’t know this is SETH FREAKIN’ ROLLINS?! And then after Rollins won, Rollins came to shake Big E’s hand and Big E didn’t accept  it. So as someone who Rollins had a lot of respect for, Rollins lost some o fit. Big E has been a fine champion, really. Quality win over Bobby Lashley, quality win over Drew McIntyre, and Rollins is a big fan of a good Money in the Bank cash-in. But Rollins hates to be the one to break this to him… “You are not on my level.”

Rollins means no disrespect, but sooner or later, they’re going to fight for the title and Big E doesn’t want the responsibility of being a champion. Rollins can take the title off him, and Big E can go back to being a joke with his friends. King Woods is a joke. And what a joke KofiMania turned out to be! First off, respect the King. Second, Big E will be damned if Rollins will disrespect one of the greatest moments in WWE history. But y’know what? What Big E will do is offer Rollins everything he claims to want. Why don’t they do this? Big E VS Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship… TONIGHT!! Fans are loving that but Rollins says “Whoa whoa whoa, slow it down, back it up.”

Rollins says the fans don’t want that. But the fans say they do! Wait, wait, hold on. He wants to get this straight. Fans really want to see Big E defend his title against Rollins here tonight? “YES! YES! YES!” Oooooh, GOOD FOR YOU~! Of course you do! You all know, just like Big E knows, Rollins is not 100% after that match last week and Hell in a Cell before that! Rollins isn’t falling into a trap! There is no chance that match happens tonight! They do this on Rollins’ terms, when he says and when he is 100%. You got that?! Fans boo but here comes Kevin Owens! Rollins wants Kevin to shut up already. Rollins can deal with Big E interrupting him, but not Kevin!

Kevin says okay, and he’s sorry to interrupt. Okay that’s not true, Kevin doesn’t care how Rollins feel. But Kevin hears talking about who the Face of Monday Night Raw is. Big E has a very strong claim being THE WWE Champion, and a great one at that. Rollins will think he is because he’s a delusional dumbass. And the proof is that suit right there! But it isn’t just then. Bianca says she’s the face of Raw, a very strong claim. Oh, The Man, Becky, Rollins knows her. She says she’s the face. And again, all valid points. But there’s someone everyone is forgetting. The face that represents Raw is this face right here! This handsome face full of charm and integrity should be the face of Raw!

And the reason why is that while Rollins became #1 contender, and that’s great, but Kevin hates to burst his bubble. Fans weren’t talking about Rollins winning. They were talking about Kevin’s performance in that match! Every time Kevin gets in the ring, he gives his absolute best and leaves it all in the ring! It didn’t work out last week, and hasn’t really worked out in a while. Kevin can’t remember the last time it did, but that doesn’t matter. When he says, “Just keep fighting,” that isn’t a catchphrase, that is his belief! He does it every week! No matter what, he gets back up, dusts himself off and comes back to keep fighting!

And maybe it is only for three more months or three more years, it doesn’t matter. Because what matters is every single time Kevin’s on Raw, he will do everything he can to give the WWE Universe something to remember! If Rollins won’t fight Big E tonight, get out of the ring! Kevin says there is something everyone will remember, and that’s Big E VS Kevin for the first time ever, right here tonight! Rollins likes that idea, too, but Big E and Kevin tell him to shut up. But he was on Kevin’s side! Well, there can only be one, like in Highlander. This isn’t Mount Rushmore, but Kevin makes a hell of a point. They’ve never gone 1v1.

So then, Kevin Owens VS Big E, “It’s on, sucka!” Everyone, even Rollins, likes that! Will we see the Prizefighter take down the Powerhouse of Positivity?


Carmella and Queen Zelina talk backstage.

Mella says no one rocks a crown like #QueenZ, honey. Zelina (with her fake British accent) thanks her, and wishes she could rock a mask like Mella does. But Mella shouldn’t have to hide her beautiful face. But then they come across Nikki A.S.H. and “you” (Rhea Ripley). Zelina compliments Nikki’s cute mask. Where’d she get it? Nikki made it herself, to show the fans they can be whatever they want to be. Oh, that’s so admirable. It really compliments Nikki. Mella and Zelina move on and then talk trash about the mask, but they’re still in earshot. Rhea turns Mella around and Nikki says it doesn’t matter what anyone says. Her mask is beautiful.

This isn’t high school, and Rhea won’t let their pettiness hurt Nikki’s feelings. Oh, is that a threat? What if it is? Then they’d be mistaken if the Queen and Mella would be threatened by women clearly beneath them. Them, Liv Morgan, Doudrop, the entire women’s division! If they think the tag team champions are beneath them, then they’d have no problems facing them tonight. Challenge accepted! Will the Queen and the WWE’s Most Beautiful Woman get a royal ass whooping from #SuperBrutality?

Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H. VS Queen Zelina Vega & Carmella!

Raw returns as Vega and Mella enter together. The teams sort out but Mella needs her mask. Even Vega is a bit surprised at this, but Vega ends up starting against Rhea. Rhea gets face to face with Vega and there’s a clear height advantage. Vega doesn’t care, she shoves Rhea. Rhea smirks, shoves Vega and then runs her over with a shoulder! Rhea brushes herself off, Vega tags Mella, and Mella circles with Rhea. Mella says she’s not afraid of the Nightmare, and she SLAPS Rhea! “That’s how you do it, honey!” Rhea scowls, that’s how you piss her off! Rhea HEADBUTTS Mella! And then throws body shots and a forearm! Snapmare and basement dropkick!

Mella is down, Rhea dead lifts her and the rest of the Raw Women’s Division is watching and enjoying this. Nikki tags in to wrench and whip, but Mella reverses. Nikki dropkicks a leg out, Vega gets in but Nikki brings her around to feed to Rhea’s BOOT! Vega bails out, Nikki dropkicks Mella out, and fans fire up! Nikki fires up and CROSSBODIES them both down! Rhea and Nikki are fired up as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Mella has Rhea in a sleeper. Rhea gets up but Mella throws her down! Cover, TWO! Mella wraps on a new sleeper and she squeezes tight. Rhea endures, fans rally up and Rhea fights up. Mella becomes a backpack, Rhea RAMS her into the corner! Zelina tags in, anchors Rhea’s feet, and Mella STOMPS Rhea down! Zelina gets in to wrap on a sleeper of her own! Nikki and the fans rally more for Rhea as she fights up to her feet. Vega is a backpack, Rhea throws her off! Hot tag to Nikki! Nikki rallies on Vega and Mella! Dropkick sends Vega to a corner! Nikki puts Vega up top, climbs up and rains down fists! Fans count all the way to 10 for Nikki!

Nikki strikes a pose, then SWINGING NECKBREAKERS! Cover, FABULOUS KICK breaks it up! Rhea gets in, Mella is scared. Mella dumps Rhea out, Rhea grabs at her! Rhea has Mella on her shoulders but Mella slips down to POST Rhea! And then throws Rhea into barriers! But Nikki gets Vega up, only for Vega to waistlock. Nikki bucks the O’Conner Roll, avoids the Fabulous Kick and grabs at Mella, but Zelina hops on to CODE RED! Cover, Mella & Vega win!!

Winners: Queen Zelina Vega & Carmella, by pinfall

Vega gets her crown back while Mella takes her mask off. But with this win, are these two going to get a chance to take those belts off Rhea and Nikki?


Big E prepares backstage, but someone walks over.

Can he help them? It’s the Alpha Academy! Chad Gable says no, he can’t help them. But they can help him! Seth was right, Big E doesn’t have what it takes to be the face of Monday Night Raw. Not yet, at least! If you choose to accept Gable’s help, they can make his reign mean something. If the plan is to make him into a walking thumb like Otis, then no thanks. Hey! Gable just graduated from Full Sail University with a Masters, okay? But he was valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA! Look what he’s done with Otis! He’s become a focused competitor, not just some entertainer. Gable could’ve done the same for Big E.

But fine, keep doing what you’re doing. Just don’t cry to Gable when Big E becomes a footnote and this is Monday Night Rollins all over again. And if Big E wants proof of what Gable can do, watch what he does to Finn Balor tonight. Watch what happens when the Master, Chad Gable, turns a Prince into a peasant. Gable heads out, Big E asks what happened to Otis’ face. But will Gable back up his grade point average against an extraordinary individual?


Veer Mahaan is ready.

Aggression, speed, and a million dollar arm. Veer is ready, but is the rest of Raw ready for Veer?


Finn Balor VS Chad Gable w/ Otis Dozovic!

Raw returns and the Alpha Academy make their entrance. The bell rings, Gable and Finn tie up. They go around, Finn waistlocks but Gable wrenches and wristlocks. Finn rolls, wrenches and hammerlocks to spin Gable to a snapmare. Finn has a chinlock but Gable slips out to hammerlock. Finn fights up, slips through and spins Gable around, but Gable headlocks, spins, drop toeholds and floats to a facelock! Finn slips through to hammerlock Gable on the mat! Gable fights up, Finn wrenches, Gable rolls and bridges to handspring, spin, break free and throat chop! Then he waistlocks to SLAM Finn down! “For the Academy!”

Gable whips Finn to ropes, Finn reverses but Gable sunset flips only for Finn to roll through and basement dropkick! Finn arm-drags Gable around then has the armlock on the mat. Gable endures, fights up, gets a leg, but Finn blocks with a facelock. Gable gets a SHIN BREAKER! Then a KNEE JAMMER! And another! And then he YANKS the leg! Otis says, “How’s that, boy? How’s that?” Gable has a spinning toehold, then a standing toehold. Finn endures, fights with his free leg, but Gable comes back for another SHIN- NO! Finn fights with elbows, goes around and gets a cobra twist! Gable powers out with a hip toss! Finn is in a corner but he BOOTS back, then CHOPS!

Finn trips Gable to DOUBLE STOMP! Fans fire up and Finn hits a SLINGBLADE! Finn aims from a corner, but Gable avoids the shotgun to jackknife bridge, TWO! But Gable gets an ANKLE LOCK! Finn reaches out, Gable drags him back, Finn is close but he refuses to quit! Gable drops back but Finn stands up and slips around to an ARMBAR! Gable fights up, Finn powers back but Gable uses that to get the ANKLE LOCK! Finn endures, rolls, victory roll to a DOUBLE STOMP! Gable sputters, Finn hobbles, but Finn CHOPS Gable to a corner. And CHOPS again! Finn whips corner to corner but Gable reverses, only for Finn to reverse and duck.

Gable powers out of the dragon sleeper to NORTHERN LIGHTS! Roll through and switch to a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Gable keeps focus, goes to a corner, up top and MOONSAULT onto knees! Finn hobbles but fires up. Otis warns Gable but it doesn’t help, SHOTGUN! Finn powers through the pain to get to the corner. Finn climbs but Gable gets up there to join him! SUPERPLEX! ROLL to a cradle! FINN WINS!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall

Otis rushes in but Finn gets away! Gable says that should’ve been his pin, but Finn’s shoulders were up! Will Gable be able to live down not backing up his word?


Matt Riddle scoots around backstage.

But the Dirty Dawgs find him. He tells them he’s a huge fan of dogs. Do they have dog spirit animals? Big Bob is probably like a Great Dane-gerous. Get it? Tough crowd. And Ziggler is like this dog Riddle saw leading a bobsled team- Enough, Riddle! Shut up. They don’t have time for whatever this is. The Dawgs have a match with the Street Profits tonight. Aw, Riddle thought they were bonding. He sure thinks a lot of things. But the Dawgs know that RKBRO will be on commentary, so maybe pay attention. If Riddle can do that. Because last week was a fluke when Riddle pinned Ziggler. The Dawgs had that match earlier in the night, Riddle got lucky.

They’ve had a week to recover and they’re going to beat the Street Profits again. And then RKBRO can kiss the titles good-bye. They are the Dirty Dawgs, and “We… Want the smoke.” The Dawgs mock the Bro and the Profits at once then head out, but Riddle figures those two have never heard of Ruff Ruff Pack. Either way, will Ziggler & Roode or the Profits redeem themselves tonight in 2v2 action?

The Street Profits VS The Dirty Dawgs!

Raw returns as the Show-Off and “Big Bob” make their entrance. But RKBRO cut in, and they debut their brand new mash-up of Voices and “Bro…” Fans are fired up for the Viper and the Stallion but Ford starts against Roode. They circle and tie up, Roode gets a headlock. Ford powers up but can’t power out as Roode holds tight. Ford powers up again, powers out the second time but Roode runs him over. Roode fires up but fans boo as things speed up. Ford hurdles, hurdles and hip tosses Roode down hard! Ford mocks Roode’s pain, then tags Dawkins in. The Profits whip, Dawkins runs Roode over, then back suplex SPLASH! Cover, TWO!

Roode hits low and CLUBS Dawkins on the back, then tags in Ziggler. The Dawgs double whip, Dawkins kicks Ziggler away. Dawkins rallies, Ziggler rolls Dawkins up, TWO! Ziggler facelocks and fisherman’s to a cradle, ONE! Ziggler dropkicks Dawkins down and Ziggler doesn’t care that fans want Randy! Ziggler tags Roode back in, the Dawgs mug Dawkins and Roode whips Dawkins. Dawkins reverses, reels Roode in and EXPLODERS! Roode goes to a corner, Dawkins CYCLONE SPLASHES! Dawkins keeps going but Roode puts him on the apron! Dawkins shoulders but into a kick! Roode mocks Orton with Dawkins in the ropes, but Dawkins slips out to back drop Roode out of the ring!

Roode knocks Riddle’s scooter over, Dawkins goes out to fetch him. Ziggler slithers up but Ford LEAPS in to take him down! Ford stands Riddle’s scooter back up for him as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Roode throws hands but Dawkins throws counter punches. Roode knees low, turns Dawkins and hits a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Roode taunts Dawkins, stomps him down, then drags him up. Tag to Ziggler, the Dawgs mug Dawkins again, and Ziggler rakes Dawkins’ eyes. The ref reprimands, Ziggler taunts Dawkins then digs his boots in. The ref counts, Ziggler lets off at 4 and argues with the ref but Roode chokes Dawkins! Roode gets away with it, Ziggler brings Dawkins up and tags Roode back in. They shove Dawkins into the ring, Roode whips Ziggler in to SPLASH! Then a feed to a kick and another NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Another try, TWO!

Roode argues the count, but he drags Dawkins up and over. Tag to Ziggler, they mug Dawkins more, and Ziggler stomps Dawkins down. Ziggler talks trash to Ford, aims at Dawkins, but Dawkins blocks the superkick and spins Ziggler to the underhooks! SILENCER! Both men are down and fans fire up! Hot tag to Roode, he stops Dawkins with a facelock! Roode gets Dawkins up but Dawkins suplexes him away! Hot tag to Ford! Ford goes up and leaps to CROSSBODY Roode! Ford DECKS Ziggler, Roode kicks and whips but Ford reverses, dodges and FLYING LARIATS! Ford does push-ups and hip thrusts before he fires off kicks!

