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Chairshot Classics: WCW Fall Brawl ’95 – Let The Games Begin!



Fall Brawl 1995
Our weekly Chairshot Classics WCW PPV series continues with Fall Brawl ’95!

Match #1 – WCW United States Championship #1 Contender’s Match: ‘Flyin’ Brian Pillman vs. Johnny B. Badd
The bell sounds and we’re underway! The crowd is more vocal for Badd. Collar and elbow, Badd takes position in the corner and he backs off. Pillman offers a handshake and Badd obliges. Arm drag by Badd and Pillman is up quickly. Duck behind and a waistlock, standing switch by Badd, Pillman reverses into a hammerlock and Badd returns the favor. Hip toss by Pillman and they regroup. Side headlock takeover by Pillman and he hangs on with a head lock. To the ropes they go, shoulder tackle by Pillman, Badd leaps, Pillman leaps and they have a drop kick standoff.

Collar and elbow, Pillman grabs the wrist and cranks on it, Badd somersaults to his feet and chucks Pillman across the ring. Neutral position, Badd with the wrist lock and he turns it into a hammer. Pillman counters with a leaping snapmare. Side headlock takeover and Pillman regains control. To the ropes, Pillman ducks, they both try a clothesline and Pillman gets the better of it. Modified arm bar by Pillman with Badd down on the mat. Snapmare by Pillman, he tries running but is tripped up. Pin attempt by Badd but Pillman is in the ropes. A wrist lock by the Badd Man, they run the ropes, drop toehold by Pillman and he maneuvers into a pin, Badd kicks out at two. Snapmare and a reverse chin lock by Pillman.

Badd works back to vertical and throws an elbow into the gut. Into the corner and its a flying headscissor by Flyin Brian who rolls Badd up for two. Brian stays on the offense with another head lock. Badd breaks it off, Pillman throws a chop, Badd reverses an Irish whip and scores with an arm drag and its his turn to throw on a headlock. They work to their feet and Pillman lifts him for a backbreaker, he hooks the leg and Badd kicks out. Pillman tries for a Boston crab and he locks it in. He drops the hold and throws a right. Pillman is cocky and throws a chop. Badd reverses a whip to the ropes and hits a spinning back breaker.

Johnny wraps Pillman’s knee and Brian is in pain. He drops an elbow on the inside of the leg and hangs on. Badd with a modified surfboard on the mat, but he’s too close to the ropes. Pillman pops up and a shoving match ensues. They lock up, Pillman with back elbows in the corner. He drags Badd across the top rope, Badd fights back with rights and body shots. Pillman leaves the ring to regroup and the fans have fully turned on him. Pillman offers a handshake and Badd wants no part of it. Pillman takes a cheap shot from the neutral position and dumps him out to the floor. From the apron, Pillman throws a right and bites Badd’s nose. Badd blocks a turnbuckle shot and turns the table on Flyin Brian.

He leaps from the apron over the top rope with a leg drop and gets a very close count. Back to the reverse chin lock for Badd, Pillman sinks into the mat. Back to their feet, they hit the ropes, Badd leapfrogs twice, they both go for a Thesz Press and collide in mid air. The count is on, and Badd is up first but he walks right into a headbutt and both men hit the mat again. Slowly to their feet, Pillman goes on the attack and knocks him off the turnbuckle. He stomps Badd out to the floor, there are 5 minutes left in the contest. From the apron, Badd blocks a vertical suplex and lifts Flyin Brian out to the floor.

The Badd Man hits a big plancha out to the floor and slowly rolls Pillman back in. He heads for the top rope, tries a double ax handle and Pillman cuts him off with a drop kick. He rolls over and lays on top of Badd but can only get two. To the ropes, Badd stops short and lifts Pillman for a sitout powerbomb, but Pillman gets his shoulder up. A whip to the ropes, Pillman catches him, spins him and drops him for a piledriver and a very close 2 count. Pillman is calling for the end, he tries a hurricane DDT but Badd pushes him off, hooks the leg and its another close count. Badd grabs the arm for a modified arm bar on the mat as Michael Buffer announces there are 2 minutes remaining.

They jockey around on their feet and Pillman hits a Russian leg sweep and maneuvers into a submission. He hooks the arms for an abdominal stretch from a seated position. The ref drop checks the arm, but he’s not out yet. He finds some energy and gets to his feet, into the ropes, Badd stops short for a face buster and lands the Tooty Fuity. He makes the cover with under 30 seconds left, but Pillman is under the ropes. Badd pops up not realizing this, Pillman climbs up on the apron and leaps from the top rope with a diving clothesline. He hooks the leg but Badd kicks out at two. The bell rings, calling for a 20 minute time-limit draw. It’s determined we need a #1 contender so the match must continue.

Pillman dives at Badd’s waist, he drives him in the corner and throws a right. Badd blocks a right and throws some of his own. They spill out to the floor for a brawl and Pillman reverses a whip into the steel rail. Badd is rolled back in, Pillman climbs to the top, he tries a drop kick but Badd puts one up and its a stalemate. They’re both down and the count is on, Pillman is up first and he sends Badd for the ride and he grabs a sleeper hold. He falls back to the mat and Nick Patrick checks the arm, Badd doesn’t give up and gets to the ropes. Up to their feet, Badd reverses a whip and its sleeper time for Pillman, Flyin Brian quickly counters with a belly to back suplex.

Pillman lifts Badd and seats him on the top turnbuckle, he hooks a front facelock but Badd blocks a suplex and tosses him to the mat. Johnny with a sunset flip from the top rope for a very close count. Badd stays on the offense, he tries a powerbomb but it’s reversed with a head scissor, Pillman hooks the leg and Badd gets his shoulder up in time. He tries again to no avail. Big chop from Pillman, Badd reverses a trip to the ropes, Pillman leaps up for a crucifix but Badd counters by falling backwards, Pillman barely escapes the count.

Badd sets Pillman up for a top rope hurricanrana and once again Pillman stays alive. Badd seats him up top again, Pillman cuts him off with a hurricane DDT. He’s slow to make the lateral press and Badd gets his shoulder up. Pillman climbs up to the top rope. Badd is up and trips him up. From the apron, Badd throws Pillman out to the steel rail. Pillman staggers up to his feet and Badd comes flipping over the top rope to take him out again. He rolls Pillman in, tries the Badd Mood but Pillman gets his knees up, tries a cover and its another close call. Pillman slingshots Badd across the top rope and Badd falls out to the floor.

Pillman with a big suicide dive out into the entry way. Badd is slow to the apron, Pillman tries to spring off the turnbuckle to boot him, but Johnny moves and Brian lands on the top rope. Badd goes for a pin, but it’s determined his feet were under the ropes. Both men hit the ropes hard, they duck clotheslines, both try crossbodies, Badd gets the better of it and we have a new #1 contender.
Winner: Johnny B. Badd (Crossbody)

  • EA’s TakeFantastic match to start the show! Easily the best match I’ve seen Johnny B. Badd in. They came through the curtain as two babyfaces, so I’m not sure if this was the plan or they played to the crowd and adjusted, but when it was clear the fans were more behind Johnny, Pillman did a great job flipping the script and heeling on him halfway through the match. That’s going to be hard to top, so it’s good for the rest of the locker room that next match on the card is a nonsense squash match.

Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is joined by North Carolina native ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. It was he and Double A for 15 years, they lived, bled, sweat and cried together, but they shared a bond. They were best friends and brothers, but ironically, here they are in Asheville walking out from opposite ends of the building. The problem is, he loves The Enforcer, but unfortunately he has to show him there is only 1 king of the hill.

Match #2: ‘The Pitbull’ Sgt. Craig Pittman vs. Cobra
Pittman’s music plays, but no one is coming out. An unidentified man appearing to be an army private comes out with a message, distracting Cobra as Pittman repels from the ceiling. He sneaks up with an army crawl and blindsides him with a choke. Pittman stomps and pounds away as Cobra is on the mat. Pittman dumps him to the floor. Cobra reverses a whip to the ring post and rolls him back in. Cobra leaps off the top rope, but Pittman moves out of the way. He locks in the Code Red and we have a winner.
Winner: ‘The Pitbull’ Sgt. Craig Pittman (Code Red)

  • EA’s TakeThe only interesting thing I can say about this one is that Cobra = Jeff Farmer, best known as ‘Fake Sting’. Oh, and of course Bobby Heenan constantly making me laugh out loud, this time by calling Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael – ‘Steve McNuggets’.

Video: Paul Orndorff is second guessing his career and identity after his recent loss to ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage. Gary Spivey comes in, and thoroughly reassures him that he IS ‘Mr Wonderful’.

