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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (9/29/18)



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Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 367

The ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships are on the line! Can Cody & The Young Bucks retain against Silas Young & his buddies, The Bouncers?



  • Four Corner Survival: Eli Isom VS Shane Taylor VS Flip Gordon VS Chris Sabin; Isom wins.
  • ROH World Television Championship: Punishment Martinez VS Aaron Solow; Martinez wins and retains the ROH World Television Championship.
  • ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: The Bullet Club’s Cody & Young Bucks VS Silas Young & The Bouncers; Cody & The Young Bucks win and retain the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships.


Four Corner Survival: Eli Isom VS Shane Taylor VS Flip Gordon VS Chris Sabin!

The Future of Honor, the Notorious Hitman, the Captain of Flip Army and one half of the Motor City Machine Guns all have some big wins in their careers, but they still need something bigger to get them a shot at a title. Who will come out of this match looking to challenge for singles gold?

Sabin, Isom and Flip uphold the Code of Honor, but Taylor doesn’t really care. Per the rules, only two can start. Sabin and Flip volunteer so Isom and Taylor go to corners. The bell rings and we begin. Sabin gets a headlock but Flip powers out only for Sabin to run him over with a shoulder. Flip kips back up and dares Sabin to go again. Sabin runs but Flip follows and they collide with shoulders. Sabin stays up and flexes, so Flip throws a forearm. They brawl back and forth with forearms, neither man backing or slowing down. Fans like seeing this, and then both men go for dropkicks! They both go for clotheslines and that takes them down. Taylor tags in, but so does Isom? Isom circles with Taylor and ducks the punch to give a chop. Taylor isn’t affected.

Isom ducks more of Taylor’s punches to give forearms. Isom runs but into the pop-up spinebuster! Taylor bumps Sabin and Flip so no one can tag in, then he drops the leg on Isom! Cover, but Sabin breaks it. Sabin goes after Taylor with forearms, then runs, but into a choke grip! Isom tags to Flip and Flip springboards in. But Taylor catches him, too! Taylor goes to double choke slam but Flip and Sabin fight out. Sabin dropkicks Taylor’s legs out and Flip dropkicks Taylor out! Sabin talks to Flip, they shake hands again. But Isom breaks through that to slingshot onto Taylor! Taylor catches Isom! But Sabin Penalty Kicks and Taylor goes down. But then Flip dropkicks Sabin out! Fans fire up as Flip builds speed, to FLY! He bowls them all over and has Philly fired up.

Flip puts Taylor in the ring and returns to the apron. Flip slingshots but Taylor shoves him down onto Sabin and Isom. Then Taylor gets a wild idea, and hits the apron CANNONBALL! The Hitman wipes everyone out and Philly is thunderous while we go to break!

ROH returns and Flip forearms back on Taylor. Taylor gives him one and Flip is rocked. Taylor throws Flip to the apron but Flip kicks back. Flip springboards for the missile dropkick! Fans rally up and Flip runs corner to corner for another dropkick. Flip tries but fails to lift Taylor in the fireman’s carry. Taylor shoves Flip but Flip springboards, only for Taylor to avoid contact. Taylor shoves Flip again so Flip tries again, springboard spear! Cover, but Isom breaks it. This is every man for himself so Isom doesn’t want to let Flip win. Flip kicks Isom then throws him out. Flip climbs up but Taylor stands, and catches the crossbody! Taylor lifts and tosses Flip but Flip lands on his feet, only to get flipped by the lariat!

Fans rally for Flip but Sabin tags in. Sabin climbs and leaps to crossbody Taylor down. Sabin keeps moving to hit a missile dropkick. He tries but fails to lift Taylor so he hits a roaring elbow and enziguri. Sabin uses ropes for the tornado DDT! Cover, TWO!! Close but not close enough. Sabin aims and runs in at Taylor, only to get sat down by the urenage! Taylor stalks Sabin and drags him up, but Sabin kicks. Taylor blocks to give a knee. And another knee! Sabin rolls back but Isom tags in. Isom goes at Taylor with forearms but Taylor shoves him. Isom comes back with more, but gets a headbutt! Taylor runs in at the corner, but Isom boots Taylor away. Isom dodges and Taylor hits buckles. Isom lifts and gets Taylor up for the Samoan Drop!! Cover, but Flip breaks it!

