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Joe’s CMLL Review & Results (10/22/2018)



CMLL Coverage

CMLL Arena Mexico Friday Blue Panther 40th Anniversary Show

Pegasso and Stigma vs Cancerbero and El Coyote

Stigma and Cancerbero start out doing some grappling They have counters for each other and each time they reengage they start freestyle wrestling. After they stale mate it’s time for Pegasso and Coyote to come in. Coyote hits a single leg take down and starts to work him over. Once they make their way back to their feet, they start to counter each other till Pegasso hits a head scissors. Cancerbero comes in to big boot him out and then works over Coyote. Coyote hits Pegasso with a side walk slam and Cancerbero submits Stigma with a sharpshooter arm stretch. First Fall: Cancerbero submits Stigma with a sharpshooter arm stretch.

The second round begins with Stigma getting double teamed. Once he gets knocked to the outside Pegasso tries his hand but the numbers are too great. Mije, the midget who came to the ring with Coyote hit a splash to Pegasso’s groin. Midgets don’t count as Dqs I guess. Pegasso gets back dropped into Coyote who tries to bounce him off the ropes but he botches. Pegasso hits his arm drag anyway and starts his comeback, leading to Stigma pinning Cancerbero with a sunset flip, and Pegasso pinning Coyote with a hurricanrana. Second Fall: Pegasso pins Coyote with a hurricanrana.

Third round starts with Stigma going wild. He gets Coyote out of the ring then feigns a dive and baits Cancerbero to come in. Pegasso and him work for some but Coyote comes back in to work him over. Pegasso starts to make a come back and does an arm drag like counter into a small package. Which Coyote breaks up. Stigma takes care of Coyote and again Pegasso does an elaborate move which looks like he’ll do an arm drag but gets Cancerbero in a school boy for the pin. Stigma hits Coyote with a jaw breaker for the win. Third Fall: Stigma pins Coyote with a jaw breaker.

Winners: Pegasso and Stigma

Mistico, El Valiente, and Diamante Azul vs Negro Casas, Dark Magic, and El Felino

Mistico and Casas are pushing each other around before the match even starts. Valiente starts with Felino to start the actual match off. It starts with some posturing in the beginning. Finally him and Valiente start to grapple and trade submission holds. They get to their feet and hit each other in the face, then posture back to the crowd, which leads to Diamante Azul and Dark Magic to come in. They do some smooth ground grappling, and when they get back to their feet Azul hits a sweeping ankle pick to take him down in a surfboard stretch. Finally Mistico and Negro Casas come in. They trade blows in the middle of the ring. Mistico catches Negro Casas really quick in a pinning combination for the fall. First Fall: Mistico pins Negro Casas with a pinning combination

To start the second round Mistico and Casas are still in the ring hitting each other. Valiente comes in to face Casas but Casas wants Diamante Azul. Azul press slams Casas with one arm and throws him into Dark Magic. Diamante Azul is very impressive. Azul hits Magic with a power slam, then hits Felino with a few tilt-a-whirl back breakers. Azul tags in Mistico so he can face down with Casas. Crowd is clearly behind Negro. There’s some heavy posturing which leads to Felino coming in with Valiente. They posture too. Mistico and Casas get back in. Mistico pushes him off the top rope and then hits an over the top rope dive. Valiente hits a lung blower in the ring on Felino for the pin and Diamante Azul hits Dark Magic with a pause german suplex for the win. Second Fall: Diamante Azul pins Dark Magic with a pause German Suplex.

Winners: Mistico, El Valiente, and Diamante Azul

Spectacular Tournament For the Suriano Falcon Cup

Angel de Oro, Blue Panther Jr, Niebla Roja, Black Panther, Stuka Jr, Dragon Rojo, Luciferno, Misterioso Jr, Espanto Jr, and Templario

Black Panther and Dragon Rojo start the match out. If you’re keeping track this is CMLL’s 4th tournament in 5 weeks. Espanto is next in with Stuka and they grapple on the ground for a bit. Niebla Roja and Luciferno get in there next. Roja hits a cross body and a drop kick which brings in Misterioso, Roja hits a super kick on him but Templario hits Roja with a drop kick off the top. Stuka and Espanto go at it for a bit. Stuka gets him to the outside and hits a middle rope dive. Templario then does a back flip and then a flip over the top. The camera panned away so I think he messed up. Angel de Oro gets hit with a cross body by Rojo but he goes rogue and runs to the corner and hits a golden moonsault to the outside.