Roode back suplexes but Ford lands on his feet to kick more! ENZIGURI! Riddle wants to know how many and Orton says that was about five or six. Ford hits a BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Ziggler whips Ford but Ford throws Ziggler out! Roode rolls Ford up, TWO! Ford gets a ghost pin, TWO! Roode is in a corner, he elbows Ford away! Ziggler sneaks a tag, Roode ducks the enziguri! Catapult into the SATELLITE DDT! Cover, Dawkins breaks it in time! Riddle loses his mind on commentary! Dawkins DECKS Roode, but Ziggler runs in! Dawkins throws Ziggler out, gets Roode up but Roode trips Dawkins and brings him out! The Dawgs POST Dawkins!

But Ford FLIES in over the corner!! Even Orton has to stand up for that one! Ford gets Ziggler in, but here comes OMOS! The Mountain of a Man is heading for the ring but refs hurry to stop him! Ford turns around into a SUPERKICK! Ziggler covers, the Dawgs win!!

Winners: The Dirty Dawgs, by pinfall

Omos grins because the damage was still done just by him being here. But Dawkins goes right at him! Omos throws Dawkins into a cameraman! Omos goes to the ring, Ford PLANCHAS, but into Omos’ hands! Omos shouts, “You want me to put him down?!” Omos SLINGS Ford into barriers! Riddle wants to do something, Orton wants him to stop! Riddle runs in and fires off kicks! Omos fireman’s carries and gets Riddle up to SLAM him on the apron! Orton says this is what he tried to stop Riddle from doing, and Orton is furious as he stares down with Omos! Orton throws off his jacket, but will the Viper be able to do a thing to the towering Omos?


Backstage interview with Damian Priest.

Can he explain just what happened last week? We’ve never seen that side of Priest. Priest says that side’s always been there, he’s just been able to keep it controlled. Once that side shows its face, people get hurt. Priest gives respect but also expects it in return. Priest had no issue with T-Bar until he threw an armchair at him. If you want to throw hands, Priest is fine with it. But if you disrespect him, he takes you to a dark place. Last week was an introduction. Tonight is No Disqualifications. Now T-Bar can get very acquainted with the “Damian in me.” Will T-Bar survive the darkest parts of the Archer of Infamy?

No Disqualifications: Damian Priest VS T-Bar!

Raw returns and T-Bar makes his entrance. The bell rings, Priest throws hands! T-Bar hits back but Priest fires off kick after kick then a ROLLING ELBOW! T-Bar stays up so Priest clotheslines T-Bar and himself out of the ring! Priest bumps T-Bar off the apron, ROCKS him with a right, but T-Bar knees low and bumps Priest off the apron in return! And then off the desk! T-Bar whips but Priest reverses and sends T-Bar into the barriers! Priest goes looking under the ring and brings out a TABLE! Fans are loving this already as Priest puts that in the ring. But T-Bar BOOTS Priest down! T-Bar snarls, gets Priest up and RAMS him into the barriers!

T-Bar puts the table Priest brought out on the apron, sets it up at ringside, then goes back for Priest. Priest LEAPS off the steel steps and CANNONBALLS T-Bar down! Priest sees the table, brings T-Bar over and choke grips! T-Bar breaks free and ELBOWS Priest! T-Bar CLUBS away on Priest’s back, brings him around and reels him in, but Priest fights off the powerbomb! Priest boots but misses, T-Bar POSTS Priest! T-Bar goes into the ring, drags Priest up to the apron and brings him around to ROCK with a forearm. Priest staggers closer to the table, T-Bar hits him again. T-Bar lines up a shot but Priest dodges the boot to ROUNDHOUSE T-Bar down!

Priest climbs up the corner, but T-Bar SUPERKICKS him first! T-Bar climbs up, fireman’s carries Priest for a SUPER SAMOAN DROP! Priest writhes as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and T-Bar throws hands and stomps Priest in the ring. Priest hits back but T-Bar CLUBS and hammers Priest down! Cover, ONE! T-Bar drags Priest up and talks trash but Priest breaks free to ROCK T-Bar with forearm after forearm! Priest fires off fast hands, then ROUNDHOUSES T-Bar to a corner! Priest runs in to back elbow, then keeps moving, ducks the clothesline to WHEEL KICK! T-Bar staggers up into a BELL CLAP! Suplex for the BROKEN ARROW! Cover, TWO! Priest drags T-Bar back up, T-Bar shoves him to a corner but Priest elbows him away. Priest goes up but T-Bar choke grips! SUPER CHOKE SLAM BACKBREAKER!! Cover, TWO!!

T-Bar is furious, but he stalks Priest to ropes. T-Bar traps Priest’s arms in the ropes! T-Bar stomps away, runs and BOOTS! Fans rally and duel as T-Bar goes out to bring out chairs! He tosses them into the ring, then brings out a kendo stick! T-Bar goes into the ring and he tells Priest this is what he gets. T-Bar SMACKS Priest in the stomach! “You asked for this!” ANOTHER SMACH! And another, and another, until the kendo stick breaks apart! The welts are red, but T-Bar wants blood! He aims the jagged bamboo, but Priest boots T-Bar away! Priest gets free, dodges T-Bar and the stick goes flying! Priest LARIATS T-Bar down! Both men are down and fans rally up!

Priest snarls and sees the chairs T-Bar brought in. Fans want tables but Priest’s wild look returns! Priest has the chair and he SMACKS away on T-Bar’s back! Chairshot after chairshot sends T-Bar rolling to the ropes but Priest keeps on him, then SLAM DUNKS the chair on T-Bar! T-Bar gets to the apron, Priest drags him up to a choke grip! CHOKE SLAM through the TABLE!! Fans are thunderous as the wood explodes under T-Bar’s body! Priest unleashes his inner Damian as he drags T-Bar from the wreckage and into the ring! Priest goes in, snarls and fans want more! Priest drags T-Bar by an arm, drags him up to the dragon sleeper, for THE RECKONING!! Cover, Priest wins!

Winner: Damian Priest, by pinfall

Priest’s rage subsides, and he celebrates this victory! Will T-Bar and the rest of the Raw roster learn not to get on Priest’s bad side?

Wait, here comes Apollo Crews! He has Commander Azeez with him, and Apollo says, “What a match that was! That was a proper mangling! The United States Champion. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Apollo Crews.” Priest says okay. Does that matter? Apollo introduces Azeez, as well, and they have come to breathe new life into Monday Night Raw. “But Damian, don’t you worry, huh? You and I will be closely acquainted soon enough, and the time will come where you will have the privilege and honor to meet me in combat and lose the United States Championship!” The Pride of Nigeria laughs at the prospect of having this title back, but after what Priest just did to T-Bar, is he getting ahead of himself?


John Morrison meditates backstage.

Reggie asks him what’s up. How is that search for chi going? It’s going great! Morrison is on the verge of a breakthrough! He can almost reach out and obtain that goal. Uh, okay, Reggie isn’t sure what any of that means, but good luck. R-Truth gets a waistlock and wants Reggie to wish him luck. Reggie switches, throws Tozawa into Truth, then goes up onto the shelving. Reggie rubs in that he’s been champ for 100 days. Truth says that ain’t funny. He’ll get the last laugh! Truth and Tozawa argue but Morrison says they need to align mind and body to obtain their goal. Well then Tozawa’s body ain’t aligning with Truth’s mind!

Tozawa says it’s the other way around, and then they both blame Drake Maverick. Maverick says they’re not following his plans! His plans aren’t working because they’re not good! Team Maverick is on edge, will they ever get this right?


Backstage interview with Becky Lynch.

Sarah congratulates Becky but wants to address the nefarious tactics. Oh, Sarah, you are better than this. Becky used what was available. There is a bigger issue we’re not addressing: Even though Becky tore the house down, half the audience booed her! And do you know why? They’re fickle! They’re the same people cheering her on the rise, and now they can’t relate. They don’t know what it’s like to be a success. There is nothing wrong doing whatever it takes to stay champion. Becky proved Bianca was way over her head while The Man is in a league of her own. Someone new needs to come up. And Liv Morgan steps in! Becky shrugs and then leaves. Does this mean Liv will do as Becky’s next challenger?


Seth Rollins finds Kevin backstage.

And he assures Kevin he comes in peace. He just wants to make a deal. They don’t have to like each other to work together. Big E is trying to make a fool out of Rollins, and Rollins doesn’t appreciate it. What about a little “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” kind of deal? Rollins will be on commentary for the match, maybe he helps Kevin get the W. Then when Rollins beats Big E to become champion, Kevin gets the first opportunity~! OMG really? Rollins would do that for him~? How nice~! And Kevin enjoys a good back scratch. But uh, he has to say, Rollins wants to come out there and see in person why Kevin should be the Face of Raw, that’s fine.

But if Rollins even thinks for a second about trying to interject himself in the match, especially wearing that, what is wrong with him? But then it’s no longer just Rollins’ business, it is Kevin’s business. And Rollins won’t like how Kevin handles business. Alright, that’s fine. Kevin does his thing, Rollins will do his. Oh what’s Kevin’s thing again? #JustKeepFighting? Right. That worked out really well on SmackDown, and even last week when he lost. So yeah, just keep fighting. Rollins will just keep winning. Rollins laughs his way out, but will Kevin be the one smiling at the end of tonight?

Big E VS Kevin Owens!

Raw returns and Kevin makes his entrance. The bell rings and the two tie up. They go around and Big E shoves Kevin to a corner. Kevin comes back, he and Big E tie up, Kevin rolls Big E up, ONE! Big E gets right up but Kevin backs away with a smirk. They go again, tie up, Kevin trips Big E and drops onto a headlock. Big E endures, fights up, and gets a headlock of his own. Kevin powers up and out then drops down to CLOBBER Big E with an elbow! “And that’s why this is my show!” Kevin says he’s the face of Raw, things speed up and Big E hurdles to CLOBBER Kevin in return! “That’s why I’M the face of Raw, and don’t you ever forget it!”

Big E scoops, Kevin slips out, REVERSE DDT! Cover, TWO! Kevin stomps Big E, drives elbows into Big E’s head, then sets Big E down to drop a leg! Cover, ONE! Kevin argues the count but it was clearly just a one. Big E gets up, Kevin CHOPS him! And CHOPS him! And throws forearms! Kevin RAMS into Big E but Big E CLUBS back. Big E ROCKS Kevin, Kevin knees low! Kevin whips, Big E reverses but Kevin BOOTS back! Kevin hops up, leaps, and missile dropkicks Big E down! Fans fire up, Big E bails out, and Kevin builds speed, but runs into an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Big E gets Kevin again, another OVERHEAD Belly2Belly!

Kevin fights the third, throws headbutts and kicks, but no Stunner! Big E runs in but Kevin dumps him out! But Big E trips Kevin before he can run! Big E CLUBS Kevin on the apron, goes up and aims, for an APRON SPLAHS that misses as Kevin gets in! Big E bounces off the edge, Kevin goes up and CANNONBALLS! Direct hit and down goes the world champion! Kevin hobbles up to drop another BACK SENTON! And now Seth Rollins heads to the ring! The Visionary still wants to watch this up close, but will he screw Kevin over now rather than help him? We’ll see, after the break.

Raw returns once again and Kevin has Big E up top. Kevin throws elbows, brings Big E up and Rollins watches from an armchair as Big E resists. Kevin still gets the SUPERPLEX and Rollins loves it! Fans rally up as Big E rises, and Kevin throws hands. Big E hits back, Kevin throws another elbow. Kevin gets the edge with windmilling haymakers, then runs to LARIAT! Big E stays up!? Big E shakes his head, he goes forehead to forehead with Kevin, and the SLAPS start flying! Kevin returns to forearms but DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Both men stay up, Big E runs< Kevin kicks! Big E denies the stunner, they both run and Big E CLOBBERS Kevin! SIDE BELLY2BELLY!

Big E runs and runs to BIG SPLASH FLOP! Kevin avoids it to SUPERKICK Big E down! Kevin aims from a corner, goes corner to corner, CANNONBALL! Rollins winces for that one as Kevin puts Big E in a drop zone. Kevin goes up, SWANTON BOMB! Cover, TWO! Rollins is surprised to see that! Kevin gets Big E up, whips him to ropes, but Big E slips out of the pop-up to throw Kevin out! Big E runs but Kevin KNEES him down! Kevin gets in, but runs into an Urenag-E! Cover, TWO! Big E drags Kevin up and puts him in a corner. Fans clap, “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” as Big E puts Kevin up top. Big E climbs up now but Kevin throws hands! Kevin headbutts Big E off the top!

Kevin adjusts as Big E is back in a drop zone! SWANTON onto knees! Both men are down and Rollins winces again. Kevin goes to the apron, Big E builds speed and SPEARES Kevin off the apron!! Fans fire up with Big E and even Rollins applauds! Big E puts Kevin in, claps it up and scoops Kevin, but Kevin slips off to RAM Big E into buckles! But Big E knocks into Kevin, head to head! They both go down, Kevin sits up in a daze. The ref is busy checking Kevin, Rollins CLOBBERS Big E off the ropes! Kevin saw that clear as day, even though the ref missed it! Kevin can’t let this opportunity go, though! Cover, TWO and Big E has a ghost pin! BIG E WINS!

Winner: Big E, by pinfall

Rollins can’t believe it! He served the champ up to Kevin but Big E still came out the winner! Big E asks if Rollins and Kevin worked together on that but Kevin gets a mic. “E, wait a minute. Dude, no, I know how that looked. But look, I don’t know what happened. I didn’t know what happened.” Kevin says he was half knocked out by that head knocker. But this is all Rollins’ fault, the stupid SOB. Rollins best this is real funny. How about Kevin VS Rollins next week? “We’ll see who’s laughing then, bitch!” Kevin wants Big E to understand, and he apologizes. Big E says he doesn’t care and is still sure Kevin saw what happened. Kevin still apologizes, but Big E scoops him for the BIG ENDING!

The champion says he knows better when it comes to Kevin and when it comes to Rollins! Will Kevin get the fight with Rollins he wants? Will Big E get the fight with Rollins he wants? Or will Rollins play everyone else against each other and pick his spot to take Big E’s spot?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good Raw right here, with a lot going on and in a good way. Opening with the women’s title match felt like it was going to lead to shenanigans, but it didn’t. Granted, Becky has a dirty win, but it was a great match and this feels much more definitive of a finish to the feud. Liv Morgan stepping up to be next is great, this could really give Liv some shine that the Mella feud clearly did not. Speaking of, I do like that Mella and Vega are being a team, that felt pretty obvious from how they were working together even on SmackDown. As such, they of course find a way to win against the tag champions and are going to get the title shot Nox & Shotzi should’ve gotten months ago. Speaking of, Nox and even Mia Yim need to show up on Raw already.

