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Joe’s AAA Results & Review (9/7/18)



AAA TV Tapings on Twitch 9/9/18

Scarlett Bordeaux, Keyra, and La Hiedra vs Vanilla, Lady Maravilla, and Lady Shani

Originally this was to be a mixed tag match, but I assume there was last minute changes. Keyra starts with Maravilla and they exchange holds to start. They exchange some unique pinning and submission holds until Hiedra comes in to stop one bringing in Shani as well. Shani gets the best on Hiedra then tags in Vanilla. Scarlett comes in. She shakes her ass and the crowd cheers. Vanilla does the same and they cheer. Scarlett gets sent to the outside and this leads to everyone brawling.

Shani is getting double teamed in the corner. Next they dispose of Vanilla, and after that they gang up on Maravilla. Shani comes back to try and make the save but she is unable to. They start to make a come back though, Maravilla hits a drop kick off the top, Shani hits a tilt-a-whirl slam on Keyra, and then they proceed to kick Scarlett in her butt. Maravilla hits a brutal back stabber on Keyra, then a knee to the corner, and then hits a dive.

Scarlett goes to the top and hits a dive off the top on Maravila. Vanilla then hits one on all of them. This leaves Shani and Hiedra in the ring. Shani hits her with a sit out slam from the top into a pinning combination for the victory. Lady Shani pins La Hiedra with a sit out slam for the pin.

All six women start brawling after the match and they steal Lady Maravilla’s mask. She does a good job covering her face with her hair. The officials are holding back Keyra from Maravilla. That was an eventful match.

Winners: Vanilla, Lady Maravilla, and Lady Shani.

Angelikal, Golden Magic, and Hijo Del Vikingo vs Tito Santana, Carta Brava Jr, and Mocho Cota Jr

Golden Magic was scheduled for a triple threat later but he’s being added to this tag match. This change affects the next match, wonder how many changes there are. Vikingo and Carta Brava start out and they’re not wasting any time. Vikingo hits a spinning head scissors. And just like that they’re brawling on the floor. Golden Magic is running wild on all of Porde de Norte. He hits a hurricanrana off the apron on Santana to the floor. Angelikal comes in and he runs wild on each, and hits a dive over the top into an arm drag on Tito Santana.

Vikingo is back in and is running wild and is going a bit too fast. He messed up two moves pretty badly. Vikingo goes for a hurricanrana on Santana on the top but it’s reversed into a powerbomb. Santana and Brava are working over Golden Magic as Angelikal got thrown into the crowd as he lies with spilled drinks. Santana hits Magic with the chair, but as Magic got his hands up it hit him bad on the elbow and his elbow is bleeding bad.

Porde de Norte is now triple teaming Vikingo as the doctors tend to Golden Magic’s elbow on the outside. The members of Porde de Norte attack Golden Magic as he’s getting his elbow wrapped and start to work him arm. Solid old school wrestling there. Tito Santana hits a big middle rope dive on Vikingo. Brava hits a modified Samoan Drop on Golden Magic and then Cota Jr hits a frog splash for the pin. Mocho Cota Jr pins Golden Magic with a frog splash.

Winners: Porde de Norte

Maximo and Aerostar vs Australian Suicide and Hijo Del LA Park vs Rey Escorpion and La Mascara

Okay so we are getting our triple threat match and the next tag match combined. They all exchange a bunch of spots to start the match until everyone is laid out but Maximo and La Mascara. They go blow for blow in the ring and Mascara goes to the walk way to bait Maximo and Escorpion jumps him. Escorpion then throws Suicide into the crowd, and now both Mercenaries are back in the ring trying to bust open Maximo. Park comes in and gets handled easily, and now Australian Suicide is getting handled easily as well.

They’re back to beating on poor Maximo, when Aerostar tries to make a save but he is unsuccessful. It’s a little tough on the crowd, they just had a tag match where one team was getting heat on everyone for most of the match. Maximo does hit a hurricanrana to make a come back, and then him and Aerostar hit huge dives, and now that wakes the crowd up. Park goes to the top and hits a moonsault to the floor.

Finally we’re back in the ring and we get Escorpion and Park in the ring. Park hits him with a spanish fly from the top. Hijo Del LA Park has been looking very impressive lately. Mascara then beats on Park, but Maximo gets him from behind, gives him a kiss and then rolls him up for the win. Maximo rolls up La Mascara for the victory.

Texano comes out after the match with his bull rope to beat on Maximo after the match. A repeat of what happened last show. They beat on Aerostar as well. Guess Park and Suicide just got out of there lol.

Winners: Maximo and Aerostar

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