Roja comes in to face Rojo but instead they both hit dives over the top. Then Misterioso back drops Luciferno over the top for a dive. Then Misterioso hits a dive of his own. Black Panther feigns a dive into the crowd. But changes direction and hits one on Misterioso on the other side of the ring. Now Espanto is in there with Blue Panther Jr. He quickly gets him with a Fujiwara arm bar for the first elimination. Blue Panther Jr eliminates Espanto Jr with the Fujiwara arm bar.

First Elimination: Espanto Jr.

Panther Jr starts to go wild and hit tilt-a-whirl back breakers on everyone in sight until Misterioso shoulder blocks him out. Misterioso then gets Black Panther in a reverse sit out neck breaker for the pin. Misterioso eliminates Black Panther with a sit out reverse neck breaker.

Second Elimination: Black Panther.

Roja and de Oro are in there together and try to double Luciferno but he moves and Roja hits Oro with a super kick. Stigma and Luciferno then go at it till Luciferno hits a arm drag taking him out. Angel de Oro hits a drop kick taking out Luciferno. Dragon Rojo hits a basement drop kick on him. Then hits a top rope arm drag taking him out. He leaves bringing in Blue Panther Jr and Templario. Templario misses a spear and falls to the outside. Blue Panther Jr attempts to go for a dive but slips off the rope and falls on the apron then falls on a camera man. Not the day to be messing up on your father’s anniversary show. Dragon Rojo and Niebla Roja come in now. Rojo hits a drop kick to his…groin. Stuka comes in and this a flapjack bringing in Luciferno who he this a death valley driver on then a top rope dive for the elimination. Stuka Jr eliminates Luciferno with a top rope splash.

Third Elimination: Luciferno.

Stuka hits a moonsault off the top onto Misterioso to the outside. Blue Panther Jr is down and being stretchered out. He has a brace around his neck. He just looks like he fell, I didn’t see him land on his neck. In the ring Angel de Oro squares off with Misterioso. He hits an arm drag on him bringing him out. Dragon Rojo disposes of Oro and Stuka hits a double arm drag on Rojo and Templario. Oro, Roja, and Stuka hit dives to the outside on Misterioso, Templario, and Dragon Rojo. Blue Panther Jr is now carried to the back on a stretcher. Hopefully he’s okay.

Oro and Roja try to work together but Templario gets the best of them both. Stuka jr however gets the best of him and Rojo. Hitting a suplex on top of Templario with Rojo. He then power bombs Templario onto Rojo’s back. Misterioso hits a sit out neck breaker on Stuka but Roja breaks up the pin. He hits the move on Roja but he kicks out. Misterioso misses a swanton bomb off the top and Roja submits him with a Boston Crab arm stretch. Niebla Roja submits Misterioso with a boston crab arm stretch. Blue Panther is also obviously eliminated by injury.

Fourth/Fifth Elimination: Blue Panther Jr, and Misterioso.

Stuka hits a fireman’s carry slam on Rojo and comes for a top rope splash but Rojo gets hits feet up. Dragon Rojo gets him in a neck crank submission for the elimination. Dragon Rojo eliminates Stuka Jr with a neck crank.

Sixth Elimination: Stuka Jr.

Niebla Roja and De Oro go to work against Templario and Dragon Rojo. They both hit dives to the outside. In the ring Roja hits Templario with a sunset flip which he kicks out of. Templario hits him with a power bomb lung blower but de Oro comes in before he could go for the pin. Oro then gets him in a surfboard stretch for the elimination. There goes my pick. Angel de Oro submits Templario with a surfboard stretch.

Seventh Elimination: Templario.

Dragon Rojo hits a power bomb on de Oro but Niebla Roja breaks up the pin. Roja tries to get him in the boston crab submission but it doesn’t work. Roja hits a drop kick on Rojo for a close two. Dragon Rojo hits him with a power bomb for the elimination. Dragon Rojo eliminates Niebla Roja with a power bomb.

Eighth Elimination: Niebla Roja.

Oro hits a handspring dive over the top rope. He goes for a cross body dive in the ring but Rojo hits him with a drop kick for a close 2. Oro rolls him up but hits a leg drop for a close 2 as well. Rojo gets Oro in a neck crank submission. Oro counters into the same submission but Rojo gets his foot on the rope. Rojo pushes Oro off the top to the outside then hits a cross body dive on him. He goes for the pin but it’s a close 2. He hits a power bomb then a foot stomp off the top for another really close 2 count. Rojo goes for his power bomb bouncing him off the rope but Oro quickly reverses it into a hurricanrana pinning combination for the win. Angel De Oro eliminates Dragon Rojo with a hurricanrana.

Ninth Elimination: Dragon Rojo

Winner: Angel de Oro.

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