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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (1/26/19)

Who will be the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions after tonight?



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Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 384

The ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships are on the line! Can Villain Enterprises take the belts from The Kingdom their first time trying?



  • PJ Black VS Juice Robinson; Robinson wins, by disqualification.
  • Shane Taylor VS Mike Law; Taylor wins.
  • ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: The Kingdom VS Villain Enterprises; cancelled in place of…
  • Villain Enterprises VS Shinobi Shadow Squad; Villain Enterprises wins.


Nick Aldis joins ROH commentary!

The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, and the lovely Kamille, are on ROH TV to welcome us all to tonight’s broadcast. The National Treasure introduces Kamille but skips explaining her role.


PJ Black VS Juice Robinson!

The Darewolf is on track for an NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship match against Nick Aldis, but he makes his ROH TV debut here in Philadelphia! However, the Flamboyant One makes his return to ROH in search for more gold! Who makes a major impact in the ECW Arena with the National Treasure watching on commentary?

The Code of Honor is NOT upheld as PJ CHOPS Juice! Juice CHOPS back and we have a chop fight! Juice chops, PJ chops, repeat! PJ gets a headlock but Juice powers out. Things speed up and Juice blocks the hip toss. PJ blocks it back and sweeps the legs. Cover, ONE, so PJ sweeps the legs again for a double stomp! PJ poses and dabs, but Juice hits those jabs! Fans chant “Juice! Juice!” with each hit. PJ drops down and wants a time out! PJ bails out of the ring but Juice doesn’t give him that time out, he slingshots to plancha! Direct hit takes PJ down and fans fire up with Juice.

Juice drags PJ up and into the ring but PJ gets to a far corner. Juice runs in for a big corner clothesline! PJ sits down so Juice goes corner to corner, only for PJ to somersault headbutt! Rolling sabat kick takes Juice down! The Darewolf drops stomps as we go to break.

ROH returns as PJ climbs up. PJ leaps for big double stomps on a standing Juice! Cover, TWO! PJ argues the count but has to accept it. He drags Juice up for a wheelbarrow victory roll into the leg hooks. PJ grabs at the arms, and gets Juice up for the swinging Mexican surfboard! He adds insult to injury as he bops Juice’s head on the buckles. PJ stops at 4 as he simply drops Juice down. PJ stomps Juice out of the ring, then drops ax handles from the apron. Juice staggers but PJ follows to throw haymakers and a CHOP! PJ drags Juice up and into the ring and brings him up. Fans rally as PJ hits a snap suplex, and rolls through into the modified armbar. Juice gets a ropebreak but PJ lets go right at 4.

PJ drags Juice up again for a back suplex! He rolls through to roll Juice around to another armlock. PJ tortures Juice with the bend of the fingers. Fans rally up and Juice feeds off the energy to fight his way back up. Juice spins it around but PJ spins it back. PJ wants a backslide but Juice counters to his own, TWO! PJ clobbers Juice with a clothesline! Fans boo as PJ flexes on Juice. PJ grinds Juice down with a boot at the ropes, but lets up at 4. He climbs up top and gets the fans going before dropping the elbow! He keeps moving to the opposite corner and climbs back up. Juice stands and PJ takes aim for the flying forearm! Cover, TWO! PJ grows frustrated but he drags Juice up. Juice hits back with a headbutt but PJ elbows him back down.

PJ whips Juice to a corner and hits a corner splash. Juice staggers out and PJ springboards, but into Juice’s belly2belly! Fans fire up for Juice as he aims and runs in. Juice hits a big corner clothesline, whips PJ corner to corner, then hits another clothesline! Juice keeps going and hits PJ with a leaping lariat! Fans fire up again as Juice waits for PJ to stand. Juice goes to kick but PJ ducks it, only to get the spinebuster! Aldis likes what he sees as Juice stalks PJ. PJ staggers up, Juice fireman’s carry, gutbuster drop! Cover, TWO!! PJ lives and Juice can’t believe it.

Juice brings PJ up into the double chicken wings. Juice spins PJ around but PJ pushes out of the Pulp Friction. PJ runs into an elbow but he stops Juice up top! SUPER STEINER! PJ hops up, top rope asai! Cover, TWO! Juice lives and PJ grows frustrated. PJ grits his teeth as he waits for Juice to stand. PJ throws hands but Juice throws those jabs! They go back and forth, PJ hitting Juice but Juice hitting PJ. PJ hits kicks but Juice gets more jabs, and the Left Hand of God! Juice calls for it, and he runs corner to corner to hit PJ with a cannonball! Fans fire up again as Juice climbs up top. PJ stands up and throws the referee into Juice! The referee knows PJ did that on purpose, and rings the bell!

