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WWE Hell In A Cell Results Roman Reigns Braun Strowman Mick Foley


WWE Hell In A Cell Results: Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman

WWE presents Hell In A Cell tonight (September 16, 2018), emanating from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. Braun Strowman cashed in his Money In The Bank contract to challenge WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns inside Hell In A Cell! This is Roman Reigns’ third Hell In A Cell match, and the first for Braun Strowman. Mick Foley served as the special guest referee.

If Strowman is unsuccessful in this cash-in, he’ll join John Cena, Damien Sandow, and Baron Corbin as the only unsuccessful cash-in attempts. Headed into this match, Roman Reigns is undefeated inside the Cell. Strowman is also the third man to attempt to cash-in on Roman Reigns.

Check out Steven Mitchell’s WWE Hell In A Cell Results & Report here!

HELL IN A CELL Match for the WWE Universal Championship
Roman Reigns (champion) vs. Braun Strowman (cashing in Money In The Bank) with Special Guest referee Mick Foley
Official Result: Roman Reigns retained the Universal Championship in a no-contest when Brock Lesnar attacked both he and challenger Braun Strowman. During the match, Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins got involved, with Rollins and Ziggler dropping off of the side of the Cell and crashing through the English and Spanish announce tables.

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From Mitchell’s WWE Hell In A Cell Results & Report:

Rollins wants something, but McIntyre saves Ziggler! The champs mug Rollins, but here comes Ambrose, armed with a kendo stick! McIntyre & Ziggler drag Rollins up, Rollins fights but gets a SUPERKICK. Ambrose joins them and uses the kendo stick on them both! The Lunatic has San Antonio fired up, but McIntyre brawls with him fast and furious again. Double clotheslines take them both out, and the cell ceiling holds. They all slowly stir, and Ziggler decides to start making his way down. But Rollins heads after him, forcing Ziggler to shimmy towards the corner. Rollins has his hair! Ziggler fights Rollins off and continues descending. Rollins continues to pursue, and now they’re both on the side of the cell. A familiar spot for the Architect back when he and Ambrose were on opposite sides of the fight.

Ziggler headbutts Rollins but Rollins bounces Ziggler’s head off the side. They keep hitting each other off red steel, and Rollins teeters. He recovers, but both men take each other out, and they BOTH fall off and through tables!! Fans lose their minds while spare referees check on the two men who just crash landed. But wait, is that BROCK LESNAR!? What is The Beast doing here?! He wants his rematch, but was denied such by Kurt Angle before Stephanie McMahon replaced him with Corbin. But then Lesnar just says to hell with unlocking the door, he kicks it in!! And fans lose their minds again as he climbs right in the ring.

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Lesnar drags that door in with him while Paul Heyman maces Foley!! Lesnar SMACKS Strowman with part of the wrecked table! And then SMACK for Roman with another piece of wrecked table. Then SMACK for Strowman again, and SMACK for Roman. SMACK for Strowman, and Lesnar has his pick of prey. Lesnar drags Strowman up, to F5 him right down! But he’s not done, because he still owes Roman for Summerslam. Lesnar fireman’s carry on Roman, to F5 him on top of Strowman! The Beast roars as the last behemoth standing, but will this path of destruction really earn him his rematch?


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