Match #3 for the WCW World Television Championship: Diamond Dallas Page w/The Diamond Doll & Max Muscle vs. WCW World Television Champion The Renegade w/Jimmy Hart
DDP picks his moment and takes control of the high energy Renegade in the corner with some elbows. A whip to the corner and a Russian legsweep, but Renegade counters out. DDP tries a headbutt, but it takes more out of him and he stumbles out to the floor. Renegade gives chase, throws a headbutt and pulls him across the safety rail. He bashes Page into the apron and rolls him back in. Page baits him into the corner, tries a turnbuckle shot but Renegade turns the tide. He claps on a side headlock and cranks it hard.

Page gets to the ropes, but Renegade drops him hard. Standing lariat and a cover, Page kicks out. A whip to the ropes, he dives, DDP moves and Renegade hits the top rope. Page chokees him out and lectures the ref for counting. He leaps over the top and whiplashes Renegade, instructing The Diamond Doll to hold up a ’10’ sign.Renegade is dumped out to the other end, and DDP lands a knee knocking him off the apron. Renegade comes back with a headbutt from the apron, he tries a sunset flip, Page holds the ropes but the ref catches him, Renegade gets him over and Page kicks at 2. Running clothesline by DDP, hooks the leg and its another two count.

Forearm shot by DDP, he sends him for an Irish whip and hits a shoulder spear. Another Irish whip, but this time Renegade moves out of the way. Page tries a back body drop but gets kicked in the chest, running lariats by Renegade. Springboard back elbow by Renegade and he heads for the top rope and lands a double ax handle. He hooks the leg and its a close call for DDP. In the ropes, DDP reverses a hip toss with a leaping DDT. He’s slow to cover and Renegade stays alive. He tries a Diamond Cutter, but Renegade shoves him off and rolls him up. Max Muscle climbs up on the apron, and Jimmy Hart rushes over to protest.

Renegade whips Page into the ropes which knocks Max down, he delivers a power slam and heads for the top rope. Instead of going for Page, he leaps on top of Muscle. He goes to crawl back in, Max Muscle hangs onto his ankle allowing DDP to hit the Diamond Cutter and we have a new champion.
Winner and NEW WCW World Television Champion: Diamond Dallas Page (Diamond Cutter)

  • EA’s TakeWell, looks like the undeserved push is slowing down quickly for Renegade. Take a clothesline out of his offense and it’s ugly folks. Meanwhile, the 2017 Hall of Famer’s push is just beginning. I wonder if Tye Dillinger has seen this “10” sign gimmick they’re doing with The Diamond Doll?

Match #4 for the WCW World Tag Team Championships: Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray) w/Sister Sherri vs. WCW World Tag Team Champions ‘Dirty’ Dick Slater & Bunkhouse Buck w/Col. Robert Parker
Slater and Booker kick off the action. Collar and elbow, Slater takes position, Booker reverses the Irish whip and throws a lariat. Collar and elbow, drop toe hold by Slater and he grabs a crossface, Booker counters into a wrist lock and tags in Stevie Ray. Scoop slam by the older brother and he drops an elbow. He makes a cover and Slater kicks out. Stevie works him over in the corner and grabs a side headlock. He makes a tag and Booker picks up where his brother left. They work to the champ’s corner and Buck takes over.

Booker works to a top wrist lock but Buck lays in some kicks to keep control. Booker pushes Buck into Heat’s corner and tags in Stevie. A clothesline and a blatant choke by Stevie. He locks in a reverse chin lock. Booker is tagged in and Buck is sent to the ropes for a spin kick. Back to the chin lock, Buck tries to break it with some elbows. They criss cross the ring and Booker hits a hip toss before dropping a knee for a 2 count. Tag is made to Stevie who hits some throat thursts. Buck tumbles back and tags in Slater. His jabs aren’t effecting Stevie and Ray hits some rights in the corner before its reversed with an atomic drop.

Swinging neck breaker by Slater and Stevie kicks out at two. Double leg take down and a choke hold by Stevie. Tag is made to Booker, Buck takes a cheap shot to the kidneys and Slater dumps him over the top rope with the ref’s back turned. Sherri helps him back to the ring, but he’s immediately cut off by Slater’s boot. A tag is made to Buck who knocks Booker down with big kicks. Body shot and he drives him into Slater’s boot before making the tag to keep the double team rolling. Forearm by Slater who distracts the ref so Buck can take liberties. Leg sweep by Slater and he tries a cover, only getting two.

Dirty Dick tries a piledriver and he lands it, he pulls Booker to the center but only gets a count of two. Tag is made to Buck, he does another illegal toss over the top rope, and this time its Slater with a cheap shot into the railing. He rolls Booker back into Buck, and he’s sent for a big boot. Reverse chin lock is applied, Booker slowly works his way up to his feet, lifting him on his back. A whip to the corner but Booker misses with a drop kick. Slater is tagged in, he baits Stevie for a distraction and he hits Booker with a belly to back suplex. He hooks the leg and Booker escapes. Short jabs from Slater and a big body blow takes him down.

He drives a knee into the skull and tries another cover but Booker powers up. Tag is made to Buck and Booker is victim of a double team. A rake to the eyes and Nick Patrick lectures Bunkhouse. Big stomps to the forehead to Booker and Buck grabs a chin lock. Booker works up to his feet, breaks the hold, hits the ropes but Buck catches him with a scoop slam. Tag is made to Slater who hits another swinging neck breaker, he just can’t keep the challenger down. Slater looks for a Boston crab but Stevie breaks it up with a bicycle kick. An exchange is made and Buck keeps on him with a half crab. He rolls him over and Booker kicks out quickly.

To the ropes, Buck looks for a back body drop, Booker counters with a scissor kick. Hot tag is made to Stevie and he cleans house with rights and scoop slams. He shoots Buck in for a power slam, but Slater make the save. Booker gets involved and its a 4 man brawl. Stevie is dumped to the outside enabling a double team on Booker. Ray is back in to help out, but in ring #2, Col. Robert Parker and Sister Sherri are standing across from one another. Sherri crawls his way and Parker leaps over the top rope. As they flirt and embrace, The Nasty Boys run into the match and deck Dirty Dick Slater with a boot, allowing Harlem Heat to regain the titles.
Winners and NEW WCW World Tag Team Champions: Harlem Heat (Stevie Ray/Outside Interference)

  • After The Bell: ‘Mean’ Gene checks in with the losing team. Bunkhouse Buck asks where Col. Robert Parker has been when they needed him. He’s serious about Sherri, now get to the back, because he runs this outfit and he will help them get those titles back. He’s torn between two feelings, but he’s never felt the way he felt tonight.
  • EA’s TakeThe belts are returning to more worthy holders tonight, although by confusing circumstances due to The Nasty Boys’ long history with Harlem Heat. WCW fans know that Col. Robert Parker joins Sherri and Harlem Heat during 1996, but it doesn’t sound like he’s “turned” on his team yet, so I’m sure a rematch is in order.

Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene gets a word with ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson. First, he wants to reflect on history and he cuts to a video of their friendship in and out of the ring, and why things have gone awry. Whether you love him or hate him, Double A has always called a spade a spade. We’ve always experienced a family member who has gone in the wrong direction and sometimes tough love is necessary. He hates that he has to exchange fists with someone who has been a brother to him, but he’s going to give him his all, respect himself in the morning, and The Nature Boy will respect him too.

Match #5: ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair vs. ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson
Many wrestlers have come out to the crowd to watch this one. Flair teases a tie up, runs his fingers through his hair and struts around. Collar and elbow tie up, they hit the ropes, Flair with a shoulder tackle and Anderson hits a drop toe hold on the comeback. They circle and are tentative, they tie up, Anderson with a side headlock, they hit the ropes and Anderson hits a shoulder tackle. Anderson shoves him over and slaps The Nature Boy across the face. Flair is stunned, so he slows it down on the outside. Back in the ring, Flair with a full arm drag and twist, quickly reversed by Anderson and he goes to the arm.

Flair is up and angry, he tries shoving Anderson but Double A gets the better of him. collar and elbow, standing switch into a hammerlock, countered by Anderson, Flair reverses with a leg trip, Flair goes over the top but Anderson counters quickly with a mat hammerlock. He drives the knee in and stands up to stomp the arm. Up to their feet, Anderson hangs onto the wrist hard. He works down into a cross arm breaker. Flair rolls out of it, Anderson tries a head scissor but Flair escapes, both men are up and Flair chops him down sending The Enforcer to the mat. Flair stomps the shin and hits another big backhanded chop. Irish whip by Flair but he runs into a back elbow.

Anderson goes for the top, Flair tries to catch him, Anderson says no and goes to the sleeper hold. Flair backs into the corner to break it, but he quickly receives a knee to the back. Hammerlock slam by Anderson and he stays with it on the mat. He maneuvers into a modified stretch and tries putting the shoulders on the mat. Anderson with a wristlock, Flair chops out of it but Anderson uses the hair to drag him back to the mat. Big stomps on the arm, he rolls out to the floor and Anderson uses the ring post as a weapon. Arm bar take down by Double A and he hangs on tight. Flair is vertical, he puts Anderson in the corner for a chop, Anderson turns it on him with lefts, he Irish whips him over the turnbuckle, he runs on the apron, Anderson rushes at him and Flair pulls the top rope down.