Winner: Juice Robinson, by disqualification

Philly boos at PJ while he tries to reason with the referee. But PJ still loses, so he decks the ref! Fans and commentary are upset with PJ, but if this is what PJ had to do against Juice, how is he supposed to beat Aldis? Aldis says as much as PJ comes over to talk trash to him. Kamille stands in PJ’s way, and PJ backs off. The NWA Worlds Championship will be defended on ROH TV in a few weeks, but will it be the Darewolf meeting the National Treasure? Or will someone more deserving be found?


ROH returns and Juice Robinson is still in the ring.

The Flamboyant One has a mic, and he knows one thing. He didn’t come all the way to Philadelphia to win via DQ! This is about honor, blood and sweat. They shake hands then beat each other down to see who the better wrestler is. Juice promises there’s going to be a big change for him, and first among them, he’ll be in ROH a lot more often! 2019 is gonna have new life breathed into ROH. And Juice promises that everyone will be happy about it!


The Kingdom speaks.

TK O’Ryan gives Marty Scurll credit. Marty had more friends than anyone thought. Just when they thought they had The Villain beat, he had something up his sleeve. And now he’s formed and “Enterprise”. But there are no enterprises in the Kingdom. Hasn’t Melvin Scurll seen what they do to new kids in the locker room? Matt Taven sees Scurll is just as bad as Jay Lethal in claiming to be something he’s not. Lethal’s not the real champion, Taven is because “III’M Matt Taven!” Vinnie Marseglia sees PCO, “The Monster”, the man who’s not human. But Vinnie’s seen PCO bleed. “Welcome to ROH.”


Shane Taylor VS Mike Law!

The Notorious Hitman returns from a tour of the United Kingdom as mad as ever. He was last on ROH TV attacking Christopher Daniels and ripping up Daniels’ new contract! Will trying to end the Fallen Angel’s career only doom his own? Or is he going to be the reason we never see Daniels in ROH again?

Taylor does not uphold the Code of Honor, and he even spits on Law’s hand! The bell rings and Taylor hits the One Hitter Quitter immediately!! Law is down and out but Taylor doesn’t end there. He gives Law Greetings from 216! Cover, Taylor wins!

Winner: Shane Taylor, by pinfall

Taylor fought the Law and the Law lost! He kicks Mike out of the ring as he grabs a mic to speak. “Everybody’s been wondering who paid me to take out Christopher Daniels.” Who hated Daniels that much to have the baddest man in ROH go after him? But the Hitman lets us all know, “Nobody paid me to take out Christopher Daniels! I decided to take out Christopher Daniels!” He did that to get Daniels out of ROH. “And I’m just getting started.” With Taylor calling his own shots, who will he take out in the coming weeks?


ROH returns and Colt Cabana is in the ring.

Cabana is honored to introduce “a man with an unbelievable victory at Final Battle 2018,” Flip Gordon! The Captain of Flip Army returns to ROH TV after his incredible win over Bully Ray in an I Quit Match! Flip also has a shot at the ROH World Championship in his back pocket, and he’s feeling great. Final Battle 2018 will go down in history as the night Flip got Bully to say “I Quit” in the Hammerstein Ballroom, after months of them fighting tooth and nail. Flip closes the book on Bully, but now 2019 is here, where is Flip going in this New Year? “For the past eight months, I was dealing with a bully. And at Final Battle, I made him quit. Mission: accomplished.” But now, Flip has that next mission: going after the ROH WHC! But wait, here comes Kenny King!

The K I N G figures this is what the “new ROH” is. Mediocre dude after mediocre dude all come out and cry about wanting to be champion. Flip, Scurll, even Dalton Castle, they can take their championship shots and put them next to the Philadelphia Eagles’ shot at the Super Bowl. In other words, in the garbage! Because if people don’t know or are just slow, the Pretty Boy Pitbull Kenny King pinned Jay Lethal. King has the footage, so roll it. Of course, the footage is cropped so we don’t see King’s feet on the ropes. Even the other angles are cropped! King insists he did it fair and square but we all know better.

King wants Flip to know this: he pinned Lethal. Flip can see that this is about the whole world watching King pin Lethal. But King gets screwed out of his shot while Flip wants his? No. King knows Flip’s phony, homie. The last time Flip was in Philly, he was crawling and crying from getting smacked by a kendo stick. The fans are fooled, thinking Flip is an American Hero, but everyone knows that when it comes to them, King is tougher, more athletic and the K I N G. Flip is just “some punk-ass weekend warrior”. King drops the mic but he himself is ignoring the facts. Will Flip make King face the truth on his road to the world title?


ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: The Kingdom VS Villain Enterprises!

Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan and Vinnie Marseglia gave the White Bull, Rush, one hell of a “welcome” in the ROH TV debut of the CMLL star. And when they tried to pick on The Villain, the Villain revealed he brought some new friends with him. With the titles on the line, will The Kingdom give Marty Scurll, PCO and Brody King the same “welcome”? Or will they have to say good-bye to those cherished tag titles?

