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End of year fun to be had in NOAH! NOAHful Gift isn’t overly serious, but it does set a decent tone for Navigation for the Future. Hisame let’s us know everything we need to know-ah. Get it? No? Shuddup and read.


NOAH held their final event of the year, “NOAHFul GIFT”, at Korakuen Hall on the 24th December 2018. The usual flea market was held where the wrestlers sold their old clothing and ring gear (one fan bought something of Nakajima’s and said there was a faint smell of sweat on it).

Fortunately, Genba Hirayanagi did not repeat his threat to turn up in some old pants (or turn up at all).

NOAH held a lottery to determine random drawing of the first three matches prior to the Costumed Battle Royale (I’ll get to that. Its highly disturbing).

The matches were:
1. Yoshiki Inamura vs Hi69
2. Kaito Kiyomiya vs Kenoh vs Kinya Okada
3. Tadasuke, Atsushi Kotoge & Go Shiozaki vs Junta Miyawaki, YO-HEY & Katsuhiko Nakajima.

Inamura put on a good show, but naturally, fell to Hi69 – but it was Kinya Okada in the “random” drawing of the second match (which no one seriously believes was “random”), who stole the show. Okada, with only about seven matches or so since he debuted, completely stole the show. He proved himself to be a natural, at times he had the small blip to show his lack of experience, but you couldn’t fault his ring presence. Sarcastic (he’s going to be NOAH’s very own homegrown Yuji Hino), by pretending that he didn’t see the GHC Heavyweight Champion telling him off for double crossing him, smirking (not sinister like Nakajima though, more in a troublemaker, butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth, kind of way) and when he said to Kiyomiya about Kenoh, “let’s get that blonde bastard”, using language common to his generation.

He is going to be one the nastier heavyweights, and in years to come, and a big part of NOAH.

Naturally, Kenoh and Kiyomiya faced off, Kiyomiya showing an attitude that he hasn’t had for the past twelve months since he came back by standing up to Kenoh.

Kaito Kiyomiya won with the Boston Crab on Kinya Okada after 13 minutes and 27 seconds

The next match had more of a focus on Atsushi Kotoge and Go Shiozaki…and it read like a plot to a anime.

Go Shiozaki was having trouble chopping his opponents, and was offered the cape by Atsushi Kotoge. Shiozaki, put the cape on, and his powers were restored. Kotoge was out of what is left of his mind, when Shiozaki did the “Revolutionary Fist”.

After the match (in which Nakajima and YO-HEY sat in the audience to cheer on Miyawaki), a delighted Kotoge asked Shiozaki whether from now on, he would like to wear his magic power granting cape?

Shiozaki looked like you do when granny asks were that nice Christmas jumper is with Santa on it she bought for you last year?

It should be noted (that with the possible exception of Hi69, who is an eighteen year veteran), that all of the matches featured the younger stars of NOAH.

Then there came the Battle Royale.
EVERYONE (except one person) dressed up for this, even Ally (ring announcer) dressed up to announce it.

Special mention goes to:
~ Santa Masa Kitamiya subduing his too cute reindeer (Hitoshi Kumano and Junta Miyawaki) after they beat him down with soap in a sock
~ Maybach Taniguchi dressing as his Sasumata, and being used as a battering ram
~ Tokyo Sports describing Masao Inoue’s mask as one used for “convenience store robberies”
~ Mohammed Yone bringing a camera to the ring, and taking pictures of EVERYTHING…and I mean EVERYTHING. Yes. Even what you are about to read about.

~ Atsushi Kotoge was an out of control hyperactive “Kotode Mercury” (Freddie Mercury), complete with cane, and what looked like a bath lily stuck to his chest to simulate chest hair.
~ Akitoshi Saito came out as Atsushi Kotoge, and did a dance involving a crotch chop, which I never want to see again.
~ Hajime Ohara recycled his Kiki costume from 2017.
~ HAYATA refused to dress up (no surprises there)
~ Kenoh came as the masked “Menso-re Oyaji”, complete with his beloved can of Orion beer (its from his summer holiday retreat of Okinawa), and did things that Kenoh would not normally do (come on, we all know Mr. “I don’t smile normally in my everyday life”, was smiling under the mask)
~ Kaito Kiyomiya came as a songstress clad in a Kimono and with the traditional white painted face. He made his entrance in the traditional way a dancer does, with the fan over the face and the knees slightly bent.
~ Katsuhiko Nakajima came as a samurai, and then found that Samurai didn’t high kick people as their clothing didn’t allow it.