From the top rope, Flair leaps to the floor with a double ax handle. Flair breaks the count and lays in another thick chop as well as a measured right. From the apron, Flair slingshots Anderson’s neck. Stomps to the midsection by The Nature Boy and he lays the boot across the eyes. Anderson goes down with another chop and Flair and hits a signature knee. Flair covers and tries using the ropes but Anderson doesn’t stay down. Flair tells some fans in the front rope to keep their mouth shut. Anderson blocks a right, turns him in the corner and lays in some strikes. Irish whip and a back drop by Anderson, but Flair kicks out 3 times.

Flair begs for mercy, Randy Anderson backs Double A off from his left and Flair hits a low blow. Flair punts him in the ribs and dumps him out to the floor. Another vicious chop is followed by a strut for Flair. Anderson turns the tide with a poke to the eye, Flair tries charging but he’s back dropped on the floor. A frustrated Anderson lays in some jabs. Flair blocks a vertical suplex and gives Anderson his own. On the inside, Flair measures a big forearm shot. Front face lock and a suspended vertical suplex and they both hit hard. Flair finally rolls over, but its not over yet. Another Flair chop and a whip to the corner, Anderson bounces back and yet another chop knocks him down for a 2 count.

Anderson is sent for the ride, he leaps with a sunset flip, Flair tries countering with a right but Anderson moves. He drives Flair into the corner and rakes his eyes on the top rope. Flair is whipped upside down in the corner and Anderson throws in some kicks and a choke hold. He calls for the DDT, he tries it but Flair hangs onto the ropes to block it. The Nature Boy climbs the top rope, but Anderson catches him and presses him to the mat. Anderson leaps from the 2nd rope but Flair cuts him off with a thrust. Flair calls for a Figure Four and he cinches it in. Double A struggles to keep his shoulders off the mat. Flair spits in his face and an enraged Anderson turns the hold on him.

Both are slow to get up. Flair is up first and he drives a forearm into the back of the knee. He tries another Figure Four, but Anderson catches him with a small package for two. A kick to the back of the knee again by Flair and he works him over in the corner. Irish whip but Anderson simply collapses. ‘Flyin’ Brian Pillman jumps up to the apron. He exchanges rights with Flair and Pillman kicks him in the back of the head. The Nature Boy stumbles backwards and walks right into a DDT, giving Double A the win.
Winner: ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson (DDT)

  • EA’s TakeI was looking forward to this one as soon as I saw it on the card, especially emanating in Horsemen country. By the end of the year, Pillman and Chris Benoit will join Flair and Anderson to reform The Horseman which is the foursome I knew when I started getting into WCW in real time at a hardcore level. This was a match that a lot of fans never thought they’d see and quite frankly, felt pretty weird.

Video: Some believe we are put on this earth for a reason, but especially, The Taskmaster who looks to put an end to Hulkamania. The World Champion has assembled an army of elite soldiers, and they’ll do battle in WarGames tonight.

Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene checks in with the Hulkamaniacs before they do battle with the Dungeon of Doom. Gene likens it to the Battle of Normandy, but regardless of what it reminds him of, they’re impervious to pain tonight. Savage assures Gene there is no dissension in the group, and Stinger doesn’t want to talk, he wants to get out there and do it. Luger says he’s got the paint on because he knows he’s part of the team, and Hulk is sorry for anyone who may get in their way.

Match #6 is WarGames: WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan, ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, WCW United States Champion Sting & Lex Luger w/Jimmy Hart vs. The Dungeon Of Doom (Kamala, The Zodiac, The Shark & Meng) w/The Taskmaster
Sting & The Shark will be the first participants for 5 minutes. They stare each other down and Shark goes on the offense with forearms early. Body shot and forearm in the corner followed by a snapmare, the big man walks across Sting’s chest. He bites Sting in the corner and sends him with an irish whip, Stinger moves and throws a series of punches. Shark escapes to the other ring but Sting catches him with a flying crossbody. He lifts all 500 pounds of him for a scoop slam but his back feels it. He tries it again, but Shark’s weight topples him over. Big bear hug is locked on by Shark. Sting tries holding on to the top of the cage, but can’t easily escape.

Sting with some chops across the head and a bite on the bridge of the nose breaks the hold, but Shark knocks him down. Shark tries the same flying cross body but gets stuck between the two top ropes. Stinger with kicks to the gut, he tries another crossbody himself but Shark catches him and tosses him aside. Sting cuts him off as he tries climbing over the top rope. Into the mid section with a boot and an irish whip. He chops down Shark from behind the knee and there is less than 30 seconds left. Sting goes for the Scorpion Deathlock, successfully turns him but here comes The Zodiac. Sting hangs onto the bar at the top and kicks Zodiac around. He hits a scoop slam and tries a Deathlock on him, but Shark is back in the mix and a it’s 2 on 1.

Shark drops an elbow and a big leg and Zodiac piles on. A whip to the ropes and a double clothesline but the DOD. They try again, Sting ducks a double clothesline, comes back with one of his own, it takes out Zodiac but not Shark who turns around and throws Stinger into the cage. The bell rings and here comes ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage. He takes on both men with a crazed look, Sting gets held from the outside by Meng so he can’t immediately help out, but eventually comes to his aid. It’s an all out brawl, Savage fighting from his knees. Shark lifts Sting for a powerslam but Savage takes him out. The action is back and forth as there are 30 seconds left. Kamala tries dragging Savage from underneith the cage. The count is on and the next man in is Kamala.

Shark holds Sting in place for Kamala to lay in some chops. Savage gets some licks in to Zodiac but he’s cut off from behind by Shark. Kamala lays in some headbutts to Sting while Zodiac chops Savage. Kamala and Sting move into ring #2, as Shark puts a knee lift into the Macho Man. Sting fights back with body shots and Kamala goes down, but continues to be out-manned. The 10 count starts and here comes Lex Luger. The Total Package ducks a clothesline and takes out Shark and Kamala with one pop. He moves back to help Savage throw Zodiac into the steel. Savage goes up top for a double ax handle to Shark. Sting climbs to the top and takes out Kamala with a forearm. Zodiac gets another wind and throws a throat thrust into Luger.

Savage throws Shark into the cage as the DOD’s last man is about to come in. Luger and Savage accidentally hit one another and start to brawl, Sting is forced to break it up as Meng enters the match. The distraction allows Meng to clean house with head butts and kicks. Big stomp to Sting’s mid section and the Hulkamaniacs are in trouble. Kamala chokes Luger and sends him into the top turnbuckle, following it with some chops. Meng helps the cause and chokes him out some more. Luger is sent to the ropes for a big kick by Meng. Shark tosses Savage into the cage as the crowd makes the final countdown, it’s finally Hulk Hogan’s turn.

He enters and throws powder in the face of 3 of the members of the DOD before leveling Shark with rights. He gives some to Kamala before springing Zodiac back and forth between the rings with rights and then biting his nose. Sting uses more of the powder on Kamala and Luger hits him with a double ax handle. Hogan abuses Zodiac on the top turnbuckle as Meng is thrown into the cage. Zodiac helps Kamala but he gets raked by Hogan. Action is happening all over as Hogan rakes Kamala and double teams him into the cage with Luger. Savage bullies Shark into ring one and it’s Zodiac’s turn to taste metal. Hogan saves Sting from a double team and Savage drops a knee on Meng. Hogan and Zodiac are back to ring #2, Hogan locks in a camel clutch and Zodiac submits.
Winners: Hulk Hogan, ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, Sting & Lex Luger (Hogan/Camel Clutch)

  • After The Bell: As per the stipulation, Hogan gets The Taskmaster alone in the cage thanks to winning. Sullivan tries retreating, but security with the help of Sting gets dragged back to the ring. Hogan throws him into the cage over and over again before they spill out to the floor and he does it some more. He rolls Taskmaster back in and throws some rights. Sullivan misses with a right and gets sent for a clothesline. Hogan untapes his fist and chokes him with it. He sends Taskmaster for the big boot, but from the back, out comes The Giant. He manhandles Randy Anderson and leaps into the ring and stalks Hogan. He chokes him from behind, Hogan tries fighting back but to no avail. Hogan’s teammates rush back to ringside to make the save.
  • EA’s TakeWhile being one of the more memorable ones, but on paper, could there be a more outmatched WarGames in the match’s history? This of course is the build up for the man better known to younger WWE fans as The Big Show winning the World Championship in his debut match at Halloween Havoc, but equally as important, it marks the appearance of ‘The Yeti’, which lives in WCW lore in the same category as The Shockmaster!

