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ROH News: ROH World Title Match & More Added To Final Battle PPV



Final Battle
Two more matches have been announced for Ring Of Honor’s Final Battle pay-per-view!

We’re now just under a month away from Ring Of Honor’s next big event, Final Battle on pay-per-view at the Hammerstein Ballroom which will be followed the next night in Philadelphia for the Final Battle Fallout television tapings.

So far, we had only learned of one match for the pay-per-view, as The Kingdom’s Matt Taven will defend his ‘Real World Title’ against Dalton Castle (see that announcement here). Now, two more matches have been made official, both with championships actually recognized by Ring Of Honor on the line.

The first will see the WOH World Championship on the line in a Four Corner Survival Match as Sumie Sakai is challenged by Madison Rayne, Karen Q and the winner of the upcoming Kelly Klein vs. Jenny Rose match on ROH TV. Today, ROH has added that Cody will seek to regain the ROH World Championship once again when he goes one-on-one with Jay Lethal at the event. Here’s the official announcement:

Ring of Honor’s seminal event, Final Battle, emanates from Manhattan Center’s Hammerstein Ballroom on Friday, Dec. 14. Final Battle is ROH’s biggest card of the year and has been the site of some of ROH’s most memorable matches.

All roads lead to the G1 Supercard, co-promoted by ROH and New Japan Pro-Wrestling, at sold-out Madison Square Garden on April 6, 2019, and the results at Final Battle undoubtedly will have an impact on the historic show.

ROH officials have booked a huge main event for Final Battle, as two-time ROH World Champion Jay Lethal will defend his title against former champion Cody, who has been waiting a full year for a one-on-one rematch for the title since losing it to Dalton Castle at last year’s Final Battle.


It has been an amazing 2018 for both Lethal and Cody, so it’s only fitting that they face each other for the richest prize in pro wrestling — the ROH World Title — on ROH’s monumental final pay-per-view of the year.

This will be the second time in three years that Lethal and Cody have met at Final Battle. Cody made his ROH debut at the 2016 event, where he scored a tainted victory over Lethal. Six months later, Cody won the ROH World Title from Christopher Daniels, but he finished 2017 on a down note when Dalton Castle ended the second-generation superstar’s 175-day reign.

Cody wasn’t down for long, however. His feud with Kenny Omega over leadership of Bullet Club was the talk of the wrestling world. Cody defeated Omega at Supercard of Honor in April, but Omega avenged the loss at New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s G1 Special in July. After the latter bout, Cody and Omega buried the hatchet.

In addition to his in-ring exploits, Cody joined forces with The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) to fund and produce the ground-breaking All In pay-per-view, the biggest independent wrestling show ever. The Sept. 1 event drew a crowd of 11,263, selling out Sears Centre in Chicago in less than 30 minutes.

On that show, Cody won the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title from Nick Aldis, the same championship his father, the late “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes had won on three occasions. Four weeks later, Cody won the IWGP United States Title — a championship he still holds — from Juice Robinson, and he also spent three months as a co-holder of the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Titles with The Young Bucks.

For all his championship success, however, Cody was unable to regain the ROH World Title. He chose not to ask for an immediate rematch, and then when he did set his sights on regaining the title, his two opportunities both came in multi-man matches. The second of those took place on June 30, and in that match, Lethal pinned then-champion Castle to regain the title.

It had been a long journey back to the title for Lethal, whose first reign as ROH World Champion ended in August 2016 after 427 days, the fourth-longest reign in ROH history. Directionless for much of 2017 and into 2018, Lethal still won more than his share of matches, but he lost some, too.

This past May, Lethal admitted that he was lost without the ROH World Title belt around his waist. He vowed to win the championship for a second time, but ROH management informed him that he needed to amass more victories to receive another title shot. Lethal accepted the challenge and took it a step further. He vowed to defeat all the competitors who had scored recent victories over him.

