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Mitchell’s Lucha Underground Results & Report! (10/24/18)



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Lucha Underground Season 4, “Seven to Survive”

The Gift of the Gods title is on the line in a seven-way ELIMINATION Match! The last luchador left wins a guaranteed path to THE Lucha Underground Champion!


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  • Gift of the Gods Championship Seven to Survive Match: Jake Strong VS King Cuerno VS Aerostar VS Hernandez VS Big Bad Steve VS PJ Black VS Dante Fox; Strong wins and becomes the new Gift of the Gods Champion.


Gift of the Gods Championship Seven to Survive Match: Jake Strong VS King Cuerno VS Aerostar VS Hernandez VS Big Bad Steve VS PJ Black VS Dante Fox!

The Seven Ancient Aztec Medallions have all come together again and now we will crown a new Gift of the Gods Champion! Antonio Cueto attempted to make this match less but The Savage wanted more. Therefore, the title will be rewarded to the one luchador who can outlast the other six! Will Strong prove he’s the strongest there is? Or will it be the King of Hunters, the Man of Time and Space, The Super-Mex, the Mechanic, the Darewolf or the returning One Man Army instead?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin! Fox boots Strong right out of the ring! Then he boots Aerostar, then aims at Big Bad Steve. BBS stops the boot to give a kick only to get an enziguri! Hernandez runs at Fox but Fox sends him out. PJ and Cuerno both get Fox and put him in a corner. They double whip but Fox reverses to kick PJ and whip Cuerno. Fox mule kicks and goes for a cutter but PJ pushes him away. Fox ducks Cuerno, then jumps up and back for double cutters! Fans fire up and Fox feeds off it. Fox goes to a corner and springboards for a BIG inverted 450! Fox wipes them all out and Believers are thunderous!

Dante Fox stands first, and brings Hernandez into the ring. Fox takes aim and springboards again, but Hernandez catches the crossbody. Hernandez cradles Fox, then pops him up, but Fox sunset flips. Hernandez says “Suck it!” then lifts Fox up. Fox Matrix handsprings under the clothesline, then enziguris Hernandez to the ropes! He whips but Hernandez blocks with power. Hernandez reels Fox into a lariat, then swaggers about. Hernandez drags Fox up and into a Razor’s Edge, but Fox slips out to a backslide! Cover, Fox ELIMINATES Hernandez! Super-Mex is the first man out and he can’t believe it! He has no choice but to leave, and fans chant “GIT! GIT!” on top of singing “Hey hey hey~, good-bye~!” We are down to six as we go to break.

Lucha Underground returns and the remaining six brawl in the ring. Cuerno, Strong, BBS and even Aerostar stomp away on Fox while PJ lurks outside. Fox is kicked out of the ring, and then Strong goes after Aerostar. PJ goes after BBS and bump shim off buckles. Cuerno goes after Aerostar while Strong fetches Fox. BBS hits PJ back while Cuerno dumps Aero out. Strong bounces Fox off the announce desk, then throws heavy haymakers. Cuerno dumps Aerostar over railings into the upper deck while Fox and Strong go up the stairs. Strong bounces Fox off walls while Cuerno gives Aero a Death Valley Driver onto chairs!

PJ and BBS have also brought their brawl to the Believers, and PJ rocks BBS with a big right forearm. BBS hits back harder, while Cuerno gets help balancing on a railing. Aero gets out of the way while Cuerno lands on his feet, but then Aero FLIES back in for a huricanrana! Fox rocks Strong, then jumps for his own headscissors, but Strong blocks! Strong brings Fox back up, to bomb him into the wall! Fox slumps down while Strong roars. PJ brings BBS around and back into the ring. Famous B gets in to defend his client, while giving him a monkey wrench. BBS takes the assist while Famous B hands PJ a card. PJ kicks Famous B in his b’s! But BBS uses the wrench to CRACK PJ in the back! PJ falls on Famous B’s b’s! Cuerno runs in, but gets a CRACK of that wrench!