EA’s FinisherHonestly, this was a damn good show. Only six matches, but save for the Pittman squash, they were all long and meaningful. By long, I mean bless DDP for getting almost 9 minutes out of The Renegade.  Opening match? A+; the TV Title made an appropriate switch; the Tag Title match furthered stories in the division; Flair and Anderson was a fan dream match and WarGames of course, is my favorite WCW gimmick match. Other than the fact that the teams in WarGames were basically 4 of the biggest stars in the industry going up against cartoon characters, I really can’t complain at all. There was something about Fall Brawl where they tended to get it right.

Top Three To Watch
1 – Brian Pillman vs. Johnny B. Badd
2 – Ric Flair vs. Arn Anderson
3 – WarGames

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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WWE TLC (2015) featuring Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns

As we approach the 2020 edition of WWE TLC, we look back at one from the past featuring  a very different Sheamus against a very different Roman Reigns!



WWE TLC 2015 Roman Reigns Sheamus

As we approach the 2020 edition of WWE TLC, we look back at one from the past featuring  a very different Sheamus against a very different Roman Reigns!

As we get closer to closing the book on 2018, we’re approaching WWE’s December pay-per-view TLC, so today we’re looking back at one from the past with TLC 2015! After cashing in Money In The Bank on Roman Reigns after a grueling tournament to crown a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus must now face Reigns fair and square in a TLC Match! Let’s get into the action…

Kickoff Show Match: Sasha Banks w/Naomi & Tamina vs. Becky Lynch
Collar & elbow tie-up to kick things off, Sasha with a side headlock, Becky counters into one of her own, Banks attempts to roll her away, but Lynch hangs on. The Boss reverses an irish whip to the corner, charges in and scores with a monkey flip into a cover, celebrates a little early and Becky rolls her up for a quick 2. Banks tries to pick the leg, Becky counters and gains a side headlock, Sasha pushing her to the ropes and scoring with a shoulder knockdown for a count of 2. Back to the ropes they go, The Boss tries a leapfrog, Lynch hooks the leg and Banks faceplants into the canvas, The Lass Kicker looking for the Dis-Arm-Her, but Sasha squirms to the ropes to escape.

Lynch tries to slingshot The Boss to the mat, Sasha lands on her feet and connects with a big forearm, rushes in and gets caught in an armbar. She pushes Becky off to the ropes, follows in and Lynch with an armdrag, going right back to the armbar. Banks attempts to roll her away, Becky maintaining the hold, ducks a right hand and rolls Banks up for multiple 1 counts, then slaps the armbar back on. The Boss creates some separation with stiff forearms, sends Lynch to the corner and charges in, The Lass Kicker hopping up and over, controlling Sasha with another armbar. The Boss backs her into the corner using the hair, briefly breaks clean and tries to sneak in a forearm, Becky avoids it and connects with a springboard kick.

Naomi climbs to the apron and gets dropped back down for her troubles, Lynch turns back to The Boss and rushes in, Sasha side-steps and Becky hits the ring post shoulder-first. Banks planks her across the middle rope and drops down the double knees, taking control as we head to a break….The Boss chokes Lynch on the bottom rope when we come back, Tamina with a cheap shot behind the official’s back. The Lass Kicker tries to battle back with forearms, sends Sasha to the ropes for a clothesline, Banks counters into a tilt-a-whirl and cracks her with a backstabber. She rolls through, crosses Becky’s arms across her faces and wrenches back, grinding Lynch down to the canvas.

The Lass Kicker powers to her feet with Banks on her shoulders The Boss turns it into a victory roll for a near fall, Becky with a roll-up off the kick-out and she gets 2. She catches Banks rushing in with another roll-up for 2, drops The Boss face-first on the 2nd turnbuckle, then builds momentum with a flurry of clotheslines and a heel kick. She drops a leg, tries for another and Sasha avoids it, planting her with a cross-arm neckbreaker, covering numerous times and only getting 2 counts. The Boss slaps Lynch in the face, Becky comes back with a heavy shot, pushes Sasha to the ropes and throws her with a LassPlex, Banks grabbing the bottom rope at a count of 2.

Sasha kicks her way back to her feet, Becky takes her down with an armwhip, slaps on a cross armbreaker, The Boss tries to roll her way out and Lynch hangs on for the Dis-Arm-Her. Banks switches the momentum into a roll-up for 2, The Lass Kicker hangs onto the arm on the kick-out, going right back to the Dis-Arm-Her, Tamina getting to the apron to distract the referee, allowing Naomi to sneak in and kick Lynch in the face. The Boss takes the opening and scores with the backstabber, rolls through into the Bank Statement and Lynch is forced to tap.
Winner: Sasha Banks (Bank Statement)

  • EA’s TakeSolid showing on our Kickoff match from both ladies, The Boss getting the big win in her hometown with help from the unity of Team B.A.D. Becky’s in an odd spot right now, seemingly playing the 3rd wheel between her former Team PCB members, Paige & Charlotte. With performances like this it will be very difficult to keep Becky & Sasha near the bottom tier of the Divas division for much longer, especially if the “We Want Sasha” chants continue.

Open: After Seth Rollins cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase at WrestleMania, Roman Reigns’ luck as it pertains to winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship has been less than stellar. He finally reached the mountaintop at Survivor Series, winning a tournament to gain the vacant title, only to have Sheamus cash in his Money In The Bank and steal the championship. Tonight, Roman looks for revenge with tables, ladders and chairs.

Match #1 – Triple Threat Ladder Match for the WWE Tag Team Championships: WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) w/Xavier Woods vs. Lucha Dragons (Kalisto & Sin Cara) vs. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey)
Xavier joins commentary for this match, the bell rings and the brawl is on, Jimmy & Sin Cara send Big E to the ropes, Jimmy drops down and Sin Cara scores with a dropkick. Jey, Kalisto & Kofi attempt to bring ladders in, Big E clears the ring, pushes back on Kalisto & Jey, then pulls Kingston’s ladder inside. New Day stand it up and start to climb, The Usos are there to meet them, toss Kofi outside and then pair-off with Big E & Sin Cara. Kingston & Kalisto climb up opposite sides of the apron, springboard into the ring and land on their feet on the ladder.

The Usos playing defense, everyone takes a turn climbing up with no success. Big E & Kofi get thrown outside, climbs to the 2nd rope on the apron and fly with synchronized moonsaults to New Day. The Usos grab the ladder in the ring, knock The Lucha Dragons off the apron with it, then throw it outside, New Day & Luchas catching it in the air. The Usos hit the ropes and take flight with crossbody planchas onto the ladder, taking all 4 of their opponents out. They head back in and set the ladder up under the titles, Kingston slides in, hops through the middle of the ladder for a dropkick, gets his feet caught and The Usos dump him over the top to the floor. Big E rolls in behind them, pushes the ladder into The Usos and sends Jimmy flying outside.

Kofi smashes him with a ladder as Big E stomps a hole into Jey in the corner, Kingston comes in and they sandwich him behind the ladder. Big E whips Kingston in for a basement dropkick, Jimmy rolls inside and gets caught, E tossing him onto the ladder with an overhead belly to belly suplex. The Dragons are back in the ring and clock Kingston with another ladder, attempt to smash Big E, but he powers them back to the corner. Kalisto climbs to the top, hops through the ladder and lands on Big E with a seated senton, Kofi gets to his feet and drills him with a superkick. Sin Cara goes to the 2nd rope with the ladder, Kingston scales up to meet him, gets knocked down and Sin Cara rides the ladder down into a splash on him.

He takes The Usos out on the outside with a baseball slide into a ladder, hits the ropes and jumps onto the ladder on the floor with a somersault senton on Jimmy & Jey. Kalisto spears Big E with a ladder back inside, sets it up over his prone body and starts the climb up, Big E benchpressing him up, but Sin Cara hops on it to bring it back down. E benchpresses it again with both Luchas on it, Sin Cara falls and gets hanged on the top rope, The Usos slide in and Kalisto jumps off with a crossbody. Jimmy & Jey catch him in the air, Jey plants him with a spinning side slam, then they drop Big E with a double superkick. The Usos prop him in the corner and sandwich him with a ladder, Kingston comes in for a save and gets leveled, Jimmy & Jey charging into the corner with a dropkick to the ladder.

Kofi comes to and elevates Jimmy to the outside, Jey pulls a smaller ladder into the ring, slams Kingston on it then heads up top. Kingston crotches him on the top turnbuckle, climbs up and gets sent back down, getting his foot caught in the ropes and hanging in the tree of woe. Jimmy passes a ladder to Jey and he hammers Kingston, holds it in front of Kofi and Jimmy charges in with the hip attack. The Usos are alone in the ring now, stand a ladder up, The Dragons are their to meet them and we get a staredown before everyone takes a shot at climbing. Sin Cara assists Kalisto into a senton on Jimmy, they place a ladder over his body and Sin Cara flips his partner into a 450 splash on top.