Theory gets another big win under his belt, even if it was a disqualification thanks to Dom. I wonder if the Draft changed the plans for the Mysterios. I’m not seeing any dysfunction at the moment, though tonight’s result could change that. Maybe they stick together to give the Raw Tag Division more teams? Because honestly, we just saw them all at once during Profits VS Dawgs. Omos either doesn’t like the Profits or is helping the Dawgs. Styles and Omos teaming up with Dawgs would be interesting. And at some point, Omos should test the singles waters, and Styles should go back for the world title.

Veer getting a last name is lowkey great stuff. Many times someone with two names gets cut down to just one, and Veer came in with just one name, so WWE giving him a “full name” is actually really interesting. Either way, I’m pretty sure he’ll get the usual WWE push: squash jobbers and look great, eventually feud with bigger names and then go for the midcard title. Priest VS T-Bar was a badass No DQ match, and that table spot was awesome because that table broke in a way you don’t usually see these days. Now, while I liked Priest giving us just a bit of “Oh, I’ve had that inner rage all along,” I still cringe when Corey Graves has to say Priest is the “embodiment of the internal conflict of man” because you know Vince fed it to him here like he did last week. Just let the story speak for itself, will ya?

Balor VS Gable was very technical, very exciting and fairly short. This was probably just so one, Gable can introduce his new “I have a Master’s Degree” character detail, and so Balor can get a solid win to keep afloat. Maybe Balor gets his title feud after Survivor Series and on the road to WWE Day One. Morrison embracing being the Guru of Greatness and “meditating” is fine, but I kinda wish he won the 24/7 Championship off Reggie somehow. And Maverick’s plans need to be more Wile E. Coyote. These 24/7 title segments continue to just be “Reggie auditions for Ninja Warrior,” which are not as exciting anymore.

Everything with the world title is great stuff. Rollins, Big E and Kevin had a good promo segment together, and it seems the concept of “The Face of Raw” is going to be just as crucial as who is world champion for this stretch of the year. Big E VS Kevin 1v1 was great stuff, as was how Rollins played them against each other. Kevin surely has a part to play in the world title scene building towards Survivor Series. I would love if there was a Triple Threat to play up more of the drama in “Who faces Roman at the PPV?” Rollins VS Big E would be great on its own but you could almost have Big E parallel Roman as he stacks and double pins Rollins and Kevin.

My Score: 8.3/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (9/23/23)

It’s an ABSOLUTE Death Match!



Ricky Starks finds a way to up the intensity from All Out!

As if a Strap Match wasn’t enough, Ricky Starks wants revenge on Bryan Danielson in a Texas Death Match!! Will this be an ABSOLUTE blood bath?


  • AEW TNT Championship Triple Threat: Luchasaurus VS Christian Cage VS Darby Allin; Christian wins and becomes the new AEW TNT Champion.
  • Hook & Rob Van Dam VS Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker w/ Jake Hager; Hook & RVD win.
  • Julia Hart w/ Brody King VS Kiera Hogan; Julia wins.
  • Jay White w/ Bullet Club Gold VS Andrade El Idolo; White wins.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: FTR VS The Workhorsemen; FTR wins and and retains the titles.
  • Texas Death Match: Ricky Starks VS Bryan Danielson; Bryan wins.


Darby Allin speaks.

“Tonight I win back the championship that changed my life from Christian Cage and Luchasaurus. I’m not a stupid man, I know this is gonna be a Handicap match. But I am gonna walk out the new Face of TNT.

Christian Cage speaks.

“Tonight on Collision, Darby, you’re challenging myself and Luchasaurus in a three way match for the TNT Championship. Let me remind you that Sting is not allowed at ringside and I don’t like your chances. We will remain the Face of TNT now and forever. Do you understand me?”


Ricky Starks speaks.

“Bryan Danielson, you have never tapped me out. I passed out. You’re talking to a guy that’s been to Heaven, so if you’re looking test God, look no further than Absolute Ricky Starks. Tonight, I put you six feet under.”

Bryan Danielson speaks.

“Ricky Starks, you’re in a lot of trouble for challenging me to a Texas Death Match. A match where to win, you have to knock somebody down and keep them down. Here’s the thing, people have been trying to keep me down my entire career, and nobody has succeeded yet. And Ricky, you sure as Hell won’t succeed tonight either.” Will the American Dragon once again slay the Absolute?


AEW TNT Championship Triple Threat: Luchasaurus VS Christian Cage VS Darby Allin!

As the Relentless One just said, this might as well be a Handicap Match, because you can bet Captain Charisma and his Right Hand of Destruction are united in destroying Darby. Will Darby even survive this match? Or will he find a way back to former glory?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who really wears that title after this!

The bell rings and Darby is wary of his enemies. Fans rally for Darby, but Christian bails so this turns into a 1v1 match. Luchasaurus and Darby circle, and Luchasaurus taunts Darby with a test of strength. Darby throws POCKET SAND! And then he DIVES onto Christian! Darby RAMS Christian into steel steps, then puts him in the ring! Darby hurries to CODE RED! Cover, TWO!! Darby keeps moving and he DIVES onto Luchasaurus! Down goes the dinosaur! But Christian pokes Darby in the eyes, and HOTSHOTS him to the floor! Luchasaurus is up and he drags Darby over to RAM into railing!

Fans rally for Darby but Luchasaurus is on him again! Luchasaurus whips Darby into more railing! Fans actually duel as Luchasaurus fetches a chair for Christian then puts Darby in. Christian soaks up the cheers and jeers, then he sits Darby in the chair to CHOKE him on the ropes! Christian stands on Darby, the ref reprimands but there’s nothing to be done in a Triple Threat. Christian drags Darby up, and CHOKES him against the chair’s back! Christian says Darby did this to himself. But then Darby throws hands! Luchasaurus CHOKES Christian, then BACK SUPLEXES him and the chair!

Luchasaurus goes to cover but Christian tells him no, they need to do more damage. Luchasaurus goes out to fetch more items, but Christian covers Darby! TWO! Darby is still in this but Christian TOSSES him out! Christian goes out to stand Darby up, and CHOPS him against the railing! Darby staggers, Christian and Luchasaurus surround him, then they double whip him hard into steel steps! Darby tumbles up and over, fans boo Christian, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Christian flexes, then stalks Darby. Christian SMACKS Darby off steps, then Luchasaurus brings Darby around to CHOP against the apron. Darby flops over and Christian is there to whip him into more railing! Darby staggers all around, Christian & Luchasaurus stalk him to the other corner. Christian gets the chair again to JAM Darby! And again! Darby staggers and stumbles away but Christian follows after. Christian pushes Darby into the ring, then brings him up. Christian has Luchasaurus stand back. Christian talks trash right to Darby’s face, pie faces him and smears the face pain before he CHOPS and CHOPS!

Christian tells Luchasaurus what to do, then he runs at Darby. Darby dodges to send Christian out! Darby fires off on Luchasaurus, but Luchasaurus shoves him back and HEADBUTTS him down! Luchasaurus stands on Darby’s back! Darby endures, even as Luchasaurus steps all over him! Darby crawls to a corner, Luchasaurus brings him up and Christian throws hands on Darby! Collision returns to single picture as the mugging moves to the corner. Fans boo as Christian & Luchasaurus double whip Darby into a corner. Luchasaurus runs in but Darby dodges and Luchasaurus POSTS himself!

Fans fire up as Christian runs in, Darby dodges and he POSTS himself! Roll up, TWO! Oklahoma roll, TWO! Christian kicks low to suplex, but Darby slips out, SCORPION DEATH DROP! Fans fire up as Darby climbs! But Luchasaurus drags Christian to safety! So Darby just SUPER COFFIN SPLASHES!! Fans are thunderous as both men go down! Darby puts Luchasaurus in the ring, climbs up, and Luchasaurus stands. Darby MISSILE- NO, Luchasaurus catches him! JURASSIC- NO, Darby slips out! Darby BOOTS Luchasaurus, then hits a DIAMOND DUST! But Christian has the title belt!

Christian aims but Darby ducks! SHOTGUN! Down goes Christian! Darby runs in but Luchasaurus catches him, JURASSIC CHOKE SLAM! Darby flops out of the ring and Luchasaurus sees the belt. It is rightfully his, so he picks it up! Fans cheer that he finally holds HIS belt! Christian storms in but Luchasaurus won’t give it back! Christian asks for the belt back, fans say “IT’S YOUR BELT! IT’S YOUR BELT!” Luchasaurus still hands the belt over to Christian, but then Darby shoves Christian into Luchasaurus! And then Darby BELT SHOTS Luchasaurus!! Cover, TWO?!? Luchasaurus survives  but Darby PENALTY KICKS!

Darby goes up to COFFIN DROP!! But Christian returns to POST Darby! Cover on Luchasaurus, CHRISTIAN WINS!!

Winner: Christian Cage, by pinfall (NEW AEW TNT Champion)

Well, at least now Christian will be rightfully holding onto this belt. Sleazy as he is, Captain Charisma truly reigns as the Face of TNT, will Darby have to move on to a new goal? As for Luchasaurus, he sees Christian’s hand be raised, and then Christian hugs him? Well, when one wins, they both win, right? Christian has Luchasaurus lift him onto his shoulders, then Christian raises the belt high above his head. Will Luchasaurus ever be his own man? Er, dinosaur.


Backstage interview with The Don Callis Family.

Alex Marvez is with Konosuke Takeshita, Sammy Guevara and Don Callis himself, and says that the wrestling world is buzzing with what we saw on Rampage. Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho are united, along with Kota Ibushi, and challenged the DCF for WrestleDream! Don says it makes him sick just thinking about Omega and Jericho on the same side, when Don is the one who put them both on the map! And now, they’re name dropping Kota Ibushi. Ibushi is a wrestling legend, but his weakness is Kenny Omega. Kenny Omega loves Kota Ibushi, they are closer than brothers, and that kind of emotion makes them weak! They always have been!

Don isn’t worried. As great as Omega, Jericho and Ibushi are, Don has Sammy Guevara, who left Jericho laying. Don has Konosuke, “The Alpha,” who earned that name when he beat Omega twice in one week! And Don has another family member. This man beat Jericho and Omega in the course of two months, and that is WILL OSPRAEY! So you want WrestleDream to become a nightmare? Don doesn’t think so. Omega, Ibushi & Jericho will face the strongest Don Callis Family ever! See you in Seattle, where they finish it once and for all!!


Backstage interview with Christian & Luchasaurus.

Collision returns as Tony Schiavone congratulates the NEW TNT Champion. Christian says yes, every legitimate title defense has solidified him as the UNDISPUTED TNT Champion! He dedicates this victory to Nick Wayne’s mom, and Nick Wayne’s late father, who must’ve been cheering Christian on from Heaven. But anyway, Christian is finally finished with Darby once and for all, bring on the next challenger! Actually, Tony Khan just announced that Christian’s first defense will be at WrestleDream in Seattle. And it will be a classic match-up. They’ve gone back and forth, so this will be BEST 2 OUT OF 3 FALLS!

Christian is furious! He storms off to find Tony Khan, but will it matter? Will Darby finally have justice against Captain Charisma?


Hook & Rob Van Dam VS Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker w/ Jake Hager & Anna Jay!

The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil just beat the former Jericho Appreciation Society members last night in a Mixed Six Tag with help from his new friends. But now he joins forces with an old friend of his dad’s! Will Hook and RVD prove they’re a one of a kind team? Or will they underestimate the sports… enner-tay-ners?

The teams sort out and fans are fired up for RVD already. RVD lets Hook start against Daddy Magic, though, and fans still rally behind Hook. They tie up, Menard arm-drags, and Menard gloats. Fans boo but Hook resets with Menard. They tie up, Hook waistlocks, hammerlocks, and he trips Menard to a facelock. Menard fights up but Hook spins and hammerlocks and headlocks and hits the takeover! Hook then goes for an arm, but Menard fights against the top wristlock. Menard knees low, tags Parker, and Parker whips. Hook holds ropes, ELBOWS Parker back, but Anna trips Hook up! Parker CLOBBERS Hook and stomps away!

Fans boo, the ref reprimands, but Parker tags Menard. They double whip Hook to a corner, Parker whips so Menard can whip him into the corner but Hook dodges! Hook then wrenches Menard, and points to the corner! Fans fire up as Hook tags in RVD! RVD takes the handoff, he wrenches to a wristlock and fans rally up. RVD brings Menard around, arm-drags him away, but then Parker CLOBBERS RVD! Fans boo but Menard throws hands. Menard whips, RVD rolls off Menard’s back and body scissor roll-up! TWO, but RVD blocks a kick to WHEEL KICK! Parker kicks RVD, but RVD blocks the buckle bump and KICKS back!

RVD goes up to JUMP KICK! “You Still Got It!” RVD watches the ex-JAS regroup, but they get away before he can dive! So he just gets everyone to join in on a “ROB! VAN! DAM!” Hager throws a fit for his team, but Collision goes picture in picture.

RVD waits as Menard & Parker talk strategy. Menard slowly returns, talks some trash, and he seems to call out Hook. RVD obliges and tags Hook in. Hook and Menard circle, then Menard kicks low! Menard whips Hook into Parker’s boot! The ref reprimands but Menard stomps Hook around. Menard soaks up the cheers and jeers, and then distracts the ref so Parker can CHOKE Hook! RVD protests but Parker tags in to throw hands. Parker JABS, then whips Hook to DROPKICK him down! Cover, TWO! Hook is still in this while Collision goes to break.

Collision returns as Parker tags Menard. They double whip Hook but Hook holds ropes to KICK Menard and TOSS Parker! Menard rushes in but Hook TOSSES him out! Hook hurries but Parker intercepts with a tackle! Fans boo but Parker drags Hook away from RVD. Hook wrenches free, clinches, and hits the EXPLODER! Fans fire up while Hook and Parker are down! Hook crawls, Anna shouts at Parker to move, but Menard crawls in as fast as he can. Hot tag to RVD! RVD rallies on Daddy Magic! Then he SUPERKICKS Cool Hand Ange! WHEEL KICK for Menard! RVD runs, for the ROLLING THUNDER!

RVD covers but Menard kicks it apart! Fans boo Menard but he brings RVD up. Menard scoops, RVD slips free and blocks a kick to step over and WHEEL KICK! Fans fire up as RVD goes to a corner. But then Anna distracts the ref and Hager has a chair! RVD dodges to KICK the chair into Hager! Hook gets in Anna’s face, Parker storms up on him, but Hook turns it around, REDRUM!! RVD goes up, takes aim, FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!! Cover, #HookVanDam wins!

Winners: Hook & Rob Van Dam, by pinfall

Michigan’s own comes back home and wins big! Will RVD have one more title run in him? Will Hook’s newest run not be stopped?


Eddie Kingston speaks.

He has two titles to defend now, with the ROH World Championship in one hand and the NJPW Strong Openweight Championship in the other. And he knows WrestleDream is AEW’s love letter to the late, great Antonio Inoki. The Mad King wants to face the man who best embodies Inoki’s vision today, and that is Katsuyori Shibata. This won’t be just about the NJPW Openweight but also the ROH World title. He wants Shibata to bring his all because that’s what Eddie is gonna do. But then, will Eddie remain the two belt king? Or will we soon see The Wrestler become a TRIPLE CHAMPION?


