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WWE News: Non-Spoiler Preview For Tonight’s NXT (9/5/18)



Although tonight’s episode of WWE NXT was previously recorded at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, we at The Chairshot realize not everyone likes a spoiler. With that in mind, here’s a non-spoiler preview of what’s happening on NXT, which airs at 8PM EST on the WWE Network:

  • After last week’s heated exchange, The Velveteen Dream goes one-on-one with Johnny Gargano
  • The era of ‘The Pirate Princess’ begins with NXT Women’s Champion Kairi Sane in the house
  • The Forgotten Sons finally make their NXT debut
  • Kassius Ohno takes on ‘The Finest’ Kona Reeves

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News From Cook’s Corner 9.27.21: Held Under Extreme Rules

New gimmicks, no gimmicks, bad gimmicks…show gimmicks. Cook breaks out the gimmick bag and funnily enough, it’s all News worthy! Check it out!



Hi, hello & welcome to News From Cook’s Corner! I’m Steve Cook, and frankly I’m not sure what’s going on around here. The Bengals beating the Steelers by double digits surely qualifies as one of those signs of the apocalypse. Though, I’ve seen so many signs of the apocalypse by now that it should have already happened.

(Wouldn’t it be hilarious if it came sometime between my typing this and getting it posted? Nobody would be around to notice that I called it, but I could at least take some satisfaction in it.)

Quick Programming Note: There will be no News From Cook’s Corner next Monday, as I’ll be out of town for work this Friday, Saturday & Sunday. The Week 4 NFL Gambling Picks will drop on Thursday, then you probably won’t read me on here until the Week 5 NFL Gambling Picks. Or if something tremendously important comes up. I never rule anything out, but I am looking forward to a few days away from staring at my computer and hoping words appear eventually.

Owen Hart’s Legacy Honored By AEW

This news broke just after last week’s News column was submitted, and I want to talk about it here because it’s pretty great. AEW & the Owen Hart Foundation reached an agreement where AEW would honor Owen’s legacy a number of different ways. One will be an annual tournament known as the Owen Hart Cup. Hart will also be featured in AEW’s upcoming video game, along with action figures, apparel, posters & other items.

Last week we talked about some of the fallout of the Dark Side of the Ring episode about the Plane Ride From Hell & the negative effect its had on some folks. On the flip side of that, the episode on Owen Hart featuring his family has largely had a positive effect. Doing the show and seeing the feedback from Owen’s fans helped Dr. Martha Hart realize that her late husband still had many fans that cared deeply for him. She also discovered there was a way for those fans to honor Owen that wouldn’t allow World Wrestling Entertainment, the company that set up the events leading to Owen’s passing, to make money off of his name.

I would comment on some of the negative opinion circulating online about this, but it’s not like anybody with an ounce of credibility expressed such things. I know it’s 2021 and the in vogue thing is to pick a side and spend all day telling you how the other side is wrong, but I’d still like to think there are some things we should be able to agree on. Honoring Owen Hart is one of those things, as should be honoring the wishes of his family. We hope AEW proves as up to the task as they appear to be.

Rampage No Longer Moving

It’s official that AEW Dynamite will be moving to TBS on January 5. TNT released their NHL schedule last week, which revealed that double headers will take place the first two weeks of the season, then 10 PM games will air from October 27 until December 29 with Dynamite as the presumptive lead-in. None of those games feature the Nashville Predators, because TNT doesn’t want to make things easy for me.

AEW Rampage was originally scheduled to move to TBS at the same time, but will be staying at its current slot on TNT. Rampage’s ratings in a time slot where people allegedly go out and do things have been impressive, and there won’t be NHL or NBA games on the station except during the playoffs. Tony Khan is happy with the idea of having shows on both channels, and it’s won’t be like WWE’s Fox/USA relationship where people get mad because Roman Reigns isn’t on their show or because they don’t want to promote a streaming service they don’t own. TBS/TNT heat is mostly limited to arguments over who has to clean the office microwave.