Lucha Dragons now holding the ring and starting to ascend the ladder, Kofi’s back in to lay them out with forearms, then planks another ladder between the ropes and the standing ladder. He attempts to drive Kalisto into it, Kalisto slides under, pushes the ladder into Kingston’s ribs, springs off of it with a hurricanrana and Kofi hits the ladder head-first, spilling to the floor. Kalisto heads up after the titles, The Usos hit the ring climbing up opposite sides, Sin Cara pulls Jimmy down to the canvas as Kalisto is sent down as well. Kalisto springs back up, climbs over Jey, hooks him for Salida Del Sol and they both go crashing through the planked ladder. Sin Cara climbs upstairs and follows with a somersault senton.

Kalisto & Jimmy drag themselves up the ladder and reach for the championships, Kalisto gets knocked down and Jimmy’s all alone. Big E hits the ring to make the save, pulling him down and pushing the ladder over, looks to toss Jimmy to the floor, but he turns tables and E is sent outside. Jimmy attempts a suicide dive and runs into a forearm, E grabs a ladder to bring into the ring and Jimmy hits with a baseball slide. He looks to the corner, scales to the top rope and jumps to the floor onto the ladder, squashing Big E with the Uso Splash. Kalisto stirs around in the squared circle and drags himself up the ladder, Woods leaves commentary, grabs the trombone and throws it into Kalisto’s back, Kingston quickly sliding in and flipping him off the ladder to the mat. Kofi climbs up, unhooks the titles and The New Day retains.
Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: The New Day

  • EA’s TakeWow, the tag division just spat on the rest of the roster and proclaimed “Follow that!” with this match. Amazing high-spots and some pretty innovative stuff here, Kalisto’s Salida Del Sol being the showstealer. This is going to be very difficult for anyone to measure up to the rest of the night and we’re just getting started. I think it’s a little odd that New Day retained, they’re starting to run out of babyface challengers at this point after running through everyone for the majority of 2015. Unless someone’s getting called up from NXT, they may end up having to turn themselves.

Match #2: Rusev w/Lana vs. Ryback
Rusev jumps Ryback right at the bell, clobbers him in the back and whips him to the ropes, The Big Guy hanging on and catching Rusev coming in with a back elbow. He sends The Bulgarian Brute to the outside after a shoulder tackle, follows him out and drives Rusev into the barricade before rolling him back in. The Big Guy heads up top and scores with a double axe handle, presses Rusev over his head, drops him face-first and follows with a splash for a count of 2. He rams The Bulgarian Brute back into the corner and fires away, climbs to the 2nd rope for right hands, Rusev powers him out and drops him on the ropes with a hot shot.

He takes control and chokes Ryback on the bottom rope, rams him head-first into the top turnbuckle and drives shoulders to the solarplexes, flattening The Big Guy with a short-arm clothesline. Rusev grabs the neck with a nervehold to ground Ryback, The Big Guy fights to a vertical base, gets clubbed in the back and The Bulgarian Brute hooks him for a vertical suplex. Ryback blocks and they trade suplex attempts back and forth, The Big Guy finally plants Rusev and starts to build a head of steam with multiple shoulder blocks. He squashes The Bulgarian Brute in the corner, Rusev reverses a whip across, charges in and runs into a boot, Ryback following up with a 2nd rope dropkick that gets a 2 count.

The Big Guy’s ready to finish it, picks Rusev up and gets driven into the corner, The Bulgarian Brute attempting a splash, but Ryback side-steps and goes to the top rope. He connects with a crossbody that gains a near fall, drops the straps and sets Rusev in his crosshairs for a Meat Hook. The Bulgarian Brute wisely rolls out of the ring and walks off with Lana at his side, Ryback giving chase up the aisle and brings him back by the hair. Rusev breaks the grip with a back elbow, he pushes The Big Guy and he falls back, running into Lana and sending her down. Ryback is distracted, turns around and gets clocked by a superkick, Lana springing to her feet and celebrating after deceiving The Big Guy.

The Bulgarian Brute rolls Ryback in the squared circle and covers for 2, calls for The Accolade, but The Big Guy blocks it, powering to his feet with Rusev on his shoulders for Shellshocked. Rusev slips out of it, scores with a roundhouse to the head, locks in The Accolade to a knocked out Ryback and the official calls for the bell.
Winner: Rusev (The Accolade)

  • EA’s TakeNow don’t get me wrong, it’s not that this was a bad match. It’s just that…who cares? The story was a little absurd heading into it and both of these guys have really fallen off the map in comparison to where they were at the height of their WWE runs thus far. Ryback is still missing something, it’s tough to put my finger on exactly what it is. It’s certainly not his ability, which you can also say about Rusev as well.

Backstage: Dean Ambrose warms up for his match when Roman Reigns comes in. He tells Dean he was just speaking to The Usos and it’s down to them tonight to hold it down for the family. Reigns is excited for tonight, describing how good it will feel to regain the WWE Title and put a hole in Sheamus’ head with a ladder. Win, lose or draw, tonight’s about making a statement. Ambrose says he had a different vision and that’s for both of them to be standing in the ring later as champions.

Match #3 – Chairs Match for the WWE United States Championship: WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger
Ringside is littered with set-up chairs, both guys slide out to the floor after a chair at the bell, roll back in and the duel is on. They drop the chairs and Swagger hits a clothesline, the champion rolls to the outside, The Real American in pursuit and Del Rio tries to drive him into the post, only to get rammed into the steel instead. The challenger bounces Alberto’s head off a chair multiple times, back into the ring they go and The Real American looks for the Swagger Bomb, El Patron sticking a chair up and catches him in the throat. The champion scores with a clothesline that gets 1, sends Swagger sternum-first into the turnbuckles, then rams the chair to the ribs and smacks it over his back.

He props the chair flat between the ropes in the corner, the challenger firing away with right hands, Alberto reverses a whip into the chair, The Real American puts on the brakes to avoid it, but Del Rio makes him pay with a backstabber for a count of 2. El Patron hammers the challenger in the back with a chair, sets his sights on a superkick, but Swagger is able to throw the chair in his face to avoid it. He ducks a clothesline, hits the ropes for one of his own, follows with another, then connects with two more in the corners. The Real American wants the Swagger Bomb again, Del Rio gets the feet up, Swagger catches the foot and goes for the Patriot Lock, but the champion is able to kick him away. Swagger rushes right back in and is split with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a near fall, tosses The Real American out to the floor, then throws a pile of chairs onto him.

He sends the challenger back in the squared circle and covers for 2, calls for the Cross Armbreaker, Swagger counters out and sends him shoulder-first into the ring post, follows with a roll-up and nearly gets the 3 count. The Real American pounds Del Rio’s back with a chair, wraps his ankle in it and slaps on the Patriot Lock, the champion crawling to grabs the apron, but there’s no breaks in this match. El Patron works his way out of the ring using the ring skirting, Swagger ducks his head out to grab the champion and takes a chair shot to the breadbasket. Alberto heads upstairs with a chair-in-hand, The Real American catches him coming down with a slam, finally hits the Swagger Bomb and Del Rio kicks at 2.

The challenger slides to the outside and sends a handful of chairs into the ring, pummels Alberto in the back again, then props him on the top turnbuckle and climbs up. The champion pushes him away, picks the arm and hangs over the ropes with the Cross Armbreaker, releasing the hold on his own accord. He heads back inside and unleashes a barrage of chair shots to the back in the corner, stacks the chairs up under Swagger, climbs up top and delivers tree of woe double stomp for the 1-2-3.
Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: Alberto Del Rio (Tree Of Woe Double Stomp)

  • EA’s TakeBrutal, physical match between two of the better technicians in the company, showing they can also deliver a good brawl. The chairs were really used to perfection and were a real focal point of the match, which is what you’d expect from a chairs match. I get that Swagger & Del Rio have a history, so it only makes sense for The Real American to be one of the first challengers to Alberto’s title. I just don’t like that I’m supposed to take Swagger as a serious contender after months and months of being relegated to Superstars, most of the time on the losing end.

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Chairshot Classics: 2015 WWE Hell In A Cell

With WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 looming, Eric takes a look back at the 2015 edition featuring The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar inside the Cell!



WWE Hell In A Cell 2015 The Undertaker Brock Lesnar

With WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 looming, Eric takes a look back at the 2015 edition featuring The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar inside the Cell!

Before you get to Sasha vs Bayley, Roman vs Jey and Drew vs Randy, check out the happenings of the 2015 version of WWE Hell In A Cell, emanating from the Staples Center in Los Angeles!

