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Jim Ross ‘Confirms’ Working On New Promotion



Jim Ross

Just in case you missed it, there was recently a report that WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross has been working on launching a new wrestling promotion with Chris Jericho and well-known agent Barry Bloom, with backing by Jacksonville Jaguars’ Owner Shad Khan (check that out here).

While Jericho has addressed the rumors by cracking jokes (see that here) and AXS TV has denied any involvement in such a project (find that here), we had still yet to hear anything from Good Ol’ JR on the matter. On the newest episode of his podcast The Ross Report, JR finally commented on the talk by offering up a “confirmation” of sorts:

“Man, it’s been a crazy week, as I said a fun week, but I gotta get something off my chest. I feel that I’m obligated to update folks on the rumor of me and others getting involved in a promotion. I am going to break the news here tonight that there will be a new promotion. I will be involved in it. I have some thousandaires that are also looking to invest in my new idea the World Domino League, where we kill double sixes like a bitch. So we shake the bones in JR’s World Domino League and just stay tuned, more information coming. Which is about as absurd as the rumors last week on all this data that’s compiled. Jesus, mighty. Oh well, good stuff.”

Quotes c/o The Ross Report

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EA’s Take: Again, I still have to take the “never say never” approach because it could very well turn out to be true. However, just as I was when it first came out, I’m not overly confident that it is. For Jericho to address it is one thing, since he’s been great at surprising fans, but for JR to speak on it is another thing. To me, if it were true I don’t feel like Ross would mention it at all. He certainly wouldn’t come right out and inform everyone of what’s going on if he were working on a new promotion.


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