The Dark Order speaks.

John Silver says, “This world has gotten outta control.” Alex Reynolds says it’s just too much, too fast, and it needs to stop. Evil Uno asks us who we will turn to “when it’s all done?” Happy music plays over destruction and desolation. “You need structure. You need rules. You need order. The Dark Order! Because The Dark Order is good! And we’re here for you!” Uno sneaks in some Italian, “But not forever.” Will you trust these creepy grins? Will you #JoinDarkOrder?


The Kingdom speaks.

Matt Taven says “Neck health is important!” Best Friends are a bunch of liars! When Trent hurt his neck, was Chuck by his bedside? NO! And now these Melvins wanna take away what The Kingdom earned, what they deserve, their shot at the ROH World Tag Team titles!? They will show these dorks what people who don’t celebrate neck health deserve! And Mike Bennett says Chuckie T got some of that last night. A punch to the wiener and a piledriver! So next Saturday is piledrivers in support of neck health! And then they will see how close Best Friends really are, how strong they really are. They aren’t stronger than The Kingdom, and they damn sure ain’t #NeckStrong!


Julia Hart w/ Brody King VS Kiera Hogan!

The Lady of the House was truly Hartless against Skye Blue last night, bringing out The Babe with The Power. However, Willow Nightingale was then attacked backstage to keep her from competing tonight! So Skye’s other friend is stepping up! Will the Hottest Flame burn this witch down? Or will the House always win?

The bell rings and Kiera rushes up to ROCK Julia! And again and again! The fans rally up as Kiera whips Julia into ropes, runs side to side and HIP ATTACKS! Kiera bumps Julia off buckles, waistlocks, but Julia bucks the O’Conner. Julia runs up to throw Kiera down by her hair! Fans rally, Julia stands on Kiera’s hair and pulls the arms! The ref reprimands, Julia steps off at 4 to then stomp Kiera down! Brody says to stay on her so Julia CLUBS away on Kiera! Julia kicks Kiera around, drags her up and SMACKS her off the mat! Julia stomps Kiera again, drags her back up, then snap suplexes! Julia grins as she then rains down fists!

The ref reprimands about closed fists so Julia lets off. To then let off with one more! Julia paces around Kiera, brings her up, but Kiera throws hands! Kiera ROCKS Julia, BOOTS her, then ROUNDHOUSES! Julia wobbles, Kiera runs in, but Julia spins Kiera for an STO! Standing MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Kiera is still in this but Julia is still on her with a chinlock! Kiera endures, fans rally up, and Kiera fights up. Kiera throws body shots, blocks a punch to give a punch, then ducks ‘n’ dodges to CLOBBER Julia! And again! Kiera runs in to SHOTGUN Kiera into the corner! Fans fire up as Kiera goes corner to corner, but Julia sends her into buckles!

Julia drags Kiera up to throw her by her hair again. Brody says keep on Kiera, so Julia whips her to a corner. BACK ELBOW! Julia grins as she snapmares, and then KICKS Kiera in the back! Julia drags Kiera up, SMACKS her off the mat, and then runs, to BLINDSIDER! Julia says the House always wins. HARTLESS STRETCH!! Kiera taps, Julia wins!

Winner: Julia Hart, by submission

A 25-0 win streak for The Lady of the House, but she isn’t satisfied! She puts Kiera back into HARTLESS!! But here comes Skye Blue! She was on the other end of this so she’s making the save now! But again, Julia hides behind Brody. But then Brody moves and Julia BLACK MISTS Skye!! Julia strikes again! Brody asks, “Do you see this? Do you see this!? This will not end! This violence will not end! 25 matches, over two dozen bodies stacked, and this will not end until we get to the one. The last loss! KRIS STATLANDER! Next Sunday, Seattle, Washington, WrestleDream, put your TBS title on the line. Or the body count continues to rise.”

But Julia wants Kris to understand: The House ALWAYS wins. Will the Galaxy’s Greatest look to end the streak? Or will the TBS Championship fade to black?


The Righteous speak.

Death walks. You dig what they’re saying? Ol’ Vincent & Dutch are pure, are divine, and are the corpse of decency nailed to a post of greed and moral decay, draped under the shadow of purity. But now they expose MJF & Adam Cole, and purify the lie that is “Better Than You, Baybay.” You dig what they’re sayin’, man?


Jay White w/ Bullet Club Gold VS Andrade El Idolo!

The Switchblade and his Bang Bang Gang called out The Face of Latino Wrestling, saying White’s reputation is more widespread than Andrade’s. Will White make Andrade famous for losing to him? Or will Andrade become famous for beating Jay White?

The bell rings and the fans already taunt the “ASS~ BOYS~!” White says this is Andrade’s moment in the spotlight! They tie up, go around, and Andrade powers White to the corner. The ref counts, Andrade lets off slowly, but White SLAPS him! White uses ropes as a defense and the ref backs Andrade off. White and Andrade reset, Juice is liking this, but then Andrade headlocks. Fans rally up, White endures the grind, and White powers up and powers out. Andrade runs White down, and then goes to run, but Juice is in the way! The ref reprimands but White knees Andrade! White headlocks and hits the takeover.

Juice and the Gunns shout “ARMAS ARIBA!” Andrade endures, fights up, and he powers out. White slides out, says to heck with it, but Andrade slides! White dodges, Andrade dodges back, and Andrade CHOPS White down! White sputters but Andrade puts him in the ring. Andrade climbs, leaps, CROSSBODY! Andrade bounces off the cover, but he drags White back up. BCG are worried as Andrade snap suplexes! Uno AMigo! Fans fire up as Andrade hits Dos Amigos! Andrade gets White up again, gives us some Latino Heat, then hits THREE- NO, White silps free and pulls hair! The ref rephrimands, they’re in the corners and Andrade HEADBUTTS!

White BOOTS back, goes up, but Andrade triangle jump DROPKICKS White to the floor! BCG hurry to check on their captain but Andrade goes out after him. Andrade puts White in, covers, ONE! Austin rubs it in, that was UNO! Andrade seethes but he drags White up. Andrade whips White to the corner, but White dodges the splash to clothesline and DDT! Cover, TWO! Andrade stays in this but White stays focused. White goes to the corner to CHOP! White RAMS into Andrade again and again, the ref counts but White lets off at 4. To then CHOP! White whips corner to corner but Andrade blocks to BOOT!

Andrade goes up but White CHOPS again! White fireman’s carries, to TKO HOTSHOT! And then White BLASTS Andrade down! Andrade hits railing, BCG swarm like a pack of hyenas, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Colten does a victory lap for White and White goes out to fetch Andrade. White brings Andrade around to SMACK him off the apron, then he pulls hair to APRON GOURD BUSTER! Andrade falls to the floor, Juice taunts him with a dance, and White flexes as he refreshes the ring count. White and the BCG all flex and pose, then White puts Andrade in the ring. Cover, TWO! Another cover, TWO! A third cover, TWO!! White is frustrated but the count is fair. White stalks Andrade to the ropes to CHOKE him and fishhook his face! The ref counts, White lets off, and Andrade CHOPS! And BOOTS! White blocks a boot to DRAGON SCREW!

White strums the air guitar to let Tanahashi know he’s thinking of him. Then he GROUND DRAGON SCREWS the same leg! Andrade writhes to the ropes but White wraps the bad leg around them! The ref reprimands, White lets off, and then White drags Andrade up to HALF HATCH into the corner! Then White gets the legs to high stack, TWO! Andrade is still in this and White is frustrated. White drags Andrade into a chinlock and he grinds Andrade down. But Andrade fights up as Collision returns to single picture! The fans rally, White grinds Andrade down again, but Andrade still endures.

Fans rally more as Andrade keeps fighting. White shakes his head but Andrade stands to throw body shots! White throws Andrade down by his hair! The ref reprimands but White storms back up, into a cradle! TWO!! White kicks the bad leg! Andrade falls and clutches that knee, but White sits him up. White CHOPS! Andrade sputters and White talks trash, but Andrade pie faces him! Andrade eggs White on so White CHOPS him! Andrade still eggs White on so White CHOPS! White finger guns, but Andrade dodges, DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Fans fire up as both men are down! The standing count starts and both men stir.

BCG coach White, White drags Andrade up, and “This is Awesome!” as they go forearm for forearm! Andrade CHOPS, White CHOPS! Andrade CHOPS, White wobbles and staggers, but White comes back to CHOP! Fans rally as the CHOPS just keep going! White kicks, Andrade blocks to DRAGON SCREW! And then DRAGON SCREW again! Andrade runs, ducks ‘n ‘dodges to CLOBBER White! Fans fire up but the BCG worries for White. Andrade kips up! El Idolo has plenty of gas left in the tank and he has White in a corner. Andrade goes corner to corner, for CIEN- NO, the BCG drags White out to safety. So Andrade goes up to ARIHARA MOONSAULT!!

Fans are thunderous as Andrade takes out the whole Bang Bang Gang! Andrade puts White in, climbs up again, and then MOONSAULTS, lands on his feet, DOUBLE MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! White survives and Andrade is frustrated, but the fans are loving this! Andrade looms over White, brings White up, and reels him in, White drops down but Andrade CLUB S him! Andrade full nelsons, White break sit to switch, but Andrade fights the sleeper! White CHOPS! And CHOPS! White runs, but into a BOOT! Fans fire up as White flops down. Andrade drags White up but White SAIDOS Andrade up and out of the ring!!

The ref hurries to check but Andrade is somehow able to continue. White drags Andrade up and into the ring, storms up on him, and clinches, for the URENAGE! Cover, TWO!?! White pushes that arm back down, TWO!!! Andrade survives but just barely! White clamps onto Andrade with a sleeper, brings him up, but Andrade fights the suplex. White staggers, blocks the boot, KNEE BREAKER! Andrade shouts about his leg, which has given him trouble in the past. But White CHOPS! And CHOPS! Both men hobble, but Andrade boot feints to ELBOW!! Cover, TWO!??! White survives and fans are loving this match all over again!

White and Andrade stir, then White crawls to a corner. Andrade stands, fires up and runs, CIEN SHADOWS!! Then the hammerlock, LA SOMBRA DDT!!! Cover, Juice helps White with the ROPEBREAK! Fans boo as BCG gets away with one! Andrade is beside himself, but he drags White around by a leg. Fans “WOO~!” as Andrade steps through! FIGURE FOUR! White endures, the “WOO~” echoes out, but White CLUBS away at Andrade’s leg! Andrade pushes up to the FIGURE EIGHT! The Ass Boys distract the ref so Juice can CLOBBER Andrade with his Cowboy of the  Month award!! White is free of the leglock!

White drags Andrade’s deadweight up to hit BLADERUNNER!!! Cover, White wins!

Winner: Jay White, by pinfall

Andrade being alone was doomed from the start with Juice and the Gunns backing White up! And then they all taunt Andrade while he’s down! Andrade takes his first AEW loss, but will he back for venganza? (Vengeance in Espanol.)


Ortiz speaks.

“All In, Wembley Stadium. Did to me what you’ve been doing to me the last 14 years of my life. You used me, then you walked away. Sure did have a lot to say on social media. Sure did have a lot to say on TV. And then when I confronted you… Called you over and looked you in your eyes, you walked away. Tough keyboard warrior. You did what you always do: You ran from your problems. Guess what? You’re not gonna be able to run much longer.” Will there be a clash of the proud ‘n’ powerful on the horizon?


Shane Taylor Promotions speaks.

Shane Taylor himself says that on paper, Shane Taylor VS Keith Lee may not seem like much of a rivalry. But Keith knows better, doesn’t he? They came into ROH at the same time, established “The Pretty Boy Killers” and DOMINATED the tag division. Lee Moriarty says to tell ’em! Shane says that from ANS to War Machine to The Briscoes, they took ’em all out! But then Keith went to go work for “the other billionaire,” while Shane stayed and became an ROH legend! The world got to see Keith be limitless, but now it is Shane’s time on the biggest stage! And the only thing standing in the way IS Keith.

Shane says if it is to feed his family, then he will put Keith in the GROUND! Before Shane takes everything Keith has, Keith must step in the ring with The Best Damn Technical Wrestler, Lee Moriarty. Will #TAIGASTYLE bring Keith down to size? Or will Moriarty #BaskInHisGlory?


AEW World Tag Team Championships: FTR VS The Workhorsemen!

The open challenge of opportunities continues as Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler give JD Drake & Anthony Henry their shot. But with WrestleDream and a rematch with Aussie Open on the horizon, will the Top Guys get caught off guard? Or will FTR be bringing the gold to Seattle?

Speaking of, Aussie Open is here! Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis are dressed to the nines and they join commentary to watch this one with their own eyes. The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who are the true Top Guys!

The teams sort out and Cash starts against Henry. They circle, feel things out, and Cash denies Henry a leg takedown. Henry comes back, gets around to a waistlock, but Cash fights up to facelock. Henry slips free, gets around again, facelocks again, and then gator rolls to hammerlock! Cash has the ROPEBREAK, and the two separate. They reset, circle, and tie up. Henry gets an arm to wrench it but Cash slips around to fireman’s carry takeover! Henry headscissors but Cash kips up. Henry wrenches, wristlocks, but Cash rolls, kips up and wrenches to WRING Henry out! Fans cheer but Henry keeps moving!

Henry kips up to then back drop, step over, and Oklahoma Roll! TWO, and Henry DROPKICKS Cash down! Henry drags Cash up, wrenches, tag to JD. They mug Cash, JD whips Cash toa corner but Cash avoids the chop! JD avoids a chop, and the two stare down. Tag to Dax, and fans rally up. Dax and JD step up, tie up, and Dax headlocks. JD powers out, Dax RAMS JD, but JD CHOPS! Fans fire up seeing how hard that one hit! JD puts Dax in the corner to CHOP again! JD eggs Dax on so Dax CHPOS! And CHOPS! AND CHOPS! Dax whips, JD reverses to atomic drop, then scoop and SLAM! FALLING HEADBUTT! Cover, ONE!!

JD keeps on Dax, bumps him off buckles, and CHOPS! Tag to Henry, and he runs to then come back and forearm smash! Tag to JD, feed to the LARIAT! NECK TWIST! SLINGSHOT SENTON! Cover, TWO! Dax hangs in there but JD looms over him. JD stomps Dax, throws hands, then tags Henry. The Workhorsemen CHOP and KICK and KICK and KICK! Dax snarls and eggs Henry on so Henry KICKS! Dax CHOPS! Henry KICKS! Dax CHOPS! They go back and forth, KICK and CHOP! Henry SOBATS, but Dax suplexes to a BRAINBUSTER! Both men are down and fans fire up again! Henry wobbles but he tags JD.