Takashi Sugiura came as a gorilla.
Yes. A gorilla.

Sugi often refers to himself as one (although KENTA once called him a “Hippo”), and he came out clutching a bunch of bananas.

Then the gorilla got in the ring, and attempted to, shall we say, mount Hi69 (a panda) before being chased away, at which point he then tried to…well…get into Kiki’s drawers.

I guess we should be grateful, had a watershed not existed along with broadcasting laws, he probably would have come as The Baboon…

Moving on – the Battle Royale (in which the Geisha and the Samurai danced together, in what looked like a lopsided Edo period drama of a 5’11 Geisha dancing with a 5’9 man), the event was won by Kotode Mercury.

The traditional picture was taken at the end, even Naomichi Marufuji got in the ring for it (he had been enjoying the action from ringside), the only people missing were YO-HEY and Yoshinari Ogawa. YO-HEY, with his new heel persona felt he couldn’t join in, and Yoshinari Ogawa had come to the ring and been chased off by Daisuke Harada.

After the event, Go Shiozaki (in his role as chairman of the NOAH, wrestlers association) thanked everyone for coming, and thanked them for helping to raise the roof so to speak. Next year the wrestlers and the staff, will continue to devote themselves to Pro Wrestling Noah.

NOAH will hold their next event on January 6th 2019 at Korakuen Hall

Riki Chosu held another “POWER HALL” on the 28th December at Korakuen Hall, the same day Kuishinbo Kamen held his produce in Osaka.

YO-HEY & HAYATA (despite YO-HEY turning on RATELS), had to tag together in a three man match. They got into an argument during it, which led to them both being taken down at one point, and a rather sad looking YO-HEY refusing to help HAYATA up, or even tag him in.

If they were going to work together, it was going to be difficult.

The final “POWER HALL” of 2018 featured NOAH wrestlers, Kaito Kiyomiya, Masa Kitamiya, Katsuhiko Nakajima, Takashi Sugiura and Akitoshi Saito (plus regular NOAH freelancer, Minoru Tanaka).

Nakajima was his usual evil grinning sadistic self, who took pleasure in beating up on Big Japan’s Takuya Nomura (who seems to always be busted open whenever he faces NOAH).

Takashi Sugiura wore his tired old man face when confronted with some members of the opposite team.

Kaito Kiyomiya hugged his belt, and looked distressed when someone playfully tugged at it.

Kiyomiya’s team lost, and he said afterwards that this wouldn’t do, it (i.e. 2018) “could not end like this” and he wanted to fight another round.

Kenoh wrote his final column of 2018, and reflected on the past year, calling it the “best and the worst”. He speaks mainly about Kiyomiya and his concerns that the company is pushing him into something he is not ready for.

NOAH are back on the 6th January 2018, with a live broadcast show at Korakuen Hall (to find out your timezone, put into Google “11.30 JST”).

On the 6th January, Kaito Kiyomiya will face Kenoh in his first defense of the GHC Heavyweight title, The Hooligans (Yuji Hino and Maybach Taniguchi) will defend the GHC Heavyweight tag titles against Katsuhiko Nakajima and Go Shiozaki (this is the rematch after the chaotic title match in Yokohama). Junta Miyawaki and Seiya Morohashi will have their trial match to see whether or not Hajime Ohara will let them challenge for the GHC Junior Heavyweight titles (but they have been challenged by Keisuke Ishii & Kouki Iwasaki).

Yoshiki Inamura will also go up against his hero, Takashi Sugiura, in a singles match opener. He will also have a series of singles matches against various seniors.

Elsewhere, Daisuke Harada will defend the GHC Junior Championship against YO-HEY on the 26th in Osaka, but prior to that on the 20th, HAYATA will face YO-HEY, Harada will take on Ogawa, and Tadasuke will fight Kotaro Suzuki.

For this tour, the following outside talent have been announced to be participating in one way or another: Mitsuya Nagai, KAZMA SAKAMOTO, Yuji Hino, Masao Inoue, Minoru Tanaka, Kotaro Suzuki, Seiya Morohashi, Kokuki Iwasaki, Seichi Ikemoto, Kanjyuro Matsuyama and Keisuke Ishii.