TBS Championship?

Speaking of TBS, Andrew Zarian reported that AEW will be establishing a secondary championship for their women’s roster, & will call it the TBS Championship. See, I’d been wondering if they would change the TNT Championship’s name when Dynamite moved to TBS, but with Rampage staying there we won’t have to worry about that confusion.

One definitely wonders if AEW’s women’s roster can support two championships, but they already kind of did that for a minute when Thunder Rosa & Serena Deeb were making defenses of the NWA World Women’s Championship. That title hasn’t been mentioned on TV since Kamille won it, with the exception of a segment building up Leyla Hirsch challenging for it at NWA Empowerrr.

The best argument for a second women’s championship in AEW? Simple: Dr. Britt Baker shouldn’t be losing their Women’s Championship any time soon. Gotta give the other women something to fight for.

Shane Thorne Wants Us To Know His New Gimmick Is His Idea

So word came out this week that Shane Thorne is doing an Outback Jack/Aussie gimmick in his dark matches. I hadn’t really had time to form an opinion on a gimmick I hadn’t seen yet when Thorne took to the Interweb to let us know not to blame WWE for it:

We’ve said it before, but the whole trend of workers taking to the Interweb to let us know that WWE writers aren’t to blame for whatever they’re doing now & it’s Actually Good is rather odd. That being said, a stereotypical Aussie gimmick at least has to be better than being part of Retribution.

Joe Gacy’s New Gimmick Is Already His Old Gimmick

Thorne can only hope his Crocodile Dundee character has a longer shelf-life than that of Joe Gacy’s recent contribution to NXT 2.0. Gacy appeared on last Tuesday’s episode to wrestle Cameron Grimes and introduce his new persona, that of a man that doesn’t need male privilege talking about conflict resolution & safe spaces and hugging his opponents after their match ends. This seems to have lasted all of one match, as the clips were pulled from WWE’s YouTube page and all references to it were removed from other social media outlets.

It seems that this was one of those things that certain audiences liked a lot, as Fox News & the New York Post were all about WWE taking a shot at the woke left. The assumption is that this media attention led to WWE pulling the character, as WWE really doesn’t want politics to seep into their presentation for a litany of reasons. For what it’s worth, I don’t think any left-wing outlets even noticed whatever was happening on NXT 2.0, so Joe Gacy’s cancellation was definitely thanks to the right-wingers.

I do wonder if the character had much of a long term future. It’s tough to challenge for championships and be in favor of conflict resolution over conflict.

Let’s Get Extreme!

Extreme Rules went down Sunday night. I have to be honest with you folks. I made it through two matches of this show and tapped out. Now, some of my peeps at frequently comment about how the LED lighting & camera cuts and all that stuff that have become trademarks of WWE television. It doesn’t typically bother me as much, but for whatever reason, the neon green & yellow all over the screen had quite the negative effect on my old man eyes and I had to turn the darn thing off.

That isn’t really a knock, to be honest. I know that kids love bright lights & special effects and all of these things that old people like me with declining vision can’t take. Better to market to them, as they have many more years of WWE viewing in their future than I do. Here’s what happened on the show in case you were wondering:

Liv Morgan beat Carmella on the Kickoff Show: Liv is over with the WWE Universe and has more upside than Carmella at this point. Nothing against Carmella, she seems like a friendly gal, but it seems like we’ve already seen her best while Liv still has room to improve.

The New Day defeated Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles & Omos: This match is one of those things that’s a sign of the difference between pro wrestling then & pro wrestling now. Back in my day, PPV matches were supposed to be built to for a certain period of time. Wrestling groups that threw stuff together the day of the show were mocked, because who was going to put their money down if there wasn’t anything announced? Here in 2021, nobody cares. They’ve either already subscribed to Peacock or they haven’t. So what if nobody knew this was happening before it happened?

-It was a good match, which is what the Internet crowd cares about.
-The New Day was there, which is what the live crowd cared about.
-Lashley, Styles & Omos got to do something instead of nothing, so we feel good for them.

