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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Report! (8/21/19)



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

Cruiserweight Tag Teams collide in a Tornado Tag Match! Will the Lucha House Party get even for the Body Guys beating them with a bit of bait and switch?



  • Noam Dar VS TJP; Dar wins.
  • Akira Tozawa VS Colin Delaney; no contest.
  • Tornado Tag: Lucha House Party VS The Body Guys; Lucha House Party wins.


Drake Maverick recaps Summerslam’s Cruiserweight Championship match!

Brooklyn was host to the biggest party of the Summer, but the fireworks were in the Kickoff Show. Cedric Alexander and Drew Gulak were tooth and nail, and the Age of Alexander lives on with a quick roll-up victory. Maverick is proud of both men for representing everything great about the Division. But no time to rest, the show must roll on! The Scottish Supernova and the FilAm Flash look to settle things once and for all with their tiebreaker match tonight. Noam Dar won quick but TJP won with a grueling and vicious strategy. Who will get the 2-1 victory to then climb the ranks?

But in the main event, we’re likely to see the most exciting match on 205 Live yet! Gran Metalik is back and joins Lince Dorado to take on Tony Nese & Buddy Murphy in Tornado Tag action. Luchadors thrive with speed, but the Premier Athlete & Cruiserweight Juggernaut have strength, size and even some smarts after showing their ability to distract and defeat Kalisto & Dorado. Will trickery win again? Or will Lucha House Party get even in the blink of an eye?


Grammy nominee artist, Wale, joins commentary!

As a long time member of the WWE Universe, he is honored to join Nigel, Vic and Percy in watching the most face-paced hour of WWE wrestling, and is still pumped up from the amazing SmackDown Tag Team Championship main event from just before.


Noam Dar VS TJP!

The youngest star on the 205 Live roster and the inaugural (New Era) Cruiserweight Champion go around one more time to prove who is really the better superstar. TJP says that “fortunately, this match will be over quickly,” so that he can get back to the greatest city on earth, his home of Los Angeles, California. Dar pulled off a train dodge when he went up against the best technical wrestler today, because TJP’s finishing hold is a Kneebar. But TJP promises that this third time around, Dar won’t be walking away, and it’ll be “Close Your Eyes Time” for the squeamish. He even says it’ll be so bloody, the camera man won’t want to watch. Bold words from the “Cruiser-Great”, will he live up to them?

Wale remembers way back when Dar was being distracted by Alicia Fox~, but he’s sure Dar has his priorities straight now. The bell rings and Dar circles with TJP. They tie up, go around, and Dar puts TJP in the corner. Dar grins and makes bear claws as he backs off. Fans are on Dar’s side as he circles with TJP again. TJP bails out and picks up the mic again. “I think now is a good a time as any to actually introduce my special surprise for the evening.” He’s not here to see anyone but TJP, it’s Wale! Wale is put on the spot, as TJP dabs on him. Who dabs anymore? Dar DIVES on TJP! Wale liked that, and gives pinkies up for the Supernova.

Dar bounces TJP off the steel steps once, twice, three times! Then he bounces TJP off the desk. Dar and Wale don’t dab, but they do dap as they fist bump with TJP. Dar then back suplexes TJP on the apron! He gives knee after knee to TJP’s ribs, then snapmares him into ropes. Dar doesn’t let up, he throws TJP down for a hammerlock. TJP scrambles to a corner but Dar goes after him with forearms and body shots. Dar lets up at the ref’s count of 4, but he whips TJP. TJP goes spider-man but gets dropkick’d down! Fans fire up with Dar but the referee gives TJP time. TJP drags Dar down and gets his leg. TJP slams the leg against the apron, but Dar uses the other to push TJP away. Dar puts TJP back in, but TJP DDT’s him down! Cover, TWO!

TJP grows frustrated, but he takes it out on Dar with stomps and a snapmare. TJP hammerlocks the arm, then pulls the bad leg back. Dar is stuck in the hammerlock and half crab, but tries to roll out. TJP lets him out to stomp him again. TJP puts Dar in the corner to then throw European Uppercuts and grind in his boot. The ref counts and TJP lets up at 4. TJP walks back but gets a kick from Dar. TJP throws Dar down, then turns him around for the standing deathlock. Dar endures the torture while TJP stares Wale down. Wale dares TJP to do something, but TJP just surfboard stomps Dar down.