~ President Uchida apparently had a little too much to drink at the Noah Christmas party
~ No one could work out how Tadasuke was sitting at (what looked like) the airport, and even less how he could sleep like that
~ Daisuke Harada wore a pointy Santa Hat for his stint as one day manager at Yoneya, Masa Kitamiya will be there in January 2019
~ Kenoh will be back on “Satoko’s Room” in January 2019 (he was last on it in 2019)
~ Yoshiki Inamura took Takashi Sugiura’s advice, and smiled a little more when out on promotion


Samurai TV will broadcast the first night of “Navigation For The Future 2019” LIVE on the 6th January at 11.30am JST

The translation into English of “Heir to The Ark” (Naomichi Marufuji’s biography), has reached Chapter 4 “Fight to the Death; Battles with KENTA, GHC Grand Slam, returning to the juniors”.

Chapters 1, 2 and 3 are now complete.

While I am still waiting for “PHOTO THE LIVE” to arrive, two other books on Mitsuharu Misawa\NOAH did “Sailing: The Mitsuharu Misawa autobiography” and “Mitsuharu Misawa: understanding the cause of NOAH”.

The first book seems to deal with his life primarily from childhood to the founding of Noah (it was published in about 2001/2002).

As this is the last newsletter of 2018, I want to take a moment to thank everyone for supporting me, following me this year and reading this.

In particular I want to thank Metal Noah, not only for kindly sending me his autographed copy of “Heir to The Ark”, but also for being one of the main reasons I can do a recap of NOAH shows (a big thanks also goes to Abeshin, Nacky, Hamaharin, Shishido, Hai, Karin, Fujiwara Armbar, Pinkie Pie, Kei and Maybach Metapoko, and many many others, whom I may have forgotten to mention).

Thank you also to Wilfred Watches and Greg (GoodnightLove) for having me on their podcasts, and to Andrew Balaz (Chairshot) and Andre Corbeil (Wrestling with Wrestling) for asking me to write for them.

A thank you to Purodino for kindly sending me some Noah merchandise on her trip to Japan, and for translating some articles for the site.

A thank you to Jen J for never failing to send me the articles from Puroresu Weekly

A thank you to Brother Mort & Ro Bert for uploading the NOAH shows\Battlemen.

A thank you to John LaRocca for the shout outs on his podcast.

A thank you to my boyfriend for editing my podcast (which I hope to be restarting soon after a hiatus caused by family and work issues)

And a thank you to all those who contributed to my Patreon (the dream of being able to do this full time, from home and paid, comes closer and closer with each donation\subscription)

…and to anyone else I may have neglected to mention, you know who you are x x x

Finally, a big thanks goes to Pro Wrestling NOAH themselves, for being here in 2018 and for not blocking me from any of their accounts.

Go Shiozaki vs Konosuke Takeshita ~ transcript of press conference
Kaito Kiyomiya, “a new scene” in the ring with Kenoh
Kenoh to the new champion, Kiyomiya, “I will make it easy”
Freddie Mercury wins the costume Royal Rumble? 
Noahful Gift – post match promos
Shiranui Curry (online shop)
HAYATA “My Turning Point” (translated by Purodino)

GIF credit: Battlemen News

PIC credit:

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More From Japan


NOAH coverage still going strong! A few title changes and defenses keeps things interesting heading toward the end of the year!





Kongoh Juniors finally win gold, Atsushi Kotoge demands a rematch

Shuji Kondo and his perpetually terrified partner, Hajime Ohara, ended a long losing streak for the Kongoh Juniors and finally won a title for their unit, when Seiki Yoshioka tapped to Hajime Ohara’s Muy Bien. Ohara’s reward from Kondo was to be kicked in the head repeatedly. When Ohara did get to his feet, Atsushi Kotoge was asking for a rematch, something the champions later granted, although Ohara did initially shove the belt in Kotoge’s face and tell him to beat it. The titles will be defended on the 23rd November at the National Yoyogi Stadium 2nd Gymnasium. There will be no pre match.

Dante Leon wins his first Noah title, the GHC Junior

In a match which was half American style and half Noah style, Dante Leon beat Ninja Mack for the GHC Junior, and won his first title in Noah. Unfortunately, due to HAYATA’S injury Ninja Mack’s reign was not as it should have been, so I would imagine that at some point in the future he will be given a longer run. No challenger has come forward as of yet to challenge Dante Leon.

Funky fail, but respect earned

Funky Express lost their challenge for the GHC Heavyweight Tag titles when Takashi Sugiura choked Akitoshi Saito out and the referee stopped the match. It was a heartbreaking loss for the challengers who were visibly moved. They have may have lost in their attempt, but in the eyes of fans, they gained something far more important, respect. Long seen as a comedy unit who worked the openers, Disco Dancing, Funkiness, King Tany, discussions of a giant belt made for four (funded by Masao Inoue’s piggybank according to Aki), things have changed with the departure of members and Saito and Yone managed to turn themselves into credible challengers.

