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Joe’s AAA Results & Review (9/7/18)



Pagano, Aerostar, and Maximo vs Texano Jr, Rey Escorpion, and La Mascara

Nice to see Pagano isn’t dead. I still don’t know how he isn’t after Triplemania. The mercenaries all have orange jump suits on. Well, the match breaks down into a brawl immediately. Finally it’s back to normal and Maximo and La Mascara start. Aerostar gets in there and gets Texano caught in the ropes, and then he hit a huge dive on Escorpion which I can’t describe how crazy it looked. It looked like Escorpion caught him for a piledriver but Aerostar just hit the diving head attack with such velocity he bounced upwards. Pagano then gets in to face La Mascara and does Maximo’s kissing spot. Pagano and Mascara go at it a bit till Mascara goes to the outside and Pagano feigns a dive and hits a pose.

Maximo comes in and spits at Mascara making his way in, but then he’s jumped by Texano and Escorpion. Pagano gets thrown to the outside and Escorpion is working on Aerostar. Maximo is being double teamed by the others until Pagano gets back in. Texano gets his bull whip and hits Pagano with it. Now La Mascara is busting open Maximo with the help of Rey Escorpion. Escorpion throws Aerostar like a dart at the steel post on the outsite. Then they ram Pagano’s groin into the steel post.

Now they’re triple teaming Maximo in the ring. Texano has his rope rolled up into his fist, hitting him with it. Pagano and Aerostar try to make the save but are thwarted. The crowd does not like how they’re treating Maximo. Maximo gets a burst of energy, hits Mascara with a hurricanrana to the outside then hits a dive.

Aerostar then hits a cannon ball dive on Texano and Escorpion, then Pagano hits a middle rope senton dive on them, leaving Maximo and Mascara in the ring. Mascara goes for a top rope move, Maximo kisses him, he falls off. Maximo hits a frog splash and Texano pulls the ref out. La Mascara then low blows Maximo for the pin. La Mascara pins Maximo after a low blow.

They beat up Maximo after the match until La Parka’s music hits. He comes to make the save and later embraces with Maximo.

Winners: Texano Jr, Rey Escorpion, and La Mascara

Psycho Clown and Fenix vs Brian Cage and Hijo Del Fantasma

Brian Cage looks more jacked every time I see him. They finally have a new graphic for Fantasma without his mask. He dons the orange jumpsuit as well, like his Mercenary brothers. Psycho Clown is out, so I suppose Dr. Wagner isn’t replacing anybody. Psycho and Fantasma start exchanging chops. Brian Cage comes in and takes out Psycho bringing Fenix in who does a big elaborate arm drag, so we aren’t wasting any time here. Fantasma hits a splash and then Cage followed with a very awkward elbow drop. He’s an agile big man but moves from the top might not be his strong suit.

Cage drops Fenix on his neck on the barricade. This started as a normal tag but it surely is a tornado tag now. Cage and Fantasma hit a double suplex on Psycho Clown bringing him into the ring. Now they double team Fenix. Fantasma bites at the mask of Psycho Clown. Cage throws Fenix into the announce table and Cage lifts the Mega Championship and poses with it. Perhaps that’s the direction they’re going.

Psycho Clown starts to make a come back and then Fenix hits a springboard double cutter. Fenix and Psycho then hit a double middle rope dive on Cage and Fantasma. Fenix and Psycho Clown are now starting to pick up momentum. Clown hits a top rope basement drop kick to Fantasma’s butt as Fenix held his legs up. Clown hits a big sunset flip power bomb on Cage. Fantasma then goes to unmask Clown but fenix makes the save. Now Cage and Fenix are going back and forth. Fenix hits a huge over the top dive on cage. He goes for another one where Cage was supposed to catch him but Fenix slipped off. Crowd noticed it.

Psycho Clown went for a pinning combination on Fantasma and then the ref just stopped counting. Looks like Cage missed his spot to pull the ref out. Then Fantasma took Clown’s mask off and rolled him up for the win. El Hijo Del Fantasma pins Psycho Clown with a roll up.

The rest of the mercenaries come out to beat on Psycho Clown. They steal Fenix’s mask as well. Psycho Clown and Fenix get their masks back on and embrace.

Winners: El Hijo Del Fantasma and Brian Cage

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