TJP walks around to embrace the heat, then goes back to Dar. He drags Dar up for a scoop slam, then goes to the apron for a slignshot senton. Dar gets his knees up and does damage to both his legs and TJP’s back! He still gets up to throw forearms, but TJP gives them back. TJP kicks, but Dar elbows. Dar kicks but TJP slaps and dragon screws him! Fans rally up for Dar, and he tosses TJP to the apron. Dar ducks to sweep TJP’s leg, but his one leg gives out. Fans rally up for Dar more, and Dar takes aim. Dar chops, headbutts and uppercuts TJP down! He runs in corner to corner for a big back elbow, then Northern Lights release! Cover, TWO!

Now Dar grows a bit frustrated, but he gets to a corner. He takes aim again, but misses. TJP fireman’s carry, but Dar slips out. TJP counters the clothesline to a Mahistrol, TWO! He gets Dar’s leg! Knee Bar! Dar endures while reaching for ropes. He works to get the hold off but TJP’s on tight. Dar drags himself over and gets the ropebreak! TJP lets go, and he throws the wristbands off. He stomps Dar on the apron, then gives him a half crab through the ropes! Dar turns around and kicks away on TJP’s face! TJP slumps down but Dar fires up. Dar gets to the far corner, takes aim again, and sweeps the legs! But that’s not all, ROLLA NOVA! Cover, Dar wins!

Winner: Noam Dar, by pinfall

Wale knew it all along, Dar gets the tiebreaker. He toughs it out against the FilAm Flash, will Dar reach new heights in this new run?


Drew Gulak speaks.

“At Summerslam, Cedric Alexander was outmatched, outclassed, out-strategized.” Alexander didn’t prove he was better, because Gulak is better. Gulak is the best submission specialist in WWE today. Alexander “threw a Hail Mary” and got lucky! If Alexander cares about his legacy, he’ll give Gulak a rematch. What will the Soul of 205 Live say to the Philly Fury?


Backstage interview with Drake Maverick.

What does Rockstar Spud think of Gulak’s rematch request? Maverick knows that one person on the show makes the matches, and that’s him, the GM. Gulak has a great track record, and he’s in line for a match, but there are many other worthy Cruiserweights, as well. Opportunities aren’t given on 205 Live, they’re earned. The request is denied. What will Gulak have to do to earn his next title match?


Akira Tozawa VS Colin Delaney!

The Stamina Monster may have gone 0-2 against The Man of the Hour, but maybe he can spring back here in Brooklyn?

But before the bell, Jack Gallagher & THE Brian Kendrick attack! They knock down and drag out Tozawa and Delaney, with Drew Gulak coordinating. Gallagher headbutts Tozawa, and Gulak demands a mic.

“I tried to be reasonable,” Gulak says. But until he gets the rematch he feels he’s owed, “there will be no peace on 205 Live!” Alexander letting “Big Daddy Drake” talk for him just means he’s scared. Gulak suggests Alexander get out here now to answer his challenge. Alexander appears and responds. “Drew Gulak, you like to say that I’m scared, yet you’re the one down there surrounded by Thing 1 and Thing 2.” Tell those two to leave, and Alexander will gladly shut Gulak up. But Maverick steps in to stop this before it starts. Gulak quotes Dr. Seuss, then mocks the Age of Alexander! “What the Hell IS the Age of Alexander?” Gulak says this is Brooklyn and Alexander is the champ, yet this is somehow the Age of Alexander? Gulak is for a #Better205Live, not anyone else! The Age of Alexander SUCKS!

Maverick shouts for the Ungentle Men to leave, but Gulak keeps egging on the “choir boy”. Is Alexander worried Maverick will put him in time out? Gulak tells Gallagher & Kendrick to leave, and they do. Maverick says this is not the time, but fans want to “Let Them Fight!” Gulak gets why Alexander is scared. Alexander rushes thruogh but Gulak gets away. Maverick is furious but Alexander points out how Gulak is the one running! Gulak has gotten under the skin of the champion, but when will he and Alexander get back in the ring with each other to finish this?


Tornado Tag: Lucha House Party VS The Body Guys!

The King of the Ropes and the Golden Lynx get their shot at redemption against the Premier Athlete and Aussie Antagonist in a match where tagging in and out is thrown out the window! Will Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado succeed in slowing Tony Nese & Buddy Murphy down? Or will they be steamrolled by the swole duo?