Funaki’s warning comes true, El Hijo Del Dr Wagner Jnr becomes the GHC National Champion

When El Hijo Del Dr Wagner Jnr, Masakatsu Funaki had foreboding about the challenge. Kazushi Sakuraba he could handle as Sakuraba was known to him, it was also the case with his previous challengers as while he may not have known Simon Gotch prior to the match, he was aware that Gotch was of a similar skillset. El Hijo Del Dr Wagner Junior was not. Funaki spoke of other difficulties too aside from him being a luchadore in that he also outweighed him and was younger than him too. All these factors combined on the night with Wagner Jnr’s ability, for the title to change hands. Wagner Jnr was laying out the Mexican flag in the ring to add the belt to it, when his next challenger, Yoshiki Inamura appeared at ringside. Inamura got straight to the point, saying he was here to challenge. El Hijo Del Dr Wagner Jnr accepted, and the two will fight on the 23rd November at the National Yoyogi Stadium 2nd Gymnasium.

Yoshiki Inamura gave a small interview about his challenge, and he touched on the subject of Kaito Kiyomiya. Inamura stated that although Kiyomiya is younger than him, he is still his senior, which has been a factor in Inamura wanting a singles belt too. Inamura says this will be “standing next to Kiyomiya, not beneath him”.

Kaito Kiyomiya retains against Thatcher, Kenoh back again

In a match that was to atone for the title match against Kazuyuki Fujita, (which I don’t think Kiyomiya was very happy with), he faced a trial by fire when the GHC Heavyweight was defended against Timothy Thatcher. In his previous title reign, when he was being challenged by Naomichi Marufuji, Marufuji had told him that he was going to take him apart bit by bit, which was what Thatcher did. Kiyomiya had to get the win on momentum by dropping a few Transformed Shining Wizards, because everything he did Thatcher reversed into the dreaded armbar. Kenoh had been on commentary and as soon as he saw the result, removed his headset, and came down to the ring to challenge.

“Hey, Kiyomiya, you did your best in today’s title match too. Just! You “just” tried your best. Even elementary school students can “just” do their best. So, what are you left with today? What can you create? What can Noah create? On January 1st at the Nippon Budokan, The Great Muta vs Shinsuke Nakamura has taken the subject from the champion, and what are you doing? Working hard? You can’t win with just that! Muta vs Shinsuke Nakamura…who can win in terms of the subject…Brock Lesnar, Dwayne Johnson…The Rock. No, it’s The Rock and me, Kenoh! Well, I know that I’m no match for Rock, but I have that kind of will! I will save Noah from danger. It’s not Muta vs Nakamura. I will challenge you for your belt, and I’ll take away the topic!”

Kiyomiya responded,

“Maybe, I am just trying my best. But what will you create? I will create a new Noah! So you and I, let’s fight for real! I don’t want to lose anything on social media or by transmission, so please, fight all out against me.”


“January 1st, Nippon Budokan, you are not the one who will surpass Muta vs Shinsuke Nakamura. I will exceed by myself, and the one who will take this belt is me, Kenoh!”

*Title match has been set for The Nippon Budokan on the 1st January 2023.

The first pre match took place at the Noah/Dragon Gate event the next day. The main event was not as wild as the rest of the show had been, but it did culminate in Kiyomiya being pinned by Kenoh, and a picture of that moment appearing on the front cover of “Weekly Pro”.

Noah vs Dragon Gate

Aside from the main event as mentioned above, the event saw;
– NOSAWA Rongai getting pinged by plastic
– Satoshi Kojima as the mystery opponent of Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa. Kojima said the match was for HAYATA, who he hopes gets well soon and returns to Noah.
– Kenoh describing partner Kouta Minoura as “cute”. Which is probably the first time Kenoh has ever described anyone ever as that.
– H.Y.O said he wants a singles match with Ninja Mack. Otherwise he was not impressed with Noah overall.
– Shun Skywalker finally snap when teaming with Tadasuke. In usual frenetic style, Tadasuke tried to get Shun to do his corner camera spot, and ended up dragging him over. Things steadily went downhill from there.
– YAMATO beat Seiki Yoshioka, but was full of praise for him.
– YO-HEY danced with Natural Vibes on entry, and although dancing cannot have been easy in that heavy coat, he loved it. Daisuke Harada says he is obsessed and cannot stop watching!