Kickoff Show Match: Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro & Neville vs. Rusev, King Barrett & ‘Mr. Money In The Bank’ Sheamus
Stardust & The Ascension are sitting at ringside again with a “Stardust Section” sign. The Man That Gravity Forgot & The Celtic Warrior to kick things off, collar & elbow, Sheamus powers Neville into the corner and goes to the midsection. He whips him into the ropes, Neville slides through the legs and scores with a flurry of kicks, misses a dropkick, then slips out of a slam attempt for an enzuigiri. Cesaro gets the tag, slams Sheamus, goes to all fours and Neville jumps off his back into a corkscrew splash on Mr. MITB that gets 2 for The Swiss Superman. He quick tags back out to Neville, Sheamus sends him hard into the corner and brings in Barrett.

The King fires away a headbutt, quick tags out to Rusev and The Bulgarian Brute pummels The Man That Gravity Forgot. The Celtic Warrior off the tag with more heavy shots, Neville tries to battle back, but Sheamus catches him for a suplex. The Man That Gravity Forgot counters and lands on his feet, gets the tag to Ziggler and he comes in on fire, dropping Mr. MITB with a jumping clothesline. The Show Off splashes Sheamys in the corner, drops him with a neckbreaker and plants an elbow drop to the chest. Dolph knocks Rusev & Barrett off the apron, goes for a Fameasser, The Celtic Warrior catches him into a powerbomb, but Ziggler with a reversal back into the Fameasser for a near fall. Barrett slides in and distracts the ref, Rusev coming in from behind and decapitates Dolph with a superkick, Mr. MITB slides over into a cover and Ziggler kicks out at 2 as we go to break…

The King controls The Show Off with a rear chinlock when we come back, Dolph tries to gain his footing and gets slammed to the canvas by the hair. Barrett maintains control, posting his knee to Ziggler’s spine and wrenching back on the arms. The Show Off powers to a vertical base, gets sent into the corner, tries to hop over a charging Barrett and takes a kick to the midsection for 2. Sheamus off the tag with stiff right hands, The Bulgarian Brute takes a turn and stomps away at Ziggler in the corner. He eggs The Show Off on to make a tag, but unloads with clubbing blows when Dolph reaches out. Rusev scores with a kick to the back for a count of 2, The Celtic Warrior re-enters the match and plants Ziggler with a release vertical suplex before going to a rear chinlock.

Dolph battles to his feet and spikes Sheamus with a jumping DDT, Rusev gets a tag and barely prevents Ziggler from making it to his corner. He props The Show Off up in the corner, runs to the other side to build a head of steam and goes to splash Dolph, but misses and hits the ring post. Barrett gets a tag as Cesaro enters, he drops Sheamus off the apron with a big boot, then unleashes a series of running uppercuts to the King, going from corner to corner. The Swiss Superman levels Barrett with a running big boot, the King reverses a whip into the ropes and Cesaro flips himself out to the apron, lifting a boot to Barrett’s face. The King Of Swing jumps onto Sheamus from the apron with a somersault senton, runs around ringside and unloads an uppercut to Rusev, then back around to deliver one to Mr. MITB.

Cesaro heads to the top rope, connects with a crossbody back in the ring to Barrett, but only gets a 2 count. The Swiss Superman calls for the Cesaro Swing, Rusev slides in to stop it and takes a back body drop. Neville hits the ring, Cesaro tells him to hit the ropes and sends The Man That Gravity Forgot to the outside onto Sheamus & Rusev. Barrett sets for the Bullhammer behind Cesaro, Dolph slides in and hits a superkick, Cesaro puts him in the swing and Neville tags to finish the King with the Red Arrow.
Winners: Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro & Neville (Neville/Red Arrow)

  • EA’s Take: GREAT opening contest here, the babyfaces get the win, but Cesaro looks like a million bucks coming out of this. I would have preferred to see the heels win with help from either Stardust at ringside or Tyler Breeze, generally I prefer to advance a story when it comes to who wins matches. Certainly one of the better kickoff show matches I can remember seeing though.

Open: “Hell comes in many forms.” Tonight, Seth Rollins looks to hang on to his WWE World Heavyweight Title, while Kane looks to keep his job as Director Of Operations. After a controversial finish at SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar & The Undertaker walk into Hell In A Cell seeking revenge in the final chapter of their rivalry. “It all ends…in hell.”

In The Arena: WWE United States Champion John Cena heads to the squared circle to a chorus of boos. The champ says he had a long winded speech, but it sounds like everyone’s ready to get down to business. The US Open Challenge starts….now. Zeb Colter comes out on a motorized scooter, talking about how some people like Cena and some people don’t. He calls Cena a divider and it’s time for people from all different countries and backgrounds to come together. More importantly, it’s time for John to lose the US Title to this man…

Match #1 for the WWE United States Championship: WWE United States Champion John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio w/Zeb Colter
Collar & elbow tie-up to start, Cena goes to a side headlock, Del Rio pushes him into the ropes and John scores with a shoulder knockdown. They lock-up again, Alberto grabs a side headlock this time, Cena pushes him into the ropes, leapfrogs over and Del Rio with a kick to the leg that forces John to regroup outside. Loud dueling Cena chants as John goes to the striking game, firing away with right hands in the corner, whips Del Rio across, charges in and Alberto side-steps, going into an armdrag and holding an armbar. Alberto goes back to a leg kick, Cena crawls to the 2nd rope, Del Rio attempts a running senton and misses, spilling to the outside. The champ rolls Alberto back inside, charges at him and Del Rio splits him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a count of 2.

El Patron heads upstairs, connects with an overhead chop and gains another 2 count before utilizing a rear chinlock. The champion powers to his feet, Del Rio with a kick to the breadbasket and an attempted suplex, Cena blocks and hits one of his own. John climbs to the top, the challenger quickly scales the corner and scores with an enzuigiri, dropping the champion to the canvas for another near fall. Del Rio climbs to the top once more and again hits an overhead chop for a count of 2, then calls for the Cross Armbreaker.

Cena explodes to his feet, flattening Alberto with a clothesline. They exchange right hands, Cena hits his shoulder tackles, plants Alberto with a spinning back suplex and hits the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. He sets for the AA, Del Rio slips out and cracks Cena with a backstabber, follows with a superkick and we have a new champion.
Winner and NEW WWE United States Champion: Alberto Del Rio (Superkick)

  • EA’s Take: What a surprise return, it takes a lot for me to not see something coming and I was stunned, eventhough I knew there had been talks between Del Rio and WWE about coming back. I’m a little shocked at the way that it happened also though, as I feel like the execution was not as it should have been. Cena has had incredible US Title matches during his reign and successfully defended it, but this match didn’t quite live up to any of those. Great coup for WWE either way, hopefully they can keep the title relevant as Cena is slated to step away until the end of December.

Backstage: The Authority is watching with enjoyment at the start of the show, Seth Rollins comes in and agrees with them. However, Rollins has some thoughts about tonight when Kane interrupts. He tries to apologize, but Seth isn’t buying it and they bicker back and forth. Hunter stops them and says this is a private meeting, Kane’s attendane isn’t required. Kane wishes Seth luck, telling him he’s going to need it.

Match #2 is Hell In A Cell: Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns
Roman strikes first with a kick to the gut and right hands, drives Wyatt into the top turnbuckle and continues to fire away. Bray takes it right back to Reigns, shoots him into the ropes and The Big Dog explodes with a jumping clothesline, then tosses Wyatt with multiple pumphandle throws. He goes for a Samoan Drop, Bray battles out, but eats a big right hand, crawling to the ropes. Roman to the outside, looks for the Drive-By, Wyatt avoids it, but Reigns comes right back with another right hand, this time hitting the Drive-By. The Big Dog introduces Bray to the cage, sends him into the steps, then rolls him into the ring.

The New Face Of Fear rolls back to the outside, goes to Reigns’ eyes, then pulls out a kendo stick and goes to work, taking control of the match and swinging away at Roman’s back. Wyatt tries to send The Big Dog into the corner, Reigns fights back briefly, but Bray goes to the lower back with the kendo stick again. He clotheslines Roman to the outside using the cane, heads out after him and tosses him into the cage. The Eater Of Worlds finds a chair under the ring, goes to swing at Reigns, changes his mind and instead sits down, whacking Roman with the kendo stick and begging him to fight back. Bray props the chair and cane in the fencing, Reigns with a quick burst of energy, but Wyatt drives him into the cane, splitting it in two.

The Big Dog with another adrenaline rush, hammers Bray with fists and sends him into the chair, then back into the cage. He finds 2 kendo sticks and stalks Wyatt before combining them and unloading to Bray’s chest. Roman seeks out a table and slides it in the ring, then pulls out another and sets it up on the floor. Wyatt throws the other table out of the ring, Reigns notices and connects with another Drive-By, setting the other table up on the opposite side of the ring. Reigns pulls himself to the apron, avoids a charging Bray and hits a series of kicks, goes to suplex Wyatt through the table, but gets put through it himself with a one-arm slam.

