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WWE News: Daniel Bryan Talks Chances He’ll Re-Sign With WWE



The final days on Daniel Bryan’s current WWE contract are now upon us as his deal with the company will be expiring on September 1st. Despite the fact that Bryan has yet to come to terms on a new contract, WWE is advertising him for a number of dates in October including the Super Show-Down event in Australia on October 6th and the 1000th episode of SmackDown Live on October 16th.

With the recent reveal that the upcoming WWE 2K19 game will feature Bryan’s career in the returning Showcase Mode (read about that here), many have been left believing that staying with WWE is nothing short of an inevitability. This week, Bryan appeared on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast and addressed how likely it is that he will be re-sign:

“I think at this point it’s 90 plus percent…I will say it’s likely I will sign with WWE. The reality is that’s the probability. I have not re-signed yet but it could happen as soon as the end of this week or it could be a couple more weeks. It’s very likely.”

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To listen to the entire interview, go to this link.

EA’s Take: No surprise to me at all as I’ve said this all along since the company finally cleared him to get back in the ring. Had they not done so, that’s the only way I could see him leaving and quite frankly, the only reason anybody ever thought he would was because of that fact. While obviously WWE could live without him as the company has lost the biggest names of all-time and come through it, it certainly would have been a big boost to the independent circuit or wherever he decided to go had it happened. It just makes too much business sense for WWE to allow him to leave.


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