Noah Tryouts

Katsuhiko Nakajima and Naomichi Marufuji (alongside Xtreme Tiger) have appeared in both New York and San Francisco for Pro Wrestling Revolution and King of The Indies 2022. They stopped over in San Jose, California, to hold tryouts. Two lucky wrestlers were chosen, who will now come to Japan and train in the dojo and appear in Noah. Marufuji said they were very overcome, and he saw tears. I am afraid I do not have the names of the winners.


– Kenoh will appear at the Yokohama Corsairs game on the 19th November to fire a t-shirt gun (bazooka).

– Kaito Kiyomiya has posted some, shall we say, steamy pictures on his Instagram. One involved him bare-chested and toweling his hair, the other one was being naked save for a necklace while sitting in a bath. Fortunately, he did not reveal all, but the picture was certainly close to being south of the border.
– Yoshiki Inamura celebrated his 30th birthday on the 18th November. Work never stopped during the day as he was giving interviews on his upcoming title challenge, but in the evening he was taken to the Ribera Steakhouse, and given a green jacket.
– Kaito Kiyomiya had an audition for Ninja Warrior.
– During the title match, Dante Leon stole ring announcer G-Man’s chair from under him. G-Man got his revenge by posting a picture of Leon sitting and watching TV, his back to the camera and completely unaware, as G-Man’s hand advanced on him threateningly.
– Satoshi Kojima said their team name was now “Takajima” because he had given “Satoshi” to Mohammed Yone. Sugi said it was kind of hard to pronounce.
– Kaito Kiyomiya has parted with the “Supernova” nickname and gotten new theme music, “REGENERATION” and is now “Galaxy View”.



Event recapPost match interviews



(Full November schedule)

NOAH the BEST 2022

Date: Wednesday, November 23rd
Venue: National Yoyogi Stadium 2nd Gymnasium
Start time: Doors open 13:30 JST, event starts 15:00 JST
Broadcast: WrestleUniverse (English commentary available)

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Saturday 19th November: HI69 debut anniversary (22)
Friday 25th November: AMAKUSA (37)


Title match removal of Supernova, champion Kaito Kiyomiya declaration of change and resolution! 
Noah/DragonGate: Press conference for the youngsters match: Inamura declares “Overwhelming”, Mochizuki Jnr “Absolutely Win The Fight”
Noah/DragonGate: GM Saito “Help Me!” in a “1 vs 5” crisis. NOSAWA & Horiguchi already declare betrayal 
Noah/DragonGate: Tadasuke & Shun burst into the press conference, attacking AMAKUSA & Fujiwara
Noah/DragonGate: Kenoh cuts Yuki Yoshioka in half, calling him a “Pathetic champion, carried by the company”
THE TOUGH comment on their ZERO-1 Participation
Noah/DragonGate: Realization of Noah and DragonGate Champions at the joint show…Kenoh completely demolishes Kiyomiya with a strong pre-emptive strike towards the New Year’s Day Budokan
Noah/DragonGate: Satoshi Kojima backstage comments – “Get Well Soon HAYATA” 
Noah/DragonGate: GM Saito is in trouble, break up with friends & unreasonable rap request…victory for rare trio of KZY & YO-HEY
Noah/DragonGate: YAMATO comments on Seiki Yoshioka
G-MANS Note Vol 2: In charge of Pro Wrestling Noah’s English YouTube & English Announcement 


Hiroshi Tanahashi’s Dragon Note – Tanahashi discusses Keiji Mutoh’s retirement

“Follow Me You Bastards” – Kenoh’s column (4th October 2022)


“Donmai, Donmai” – Mitsuharu Misawa’s diary

GIF taken from WrestleUniverse
Picture credit: Kaito Kiyomiya, Weekly Pro

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More From Japan


Mutoh’s retirement tour continues, Shinsuke Nakamura’s video challenge is official, and a former Junior returns under a new name! Hisame enlightens us all!





Shinsuke Nakamura vs Great Muta announced

NOAH announced during the Ariake Arena event on October 30th, that The Great Muta would be appearing at their New Year’s Day event on January 1st at The Nippon Budokan, with his surprise opponent being Shinsuke Nakamura, who is currently overseas in WWE. As Nakamura said himself, he has had matches with Keiji Mutoh, but this will be his first and last time with Great Muta.

NOAH had shortlisted Shinsuke Nakamura as a possible opponent for either Keiji Mutoh or Great Muta somewhere along the line, and had to be very persistent in their request, which paid off in the end.