Fans chant for Steve, but Strong narrowly avoids that wrench. Big Bad Steve hasn’t forgotten what Strong did to him. But in flies Aerostar, to get a CRACK! BBS beats Aero with the wrench, Believers chant “Steve!” with every hit. BBS winds up, and “STEVE!” But PJ gets up to kick Big Bad Steve in his little bad Steve! Strong comes in but PJ dodges him. PJ runs in but is put on the apron. He hits Strong back in the eye then springboards for another eye poke! PJ aims and hits Strong in the little savage! He moves the wrench aside and springboards for the Wolfsault! Cover, TWO! Strong refuses to be eliminated so soon.

PJ shoulders into Strong then slingshots for the sunset flip. TWO, into the Ankle Lock! PJ flails, PJ taps, Strong ELIMINATES PJ Black! But Strong doesn’t stop until he hears the SNAP! PJ Black’s ankle is snapped, and now there are only five as we go to break.

Lucha Underground returns as The Savage Strong and Big Bad Steve face off. Strong hits BBS, but BBS hits back! Fans chant “Strong!” and “Steve!” as they go again. Strong hits, Steve hits, then Steve runs to boot Strong down! Fans fire up as Cuerno adds on his own dropkick. Fox springboards in, jams an ankle, and turns around into a saido suplex! Fans rally up and Aerostar returns. Aero keeps his eyes on Cuerno and Steve. BBS gets him first and in a full nelson. Cuerno helps out with a CHOP! BBS brings Aero up and whips him into a pop-up cutter! Cuerno rolls and dropkicks Aero out. Fans fire up but now Cuerno and Steve square off.

Cuerno throws a haymaker, but BBS responds. Cuerno hits BBS with a palm strike, and dares BBS to come back. BBS does, so Cuerno roundhouses! BBS staggers but hits back with a haymaker. Cuerno runs to knee trigger BBS! BBS ends up on ropes as fans want “Otra! Otra!” Cuerno opens up Steve’s shirt, for the CHOP! Cuerno whips Steve and runs in but is put on the apron. He blocks Steve’s punch to give back a kick. Cuerno climbs up and leaps over Steve. He rolls, double clotheslines take them both out. But wait, who is bringing in a forklift?! Is that Drago?! He got someone to drive this forklift in, to help out Aerostar! The Super Amigos work together and Aerostar ascends! Believers fire up as Aerostar goes up and up and up… TO FLY!! Aerostar hits both Cuerno and Steve!!

Believers lose their minds over that insanely high crossbody! Aerostar crawls to a cover on BBS, Aerostar ELIMINATES Big Bad Steve! Famous B is upset, but it’s time for him and Steve to “GIT! GIT!” Aerostar, King Cuerno, Jake Strong and Dante Fox are the final four as we go to break.

Lucha Underground returns as Strong gets back in the ring. Cuerno and Aerostar are there, so Strong chooses Aerostar. He puts him against the ropes and throws forearms into the kidneys. Strong then scoops Aerostar, carries him around, and slams him down hard. Strong then goes to Cuerno in a corner, and gives him forearms to the back. He reels Cuerno in for a big suplex. Strong soaks up the heat as he stomps Cuerno in the chest. Strong brings Cuerno up for haymakers as fans rally. He whips Cuerno but Cuerno kicks him away. Cuerno runs, but into the powerslam! Cover, TWO! Strong looms over Cuerno while fans duel. Strong gets fans chanting his name as he goes after the leg. He puts on the Ankle Lock!

Cuerno endures and crawls for ropes, but Aerostar springboards for meteora on Strong! Aero speeds things up and hits a tilt-o-whirl headscissor to throw Strong down. Aero kicks away at the legs, then runs to leap for the trust fall! He takes out Strong, covers, TWO! Fans rally up as Aerostar gets back up. Aero runs but into a pop-up, and the Ankle Lock! Strong twists the foot and Aero taps! Strong ELIMINATES Aerostar! The Savage still pulls on the ankle, and Aero taps more. But it’s Cuerno who steps in before the ankle snaps. Cuerno kicks Strong then enziguris and dropkicks! Cuerno helps Aero safely make it backstage while we go to break.

