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Impact Coverage

Ja’Von’s Impact Wrestling Live Report (5/10/18)



Quick Results:

Z & E vs LAX: Z & E via pinfall
Grado vs Rohit Raju: Grado via pinfall
Drago vs Aerostar vs Taiji Ishimori vs Fantasma: Fantasma via pinfall
Moose vs Kongo Kong: Moose via DQ
Brian Cage vs Sugiura: Brian Cage via pinfall
Pentagon Jr.(c) vs Eli Drake(Impact World Championship): Pentagon Jr. retains via pinfall

Play by Play:

Impact kicked off with Josh Matthews talking about Sami Callhian attacking Impact Wrestling Executive Vice President Don Callis this past week in Toronto. There is a meeting currently being held with the senior officials to decide Callihan’s fate.

Z & E vs LAX:

Z & E make their way to the ring for the match. LAX then makes their way down to the ring for the match. The match starts with both DJZ and Santana in the ring and they go back and forth for a bit followed by both guys hitting the mat but they both get back up with kip ups. DJZ and Santana knock each other to the mat. DJZ and Santana both kip up at the same time. Santana enziguri DJZ. Ortiz tags in and hits a dead body splash on DJZ for a near fall. Everett tags in and hits a dropkick off the top on Ortiz. Arm drag off the second rope to Ortiz. Everett responds with a hurricanrana. Santana and Ortiz land a wheelbarrow cutter on Everett. Everett kicks out. Northern lights suplex by Ortiz. Everett kicks out again. Enziguri by Everett. Everett tags in DJZ.
DJZ hits a splashes on both members of LAX at the same time. DJZ tries to double DDT LAX. Santana and Ortiz counter and superkick DJZ. Everett hits a backflip kick to both members of LAX at the same time. Ortiz powerbombs Everett then hits a DDT. DJ Z DDTs Ortiz. Santana superkicks DJ Z. LAX tries a setup moonsault. Everett gets his knees up. DJZ kicks Ortiz. Everett hits a step up corkscrew press for a near fall. DJZ dives onto Ortiz. Ortiz hits a double under hook suplex on DJ Z. LAX goes for the Street sweeper. DJZ counters into a roll up for the win.

Winners: Z & E via pinfall

Backstage segment with Grado and Joseph Park. Park is getting Grado warmed up for his first match back and still doesn’t believe that he has a girlfriend. His girlfriend then walks in a he Grado introduces her to Joseph then she leads him to the ring for his match.

Austin Aries says that he did wish Eli Drake luck last week and that he will take his other world title from the winner of the match tonight.

Rohit Raju vs Grado:

Rohit makes his way to the ring for the match. Grado then makes his way to the ring with his new girlfriend Katarina. Rohit attacks Grado from behind and tossed himhim into the corner but Grado fights back and gains control of the match by Irish whipping him into the corner then a couple of jabs and a back body drop. Rohit then gains control of the match again and tries to hit a belly to belly on Grado but struggles to do so and sends him into the corner he then rushes him but Grado gets the boot up. Grand then gets minimal offense in but to no avail as Rohit kicks out Grado’s legs then hits a big knee and gets a nearfall. Rohit then hits a running knee on Grado who is trying to use the ropes in the corner to get up and gets another nearfall on Grado. Rohit then wears down Grado with a chinlock but Grado fights back and gets in some offense to earn a nearfall. Rohit then gets angry and begins to hit Grado with some jabs but it only makes Grado mad as the straps come down. Grado takes to long to follow up on the attack and Rohit hits a swinging neckbreaker for a nearfall. Grado then gains control of the match again and hits a cannonball on Rohit for the win. Post match Katarina comes in the ring and makes out with Grado to celebrate the win.

Winner: Grado via pinfall

Immediately after Grado’s match we are taken backstage because Jospeh Park has been attacked

A video package is shown showcasing the newest knockout Tessa Blanchard and goes into depth about her, her family, wrestling career, and why she came to Impact Wrestling and why she is the best in the world.