Nese and Murphy flank Metalik and Dorado before the bell, so the luchadors start back to back. Kalisto rallies the fans with “Lucha! Lucha!” as the brawl breaks out. Dorado throws hands on Murphy while Metalik goes after Nese. Murphy throws Dorado to a corner, but Dorado slips out to fire back. Nese turns things around on Metalik, but Metalik also gets out to throw hands. Murphy puts Dorado on the apron to then help Nese out. Dorado climbs to jump on both Body Guys with a crossbody! LHS double whip but the Body Guys reverse, only for the luchadors to kick them back. Metalik runs, alley-oop missile dropkick! Body Guys roll out of the ring while fans join in with the “Lucha! Lucha!” Buddy & Nese rush the ring but get double Listo kicks for it! They go back out, but then drag LHS out of the ring.

Metalik & Dorado hit them back, and the brawls split up again. Metalik chops Nese sharp while Dorado clubs away on Murphy. They regroup around the other side but the Body Guys shove LHS into the announce desk. Nese and Murphy get back in the ring, but Dorado & Metalik follow. Dorado & Metalik get put on the apron but they both shoulder back in and shovel Murphy & Nese out. They mule kick Murphy & Nese away, for DOUBLE ASAI! The fans fire up with “Lucha! Lucha!” while Metalik & Dorado stagger back over. Metalik puts Nese in the ring, then covers. TWO, but Metalik stomps Nese down. Dorado aims at Murphy from the barrier, for a flying huricanrana!

Metalik whips Nese, but Nese reverses to hit with a EuroUpper. Nese slides out to rock Dorado with a forearm, then Murphy throws Dorado down on the ramp. Murphy & Nese regroup to go after Metalik. Metalik dropkicks them both out! Then he FLIES! But is caught! And then powerbomb’d at the barriers! Kalisto can only watch as his amigos are down and out on the floor. Nese drags Dorado up and in for Murphy. Murphy grins as he stands on Dorado’s bad hand, and stomps it! Nese goes after it, too, by throwing it on the mat. Murphy drags Dorado up and goes after the wrist cast. Dorado fights back but gets the knee trigger.

Nese helps Murphy go after the cast, but they see Metalik returning. Metalik shoulders in then throws Murphy out. He whips but Nese reverses and avoids the handspring. Metalik keeps going and gets Nese in the handspring arm-drag! He keeps going and runs the ropes to springboard missile dropkick! Nese goes out but Murphy comes in. Metalik catches his punch to then chop him back! Metalik acrobatically headscissors, but Murphy blocks with power! Sit-out powerbomb! TWO! Nese returns and stomps Metalik out. He clobbers Metalik with crossface forearms, then brings Metalik up for Murphy to mug with haymakers. Metalik fights back with kicks, elbows and chops. He whips Nese but Nese reverses and slides under, to a pumphandle scoop. Murphy adds momentum for the powerslam! Cover, but Dorado breaks it! Where did he come from?!

Murphy throws Dorado back out, then regroups with Nese. They drag Metalik back up, for a double back suplex. Metalik slips out and shoves them into Dorado’s missile dropkick! Dorado rallies with drops and a dropkick for Murphy, then a heel kick for Nese! He starts up a clothesline train corner to corner, but then Murphy follows. Dorado dodges so Murphy runs into Nese! Then Murphy dodges Dorado, but that just allows Dorado to bronco buster Nese! Murphy grabs Dorado, waistlock, but Dorado makes it a wheelbarrow bulldog! Then he hits a huricanrana! Cover, TWO!! The Lucha House Party knows they’re close, as Kailsto coaches up Dorado.

Fans rally up as Dorado drags Murphy up. Nese rocks Dorado with a forearm, then whips with Murphy. Dorado ducks and springboards, but the moonsault is a bit messy. Dorado covers Murphy, TWO! Murphy fireman’s carry, but Dorado slips out to shove him at Nese. Murphy stops himself, but Dorado comes over to kick Nese down while giving Murphy a tornado DDT! Cover, TWO!! The Lucha House Party still isn’t there yet, but they’ve got control. Dorado drags Murphy to the drop zone then climbs up. Nese comes over but Dorado kicks him away. Murphy trips Dorado up! Nese returns and both Body Guys climb up top. They grab Dorado but Metalik returns to add on.

