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CheapShots: Major Issues that WWE Needs to Fix



brock lesner
Cheap Shots are unfiltered, uncensored opinions, and those opinions reflect only the author!

Today I am going to sneak in the ring and throw one hell of a cheap shot. Will my opinion generate some heat onto myself? Maybe. But, just as in wrestling there is always a time and a place for a heel turn, and today I am going to cut one hell of a promo on WWE. Much like a T.V. show that I love, I will weather the storm through the bad, waiting, hoping, and praying that it gets better. For every step WWE takes forward they take two steps back. WWE seems to love to shoot their own foot off. Here is some of the major issues I have with WWE (besides the scripted promos, and piss poor matches) you may be asking yourself well what else is there? Lots.

The Universal Championship

This is a problem, it lasted all last year, and with Brock “resigning” with WWE, will most likely be the problem this year. The main problem is when Brock is champion he has a strangle hold on the title. Now some will say, well they are keeping him champion so he can beat CM Punks record. To that I say…..Ok….but we are hurting that division in the process. How? Well because they want Brock to be this dominating specimen of man (cause Vince probably gets off on it) he is limited to who he can face in the ring. He can face Joe, Braun, and Roman. With Joe excluded, I am tired of seeing the dominating force of big men causing carnage in a 10 minute match. Brock in an attraction, that is all he is, he is not a pro wrestler. He puts asses in the seats because people want to see his 10 minute domination.

It has grown old and stale, and I am bored of his suplexes and F5s. I want a wrestling match not a show of force. The only hope we have of the Universal title going in the right direction, is to have Roman, or Joe, who can actually wrestle, take the belt off of him, and he leave for a while. If that would happen maybe we could finally get more than four people in the title scene. I would gladly take a Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor for the Universal title. Why? Because their feud in NXT was so great, and there is that whole they can wrestle thing.

The Creative Team

creative team of WWE

Who are these morons that are on the Creative Team? Because I would love to punch each one of them in the face. I could sit and list everything they do that is completely idiotic, but my computer hard-drive isn’t big enough. I understand that it is hard to come up with fresh and new ideas. But, my lord have these people ever even watched wrestling? (The wasted opportunities…..Jeezz….)And why are we recycling things that worked in the past? Who in their right mind said “You what really worked, and got heat was people from other countries that hate America.” No, Vince it is not the 1980s, plus Jinder is Canadian! You know what would be cool, we get two guys to carry these big huge hammers and we will call them the Bludgeon Brothers. NO! That is stupid! Sit down!  You want to make them a dominating force, ok, but they don’t need hammers to do it, because both of those guys are good in the ring. It is lazy story writing, and it makes me want to poke my eyes out.

Too Many Titles

image via WWE

My lord, there are too many titles in WWE. At these point just like everyone gets a trophy, everyone gets a title. The brand splitting has caused this, with this going on we have doubles of every title. If you want to split the brands up that is fine, but can we not just have one set of titles, and have them spilt between the brands. Put the IC Title and Tag Titles on Smackdown. Put the WWE Heavyweight Title and Women’s Title on Raw. And for God’s sake put the Cruiserweight Title on one of those shows, and stop this 205 live BS. Feature the Cruiserweights on the main shows like we always have. That is all the belts that we need. NJPW has one Heavyweight Title, and it makes it prestigious. None of the WWE titles carry prestige, when its counter-part in on the other show.

Closing Thoughts

When you know how good something can be, how can you just settle for what we have now? Am I feeding the beast by tuning in every week? Maybe, but I tune in because I am a wrestling fan, and every time something great happens I am pulled right back in, but then the stupidity rears its ugly head. There is no show that can produce gold every time it airs, but now a day the bad out weights the good by a long shot. And what makes it worse is it is all an easy fix.

So please WWE, I beg you, USE YOUR HEAD!!!

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