JD runs to swing on Cash but Cash dodges, only for the LARIAT to get him! JD keeps moving, SHINING WIZARD! Dax ends up in the Workhorsemen corner, and JD CANNONBALLS! Tag to Henry, Henry goes up, and JD tags back in. Henry DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS! Then Henry FLIES to take out Cash! JD is up< SCRAP METAL MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Dax survives being squashed and the fans lose their minds just from seeing it! But wait, Cash has Henry, GORY BOMB to the apron!! Dax runs up on JD but JD ROCKS him! JD goes up, to FLYING- POWERBOMB!! Step through into SHARPSHOOTER!!

JD endures, fans rally, but JD taps! FTR wins!

Winners: FTR, by submission (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

Aussie Open says okay, then it’s on! WrestleDream will mark the anniversary of the instant classic back at Royal Quest! Mark Davis gets a mic to say, “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!” The fans reply “OI OI OI!” Davis says congrats, and keep those belts bright. Because FTR is in the fight of their lives! Fletcher knows Aussie Open says it a lot, but FTR once said themselves that Aussie Open is the best tag team in the world today! And they’ve heard the complaints, “What happened to the Aussie Open that took FTR to the limit in a five star classic?” Well, they admit they haven’t lived up tot he hype, but that is why they challenged FTR to this match!

Aussie Open needs to prove to to the people, they need to prove it to FTR, and they need to prove it to themselves that they ARE everything they say they are! Dax has a mic to say yeah, okay. Aussie Open were sacrificial lambs to Max and his best friend. They were sacrificial lambs to Chris Jericho and his best friend. But what Dax wants from them, what he is begging them on his hands and knees, he wants the biggest, baddest bastards in the world, because on October 1st, WrestleDream, Aussie Open faces THE BEST TAG TEAM IN HISTORY! Fans cheer that! And Dax says if Aussie Open don’t bring that, then don’t even show up. #TopGuysOut.


Backstage interview with CJ Perry.

Lexi Nair is with Miro’s hot and flexible wife, and says this is the first time we’ve seen her since she surprised everyone at All In London, which was also the first time anyone in wrestling has seen her in two years. So the question is, why now? CJ says that The Redeemer, who she loves so much, has lost his way. She wanted to help him be champion again. But unfortunately, he’s rather preoccupied with the past and… temptations. But then in steps Miro! He says his only temptation is her. And her temptation is this: the lights, the cameras, the fame. It changes you. CJ says she loves the hustle, the puzzle, the chase, and helping those she loves! It makes her come alive!

Miro says his righteous path was to save “them.” And if CJ stays, that means he’d have to… To what? Save her? What were their wedding vows again? Well, they each have to do what they each have to do. They will each walk their own paths. But if there is any love in Miro’s heart for CJ, then please, do not lay a hand on any of her future clients she’s going to manage here. Okay? Can he promise that? Miro leaves without giving an answer. Will pro-wrestling come between husband and wife?


BREAKING NEWS for WrestleDream!

As if it wasn’t already big enough, the TBS Championship IS on the line! Kris Statlander is giving Julia Hart her shot, but will Mama Kris be the one running the house after October 1st? Plus, a massive Fatal 4 Way Tag match! The Young Bucks, The Gunns, The Lucha Brothers and #OrangeHook battle for an AEW World Tag Team Championship opportunity, any time they want it! Who will have some highly valuable golden tickets in their pockets?


Texas Death Match: Ricky Starks VS Bryan Danielson!

These two truly went all out in their Strap match, and while The American Dragon won, Ricky Starks holds to the fact he didn’t tap out, he passed out! Will that unstoppable fighting spirit help Starks win this even more brutal rematch? Or will this be an Absolute thrashing that puts this one to bed?

Starks attacks Bryan the moment he’s in the ring! The bell sounds and Starks fires off hands! Bryan gets up to hit Starks back, they scrap in the corner and Starks gets the edge! Starks stomps away on Bryan, stands him up, and CHOPS! And CHOPS! Starks throws body shots, UPPERCUTS, then goes up the corner to rain down fists! Fans count to five but Bryan DUMPS Starks out! Bryan builds speed to DIVE! Down goes Starks and fans fire up! Bryan finally gets his jacket off to drag Starks up and CROTCH Starks on railing! Bryan runs to CLOBBER Starks! Bryan then goes out after Starks and throws hands!

Bryan then hits Starks with someone’s drink! And RAMS him into the trash can! And then dumps the trash on Starks! Bryan goes after Starks with headbutts, going up the bleachers! Bryan KICKS and KICKS and KICKS! Fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan drags Starks up, ROCKS him with a left, then brings him along, only for Starks to send him into barriers! Starks RAMS Bryan into more barriers, then runs up, into a body shot! Bryan KICKS Starks against barriers, again and again and again! Fans fire up as Bryan then HEADBUTTS Starks and pushes him along back to ringside. Starks goes over the railing on his own but Bryan is after him!

Bryan HEADBUTTS, Starks CHOPS, then Starks TOSSES Bryan into the front row! The fans help Bryan up, as does security, but Starks goes to the apron. Starks springboards to CROSSBODY into the pile!! Fans lose their minds while Collision goes picture in picture.

Starks dumps Bryan back to ringside and then drags himself up and over. Starks stands Bryan up to CHOP! Bryan staggers away to commentary but Starks storms after him, Bryan SMACKS Starks off the desk! And CHOPS him against the desk! And again! And again! Bryan HEADBUTTS, and HEADBUTTS, and HEADBUTTS again! Bryan snarls, puts Starks in the ring, then storms up to get a leg. Bryan twists the ankle to turn Starks over, then he grabs the other leg. Bryan hooks the legs up, and he fishhooks Starks’ face! Then Bryan gets the arms, and pulls, pulls and pulls Starks into the ROMERO SPECIAL!

Starks endures, Bryan sets him down, and then Bryan drags Starks into the DRAGON SLEEPER as Collision goes to break!

Collision returns and Starks is clawing at Bryan’s face! Starks has a mic so everyone can hear him egging Bryan on. Then Starks dribbles Bryan’s face off the desk! Bryan’s forehead is busted open! Starks lets Bryan fall over, then throws hands right to the wound! Fans rally for Bryan and boo Starks, but Starks drags Bryan up to put in the ring. Starks drags Bryan to the corner, to YANK him into the post! Starks ROCKS Bryan, SLAMS the leg into the post, then ROCKS Bryan again! Starks uses the microphone to jam at the wound! Fans boo but Starks grabs a chair. Starks has Bryan’s leg, to SMACK  it against the post!

Bryan writhes away into the ring but Starks is after him. Starks CHOKES Bryan with the chair! Then Starks JAMS Bryan! Starks then traps Bryan’s leg inside the chair! Fans boo more as Starks goes up the corner! But Bryan gets free and he SMACKS Starks! And SMACKS him again! And again! And again! Starks is stuck up top and Bryan brings him up to throw hands! Bryan climbs up, brings Starks tot he very top, but Starks trips Bryan! Starks throws more hands, and BITES the bloody forehead! Starks SPITS, then he throws down fists! Fans tell Starks he’s sick, but he just does his pose! Only for Bryan to punch back!

Bryan adjusts, to SPIDER SUPERPLEX Starks down! Fans fire up as Bryan manages to sit up again! Bryan huffs ‘n’ puffs and adjusts position again, to MISSILE DROPKICK! Starks is sent tumbling into the other corner, and Bryan is getting a second wind! Starks sits up as the standing count starts, but Bryan KICKS him! And KICKS him! And KICKS! “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan winds up, to BUZZSAW! Fans fire up while Starks flounders. The standing count starts again but Starks grabs at the chair. Bryan is in the corner, aims and runs in, but Starks CHUCKS the chair into his face!! Fans boo as Bryan goes down!

Starks stomps Bryan, the standing count starts, and fans chant for tables. Starks brings Bryan up by his hair, mocks the “Yes! Yes! Yes!” while treating Starks like a rodeo horse, and Collision goes picture in picture again.

Starks drops a knee on Bryan! And then another! Starks goes out to look under the ring, ignoring the table, to then bring out a STRAP! Starks swings that around, he wants to continue where All Out left off. He LASHES Bryan, and LASHES him again, and again! Then Starks CHOKES Bryan with the strap! Bryan endures but Starks hits a STRAP BULLDOG! Starks lets off for the standing count to start, and Bryan is still floundering at 5 of 10. But Bryan rolls out of the ring to get back to his feet! Starks hurries out after Bryan but into a CHOP! Bryan UPPERCUTS, ROCKS, and then POSTS Starks! Starks falls over and Bryan staggers away.

Bryan’s crimson mask is growing but he can still see Starks. Bryan drags Starks by a leg, but Starks SMACKS Bryan with a steel chain! Bryan ends up back in the ring but still down for the standing count. Starks grins and gets in to wrap the chain around his fist. Starks aims to FULL METAL KNUCKLE! Collision returns to single picture as Bryan staggers, then drops to his knees. Starks swings again but Bryan dodges to ROUNDHOUSE! Starks staggers around, Bryan runs back in and CHOPS! Starks CHOPS! Bryan CHOPS! They throw hands and CHOPS, and then Bryan KICKS and KICKS! Starks blocks to SLAP, SLAP, and so on!

Fans fire up but Bryan dodges, only for Starks to SPEAR!! Starks roars, and he wraps the chain around Bryan’s neck! Just like Bryan did with the strap!! Starks bends Bryan back and squeezes tight! Bryan is fading, but he shakes his head! Bryan isn’t giving up, but he might pass out like Starks did! Bryan is purple!! Starks lets go, and he wants the count! The count begins, Bryans putters and stirs, but is still down at 5 of 10. Starks watches from the corner as we hit 8 of 10! Bryan rises up at 9, but Starks grabs the chain again! Starks squeezes tight, and then drags Bryan up into a HANGMAN’S GORY ESPECIAL!

Bryan kicks and goes to ropes! Bryan uses ropes to get up and over and get free!! Fans are thunderous but Starks is primed to run in! SPEAR into a takedown!! LEBELL LOCK!!! Starks flails, grabs the chain and he throws hands! But Bryan grabs that chain, to wrap it around Starks!! Starks freaks out as he relives All Out!! Starks is purple, and he passes out! The count starts, Bryan keeps on Starks with the chain, but Starks revives!? Starks powers up, powers out and he rains down fists!! Fans are thunderous, but Bryan just turns things around! Fans are even more fired up! Bryan lets off on Starks and both men rise.

Bryan HEADBUTTS! Starks throws a haymaker! HEADBUTT! Haymaker! HEADBUTT!! Both men flop over! Bryan shakes out the stars, “This is Awesome!” The count is 6 of 10, both men stand. Starks swings a chair, but Bryan dodges! Bryan returns to BUSAIKU KNEE through the chair!! Fans fire up again as Starks flounders. Bryan says it is time to kick Starks’ head in!! Bryan gets Starks’ arms, and he fires DRAGON STOMPS!! Again and again and again, and again and again and again! But Starks SPITS at Bryan! So Bryan just STOMPS him more!! Fans fire up, Starks checks his face but also has blood coming from his eyebrow.

Bryan backs off, brings down his kneepad, and he wraps the steel chain around his knee! Fans are loving “A E DUB!” for giving them this main event, and Bryan stares Starks up. Bryan runs in to FULL METAL KNEE!!! Starks is down, and the count begins! Bryan crawls away at 5 of 10, drags himself up at 8, and the count hits TEN! Bryan wins again!!

Winner: Bryan Danielson

Starks wanted revenge, but he only got another vicious fight and crushing defeat. Big Bill and Wheeler Yuta come out to check on their respective allies. Bill helps Starks stand, as does Yuta with Bryan. Yuta and Bill get at each other, but Starks has them all stand down. Is this Starks’ way of showing Bryan respect for the absolute war they just went through? And where does Starks go from here?

My Thoughts:

A great Collision here, and some more added to WrestleDream just as I was hoping. Julia had a good match with Kiera, she mists Skye, but instead of calling out Willow for a PPV match, she wants Kris and the TBS Championship. That will be a good match for WrestleDream but I feel like Kris wins that. Really good tag title match from FTR VS Workhorsemen but of course FTR wins so that their match with Aussie Open is now a title match. No idea who wins that but we all know it will be a match of the year contender. And I think something rather interesting is that Fatal 4 Way contenders tag match, and that detail about a title match “at any time.” Is a team going to win and then Money in the Bank those AEW tag titles away from whoever wins? Because that’d be awesome, actually.

Speaking of which, really fun tag match of Hook & RVD beating Menard & Parker. Of course Hook & RVD win, which helps give Hook & Cassidy momentum going into that WrestleDream Fatal 4. RVD is probably in AEW to be part of the fun, have more of these really good matches, but I can’t really say he is actually after another title reign of some kind. Then big stuff from Eddie Kingston, putting up TWO championships up in his match with Shibata. That’s one huge first defense for the ROH World Championship, but I would think Eddie retains. As awesome as it’d be to see one man with three singles titles, there’s no good story of Eddie losing the belts he worked so hard to have so soon.

Don Callis has a good promo in response to the Six Man Tag challenge, but of course Will Ospreay is the third man, even though I would’ve loved for them to bring in someone really good that really needs something to do. But whatever, Ospreay brings star power, and there is story here already where Ospreay’s faced all three men, Omega, Ibushi & Jericho. It’ll also be an awesome match with Ospreay in it, but I would think Jericho & The Golden Lovers win. It’d also be great if Daniel Garcia helped tip the scales in Jericho’s favor, completing the double turn of Garcia and Guevara and perhaps giving us Garcia VS Guevara.

Really good TNT Championship Triple Threat that was really a handicap match. While I was thinking Christian was going to force Luchasaurus to give him the win, Christian instead opportunistically takes the win from Darby in where he has to pin Luchasaurus. And yet we’re getting a Best 2 Out of 3 Falls match at WrestleDream. That will make WrestleDream even longer, but maybe that is where it all comes to a head with Nick Wayne being in this story. Great match from White VS Andrade, but of course Bullet Club Gold helps White win that one. I know there hasn’t been a lot of interaction between Andrade and La Faccion Ingobernable since Andrade turned Face, but this would be the time for LFI to show their new aggression while also helping Andrade against BCG.

And of course, a great Last Man Standing match in the main event. Oh, yeah, that was a Last Man Standing match they dressed up as Texas Death even though it wasn’t like we weren’t going to notice. Literally earlier this year, AEW Revolution, Hangman VS Moxley, THEIR Texas Death Match was Knockout, Standing Count or Submission/Verbal Forfeit. But I guess since they already played their hand of Starks taking a loss by fainting, meaning Starks would never tap out or say “I Quit,” they could only go with the KO/ten count finish. Still a great match, but I’m just a stickler for labeling things what they are, and this as Last Man Standing, not Texas Death. But I did like Starks having Bill stand down. Makes me think that Starks could be a future ally to the BCC.

My Score: 8.9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (9/22/23)




Rampage goes big for Grand Slam!

AEW doubles up on Rampage, and we see a massive Fatal 4 Way to determine #1 contenders to the ROH World Tag Team Championships!