Lethal did exactly that, avenging his losses to Punishment Martinez, Matt Taven, Chuckie T, Mark Briscoe and KUSHIDA. The night after his victory over KUSHIDA, Lethal asked for a title shot against Castle. Cody and Taven wanted a shot as well, and Castle, being a fighting champion, agreed to face all of them in a Four Corner Survival Match, which Lethal ended up winning.

Lethal, aptly named “The Franchise of ROH,” had now held the ROH World Title for a combined 564 days (as of November 14), second only to Samoa Joe’s 645 days as champion. He has made it clear that he wants to walk into a sold-out Madison Square Garden for G1 Supercard on April 6, 2019 as the reigning, defending ROH World Champion. First, he’ll have to get past Cody at Final Battle.

Lethal and Cody are both at the top of their game, but only one of them will leave Final Battle as the ROH World Champion. Will Lethal continue to make his case for being the greatest ROH World Champion of all time, or will Cody end 2018 with yet another championship victory?

Find out LIVE as very limited tickets remain to join us in New York City for Final Battle! ​

Watch Final Battle LIVE on pay-per-view or stream FREE as an HonorClub VIP member or 50% off with an HonorClub Standard membership through the ROH App and!


Friday, Dec 14, 2018, 8 p.m. ET
The Manhattan Center’s Hammerstein Ballroom
311 W 34th Street
New York, New York 10001





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WWE News: John Cena Speaks On Not Being Able To Wrestle While Filming A Movie



John Cena
John Cena talks retirement, being told he can’t wrestle while filming and more!

It’s no secret that the man who has been the face of the WWE for over a decade, John Cena, is winding down his in-ring career as the past couple of years have seen the 16-time champion spend less time with the company and more on outside projects.

‘The Leader of the Cenation’ will be making his WWE return this month on December 26th (see his upcoming WWE schedule here) after last competing at Super Show-Down in October, while at the same time his newest film ‘Bumblebee’ will be hitting theaters this Christmas. He has already confirmed that he will be at WrestleMania 35, so it’s expected he will be sticking around from his return until at least then.

Cena sat down with ESPN’s Cari Champion recently to promote the release of ‘Bumblebee’ and spoke on a number of topics including retirement from the ring and why he can’t compete inside the squared circle while he’s shooting a movie. When asked if he ever thinks to himself, “This is it for wrestling”, Cena responded:

“Well, that’s like asking an athlete like, ‘Hey, do you ever contemplate retirement?’, and you can ask a professional rookie that. You have to because anything that you rely on your body for an end result, time is gonna catch up with you. So there is gonna come a point where I can no longer keep up with the pace. I made a promise to myself years ago, years before I ever found my passion for being on-screen, when I can’t keep up with the pace I gotta walk away. I don’t wanna take a buyer’s money and have sit down and be like, ‘Ah, he’s just hanging on’. I don’t ever want that feeling.”

Cena would continue and speak about why he wants to wrestle while shooting movie and can’t, as well as how he previously misjudged The Rock by not understanding what comes with shooting a movie:

“So I don’t think that correlates with what I’m doing now. The biggest difficulty is trying to juggle stuff because I have learned and I’m trying to fight the system, but I’m losing, when you’re in production for a movie they don’t allow you to wrestle because I can’t go to a WWE taping, have my nose put over here [in reference to his broken nose in a match against Seth Rollins]. Not only does it not look good, ‘Man, you don’t look right’. So then they shut the movie down and there’s 150 people that are expecting a paycheck for that movie and I just screwed them out of their wage and it ups the budget of the movie, so I just put the movie behind the eight ball of possibly being a financial success.

So as much as I want to do everything, you can’t and this is a GIANT misunderstanding I had with what Dwayne was doing, what The Rock was doing ’cause he does movie after movie after movie after movie and I know the feeling of wanting to go back and I’m going back as soon as I can, but I can’t go back until I’m done with this. So I totally get it and I kinda called him out for it and that was me being an ass and I was totally wrong and ignorant and young and stupid and I’ve told him, ‘I’m sorry’, but it’s something I think that our fans don’t understand. If LeBron James was to take a break from basketball because he had the opportunity to film something, basketball fans would be like, ‘What are you doing? Go back to basketball’. So I understand the resentment, but it’s a tough balancing act and I’m bold enough to try.”

