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Chairshot Classics: Raw #3 January 25 1993

Helo and welcome everybody to the next and latest instalment of our weekly trips through Monday Night Raw. Last night (in 1993 anyway) was the Royal Rumble pay per view. I did promise the results and here they are:

  • Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner beat Blake Beverly & Beau Beverly when Scott Steiner pinned Blake Beverly after a Frankensteiner
  • Shawn Michaels beat Marty Jannetty to defend the Intercontinental Title after a Superkick
  • Bam Bam Bigelow beat The Big Boss Man after a Diving Headbutt
  • Bret Hart beat Razor Ramon to defend the WWE Title after a Sharpshooter
  • Yokozuna beat Rick Martel, Ted DiBiase, Owen Hart, Ric Flair, Max Moon, Jerry Saggs, Bob Backlund, Jerry Lawler, Randy Savage, Papa Shango, Terry Taylor, Repo Man, Koko B Ware, Carlos Colon, Damian Demento, Brian Knobbs, Mr Perfect, El Matador, The Undertaker, The Berzerker, IRS, Tatanka, Fatu, Skinner, Earthquake, Tenryu, Samu, Typhoon and Virgil to win a Royal Rumble Match last eliminating Randy Savage

Or for more details, written by the lovely people at CHAIRSHOT feel free to head here:

Right! Everyone caught up? Good, because that means it’s time for…

Raw #3
January 25 1993

Sean Mooney is STILL outside in the cold. He is joined by Repo Man who arrives in a tow truck. Repo says that beating Savage will be like reposessing a brand new Cadilac before heading into the Manhattan Centre.

We are joined on commentary tonight by Vince McMahon, Rob Bartlet and Bobby Heenan.

Randy Savage vs Repo Man

Remember a while ago we covered ‘Superheroes Of Wrestling‘ for ‘Leaping Through The Network‘? Remeber there was a painted faced tag team in S&M gear called Demolition? Repo Man is the one formally known as Smash from that team. Happens a lot in wrestling, characters getting repackaged. It’s always nice to catch up with a familiar face.

As Repo makes his entrance, Savage runs in and attacks Repo from behind without waiting for his entrance (cheer this man for backjumping the bad guy?) Savage attacks with chokes before dragging Repo to the outside where he hits a Snapmare and a Knee Drop. Throwing Repo back into the ring, Savage continues his attack on Repo with an Axe Handle and another choke before a second rope Knee Drop. Savage hits a Right Hand but Repo hits one of his own before tossing Savage out of the ring. Quick as a heartbeat, Savage is back in the ring and hits Repo with a High Knee in the back sending Repo out of the ring. Repo heads for the locker room but Savage chases him down and clubs him with an Axe Handle. Savage shoves Repo back into the ring and stomps and chokes Repo in the corner. Repo heads to the outside and Savage follows. Savage tries to ram Repo’s head into the ringside steps but Repo reverses it and rams Savage’s head into them before throwing him into the ringpost. Repo throws Savage into the ring and then into the corner and choking him. Repo then applies a Chinlock wrapping Savage with his legs in a body scissors. Savage powers out of it and hits a running Shoulder Block that knocks Repo down.

Back from the ads and Savage hits Repo wth a shot to the gut and one to the face but Repo sticks a thumb in Savage’s eye. Repo hits Savage with a Snapmare and a Legdrop for a two. Repo wears Savage down with another body scissors but Savage gets to the ropes so the hold has to be broken. Savage kicks Repo in the chest as he gets to his feet but is caught with a Clothesline as he turns around. Repo uses the top rope to choke Savage and then hits Savage with a Side Suplex that gets another two before applying another Chinlock but savage gets out of it with some elbows to the gut before hitting Repo with a Shoulder Block and a Clothesline. Repo regains control with a Right Hand followed by slamming Savage’s head into the turnbuckle and then hitting a Backbreaker. Savage catches Repo with a Clothesline and a Body Slam before winning the match with a Flying Elbow. Not a classic Savage match but at least he got his hat back. Just a shame it doesn’t go with this week’s outfit.

Winner: Randy Savage

It’s Coming. An ad airs for Wrestlemania 9 which airs on April 9th. Damian Demento is shown in this ad, it’s about as close as he is going to get to Wrestlemania.

Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading.

Kamala vs The Brooklyn Brawler

Does this count as the Raw enhancement spot? Brawler is a known Superstar but he never wins!

Much like Savage in the last match (sort of) Brawler attacks Kamala from behind with Clotheslines and punches. An Irish Whip attempt is stopped by Kamala either by his size or his hand on the ropes (it’s hard to tell which) and Chops Brawler before an Irish Whip of his own but Brawler manages to avoid an Avalanche attempt and Kamala charges into the turnbuckles. Brawler then attempts a Bodyslam but can’t lift Kamala. However, Kamala can lift Brawler which Kamala proves when he Bodyslams Brawler. Brawler tries to confuse Kamala by offering to shake his hand, Kamala chops Brawler in the skull. Kamala whips Brawler off the ropes and Brawler ducks a Clothesline attemp only to be hit by a Superkick which is followed up with chops before Kamala presses Brawler in the corner and then chokes Brawler with his foot. Kamala chops Brawler in the skull again before using the top rope, and his leg, to choke Brawler. Kamala makes the cover but Brawler is laying on his stomach so it doesn’t count. Undaunted, Kamala hits Brawler with an Axe Handle and a Superkick before ramming Brawler’s head into the turnbuckle. Kamala sends Brawler off the ropes and hits him with a Big Boot. He makes the cover and again Brawler is on his stomach. Kamala then whips Brawler shoulder first into the corner before hitting a Big Splash. He makes the cover and after a few attempts at pinning Brawler on his stomach, he eventually rolls Brawler onto his back and gets the three count.

Winner: Kamala

Vince McMahon is at ringside with Slick and Kamala. Vince says the change in Kamala since he’s been managed by Slick has been outstanding. Slick says the credit goes to the fans for opening up their hearts. He tells Harvey Whippleman and Kim Chee that he won’t be responsible for what Kamala does to them.

Time for a PPV Report, right here on Raw!. Mean Gene plugs the VHS release and covers the results of last night’s Royal Rumble. I’m way ahead of him, results are at the top of this article. What he mantions that I didn’t is that Lex Luger is here as the Narsissus that Bobby Heenan was talking about in Episode One and Giant Gonzales is also in the WWE as he launched an attack on The Undertaker at the Royal Rumble.

We get an ad for IcoPro with Bret Hart and one for Slim Jim with Randy Savage.

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