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Joe’s CMLL Results & Review (12/3/2018)



CMLL Coverage

Mano Negra, Solar, and El Felino vs Fuerza Guerrera, Jerry Estrada, and Negro Navarro

Felino and Jerry Estrada start the match out doing some grappling. Shortly after Fuerza and Mano get in and they do some grappling as well. They pick it up a bit and Mano does a few deep arm drags. Solar is in next with Navarro. They fight for position with a knuckle lock. Solar gets distracted by Fuerza on the apron but when he gets back in the ring they start to grapple again. Navarro gets him in a surfboard stretch, then Solar counters him with the same move. Navarro rips at Solar’s mask. They all start to brawl on the outside. Navarro gets Mano in shoulder hold for the submission. First Fall: Navarro submits Mano Negra in a shoulder hold. 

Estrada and Felino are walking on the ramp. Estrada doesn’t see the stairs and falls down them but catches himself. They all continue to brawl on the outside. Felino hits a cross body on Estrada and submits him in a camel clutch. Mano then submits Navarro with an arm stretch. Second Fall: Mano Negra submits Navarro with an arm stretch.

Felino and Navarro start the last round out. Felino dodges a double team attack from Fuerza then they brawl on the outside. Solar and Fuerza are in the ring now and Fuerza strikes him in the corner. Solar hits an arm drag, but Fuerza hits him with a strike in return. Felino is in and hits a drop kick on Estrada. Navarro gets Solar in an arm bar I guess for the submission. Third Fall: Navarro submits Solar with an arm bar.

Winners: Fuerza Guerrera, Jerry Estrada, and Negro Navarro 

(CMLL Six Man Tag Team Titles) Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, and Gran Guerrero (Champs) vs Caristico, Volador Jr, and Mistico

Volador starts out with Euforia and they are working fast out the gate. Caristico and Ultimo Guerrero make their ways in next and they do some grappling and trading of submissions. Mistico leaps in and does a hurricanrana on Ultimo to the outside, then Volador does a flip dive, but is caught and power bombed on the outside. Gran does a sit out death valley on Mistico for the pin and Euforia submits Caristico with a choke hold. First Fall: Euforia submits Caristico with a choke hold.

Second round starts with Volador getting teamed up on. They hit the triple team attack on the ramp and then, Mistico hits a hurricanrana to change the tide, and then does a dive to the outside. Inside the ring, Volador catches Ultimo in a back stabber for the fall. Second Fall: Volador Jr pins Ultimo Guerrero with a back stabber.

Final round starts with Caristico hitting a bouncing arm drag off the ropes, then a hurricanrana on Euforia. Volador gets in and fakes out Gran Guerrero. Then Mistico hits Ultimo with a hurricanrana, followed by Volador hitting a head scissors on Gran, then an arm drag on Euforia by Caristico. Then Mistico gets launched to the outside by Volador hitting a hurricanrana on Euforia. Caristico runs up the ropes and  does a dive. Chaos. Gran Guerrero clears house and choke slams Volador but Caristico stops the count. Mistico goes to hurricanrana Ultimo off the top, but it’s countered for a power bomb. Ultimo then suplexes Volador off the top but only for a two count.

They get Volador in a triple submission spot but Mistico counters with a hurricanrana. Then he does a moonsault to the outside on Euforia. Gran drops Caristico on the barricade. Volador hits a super kick on Ultimo for a two count. Ultimo catches him in the air for a power bomb but he kicks out. He puts Volador on top for the reverse vertical suplex, he does it while Mistico power bombs him. Gran goes to pin Volador for a 2 count. Caristico gets the Fujiwara arm bar but it’s broken up immediately. All of Los Guerrero’s get each of them in a torture rack at the same time and they submit. Third Fall: All three of them submit Caristico, Mistico, and Volador with torture racks.

Winners: Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, and Gran Guerrero

Rayo de Jalisco, Atlantis, and Blue Panther vs Canek, Mascara Ano 2000, and Villano IV

Blue Panther and Mascara start the match out doing some wrestling and transitions. It’s impressive Blue Panther can still move like this at his age. Villano 4 gets in there with Atlantis. Of course there’s the story there with Atlantis unmasking Villano 3 who died earlier this year. He works over Atlantis some, then beats on him on the outside of the ring. Rayo is in now with Canek and the crowd starts to pick up their enthusiasm. They do normal strikes and Canek pins Rayo with a back kick and elbow drop. Mascara submits Blue Panther with a leg arm stretch. First Fall: Mascara Ano 2000 submits Blue Panther with a leg arm stretch. 

Villano starts the second round untying Atlantis’ mask. Mascara is beating on Blue Panther on the ramp. Canek goes for Rayo’s mask and Villano continues to work on Atlantis. Mascara and Blue Panther are brawling on the outside. Rayo comes back hitting a clothesline on Villano then Canek. He then head butts him 5 times or so on the ground for the fall. Second Fall: Rayo de Jalisco pins Canek with 5 consecutive head butts.

They continue to brawl in between rounds. Atlantis pulls down his straps and exchanges strikes with Mascara. He then throws Canek and Villano into each other, then hits hip tosses on them. Blue Panther hits a deep arm drag on Villano and holds onto it. Panther is able to fight out of a double attack by Villano and Mascara with a double face buster. Rayo and Canek get in there now and stare each other down. They do some really slow exchanging of strikes, then Blue Panther gets Mascara in a Fujiwara arm bar and Atlantis submits Villano IV with a neck crank for the win. Third Fall: Atlantis submits Villano IV with a neck crank.

Winners: Rayo de Jalisco, Atlantis, and Blue Panther

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