Flip goes after Isom but Isom shoves Flip into Sabin’s mule kick. Sabin tries to use Isom for the tornado but Isom ducks. Sabin grabs Isom, to hit a DDT and complete shot side by side! Fans fire up with Sabin as he drags Isom back up. Sabin fireman’s carry but isom slips out. Sabin fights out but Isom counters with the tilt-o-whirl backbreaker. Isom builds speed to DIVE! He takes Sabin all the way to the ramp! Philly is loving Isom right now, and Isom gets back in the ring. But Taylor’s up, too. Isom grabs Taylor but gets a pop-up punch! Taylor sees Flip coming but Flip handsprings to avoid the punch. Flip kips up to mule kick and Pele! Flip runs, springboards, but into a knee! Taylor talks trash but Isom rolls him up! ISOM WINS!?

Winner: Eli Isom, by pinfall

Are we dreaming?! Isom won off of Taylor?! Taylor doesn’t like that, he clobbers Isom with a clothesline! Fans boo as Taylor picks Isom up for Greetings from 2-1-6. Sabin returns, but Taylor tilt-o-whirls him into the 2-1-6! Taylor drags Flip up, but Flip slips out to SUPERKICK Taylor out! Flip dares Taylor to come back for more, but Taylor thinks better of it. When will the Hitman and Captain Gordon face off again? Where will Isom find himself after this victory?


ROH shares highlights from Dojo Pro and their World Television Championship Contender’s Tournament.

Aaron Solow won the Dojo Pro Black Belt after defeating the likes of MJF, Shane Strickland, and even Jeff Cobb! And now, after some of the biggest matches of his career, Solow gets THE biggest match of his career against the Reincarnation of the Purple Mist. Can Solow go from black belt to gold belt and become the new ROH World TV Champion?


Marty Scurll speaks.

The Superhero VS The Villain, part 2. Shane Helms “begged and you cried” for this rematch, but it’s not necessary. Every hero needs a villain and this villain wants a hero. Be Scurll’s hero, Helms. So that Scurll can vanquish you once and for all!


ROH World Television Championship: Punishment Martinez VS Aaron Solow!

The new Dojo Pro Black Belt may have been trained by THE Lance Storm, but will that training help him withstand the resident monster of Ring of Honor?

The introductions are made, the WTV belt is raised, but there is no Code of Honor. Martinez pie-faces Solow, so Solow SLAPS Martinez! The bell rings and Solow fires off forearms. Martinez shoves but mises as Solow is slippery. Solow kicks but Martinez tanks it. Solow chops but it just makes Martinez smirks. Martinez blocks the next chop, to then grab Solow by the choke grip. Solow slips out and dropkicks but Martinez stays standing. Solow baits Martinez in and dumps him out. He slingshots but into the choke grip! Martinez lifts but Solow slips out and kicks Martinez away. Solow handsprings into the ring to avoid being swept. Martinez pursues but Solow dodges to dropkick again. Martinez is in the corner and fans fire up. Solow runs but into a boot!

Solow bails out but Martinez smirks as he follows. Martinez rocks Solow with a right cross, then picks him up, to toss into barriers! The monster roars while Solow gasps for air. Solow crawls but Martinez is on him. They go into the ring and Martinez stalks Solow. Solow fights back but Martinez rocks him with a right! Punishment is having fun with Solow while we go to break.

ROH returns and Solow is fighting back with forearms! Martinez knees low but Solow jawbreakers. Martinez runs but msises his back elbow. Solow runs in to hit the forearm smash, then rolls, only to be put on the apron. He swing kicks Martinez away then climbs up. Solow leaps, but Martinez gets under. Solow ducks the clothseline to SUPERKICK! Martinez stays standing but Solow clotheslines him out. Solow builds speed and FLIES! He wipes Martinez out and fans fire up. Solow and Martinez get back to the ring. Solow climbs up, leaps, but gets caught. Martinez lifts but victory roll to stomps! Solow keeps going, but Martinez blocks. Martinez suplexes but Solow slips out. Martinez gets the choke grip but Solow breaks free, Bayl- er, Belly2Belly! But Martinez rises up!?

Solow grabs Martinez, spinning suplex! Cover, TWO!! Solow’s close but still so far from winning. Fans fire up as Solow drags himself up. Solow grabs Martinez in the butterfly but Martinez spins out to ear clap and roundhouse! Martinez then torture racks to the psycho driver, and Silencer curb stomp! But he’s not done, Martinez hauls Solow up for a massive South of Heaven Choke Slam!! Cover, Martinez wins!

Winner: Punishment Martinez, by pinfall; still ROH World Television Champion

Solow gave it everything he had, but it wasn’t enough. The Purple Mist continues to reign as champion, does anyone have a chance of dethroning him?


ROH takes a look at the returning Team Coast2Coast!