But as The Kingdom comes out, Taven asks Villain Enterprises a question: Why do they deserve a shot at the trios titles? What have they even done to earn these?! They haven’t done a thing together yet they get a shot at The Kingdom? ROH doesn’t work like that, you’ve gotta earn your shot at the titles, just like they did. That’s why Taven can call himself “The Real” ROH World Champion! Oh but don’t worry, Taven will give them the chance to prove themselves, the chance to climb the ladder, and maybe one day they’ll have a title shot. The Kingdom put together a team of indestructible and undefeated men for them to face instead. Taven’s speaking of… Shinobi Shadow Squad!

The trio of Cheeseburger, Eli Isom & Ryan Nova are undefeated, on the Future of Honor Fridays edition, via Honor Club. Will 3S defeat Villain Enterprises to take that opportunity for their own? Or are Villain Enterprises going to win at The Kingdom’s game?

Villain Enterprises VS Shinobi Shadow Squad!

Scurll, PCO and Brody wanted after The Kingdom, so they take their frustrations out on the ninja! A blindside attack turns into a bunch of mudhole stomps! Scurll scoop slams Burger, Brody CHOPS Isom and PCO CHOPS Nova. Scurll whips Burger into barriers while Brody CHOPS Isom again! Fans fire up with Scurll as he puts Burger in the ring. Brody and PCO keep throwing hands on Isom and Nova while we go to break.

ROH returns and things have finally calmed down. Isom actually has control of Scurll with a series of forearms. Isom runs but into Brody’s knee! Scurll tags PCO and PCO goes right at Isom with a CHOP! PCO scoops Isom for a Michinoku Driver, then tags in Brody. Villain Enterprises mugs Isom, then Brody scoop slams Isom. Big back senton and cover, TWO! Brody keeps on Isom and rocks him with a forearm. Brody CHOPS Isom in the corner, then drags him back up for another! Isom falls over again and Brody just stands on him for a cover. TWO, but Brody shows no mercy as he decks Isom again. Brody runs and sentons into Isom on the ropes! Cover, TWO! Isom survives but Brody’s back on him with another CHOP!

Brody whips but Isom dodges the clothesline to get a full nelson. Brody breaks free but Isom gets him in a German Suplex! Both men are down but Philly fires up! Isom and Brody crawl, hot tag to Scurll and Burger! Burger rallies on Scurll then hits a back elbow in the corner. Burger whips but Scurll reverses, only to run into a drop toehold! Scurll’s down, Burger springboards for a senton! Cover, but PCO breaks it! PCO glares at Burger but Burger gives him forearms! They don’t do a thing to PCO, because he’s not human! Burger runs but PCO runs him over! PCO drags Scurll over to their corner and tags in. PCO goes after Burger with a grip to the neck. Burger endures the double nerve hold, but then PCO slams him down!

Burger crawls to a corner but PCO runs in, only to miss! Hot tag to Nova! Nova rallies on Villain Enterprises, but again the forearms do not affect PCO. PCO whips Nova but Nova dodges and rolls off the back. Nova hits a big knee but PCO stays up. Nova runs but gets clobbered! Burger jumps onto PCO with a sleeper hold! Scurll returns but Isom SUPERKICKS him out! Brody returns but Isom dropkicks his legs out. Isom helps Burger as he SUPERKICKS PCO. But PCO doesn’t flinch so Isom SUPERKICKS again. Isom tries again, a third SUPERKICK sends PCO and Burger into buckles. PCO is free and he runs Isom over! Villain Enterprises has control as we take one last break.

ROH returns once more, and Brody chops Nova and then chops Burger. Brody throws Burger to the apron, but then Burger dumps Brody out. Burger and his Shinobi regroup. They build speed, Isom and Nova DIVE! But Brody and PCO catch them! Burger slingshots out but Scurll hits him with a knee! Scurll scoops Burger, and in synch with Brody and PCO, Tombstone and Double APRON Choke Slams! Villain Enterprises put Nova in the ring and PCO gives Nova a buckle bomb! PCO whips Nova for a Pop-Up Bomb, then sits him up. Scurll SUPERKICKS, PCO hits a running knee, and Brody adds the Canadian rack, to Gonzo Bomb! PCO climbs, PCO-Sault! Cover, Villain Enterprises wins!

Winners: Villain Enterprises, PCO pinning

It wasn’t the title match they were granted, but this was still a successful in-ring debut! With Villain Enterprises truly established in the ROH Six Man Tag Division, will they climb the ladder quickly and get that shot at The Kingdom? Or will Taven and his team find a way to keep their thrones?


Bully Ray speaks.

With footage from his I Quit Match replaying, with Flip going off with two kendo sticks, and with a microphone in his face, Bully gave up. Bully pours fuel on a flame as he brings up that he never said the words “I Quit”. Is this a technicality? Or an excuse?


The pulse quickens.

“A new beginning from an old foundation. ROH begins anew.” What will this Revitalization of Honor mean in 2019?

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