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Marty Scurll On ‘Controversy’ Over His All In Match On Prime Time With Sean Mooney



All In is now in the books and one of the bigger talking points coming out of the show was the match between ‘The Villain’ Marty Scurll and Kazuchika Okada. As has been noted, the main event match that saw The Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi take on Rey Mysterio, Bandido and Rey Fenix had to be cut short due to other matches going long, one of which being Scurll vs. Okada.

‘The Villain’ appeared on the most recent episode of Prime Time with Sean Mooney and discussed the “controversy” surrounding the match:

“No, we might have been over, like people saying we were 14 minutes over…no, no, no, no. The show ran 14 minutes later so a bunch of the other matches went over. Like a bunch of the other matches went over, but obviously I guess our match is crucified because obviously we were the match on fourth-last. To me everyone’s like, ‘Oh, these guys went over’. It’s like ‘No, no, no…the show went over’. Just before I went out Nick Jackson said to me and Okada, ‘Guys, whatever you do, don’t cut. Just do whatever you do even if we’re going dark tonight, it’s fine. Just do what you have to do’. So obviously, took that from the boss’ mouth and some people were like, ‘You guys went 14 minutes over’ and I was like, ‘Okay, so we did 26 minutes and you’re suggesting that they booked a semi-main with months and months build to have a 12-minute match?’. You know so obviously, it’s funny these ideas people get in their heads and stuff you read in the dirt sheets and whatnot. I just think like…a lot of those guys who do that stuff I respect and it’s great people can make business of that, but sometimes I just read stuff and I go, ‘Wow, this is just like a big lie’.”

If you use any of the above, please credit The Chairshot for transcription.

You can listen to the full clip of Marty’s comments in the clip above. You can also download the full episode of Prime Time with Sean Mooney at this link.


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