It’s completely against anything the experts would describe as “good booking”, but that isn’t what WWE is about, and their fans aren’t bothered by it. I’ve already spent too much time on something that was fun, but was just something to fill time until Lashley challenged Big E to a title match on Raw.

The Usos defended the SmackDown Tag Team Championships against the Street Profits: I felt bad for my buddy that bet on the Street Profits based off my tip. In my defense, my idea was that this would be a hot opener that would feature a happy ending to get the crowd excited. I wasn’t aware they were going to book something with the main event acts on Raw to fill that spot. Once I saw it going on second, I knew my goose was cooked. Well, not mine since I can’t legally gamble on these things.

Match was good, but those darn lights were too distracting, and when I saw what was coming up next…well…

Charlotte Flair retained the Raw Women’s Championship against Alexa Bliss: There was actually a finish to this one. The spooky nonsense would be saved for later. I still dislike Alexa’s current act, but people keep telling me it’s Actually Good for Reasons, and I don’t care enough to argue with them since the whole thing is easy enough to ignore. Shockingly, Alexa lost in her hometown. Who would have guessed?

Damian Priest defended the US Championship against Jeff Hardy & Sheamus: We went over how this was the obvious outcome, and the right outcome. Not much else to say here, other than the fans getting behind Jeff Hardy speaks well for a guy that’s been booked into a state worse than oblivion for most of the past few months. People gonna like who they like. Well, not me. I’m pretty fickle.

Bianca Belair beat Becky Lynch by disqualification when Sasha Banks interfered: I suspect these three won’t be on the same show for too long, so expect a triple threat match on this week’s SmackDown. Should be a good one.

Roman Reigns retained the Universal Championship against Demon King Finn Balor: Reigns put on a mask to brawl through the crowd. On one hand, it’s smart, but on the other hand it establishes masking up as a heel move. And here I thought WWE wanted to stay out of politics. The Demon demoned up with red lighting like he was the Fiend or something, and was on the verge of winning with a double stomp when…the top rope broke. Certainly a different choice. People will tell you that this keeps Demon Finn Balor strong, but does it really? Dude lost because of a broken ring rope. He’d be stronger if he lost because it was Roman Freaking Reigns.

So that was Extreme Rules. Raw comes to downtown Cincinnati tomorrow, which means I have to deal with WWE semi trucks along with anti-vaxx truckers trying to shut down interstates. Fun!

Well, that’s all we have time for this week. Thanks for reading, and until whenever we come back with more news, keep your stick on the ice.

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More From Japan


With the N-1 Victory going strong, all four blocks are shaping up for their final bouts. Hisame goes over the tournament and all the other NOAH News that popped up recently!




With the N-1 Victory going strong, all four blocks are shaping up for their final bouts. Hisame goes over the tournament and all the other NOAH News that popped up recently!



Block A

Kaito Kiyomiya – 4

Kaito Kiyomiya shed the young boy look and went for something darker, debuting a new somber look for his first match in the league. Gone was the blonde hair, gone was the green and the white; he came out with his hair brown, and his clothes dark. Fans asked if he was joining STINGER? Despite his gothic appearance he managed to overcome Manabu Soya and Takashi Sugiura, bringing him to four points and putting him at the top of the table. However, Kiyomiya’s next challenge is Keiji Mutoh, the so far insurmountable wall. With Mutoh’s calling him “low risk” and brushing him off that he will simply defeat him and go on to the playoffs, Kiyomiya has hit the dojo to train like never before.

Keiji Mutoh – 3

With a draw against Takashi Sugiura and a win against Manabu Soya (who he still says is a “big dumb tree to the brain”), Keiji Mutoh is the highest second scorer in the block. His next match will take place on the 26th September at Korakuen Hall vs Kaito Kiyomiya. Mutoh’s last two tactics have been to act the feeble old man, which has been successful so far, but will it work again against Kiyomiya? It should also be noted that Mutoh’s last two matches have not ended in pinfall – Takashi Sugiura was a draw, and Manabu Soya was a submission.