  • Darby Allin & Sting VS Christian Cage & Luchasaurus; Darby & Sting win.
  • Mixed Six Match: Kris Statlander & OrangeHook VS Anna Jay, Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker; Kris & OrangeHook win.
  • ROH World Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way match: The Hardy Boyz VS The Righteous VS Best Friends VS The Kingdom; The Righteous win and will challenge MJF & Adam Cole for the titles at AEW WrestleDream.
  • AEW World Trios Championships: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn VS The Dark Order; The Acclaimed & Billy win and retain the titles.
  • Skye Blue VS Julia Hart w/ Brody King; Julia wins.
  • Mike Santana VS Dirty Bulk Bronson; Santana wins.
  • ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: The Mogul Embassy w/ Prince Nana VS The Hung Bucks;  The Hung Bucks win and become the new ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions.


Darby Allin & Sting w/ Nick Wayne VS Christian Cage & Luchasaurus!

The Relentless Icons won at All In London, but Captain Charisma’s complaint is that his Right Hand of Destruction was not his tag partner. Now that Christian and the TNT Champion are the legal men, will the result be different? Or will Darby be rolling into the “Triple Threat” title match tomorrow night on Collision?

Christian talks quick strategy with Luchasaurus, and they rush up to bait the Relentless Icons in! Christian ducks away from Sting but Darby gets right on Luchasaurus with a SLEEPER! Christian rushes in after all but Sting fires off on him first! Sting dribbles Christian off buckles! Luchasaurus pries free to THROW Darby! Sting TOSSES Christian out then pursues, and the bell finally rings. Luchasaurus runs at Darby but Darby dodges, Luchasaurus gets caught up on the ropes! Darby then runs to DROPKICK Luchasaurus down to the ramp! Sting sends Christian into steel steps while Darby DIVES into Luchasaurus!

Fans rally up as Darby stands Luchasaurus up, but Luchasaurus HEADBUTTS him down! Christian fights back on Sting but Sting ROCKS Christian! But Luchasaurus POSTS Darby! Darby falls to the floor, Nick calls to Sting. They check Darby, he is still breathing but very dazed from that rough landing. Sting helps Darby up, Darby hobbles over, and Darby says he’s okay. Darby slides in at 6 of 10 but Luchasaurus drags him over. Tag to Christian and Christian stomps Darby down! Christian CHOPS Darby, stalks him along the way, then CLUBS him down! Christian stands on Darby’s neck at the ropes, but lets off as the ref counts.

Darby sputters, Christian drags him up, and tag to Luchasaurus. They mug Darby, and Luchasaurus CLUBS Darby down! Luchasaurus scoops to SLAM Darby down! Luchasaurus snarls, whips Darby hard into the corner, and then tags Christian. Christian says he, or Luchasaurus, will be TNT Champion, but fans boo. Christian taunts Sting, goes back to Darby, and Christian brings Darby around. But Darby fights back with forearms! Darby whips, Christian reverses but Darby springboards to COFFIN SPLASH! Both men are down, Luchasaurus rushes in to BLAST Sting! Christian anchors Darby’s leg, then tags Luchasaurus.

Rampage goes picture in picture as Luchasaurus stands on Darby’s head! Luchasaurus then stomps Darby, stalks him to ropes, and clamps on. Luchasaurus CHOPS, then scoops, then carries Darby around, for a SWINGING SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO! Darby hangs tough, but Luchasaurus brings him up. Christian tags in, they mug Darby more, and then Christian stands on Darby’s face! The ref counts, Christian steps off to snapmare Darby and neck wrench! Darby endures, but Christian claws his face! The ref reprimands, Christian lets off, and then sits Darby up just to claw his face again!

Darby fights up, throws elbows, then runs, but into an ELBOW! Rampage returns to single picture as Christian covers, TWO! Christian grows annoyed but he drags Darby up and tags Luchasaurus. They mug Darby more, and then Luchasaurus hauls Darby up. Darby pries the hand away from his throat, but Luchasaurus ROCKS him! Luchsasurus shakes out his hand, choke grips and JURASSIC- NO, Darby lands out! But Christian HOTSHOTS Darby! Into the JURASSIC CHOKE SLAM!! Cover, but Sting breaks it! Fans rally but Luchasaurus tags Christian. Christian goes up to DIVING FLOP as Darby moves!

Darby and Christian crawl as fans fire up! Both men stand, Darby sunset flips but Christian stays up! So Darby lets off, hot tag to Sting! Sting rallies on Christian! Fans fire up, Sting whips but Christian kicks back! Sting just beats his chest! SPINEBUSTER! Luchasaurus runs in but gets fast hands! Sting backs Luchasaurus down into the corner! Christian runs in but is send into Luchasaurus! Sting runs to STINGER SPLASH them both! SCORPION DEATH DROP on Christian! Darby fires off on Luchasaurus! Then feeds him to the dragon sleeper! Darby goes up, SCORPION COFFIN DROP COMBO!!

Christian stagger sup, into a SHOTGUN from Darby! Darby snarls, Sting SPLASHES Luchasaurus! The ref is distracted, Christian pokes Darby in the eyes! Christian chicken wings and turns Darby but Nick distracts him! Darby then rolls Christian up to jackknife bridge! The Relentless Icons win!!

Winners: Darby Allin & Sting, by pinfall

Fans cheer as the Prodigy of Rain City gets one over on Captain Charisma! But Christian glares at Nick. Will the jokes about Nick’s mom stop for something far more serious, and dangerous? Or will this all be a distraction in tomorrow night’s glorified handicap match?


Mixed Six Match: Kris Statlander & OrangeHook VS Anna Jay, Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker w/ Jake Hager!

The Galaxy’s Greatest reunites with her best friend, as well as a new friend! Freshly Squeezed joins forces with the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil, will their less talk more rock combination help Mama Kris put the Star of the Show, Daddy Magic and Cool Hand Ange to bed?

The trios sort out and the FTW Champion starts against Menard. The two circle as fans rally up, and Menard talks trash. “You wanna taste?! I don’t think so!” Then Menard tags in Parker! Parker and Hook circle, but then Parker tags Menard. Anna applauds, but Hook TOSSES Parker, then SAYANAGIS Menard! REDRUM!! Menard scrambles and tags to Anna! Hook obeys the rules and lets off of Menard, and also steps aside so Kris can step in. Fans fire up as the TBS Champion and Anna circle. Anna kicks low, but Kris blocks the whip! Then Kris hip tosses Anna away! Fans fire up as Kris flexes, but Anna dodges the splash to LEG LARIAT!

Anna wrenches and HOOK- NO, Kris blocks the kick to suplex! Kris holds Anna up and fans fire up, for the SLAM! Kris kips up and flexes again! Parker storms in, the ref steps him, but that’s a distraction so Hager can CLOBBER Cassidy! Kris gets distracted and Anna SUPERKICKS her down! Tag to Parker while Hook backs Hager down. But Menard CLOBBERS Hook now! And then Menard RAMS Hook into railing! Fans are torn as Menard drags Hook up to put in the ring. Parker drags Hook up to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Parker drags Hook back up to throw hands! Parker reels Hook in to hit a BIG back suplex!

Parker scuffs Hook, tags Menard, and they coordinate to BACKBREAKER and RUNNING KNEE! Cover, TWO! Fans are torn as Menard talks more trash, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Menard stands Hook up, but Hook pushes him back to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Menard wobbles but he kicks back, and whips him hard into a corner! Hook falls and the former JAS soak up the heat. Menard stomps Hook, sucker punches Cassidy, then stomps Hook more! Menard drags Hook up to whip him hard into the ex-JAS corner. Tag to Parker, they stomp away on Hook, then soak up more heat. Parker scuffs Hook at the ropes, mocks Cassidy’s “devastating” kicks, then stands Hook up. Parker whips, then DROPKICKS! Cover, TWO! Hook hangs in there but Parker drags him up and reels him in. But Hook back drops him away!

parker hurries to drag Hook over and tags in Menard. Menard stomps Hook, kicks him around, then drags him up. Hook throws body shots, but Menard whips him hard into another corner! Menard drags Hook up again, CHOPS him against the ropes, then talks some trash. Menard CHOPS again, fires haymakers, but Hook hits back! And again! And again! But Menard SMACKS Hook down! Menard soaks up the cheers and jeers as Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns as Menard & Parker double whip Hook, but Hook ducks the double clotheslines to DOUBLE LARIAT! Fans fire up as Hook hurries over, hot tag to Cassidy! New York goes nuts as Cassidy bumps Parker off buckles, bumps Menard off buckles, then repeat! Cassidy climbs up, takes aim, but both Menard & Parker turn around! So Cassidy hops down, to put his hands in his pockets! Cassidy dodges double clotheslines to then DOUBLE SHOTGUN! And kip up! Cassidy builds speed to then DIVE onto Hager! Payback on Big Hurt! Cassidy runs in, tilt-o-whirls but Menard blocks! Parker joins in, but Hook saves Cassidy from the double suplex!

Hook CLUBS Parker & Menard, helps Cassidy, but then Anna CLUBS #OrangeHook! Anna adds on, but then so does Kris! Kris & OrangeHook TRIPLE SUPLEX the ex-JAS!! Fans are thunderous and Cassidy throws off the elbow pad! ORANGE- NO, Parker gets under! Feed to the drop toehold, BOOYAH ELBOW! Cassidy gets a taste, but Hook hits a T-BONE on Parker! And a T-BONE on Menard! Fans fire up again as Hook T-BONES Parker onto Menard! Anna is furious, but the ref has to keep her back! Hager gets up to CLOBBER Hook!! Fans boo but Cassidy hits an ORANGE PUNCH on Hager!! Anna is still distracting, then she jumps on Cassidy! QUEENSLAYER!

But Kris pries Anna off Cassidy into an Electric Chair Lift! Anna freaks out, Cassidy intercepts Parker to feed to Hook’s REDRUM!! Kris SLAMS Anna down! Menard falls, ORANGE PUNCH for Parker!! Cover on Parker, OrangeHook & Kris win!

Winners: Kris Statlander & OrangeHook, by pinfall

A great win for the TBS Champion, the FTW Champion and Freshly Squeezed! Will this momentum carry them all through into WrestleDream?


It’s an all new QTV.

Harley Cameron asks if they wanna see her impersonation of a hot dog. Uh, sure. Harley just goes rigid. Huh. What does Joe Blow think? Uh- Johnny TV springs on the scene and says they must’ve had a great time in Montreal. Wait, Solo wasn’t invited to that. Oh, uh, that sucks. But let’s rrrroll the footage! Harley says this is awkward, but that only works when she asks for it. “RRRRRRROLL~ the footage, gov’nah!” Footage rolls of QT Marshall defending his title in Lutte Academie, the French Canadian wrestling indie. QT pounded that guy’s ass like a turkey! Oh, hey, nice sunglasses, Solo! Remember the handshake? Hecc yeah!

They do the shake, blast off, and then QT texts! He needs a tag partner for next week! Someone with fresh breath, long hair, and has known for a long time. Someone he can trust not matter what. Solo says that’s him! It has to be! No, bro, that’s Johnny! Gotta go, see you next week. Awkward… But will the combined powers of QT & Johnny be unstoppable?


Tony Schiavone is in the ring.

And he says that after Dynamite, this guy has a lot to answer for. Though, we already knew he was a snake in the grass. Ladies and gentlemen… Don Callis. Fans boo as the patriarch of the Don Callis Family walks out with “The Alpha,” Konosuke Takeshita and goes to the ring. Schiavone has to admit, Callis is many times a step ahead, and he is eating up how the fans all around the world just HATE him! Schiavone says Callis deserves all of it. Callis takes the mic and fans boo as he says just wants to say… “A few weeks ago, the wrestling world was abuzz! The wrestsling world was abuzz at my so-called pursuit of Chris Jericho.

“I didn’t end up with Jericho, but I ended up with the man I really wanted, the newest member of the Don Callis Family… SAMMY! GUEVARAAA~!” The fallen Spanish God makes his way out now, dressed to impress. Fans boo more as Sammy joins his “family” in the ring. Sammy soaks up all the heat, but Schiavone asks, “You actually call this man family?” Sammy says he can’t hear Schiavone, but that might be from all the booing. Sammy tells Don, “Believe it or not, I hated you. I hated you for a long time.

“I hated you almost as much as they hated you. And it’s because this whole time, I thought you were trying to rip apart my family. But really, you were just trying to show me I never really had one. Until now!” They hug and fans boo more. Sammy says why did he betray Jericho on Wednesday? The reason is because for the past four years, he has been holding Sammy back! Jericho has taken Sammy for granted, just like all the fans have! Fans boo more but Sammy says yeah, yeah, yeah. Last year, it was “F YOU SAMMY!” Earlier this year, it was “LET’S GO, SAMMY!” Well Sammy is done with such fickleness! He doesn’t need the fans!

Sammy is done trying to earn the fans’ love. He has a hot, hot wife, a beautiful baby girl and a fat bank account! Fans boo Sammy but Sammy says Jericho is DEAD to him, and never wants to see him again! But wait! Judas plays and fans fire up! Jericho is here, and he rushes the DCF! Jericho DECKS Konosuke, ROCKS Sammy, fires off on Konosuke again to TOSS him out, then he ROCKS Sammy! Sammy scurries away but Callis CLUBS Jericho! Jericho scowls at Callis and fans say Callis F’d up now! But Konosuke returns to SMACK Jericho with a chair! And again! And again! And again!!

Fans boo but then Sammy has Konosuke stop. Because Sammy takes the chair to SMACK Jericho now! And again! And again!! Sammy unleashes that resentment and rage! Konosuke drags Jericho up, Sammy helps, and Callis tells Jericho this is what he gets! Callis throws punches, but hurts his own hand! So he brings out the SCREWDRIVER!! Fans freak out, but here comes KENNY OMEGA!! The Cleaner is back, with a metal pipe!! Omega runs the DCF off and fans are thunderous! Jericho staggers up to his feet and he bumps into Kenny. Both men are on guard, but upon seeing who it is, Jericho cools off.

Omega drops the pipe, and he nods before leaving. Will Omega and Jericho see that the enemy of their enemy is truly a friend in the fight against the treacherous, disgusting and conniving Don Callis?


Rampage returns as Alex Marvez finds Kenny Omega.

Marvez says Omega and Jericho, in the same ring together, working together against Don Callis! Kenny stomps Marvez there. Do they really think Kenny did any of that for Jericho? That he cares about Jericho? This is bigger than Jericho! This is about Kenny taking care of Callis. But then Jericho walks over. Jericho tells Kenny that he says this once: he appreciates Kenny making that save, but he also knows the reason it happened. Just as Kenny was saying, this is not about them becoming friends. This entire company was based on the Omega VS Jericho rivalry. But now, something that Callis never thought would happen: Jericho and Omega are UNITED in taking Callis out!