Shaheem Ali & Leon St. Giovannia scratched and clawed their way up from a losing streak in their self-imposed #DoOrDie challenge against War Machine of all teams! And some how, some way, Ali & LSG won! C2C then went on a hot streak up until The Bouncers, Brian Milonas & The Beer City Bruiser battered them down before a major tag team gauntlet match. But now, C2C returns and are ready to make the third time the charm! Will they be ready for The Kingdom next week in episode 368?


Silas Young prepares backstage.

Bully Ray comes by to set something straight. At Death Before Dishonor, he and Silas went out there and “destroyed Colt Cabana and Flip Gordon.” Bully’s sure won’t ever see Colt Cabana again, and doesn’t care about Flip. But tonight, Silas goes out to team with… What even are they? Silas is going backwards! Bully and Silas were practically the main event, but Silas is with these “schmucks” tonight? “Good job”, Silas, really. Bully’s bad mouthing aside, will Silas and his friends be able to prove they’re worthy of ROH’s trios titles?


ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: The Bullet Club’s Cody & Young Bucks VS Silas Young & The Bouncers!

Matt & Nick Jackson teamed with The American Nightmare to take on the #FirstLastandOnly World Six-Man champions in The Kingdom on the way to the instant classic wrestling event, All In, and won! There was some controversy to the finish, but the referee’s decision is final. The Kingdom obviously want their rematch, but will they get it against the Bullet Club or a trio of “real men”?

Of course, wherever Cody goes, Brandi and Bernard follow. We go to break while teams sort out and streamers are swept up.

ROH returns and Matt starts against the Mastodon, Brian Milonas. Fans chant “Lose some weight!” at Milonas but he doesn’t care. He ties up and pushes Matt back. Matt comes back but gets shoved again. Matt comes back again and gets the waistlock to headlock. He shifts back to a waistlock, but he can’t even get his hands to touch. Milonas simply pulls the arms apart to butt bump Matt. Matt leaps back for a headlock but Milonas lifts Matt, then throws him down by his hair. Milonas drops an elbow but Matt avoids it. Matt dropkicks Milonas but Milonas runs him over with a shoulder on the rebound. Matt gets to the Bullet Club corner, and tags in brother Nick. Fans rally for Young Bucks but Milonas tags in Bruiser.

Nick and BCB circle while BCB trash talks. They tie up but BCB shoves Nick away, insisting this is a fight, not a match. BCB dares Nick to fight him, so they circle again. Nick gets another headlock but Bruiser powers out. Bruiser says this is a fight so fight him! He kicks Nick to a corner but then Nick dodges the punch to throw hands! Bruiser shoves Nick away but Nick comes back for more punches. Nick runs, dodges and leaps, but BCB catches the crossbody. Matt comes in to dropkick Bruiser down! Silas comes in and both Bucks dodge him. Cody slingshots in for a dropkick, then they triple dropkick Milonas right out! Silas runs into kicks and a double whip. Double elbows and the wheelbarrow for the Rhodes uppercut and wheelbarrow cutter!

Cody gives Milonas the Beautiful Disaster, then Matt headscissors Bruiser for Nick’s dropkick! Philly fires up with Bullet Club while the “real men” regroup. Silas tries to get his beer buddies back into this, but the Terminator drums start up. Silas huddles up with BCB and Milonas, and BCB returns to the ring. He and Nick circle and BCB knees low. BCB whips but Nick blocks, chops and goes up the ropes. Silas anchors the feet and Bruiser reels Nick in for a slam! Bruiser bites the headband, then tags Milonas. The Bouncers double whip but Nick kicks them away. HOt tag to Cody! Cody rallies with his speed, and somehow manages to slam Bruiser! But Silas chop blocks the bad leg! Milonas tags Silas in, and Silas taunts Cody. Silas drags Cody up but Cody hits him. Silas hits back and now it’s a brawl.

Fans boo as Silas gets the edge. They rally up and Cody gordbusters Silas down! Silas gets away and tags BCB back in. BCB says Cody got lucky there. BCB says Brandi wants to be with a real man, but Brandi shouts for Cody to make BCB pay for that one. Fans are on Brandi’s side as Cody circles with BCB. Cody gets a waistlock but BCB backs him into buckles. BCB shouts “Last Call!” but then Cody tosses him out onto Bernard! Fans boo but BCB holds Cody in place for Silas to hit a rope straddle attack, then he feeds Cody to Milonas’ mastodon crossbody! BCB covers, TWO! Cody narrowly survives while we go to break.

