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WWE News: Daniel Bryan Comments On Possibly Re-Signing With WWE



One of the more hot button topics for the WWE Universe over the past couple of months has been the future of SmackDown Live Superstar and multi-time WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan. It’s no secret that Bryan’s contract with WWE is set to expire soon, reportedly on September 1st, leaving many wondering if he could be out the door. Before Bryan was finally cleared to return to action after a two-year layoff, he had been very vocal about his desire to compete again, even remarking that he would do it in another promotion’s squared circle.

Of course, since Bryan made his comeback at WrestleMania 34, there’s been loads of “will he” or “won’t he” talk, but recently there have been indications that Daniel is sticking around as he’s being advertised for WWE events beyond the end of his current deal.

While SmackDown Live was on tour in Japan two weeks ago, ‘The Leader of the Yes Movement’ spoke with The Business Times and had the following to say regarding his future:

“The wrestling world is an interesting world right now. But I love working with WWE, and my wife [Brie Bella] is a part of WWE and so there’s a good chance I’ll re-sign.”

You can read the full interview here

EA’s Take: I think most people would be much more surprised if he were to leave WWE at this point than if he stayed. The only reason him leaving was ever a possibility was because he wanted to get back to action. That was the only sticking point, it’s not like he was griping about his pay, creative or anything else. Solely stepping back in the ring, so I’ve felt as if him re-signing has been a foregone conclusion for some time now.


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