The match Callis put together in Tokyo, it is now a nightmare come to life. And as far as Sammy goes, he is the real Judas. But so Jericho suggests they team up for real and take out the Don Callis Family, at WrestleDream! Omega tells Callis that he stabbed Omega in the back, betrayed his best friend in Jericho, and threatened someone Kenny loves in Kota Ibushi. That scar on Callis’ head that he blames on Omega, after they’re done with him, Callis will look like Freddy Krueger. WrestleDream, October 1st, will become a Wrestle Nightmare. DCF VS Jericho, Omega and Ibushi! Who you got?! They’ll be waiting.


ROH World Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way match: The Hardy Boyz VS The Righteous VS Best Friends VS The Kingdom!

All teams with history in ROH, all teams with history with the tag titles, but only one team gets to go on to their WrestleDream against MJF & Adam Cole. Will Matt & Jeff DELETE the competition? Will Dutch & Vincent bring about an Autumn Sunset? Will Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta get a shot at finally becoming champions? Or will Mike Bennett & Matt Taven go after the men that (emotionally) hurt Roderick Strong?

In this Fatal 4 Way, only two teams are legal at a time, so the ref calls for them to sort things out. But then tensions build between old rivals in Best Friends and The Kingdom, as well as new rivals in The Hardys and The Righteous. The ref can sense where this is going, and he rings the bell right as the brawl begins! Taven has Trent, Mike has Chuck, Dutch has Matt (Hardy) and Vinnie has Jeff! Then The Kingdom and Righteous put Best Friends and Hardys up top, fire off more hands with them, but then Best Friends and Hardys knock The Righteous and Kingdom down! Four corner V1! QUADRUPLE AX HANDLES!

The Hardys give thumbs up to Best Friends, and then Best Friends offer it. But the group hug is denied! Fans boo as The Hardys are sent outside, followed by Best Friends. Mike RAMS Chuck into railing, Dutch builds speed, but the KICK OF THE KING takes him down! Taven builds speed to FLY! He takes down The Righteous and Hardys! Trent gets in the ring and fans fire up! Trent builds speed, but Chuck stops him! They HUG! You GOT to give the people what they want! The Best Friends then BLAST The Kingdom, and they DOUBLE TOPE to take everyone out! Fans are thunderous as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Best Friends put Taven in, Matt Hardy is after him, and he ROCKS Taven with a forearm. And another! Taven drops to a knee, Hardy bumps him off buckles! “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” The ref counts, Hardy finishes up, and fans rally. Hardy drags Taven up, brings him around, tag to Jeff. The Hardys double whip, then double ELBOW, and then FIST DROP SENTON COMBO! Cover, TWO! Jeff drags Taven up, snapmares, and basement dropkicks! But then Chuck tags in off Jeff! Tag to Trent and Best Friends get Taven up. Forearm and SOLE FOOD HALF ‘N’ HALF! Mike shouts at Trent but Trent keeps his focus on Taven.

Trent runs in at the corner to BACK ELBOW! Then Trent keeps moving, but Taven ducks and sends Trent out! Mike YANKS Trent down to BOSTON BAYONET! Mike mocks Jeff’s dance moves, but then backs off as the Hardys step to him. Taven then CLOBBERS Trent! Taven puts Trent in the ring, stalks him, and keeps him from Chuck. Trent anchors a leg, tags Mike, and Mike CLAWS Trent’s eyes! The ref reprimands but Mike again mocks Jeff. Mike drags Trent up, bumps him off buckles, and CHOPS him down! Mike then BOOTS Trent, stands him back up, and snap suplexes! Cover, TWO! Trent hangs tough but Mike tags Taven.

The Kingdom gets Trent up, feed to a BOOT, then a FOREARM, then Taven goes up. Trent ducks and the MISSILE DROPKICK hits Mike! Taven panics, apologizes, and Rampage returns to single picture. The Kingdom keeps Trent from Chuck! Then they DECK Chuck! Trent BOOTS Mike, dodges Taven and TORNADO DDTS! Fans fire up while Trent and Taven are down. Vinnie reaches out to tag off his old enemy, and Hardy tags off Trent. Hardy rallies on Vinnie, then hits a SIDE EFFECT! Cover, ONE!! Tag to Jeff, the Hardys whip Vinnie to BOOT, JAWBREAKER, and then NECKBREAKER! Jeff SPLASHES down, covers, TWO!

Jeff wrenches to CLUB Vinnie’s arm. Tag to Matt, they mug Vinnie, and then double whip. Dutch runs in but is sent into Vinnie! Matt sets up, Jeff runs, POETRY IN MOTION! Matt tags Jeff back in, and Jeff hits an atomic drop, then the leg splitting leg drop! Basement dropkick to add on! And an elbow drop! Cover, Dutch breaks it! Jeff kicks Dutch but no Twist yet! BOSS MAN SLAM! Taven ENZIGURIS Dutch! Vinnie ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl and RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Mike whips Vinnie but Vinnie BOOTS! Vinnie ROCKS Mike, feeds him to a BOSS MAN SLAM! Matt Hardy runs in but into a BOSS MAN SLAM!!

Chuck sneaks a tag off Jeff Hardy, Trent BUSAIKU KNEES Vinnie! Trent runs but Dutch catches him! Trent slips free of the Boss Man Slam to feed Dutch to a SEXY CHUCKY KNEE! Then a GERMAN SUPLEX! Taven runs in to BOOT Trent! “That’s for Adam Cole, ya dummy!” But Taven turns around into a SUPERKICK from Chuck! Chuck drags Taven up, wrenches, but Mike stops Sole Food! Taven distracts the ref, Mike PUNCHES CHUCK IN THE WIENER!! Mike reels Chuck in, Taven goes up, HAIL MARY!! Cover, TRENT BREAKS IT! Fans fire up as Jeff tags in off Taven! Taven is furious but Jeff gives Chuck a TWIST OF FATE!

Jeff throws his shirt off! Jeff goes up a corner, but Vinnie tags in off Jeff! SWANTON BOMB on Chuck, but Dutch drags Jeff out! Vinnie SWANTON BOMBS!! Cover, The Righteous win!!

Winners: The Righteous, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contenders to the ROH World Tag Team Championships)

Fans don’t like it, but Vinnie snipes this one, and now he and Dutch will face MJF & Cole in Seattle! Will The Righteous expose the false friendship for what it is? Or will the brochachos continue to prove they are Better Than You Baybay?

Wait, Taven RAMS Trent into railing! He is furious that he and Mike lost! Mike CHOKES Chuck with a chair! Taven SMACKS Trent with a chair! They are violating their PSAs about neck health by endangering the neck health of Best Friends! Mike SMACKS Chuck off a chair! Fans boo while The Kingdom storms off, what will it take for the OGK to finally get back to the ROH World Tag titles?


Mike Santana speaks.

“Now it’s time for you to understand what this all truly means to me. Going away for this injury was the easy part. Handling what goes on in here (the heart) and up here (the mind) was the hard part. That was the true test. I spent 30 DAYS staring out a treatment center window, wondering just where my life went. And I realized I’ve survived way too damn much to just piss it all away. And here I am, for the world to see. And I’m hungrier than ever. Everybody is food. You get in between me and my money, I will put you down. You get in between me and feeding my daughter, I put you down.

“And realize this: Whether it’s here, whether it’s anywhere, I’m gonna get mine. If you don’t like it, you fight me or fire me! But you have two options: Either get down, or lay down.” There is a fire raging inside Mike Santana, will he use it to blaze a trail to the top of the mountain?


AEW World Trios Championships: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn VS The Dark Order!

While everyone loves the diss tracks and the scissor fingers and the bright colors, it would seem Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds & John Silver would have us believe Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Daddy Ass are the bad guys in all this. But if they’re the heroes of this story, does that mean the Dark Order will prevail? Or will they fail to end the Scissoring World Tour?

But speaking of a diss track…! “Acclaimed on the mic, and it sounds so pretty. Damn it feels good to be in New York City! Oh my God, the Dark Order! The number one cure for a sleep disorder! The group is smaller than I remember. Now we gotta fight against the three worst members! And we beat you down proper. Have all y’all laid up like Aaron Rodgers.” Ouch… But Bowens takes the mic to shout, “NEW YOOORK CITAAAAY~! The Acclaimed have arrived! Scissor me, Daddy Ass~!” And he does! But will those scissors cut down The Dark Order before they ever rebuild?

The trios sort out and Caster starts against Reynolds. The fans rally up and sing “OH~ Scissor Me Daddy~!” Caster and Reynolds circle, tie up, and go around. Reynolds waistlocks, throws Caster down, then pulls on an ear to get a headlock. Caster fights up, throws body shots, and then headlocks back. Reynolds powers up and out, but Caster runs him over! Caster says “SUCK IT!” then runs, but Reynolds hurdles. Caster BACKHANDS Reynolds! And says “SUCK IT!” again! Reynolds runs in, but into an arm-drag! Caster keeps on the armlock but Reynolds fights up. Reynolds puts Caster in the corner and Silver tags in.

Uno pulls Caster’s hair to keep him in the corner, the reprimands, but Silver & Reynolds mug Caster! The ref counts, Silver lets off to say “I’m freakin’ jacked, baby!” But Caster fights back and RAMS Silver into the corner! Tag to Bowens and he kicks Silver. Silver shoves Bowens but Bowens fires off haymaker after haymaker after haymaker! Self-scissor and Bowens DECKS Silver! “EVERYONE loves The Acclaimed!” Tag to Billy, he and Bowens double whip to double ELBOW! They wind up, and scissor before the ELBOW DROP! Billy then scoops to SLAM Silver! Tag to Caster, they hold Silver open as Bowens goes up!

SCISSOR ME- NO, Reynolds HOTSHOTS Bowens down! Uno DECKS Billy, BOOTS Caster, and then Reynolds RAMS Bowens into railing! Uno drags Billy out to POST him! Silver STRADDLE ATTACKS then GERMAN SUPLEXES Caster! Bridging cover, TWO! The Dark Order regroup, to mock the scissor fingers! Fans boo but Silver looms over Caster. Silver bumps Caster off buckles as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Silver tags Reynolds, they mug Caster, then Reynolds brings Caster around for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Caster hangs tough but Reynolds grinds his forearm into Caster’s face! The ref reprimands, Reynolds lets off at 4, then he tags Uno. Reynolds bumps Caster of Uno’s boot, then Uno CHOPS Caster! Uno scoops to BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Uno argues with the ref, but then drags Caster back up. Uno brings Caster around, but Caster fights his way towards his corner! Caster reaches out but Uno turns him for a NECKBREAKER! Uno drags Caster up as Rampage returns to single picture, and bumps him off more buckles.

Uno tags Silver, and Silver snapmares Caster. Silver KICKS Caster in the chest! Silver taunts Bowens & Billy, but backs off to then drag Caster up. Silver KICKS Caster down, then he taunts Bowens & Billy again. Silver stands Caster up but Caster throws hands! But Silver gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Caster ends up in the Dark Order corner and Uno tags in. Uno stomps a mudhole into Caster, but lets off as the ref counts. Uno gets in the ref’s face, and that allows Silver to CHOKE Caster! Fans boo but Uno drags Caster up. Fans rally but Reynolds tags in, the Dark Order mugs Caster. Silver says Dark Order freakin’ rules!

Reynolds CLUBS Caster, stands on his face, and says the Dark Order claw is a real hand sign! Reynolds stomps Caster, drags him up, and then bumps him off buckles. Tag to Uno, and Uno CHOPS Caster! Tag back to Reynolds, and Uno keeps Caster stuck so Reynolds can run and ELBOW! Uno SPLASHES, then short arm LARIATS! Reynolds covers, TWO! Fans rally for Caster as he crawls, but Reynolds intercepts to scissor finger with him! Then Reynolds sucker punches Bowens! The ref keeps Billy back, but then Caster back drops! Reynolds sunset flips but Caster sits on it, TWO! Reynolds hurries up, but Caster hot tags Billy!

Fans fire up as Daddy Ass starts whooping some ass! Billy TOSSES Uno, TOSSES Silver, then back drops Reynolds! Fans fire up more as Billy says “SUCK IT!” FAMOU- NO, Reynolds sips out to ROLLING ELBOW! Billy drops to a knee and Reynolds shouts “Suck this, Billy!” Reynolds runs, but into a LARIAT! Tag to Bowens! Bowens drags Reynolds but Reynolds cradle counters! TWO!! Reynold swings but Bowens spins him for the Five Tool Strike Fest! SUPERKICK knocks Reynolds down! Fans fire up as Bowens tags Caster. The ARRIVAL, and then the MIC DROP! Cover, Silver shoves Bowens down to break it!

Silver BOOTS Bowens out, distracts the ref with the arguing, and Uno has a title belt! Uno aims, BELT SHOT on Caster!! Uno gets away with the evidence, Reynolds covers, TWO?!?! Caster survives and Uno is furious! But Billy CLOBBERS Uno! Silver CANNONBALLS Billy! Reynolds hauls Caster up, he and Silver start up the WOMBO COMBO! But Caste turns Stunner into FAMOUSER! Bowens POSTS Silver, crotch first! Bowens tags in and the Acclaimed get Reynolds up! Double trophy lift, into an ORANGE CRUSH!! Cover, Acclaimed win!!

Winners: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn, by pinfall (still AEW World Trios Champions)

The Dark Order showed their true colors with trying to cheat this one, and the Scissor World Tour continues! But will Uno, Reynolds & Silver try again? Or will Caster, Bowen s& Daddy Ass move on to bigger and better?


Skye Blue VS Julia Hart w/ Brody King!

Chicago Skye got a great Six Woman Tag win last night in ROH, but now she is back to fighting for herself. Will she be able to shine in the darkness? Or will the House always win?

The bell rings and the two stare down. Fans rally up as the hats come off, and then the two slowly circle. They approach but Julia dodges. Julia smirks but Skye rolls her eyes. They reset and Julia offers a handshake. Skye is wary, but she still accepts. And then Julia reels Skye in to whisper something to Skye? Skye gets mad but Julia SLAPS her first! Skye fires off forearms! Fans fire up but Julia shoves Skye. Skye blocks a kick to KNEE Julia! Skye runs up to reel Julia in, snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Skye drags Julia up and fireman’s carries, but Julia fights free to waistlock. They go to ropes but Skye turns O’Conner into a crossbody! Cover, TWO!

Skye hurries to smack Julia off buckles! Skye swaggers, runs corner to corner, but Julia trips her into buckles! And throws her down by her hair! Julia kicks Skye around, then rains down fists! Fans boo but Julia scowls, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Julia stomps Skye around, CLUBS her down, then CLUBS her again! Julia clamps on a chinlock and she stretches Skye back. Skye endures, reaches out, so Julia throws her down. Julia stomps Skye, drags her up and bumps her off buckles. Julia SLAPS Skye, then CHOPS her! Skye flounders along the ropes but Julia brings her up to whip and CLOBBER her! Julia paces around while Skye writhes. Julia drags Skye up, CLUBS her, then stomps her down. Julia scuffs Skye around, drags her up and SLAPS her again! Skye flounders to a corner, but Julia fires off forearms! Julia digs her boots in but lets off as the ref counts.