Nese goes down, and Metalik yanks Murphy back. Murphy fires off his strike fest, but Metalik dodges the knee to tilt-o-whirl. Murphy blocks with power to then throw Metalik down with a gordbuster. Nese triangle moonsaults onto Metalik! But Dorado Shooting Stars! Murphy drags him off the cover with a deadlift AK-DDT!! Cover, TWO!? It doesn’t matter how, because fans are loving it. They rally up while Nese rolls out and LHS go to the aprons. Murphy kicks Metalik down, then goes to the apron with Dorado. He brings Dorado up while Kalisto panics. Dorado fights Murphy off, but ends up on the opposite side of the corner. They fight as they climb, but Dorado gets control. Dorado fires off body shots but Nese comes back! Nese climbs up behind Dorado, but Dorado fights him off.

Nese is hanging but he Spider-Man German suplexes Dorado down! But Metalik walks the tightrope to dropkick Nese in the Tree of Woe! But Murphy Meteora! Fans are fired up while all four men are down. Kalisto rallies them behind “Lucha! Lucha!” Both teams crawl to regroup on opposite sides. All four men stand, and all four men brawl back and forth. LHS chop, Body Guys give forearms, and back again. Dorado enziguris Nese, then deflects Murphy’s superkick into him! Then LHS double SUPERKICK Murphy! They go to double suplex but Nese rolls and lifts Dorado! Metalik throws Murphy out, then dropkicks Nese down!

Dorado and Metalik position Nese in the drop zone. Dorado moonsaults from the second rope, then Metalik moonsaults from the second rope. Then Dorado climbs up to moonsault from the top rope! They both cover, but Murphy breaks it!! Kalisto begs that the count be three, but it’s not. Even so, fans know “This is Awesome!” Dorado runs at Murphy but is thrown out. Metalik clotheslines Murphy out but Nese rolls Metalik! TWO! Nese German Suplexes Metalik into buckles! He lowers the knee pad, runs, but into a boot! Metalik hops up but Nese hits the Shoryuken! But Dorado crotches Nese on the top. Murphy yanks Dorado out, only to get a dropkick.  Dorado leaps, but Murphy dodges and Dorado hits floor! Metalik walks the tightrope to huricanrana Nese onto Murphy!

But his mask! Kalisto hurries to help Metalik cover up while the fans lose their minds. The referee checks on all four men, but somehow they’re all okay to continue. Metalik has his mask back and puts Murphy in the ring. He takes aim from the apron, springboard but Murphy gets under. Knee trigger takes Metalik out! Kalisto is beside himself, Metalik might have a broken jaw or a concussion! Murphy doesn’t care, he rips Kalisto’s shirt off, then shoves him into the announce desk. But Metalik catches Murphy by surprise with a cradle, TWO! Murphy smacks Metalik, and Metalik gets the ref to check on him. Murphy runs, but Kalisto swipes at his feet! Just like Murphy did to him last time! Metalik rolls up and sunset flips Murphy! Lucha House Party wins!!

Winners: Lucha House Party, by pinfall

Turnabout is fair play! The fiesta rolls on while Murphy is stunned. Is this tag team war far from over? What will it take to end it?



My Thoughts:

Wow, this was how to close out WWE’s time in Brooklyn. We start off great with Wale making fun of TJP’s name in all sorts of ways while TJP and Dar have a really good match. They did great to reference their previous match with many of the spots, especially Dar countering the half-crab in the ropes with all those kicks. Dar wins, which is great, because with Mustafa Ali given an indefinite leave by Maverick, we need another strong Face to move up. Then it was great to swerve us on the weekly formula of a squash match by making it Gulak, Gallagher & Kendrick wrecking shop. Gulak is definitely getting the next title match because he is top Heel. I expect one more encounter like this with Alexander before Maverick caves and lets him have his way.

Then holy hell that Tornado Tag. Why aren’t matches like this already for some kind of Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships?! The feud of Lucha House Party VS Kendrick & Gallagher didn’t give us it, so can we please get it with LHS VS Nese & Murphy? As Maverick promised, that was the best tag match in 205 Live’s short history. Fans did get distracted by something happening in the crowd about two-thirds in, but they came right back to the match when it passed because this match really raised the bar on this show. I liked how Kalisto got back at Murphy with the trip, and this obviously extends the feud. The blow-off better have something to do with tag titles. As great as these matches are, being inaugural tag champions has to be the payoff.

My Score: 8.5/10

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