The Eater Of Worlds rolls Roman in and covers for a count of 2, squashes him with a running senton for another 2. Wyatt dumps Roman to the outside, rushes at him and squashes him into the side of the cell. He pins Roman’s head up against the ring post, gains some speed and squashes him again. The New Face Of Fear pulls another table out and slides it in the ring, places Reigns in the corner and drives a knee to the head before setting the table up. Bray props The Big Dog on the top turnbuckle, hooks him for a superplex, Reigns blocks, drops down and powerbombs Wyatt through the table for a near fall. Both guys struggle to their feet, Roman unleashes a flurry of clotheslines in the corner, hits the ropes and Bray catches him for Sister Abigail.

Reigns counters into a schoolboy for a count of 2, then comes right back with a Superman Punch, Wyatt kicking out at 2. The New Face Of Fear rolls out to the apron, Roman goes out to meet him, hitting a Spear off the apron to the floor and going through a table. The Big Dog drags Wyatt into the ring, crawls to a cover and still can’t get a 3 count. Roman sets up for a Spear, Bray gets his boot up and plants him with Sister Abigail, but he can’t get the 3 either. The Eater Of Worlds goes to the 2 kendo sticks, delivers a shot to the midsection and hooks them up in the turnbuckles like javelins. Bray goes to drive Reigns into it and he blocks, connecting with kendo stick shots, sends Wyatt into the cane instead, then follows with a Spear to get the win.
Winner: Roman Reigns (Spear)

  • EA’s Take: Excellent brawl here with a couple of nice spots. Reigns finally seemingly gains revenge on Bray which makes me wonder if he’ll turn his attention back to the WWE Title. I can’t find much to complain about with the match, however the “No Color Policy” always seems to put a bit of a damper on these kinds of matches. Cage matches are supposed to be brutal, bloody brawls and these kind of matches make me miss those days.

Match #3 for the WWE Tag Team Championships: WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von)
Prior to the match, Kofi thanks the WWE Universe for all their support towards Xavier Woods. Big E calls today a sad day, almost as sad because the broken trombone is all they have of Woods. They promise to play the drums with D-Von’s head and Bubba’s belly. Kingston & D-Von kick off the action, Big E provides a distraction and Kofi takes quick control. He sends D-Von into the ropes, D-Von with a jumping back elbow, follows with a diving headbutt and covers for a count of 2. Bubba tags in, The Dudleys with a double shoulder knockdown and double elbow drop for 2, Bubba whips Kofi to the corner and he scales to the top, but gets caught and slammed to the canvas.

New Day collects themselves on the outside, Big E tries to give Kofi another distraction to no avail, Bubba shooting him into the corner for a splash. D-Von back in, The Dudleys go for a double team move and botch it terribly. D-Von whips Kofi into the ropes, ducks his head and eats a kick, Big E tagging in and leveling D-Von with a clothesline. New Day with frequent tags in their corner, taking turns stomping away at D-Von, Big E eventually whipping Kofi into a corner dropkick. Kingston chokes D-Von on the 2nd rope, spikes him with a DDT and covers for a 2 count before going to a wristlock. D-Von battles to his feet, Kofi hits him with a jawbreaker, then drags him to the corner and brings Big E in for a splash that gets a count of 2.

Kingston back in, they set D-Von up for a Wazzup Headbutt, but D-Von kicks Kofi away and crawls to a tag. Bubba with clotheslines to Kingston, elevates him with a back body drop, then scores with lefts and rights to Big E. The Dudleys connect with the Wazzup Headbutt, Bubba is about to call for the tables, but Kofi springboards in the ring, taking them out with a dropkick. He slides out and grabs the trombone, tosses it to Bubba and drops to the mat as if Bubba nailed him with it The ref argues with Bubba and goes to call for the bell, but decides against it because he didn’t see it.

Bubba snaps the trombone in half over his knee, D-Von tags and they plant Kingston with a combination back suplex/neckbreaker for a near fall. Bubba tags back in, they call for 3D, Big E slides in and drills Bubba with the trombone behind the ref’s back, then disposes of D-Von. Kingston scores with Trouble In Paradise to Bubba, makes the cover and retains.
Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: The New Day (Kofi/Trouble In Paradise)

  • EA’s Take: Maybe it’s just me, but the shine of The Dudley Boyz’s return seems to be wearing off already. I’m not sure what move they were going for during the match, but they botched it horribly and couldn’t cover for it. I still believe that The Dudleys will get their 10th title run, but the time just isn’t right. There are not enough heel teams to justify taking the titles off New Day, not to mention the fact that New Day are arguably the hottest heels in the company.

Match #4 for the WWE Divas Championship – Everyone Banned From Ringside: Nikki Bella vs. WWE Divas Champion Charlotte
They lock-up to start, Charlotte backs Nikki into the ropes, the ref forces a clean break and they tie-up again, this time Charlotte backing Nikki into the corner. Nikki doesn’t break clean, charges out of the corner with a clothesline, Charlotte ducks it and scores with a modified neckbreaker. She puts the challenger in the corner, climbs to the 2nd rope and reigns down right hands, Nikki tries to counter to a powerbomb, but the champion reverses with a hurricanrana. Charlotte with more right hands, hits the ropes and the challenger fires a stiff forearm that sends the champion to the outside.

Nikki gives chase, tosses Charlotte out into the crowd, the champion looks to bring the fight back at her and gets caught, Nikki jumping off the barricade with a kick. She drives Charlotte spine-first into the ring post, tosses her into the barricade, then rolls her in the ring for a count of 2. Nikki sticks the point of the knee into the back and pulls back on the champion’s neck, drags her to her feet and hits a snap suplex for another 2 count. The challenger goes for a slingshot suplex, Charlotte lands on her feet, delivers a plate of patented Flair chops, Nikki ducks one and goes to a backslide for a near fall, then turning it into a modified facebuster, but still can’t get 3.

Nikki uses a single leg crab to punish the champion, breaking it on her own accord. She catapults Charlotte off the ropes down on the knees, covers for 2 and then sends the champion into the corner. Charlotte flips around, explodes out and levels the challenger with a big boot for a near fall. The champion tries a suplex, but her back gives out and Nikki keeps control, continuing to pummel the lower back. The champion ducks a right hand, turns around into a spinebuster and Nikki gets another count of 2 before trash talking Charlotte and slapping her in the face. Charlotte comes back with chops, the ref has to seperate them and Nikki takes advantage, looking for a springboard kick and missing, hurting her knee in the process.

The champion takes the opening planting Nikki and then climbing to the top for a moonsault. Nikki sees it coming climbs up with her for a german suplex and Charlotte lands on her feet, splitting the challenger with a spear. She locks in the Figure Eight, but can’t bridge due to her injured back, Nikki crawling to the ropes to force the break. Charlotte charges Nikki and gets dumped to the floor, the challenger following her outside and scoring with an Albama Slam on the apron. She rolls Charlotte back inside, attempts the Rack Attack and the champ counters, locking in the Figure Eight and Nikki’s forced to tap.
Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: Charlotte (Figure Eight)

  • After The Bell: Paige & Becky Lynch hit the ring to celebrate with Charlotte, raising her hand in victory.
  • EA’s Take: Finally a good Divas match for the main roster. Not anything on par with what Sasha Banks & Bayley have been doing down in NXT, but I really enjoyed this one. The Divas Division has been begging for a 1 on 1 match like this and while it won’t change things overnight, WWE keeps making steps in the right direction. Too bad they couldn’t have taken those steps at the beginning of the ‘Divas Revolution’.

Backstage: Sitting in the locker room is Roman Reigns when Dean Ambrose comes in offering congratulations on finishing things with Bray Wyatt. Dean talks about them knowing what’s next, but Reigns wants to talk about that tomorrow. Ambrose agrees because tonight they’ll celebrate.

Match #5 for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship – If Kane Loses, He’s No Longer Director Of Operations: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins vs. Kane
The champion has some harsh words for the challenger at the bell, pushes him and ducks a right hand, delivering a series of his own. He shoots Kane into the ropes, ducks his head and The Devil’s Favorite Demon spikes him with a DDT, following with a low dropkick. He knocks the champion to the floor with a right hand, goes out after him and drives him head-first into the announce table. The challenger clears the spanish announce table, Rollins tries to scurry away into the ring, hits the ropes for a suicide dive and gets caught, then planted on the floor. Kane rolls him back inside, whips Seth into the ropes and hits with a flapjack.

The Director Of Operations heads to the top, The Architect sees it and drops Kane to the apron, then hangs him on the top rope, dropping Kane to the floor. Seth flies to the outside with a somersault plancha, places The Devil’s Favorite Demon on the apron and drives elbows to the throat. Back in the ring, Seth scores with a sling blade that only gets a 1 count, chokes The Big Red Machine on the 2nd rope, then plants him with a neckbreaker that barely gets 2. The champion goes to a rear chinlock, Kane attempts to battle up and Rollins with a kick to the chest. He scales the top turnbuckle, jumps down and meets a big right hand, but side-steps a big boot in the corner.