If you use any of the above highlights, please credit The Chairshot for transcription.

Do you think John Cena can follow in The Rock’s footsteps? Let us know on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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Press Release: Brody King Joins Sean Waltman On New X-Pac 12360



XPac 12360
Brody King is this week’s guest on X-Pac 12360!

After being joined by former WWE Superstar Darren Young last week (find that here), this week’s episode of X-Pac 12360 features Sean Waltman welcoming Brody King to the show, as well as discussing the recent passings of The Dynamite Kid and Larry ‘The Axe’ Hennig.

The following press release for the latest edition of X-Pac 12360 was sent along to The Chairshot today:




X-PAC 12360

Get it on YouTube:

or download the podcast version on iTunes: or download the podcast version for Android:

Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman Remembers Tom “DYNAMITE KID” Billington

One of the greatest of all time… He was a huge, huge influence on my career. As a smaller guy, that’s how you had to be during that time and when I was coming up. And everything you did had to make up for the lack of size, it had to be explosive. And there was nobody more explosive than the dynamite kid… My name was Lightning Kid, it was pretty much a copy off of Dynamite Kid …

Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman Remembers Larry “The Axe” Hennig

A lot of people know that I was really close with Curt {Hennig} and traveling down the road with Curt I got to hear stories, I never met anyone that loved their father and looked up to their father more than Curt Hennig did. …And Larry in turn I never met anyone that was more proud of his son than he was of Curt. Every father is devastated when they lose a child but it was just times a hundred, times a hundred for Larry.

I put a tweet out the other day saying one day I’ll the story about Arnold Skaaland, Larry Hennig, Curt and I going over to Tijuana for a few hours, and you know people’s heads started to turn ‘maybe they went to the donkey show’ but no all it was is I went down there and bought a bunch of pills. {laughs} And when we came back across Larry and Arnold both, when I was going through the line, they went in the line furthest from me. They got as far away from me as possible on the way back through. {laughs} … I am honored to have known Larry Hennig and I am sending some love to the Hennig family….

Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman Comments On Justin Credible

I had my own way of being down, my own version of hell, so my heart hurts for him and I love the guy. You guys know I really care a lot about him, we try not to give up on people cause when I was ready to fight, people were there for me, but he’s gotta do his part, you gotta do your part…. I just hate seeing this cause there is children involved, there’s this documentary being made. And a documentary is a documentary, it’s not scripted , you don’t get to write the finish of the documentary…You guys know I work with a rehab center and that guy was ready to go pick him up and he wouldn’t go, it’s so frustrating. But I kinda get it too…

Brody King Talks About He Wants To Still Work While Wrestling Full-Time

My work ethic is pretty good, I have a full-time job that I work Monday through Friday and I also train five days a week … I don’t think I can sacrifice the life that I have now to have like a starting rate at somewhere like WWE…that would be huge blow to me in my personal life. The stuff that I have coming up that I cannot confirm or deny, I am able to do my job part-time which is like the best part-time job in the world cause when you want work you can look for it and when you don’t, you don’t look for it. And I can do that and do my wrestling career full-time.

Brody King Talks About Wrestling Jungle Boy at PWG on 1/18/2019, In Jungle Boy’s PWG Debut

It’s almost like a full circle thing, almost a year from when I debuted you know another California kid is debuting, he has all the tools I feel you need to get over. He looks cool, does cool stuff, he’s got this mystique about him, he doesn’t say much but he doesn’t need to. His dad is Luke Perry so that’s kinda funny…

Get it all on this week’s brand new episode of Westwood One’s X-Pac 12360. Two words for you…DOWNLOAD IT!

What did you think of this week’s episode of X-Pac 12360? Let us know on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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