Impact announces their TV Tapings for June 1st and 2nd

McKenzie Mitchell interviews the tag champions Eli Drake and Scott Steiner about Eli cashing in his world title briefcase tonight. Eli says that the tag titles mean a lot to him but he is coming for the world title tonight. He also says that there is a new belt collector now. Steiner says that he wants to help Eli tonight but Eli says that he wants Steiner on the bench tonight. Tension was teased between the two a bit.

Drago vs Aerostar vs Taiji Ishimori vs Fantasma:

Drago makes his way to the ring for the match. Aerostar makes his way to the ring for the match. Taiji Ishimori makes his way to the ring. Finally Fantasma makes his way to the ring for the match. Drago goes for Fantasma but he does and Aerostar catches him with a hurricanrana. The ring then clears and Drago and Aerostar are alone in the ring and go at it. It’s very fast paced with both guys sweeping each other going for the cover which ends in a stalemate. Ishimori and Fantasma come in and clear the ring leaving them alone in the ring. They go at it with Fantasma getting the better of the exchange for a two count. Ishimori then goes to the apron and hits a shoulderblock through the ropes on Fantasma then followed up with a senton which sends him out of the ring. Ishimori follows up with the Golden Moonsault the outside. As we are going to break Drago and Aerostar get back in the match and Aerostar launches himself onto Drago and all four men are down. We are back from break and Aerostar and Ishimori are in the ring and he dodges Taiji who came running at him then takes down Ishimori and goes for the cover but Fantasma breaks it up. Fantasma then goes on the attack on Aerostar then hitting a big boot. As Fanstama was setting up something else Drago comes back in the ring and hits him with a big boot in the face. The match picks up some more Drago Ishimori and Fantasma are in the ring but Fantasma gets driven out of the ring and Taiji goes on the attack of Drago and hits a running knee on him Aerostar comes back in and gains control for a bit and takes out Taiji then goes on the attack of Drago and gets a nearfall on him. Fantasma then comes back in and gains control of the match and gets a nearfall. Ishimori then gains control and hits an inverted flapjack on Fantasma for the pin but it’s broken up. Fast forward some and all four men are down in the ring but Aerostar gets up and dropkicks Taiji out of the ring. Drago then flies over the ropes onto Ishimori. Fantasma then hits the arrow from the depths of hell into Drago then Aerostar flies onto Fantasma. Aerostar and Ishimori get back in the ring and Taiji gets the better of the exchange hitting a gutbuster on him for a nearfall. All men. Are now back in the ring and multiple covers have been broken up but Aersostar and. Fantasma wre eventually left alone in the ring and Fantasma gets the better of the exchange and hits the thrill of the kill for the win.

Winner: Fantasma via pinfall

As we go to break Eddie Edward’s barges in and interrupts the meeting between senior management to decide Callihan’s future in Impact.

Back from break Eddie tells the senior management to not fire Eddie even though they wanted to. They agree not to fire Sami but told Eddie to get his revenge on Sami anywhere but at the Impact Zone and they are done with this blood feud.

Moose vs Kongo Kong:

Collar and elbow tie up between the two with Kong getting the better of the tie up and pushing Moose into the corner. Moose then side steps and puts Kong in the corner and lays in the jabs and punches but Kong gains the control of the match again and the match spills to the outside. Moose rains control of the match and hits a big uppercut on Kong then slides back in the ring. Moose then comes back out breaking the count and hits a big boot on Kong. Kong then gains control of the match by countering an Irish whip and sends Moose into the guardrail and focuses his attack now on the lower back of Moose. Kong towers over Moose as he continues his attack on him. Kongo Kong then locks in a bear hug on Moose to wear him down a bit but Moose hits a big elbow to break it up. Coming off the ropes for a big move Moose gets caught with another bear hug. Moose breaks free and attempts a slam on Kong but to no avail and gets sent into the ring post. Moose then fights back and knocks Kong down to a knee which gets him some needed separation. Moose then gets back up and goes on the offensive and finally get Kong down for the first time in this match and follows up with a senton. Moose looks to finish the match but Jimmy Jacobs who was on the outside for this match his Moose with a steel chair which causes a disqualification in favor of Moose.