Takashi Sugiura – 1 (out)

Sadly, Takashi Sugiura (despite being a double champion) has not been successful in the league this year, and looks to have finished when losing to Kaito Kiyomiya. He and Manabu Soya will have their final league match, and a chance to pick up some points at least. Disappointment hasn’t stopped Sugi being Sugi however as he has been trolling Soya (even at 2am) about the GET WILD tag team that Soya was in with Takao Omori (who was once in NOAH), and calling him an “Octopus” (rather than the term that Marufuji once used for Sugiura, in this case Sugi means someone big and clumsy…kind of like a big old tree…). Unsurprisingly, Manabu Soya has not responded.

Manabu Soya – 0 (out)

Poor Manabu Soya has ended the league with no wins and bottom last; Keiji Mutoh worked on his knees to make him submit, and he fell to Kaito Kiyomiya in his first match. It may well be that with Takashi Sugiura goading him on Twitter, and neither of them having much to do in the N-1 (for now at least), he makes a challenge for one of those belts that Sugi has.

Block B

Masaaki Mochizuki – 4

Masaaki Mochizuki is riding high, although part of the journey up did mean that he crossed paths with Kendo Kashin. Describing the match as one he had never done before (not least because of Kashin’s antics, but more because Kashin doesn’t seem to have any technique), he overcame Kashin in exactly the same way Kashin defeated Kenoh, by sneak win. Mochizuki’s next match will be a kick war with Kenoh that will take place at Korakuen Hall on the 26th September; if Mochizuki wins he will have three wins and eight points, if Kenoh wins then he gets the four.

Kenoh – 2

Kenoh has had an interesting N-1 VICTORY to say the least. Defeated in his first match by Kendo Kashin (who has been stalking his good friend “Daisuke” over the creation of a NOAH nursing home which he thinks should be funded by Kongoh), and then defeating Daiki Inaba, who he has labeled a “lost child” but who impressed him enough for Kenoh to say was starting to look good in NOAH, he is currently second in the block table.

Kendo Kashin – 2

Kendo Kashin defeated Kenoh to pick up two points, but then was defeated by Masaaki Mochizuki to remain on two. Kashin’s final match of the league comes against poor innocent polite Daiki Inaba, but it may not be over for Kashin completely as if Masaaki Mochizuki defeats Kenoh and goes to eight, and he himself defeats Inaba, he will go to four which means Kenoh finishes on 3. With Kashin’s past antics of bringing ladders as a distraction, locking Mochi in somewhere and attempting to throw him off the balcony, and his mask trick with Kenoh, Inaba is going to need all his wits about him.

Daiki Inaba – 0 (out)

The youngest of the block gave it his all, but has come up empty handed so far with losses to Kenoh and Masaaki Mochizuki. His final match of the series and the chance to at least finish with some points (if not his dignity) comes in the form of a showdown with Kendo Kashin.

Block C

Masato Tanaka – 3

A win against Katsuhiko Nakajima gave him two points, but a draw against Kazushi Sakuraba meant that he as tying with him at three points and at the top of the block. Tanaka’s next opponent is Kotaro Suzuki at the event to wrap up the loose ends at Korakuen Hall on the 26th September. To be block champion, Tanaka now needs Kazushi Sakuraba and Katsuhiko Nakajima to either lose or draw.

Kazushi Sakuraba – 3

Winning against Kotaro Suzuki (a junior) and a draw against Masato Tanaka, has put Sakuraba in a position where he needs for his block makes (all except Kotaro) to lose or draw their matches, that way should he win against Katsuhiko Nakajima, he moves on up. Sakuraba said that he finds Nakajima a difficult opponent as he can’t read his emotion as the smirk is always present. Sakuraba will find out that the match is very easy to read as soon as the smile snaps off.

