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WWE News: WWE Runs Injury Angle With Aleister Black After Last Night’s NXT



Aleister Black

As has been noted, NXT Superstar Aleister Black suffered an injury recently at a Live Event in Las Vegas, Nevada when he was crotched on the top turnbuckle during a match against NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa (read about that here).

Black underwent surgery for a groin injury shortly after the injury occurred and initial reports claimed he would only be out of action for a couple of weeks. Last night on NXT, Aleister took on Johnny Gargano in a match that was taped prior to the injury, which ended in a No Contest when the aforementioned Ciampa interfered. This led to General Manager William Regal making a Triple Threat match for the NXT Title at TakeOver Brooklyn 4 on August 18th, the night before SummerSlam.

Following NXT, WWE posted the following video, an angle where Black had been found unconscious in the parking lot:


After NXT went off the air Wednesday night on WWE Network, a frightening discovery was made in the parking lot of Full Sail Live, as Aleister Black was found laid out and unconscious, seemingly the victim of a mysterious ambush.

Though no details on Black’s condition are known just yet, will bring you updates as more information becomes available.


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