Post match attack that has Moose sending Kong to the outside and Jacob’s keeping Kong at bay with Moose standing tall as we go to break.

Winner: Moose via DQ

Back from break KM is hyping up Fallah Bahh to get him into shape and they show videos of KM training him while he is just sitting around eating.

Brian Cage vs Sugiura:

Sugiura attempts a suplex but Cage counters and hits a delayed vertical suplex then a standing moonsault for a nearfall. Sugiura hits him with strong forearms then they both go on to trade blows followed by a big dropkick. Sugiura goes to the ring apron and hits cage with a shoulderblock but it doesn’t really faze Cage as he grabs him and goes to the middle rope in the corner for a suplex from the apron to the ring for a nearfall. Back in the ring Cage is still in control but his Sugiura gains control with Cage in the corner and lays in with strong forearms. Cage fights back and they meet on the top rope but Cage knocks him down. They then meet again on the middle tope and Cage hits a hurricanrana on him. Sugiura goes for a running knee but it gets caught and Cage hits him with a buckle bomb then another move from his arsenal for a nearfall. Sugiura then begins to fight back and gets a nearfall. Both guys then go back and forth with big shots. Cage gets the better of the exchange and hits a discus clothesline for a nearfall. Cage finally hits the drillclaw for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Brian Cage via pinfall

Allie is shown backstage in the locker room looking in a mirror remembering what happened last week with Rosemary and Su Yung. She then gets a knock on the door and finds a doll waiting for her with a note attached.

Pentagon Jr.(c) vs Eli Drake(Impact World Championship):

Eli Drake makes his way to the ring for the match looking to reclaim the world title. Pentagon Jr. makes his way to the ring to defend his world title as we go to break. Back from break and both guys get in each other faces and trash talk. Pentagon comes off the ropes looking for an attack but Drake counters and stops him with a big bolt and gains control of the match early on. Pentagon then counters and gains control of the match and hits a slingblade for a nearfall. Pentagon looks to hit the same move that broke Aries’ arm but Drake fights free before that could happen. Drake then gains control of Pentagon and lays in the ground and pound with punches to the face. Drake gets Pentagon in the corner and stays on him for a bit but Pentagon gains control and Irish whips Eli into another corner but Eli gets the boot up as Pentagon charges him and then wears him down with a chinlock. Pentagon then fights back and catches Eli with a kick as he was coming off the springboard for a two count. Drake in the corner and Pentagon hits him with a chop then hits a backstabber on Eli as he ducks him going into the corner. Pentagon then hits a superplex for a nearfall. Eli then gains control of the match for a bit and attempts the gravey train but Pentagon counters and eventually hits the Pentagon driver for the win and retains his world title.

Winner and STILL Impact World Champion: Pentagon Jr. via pinfall

My Opinion: The show was pretty good at first with the main storyline focus of the show being about Sami Callhian’s attack on Don Callis. So overall it was a good show tonight but the end part felt very rushed to me.

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Andrew’s IMPACT Wrestling Results & Match Ratings: 10.6.2022

The GO HOME to Bound for Glory! What kind of last minute changes (if any) happen tonight?



Well we’ve got the GO HOME for Bound For Glory! It is definitely a little odd for the biggest PPV in the company to be two weeks after Victory Road; but hey the matches look pretty damn good.

Kaz gets a tune up match before his title shot, but you have to think if Kenny King can get a win; he’d make the title match a Triple Threat. As well as a Maclin vs Moose showdown with Sami Callihan as referee.

So we get to see how they hype the PPV and how the rest of the PPV shakes out!