Katsuhiko Nakajima – 2

Katsuhiko Nakajima’s dream of winning the league again this year, isn’t over yet. Masato Tanaka took the much needed points, but defeating Kotaro Suzuki gave some back. Nakajima’s next opponent is Kazushi Sakuraba, whom he needs to defeat. A draw is not good enough, and loss unthinkable.

Kotaro Suzuki – 0 (out)

He might have scored no points in the heavyweight league, but with accolades such as his technique and his power is that of a heavyweight, Kotaro can return to the NOAH Juniors with Junior pride intact. He has taken on ultra hard wrestlers like Masato Tanaka and a very different Katsuhiko Nakajima to when he knew him last, and that in itself is an achievement for the only junior entering a heavyweight league. His final league match comes against Kazushi Sakuraba at Korakuen Hall.

Block D

Kazuyuki Fujita – 4

Powerhouse Kazuyuki Fujita has bulldozed his way through both Masa Kitamiya and Akitoshi Saito and looks to finish the league with eight points. However, he doesn’t have those last two points yet as he has to get past Masakatsu Funaki first, who has been having a successful league experience as him. The last time they fought it was for a title (Real Japan in 2019), and although things have moved on since then, it’s going to make someone’s league or break it.

Masakatsu Funaki – 4

Reflecting on the fact that this could be the last league that he fights, Funaki has taken a methodical approach by concentrating on who is in front of him and taking out both Akitoshi Saito and Masa Kitamiya in the process. His final block match will be against Kazuyuki Fujita, who he knows will be a challenge to overcome. Speaking in an interview recently, Fujita said that in the league he would like to face Katsuhiko Nakajima, and outside of it, Yoshonari Ogawa.

Akitoshi Saito – 0 (out)

Although he was dressed to funk, Akitoshi Saito entered the league as himself. Sadly, he has not had any wins falling to Kazuyuki Fujita and choked out to a referee stop by Masakatsu Funaki. Two losses out of a three match quota means that he may not necessarily finish the league with nothing, as there is one final match to be had against Masa Kitamiya.

Masa Kitamiya – 0 (out)

Unlike his tag partner, Masa Kitamiya’s league has been frustrating to say the least with two losses, although granted one was a referee stop. Interestingly enough, neither Funaki or Fujita have been in his style, whereas Akitoshi Saito is. This will give Kitamiya a definite chance of at least recuperating some of his losses at Korakuen Hall on the 26th September.



Sanshiro Takagi (assisted by Naomichi Marufuji and other high ranking members of the various CyberFight promotion) made a huge announcement as to the upcoming changes to WrestleUniverse, which will take place from early October, in summary;

  • App in the works – The app, which will be released this year, will be Chromecast compatible. There will also be a mobile version.
  • Site changes – The layout will change, but the logo will still be the same. English language option available.
  • Each wrestler will have a profile and a list of matches
  • You will be able to time shift view, watch in English or Japanese and start from the beginning of the event should you have tuned in half way through.
  • Subscriptions will be made easier, and you can tailor it to your own preference. Also now you can subscribe with password and e-mail.
  • Subscriber info – Fee will not change from 900 yen per calendar month.
  • Old subs will end on 26th September. WrestleUniverse are working on a form for old subscribers to re-subscribe. You will not be charged for October as a result, but new members will get until Jan 22 free
  • Content – The old WrestleUniverse will be replaced by the end of October. There are 8,000 videos with 2,000 being migrated at that time. Eventually everything will be updated.
  • Sanshiro Takagi said they want to add Samurai archival NOAH eventually, but NTV is difficult

Sugiura Army produce, “All Dogs Gather”, to return at the end of the year

In what now appears to have become a tradition in NOAH, The Sugiura Army will hold their traditional show at the end of the year at Korakuen Hall on Monday 27th December. It is hoped that another tradition, the costumed battle royal, will be instituted in Yokohama on the December 25th event.