NOSAWA’S final battle

NOSAWA has been preparing for his retirement by wrapping up loose ends; namely by his own produce, “Tokyo Dream Final: The Last Festival”, that will take place at Korakuen Hall on the 20th December and finishing things with STINGER, namely Yoshinari Ogawa. This will not take place at the produce in December. NOSAWA says for the final battle, which will take place on the November 23rd show main event at the Yoyogi National Stadium he will bring Kotaro Suzuki and Ikuto Hidaka as seconds. The final battle will be a somewhat one sided match of NOSAWA Rongai, Eita and Super Crazy against Yoshinari Ogawa, Yasutaka Yano and Kai Fujimura. Unfortunately for Ogawa he is currently the only person left in STINGER with any substantial experience, as HAYATA and Yuya Susumu are injured (both NOSAWA and Yoshinari Ogawa have seemingly forgotten about Susumu, which probably won’t sit well with him when he returns), and Chris Ridgeway has now returned to England for the time being, but that said, Ogawa and Yano were very successful against Perros the last time they fought them.

Kiyomiya retains, Thatcher challenges

Kaito Kiyomiya made a desperate effort to win against Kazuyuki Fujita after a match which saw him try and wear Fujita down only for Fujita to bounce back, and which Kiyomiya had to win by taking Fujita by surprise. After the match, Timothy Thatcher came to the ring and challenged for the GHC Heavyweight title.

Due to the short time (and shows) between Ariake Arena on the 30th October and the title match on the 10th November, there has only been one pre-match, which was won by Timothy Thatcher over Kaito Kiyomiya via the dreaded Fujiwara Armbar on 3rd November. As Thatcher pointed out, and as Kiyomiya well knows, he is undefeated in NOAH.


A mysterious masked man made an appearance in NOAH at The Ariake Arena on the 30th October, to rescue Seiki Yoshioka and Atsushi Kotoge from an attack made by The Kongoh Juniors, following the GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag match. The masked man unmasked himself, revealing himself to be Haoh who had both a new look and new move-set.

The man said his name was AMAKUSA, and he was going to go to the top of NOAH, which started by crushing Tadasuke. It has since been discovered (credit Metal NOAH), that the reason why Haoh seemingly vanished, was that he had joined Junta Miyawaki in Mexico, which also explains the new techniques he is using.

Funky Express challenge for the GHC Heavyweight Tag Belts

With Masao Inoue not returning to NOAH for the time being and Shuhei Taniguchi leaving the unit, Funky Express has been Mohammed Yone and Akitoshi Saito. A few weeks ago, Saito revealed that NOAH alumnae, Tamon Honda, had gifted him the use of his finisher, “The Dead End”. Yone said with that, they could go to the top, and so after Takashi Sugiura and Satoshi Kojima had defeated Kongoh’s Kenoh and Katsuhiko Nakajima, they came and challenged for the belts.

At the press conference on the 1st November, it became apparent that the real competition was between Takashi Sugiura and Akitoshi Saito, while Satoshi Kojima said his battle with Mohammed Yone would be over the name “Satoshi”, which happens to be Yone’s real first name. At the only pre match between them on the 3rd November, Saito and Sugiura kept fighting even after the bell had rung.

From Kongoh to Kongoh

Not to lose the chance of their team holding gold, the Kongoh Junior’s Hajime Ohara and Shuji Kondo challenged The NOAH Junior Regulars (Seiki Yoshioka and Atsushi Kotoge) for the GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Belts, after Tadasuke and HI69 had failed in their attempt. As this is the NOAH Junior Regulars, things got rough and this of course was broken up by AMAKUSA. During the press conference/match signing that followed, Shuji Kondo threw the champions a bone and what he called a “test” for his quaking pupil, Hajime Ohara. Kondo told them that if they wanted to defeat them, then they should attack Ohara’s legs as they were in very bad condition. The champions didn’t take them up on this, as they didn’t know whether Kondo was leading them on or not, but in any event they lost their one and only pre match (Kondo via King Kong Lariat), which led Kondo to say they should have listened to him. Title match will take place at the big all titles defended night at Korakuen Hall on the 10th November.

HAYATA injured, Ninja Mack new GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion, Dante Leon challenges

Unfortunately the GHC Junior Heavyweight title match between HAYATA and Ninja Mack at the Ariake Arena on the 30th October did not go as planned, as HAYATA suffered an injury during the match which led to Ninja Mack being awarded the title as HAYATA could not continue. NOAH later announced that HAYATA’S injury was a dislocated fracture of the left elbow joint, which means the dislocation occurred the same time as the fracture. Chris Ridgeway said that his elbow was popped back in in “real time” by the paramedics and that HAYATA was “one tough motherfucker”.