  • Kenny King vs Frankie Kazarian: Kaz wins via Chicken Wing – ***
  • Gisele Shaw vs Mia Yim: Yim wins via Eat Defeat – ** 1/2
  • Special Referee: Sami Callihan: Moose vs Steve Maclin: Maclin wins via Callihan’s Revenge – ***
  • Swingerellas w/Zicky Dice & Johnny Swinger vs Taya & JesSICKa w/Rosemary: JesSICKa wins via SICK-ishi Driver – N/A
  • Matt Taven w/Mike & Maria vs Alex Shelley w/Chris Sabin: Shelley wins via Shellshock – *** 1/4



Kenny King vs Frankie Kazarian

Collar and Elbow/Headlock tie ups start the match before the Rope Run Shoulder tackle spots. A lot of World of Sport style counter wrestling, different take overs, cradles and eventually Kaz takes advantage of an opening with a big Lariat combo.

Kenny baits Kaz into trying his Guillotine Leg Drop on the apron, but pulls his head back in and then Planchas on his head. Leg Lariats, Leg Drops, Rising Knee Strikes, all great offense from King before Kaz tries a few reversals to catch a breath. King charges and Kaz does an Overhead Belly to Belly toss into the corner.

Scoop Slam into the Springboard Guillotine from Kaz for 2. Kaz tries for the Chicken Wing, but rams Kaz face first into the turnbuckle. T-Bone Suplex Hold from King for 2. Royal Flush attempt from Kenny, Eddy Gordo kick into Tiger Driver…only 2! Royal Flush again, but Kaz grabs the ropes and falls back into a Chicken Wing. The Heavy Metal Rebel gets the submission win!

Gisele Shaw vs Mia Yim

Mickie James comes out on commentary to scout Yim a little going into their Bound For Glory match.

Gisele and Mia start off in mostly a stalemate, but Gisele still jaws over at Mickie. After a little counter play, Mia hooks in a Front Neck Choke, but Gisele powers up and slams Mia into the corner. Mia tries an Outside-In Enzuigiri, Gisele blocks it, Stun Guns and then wipes out Mia with a Tornillo.

Commercial break comes back with Gisele leaving her feet when throwing Mia into the corner and then mocking Mickie James. Mia tries to fight back, Final Cut from Gisele for 2. Gisele goes for a stomp, misses, Buzzsaw Kick, misses, and Mia lights her up with Knife Edge Chops. Spinning Rope Assisted Enzuigiri into a Green Killer puts an end to Mia’s offense. Rope run strikes leads to Gisele hitting a great Step Over Dragon Kick but Mia responds with a Headbutt as they’re both down for a second. John Woo Dropkick from Mia, Senton in the corner for 2, Mia tries to set up and Eat Defeat, but Gisele throws her into the ropes. Backbreaker/Flatliner combo gives Gisele a 2, Mia retreats to the corner a little, Gisele chases and then gets caught with an Eat Defeat.

Impact Flashback Moment: TNA PPV #28: 1.22.2003 Raven attacking Jeff Jarrett

Special Referee: Sami Callihan: Moose vs Steve Maclin

Moose comes out all taped up, hits ribs and his mid section. While Maclin looks fine and Sami has a black eye. I like the setup since Moose being banged up before the Gauntlet lends more reason to him not winning yet nit getting hurt by a loss.

Early on, the action in the ring is secondary to Sami Callihan hamming it up. He turns his back on corner strikes, stops counts and chants “WRESTLING” at the crowd. He’s really just letting things go, I think even Red Shoes would even think this is a little too rules light.

Sami’s very sarcastic and campy delivery of checking on wrestlers and starting occasional counts is great. He also congratulates people on big haymakers with the sarcastic “GOOD JOB”. The wrestling is a pretty good slugfest so far, but Sami takes away from the action with his antics; but that’s also the role he’s purposefully playing. Callihan plays into their desire to beat on each other, but the satire of the “Ref Machine” isn’t something I could tolerate often.