Skye sputters but Julia stands her up. Julia whips Skye corner to corner hard, then runs in, only to get buckles! Skye schoolgirl bridges, TWO! Julia KICKS Skye down! And CLUBS her! Julia chinlocks to grind Skye down to the mat, but Skye endures as Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Skye SLAPS Julia! Julia SLAPS back! Skye fires off forearms! Fans fire up with Skye, then she whips. Julia holds ropes but Skye SHINING WIZARDS! Snapmare and then SUPER- NO, Julia blocks the kick but not the BASEMENT ROUNDHOUSE! Cover, TWO! Julia hangs tough but fans rally up. Skye goes to the corner and she climbs up. Julia staggers, and she trips Skye! Julia goes up to throw hands but Skye hits back! Julia CLUBS Skye but Skye ROCKS Julia! Julia sits on the ropes but she fights with forearms! Skye ROCKS Julia again and Julia leans way back! But Julia sits up, SPIDER SUPERPLEX!

Fans fire up as Julia hangs upside-down like a bat! Then she hops down to MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Julia grows frustrated but Brody says to end this! But Skye covers! TWO, Julia has the ghost pin, TWO! Skye full nelsons but Julia powers out to ROCK Skye! And SUPERKICK! Julia runs to BLINDSIDER! “The House always wins.” HARTLESS!! Skye taps, Julia wins!

Winner: Julia Hart, by submission

Julia is undefeated on the year, but she isn’t done! She puts Skye back into HARTLESS!! Skye taps more, the ref reprimands, but Julia makes her suffer! Wait! Here comes Willow Nightingale! The Babe with the Power is Skye’s friend, and she makes the save! Julia scurries away to hide behind Brody. Julia wags her finger and has a sinister little smile. Is the Lady of the House going to target the 2023 Queen of Harts?


Bullet Club Gold speaks.

Colten Gunn busts out the Espanol, bringing up how tomorrow night on Collision, Jay White is going to wrestle Andrade. Austin says you gotta roll those R’s more. It’s “Andrrrade El Idolo~!” Juice shows off his “rrrrrr~~” and then Jay White walks over. He loves it when you get Juice purring. But no, boys, it is Andrrrade El Iiidolooo~! Oooh~! But see, the thing is, White is familiar with Andrade. A world class athlete who has traveled the world over. But White knows Andrade. They met in 2015 in Japan. Andrade didn’t know White, probably doesn’t even remember, but why would he?

But Andrade knows him now as The Switchblade, Jay White. The WORLD knows Jay White, just like the world knows the Bang Bang Gang, Bullet Club Gold, #TopShelfGunns! And Andrade El Idolo, you want the world to know your name and ask for his name in the same breath as White’s. Well lucky for Andrade, tomorrow night on Collision, Michigan will know your name when Jay White BEATS Andrrrade El Idolo~! And then his moment in the spotlight ends with two words: ARMAS ARRRRRIBAAAA!! BCG is guaranteeing a “GOALLLL~!” but will they be the ones learning a thing or two?


Mike Santana VS Dirty Bulk Bronson w/ The Iron Savages!

We’ve heard the story and we’ve heard the warnings, but time to see it in action! Will the Bronx Boricua Badass burn down his beefy ‘n’ bulky opponent?

The bell rings and fans rally up as Santana circles with Bronson. Santana gets on the corner to soak up all the energy coming from the crowd. Then he ties up with Bronson, they go around, and Bronson puts Santana in a corner. Santana turns it around, the ref counts and Santana lets off, but Bronson ROCKS him! Bronson then storms up to fire off hands! Bronson bumps Santana off buckles, fires off haymakers, but the ref counts. Bronson says he’s gonna BUST~! But Santana CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Bronson kicks low, runs, but Santana BOOTS him! Santana waistlocks, Bronson switches but Santana bucks the O’Conner to roll and CUTTER!

Fans fire up and Santana aims from a corner now. Bronson stands, into the DISCUS LARIAT! Santana is all fired up and the fans are with him! Bronson bails out but Santana DIVES! Direct hit and down goes Bronson! Fans are thunderous as Santana puts Bronson in the ring. Santana goes corner to corner to CANNONBALL! Santana drags Bronson up, reels him in, and he underhooks to Canadian Rack, GUTBUSTER! Cover, Santana wins!

Winner: Mike Santana, by pinfall

A victorious return, but wait! Ortiz is on stage? Proud ‘n’ Powerful have parted ways, but now these two stand face to face. Ortiz says if Santana’s ready to talk, he’s ready to listen. Santana just walks past Ortiz so Ortiz says okay, if that’s how it is… Will PNP ever be a team again? Will they even reunite as friends?


Mark Henry welcomes us back to Rampage.

“Tonight, Swerve’s Mogul Embassy, and Hangman Adam Page & The Young Bucks now come to a head as the ROH Six Man Championships hang in the balance. Well, it looks like there’s been enough talk. It’s TIME for the main event!” Will Brian Cage, Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona continue their reign of terror? Or will Matt, Nick & The Cowboy have these belts for a second time?

ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: The Mogul Embassy w/ Prince Nana VS The Hung Bucks!

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who is truly the elite trio!

The Code of Honor is upheld as this is an ROH sanctioned bout. Then the Embassy attacks! The Gates of Agony go after The Bucks while Cage is after Page! Kaun whips Matt and Liona whips Nick but the Bucks hold ropes! The Gates rush in but the Bucks dump them out! Fans fire up as the Bucks DOUBLE PLANHA and bring the Gates down! Hangman fires back on Cage with haymakers, then a ROLLING ELBOW into the DOUBLE DROPKICKS! Fans fire up as the Bucks slide and anchor Kaun, and then Hangman BOOTS Kaun down! The Bucks catch Kaun, bring him around to drape him out, and Hangman remembers this one!

Fans fire up as Hangman goes to the apron, to DRAPING SHOOTING STAR! Fans are thunderous and even Hangman is surprised he pulled it off. Nick PENALTY KCIKS Liona, RAMS into Cage, then slingshots to FACEBUSTER! Then cartwheel MOONSAULT for LIona! Slingshot DESTROYER for Cage! Matt is up top, to MACHO ELBOW! Fans are thunderous as The Hung Bucks get in together. They sit Cage up, B T E- “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” The Mogul himself is here! Hangman snarls at Swerve but Swerve and his fur coat stay on stage. Nana does his dance, though!

Hangman steps out to the ramp to stare Swerve down but Swerve just blows him a kiss. The Gates CLOBBER The Bucks! Kaun & Lona get Matt up, Cage coordinates with them, ROCK-A-BYE BOMB!! Cover, Hangman breaks it in time! Liona TOSSES Hangman out, then Cage deadlift SUPERPLEXES Nick! The Gates fires each other up, then Kaun whips Liona in. Matt ELBOWS Liona away! Kaun runs in but into a BOOT! Matt goes up but Kaun kicks the legs out! DRAPING BACKSTABBER and then an ELBOW DROP from Liona! The Embassy roars while the fans boo, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Kaun tags in to drag Matt up and ROCKS him in a corner! And CHOP! Kaun stalks Matt as he staggers away, then tags in Liona. The Gates mug Matt, Liona stomps a mudhole in then digs his foot into Matt’s throat! The ref counts, Liona lets off, and then Liona hauls Matt up to scoop. Liona puts Matt on ropes to throw KNEE after KNEE! The ref counts, Liona just fires off more and more, but he lets off at 4. Tag to Cage, Liona stomps Matt and then Cage drags him up. Cage bumps Matt off buckles, then UPPERCUTS! Matt hits back but Cage ROCKS him! Cage whips corner to corner, Matt bounces off buckles and into a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Cage drags Matt up, shoves him and ROCKS him in the back! Tag to Kaun, he shoves and ROCKS Matt in the back! Tag to Liona and the mugging continues! They stomp and stomp until Matt falls out of the ring! Liona tags Cage back in and Cage fetches Matt. Cage whips Matt hard into railing! Cage soaks up the heat, “Who betta!?” Cage puts Matt back in the ring, covers, TWO! Cage drags Matt into a chinlock and grinds him down. Matt endures, fights up, and throws body shots. But Cage KNEES Matt low! Cage then BLASTS Nick off the apron! The ref reprimands but Matt fights his way out of the Embassy corner!

Cage runs in but Matt sends him into Kaun, knocking Kaun off the apron! Cage keeps Matt from Hangman but Matt SUPERKICKS Liona! But Cage SPLASHES Matt in the corner! Cage hoists Matt up top, CLUBS him on the back, then climbs up after Matt. Cage again soaks up heat, but Matt fires punches and elbows in return! Rampage returns to single picture, Matt knocks Cage down! Cage is in the drop zone, fans rally up and Matt adjusts, to CROSSBODY The Gates! Matt then hurries in, dodges Cage, tag to Hangman! The Cowboy rallies on The Machine with haymakers! The fans fire up as Hangman whips but Cage reverses.

Hangman slides under, BOOTS, but Cage reels him in! GERMAN SUPLEX, but Hangman lands on his feet! Nana is freaking out but Kaun grabs Hangman! Cage runs in but Hangman BOOTS him! Hangman ROCKS Kaun, then triangle jump LARIATS Kaun down! Hangman keeps moving, and he triangle jump MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! Cage hangs tough but fans rally with Hangman. Hangman goes to the apron, but the Gates anchor him! So the Bucks DOUBLE DIVE to take the Gates out! Hangman slingshots, but Cage catches him in Alabama position! WATER WHEEL DROP!! Cover, TWO!!

Fans are thunderous but Cage hauls Hangman up. Swerve is still stoic on the ramp, but Cage puts Hangman on the top rope. Cage goes up but fans rally for Cowboy Shid! Cage fireman’s carries, but Hangman flips it to a SUPER STEINER!! Cage staggers up, into DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Kaun runs in, into a SUPERKICK! Liona runs in, into a SUPERKICK! Liona stays standing, and he roars, only to get DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Liona tumbles out, Matt gets Kaun up! The Bucks coordinate but Matt’s back holds him back. So Hangman scoops Kaun, Nick springboards, but Cage catches him! Cage deadlifts Nick to a fireman’s carry!

Kaun turns things around on Hangman to have a fireman’s carry, and then Liona returns to fireman’s carry Matt! The Embassy coordinate, SAMOAN DROP, AIR RAID CRASH and an F5 all at the same time!! Cover on Hangman, TWO?!? Hangman is still in this and fans are thunderous! The Embassy argues with the ref but Nana says to focus. The Embassy regroups, and Cage whips Kaun in to SPLASH! Liona sends Cage in to UPPERCUT! Kaun sends Liona in to clothesline! feed to Kaun’s full nelson, Cage picks Hangman up and Liona is up top, HAMMOCK SPLASH BOMB!! Cover, Nick SUPERKICKS it apart!!

The Gates swarm Nick and beat him down! They get him up, Cage coordinates with them again, but Nick flips up and out of the rock-a-bye! Nick SUPERKICKS Cage while Matt SUPERKICKS Liona! Kaun gets a SUPERKICK! The Gates stay up!? They DOUBLE LARIAT The Bucks! But Hangman DOUBLE BUCK SHOTS The Gates!! Cage swings, misses, Hangman Alabama Lifts to DEADEYE!!! Cover, TWO?!?! Cage survives but Hangman doesn’t worry, he just reloads on the apron. But Swerve is approaching. Hangman slingshots, Cage dodges, and Swerve is now face to face with Hangman. Hangman turns around into a DISCUS!!


Winners: The Hung Bucks, by pinfall (NEW ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions)

The Elite wins big, but Hangman goes right back to glaring at Swerve! Pyro goes off to celebrate The Hung Bucks becoming TWO-TIME Six Man Tag Team Champions, having ended one of the most dominant trios in either AEW or ROH! But this doesn’t change what is coming. Hangman and Swerve will put pen to paper on Wednesday to make their WrestleDream match official. Will Swerve’s House have something waiting for the Cowboy in Colorado?

My Thoughts:

A great two hours for Rampage here, though I am not going to advocate for this being a regular thing. Great opening tag from Darby & Sting VS Christian & Luchasaurus, and I like that Nick Wayne costs Christian this match. Darby taking on Christian and Luchasaurus in that TNT Championship Triple Threat which will really is a handicap match could also be a way to hand the feud off to where Christian has matches with Nick Wayne over this “Your dad is dead, I will be a better dad” gimmick. Now I don’t know if that means Darby wins the title or not, but it feels more likely he loses since Christian and Luchasaurus are going to work together.

Great Mixed Six but of course Kris & OrangeHook win. This was the first outing of Cassidy & Hook as a team, so they weren’t going to lose, and certainly not to the former Jericho Appreciation Society. And while Hook is FTW Champion, this does feel like they’ll eventually make it to some tag title match so that Cassidy can add to his resume. Great Fatal 4 Tag, but The Righteous winning was a big surprise to me. I thought WrestleDream would be when they pull the trigger on The Kingdom VS MJF & Cole and that pushes things towards a brochacho break-up. Seems not, they might be saving that for Full Gear in LA. And Kingdom might bide their time with a feud with Best Friends.

Good promo from Callis and Sammy, and really good stuff with Jericho going after them all, and then Kenny making the save. I was a little confused as to where Kota Ibushi was supposed to come into this until Jericho made the challenge of a Six Man Tag a la All In London. But at the same time, it prompts the Don Callis Family to grow, as it should, and maybe Callis keeps it a surprise until WrestleDream. Really good promo from Mike Santana before he of course beat Bronson, and I really like that Ortiz appeared. People have been wondering how much shoot and how much work we’re seeing in their social media exchanges, but I would think this hints at it being more a worked shoot, playing off the tension that has perhaps already been resolved.

Really good AEW Trios title match, with Dark Order looking good in their new gear, white with purple highlights. But I figured The Acclaimed would retain, they’re not losing on TV. Good match from Skye VS Julia, and Julia winning was only a slight surprise given all the momentum Skye’s been building. But Willow making the save was good stuff, and I really do think we need someone to be feuding with Willow over her winning the Women’s Owen Hart Cup. Should’ve been doing that the whole time, but whether it’s AEW or ROH, Tony Khan’s got the book and we’ve all talked about those issues.

And a great main event for the ROH World Six Man titles, but with how fast and furious the Hung Bucks were going at the start of the match, I really thought they were losing. Swerve showed up, he could’ve easily screwed Hung Bucks over, but he was putting it on Hangman to mess things up and that actually cost The Mogul Embassy. I was talking this whole time about how that kinda buries ROH, and unless The Hung Bucks show up on like next week’s ROH episode, I still hold to that. Adam Cole & MJF haven’t been on ROH TV even though they’re the tag champs, so it just makes ROH seem like an afterthought despite them constantly using the various ROH champions on AEW programming. And if The Hung Bucks beat the near unbeatable Embassy, who is even going to beat the Bucks without cheating so, so hard?

My Score: 8.9/10

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