Seth splashes him and stomps away, runs to the other side to build momentum and scores with a running forearm. The Architect goes to the well again and gets leveled with a clothesline, but again avoids a charging Kane in the corner. Seth climbs up top, Kane catches him with a right hand and then connects with a superplex. The Big Red Machine hits multiple corner clotheslines, attempts a tilt-a-whirl slam, Rollins lands on his feet, hits the ropes and runs into a big boot that gives Kane a 2 count. The Devil’s Favorite Demon goes to the top again, the champion runs up the turnbuckle to meet him, gets pushed off and Kane scores with a top rope clothesline. He grabs Seth for a Chokeslam, Rollins slips out and hits an enzuigiri, tries to follow with the Pedigree, the challenger powers out and plants the champion with a Chokeslam, but only gets 2.

He calls for the Tombstone, The Architect slips out and retreats to the outside, Kane in pursuit to drive the champion spine-first into the apron. Kane drops Rollins back-first on the announce table, clears it off and tosses Seth over it. He drags Rollins up, Seth slides out and powerbombs the challenger on the spanish announce table, but it doesn’t break. Rollins rolls in the ring and the ref starts his count, Kane making it back in at a count of 8. The Architect goes for another Pedigree, gets tossed to the apron, Seth scores with an enzuigiri, then comes off the top with a flying knee.

The champion goes back up and connects with another flying knee, then lands two superkicks to finally drop the challenger. Seth goes up once more and hits a frog splash, but still can’t put The Devil’s Favorite Demon away. The champion can’t believe it and seemingly has a conversation with himself, goes back over to The Big Red Machine and he gets Seth by the throat. Rollins delivers a kick to the breadbasket, drives Kane into the canvas with a Pedigree and picks up the 1-2-3.
Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Seth Rollins (Pedigree)

  • EA’s Take: I’m not certain that I’d call this match good or not. I wouldn’t say it was bad, but it went exactly the way I figured it would go. There was never any doubt in my mind that Seth wouldn’t retain, so this didn’t do a whole lot for me. I am glad however that they allowed Rollins to win clean. They’ve done a good job of weening Seth off of the tainted wins which will serve his character well (not to mention whoever finally beats him) in the long run.

Match #6 for the WWE Intercontinental Championship: Ryback vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens
The bell rings and The Big Guy goes right at the champion, Owens trying to retreat to the outside, then back in and catching Ryback with boots. KO hits the ropes and runs into a big shoulder, the challenger powers Owens into the corner and drives shoulders to the midsection, lifting him and tossing KO with a back body drop. The Big Guy goes for a military press, the champion slips out, attempts a suplex and Ryback counters into one of his own. He charges KO in the corner, Owens side-steps and Ryback goes shoulder-first into the ring post. The champion looks to take control, Ryback uses his power again and plants Owens with a powerslam, KO rolling to the apron and getting blasted to the floor with a clothesline.

Ryback tosses Owens back inside, puts him in the corner and reigns down rights from the 2nd rope. The champion escapes out, crotches the challenger on the 2nd turnbuckle, following with a running senton for a 2 count. Owens sets his sights on a Cannonball, The Big Guy pops to his feet and catches him in a spinebuster, then puts Owens in his crosshairs for the Meat Hook. KO ducks it, but can’t avoid Ryback’s powerbomb and the challenger gains a near fall before climbing to the top. Owens has it scouted, dropping the challenger to the apron and then connecting with a superkick, spilling Ryback to the floor.

The Big Guy makes it back in the ring at the ref’s count of 9, charges into the ring and gets dropped throat-first across the 2nd rope, KO grabbing him in a schoolboy for a near fall. He sends the challenger into the ropes for a Pop-Up Powerbomb, Ryback counters with a Meat Hook, then lifts him for Shellshocked. KO grabs the ropes to get out of it, goes out to the apron and rakes the eyes, following with the Pop-Up Powerbomb to finish it.
Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Kevin Owens (Pop-Up Powerbomb)

  • EA’s Take: It’s officially time for both of these guys to move on. I’ll be honest, I completely forgot this match was even on the card and it appears as if most everyone else did too. It shows how much the company really cares about this feud, as they’re given the spot between the WWE Title match and the main event. Generally, this spot on the card is the one that gets time taken away from it or cut completely. This rivalry has done nothing for either of these guys.

Match #7 is Hell In A Cell: Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs. The Undertaker
They meet face to face in the ring, Taker giving Lesnar the throat-cut sign and the bell rings. Lesnar uses his quickness to duck right hands, looks for a german right off the bat, but Taker hangs onto the ropes. The Beast goes to the midsection, drives shoulders into the breadbasket in the corner, The Deadman reverses a whip across and follows in with a clothesline. The Conqueror buries a knee to the ribs, hooks The Phenom for a german suplex again and Taker sends him flying to the outside. Undertaker follows, delivering right hands, Lesnar countering a whip into the cage and he elevates Taker for an F5. The Demon Of Death Valley slips out of it, pushes Brock face-first into the ring post and he’s been busted open.

The Phenom uses the cell to his advantage, driving Lesnar face-first into the cage, then pulls a chair out and heads back inside. The Beast is there to meet him, planting Taker into the mat with a double leg, getting his hands on the chair and smashing it into The Deadman’s back. Brock falls into the corner and the ringside doctor comes in to check on Brock’s cut, cleans him up a little bit and Lesnar takes the chair again, smashing it into Undertaker on the floor. The Conqueror tosses Taker into the cage again, attempts a suplex on the floor and The Phenom blocks, delivering one of his own. The American Badass has been cut now, rolls Lesnar inside, props the chair under his throat and slams down on it, covering Brock for a count of 2.

Undertaker hammers away at Lesnar’s cut, shoots him into the corner, Brock rebounds out and ducks a right hand, snapping off a german suplex. The Beast scores with a couple more, elevates Taker and connects with an F5, but The Deadman kicks out at 2. The ringside doctor comes in the ring again to check on both guys, Lesnar tosses the doctor aside and plants The Phenom with another F5, but still can’t get 3. The Conqueror goes out to grab the steel stairs, tosses them in the squared circle and clobbers The Deadman for a near fall. He takes the steps again, attempts to slam them on Taker’s leg, but he’s able to roll out of the way. The Beast goes for it again, Taker kicks him away and the stairs land on Lesnar’s head, cutting him open again.

The Deadman locks in Hell’s Gate, Brock fires off lefts and rights and pounds Taker into the mat to break the hold. Lesnar notices a rop in the ring mat, tears it open and exposes the boards underneath, allowing The Phenom time to get to his feet, grab Brock and plant him with a Chokeslam on the wood. Taker powers Brock up, spikes him with a Tombstone, covers and The Conqueror kicks out at 2. The Deadman calls for another Tombstone, Brock goes with a low blow, delivers an F5 on the exposed boards and finally ends it.
Winner: Brock Lesnar (F5)

  • After The Bell: Lesnar gets help getting to the back from Heyman, leaving Undertaker in the ring alone. It takes a couple of attempts for him to be able to sit-up, but he finally does to a loud “Thank You Taker” chant. Undertaker makes it to his feet, but the lights go out and The Wyatt Family makes their way to the ring. They surround the ring, step-up to the apron and go on the attack with Bray watching. Strowman, Harper & Rowan hold The Deadman up for Bray and he continues the beatdown, mocking The Phenom in the process. They carry Taker out of the arena as the show comes to an end.
  • EA’s Take: What an absolute war and rightfully so, the end to this rivalry needed to be done justice and this match provided it. I’m left wondering about the “No Color Policy” I spoke about earlier, as both men get busted open here. I completely understand why they do it, but nobody can sit there and tell me with a straight-face that it didn’t add to the drama of this match. This was one of the few times where the match lived up to all of the hype and now we have another classic Lesnar/Taker Hell In A Cell match to go back and watch on the WWE Network.

EA’s Finisher: This PPV is one of those “in-betweeners” for me, there were some decent matches and some nice moments, but it was not the greatest thing WWE has ever produced either. The return of Alberto Del Rio was a great surprise and choice to hold the US Title while Cena’s away, as long as WWE can capitalize on Del Rio’s return. Both HIAC matches delivered to me, especially Taker/Brock as it was an absolute war, the likes of which we don’t see enough of at this point in time. The Divas stepped up to the plate tonight finally as well, but the other 3 title matches were nothing to write home about. Owens/Ryback was completely forgettable, the tag match was basic at best and the WWE Title match went exactly how I pictured it would.

Top Three To Watch
1 – Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker
2 – Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt
3 – Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte

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