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Joe’s CMLL Results & Review (12/3/2018)



CMLL Coverage

CMLL Arena Mexico Friday Leyenda Mexicanas

Super Muneco, Super Pinocho, and Super Raton vs Rocky Santana, Mr. Condor, and El Gallego

Super Pinocho and Gallego start with some basic wrestling and grappling. Super Raton and Satana get in and Raton just looks ridiculous. He has a rat mask on and he’s so fat that his belt must be constricting air flow. They grapple for a bit and Raton gets the advantage. Muneco and Condor get in and it turns into them all in the ring. Muneco does multiple hip tosses on everyone. Pinocho gets Gallego in a weird arm stretch, Raton submits Santana in a weird arm stretch too. Muneco submits Condor with neck stretch. First Fall: Super Muneco submits Mr Condor with a neck stretch.

Pinocho gets doubled by Santana and Condor but he makes them look foolish and tricks them so they start hitting each other. Gallego calms them and levels them. Raton comes in an gets the advantage on them hitting tilt a whirl back breakers. Muneco comes in and they start to triple team him and the rest after they take him out. They get Pinocho in a submission where it looks like he’s being pinned and the other two hold his arms down. And then they hold Raton’s arms while Condor went on his back and stomped his head. Second Fall: Super Raton gets submitted by a triple team submission. 

They start the round continuing to triple team them. They make a come back to even the odds and Raton and Condor are left in the ring. He hits a spine buster on Condor and gets a lion tamer. Santana breaks it up then gets Raton in a head crank. Pinocho gets Gallego to the outside by making him miss an attack, then he hits a middle rope dive. Raton hits a springboard head butt on Santana for the pin. Then super Muneco submits Condor with a double arm stretch submission. Third Fall: Super Muneco submits Mr. Condor with a double arm stretch.

Winners: Super Muneco, Super, Pinocho, and Super Raton

Microman, El Gallito, and El Guapito vs Chamuel, Mije, and Perico Zakarias

Mije and Gallito start the match out. Mije wants to face Microman though. They do some posturing then grappling. Mije falls onto the ramp and Gallito poses. Guapito and Chamuel are in next and they’re grappling on the ground fighting each other for submissions. Guapito gets him to the outside then poses. Microman comes in to a huge applause to face off against Perico. Chamuel comes in to hit Microman, and now Mije and Perico are teaming on him. Chamuel hits a leg drop then a vertical suplex on Microman. Mije hits a clothesline on Gallito as well. Chamuel then goes for the pin. First Fall: Chamuel pins Microman with a vertical suplex.

Chamuel continues to beat on Microman to start the second round. They then start to double Gallito. Guapito moves out of the way to change the tide. He hits Chamuel with a hurricanrana and Microman then dives off the apron onto him. Gallito gets Mije in a full nelson stretch and Guapito school boys Perico. Second Fall: El Guapito school boys Perico Zakarias.

Gallito hits a dive off the steps on the ramp on Perico. They posture some when they get back in the ring. Perico and Mije are having issues with each other as they try to double Gallito. Gallito hits a hurricanrana on Perico and then an arm drag and drop kick on Mije. Guapito is back in with Mije. He dodges Mije’s attack, then hits a hip toss into a drop kick. Microman is in now to go against Chamuel. Micoman hits a nice arm drag then counters Chamuel’s move into a head scissors. He places Microman on the top rope but Microman hits a hurricanrana on him. Guapito goes for a school boy on Mije but Chamuel is back to stop it. Gallito comes in and hits a drop kick on him. Perico breaks up the pin. Gallito hits a drop kick on him to the outside, then dives off the apron. In the ring Guapito gets a standing kimura on Mije and Microman hits a vader bomb on Chamuel for the win. Third Fall: Microman pins Chamuel with a vader bomb.

Winners: Microman, El Gallito, and El Guapito

Rush, Cavernario, and El Terrible vs Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero

Forastero and Cavernario start the match out doing some quick grappling and transitions. The stare each other down face to face, chin to chin. Cuatrero comes in and then Cavernario stares him down the same to but this time Rush and Terrible jump them. Rush beats up Sanson on the ramp and Terrible takes care of Forastero. Rush has totally ripped Sanson’s mask and there’s brawling on the outside, and in the crowd. Rush fakes out Sanson like he’s going to drop kick in the corner but throws a weak kick, and then they all pose. Cuatrero tries to take on Terrible but Terrible just beats on him. He gets him in a big swing then Rush drop kicks him. They all hit Sanson with triple basement drop kicks. Sanson hits an enziguri on Rush and then follows him to the outside for a middle rope dive. Cuatrero and Forastero get Terrible and Cavernario seated in the corner, then Cuatrero launches him into them for the pin. First Fall: Forastero gets launched into Terrible and Cavernario for the pin.

They continue to brawl on the outside, beating on Rush to start. Cuatrero has Cavernario on the top rope and starts biting his head. Sanson continues to beat on Terrible with the help of Forastero and Cuatrero occasionally. They get Rush in the corner and hit him with a triple drop kick. They continue to team up on Rush but Rush hits a drop kick to make a come back. Cavernario hits a run up the ropes dive to the outside on Cuatrero. Terrible then hits a top rope dive to the outside on Cavernario, Cuatrero, and Forastero leaving Sanson and Rush in the ring. Rush goes to run and runs over the ref. He then kicks Sanson in the groin then unmasks him. That’s like an uber DQ. Second Fall: Rush DQs himself by running over the ref, kicking Sanson in the groin, then unmasking him.

Winners: Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero

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