NOAH The Home (Season 4)

Whilst looking through glossy magazines (fortunately not the type that you see on the NOAH bus), and modelling NOAH merchandise, Junta Miyawaki and Yasutaka Yano announced the return of the NOAH dojo shows. These will take place on the 24th and the 25th September and will be streamed via NOAH’s official YouTube channel. All donations made through Super Chat will go towards maintaining the dojo and the dormitories. In addition, NOAH have also promised a “further evolution” in terms of delivery.


N-1 VICTORY 2021: Night 2 (18th September 2021, NOAH Special Arena) (Post match interviews)

N-1 VICTORY 2021: Night 3 (19th September 2021, NOAH Special Arena) (Post match interviews)

N-1 VICTORY 2021: Night 4 (20th September 2021, NOAH Special Arena) (Post match interviews)


– Kendo Kashin turned up unexpectedly and scared Kenoh (who has never recovered from his last conflict with Kashin), whose habitual look of terror on seeing him appeared. Kashin had popped up to tell Kenoh that he had been thinking very carefully about the name given to the NOAH retirement home, and he had decided that it should contain the fact that it was sponsored by Kongoh. Kenoh (not amused), said that it was a stupid name and one paid for by NOAH would be better.

– Manabu Soya not only dyed his hair and beard red for the N-1, he also wore red contact lenses.

– Fans have called Daisuke Harada vs HAYATA, “Dokan vs Silence”. “Dokan” of course meaning the sound of an explosion. Daisuke Harada is apparently still upset about HAYATA throwing his IPW belt in the bin.

– Kendo Kashin says he will be bringing the Olympic Flame that Kazushi Sakuraba bought to Aomori to Korakuen Hall.

– Kenoh says that he was planning to leak the news about the WrestleUniverse upgrades as he bought the information, but the news was broken before he had the chance to. He’s not angry about it, it just proves that he was right.

– Now that there is prize money, Kazuyuki Fujita is feeling a lot more enthusiastic about competing in the N-1.


  • GHC Heavyweight Champion: Naomichi Marufuji
    Challenger: Winner of the N-1 VICTORY 2021, (GRAND SQUARE 2021 in OSAKA, Edion Arena Osaka 1st Stadium, October 10th)
  • GHC Junior Champion: HAYATA
    Challenger: Daisuke Harada, (GRAND SQUARE 2021 in OSAKA, Edion Arena Osaka 1st Stadium, October 10th)
  • GHC Heavyweight Tag Champions: Masa Kitamiya & Kaito Kiyomiya
    Challengers: TBA
  • GHC Junior Tag Champions: Atsushi Kotoge & Hajime Ohara 
    Challengers: Perros De Mal Del Japon (Nosawa RONGAI & Eita), (GRAND SQUARE 2021 in OSAKA, Edion Arena Osaka 1st Stadium, October 10th)
  • GHC National Champion: Takashi Sugiura 
    Challenger: TBA


Saturday 25th September: Masa Kitamiya debut anniversary (10 years, 2011)

Sunday 26th September: Naomichi Marufuji birthday (42)

Sunday 26th September: N-1 VICTORY 2021: Night 5 (18:00 JST, ABEMA)

* Broadcast note

Hopefully the ABEMA broadcast will be a free and worldwide one, but please note that whether it is or isn’t, if you are outside of Japan you should not subscribe to ABEMA to watch the show as unfortunately you need to be a subscriber to watch replays or to watch the event from the beginning should you be tuning in half way through. Unless you are either in Japan, or have a VPN that you know is compatible with ABEMA, subscribing and the added difficulty of finding a VPN that works is not recommended. A far better investment would be a subscription to WrestleUniverse were the show will be put eventually.


Series of interviews with Katsuhiko Nakajima

“Masa Kitamiya is still one of the cute juniors” 

“I simply want to aim for the N-1 consecutive championship”

“Kazushi Sakuraba has a high IQ for professional wrestling”

“NOAH has NOAH’s good points, New Japan has New Japan’s. It is the fans who compare them” 

With thanks to Metal-NOAH, Abeshin and DDT/TJPW English update

GIF taken from WrestleUniverse & NOAH official YouTube

Picture credit: Tokyo Sports

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