Lucha Underground returns as our final three gather in the ring. Fox crawls towards Strong as fans rally up. Cuerno watches the vulnerable prey and says it’s time to end it. Strong stirs, Fox stands and Cuerno slowly enters. The three circle, keeping eyes on the other two. Fans build to a rally, and Strong swings on Cuerno. Cuerno ducks to knee trigger Fox. Cuerno hits Strong with a forearm, then runs to double knee Fox. He runs at Strong but into the Ankle Lock! Cuerno throws Strong out of the ring, but Fox runs in. He puts Fox on the apron then swing kicks him down. Cuerno aims at both Fox and Strong, builds speed, and DIVES! Hell’s Arrow gets Strong but Fox dodges! Believers are thunderous as Fox chooses to go up top.

Fox reappears high up in a familiar perch. He aims down at Strong and Cuerno before he FLIES!! The swanton takes out Strong, Cuerno and Fox’s own tailbone! Believers lose their minds from seeing Fox risk a lot for that shot, but “This is Lucha!” Fox stands first and puts Cuerno in the ring. He climbs up to the top rope and aims, for a 450 splash! Cover, but Strong yanks him off?! Why!? Perhaps it is ego that Strong wants to eliminate them both, but he gets a boot from Fox for it! Fox gets on the apron, springboards in, but into a knee trigger from Cuerno. Then another! Cuerno brings Fox up, Thrill of the Hunt driver! Cover, TWO!! Fox survives and fans fire up again.

Cuerno stands and grabs Fox’s legs. Fans duel as Cuerno puts on the leg half of a surfboard. He grabs at the arms and pulls Fox back for the full surfboard! But then he makes it a half nelson with the use of his legs. Fox endures so Cuerno shoves him away. Cuerno drags Fox up again and gives him a CHOP! Cuerno runs in corner to corner, but misses Fox. Strong comes in, Strong Vader Bomb! ROPEBREAK! Fox stands on the top rope, Strong turns around, but Fox leaps over him. Fox rolls to give Cuerno Rolling Thunder! Then Fox ducks Strong to hit a springboard stunner! Cover, TWO!! Strong survives and all three men are down.

Believers rally up for them and Fox stands again. Fox drags Strong around as fans say “This is Awesome!” Strong is on the Aztec seal as Fox gets on the top rope. Fox aims for the BIG Swanton, but gets knees! Strong suffers damage from that, too, but he and Fox still get up. Strong kicks but Fox blocks and sends it into Cuerno. Fox SUPERKICKS Strong but Cuerno calf kicks Fox! All three men are down again, but fans still rally. Cuerno sits up first, but Strong follows. Fox is next, but Cuerno feeds off the energy. Strong and Fox grit their teeth as they glare at each other and Cuerno. All three men approach at the center of the ring.

Strong hits Cuerno, Cuerno hits Strong. Fox hits Cuerno, Strong hits Fox. Strong hits Cuerno, Cuerno hits Strong. Fox kicks Cuerno and then Strong. Strong hits Fox, Cuerno hits Strong. Strong hits Cuerno, Fox hits Strong. Fox hits Cuerno, Cuerno kicks Fox. All three men stand up tall, and Strong throws hands on both Cuerno and Fox back and forth. Strong throws haymaker after haymaker, then roars, but runs into double boots! Fox and Cuerno let Strong roll away, and boot each other. Both men stagger back, but Cuerno runs in. Fox boots Cuerno, then dodges as Cuerno runs back in. Fox runs into Cuerno’s boot, Cuerno hops up but Fox gives him a springboard Spanish Fly! He drags Cuerno up, wants and hits the Fox Catcher! Cover, Fox ELIMINATES Cuerno! Fox and Strong are our final two!