Standing 10 count, Sami stops at 4 and tells them to “GET YOUR ASS UP”. Which starts a chant, of course. Maclin hits the Crosshairs, and then Sami is hamming it up and takes his sweet time starting a count. Moose hits Go To Hell, but Sami got bounced and started talking to the crowd instead of counting. Light Out miss, KIA miss, round-a-bout, Lights Out, 1-2-FUCK YOU. Cactus Driver ’97 on Moose and Maclin. Sami puts Maclin on Moose and counts 3.

I am so happy this was a Joe Hendry vignette. 

Swingerellas w/Zicky Dice & Johnny Swinger vs Taya & JesSICKa w/Rosemary

JesSICKa has such great intro music. I’m glad they repackaged her into something somewhat entertaining since Havoc was not worth anything anymore.

JesSICKa throws the one in the corner, Taya hits her with the Seeing Shadows Knees in the corner, Rope Hung Sliding German Suplex and then Jess comes in and hits the SICK-ishi Driver.

It was a squash match, but trying to build JesSICKa is solid.

Matt Taven w/Mike & Maria vs Alex Shelley w/Chris Sabin

A little talking and then Taven lights up Shelley. They start some counter wrestling, Taven grabs Shelley, almost hits The Climax; but Shelley counters it into a Border City Stretch attempt, and Taven powders.

Coming back in, Shelley has control with a Headlock, followed by a soccer kick to the shoulder blades. Shelley tries to speed up, Taven keeps up well and drops Shelley with a Dropkick. Bennett trips Shelley and then Sabin trips Taven in a classic eye for an eye tweener style the Guns love.

After some outside the ring antics, Shelley comes back in, charges Taven in the corner and connects. Tries to follow up but a little over aggression and admonishment from the ref gives Taven a few opportunities. Commercial break and Taven hits a nice Backbreaker for a near fall, into a Bow and Arrow stretch, Side Russian Leg Sweep into Lion Sault from Taven – no one’s home!

Slow crawl to their feet, a quick back and forth, Soccer kicks, Border City attempt, but no. Shelley keeps wrist control locomotion chops, arm breaker into – Taven’s Leg Lariat. Lion Sault from Taven for 2. Drop Toe Hold into the turnbuckle, Tornado DDT from Shelley. Bennett gets involved, Sabin equals things out, Superkick into Shiranui and Maria  puts the foot on the ropes. Ref sees Maria, but still breaks his count anyway. A little back and forth, Kick of the King into Aurora Borealis, knees up, pinfall counters…only 2! Penalty Kick, Shellshock attempt, Bennet attacks as the referee is distracted. Just the Tip from Taven, Shellshock from Shelley and Shelley wins!

Jordynne doesn’t speak well and Scott did carry a lot of the early speaking parts of the contract signing. Masha stayed silent, so hearing the champ/babyface having to brag about their resume is a little corny. Masha only says one thing really, and that’s “Masha’s Gonna Kill You” and literally flips the table onto Jordynne. 

The cliché contract brawl expected and the fact that Masha hit the Russian Death Device through the table, makes you think Jordynne will retain. 

Overall Score: 6.5/10

Solid in ring work, the video packages were good and got the point across for the bigger matches. Alisha and Eddie kinda mirroring Gisele and Tom Brady is pretty hilarious as well. The finish to the show did hurt it a little. The crowd peaked at the Sami antics, everyone loves when the Guns are in action as tag or singles…and then a color by numbers contract signing is meh.

A few of the fun story beats with Killer Kelly and Tasha, Joe Hendry and Swinger drama is a great way of showing how to weave in lower card stories without a big name or title involved; and to keep it intriguing.

Do I think this would’ve helped someone on the fence decide to purchase Bound for Glory? No, I don’t. But at this point, Impact has a niche audience so at least the card looks promising.

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Andrew’s IMPACT Wrestling Results & Match Ratings: 9.29.2022

Bound for Glory is 8 days away, but Victory Road just happened. What kind of show do we get with some fallout and penultimate hype?