Dante Leon had said earlier in the evening that he would be challenging the winner of HAYATA and Ninja Mack, and so it was to his old rival that he made the challenge. As Ninja Mack warned him at the press conference/match signing that followed he was “the favorite” and that if anyone was going to be bringing the belt back to their native Texas, it was going to be him. The only pre match they had was inconclusive as Xtreme Tiger pinned YO-HEY, but it didn’t stop them fighting after the match.

Masakatsu Funaki retained, a challenger of a different style steps forward

The fight with the fifteen year story, and refereed by the man who had refereed their match back then (Yuji Shimada), was over in three minutes and nineteen seconds, when Funaki used the Ninja Choke, which Kazushi Sakuraba had warned against. Funaki was challenged backstage by El Hijo Del Dr Wagner Jnr. Funaki noted that Wagner Jnr had lots of advantages over him, from being much younger, to being much bigger (Funaki joked that he may have an accident should Wagner Jnr dive on him) and of course being a Luchadore, which Funaki had no experience in. Wagner Jnr said he has had tag success in NOAH, but now he is looking towards the singles gold. The match will take place on the night when all the GHC titles will be defended, the 10th November at Korakuen Hall.

Great Muta appearance & Keiji Mutoh passes his “test”. 

Keiji Mutoh noted that 2022 was over for him, but it wasn’t for Great Muta who will be returning to New Japan on the 20th November. The Great Muta made his appearance on the 26th October when he appeared in the ring to spit green mist at The Great O-Khan. Backstage, he announced that he would team with Toru Yano and Kazuchika Okada. As for Keiji Mutoh, Hiroshi Tanahashi announced after the tag match at Ariake Arena, that Mutoh had passed the test he had asked Tanahashi to put him through, and he was inviting him to come to a big match in New Japan for one last time. In his “Dragon Note” column in “Weekly Pro”, Tanahashi described his duty towards Mutoh as one of “Filial piety of a child towards a parent”.

Further New Japan and NOAH conflict

Following Keiji Mutoh’s retirement road match at Ariake Arena, Keiji Mutoh and Hiroshi Tanahashi sat on the ramp together and discussed how impressed they were by Yoshiki Inamura, who was fighting Togi Makabe. Makabe had dismissed Inamura prior to the match, but Inamura had vowed that he wasn’t going to leave without knowing who he was. After the match, Makabe vowed further interaction with Inamura, saying that either he came to New Japan or he would come to NOAH and beat him up, either way, NOAH needed to make something between them happen. In the match Mutoh fighting Tanahashi, Inamura and Makabe, left Naomichi Marufuji and Tomoaki Honma. Honma has vowed revenge on Naomichi Marufuji for the chopping he got, which busted him open, while Marufuji huffed at some footage of Honma that the move he was doing was one he did when he was a trainee.

Katsuhiko Nakajima and Naomichi Marufuji to go overseas

Katsuhiko Nakajima and Naomichi Marufuji will be appearing in San Francisco for King of Indies 2022. There will also be a dojo assessment with one person chosen to participate in NOAH.

NOAH vs Dragon Gate

Because HAYATA has been injured, the card for NOAH vs Dragon Gate on the 11th November, has been changed slightly. Yoshinari Ogawa has been removed from the card, with Dante Leon and Atsushi Kotoge taking his and HAYATA’S place teaming with Yosuke Santa Maria (who will probably be chasing Atsushi Kotoge around) against UT, Jason Lee and Strong Machine J. Stalker Ichikawa has also been added to the card, and he will face a mystery opponent. Fans are speculating this could be Junta Miyawaki, Daisuke Harada or even Yoshinari Ogawa. Whoever it is, Ichikawa will no doubt be annihilated in very short time.

Go Shiozaki

Go Shiozaki made an appearance at the Ariake Arena event and led the crowd (who could now cheer) in “I AM NOAH”…”WE ARE NOAH!”. He hasn’t given a date for his return, but he and NOAH are saying that it will be very soon.


– At the fan event in Shizuoka, Naomichi Marufuji was teasing Daiki Inaba, who unlike himself and Masa Kitamiya, grinned and stood with his hands by his side rather than pose.

– When STINGER failed to come to the ring on time, NOSAWA and Super Crazy went on a hunt for them. This involved looking under the ring and even under the steel barriers.  NOSAWA then decided to count them out.

– El Hijo Del Dr Wagner Jnr was the only roster member to dress up for Halloween, by wearing a pumpkin colored mask complete with stalk. Hideki Suzuki told the referee to check the stalk…

– Keiji Mutoh joked that he found Hiroshi Tanahashi’s look too flashy! He also let Honma hug him once, but then batted him away when he tried again. Honma kind of chased him around the ring with Mutoh telling him to go away!