ROH returns again and Milonas drags Cody up. Bernard shows he’s fine from the crash earlier, and fans chant for him. Milonas whips but Cody uses it to hit BCB. Milonas still squashes Cody then tags to Silas. They double lift but Cody slips out. Cody dodges Milonas to send him into a post, then dodges Silas to send him into Milonas. Silas runs back out but into the spinning powerslam! Cover, but Milonas just manages to break it. Fans rally as Cody crawls, hot tag to Nick! Nick rallies with kicks on Silas and BCB. Shining wizard leads to the bulldog, but BCB reverses with a back suplex. Nick lands on his feet, and still gets the bulldog and clothesline combo! Philly fires up but Milonas returns. Fans chant “The! Elite! The the Elite!”

Nick fires off forearms then ducks the clothesline to give more forearms. He back kicks and Matt enters. The Bucks double whip but Milonas throws them into each other. Milonas runs but into double kicks. Nick runs and Matt alley-oops for Nick to dropkick Milonas down! BCB returns and runs both Bucks over! BCB drags Nick to a drop zone then climbs up. Matt SUPERKICKS the legs out, but Silas fireman’s carry and rolling senton on Matt! Then the headstand, but Nick SUPERKICKS Silas out of it! Nick springboard stomps on Silas, then somersaults to draping backstab BCB! Matt fires up with Philly as Nick climbs up top. Together, the Bucks moonsault and frog splash! Cover, TWO!! Bruiser survives but the headband comes off.

Nick tags to Cody, and the Bucks whip him to FLY onto Silas and Milonas! Terminator drums begin as Cody positions Silas and Milonas. The Bucks run, slide, and SUPERKICK! The Bullet Club gather Silas and Milonas, but Bruiser is the one climbing up now! Beer City dive-bomb! Everyone is done, and fans are loving this! Bruiser stands up and puts Cody back in the ring. Philly knows “This is Awesome!” even as Milonas tags in. BCB bearhugs Cody while Milonas climbs up, for the elevated leg drop! Cover, but the Bucks break it! Milonas tosses out Nick and Bruiser tosses out Matt to then go back to Cody. The Bouncers coordinate, Milonas hoisting Cody up while Bruiser climbs across the way. Milonas climbs up to join Cody, for the SUPERPLEX! Bruiser leaps, into SUPERKICKS!!

Philly erupts, and now Milonas gets SUPERKICKS to the Beautiful Disaster! Silas returns, to say “Suck it!” and leave?! Is this Bully Ray getting in his head? Silas leaves his “friends” high and dry, so Milonas gets the SUPERKICKS, into Cross Rhodes! Triple Cover, the Bullet Club wins!

Winners: The Bullet Club, Cody pinning; still ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions

The American Nightmare and his friends faced one of their literally biggest challenges yet, and were victorious! The Kingdom will come for them eventually, but will a conspiracy interfere again? Or will there be a one true trios champion in the end?



My Thoughts:

A great night for ROH here. They didn’t waste any time getting to action, that Four Corner Survival was really well done, because it actually used the tagging dynamic creatively. It was great to see Isom win, that kid is going places, he really might be the Future of Honor. Of course, Taylor lashes out, which makes total sense. Flip being the one to get the better of him in that fight was great, seeing them revive that feud is going to be fun. Marty Scurll’s promo for his rematch with Hurricane Helms was short but sweet, and the match itself is going to be a lot of fun. I’m still hoping to see Helms put up that Superhero Championship just to add some real stakes to this story.

I oddly like the push this Aaron Solow guy is getting. He’s been all over the place, from ROH to both WWE’s Raw, 205 Live and NXT. He’s practically the world’s most famous jobber. Solow got a great push in Dojo Pro to be their Black Belt Champion and then was strong in this match with Punishment Martinez. Obviously he wasn’t going to win, though, but he still looked good losing. The obvious match-up I want to see is Martinez VS Cobb. And with word that Martinez is on his way out and headed to WWE, it makes sense for Jeff Cobb to take the title in a great, heavy-hitting good-bye match to Martinez. Learning that next week we get the return of Coast2Coast is great, I wonder if they get a controversial win over The Kingdom to further legitimize the Kingdom’s talk of conspiracy.

The Six Man Tag title main event was great, but naturally the Bullet Club finds a way to win. Even if Silas Young didn’t ditch his team, Bullet Club was completely in control. Silas turning on his friends makes him even more of a Heel, so I guess Silas isn’t going to turn on Bully for that feud. At least, not yet. Maybe if Bully keeps badmouthing Silas and being the one leaving Silas to lose, that’ll change and Silas becomes a Face to counter Bully’s top Heel. And depending on the timing of tapings, Cody might be simultaneous ROH World Six Man Tags, NWA Worlds Championship he got at All In, and IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship [Highlight for spoilers], which is big for him.

My Score: 8.6/10

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