Victory Road just happened, but Bound for Glory is like 8 nights away? You know I forgot that it was such a quick turn around. That makes tonight weird, since there’s some fallout, but then there’s gonna be a lot of table setting for Bound for Glory.

This episode could be awful. The last week or so haven’t exactly set the world afire, so I’m curious if the highlight really is just gonna be the Monster’s Ball with Masha and Allie Katch.

*insert joke about possibly gagging and balls and Swinger’s Dungeon*


  • Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey w/Juice Robinson) vs Trey Miguel & Laredo Kid: Bullet Club win via Finesse & Fold – **
  • IMPACT Digital Media Championship: Brian Myers (c) vs Crazzy Steve: Myers retains via Roster Cut – ** 1/2
  • Delirious vs Black Taurus: Black Taurus wins via Destination Hellhole – ** 1/4
  • PCO & Vincent vs Rich Swann & Heath: Rich wins via Phoenix Splash – ** 1/4
  • Pick Your Poison: Monster’s Ball Match: Masha Slamovich vs Allie Katch: Masha wins via Russian Death Device – *** 1/2


Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey w/Juice Robinson) vs Trey Miguel & Laredo Kid

I don’t think I could care less about this match if I tried. Trey and Laredo are worthless. Laredo has eaten so many terrible losses and Trey is just bad. If the BC Juniors don’t win…I will really question the booking.

My biggest takeaway early is the commentary tries to put over Trey “turning heads”. No he doesn’t, he is legitimately hard to watch and everything that Will Ospreay did wrong in his early career; is basically Trey, but with less personality. Oh did you expect play by play? They isolate Laredo, decent tandem attacks, when Trey comes in it’s bad offense typical Cruiser garbage with laughable facials and body language.

Just typical crap with Trey. Were there some cool high spots? Sure. Do I care? NOPE.

IMPACT Digital Media Championship: Brian Myers (c) vs Crazzy Steve

Steve starts with some of his quirky mat wrestling, Arm Wringers into Drop Toe Holds and face biting. It shocked Myers early, but he takes a small shortcut and starts trying to slow down the psycho from Decay. Steve bounces off the ropes and Myers does his sliding trip move before commercial.

Back from commercial, Snapmare from Steve and the neck twister into some corner offense of Hip Attacks and Sentons for 2. Myers dodges King Kill 33, lands a few pot shots, Implant DDT for 2. Into the corner, face bite, Upside Down, after the rope break Myers grabs the referee to block Steve. Eye Poke, Roster Cut, AND STILL…

Simple, but entertaining. Plus it continues Myers’ arrogant, full of himself for absolutely no reason persona. Oh and he offers up an Open Challenge for Bound for Glory. Maybe Bobby Fish? Someone new? Could be interesting. 

Delirious vs Black Taurus

Delirious is between gibberish and Stone Cold early on while they’re just trading shots. Delirious twists the Nose Ring…in the mask…and Taurus sells it momentarily before stomping the foot and decking him. This is just a weird match. I mean we all know Delirious is weird, but he’s not all comedy; and Taurus is supposed to be legit-ish.

Admittedly, with the exception of Victory Road, it has been years since I’ve watched a Delirious match. So the level of ridiculousness has hit Toru Yano levels, especially after the 10 count Leg Drops. Taurus powders, comes back in, Shoulder Tackle, Blackhole Backbreaker into a Samoan Drop. As soon as Taurus looks in charge, Delirious throws together a combo, eats a Headbutt and then Destination Hellhole.

Sheesh okay after 2 interview segments we get to Honor No More’s victory celebration segment. Just a lot of talking and inaction, so this just goes to feed that weird feeling I had coming into the show because of the timing. Eddie does the usual thing where hates on PCO and accuses him of being the weak link, which is a smart story angle since the fans tend to like PCO’s gimmick and this makes him more sympathetic to casual observers. 

Oh good Taven is talking nowWait did I just say that? DAMN YOU IMPACT! Made me like Matt Taven. Maria stirs the pot a little saying that Eddie is a better wrestler than Josh and Moose…by the implications. 