Event recap

Post match interviews


Event recap

Post match interview


  • GHC Heavyweight Champion: Kaito Kiyomiya
    Challenger: Timothy Thatcher, GLOBAL2days WRESTLE UNIVERSE presents Global Honored Crown, Thursday November 10th 2022, Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
  • GHC Junior Champion: Ninja Mack
    Challenger: Dante Leon, GLOBAL2days WRESTLE UNIVERSE presents Global Honored Crown, Thursday November 10th 2022, Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
  • GHC Heavyweight Tag Champions: KojiSugi (Satoshi Kojima & Takashi Sugiura)
    Challengers: Funky Express (Mohammed Yone & Akitoshi Saito), GLOBAL2days WRESTLE UNIVERSE presents Global Honored Crown, Thursday November 10th 2022, Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
  • GHC Junior Tag Champions: The NOAH Junior Regulars (Atsushi Kotoge & Seiki Yoshioka)
    Challengers: Kongoh Juniors (Shuji Kondo & Hajime Ohara), GLOBAL2days WRESTLE UNIVERSE presents Global Honored Crown, Thursday November 10th 2022, Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
  • GHC National Champion: Masakatsu Funaki
    Challenger: El Hijo Del Dr Wagner Jnr, GLOBAL2days WRESTLE UNIVERSE presents Global Honored Crown, Thursday November 10th 2022, Korakuen Hall, Tokyo


(Full November schedule)

– GLOBAL2days WRESTLE UNIVERSE presents Global Honored Crown

Date: Thursday, November 10th

Venue: Korakuen Hall, Tokyo

Start time: Doors open 17:30 JST, event starts 18:30 JST

Broadcast: WrestleUniverse (live)

– GLOBAL2days WRESTLE UNIVERSE presents Global Honored Crown

Date: Friday, November 11th

Venue: Korakuen Hall, Tokyo

Start time: Doors open 17:30 JST, event starts 18:30 JST

Broadcast: WrestleUniverse (live)

– Sunday 13th November: Daisuke Harada (36)


“Hey! Shall I train my body from today!?” Riki Choshu names himself in Keiji Mutoh’s Tokyo Dome Retirement Match?

My Name is G-MAN

GHC Junior Tag Match Signing Ceremony: Kondo challenges his partner, Ohara, by exposing his weaknesses? 

GHC Junior Match Signing Ceremony: Ninja emphasizes “I’m the favorite”, Leon emphasizes “Get the belt of my dreams”

GHC National Match Signing Ceremony: Funaki defines “Heterogenous Professional Wrestling”, Wagner Jnr to “Make Achievements” with his first single title

GHC Heavyweight Signing Ceremony: “Undefeated” Thatcher – “Kiyomiya is a pretty boy”, Champion Kiyomiya reveals “Top Awareness”

GHC Tag Match Signing Ceremony: Dangerous Detectives vs Funky…Kojima’s “Satoshi Competition” proposal creates chaos

“Tomorrow is the Ariake Arena Event. Ariake Triumphant Return” – note by Yoshiki Inamura

“Day of Fate” – Note by Kaito Kiyomiya

“HAHAHAHA!” Fujita’s beastly provocation with red viper drink, Kiyomiya is steadfast…

GHC National Match Signing: Funaki “I want to beat myself of 15 years ago”, Sakuraba “Tohoku Number One Deciding Match at the same time”

GHC Heavyweight Tag Signing Ceremony: Sugiura rejects Kojima’s declaration of “Defense until 62 years old”…Nakajima has a view to attack other promotions.

GHC Junior Tag Signing Ceremony: HI69 “Win with the new special move “La Pas”, Tadasuke “any means”

GHC Junior Match Signing: Ninja vehemently refutes HAYATA’S “Aerial Techniques Only”

Retirement Announcement, NOSAWA Rongai looking to switch to “M Leaguer”

Keiji Mutoh speaks about Hiroshi Tanahashi

Great Muta makes a surprise appearance and attacks O-Khan, forms a trio with Okada and Yano on the 20th November Ariake

Akitoshi’s Tsurezuregusa


Kenta Kobashi Post Match Interview (March 1st 2003, NOAH Navigate For Evolution)

Follow Me You Bastards! Kenoh’s Weekly Pro Column (27th September 2022)


“Donmai, Donmai” – Mitsuharu Misawa’s diary

GIF credit: WrestleUniverse

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