Strong slowly returns but Fox sees him hobbling around. The fans duel as the two men stare down. Strong jumps up but Fox dropkicks him away. Fox builds speed but fakes Strong out, to then go to the post for the retrograde Asai! Strong gets clear, kicks Fox low, then rocks him with a right. Strong throws Fox at the ring but Fox spins around to kick Strong. Fox is on the apron, and leaps for a missile dropkick! Strong ends up hitting railing but Fox hits hard on the floor. The referee checks on both men but they’re okay to continue. Believers rally up again, and Fox gets in the ring at 6. Strong gets in at 8, but runs into a SUPERKICK! Jackknife cover, TWO! This still isn’t over, and Fox stalks Strong to a corner.

Fox throws forearm after forearm, then hoists Strong onto the top rope. Fans duel as Fox runs in, but into Strong’s boot. Fox swings a kick, but Strong blocks it, and wants the leg! Fox pushes Strong away, then goes Matrix again, but Strong is ready for the kick! Strong has the Ankle Lock again!! Fox endures as fans duel. He’s so close but he doesn’t give in. He reaches for ropes but Strong pulls him away! Fox rolls but can’t get Strong off the foot, he’s still in the hold! Strong brings him back around, Fox taps!

Winner: Jake Strong, by pinfall; NEW Gift of the Gods Champion

The Savage conquers the field of seven, having eliminated the majority of them. Fans chant “This is bullsh*t!” but Strong is the winner whether they like it or not. Strong raises the belt in victory, but then he goes after Fox for his real trophy! He has Fox back in the Ankle Lock, and SNAPS the ankle! Fans tell Strong what they really think of him as he stands over Fox with his title. The Savage has the key to taking the entire Temple for his own, will his undefeated streak continue through challenging THE Lucha Underground Champion?


Atop the roof of The Temple…

Johnny Mundo shadowboxes his coming fight with Matanza Cueto. Aerostar appears, and tells him, “No amount of training you can do will prepare you for The Monster.” But Matanza slaughtered Mundo’s friends, attacked his bride, and ruined the wedding. Now Mundo will give Matanza a funeral. Aero says that if Mundo faces Matanza alone, “it will be your funeral.” Aero wants Mundo to trust him, that without Aerostar’s help, Mundo won’t stand a chance. He’ll just be another Sacrifice to the Gods. Well given how Aerostar did in the Seven Way, he stands a better chance alone. Mundo doesn’t need a partner.

But then Aerostar whistles, and in flies Drago! Mundo saved Aerostar’s oldest friend, so the two of them are going to return the favor. The Gauntlet of the Gods? That stupid metal glove Cage used to wear? How is that supposed to help? Put it on. No thanks, Mundo isn’t a glove guy. Drago snarls, and Mundo changes his mind. Mundo puts on the Gauntlet, and he feels its power almost immediately. “I feel like… Like a god…! This is incredible!!” Is Aerostar sure about this? “Only time will tell.” Mundo is in love with the glove, but can the God of Greatness defeat the Monster Cueto?



My Thoughts:

This was a pretty great episode with just the one match. It was all pretty great, especially Drago the Builder helping Aerostar hit the highest high spot in some time. Everyone outside of Hernandez looked really good in this match, Hernandez got eliminated surprisingly fast. Obviously if Strong had done what he wanted and been the man eliminating all six other men, he’d be too strong. Cuerno may not have gone full Face, but I like that he repaid Aerostar for the favor of hiding the Gauntlet of the Gods. Cuerno, Fox and Strong made a great final three, and clearly the majority of fans wanted anyone but Strong. However, Strong is now champion, and with the new cash-in ability, watch for him to cash in on no less than a beat up Pentagon after his Cero Miedo match with Marty the Moth.

Speaking of the Gauntlet of the Gods, Aerostar and Drago giving that to Mundo is an interesting twist. I was just picturing Mundo getting help from the remaining members of Worldwide Underground, but perhaps this twist helps Mundo keep a Face appearance. I’m going to enjoy seeing how the Gauntlet comes into play for Mundo during Ultima Lucha, and if that bridges over into season 5.

My Score: 8.4/10

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