Thank God, Josh Alexander finally breaks up the segment with…more talking. Okay never mind. Jesus since the end of the Delirious match it was like 15 minutes before Josh finally charged the ring and threw down a bit with Honor No More. Rich Swann and Heath make a bit of the babyface save for Josh, but the numbers are still on Honor No More’s side. Oh MCMG come down in a tracksuit and dress clothes! Someone wasn’t ready to be doing a run in.

PCO & Vincent vs Rich Swann & Heath

Well isn’t that convenient that four of the men in the donnybrook were supposed to be in a match anyway.

Rich uses his quickness to try and stay ahead of PCO, but PCO cuts him off in the corner into the Corner Hung Codebreaker, then the leaned against the ropes Leg Drop thing. Vincent throws together a T-Bone Suplex into a Flatliner and keeps the vibes flowing on Rich Swann.

PCO clears out Heath, but PCO’s hand gets stuck in the ropes. Vincent eats a flip kick and the Phoenix Splash while PCO and Heath are brawling on the outside after the rope issue with PCO.

Pick Your Poison: Monster’s Ball Match: Masha Slamovich vs Allie Katch

Haymakers and Headbutts start things off as they both hit the ropes and lay out one another with dual clotheslines. Trash can lid duel, Masha gets first contact, but Allie blocks and returns 3 shots. German Suplex from Masha into whipping her with a chain, some choking and then general pulling with the chain in Katch’s mouth or around her eyes. Katch claws at Masha’s eyes to try and get some space.

Headbutts and Biting from Masha as Allie tries to power out of a Bow and Arrow. More chain choking…I’m not sure if this is a wrestling match or BDSM prep at the moment. Ahh Masha needs more Cowbell but Allie cuts her off with a trash can lid. Allie tries a Piledriver through a door, but Masha turns it into an Air Raid Crash into the opposite corner.

Commercial break, and Allie is getting choked again. Spots get a little redundant, slams, chokes, and blood. OHHH – it’s a “Use the Door” chant. I thought it was – nah – I won’t say what I thought it was. Chairshot from Masha misses, but a Snap Suplex from Masha onto the chair gets some usefulness. Straight Right to the gut and an Axe Kick allows Masha to hit the Death Valley Driver onto the propped up chair. Masha goes back to biting after it was only 2. Allie cuts off Masha going to the top, Superplex onto the trash can lid, into a Death Valley Driver through the door – but Masha kicks out.

Allie tries a Piledriver on the apron a few times, but Masha blocks. Masha tries for the Release German to the floor but Allie holds on. Dazed strikes, bites and then a Russian Leg Sweep through the table lays both out for a short time. Masha grabs a black bag, it’s gotta be tacks for Monster’s Ball. Masha eats a few tacks for good show, picks up Allie but Allie fights. Piledriver into the tacks from Allie, only 2. Allie opens a trash can, and empties a bunch of cut up soda cans. Hits Masha with the can, Masha fires, Spinning Heel Kick and then Russian Death Device into the pile of tacks and cans.

Overall Score: 6.25/10

The main event was pretty good, maybe even a little better than I gave it credit for; I’m just sick of seeing some crazy hardcore match so often from Impact. It feels like its weekly, and that’s too damn much. Trey is terrible, and that’s a hill I’m willing to die on. He sells poorly, he doesn’t tell a story with his wrestling and he looks like an idiot pretending to be something he isn’t; and that’s talented.

Myers is fine with his classic delusional heel style, Delirious gave a bit of a rub to Taurus so I’m guessing he’s probably next up in the X Division. But a straight 15 minutes of interviews and talking is just too damn much especially when the surrounding wrestling isn’t very good or hearty enough to help people tolerate talking time.

I do however love Joe Hendry. So…yeah. There’s always some quirky gimmicks that just resonate well with me, and this is gorgeous.

All in all, decent enough; though next week could be a real banger of a Go Home.

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